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OS: The Unusual Craving...(Mature)

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Here is a little something I wrote this weekend, after seeing a friend of mind who has had a similar situation to the concept of this story. Her situation got me thinking and before I knew it I was cooking up a story in my head. It's quite different to things I usually write and I must warn there is
Definitely mature content - if this offends anyone I am sorry, please don't read on. For those of you that don't mind I hope you enjoy it! Do let me know your thoughts

A SMALL NOTE /ACKNOWLEDGMENT - It has been brought to my attention that it is against the law in India to find out the sex of your child. I have included a part in this story that touches upon this, it was in error and ignorance as I did not know this was the case, unfortunately I can't change the story - but would like to just acknowledge it was a genuine mistake and it was not meant in any way to offend anybody, if it has, I am sorry!! 


The Unusual Craving...

It was a bright sunny morning in Mumbai, the early orange glow washed over the room of a certain Rockstar. Pragya, The rockstars wife stirred slightly in her bed as the soft warm rays caressed her face in her sleep. She pulled a slight face whilst dosing. She was still asleep in bed, these days she often felt tired and lazy in the mornings. After all in her condition why wouldn't she? It had been over 18 months since she and Abhi had finally confessed their love to one another and from that day onwards, Pragya had really felt as though she was living a fairy tale. Abhi loved her and he was never afraid to say or show it. There lives had been less complicated from that magical day onwards, they had promised one another no matter what the problem, or how hard it was to say to the other, they would always tell each other everything and never ever let any misunderstandings get in the way of their relationship. So far so good. Tanu was out of their lives, Pragya and Aliyah had started to build bridges. Best of all though Pragya and Abhis relationship had grown from strength to strength. They both laughed together, fought with one another but most importantly they truly loved one another. Each one had become so accustomed to the other, it was impossible to imagine life without one another.

Pragya stirred further and reached out her arm to feel for her husband. With her eyes still closed she patted the side of the bed in the hope her hand might catch him. It took a few seconds to register he wasn't there before she was wide awake and sat up in bed. For a split second she panicked and wondered why he had left her so early in the morning. But then she remembered with a slight smile gracing her face, her husband had been called away for a couple of days to shoot an advert campaign for a company he had signed a contract with. She rubbed her hand across her ever so slight bump on her midriff as she sat up in bed resting against her head board.

"Aj tumhare papa ghar ane wale hai..."

(Today your father is going to come home)

She lovingly caressed her stomach. Abhi had not wanted to leave, he had almost gone back on the terms of his contract and fought with the companies lawyers, when Pragya had persuaded him to go. She didn't want him to sacrifice his work for her. But he had been so reluctant and the thought warmed her. He had hardly left her side when they had found out the news and if he had to leave he called her almost every hour to make sure she wasn't behaving stubbornly and doing things he had forbidden her to do.

She remembered back as she sat there, to the time eleven weeks ago. She had woken up one morning feeling horrendous. Normal smells such as her coconut shampoo and Abhis strong cologne were making her feel sick. Abhi had insisted she go to the doctor but she had not wanted to cause a fuss and had initially put it down to a dodgy Paawn Bhaji that she may have eaten, when Abhi had taken her out on their date night, a night or two before. She had felt nauseous all week after, before dadi had intervened. She had pulled Abhi aside a few mornings after and with an un-concealable smile on her face and insisted that Pragya be taken for a check up. Dadi had lived long enough to see the signs, but her idiot grandson and unassuming daughter in law it seemed may need some professional persuasion. She protested at first assuring dadi it was just a bug, but eventually Pragya had given in to Dadi and off they both went to see the doctor.

"Good news hai, ap dono ma baap bane wale hai... Congratulations"

(It's good news, you're
both going to be parents, congratulations )

The doctor had tested Pragya and instantaneously delivered the report. Pragya and Abhi were seated in front of the doctors desk. At the time Pragya did not think anything of the doctor asking her husband to be present for the results. She had assumed she had been food poisoned or something.

She had initially been shocked when the doctor had given them the news. For the few moments Abhi was silent she had wished the doctor had broken the news to just her but any feeling of doubt soon dissolved away. She remembered her husbands face clearly that day. At first he was visibly confused, like the words had not registered but in the same moment his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Kya!?" He asked "app serious ho, hum parents bane wale hai!"

(What? Are you serious, we are going to be parents?)

His voice had been beaming! Like someone had just told him his album had been number one internationally. Pragya let out a sigh of relief and was a little lost for words. She was going to be a mother. She didn't know how she felt. Her, a mother? But she didn't know the first thing about being a parent. Any doubt she felt though was drowned out by Abhis sheer enthusiasm.

"Doctor ab Kya karna hai?"
(Doctor what do we do now?)

The doctor had assured Abhi that everything would be fine in all due course. She had handed him a selections of leaflets and made various appointments for Pragya. Abhi was beside himself though. He was going to be a father. And that too to a baby that would be half him, half chashmish. She remembered the moment they were alone in the doctors office when she had given them a minute to digest the information, Abhi had stood up and taken her up with him. The smile on his face was mesmerising. He held both of her hands in his and beamed

"Tum janti ho, aj me kitna Khush hoon, aj tumne muje duniya ke Sabse Khush admi bana diya, aur dadi?!? Vo to Khushi se pagal ho jaye gi!!"

(do you know how happy i am
Today, today you have made me the happiest man in the world, and dadi? She is going to go crazy with happiness)

He had hugged her first and pulled away. Then slowly keeping one arm around her waist and the other arm brought up so that he could affectionately caress her face as though she was a delicate flower he leant in and kissed her lips so tenderly it made Pragya's heart flutter. No sooner had he done it he moved his hand that was caressing her cheek and brought it down to touch her stomach. He rubbed his thumb over her stomach lovingly and said

"Thank you Fuggy..."

With a smile so bright and thankful it made her forget all the worries she had about being a mother and whether she would be good enough at the job.

Pragya remembered the memory well and everytime she thought of it, it made her smile from the inside out. Since that day he had left no stone unturned to look after her. She was not allowed to lift anything, anywhere she went he would accompany her. In recent weeks she had started to get cravings and Abhi had catered to her every whim. A week Ago, she had woken in the middle of the night and was craving mint chocolate chip ice cream. She had woken in the night to try and find something similar in the freezer but with no luck. Abhi had followed her down and even though she had said not to, sleepily, he had trawled the streets of Mumbai at 3am trying to find an ice cream vendor that sold mint chocolate chipped ice cream.

Pragya laughed at the thought. She hadn't half troubled him since she had found out she was pregnant and It had been several days since she had seen her husband, she was really beginning to miss him. In the days he had gone she had dreams about him and today he would be returning. She could not wait to see him. After sitting in her bed for a few minutes she got up and made her way to the bathroom to get showered and ready. Her morning sickness had thankfully begun to subside. That was the only reason Abhi had agreed to leave her for this long. She took a hot scolding shower to wash away the sleep and tiredness and got ready to go downstairs to meet the rest of the family for breakfast.

As she walked downstairs she was greeted by her wonderful family. In the last year or so the atmosphere in the house had improved greatly. In particular, Aliyah had been receiving professional help and counselling for her inner issues. Since having these sessions she had grown closer to Pragya and had been remorseful for all the past actions she had taken. But that was all as said, in the past. They had begun by niceties. "Hi" and "take care" but after some while Pragya had taken the first step, as her elder and bhabi to sit down and talk to her. It took Aliyah along time to accept that Pragya wasn't at fault for anything. She may have already known it deep down, but admitting she was wrong had been the hardest part. After Pragya had explained that it was okay to be wrong, and that she forgave her, Aliyah had taken further steps to break the Ice with her bhabhi. It started with Aliyah helping with chores around the house, she and Pragya had found a common love of food and made it a thing to cook together for the family. This had given both of them some time to talk things through. Slowly those times became fun, they cooked all kinds of new things together and explored this new found interest, Pragya taught Aliyah how to cook and prepare dishes. the teacher in her enjoyed that she could empart some wisdom on her younger sister in law. And Aliyah brought an edge and taught Pragya things that she had never really known about. Pragya and Aliyah had slowly become friends with one another and it warmed the hearts of the rest of the family. These days she had gotten used to the idea of becoming a "BuaJi" and her transformation had convinced even the most reluctant of minds. Aliyah cared for her bhabhi, especially when her brother was not present. Aliyah was serving food up to everyone else when she noticed her Bhabhi walking down the stairs ready to join the rest of the family for breakfast.

"Bhabhi, app ooth Gaye ho, chalo nashta tyaar hai, muje nahi pata aj ap ka mood Kya hoga, is liye mene bohat sari cheeze nashte me rakha hua hai, app Beth jao me apki liye dood lati hoon"

(Bhabhi your awake, come breakfast is ready, I didn't know what you would want today so I've got lots of different things for breakfast, you sit down I'll go and get your milk)

Pragya walked over to the table and sat down next to dadi at the head of it. Aliyah walked over and put her milk down and started spooning a bit of everything on to Pragyas plate.

"Arre Aliyah, itna Sab me kaise kaungi, Kya lagta hai, me puri football team ki liye ka rehe hoon Kya?"

(Oh Aliyah? How will I eat all of this, what do you think in eating for a whole football team?)

Pragya protested at the amount of food Aliyah had piled on to her plate, Pragya wasn't one to worry too much about her weight but she was worried she really would become a "Fuggy" with the effort her family were making to feed her

"Bhabhi app please sube sube natak mat shuru ki jiye, app jante hai na, doctor ne kaha, apko ache se Khana hoga, junior rockstar ki liye"

(Bhabhi please, don't start with your drama early in the morning, you know the doctor has told you you must easy well for the sake of the baby)

Dadi laughed at them both. Aliyah was still as sharp as ever and her no nonsense attitude extended to Her Bhabhi too. Pragya knew better than to argue with her nanad. Not that she did not enjoy her fussing over her, but Aliyah was still hot headed, one wrong move from Pragya would have her complaining to her brother how She was neglecting her niece or nephew. But she was grateful. The whole family had been so excited by Abhi and Pragyas news it had uplifted the house and it's atmosphere greatly. The whole family minus Abhi had sat down around the table for their breakfast. Bunty and Babli were as ever troubling their mother. Akaash and Tauji were discussing current events and everyone else was idly chattering with one another. Various plates of food were being passed to and from. The clanking of cutlery and sound of chatter filled the Mehra house. They all laughed and joked as a family should do enjoying their breakfast together. Once they had finished everybody dispersed to go about their daily routines. Aliyah was seeing a friend that day. Since Abhi had gone away, she had spent time with Pragya ensuring her bhabhis mind was occupied. But today a friend of hers was coming from out of town, So Pragya was spending the day with dadi and both daasis. As Pragya was not allowed to do anything strenuous her days now were filled by sitting with dadi who doted on her. All day long She would give her advise and tell her stories to keep her mind amused and happy. Pragya tried to protest at the amount of work she was allowed to do, arguing that a little light exercise would not harm the baby, and finally after consulting several doctors dadi had allowed her to help out with some light work around the house.

Dadi had insisted though today she take rest and take it easy. She had observed Pragya try and keep herself busy the last three days with cooking, cleaning the Mandir, picking out things for the baby out of catalogues and on the internet. She knew it was because the girl was missing her grandson. She tried to occupy Pragyas mind and keep it peaceful and happy. Afterall a happy mother produced a happy healthy child and dadi prayed for nothing more than that. They settled down in the front hall and dadi had handed Pragya a book of baby names to get her started on thinking of some names. Dadi and the daasis were making garlands for a puja in a few days and Pragya sat looking through the book.

Today was different for Pragya though. Her mind was definitely preoccupied. Since she had woken up this morning all she could think about was Abhi. The only time she was distracted from thoughts of him was when she was eating breakfast. She knew she was missing him. But it was in more ways than one. Yesterday evening was the last time she had spoken to him and last night her dreams had been somewhat scandalous. All she could think about was his body. His arms and rippled muscles. And all those times he had used it to make sweet love to her. Her face become visibly flushed at the thought. She was mindlessly flicking through the book dadi had given her whilst sat on the sofa, but she was paying no attention to the names. She stared at it for a while, all the while her mind displaying their moments of passion before her eyes. Pragya slapped her own cheek.

"Betiya, ye an Kya Kare rahe ho, Khud ko Ek tappar mara hai?"

(What are you doing child? You just slapped yourself?)

Dadi asked her quizzically. The old
Woman had noticed her granddaughter behaving slightly strange this morning as though she was anxious. But she had assumed it was down to her missing Abhi.

Pragya on the other hand had just become aware of what she had done.

"Kuch nahi dadi...m m machar tha, is is liye mene Khud ko tappar mara hai..."

(Nothing dadi, there was a mosquitoe, that's why I slapped myself)

She stammered the lamest excuse she could think of. Dadi laughed at her

"Pagal. Abhi ne dekh liya to vo bhi machar ko tappar marenge"

(Crazy! If Abhi sees he will also slap the mosquitoe)

Pragya faked laughed in order to hide her nervousness. She was sat in front of dadi reading a list of potential names for her baby and all she could think of was ravaging her husband head to toe the second he arrived. Pragya was upset by her own thoughts. Mainly due to the fact she didn't really understand why she felt like this. She thought it was likely to do with the fact she had not seen Abhi for so long and she just missed him. Yes. As soon as he was back she would probably go back to being less dirty minded and this thought finally allowed her some comfort. She told dadi that she was tired and wanted to go and rest in her room for a while. Dadi had agreed, and Pragya made her way up to her room. She felt to embarrassed to be sat around anyone. Making her excuses she quickly made her way up to her bedroom.

Meanwhile one Abhishek Prem Mehra has landed at Mumbai international airport. He was tired to say the least. He made his way through customs with Purab who had accompanied him on his trip to The Maldives. He had signed a contract with an international airline and as endorsement was expected to appear in a television commercial. Abhi had initially wanted to take Pragya along with him, where he planned to spend some time with her and have a mini break. But after they had found out she was pregnant dadi had persuaded him against allowing Pragya to fly. Though the doctor had told them
Flying at this stage posed no threat to the pregnancy, dadi had told Abhi it was better to be safe than sorry, to which he could not argue. As a result the trip wasn't nearly as satisfying as he had hoped. The whole time his mind and heart were back home with his wife and he had found it difficult to concentrate on anything else. He had made his way outside of the airport where he was greeted by a frenzy of fans and photographers. Any other day he loved to greet his fans and pose for photos. But today all he wanted to do was to get back to his wife. He quickly waved at the gathered welcoming committee and bee lined straight for his car and got into the back seat. Normally he and Purab travelled together but today he had ordered himself a separate car so that he could go straight home. He sat in the back seat thinking about his wife. Oh how he had missed her. He had missed fighting with her and talking to her. He missed falling asleep with her in his arms. He could not get home fast enough. He cursed the Mumbai traffic and willed it to move faster. His phone had died and he hadn't gotten the chance to charge it. He was visibly restless and agitated.
A somewhat similar condition to Pragya. It won't be long he thought... And the thought of seeing her soon filled him with relief.

Back in the Mehra house, Pragya was probably more restless than Abhi. She had tried calling him
Several times to see when he would be back. But his phone was switched off. It was hard not to get annoyed at the stupidest things, but her hormones were all over the show. Why was he ignoring her? He hadn't even called her this morning and there she was literally dying to just see him. Pragya was sat on the bed in her room. She had flicked through all the channels to find something to watch. But nothing seemed to catch her attention. She got off the bed and went over to the balcony. She stood out in the cool breeze when she head a car pulling up the long mansion drive way.

"Vo a gaye" she thought gleefully

(He's back)

Without a second thought she skipped back across her room, out and down the stairs. Just as she reached the bottom of the stairs, there he appeared in the doorway looking as handsome as ever. Dadi and both daasis were still sat in the front hall. Without giving a second thought to who was sat there she strided straight across to her husband who wore a cheeky grin on his face.

Abhi had raced into the house as fast as he could. He left his luggage in the car and skipped up the steps into the Mehra mansion. No sooner had he entered he saw her, his beautiful wife at the bottom of the stairs. She stood and looked at him for a single second before she strode over to him wearing a curious look on her face.

She walked up quickly towards him as though a moth chasing a flame. She increased her pace until she was stood directly in front of him. Before she had chance to say anything Abhi dropped to his knees, put one arm around her stomach and the other hand placed on top of it. He leant in and placed a few feathery kisses along her tummy. Pragya smiled.

"Hi baby, papa ko miss kiya hai? Lagta hai apki mumma naraz hai"

(Hi baby? Have you missed your dad? Looks like your mum is angry)

He chuckled and stood up. He took
Pragyas hand and pulled her into him.

"I'm sorry Fuggy, mera phone ka battery khatam ho Gaya ta, is
Liye me ne ap ko phone nahi kiya hai"

(I'm sorry Fuggy? My phone battery died and that's why I didn't call you)

He wrapped both of his arms around her waist and nuzzled her ear

"Muje maaf karo"

(Forgive me?)

Pragya was paying no attention to his sorry. The moment he started to nuzzle her ear she closed her eyes and began to loose herself. She had not even thought to be mad at him for not phoning. She had been having thoughts of her husband in that way since she woke up this morning and now that he was here in front of her, the urge was far from dying away. She had missed how he smelt and his big strong arms protecting her. Now that she was stood in his embrace, she melted into his arms and inhaled in.

Abhi noticed she hadn't said anything and from her hug he felt she was behaving differently. She had rested her head on his chest so that his lips were above her head

"Kya hua ap ko? Aj bohat pyaar aa rahe hai?"

(what's up with you? Today you are being very affectionate?)

He chucked at her. She was being needy and he loved it. They both stood like that for a few moments when they were interrupted by a series of theatrical coughs. Pragya remembered herself and quickly pulled away from Abhi. She had turned a shade of Scarlett realising how openly affectionate she had been in the presence of the elders.

Dadi laughed and teased.

"Oh fo, ab jo biwi hai, is budiya ko kaun yaad Kare ga..."

(Oh fo, now that you have a wife who will think of this old hag?)

Abhi laughed. He let go of Pragya and walked over to his grandma and hugged her.

"App kaise baat Kare rehe hai dadi, ap to janti hai na tum mere life ki pehli ladki ho, jab me ne Pragya se shaadi kiye hai, tab me ne usko
Ye baat samjaye tha...bohat samaj dar ho apki bahu..."

(What are you saying dadi? You know you are the first girl in my life, I explained that to Pragya when we married. She understands)

Dadi laughed. She had also missed her grandson, and was happy to see him back. She had pulled Abhi across to the sofa so that he could tell her all about his latest advert shoot and the place he had visited.
Dadi always liked to hear about Abhis working endeavours and today was no different. Pragya on the other hand, she was a woman on heat. Since the second Abhi had let go of her, she felt something missing. Right now she wanted to drag him up the stairs, into their room, lock the door, rip his clothes off and have him make love to her until she was screaming his name.

"Nahi" she shouted out unaware of
What she had said.

Dadi and Abhi stopped talking and looked at her. They were sitting on the sofas and she was still stood where she had been when Abhi had come in. She quickly realised what she had done. She looked horrified as though somebody could see her thoughts. Abhi had stood up and walked over to her. He had grabbed her hand. Her eyes shot up to look at him confused. The way he was looking at her and holding her hand was making every nerve in her body react with fire. He was evoking all
Kinds of aroused feelings in her she felt overwhelmed. She didn't know what to do. She snapped her hand out of Abhis. Abhi looked slightly bewildered. He cupped her cheek and stepped closer to her

"Tum theek ho? Kya hua?"

(Are you okay? What's up?)

His ever nearing proximity was not helping the situation. She wished she could just tell him, but what would he think of her! She quickly tried to regain some control over her senses.

"Kuch nahi, me, me theek hoon, bas kuch yaad agaya... Is liye...ap
Ko bhook lagi hai, me ja kar Khanna liya ti hoon"

(Nothing, I'm fine, I just remembered
Something that's why... Are you hungry? I'll go and get you some food)

She quickly tried to get out of Abhis grip. She didn't give him much time
to answer before she scurried away trying to catch her breath. Abhi walked back over to his grandma and sat down. She had observed the whole thing and chuckled to herself.
Abhi looked confused

"Vo theek hai na dadi? Aj vo zyda ajeeb se behave kar rehe hai"

(Is she okay dadi? Today she's actin he much stranger than usual?)

Dadi laughed at him.

"Arre beta, vo to esi hai, tu ja kar fresh ho ja, aur baad me kha lena"

(Oh son, that's what she is like, go and freshen up and eat in a little while)

Abhi did as his grandma said and went upstairs to freshen up.

Pragya was in the kitchen, robin was helping her prepare lunch. She had wasted the entire morning day dreaming about Abhi, thinking that her issue would dilute down as soon as she saw her husband, but to her absolute horror it seemed to be getting stronger. Her urge to get Abhi alone and spend that kind of time with him was getting very strong and she didn't know what to do to handle it.

"I will just ignore him" she thought. If she was able to put him out of her mind and keep her distance perhaps
her body would grant her some relief. Or perhaps if she slept the entire time? No that wouldn't do, there were things in the house to be done she didn't have time to sleep all day. She was chopping onions day dreaming when she felt arms engulf her waist and hands rest on her stomach. Resting his chin on her right shoulder, Abhi was stood behind Pragya. There went that self control again she thought. Her breathing had hitched and she had to put down the knife in fear she may injure herself accidentally. Placing her hands on Abhi's. She closed her eyes as she felt Abhi so close to her. He began to speak, and his breath tickled her neck.

"Aur tum Kya kar rehe ho? Mana kiya tha me ne apse kam karne ki liye..."

(And what are you doing? I told you not to do any work didn't i?)

His husky, slow voice was teasing her ears and she shuddered at his proximity. She couldn't answer even if she wanted to. She was like putty in Her gorgeous rockstar husband's hands. She turned around in his arms and brought her arms up around his neck. His lips, they looked so appetising. Forget dinner Pragya felt like she wanted to bite and kiss Abhis lips. That would be food enough for her she thought. Without a second she leaned in to almost kiss him taking him quite by surprise when they heard Bunty and Babli come running into the kitchen.

"Chachu! Chachu! App ghar a gaye!"

(Uncle your home?)

Pragya pulled away from him and turned her head to look towards the door. Both children ran around their aunt and uncle too innocent to realise what they had just interrupted. Pragya instantly broke away from Abhi taking her arms from around his neck. Any other day and she would have been happy at the sight of her nephew and niece
running about the place, but today was a different day. She cursed their terrible timing. Abhi on the other hand let go of Pragya, bent down and picked them both up.

"Tum dono a Gaye school se, chalo chalo dekhna hai Tumara chacha ap dono ki liye Kya laye hai"

(Oooh you two are back from school, come let's see what your uncle has bought for both of you)

He kissed bubli on her cheek, With that he walked with them both back to the front hall to give them whatever presents he had gotten for them whilst on his trip. Pragya stood there feeling highly frustrated and tried to get a grip on herself. She had so badly wanted to kiss his lips. The thought of them all over her body was racing around in her mind. She turned back to carry on with chopping, all the while taking her anger out on those poor onions. Pragya was beginning to become annoyed at herself, why was she behaving in this way? What was the Matter with her. It was almost like she could not help herself. She couldn't talk to anybody about it, they would think she was shameless. She was beginning to think it about herself and it was definitely upsetting her.

As he walked away from his wife, Abhi had noticed that she was definitely behaving peculiarly. As he walked out of kitchen with his nephew and niece in his arms, he turned back to look at Pragya. She looked visibly annoyed. The thought made him chuckle

"Lagta hai tumari chachi mujse zyda miss kiya hai"

(Looks like your aunty missed me a lot)

He spoke to his nephew and niece rhetorically. And set off with them to go and get them their gifts.

Lunchtime had been quite a curious occasion. The remaining family members that were home for lunch were all present around the dinner table. Dadi was sat at the head of the table with Abhi and Pragya sat either side of her. She had insisted they both sit next to her while they ate.

"Aj bohat achi smell a rehe hai dadi, Kya hai kanne me?"

(Today there's a lovely smell
Dadi, what is for dinner?)

Abhi Sat down. He was hungry, flight food wasn't all that bad in first class, but he always missed home made food when he was away. Off late his sister and wife had started to cook western food at home making eating in all the more irresistible.

"Aj tumhare biwi ne pusta banaya hai apki liye"

(Today your wife had made pusta for you)

Daasi who was sat next to Abhi and slapped his back.

"Pusta nahi Daasi, pasta"

(Not pusta, pasta Daasi)

They all laughed at Daasi. The whole family had taken to the new dishes they were introduced to, even the fussiest of eaters Bunty and Babli. Very soon they were all tucking into the vegetable and cream pasta Pragya had prepared. They were all chatting and asking Abhi about his trip. He maintained the conversation and answered all their questions, but the whole time he couldn't help but notice Pragya. She had hardly touched her food. She was staring down at her plate, using her fork to move the content of it around it. She looked as though she was in a world of her own and Abhi was beginning to worry. He mentally made a note to get her own her own after lunch so that he could speak with her. He continued to eat his food and continue on with the conversation. Talks had turned to the upcoming new arrival to the family, dadi couldn't express her happiness and gratitude enough at the news still, even though it had been several
weeks since they had found out

"Tum dono ne faisle liye hai, ya nahi? jana chaate ho ke ap ko Ek beta honewale hai yaneke ek beti...?"

(Have you both decided to find out whether you are having a boy or a girl?)

Dadi was so excited, she had directed her question at both of them. She had expressed that the family would respect their decision of whether to find out the sex of the baby or whether they wished it to be a surprise. But either way she wanted to know what they had decided.

Abhi observed his wife at the question. It didn't seem as though it had registered.

" Pragya beta...?"

Pragya's eyes snapped up. She was really having a hard time. All she could think about was Abhi. Everytime he spoke, her peripheral vision caught the movement of his Adam's apple. She discreetly watched his every move. His eyes, they way they smiled when he spoke. Pragya did not know what had come over her. She was trying so hard to resist her urges she was making herself more flustered in the attempt to ignore them. Her heightened sense of smell could detect his cologne from Across the table and it was sending her mind into a frenzy. She tried hard not to look at him but found herself staring at him. Shamelessly ogling her own husband. She could not even think of eating. She pushed her food around her plate in a feeble attempt to distract her own mind. She had not heard what dadi had said, her automatic response was to say

"Ha dadi..."

Dadi looked at her eagerly waiting for her to continue.

"To..?" She pushed


"To Kya...?" Pragya asked in confusion.

(so what)

"Kya faisle liye hai...? Kaha kho Gayi tum...?"

( what have you decided? Where are you lost?)

Abhi intervened.

"Dadi hum ne decide kiya hai, hum un se surprise rakhenge Sab ki liye"

(Dadi we've decided to keep it a surprise for everyone)

He had noticed Pragya was not listening. He decided to deflect his grandmas questions from her Something was definitely on her mind. He could read her face as though she was an open book. Normally if she was sad, her eyes would tell him, if she was happy they would sparkle excessively. But today she seemed to behaving rather oddly, her eyes were almost saying annoyance? "But at what?" He thought, whatever it was he was going to find out.


The rest of the day had dragged for Pragya, after they had finished with lunch, She had gone back to sit with dadi and Daasi. At least in their presence, it was less likely her mind would wander in the direction of her husband. She had spent sometime helping dadi and Daasi prepare for the puja. She sat and painted divas that would be used to decorate the house. After that was done, she had gone on to help her niece and nephew with their homework. She spent an hour or so going through spelling and multiplication with them. When she was happy they had done enough for the day, she dismissed them, So that they could go and play. After this she went up to her room to relax. She sat on the bed mindlessly flicking through the TV channels again. As soon as her mind was left to it's own devices, she was back to square. Every time she distracted herself she found the feelings came back with double the force they did before she had distracted herself.

"Kya karu me! Kitne besharam
Ho Gayi hoon, un ko pata chal
Gaya ke muje esi soch ati hai, to Kya sochenge mere bare me"

(What shall I do? I've become so shameless! If he finds out I'm having thoughts like that what will he think of me!)

She was getting flustered and upset again. Why was this happening. She had kept herself away from Abhi purposefully all day to try and over come these feelings and she was
Failing miserably. Come to think of it she hadn't seen her husband at all since lunchtime. He had been called to the recording studio to sort out some issues regarding his new album. He had not wanted to leave but it was the type of issue that needed to be dealt with there and then. She had been grateful at the time, but it had been several hours since he had gone and she was desperate to see him now. She knew he couldn't avoid needing to work but she so wanted him to come back and pay her some much needed attention. She was becoming very agitated. She turned off the TV and sighed. She was about to go downstairs again to give her something to do when she noticed the laptop on the side. The teacher in her wanted to look at this problem practically. She wondered whether her urges towards her husband were pregnancy related. After all she enjoyed the time they spent alone together, and never protested when he wanted to be intimate. But she had never been in a position where she had desired him this much she was scared she may actually loose control of herself. Without a second thought, desperate for some sort of explanation and solution, she grabbed the laptop from the side, flipped the screen and opened up the internet browser. She furiously typed away on google.

"First trimester pregnancy"

She had read through a few of the top hitting articles that didn't really give her any answers. They spoke of morning sickness, and other normal pregnancy related things that she was already aware of. She searched the next couple of articles which had stated pretty much the same as what she had read above. She was close to giving up when she noticed an article titled "Unusual Cravings".

Curiously she clicked on the page and read. She was reading a forum page compiled of responses relating to urges pregnant ladies were having or had during their first stages of pregnancy. She read intently with her eyes glued to the screen. The more she read on the more relief she felt. People had claimed to have craved sucking pennies, eating coal, ice cream, meat even though one lady was vegan and had never eaten it before! She continued to read when she read something similar to what she was experience. Apparently it was very normal for women to feel sexual urges in the early stages of pregnancy. It was put down to the rush of hormones that were surging through her body at this time and was perfectly normal. Pragya was one part relieved it was not just her. Another part still very frustrated. For the only way it was suggested to ease this desire was to give in to them.

"Yeh apka fault hai, baby rockstar, tumhare vajese apki mama bilkul besharam ban chuki hai, kaise apke pappa ko goor goor se dekhti rahi hoon, aur me tumse kyu baat Kare rehi hoon!!!"

(This is your fault baby rockstar, because if you, your mother had become shameful, look how I ogle your father, and why am I talking to you about it!)

Pragya slammed the laptop shut. What a problem she was having. She knew there was only one thing to do.
Somehow she had to unassumingly seduce her husband without him knowing. She considered telling Abhi. But the thought of that made her so embarrassed she didn't think she could possibly tell him. She needed a plan...and soon before she lost all control.

It was late when Abhi had arrived back, the rest of the family were sat in the front hall. He walked into the room and the first thing he noticed was his wife sat there with the same eyes and face she had been wearing all day. She looked as though she was lost in her own world, that was until he had walked in. She looked as though she sat up to say something when dadi spoke

"Beta tum a Gaye, kitni der ho Gayi hai, Khanna kaya apne?"

(Son your back? It's so late, have you eaten?)

He looked at Pragya as he spoke to his grandma. His eyes met hers.

"Ha dadi me ne khaya hai, muje bohat thak lag rahe ho, me upar ja kar aram karta hoon"

(Yes dadi I've eaten, I'm really tired, I'm going to up to upstairs and rest)

Pragyas ears had pricked up. She had been waiting, since she had googled her issue,for her husband. Her thirst for him had not died away and she almost danced in happiness at his insistence to go upstairs straight to his room. He looked directly at her and his expressive eyes were enough to make her weak at the knees. She watched him walk up the stairs and disappear upstairs on the bannister. After several minutes she excused herself from the rest of the family feigning tiredness and raced up the stairs as fast as she could following him into their room.

She couldn't get up there quick enough. She crept into the room slowly to find her husband sat on the bed looking at his phone. She had sat and thought about how she would go about this without arising suspicion. The last thing she wanted was for him to catch on to what she was doing. He stood up from the bed and she sheepishly walked over to him.

"Hi..." He said huskily,

She just stared at him. Now that they were both alone her body and mind were in overdrive. She could feel her soul dripping with absolute desire for him. He started slowly walking towards her. Her chest started to heave and her breathing quickened as he gradually made his way over to her.

He looked at her face in confusion. He had known she would follow him up, the truth was he had missed her. He loved his family and he loved his work, but sometimes he cursed them. They got in the way of him being with her and he hated compromising any time he could spend with his wife. But she looked different today, almost flustered every time he saw her she had a look in her eye and he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He walked up to her so that she was stood in front of him. He cupped her cheek with his hand and she instantly closed her eyes as if savouring his touch.

"Tum theek ho, aj tum alagsi lag rahi ho, kuch hua hai? Koi ne apse kuch kaha?"

(are you okay? Today you look different, had something happened? Has someone said something to you)

Pragya was enjoying the feel of hand on her face when her eyes shot open at his question. Shit! She thought, nothing escaped his notice! She quickly composed herself and reevaluated her plan. She knew she was improvising. She didn't know the first thing about seducing a man, let alone someone as experienced as he was. She felt sad and slightly inferior. She composed herself and said in a soft voice.

"ap fresh ho jaye..."

(You go and freshen up)

Abhi looked at her quizzically. He didn't really know what she meant. She hadn't answered his question but she was acting in a mystical manner. He let go of her and nodded in agreement and headed over to the bathroom.

Pragya on the other hand was grateful for the extra few minutes she had managed to buy herself. She quickly turned down the lights and lit some candles around the room. She had put some slow music on the stereo and went into the closet to change. At first she reached for her normal white sleep suit, but stopped in her tracks. She redirected her hand to reach for a floor length cream negligee that Abhi had bought for her. She had seen it in the shop window of a mall and had loved the Lacey trim that edged the spaghetti strapped silk nighty. She had always felt to plain and self conscious to wear something like it. Abhi had noticed her looking at it and had told her that when she was ready to, he would love to see her in something like that just for him. He had bought it for her and kept it in the closet. He had told her there was no pressure to wear it, and that if or when she was ready and comfortable he would be waiting. He was so thoughtful towards her. She wanted him to want her. She fingered the material of the negligee and decided she was going to be brave and wear it. She quickly got changed and covered herself with the silk dressing gown that had come with it.

She entered back into the room. Her husband had still not got out from having is shower yet. She quickly assessed everything. She felt like a complete novice. What if he knew what she was doing? She would die of shame she thought. She looked around wondering if this was too much when she heard the bathroom door open. Too late she thought. It was now or never and right now she was too consumed in thoughts of Abhi to be wondering whether this was a good idea or not. Her craving was becoming insatiable now and all she wanted was to be with him.

Abhi came out from shower in a pair of sweat pants. His torso was bare and he had a towel slung around his neck. The first thing he noticed was the room had been transformed into an ambient retreat. There were candles dotted around his room, and the CD player was pouring soft romantic tunes. He looked around his room slightly confused there he saw his wife, with her back to him at the foot of the bed. She was wearing a long silky nightgown. The soft fabric was beautifully accentuating the soft curves of her body. He had never seen her wear anything like that before and he felt excited seeing her like that. She turned around to face him, In the soft light of the candles and the contrast of the creamy colour of her attire she looked almost angelic. He had never really seen her wear anything at night other than her chattris, and he was baffled as to what the occasion was today. She looked nervous almost and was fidgeting with the strap around her robe. He walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down in front of her. He was about to dry his hair when he gave her a look that gestured her to come and do it for him.

Pragya stood at the foot of the bed nervously. There he was, his sweat pants hung low on the triangle of his hips. His perfectly chiselled abs and sculpted biceps were speckled with droplets of water from his shower. Now that she was in the middle of executing her plan she didn't know what to do. His image there was creating and arousing so many feelings of desire she could feel her heart beating violently in her chest at the thought of them. She was fidgeting trying to avoid his eyes when she noticed him sit on the edge of the bed from the corner of her eye. She looked up and caught him gesturing for her to go and dry his hair. She thanked god for this small opportunity and crawled on the bed behind him. She took the towel from his hands slowly and started to dry his hair. She was grateful he had not questioned the look of their room or what she was wearing. She hoped he would plead ignorance and just go with the flow. She hoped!

He closed his eyes and leaned back into her. He felt himself relaxing as her soft hands worked their way through his hair. She was knelt directly behind him on the bed. His mint shower gel was caressing her already sensitive nostrils and the urge to touch him was becoming uncontrollable. She knelt behind him for a few minutes longer, softly caressing his hair and massaging his scalp softly lightly. The way she was working her fingers in his hair was causing havoc on Abhis senses too. He had purposefully not commented on his wife's attire or actions he had not wanted to scare her off. It was clear to him that she was up to something, she was being so affectionate, she hadn't fought with him once since he had returned and he found that to be the most peculiar.

Abhi sat there with his eyes closed enjoying this new Fuggy. He could get used to this he thought. He leaned his head back further so that it was resting between her stomach and chest when suddenly felt a tickle of hair on his left shoulder and a soft delicate kiss on his right. His eyes flew open and he turned around to look at Pragya, like a child caught with her hand in the sweet jar, her eyes were looking everywhere but his. He thought at first he may have imagined it, but the look on her face told him he was most definitely not imagining. He turned now so that he was fully facing her. He pulled her down so that she was on his level, he weaved his fingers through her thick hair at the side of her face and looked at her. His eyes were dark and hooded, filled with desire. In the three days he had been away he had thought about Pragya non stop. His face was close to hers so much so that their breath was mingling. He could see Pragya was enjoying his proximity from the way she seemed to keep melting into him every time he had gotten close to her. He brought his fingers up so that they traced the edges of her lips. He studied her face and closed eyes intently, with his face still a mere centimetre or two away from hers he spoke. She had her hands placed in the middle of his chest now. His voice was molten husky and smooth,

"Kuch to baat hai aj, Kya hua hai apko? Kuch zyda miss kiya hai muje..."

(Something's the matter, what's up with you, did you miss me a lot)

He whispered almost softly on to her face. With her eyes still closed she nodded her head. His fingers still delicately traced the features of her face, her cheeks, her nose, her eyes. Every small caress was leaving Pragya more worked up and breathless.

"To boliye na Mrs. Mehra... Kitna miss kiya hai muj?"

(So tell me mrs Mehra, how much have you missed me)

He brought his lips close to hers as he said it, ever teasing her with the promise of a kiss. They both sat there on the middle of the bed, and Pragya still hadn't opened her eyes. Abhi was observing her with hooded eyes, all the time noticing how she kept leaning in to kiss him, but he cruelly kept teasing her by pulling ever so slightly away from her

"Boliye na..."

(Say it...)

Pragya was feeling all kinds of things. His lips were so close to hers and all she wanted was for him to kiss her. Her pent up frustration was getting too much for her. She desperately wanted him to make love to her. But she was so scared to ask him Incase he thought her cheap. The thought made her open her eyes and pull away from him and turn her body and head so she wasn't facing him.

Abhi was shocked to see her react in this way. She turned her face and he could have sworn there was a tear in her eye. Before she could move anywhere Abhi grabbed her hand and made her stay where she was on the bed. When she turned her face back towards him He could see she definitely was crying now, not sobbing but something was definitely troubling her and he would be damned if he didn't find out. Without thinking he pulled her into a hug and soothed her back

"Hey, Kya hua, muje batao na, please Fuggy mene kuch kiya? Baby rockstar ko kuch hua hai??"

(Hey what's up? Please tell me? Have I don't something, is there something wrong with the baby?)

She nodded her head pulling away from his embrace wiping her eyes and nose.

"Nahi kuch nahi hua hai, Lekin Sab unki galati hai?"

(No nothing is up bit it's all his fault)

Abhi was back to being confused again now

"Kiss ka?"


He cautiously asked her, the last thing he needed was an upset pregnant wife, though Fuggy was more level head than most, this pregnancy was throwing her hormones off and Abhi had dealt with her mood swings First hand. Pragya continued sniffling.

"Baby rockstar ka, unki vajese mere maan me apki bare me ye besharam soch ane lage hai"

(Baby rockstars, because of him I've started to have this shameless thoughts about you?)

Pragya was sobbing now. She had completely failed in her plan to seduce Abhi, but not had she failed she had ended up telling Abhi what the problem was.

At first Abhi was not quite understanding what she was so upset about. Besharam thoughts? He wondered. And how was that the baby's fault? He didn't want to upset his wife any further but he had to find our what this crazy woman was saying to him.



"Matlab kabi muje ice cream
Chaiye ye aur khabhi kabhi ap ..."

(Meaning sometimes I crave Ice cream, and sometimes you...)

Her voice was quiet, ashamed of what she had just admitted to. Abhi on the other hand was quite literally in his element. It all made sense now, his wife was craving, Well him. He had read a lot about the stages of pregnancy when they had first found out they were expecting. He had heard that some women get sexual urges and desires early on in their pregnancy. He had never ever imagined that Pragya would be one of them. Don't get him wrong those times he spent with Pragya intimately were the best he ever had, if it was possible each time they did it it was better, but oh boy what an ego boost. There is wife was telling him she had urges towards him. The thought made his beam from the inside out.

"To us se Rone ki baat Kya hai?"

(So why are you crying about it?)

He was still in disbelief.

"Ap Kya sochenge mere bare me, me kitni ghatiya hoon"

(What will you think of me? I'm
So disgusting)

She cried even more. She explained to him through her tears how since he had been gone all she could do was think about him in that way, to the point she had completely flustered herself and stayed agitated. Abhi pulled her into a tight hug resting her head on his chest. He kissed the top of her head and reassured her

"Dekho Fuggy is me Rone ki baat aur sharam hone ki baat nahi hai, me tum ke bare me bura kaise sochunga, tum Mera bache ke ma bane wali ho, kehe te ho to me chaat par ja kar Bina kapde ke saath nachunga"

(Look Fuggy there is no need to cry or be embarrassed. How could I think badly off you, you are about to be the mother of my child, if you say so I'll go and dance naked on the terrace)

Pragya pulled away and laughed at him.

(Waise tum ko aj kal besharam soch a rehe hai, esi soch tumhare bare me har roz ate he muje)

(And anyways you've only had shameless thoughts the last few days, I have thoughts about you like that everyday)

Pragya looked at him in horror, but smiled in appreciation at his attempts to make her feel better.

"Kya tum Abhi bi muje, mera matlab apka rockstar pati ko chaiye?"

(Do you still want me? I mean your rockstar husband?)

She looked down shyly and nodded at him still secure in his embrace. He tilted her chin upwards so that his eyes could gaze into hers. He looked into them deeply. He pulled off her glasses with the hand he used to tilt her chin and threw them on the bedside table. He used the same hand to help her out of the robe she wore. Next he pulled Pragyas face into his with his and finally, tenderly kissed her lips. She gasped at the contact. She had needed to feel that for three days now. Abhi may have been selfish in many ways, but when it came to her he was not. Tonight he wanted it to be all about her. He now understood what she had gone through in the three days he had been away. In all honestly her coy little confession had just rocked his world. It set his heart of fire to know that she had missed him just as much as he had missed her, if not more. He couldn't believe she was so naive as to think he would think ill of her for having such thoughts. If anything he wanted to prove to her now his thoughts of her were anything but Ill.

Slowly while still gently kissing her mouth he manoeuvred them both so that Pragya was now sat in his lap while he was leant back against the head board. One arm was around her waist while the other was woven into the side of her hair. Abhi varied the pressure of the kiss, at times he slowly suckled her lip teasing and biting her, pulling away and reaching back in again. at other times kissing her with such passion they both struggled to maintain any composure. After sometime He started to trail kisses along her neck,
Shoulders and collar bone. He didn't want to rush. He lazily kissed her not going in any order but placing them randomly. Each kiss was different, some in quick succession, others
Lingering over her smooth heated skin. Pragya was fully lost, with her eyes closed she fisted his hair using both hands, pulling his head further into the crook of her neck. Everytime Abhi trailed up her neck she let out a soft moan. Abhi pulled away to observe her for a second. His beautiful wife looked delicious. Her eyes were closed in pleasure, her lips plump and rosy from him kissing her. Abhi had no idea what real desire had been until he had sampled the delights of intimacy with Pragya. He remained in control the whole time, if Pragya had been craving him and his body, he would make damn sure this need and desire of hers was fulfilled to the best of his ability. Slowly so not to bring her back down to earth, Abhi continued to kiss her lips. He carefully held her hips and moved her around so that she went from
Straddling his lap, to laying on the bed on her back. Still Kissing her Abhi had positioned himself so that he was at the side of her facing towards her. He was careful not to position himself directly on top of her or her stomach. He dominantly held her arms above her head and started to kiss every part of her that was exposed. He trailed kisses up her arms, along her shoulders. His free hand started to caress her mounds through her silky fabric. She moaned his name.nThe sound of his name from her lips while she was in this state was all he needed to get himself in the mood. Any other time and he probably wouldn't have been able to exercise the control he had, but it was different tonight. He continued to work her breasts through the light silky fabric, feeling her body react to his touch. She was breathing heavily now and her chest was visibly heaving. Every so often she would bring her arms down and wind her fingers into his hair, trying to pull him up so she could kiss his lips. Abhi chuckled and playfully teased her lips with his when she did this. He cupped her face again and looked Into her eyes and fully kissed her lips. He trailed his kisses on her chin, and down her heaving chest to the hollow part of her cleavage. He continued to kiss her all way down her stomach, fluttering light kisses down her tummy. Pragya fisted his hair again and squirmed in delight. Abhi had decided that they were both wearing far too many clothes, and in one swift movement pulled off her negligee. She was already running her arms up and down his strong chest feeling his every ripple and curve. Abhi found himself back by her mouth again and began to assault her senses once again by trailing his kisses down her neck chest and body. He reached her tummy again and felt her squirm under the sensation. Slowly he continued down further until he was kissing her most intimate region. Pragyas mind was being blown. Finally after all these days she was getting what she so desperately craved. Her husbands hands were
Touching and feeling every intimate part of her body and it was as though a dam had been opened. Every passing second was relieving the built up pressure she was feeling. Nobody understood her body like Abhi did. The things he was doing to her now was everything she could have asked for.
She could feel herself building up to climax as his face latched onto the that part of her body. She felt like a nymph holding his head firmly in place enjoying every sweet second of pleasure he was currently bestowing on her. Her mind had taken the evening off and her body responded to Abhis touch like
A flower to sunshine. In a few seconds she was about to reach a climax, all the while he did not stop. Her moans and gasps of his name became heavier and more frequent all the while turning him on in ways he did not know possible. They way her body responded to his touch filled Abhi with possessiveness and pride. She was beautiful sexy intelligent and above all else his. He continued to pleasure her until she exploded into his mouth. She was gasping for air, scratching his head with her nails displaying the sheer pleasure her body was experiencing. It took her a good few minutes to regain herself, all the while Abhi reversed his trail of Kisses lazily and randomly back up her body, chest and finally her face. She grabbed him By the face and kissed him with real urgency, his eyes telling him she was more than ready for him to enter her. He removed his sweatpants And pulled her up again so that they were sat in the same position they had been before. He was leaning against the head board, all the while holding her hand and lowering her down so that she could comfortably sit in his lap and he could enter her without putting pressure on her stomach. She lowered herself onto him, and his strong arms engulfed her waist holding her hips firmly in place. She rocked up and down gently and slowly taking her time savouring their every second together. His forehead was aligned touching hers and everything, their bodies, their breath, their minds became one. She had her arms wrapped around his neck both panting and gasping as they both made love. In this position she was at fully liberty of kissing his lips. She teased him back and pulled away from him every now and again as he tried to kiss her. They continued slowly picking up speed until both of them had been ready to release. Abhi was loosing control now and knew it wouldn't be long until he needed to release. Their breathing quickened and bodies were glistening with sweat.
Pragyas eyes were closed, she was fully immersed in the moment. Without really realising what she was doing, her eyes were closed and she was kissing his face sometimes catching his lips. Abhi found his joy looking at her. He could see how much she had wanted him and the thought made him explode into her. He held on to her hips tightly and thrust into her. No sooner had he started his own climax Pragya followed suit. Abhi could feel her clenching and convulsing around his manhood and she dug her finger nails into his back as she released too. They both sat there in the same positions still panting for sometime. Pragya had her eyes closed still
And Abhi noticed a euphoric smile dancing on her lips. He leaned in and kissed her lips again. After a few seconds he pulled away from her, picked her up and lay her on the bed next to him. Her eyes were still closed and she still wore that magical smile. He body was still shivering slightly from her climax. Abhi noticed this and wrapped the blanket around her and kissed her forehead. She opened her eyes lazily and met his beautiful expressive orbs staring into hers.

"Ab Khush?"

She didn't need to say anything still grinning like a Cheshire Cat she nodded her head in agreement. Abhi lay down next to her and looked at her. After sometime she moved herself so that she was lying in Abhis embrace using his arm a pillow. She cosied into him and kissed his chest. They were both silent for sometime just enjoying each other. After a while Abhi was the first to speak.

"Fuggy me apse kuch pooch sakta hoon?"

(Fuggy can I ask you something)

"Hmmm" her mind was still pretty blown.

"yeh candles, music, nighty... Kya ap
Muje seduce Karne ki koshish ki hai..."

(These candles, music, nighty, where your trying to seduce me?)

That had caught her attention. Like a deer caught in head lights she sat up
In bed facing away from him.

Abhi laughed. He could tell from her coy reaction what her intentions were. Abhi sat up behind her and kissed her shoulder. She turned her gaze to look at him. He softly said to her,

"Janti ho Fuggy, tumne yeh Karne ki koy zaroorat nahi hai, me yeh kam ki liye, hamesha tyaar hoon"

(Do you know Fuggy, there is no need for all this, I am always ready and waiting to help out with this)

He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her in to kiss her forehead.

"Jab tum yeh chaati ho, muje sirf ishara karna hai, aur me tumhare liya tyaar hon ga"

(Whenever you feel like it, you just have to signal me and I'll walks be ready for you)

He chuckled and kissed her cheek this time. For the third time that night she had rocked his world.
First she had admitted to these cravings, second they had spent an incredible night together and third she had wanted that much she had actually tried to seduce him. His heart swelled at the fact his wife had actually craved him. So much so that he had not wanted to let a great opportunity like this pass him by. What man would? There his wife was dealing with all sorts of feelings and desires, he could not call himself a good husband if he did not at least try and relief some of the pressure. With that excuse he had suggested the two of them go away for a few days, or as long as it took to get over these urges. This way he could be at her constant beckon call without the family questioning why they were hiding in their room all hours of the day. And using that excuse Abhi would get to try out some besharam thoughts of his own. She had protested at first but it had not taken Abhi much to persuade her.

"Theek hai, Lekin kissi se Batana mat hum kyu Gaye hai"

(Ok, but don't tell anyone why we are going)

That was easy he had thought. Pragya didn't know who was more
Excited by the trip her or Abhi. Either way she would get to spend some uninterrupted time quite literally feasting on her husband. They made love several times that night, each time more epic than the last. Eventually the need to sleep had taken over both of the bodies so after the final time that night Abhi settled down into the bed, with Pragya firmly secured to his chest. With his arms wrapped around her, and head tucked under his chin they both fell into a blissful nights sleep.

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Omg, Rix! Pragya and pregnancy hormones, a perfect combination and so beautifully rendered. You have an amazing way of getting into small moments, bringing them fully to life without making anything seem belabored. The build up of Pragya's frustration and Abhi's suspicions was delightful to work through. The love scene was so sweet and fitting for the happiest version of this couple. It felt incredibly intimate and loving. "Kabhi ice cream chahiye kabhi aap" is just perfect Pragya dialogue, hehe. I loved how Abhi's made a point of staying in control for her sake, and his reaction to her anxieties was so so good. Thank you for such a lovely read!

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Rix, I rarely read fics but after reading your epi reviews, I couldn't resist!

Kabhi ice cream chahiye kabhi aap...Wink
What a delightful way to tell her husband how much she wants him...

I love the build up and anticipation through the story, it had me on edge. Pragya dealing with this craving is just a treat.

Beautiful read!

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This was good . Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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this was awesome and very tastefully done! usually the mature aspect of the story spoils the character's personalities to whether they don't even seem like the same characters, but you did a great job. Smile

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Rix I had been hoping for a mature scene from you in your other fic so I'm delighted to see a mature OS from you! Would you believe my friends and I were just talking about this very topic yesterday so perfect timing LOL 
I loved the slow torturous buildup to their love scene that had both Pragya and the readers fidget in their seats. I could really sense Pragya's frustration as some commitment or the other kept coming in the way. And that part when she feels embarassed in the bedroom and he comforts her was so achingly tender and well done.

Thank you for writing this and sharing this with us!

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Originally posted by -mina-

Omg, Rix! Pragya and pregnancy hormones, a perfect combination and so beautifully rendered. You have an amazing way of getting into small moments, bringing them fully to life without making anything seem belabored. The build up of Pragya's frustration and Abhi's suspicions was delightful to work through. The love scene was so sweet and fitting for the happiest version of this couple. It felt incredibly intimate and loving. "Kabhi ice cream chahiye kabhi aap" is just perfect Pragya dialogue, hehe. I loved how Abhi's made a point of staying in control for her sake, and his reaction to her anxieties was so so good. Thank you for such a lovely read!

Thank you mina for your lovely comments! I'm really glad that you've enjoyed it. I wish there were more romantic scenes in these shows, and I know such scenes are not fitting with the traditional indian drama, but I suppose we are lucky we have such imaginations that run wild! Really glad that my efforts to convey there intimacy paid off, and that it was as true to our characters nature as it could possibly be! Dying to read something new and juicy too, when will we be seeing something new from you???


Rix xx

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Originally posted by deefan

Rix, I rarely read fics but after reading your epi reviews, I couldn't resist!

Kabhi ice cream chahiye kabhi aap...Wink
What a delightful way to tell her husband how much she wants him...

I love the build up and anticipation through the story, it had me on edge. Pragya dealing with this craving is just a treat.

Beautiful read!

Oh I feel a honoured I enticed you to enjoy a cheeky fanfiction! Thank you so much for your kind comments. You know that line was the best Hindi I could come up with to say what I wanted to say, it's definitely not my first language and sometimes I do struggle, but I'm really chuffed that you and @-mina- found that to be the best line :) 

I am really really happy you've enjoyed it, I was a bit scared it wouldn't be recieved all that well due to the content of it. 

I need to write some episode reviews, I haven't watched any of last weeks episodes yet - hopefully that will be a treat today in my day off and ill try and post a week review later today!

Thank you again for taking the time to read this!

Rix xx

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