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Thread 2::FF:: RagNa:: Relations part 35 on Page 145 Complete

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Yepee i completed thread 1 and here i am with my second thread...
when i start Relations, i thought i will open second one...its all because you my lovely ladies...
i am very happy thank you...


and Laavanya for your lovely comments dear

Sorry if any one left...i include all my readers and my silent Readers too...Thank you guys

to you all ...special hug from me

     here i continued...thank you once again...Embarrassed

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     Part 1 : Thread 1
to Part 24
     Part 25 : below
     Part 26 : Page 22
     Part 27 : Page 36
     Part 28 : Page 53
     Part 29 : Page 64
     Part 30 : Page 77
     Part 31 : Page 90
     Part 32 : Page 105
     Part 33A : Page 115
     Part 33B : Page 125
     Part 34 : Page 136
     Part 35 : Page 145
     Part 36 : Thread 3
     to part 42
    part 43 : Thread 4
    to onward

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 Sorry for late update... Part 25 is here...

Part 25
               The sweet beautiful dreams covered every person's eyes of Singhaniya mansion... except one who twirling here and there like roller-coaster on his bed thinking about his chipkali and her new found friend. Her childish laughter with Karan ringing in his ears, he doesn't understand what's bothering him, as she never smiled with him like that, or her proximity with Karan... the way he hug her...tease her...and how lovingly she served him on dining table, that things loses his head...
                 "she never served me like that, in fact when I was with her, she uses her all time to fight with me... and to him...her battisi does not stop itself from widening... bloody chipkali." He scoffed in anger turning his head toward the place on his bed where she slept at her first night in Singhaniya mansion with Pari made him slept on couch. He imagined her sleeping there peacefully...he behold her face lovingly...and lost himself in her aura looking at her...until he does not find himself staring an empty space. "What the hell. What happening me? Why her closeness with another man affecting me? She is only Pari's mother for me...not another relation between us...and not will be made in future...then" he conformed himself, "or Really we never carry any relation in future except as Pari's parents...?" and then he doubted on his own thought, "Oh...god!!!" he held his head in frustration, "what the hell I am thinking? This girl made me crazy everyday... No...I am The Raghav Singhaniya...and no one play with my emotions... Raghav throw her out of your mind, before she overwhelm on your mind and heart" Raghav thought in his mind and come out of his room to take some fresh air as his bedroom have a very big balcony itself but he thought to take fresh air in the hall...bozo Singhaniya.
                      He stepped toward the hall when his eyes felled on Kalpi's bedroom whose door was closed, he stay there looked at her door whenever the reality again hit him...that he again stared at the closed door... Raghav nod his head negatively "Raghav Singhaniya...you are gone ..." and moved toward the kitchen to drink water to chill his distressed mind.
                       Next morning... Pari came to see her father, as last night Raghav was busy in his work and Pari didn't get chance to play with him...so angel think to spend her time with her papa. She entered in his bedroom and giggled to see him sleeping like outlandishly. He slept bridling the pillow under his arms with his open mouth...his hairs spread over his forehead made him look like kinky.
                             Pari ran toward his bed and jumped on his back...which make a strong pain in his waist and he screamed loudly, "Maa..." he cared his back whiningly, "angel...what you have done sweetheart...you broke my back..."
                  "Oh ho Papa...get up... Sabah ho gayi hai (its morning)...everybody is waiting for you on dining table...get up na..." Pari said hugging him from his back and kissed on his cheek.
                  "Good morning sweetie..." he said smilingly kissed her too, "you go...I will come after fresh up..." Pari ran from there and Raghav move toward his washroom rubbing his back wincing in pain.
                      At dining table, Kalpi is busy in setting the table that it's time to everyone come on dining table, when Pakhi came there, "Hey Good morning Kalpana...wow pan cakes...you bake this..? It smells delicious..." Pakhi said smelling the cakes sweetly. Kalpi too smiled in response, "you know Kalpi...Raghav loves these pineapple flavored pan cakes..."
                      "Ohhh my cutiepie...you know your love very well ha... from the childhood my puki take cares of her Raghav's every likes and dislikes heartily...then how much the people try to snatch her love from her..." Kamini said in touting tone to Pakhi but eyeing Kalpi's every expression very thinly, whereas Kalpi was totally busy in her work...which fumed Kamini inside as her talks doesn't affect her. Kamini glared Kalpi and continued her buttery speech on Pakhi, "it says the true unconditional love...very soon my Pakhi will be her Raghav's bride... and daughter in law of Singhaniya's" Pakhi smiled shyly. "oh..ho look... on the name of marriage...your face bloomed like bride... Raghav will be flat on you today...girl..." Pakhi hide her face in kamini's shoulder shyly. Kalpi was doing her work calmly ignoring their blabber, when Annanya and Gouri come there.
   "Good morning everyone..." Raghav too come there.             
                     Everyone busy in taking their breakfast... Raghav is too liked the soft delicious pancakes as it's his favorite...with perfect recipe...he chewed every bite deliciously, when her words felled on his ears.
      "Aunty... Karan offers me to work with him...before to say yes to him, I thought to ask you first", Kalpi asked politely.
          "Oh...so sun rises with the name of Karan Rao... now madam wants to work with her boyfriend...but mom never agree for this..." he smiled crookedly thinking in his mind.
               "Why not Kalpi...it's good if you work with Karan...he is very nice person..." Gouri replied smilingly.
                 "Nice person...my foot. Why should Kalpi need to work with him when I am here...? And mom...she permits her...why?" he thought angrily glaring Kalpi.
                  "Oh...You are so sweet aunty...I am very happy...Karan will also happy with this news...I will just come..." and she get up from her seat to call Karan. Raghav watched her madly but controlled himself as others notice him.
              "Mom...why you gave the permission to work...as she don't need this... she is our guest and it's not look good, the guest of Singhaniya's work in an ordinary hospital...it will not suited to our reputation" Raghav spoke with thought of that Gouri understands his point and stop Kalpi to work with Karan... but beyond his expectations Gouri answered him just opposite of his thought.
                 "Reputation...there is nowhere our reputation Raghav...Kalpana is very self-respected girl, she doesn't like to survive underneath of anyone... and that's why she fight with you in court with her full dignity...if you don't forget." Raghav fall his head down. "here she live with us but not as a guest...a family member...and every member of this house has the right to live with his terms and condition" Gouri says looking at Kamini, "and if she wants to work then I don't have any problem with that...and I hope no one in this family have the problem with kalpana's job...right?" Gouri watched everyone's face approvingly...as anyone object on her words...but everyone stay quite. Kalpi came there smilingly but surprised to see their dropped faces.
                     "What happened...? Why are you all silent?" she asked concernedly.
               "Nothing Kalpana...everyone is busy in testing your pancakes... they are very delicious..." Gouri changed the topic. "What Karan says?" she asked softly.
            "Oh Karan...he is very happy aunty...thank you ...thanks a lot..." Kalpi replied excitedly.

       "Excuse me..." Raghav get up from his chair and stepped toward his room hotly. Kalpi watched him surprisingly but ignore him as it is his daily habit to fume like a small kid.

        "If she is such a self-respected girl then why she came with me...why doesn't she stay there...?" Raghav scoffed putting his tie in his neck, "I am happy in my life but she comes to mess everything and now she going to enjoy her every minute with him and I am here antsy with myself..." he pissed off and flipped through his project file when Pari came there with her milkshake in her hand.
        "Papa...please makes me drink this milkshake na..." she offered him her glass.
         "Angel...Papa is busy in his work baby...please tell your mom dear..." he replied busy in eyeing his file.
         "Momma is bust in talking with Karan uncle..." And with the name of Karan, his blood boiled with anger... and in meantime Pari came near him with her milk glass and forced him holding his hand, Raghav jerked her hand in wrathfully when the milk in the glass felled on his project file and spoiled each and every word on it. To see the horrible condition of his important file, Raghav's anger reach at its peak...he glared Pari angrily and to look his blood shoot eyes, Pari scared it infernally...her body trembled in fear...she take her step back looked at him fussily.                   
           "What hell Pari...don't you know what you did...? I told you to stay away from me and you...you spoiled my file...you know how important project is this...and you messes all this..." he roared angrily on her... and start look in his file.
       "Papa..." Pari called him in fear voice very concernedly.
         "Don't dare to say any word...just get out from here...just get out..." he shouted on her...pari's eyes filled with large tears but she didn't cry loudly...her tears flows from her cheek... she gave him a sorry look but he was busy in checking his file worriedly. She turned toward the door with her empty glass in her hand, and stopped when her eyes felled on her mother who watching the whole scenario in front of her eyes. After finishing her phone call with Karan, Kalpi came to his room to take Pari as she know he was busy in this hour.
        "Momma..." Pari look pleadingly her mother and run toward her. Kalpi take her in her embrace caring her back lovingly. Raghav too look at door and shocked to see Pari in her arms. He watched at Kalpi helplessly while Kalpi gave him expressionless look and turned from there toward her room.
        "Oh...shit..." he stumped his foot on floor frustratingly moving his hand through his hair.
         Pari is crying in her mother's embrace...sobbing silently...placing her head on Kalpi's chest...
       "Momma...papa scolded me..." she said deplorably.

       "Pari did the mistake Na...then she has to face punishment too..." Kalpi answered her calmly.
       "I didn't do that intentionally momma...it happened by mistake..."
       "But you saw na...papa was working and he told you he was busy then why you take the milk glass toward him...you know, how important paper you spoiled...he worked day and night on that file...and you destroyed it in one minute angel...did you remember, when your school project which you made by very hard and kantatai spared water on that, you cried two hours continuously and then me and kantatai made your project whole night...that night kantatai did not go her home too. Did you remember?" Pari nod her head affirmatively. "Like that time... you did the same mistake with your papa...na..." she explained her.
         "Then I have to complete his project whole night..." Pari asked her quizzically in her innocent tone. Kalpi smiled at her little brat.

              "No...sweetheart...we can't help him...his work is too hard to do...so we can only say sorry to him..." Kalpi replied sweetly kissing on her cheek.

         "If I say sorry him...he will forgive me na..." she has doubt after seen his angry eyes.

          "Definitely angel...papa loves you so much... he will forgive you..." Kalpi returned, Pari hug her lovingly circling around her waist. While Kalpi cares her hairs sweetly.

            Raghav who listen their conversation from the door...he came there to say sorry to his angel but stop there  when her sweet talks felt on his ears. He regrets on his mistake to shout on Pari or truly says he poured his anger of Kalpi and Karan's proximity on that innocent soul who came to meet her father...but in his anger this crime did by his hand. Tears felt from his eyes when he heard how beautifully Kalpi explained his condition to his daughter and how his angel wants to say sorry to him... he was among to enter in Kalpi's room when his phone vibrated... he wanted to cut the call but it was Sammy's call so he take it. Sammy informed him about the meeting and after this messed up he wanted to reach at meeting on time...and he leave from there without talking with Pari...
        Raghav's whole day was spending on the thinking of his angel... the reason for which he scolded her was very easily covered because of the backup file which he had in his laptop...but for this silly reason he chided on her... his mind does not make him sit on his place silently, and now his heart crave to see his daughter once... he left the place before the office time finished... his car run on the road like time want to stop there and he want to reach home before it stops.
          He parked his car...and run inside the house to see Pari...  

      "Margret...where is Pari...?" he panted out. Margret was surprised to see his condition but she doesn't dare to ask him. She pointed him toward Kalpi's bedroom and he ran toward her room where he saw Pari sleeping peacefully on her bed... he cares her face and kissed on her forehead. Not wanted disturb her, he left from there without any noise.
          Raghav moved toward his bedroom when his eyes fell on the Kalpi who sited on the porch of the garden. He dropped his coat on side table and move toward her. He sat beside her silently...Kalpi noticed him there but doesn't utter a word. Her silence pinned in his heart terribly as he wanted she punished him, scolded him for hurting her daughter, roared on him for the sign he did...but she was silent.
         "I am Sorry..." he said sadly.
          "For what...?" She replied calmly without looking at him.

         "For hurting angel..." he said in hard voice.
         "She is yours too and you have the right to angry on her if she did any mistake" she replied looking at him.
        "You have the strong reason to take her from me" he said putting down his head.
        "If this was happened before, maybe I used this against you...but now...I can't." she answered him. Raghav surprised by her answer.
         "I know how much you love her...cares her...and if I have the right to scold her as her mother then you have too as her father"

         "But it was not her mistake...but mine..."

        "I know..."
          "I don't know what is bothering you but in life so many situations came where we poured our anger on our innocent child as we know there is no fault of them but we did...me too sometime show my anger on Pari...and then regret for my mistake...but with time I learned how to handle situations, may be you too learn to distinguish between this... and Pari...she is a very nice sweet child than us...we have to learn passions from her...why not after all she is the child of dee and jiju...not of us..." a drop of tear fell from her eyes, "otherwise she also behave like us stubbornly..." she said in sad tone.
            "No...she is our child...because she has the upbringing of yours...which makes her golden hearted person..." he said taking her hand in his.
           "And yours too...from whom she learns to love and care the others..." Kalpi returned looking in his eyes lovingly.                            
            "Means you think I am lovable..." Raghav asked her in teasingly.
           "I don't mean that Mr. Singhaniya..." Kalpi tried to hide her mischievous smile from him.
           "Then what you mean miss. Jadhav..." he said biting his lower lips.
           "I mean you are too khadoos..." Kalpi narrowed her eyes.
           "What...I am khadoos...then what you think about yourself chipkali..."he said raising his eyebrows. Kalpi watched him with O shaped mouth.
          "Chipkali...you called me chipkali...from which angle I look like chipkali..." Kalpi asked him fumingly.
          "From this angel..." he holds her arm in his one finger and shows her.
          "If I am chipkali...then you are the Hitler..." she returned.
          "Hitler...not bad...Hitler ruled on Germany...And I ruled on this chipkali..." he said winking his eyes.
           "Ruled on me...your dreams Hitler..." she returned moving toward the mansion.
            "Chipkali" Raghav shouted following her.
            "Hitler..." she replied with same tune laughingly.  They both entered inside the home with teasing each other...the playful smile spread on their face... Raghav's distressed heart which was sad from last day was finally smiled with the happiness as his chipkali never leave him at any condition...then no matters how many Karan Rao came in between them. But then his smile faded when he saw Pari sit on the sofa lonely with her dropped face. His heart curdled to see her like that. Raghav and Kalpi look at each other and went near her fastly.
            "Angel...what happened sweetheart...why are you upset...? Anybody says you something." He asked worriedly, Kalpi watched him disbelievingly, he look at her and then the morning incident came in front of his eyes... Pari look at him innocently and says...
       "I am sorry papa..." she handover him a paper... "I can't able to do your work so I made this to say sorry to you...I never do this again...promise..." she whispered swearing blind. He opened the paper...and surprised to see on it...Kalpi too surprised by her angel's work... she made the sorry card for her father... with her happy family picture... tears flows from Raghav and Kalpi's eyes. He hugs Pari tightly.
         "I am sorry sweetheart...that's my mistake not yours...I am sorry..." the tears flows from his eyes. Pari wiped his tears...         "Oh...ho papa...big boys never cried...if anyone saw you then he says look Pari's papa cried like a baby and start laughed on you...then what will be my reputation..." hearing the word reputation from her mouth, Raghav and Kalpi laughed mischievously on her sweet talk forgetting about the past...and future...they want to enjoy their present just as a Pari's happy family's moment of love...
            Margret and Robert witnessing this moment lovingly in their eyes...a pleasant smile come on their face... another two pair if eyes witnessing the moment with happy smile but with happy tears in them...Gouri and Annanya.  

            Finished...so my lovely girls here is part 25...I hope you like this one too.  If like please please one like dena and comment without forgetting...thank youSmile ...love you all.Hug

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congrats for second thread buut u forgot me Cry

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Originally posted by ishani12

congrats for second thread buut u forgot me Cry

how can i forgot you ishu...you are my most cute friend...
but you forgot me..Cry
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Congo for second thread Dear..

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Update plzz dear.. Waiting...
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Congrats for the second thread dear

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