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Originally posted by Rizfrmsouth

When will you update dear... Eagerly waiting Day Dreaming
very soon dearSmile

swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by priya_remix

ufff! these both will never sudhrofy!!!!
LOL will we have an intoxicated Kalpi in the next updte!?
Yes they are PriyaLOL
And next update is full of intoxicated kalpiWink

swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by angelniha

Amazing update swara
Love it.    you portrait every tangle beautifully.
RagNa hurt angel in their ego
But gouri gave them sence and bow they are repenting
Saya engaged, Raghav saved kalpi
Maybe they understand their up down emotions now
Kamini bitch drugged kalpi
Where is she?
Update soon

Thank you dear
Gouri is good mother
Saya...on their wayEmbarrassed
RagNa will also understand their feeling soon

swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ovee

Awesome update . Finally pari's family again together. I hate kamini becoz of her kalpi have to face so many problem's. God pls save our kalpi from kamini's evil plan.
Thank you cuty
Happy family again at one roofSmile
God will save her and Kamini she is real wampLOL
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by niknish1980

Amazing update...please update next part soon
Thank you niknishSmile
I will update soonEmbarrassed
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Hi Swara kutty and Nehu sweetie?? When are u updating the next chappy??

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swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Part 33 A


       "Mam, your juice..." waiter handled her the juice glass.

      "Thanks..." she placed a small smile and takes a sip looking at Raghav who was again busy with the same girl. His laughing teasing threw many silent draggers on her lumping chest, from which he was unaware. She was completely lost in him, as she not even noticed when her glass was emptied, until her tongue felt something bitter. Kalpi turned her gaze from him to her glass, but there was nothing, and when her head felt dizzy, the glass dropped on the floor, but it's ringing not reached on any ear.

             "aahhh..." she hiccupped and hold her head to control her from swinging with the undulant world. She felt everybody is dancing in front of her eyes slowly, the table, chair, chandelier, glasses and the people too; she laughed madly looking at them by her dopey eyes.

                 "Opoos...sab nach rahe hai...ughhh...you also had the effect of The Raghav Singhaniya...ha...naughty boy" she grinned at the lamp, which was put just on her side table, and turned to see him, "arre...where he gone? Wait...I go to find him" she blinked her eye to view clearly and get up from the chair intoxicated, "yo..u dance here ha...aur yaha se jana nahi...I will come soon...ok" she instructed lamp pointing her finger and moved toward dance floor in search of Raghav Singhaniya, hobbling with her dizzy head finding the way near him.

          But he was nowhere, "kaha gaya ye khadoos hmm?" her eyes felt on the same who was dancing with him some moments before and now enjoying with some other guy, Kalpi went near her and patted her shoulder, the girl turned to see her, "you kameenee..." Kalpi pointed her fumingly shrinking her extra big eyes with her nose and mouth, "ufff...sholly, you are not Kameenee, Kamini aunty is Kameenee, then who you are? Ummm yes, you are bhutani". The girl looked at her implausibly, as she really don't know what is the exact meaning of bhutani,

                   "So..." She replied and again turned to dance.

                   Kalpi stared her chaotically and turned her again forcefully to face her, "so...where is my khadoos? Bata..."

                   "Khadoos... who is khadoos? I don't know any khadoos" she replied genuinely.

          "Baby...why you stopped...let's dance" her partner called her and she joined him in dance. Kalpi stood there astonishingly observing them sobbing childishly.

          "Hey baby...looking for me?" someone whispered slowly near her ear, Kalpi glared him lamely,

          "No...I am looking for my khadoos...do you know where is he?"

          "Ya...he is busy in some other girl, why don't you dance with me?"

          "oh really...ghadhada...if he is busy, then I also busy..." and she start dancing with that man with her dramatical steps, he tried to put her hand on her shoulder when Kalpi bang her foot mistakenly on his leg, he winced but ignored seeing the divine beauty in front of him, his eyes lingered her body from head to toe, "perfect..." he said erotically, and lifted his fingers toward her waist, when someone's elbow hit on his back, "ohh...I don't get the chance here" he frustrated, "baby...come, we will dance there" he said in low voice,

          "No...I want to dance here" she pouted.

          "You get lots of space to dance there baby, look here are so many crowds..."

          "Hmmm you are right...let's go..." she moved with him holding his hand, he took her to the back stage of the dance floor, it was darkened with little light, "yaha itana andhera kui hai..." she wriggled,

          "To get us full privacy..." he replied.

          "Oh..." she uttered innocently and starts dancing on the tune in her inebriate state, he leaned toward her placing his hands on her waist and wanted to touch her face, when "thaam..." he found himself on ground with all stars twirling around him, he shake to come on sense, wiping the blood which came from his nose due to the strong punch of The Raghav Singhaniya. The man watched him with fear, while Raghav's eyes threw the fire on him.

          "khadoos..." she said joyfully,

          "Out..." He roared,

"sir...I jus..." Man tried to defend him, when Raghav's voice roared again,

          "I say get out..." and he ran from there taking his life in his hand.

          "Ba...by..." Kalpi tried to run behind him, when Raghav hold her shoulder and pulled her near him.

          "What the hell are you doing here Ms. Jadhav...we are searching you like mad and you...wait are you drunk?" Kalpi observed him blinking her eyes again and again.

          "No...but I see two two Khadoos here, ek kam tha jo dusara bhi aa gaya" she smiled mischievously,

          "Oh god..." he moved his hand frustratedly through his hairs and moved toward the others taking her with him.

          "I want to dance...na please" she start jumping childishly in his hand,

          "No..." he held her from shoulder and dragged her with him, while Kalpi pleading in his hand like a kid, Raghav was irritated by her behavior, while Kamini was smiled looking her condition, she was enjoying the show, when a waiter dropped wine on her dress.

"You scoundrel..." she exploded; the waiter asked her forgiveness and ran from there before she did any drama. Kamini turned toward washroom to unstained her dress cursing the waiter in mind who spoiled her live show.

          "Look your bhutani calling you..." Raghav turned his gaze toward the girl, who waved her hand in hi... "I think she is fida on you Raghav Singhaniya...but you already have girlfriend na...did you tell her...makhhi...makhhi look your boyfriend ditched you" she called Pakhi loudly, Raghav saw her surprisingly.

          "I don't have any girlfriend Kalpana..." he said looking passionately in her eyes,

          "You are lying..." she replied.

"No...I am not..." his eyes did not leave her once,

"Kalpi...where you gone? I am so worried..." Karan came there with others and hugged her, 

"Karan...look he not allowed me to dance...mujhe nachana hai... and you know he punched my baby too" she pouted childishly.

"Baby!!!! Are you drunk?" Karan asked shockingly, but Kalpi was busy in crying and cursing Raghav. Anu and yasmin put hand on their mouth to control their laugh hearing her blabber.

"She is not in good condition...I think I have to take her home before she creates any drama..." Raghav's heart skipped with Karan's word,

"Now he wants to take her with him in her drunken state...no...I cannot allow him with Kalpi..." Raghav thought in mind, "it's ok Karan, I will take her home, you enjoy the party" Raghav said pulling Kalpi toward him.

"That's fine Raghav, I will better take care of her" Karan tried to explained him, with pulling Kalpi toward him, While Sammy, Anu and Yasmin watched them dumbfounded as they fighting silently proving their right on Kalpana.

"She is my responsibility Karan...and I know how to handle her" Raghav returned fumingly.

"Karan...please allows him to go with her...you have to drop me too" Yasmin came between them.

"But..." Karan stopped to see Yasmin's pleading eyes, "ok...take care of her".

"Hmm..." Raghav nodded and moved toward the exit encircling his hand around her waist,

"Nahi...i don't want to go with him...Karan...Karan...please save me from this khadoos" she shouted struggling in his hand but Raghav tightened his grip more on her.

"Only because of you I left her with him" Karan pointed at Yasmin.

"Karan, trust him...wo Kalpana ko sambhal lega..." Karan nods his head affirmatively at Sammy's assurance.

Kamini came there catching her breathe, "Anu...where is Kalpana...I don't see her?" she asked gaspingly, while others stared her shockingly as why she suddenly concerned for Kalpi.

"She is not well mom...so Bhai took her home" Anu replied.

"What! Duffer you ar..." Kamini about to explode but stopped to see the staring faces, and left from their fumingly.

"What happened to your mom?" Sammy asked.

"I...don't know" Anu too replied surprisingly on her mother's extra caring behavior.

He sited her on passenger seat and locked the door, as she not ran from there, and he passed on his seat. At their whole ride, Kalpi shouted on the road for help,

"Help...help...this khadoos kidnapping me...please somebody help me" Raghav slapped his head unbelievingly, and surprised when the police van followed his car. He stopped the car on side way of the bridge, and the police came to him for inquiry, he told them entire story, while Kalpi pleaded them to rescue her from her Khadoos's grip. They smiled looking the innocent couple, one drunken trying to run from him and other trying to hold her with him.

After leaving the police, Raghav again make her sit and start the car but it stopped with the jolt, he came out the car and opened the bonult, he was busy in observing the nuts, when he felt a sound,

"uhhuuu..." he bend his head to see the view but shocked to see Kalpi stood on the edge of the bridge wall,

"What the hell...what she doing there?" he ran toward her, "Ms. Jadhav...what are you doing here? Come down...please hold my hand slowly" he said panicky.

"No...I want to feel, how rose felt with jack on here" she replied taking the wind on her face stretching her both hand in a line smilingly, her face bloomed with the soft and chilled air on the bridge.

"Ms. Jadhav ...please come down, otherwise you slip from here, and who is rose and jack?" Raghav asked irritatingly.

"Arre Rose and Jack titanic wale...don't you see titanic? Look this wind...it's flew with the love in it...but you can't understand...khadoos"

"Ok...I am khadoos...but you are the good girl na...now give me your hand" she looked at him frownly. And nod her head negatively with a mischievous grin on her face.

"jara sa jhoom lu mai" she sang with smirk dancingly on wall.

"Oh god...?"He slapped his head irritatingly.

"Jara sa ghoom lu mai" and she twirled around.

 "No..." he wriggled, when she bend down putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Aa tujhe chum lu mai..." and she shrink her mouth to kiss him,

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Big smile

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