Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MG One Shot | Made of Honor | [Banner by Vandy added on pg 1]

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This is Inspired by The Romantic Holly Flick by the same name as the title. I'd think it wud suit Geet n Maan real well . Hope u enjoy it .
Its specially dedicated to all the writers n readers of Geet Forum who keep this forum alive with their works n comments .

Made of Honour


Somewhere in NY a guy with a spread covered till waist ... a hand n a silky seductive voice lured him "baby we still have 1 hr b4 u head to work n I ...welll tend my business"

"Ah nope babe can't  do you know by 24 hrs rule , we just crossed the time " he looked at his watch "an hour back"

Giving a toe curling smooch millionaire Maan Singh Khurana having a legacy of largest chain in bar n restaurants made his way to a steamy shower to start off his day ...


2 Cafes 1 decaf and 1 latte with caramel topping with 2 muffins 1 banana n 1 extra gooey chocolate chip ...Maan winked at the waitress taking his order giving a smooth smile that always worked .

Taking the order Maan sat in his car only to find in one of the cups the waitress gave her number . Mentally patting his back Maan went to meet his best friend cum confidante cum chaddi buddy cum philosopher cum guide Geet Handa ...



"Hey babe ...nice work "Maan stated as he saw Geet painting a picture of a semi clad man

"Thanks babe just finished of working on his balls"Geet winked at him only to haave Maan spit out the coffee followed by bouts of violent cough ...ah right !


"Come on babe this is the last time m asking you Geet can't u be bit supportive ?"

"Maan I'm not coming to your father's 7th wedding for sakes ! y can't u take 1 of ur one night stands with u ?"


"You know Geet my rules I never take them to the party ... rather I cannot take them ... it doesn't look good . I know I spend nights with them bt this is different babe , as much as I dislike my father marrying a girl less that half of his age I respect him . Pleeeaaasseee"Maan showed his typical puppy eyes that always melted Geet


"Fine bt this is the last time . Deal !"




Arvind Singh Khurana gave a bear hug to his son as he talked with his lawyer on prenuptial agreements n the "deeds" that the bride is supposed to be comfy with !

After a conversation on services n mammoth amnt of money finally Arvind Singh Khurana n his 25 yrs old Christy was married off .


"Hiii son"Christy drawled seeing Maan at the bar with Geet "honey u need anything , any service , emotional support , shoulder to cry , dis girl problem u can come to me" saying so she put Maan's hand on her chest stating the sincere feelings ...Maan snatched away his hand muttering a "sure" whilst his father came "there u are pumpkin" n whisked Christy away for a dance


"Is ur father in sense Maan to b marrying someone like her?" Geet stared at the mismatched couple before turning to Maan "I mean jokes apart what was he thinking ?"


"We all are incomplete in some way . After losing mum , dad used hitching with different girls to kill his loneliness ... I don't know Geet I just care for him a lot "  said Maan as he finished off his drink .


As he ordered another one he saw the editor of NY's daily come in "Jesus Geet hide me please "

"Just do as I say ...that is the editor of NY's daily if she finds me here she ain't gonna stop hitting at me . I'm really not in a mood to entertain her offers"


"I think she's cute Maan"Geet teased as Maan pulled her on dance floor

M: "Is she still there?"

G: "Yes"

Maan held Geet closer dropping his face at the crook of her neck .

M :"You smell like jasmine n sandalwood"

Geet: "Its estee lauder n yes it was gifted by u"

M: "I was right it suits so good on u" saying so he dipped his head further . Geet could feel goosbumps having him so close , his muscular arms tightly around her waist n her arms around his neck in a close embrace .

She was abt to close her eyes when he suddenly told her "Rachel is gone"

G: What ?

M: Already on his way off from the dance floor . "Its Rachel n she went away ...come on babe lets have dinner" Geet stared at his retreating back before shaking at her waywardness towards Maan n followed him to dinner .



"Guess what ?"Geet squealed as she entered Maan's apartment giving him a tight hug .
M: "Hey what's the reason behind this sunshine smile"

G: "Guess what ! the Director at the NY's  art exhibit has approved off of my scholarship ! they are allowing me to conduct workshops on their behalf haha ... isn't that amazing"


M: "Omg that's awesome"he hugs Geet n kissed her cheeks "M so happy u getting ur dream fulfilled ... so where r u setting up the workshop in NY?"


G: "Ahhh Maan u see m not conducting workshops in NY . They're sending me to their Scotland branch to conduct those"


M: "Scotland"

G: "Yup"

M: "Well for how long?"

G: "6 Wks"

M: "Oooh meaning 6 Sundays u won't b there? "

G : "Come on Maan I'll back sooner than a blink of an eye ... 6 wks will b gone just like that"she stated as she snapped her fingers "Besides u can take 1 of ur decent gfs to do our indulging Sunday right" she winked at him "Oh jeez m running late for the lecture" she quickly ran at his door seeing the wall clock "will keep u posted ! bye !"

M(whispers): "Bye Geet"


=====6 Wks Duration====


"Hello hello Geet babe can u hear me ? Geet Geet ... beep ... beep ... beep" Maan dialled for the nth time bt Geet's phone either went dead or after Geet responded the lines went disrupted irritating Maan in no certain terms

"Arghhh !!!!! I HATE SCOTLAND" Maan yelled in frustration going on 3rd week w/o speaking with Geet

He went to his basketball practice where his playboy mates usually jokes around bt he failed to feel any happiness or amusement .

Maan who is an ace at basketball missed a couple of baskets even ...

"Dude what's wrong ? din u get laid lately ? y such reluctance towards this ball"Rahul pointed at the ball in his hand "this was ur passion right?"

"I dunno man "huffed Maan "but ever since Geet went to Scotland ... things I dunno I dun feel upto anything . I have girls , I hang out , I enjoy the nights bt something is missing ...


I miss her I miss her smile , her painting nude men" smiled Maan "her irritating me on my getting laid with a new chick and her opinions on my life . When she was here I thought I had the best of both worlds I cud get laid with any chick at the same time have a great friend in Geet. We had a perfect life until she went to Scotland"


Tucker piped in "whoa man what'd u mean ? dude she is a girl? U think ur idea of perfect life is hers too ? u think u spending time with girls n coming back to her with load full of such details she'd b interested in ? once okay ,maybe once in a wk still f9 bt ur life isn''t her priority ... her own life is ... sooner or later she's gonna settle with a handsome guy n u " he pointed at Maan "need to think of that time ? only 6 weeks u cannot bear the distance . What will happen shd she decides to go away from NY ? ... like forever ? Tucker squeezed Maan's shoulders n rest of his pals went ahead for shower leaving Maan to muse over what he just heard them say .


"Hello ... hello Maan! Guess what I have 2 surprises ... 1 . I am back ! and 2. ... well I'll show u ... meet me at Starbucks tonight 6ish alright bye love u ...


"MMm"Maan mumbled in sleep"Greaat Geeet ur backkkhhh" suddenly his eyes popped open "Wait what"he scrambled out of beeping his answering machine to the last msg ... he played it over n over n finally a satisfactory grin spread on his face "Geet is back ... my Geet is back ...yahooo!!!!"


He showered humming his fav tune , get dressed in Indigo blue n grey trousers as he recalled Geet complimented him in that combo , got flowers from a NY best floral shop , a combo of roses n orchids n made his way to NY central Starbucks ...


Upon entering he took fill of Geet settled on a stool wearing a blue off shoulder dress . "Not bad Maan u color co-ordinated with Geet even w/o knowing she will also choose blue color"


Geet took a sip of her coffee whilst talking n laughing over something when she saw Maan .


"Omg Maan u're hear !" she squealed n ran into his arms "Maan lifted Geet in air n kissed her hair finally having found life infused in him after long six wks

"I missed u so much in Scotland" Geet kissed his cheek n pulled his hand making their way to her table

"I can't wait to introduce u to Tony"...

M[confused]: "Tony"

G: "Yah Tony"

Maan saw a well-built muscular man abt his age smiling warmly at Geet taking his hand out to shake hands with him

Tony : "Hey man its so good to finally meet you Maan "


Maan : "Same here Tony"

Geet introduced Maan as her best friend


G: "You know Maan Scotland's networks are so effing disturbed n one day I was trying to get u on phone whilst resturning back from work when my network just died ...just pffft can u believe it and my car also broke down . Jeez I was feeling so scared n lonely when I met Tony who cme by in his Chevy"she winked at Maan n offered me a ride "at first I was suspicious abt his intentions" she poked Tony in his arm to which Tony pulled her by her finger n kissed her full on her mouth shocking the daylights outta Maan "but then he dropped me safe n sound at my place . Then we began meeting n I got to know him better n then ..." Geet shied


M[fearing an unknown unsettling feeling] : "Then what ?"

Geet lacing her fingers with Tony stated "n then he proposed me" she lifted her hand to show her solitaire D engagement ring to Maan who blinked his eyes digesting the very current pc of dvmt . Geet is already engaged to Tony !!!! Maan thought as cold sweat broke on his forehead , forcing he smile he uttered "Congratulations Geet"

Geet smiled whole heartedly : "Thanks Maan n u know we're planning to get married in 2 weeks

Maan choked on the water he was sipping . If at all for anything he can die of heart attacks today Geet is giving him one after the other !

M : "Marriage in 2 wks"

Geet happily nodded her head "N since u r my best friend . Maan I want u to be my maid of honor"


Maan coughed violently again hearing Geet out . She wants him to be the maid of honor at her wedding . Wasn't breaking his heart enough that she now wants him to witness her wedding . No he cannot do that , he cannot see her becoming someone else's .


"Sure Geet I'll b ur maid of honor"Maan heard himself say against his wish

"Oh Maan I looove you" Geet hugged him

"I love u too Geet"Maan patted her back softly swallowing the heavy feeling erupting in his heart

[Days that followed shortly after this episode]


Geet : "Okay Maan this is gonna b awkward coz my best friends Rosy , Scarlett n Nikki will b working with u for my wedding preps n , u gotta stay away from Rosy coz , well u know , ur reputation precedes urself "

Maan : "What u mean ? I already asked Rosy that'll b 4 one time n she agreed n after it was over over she ... wham! "Maan showed a self punch on his nose


Geet : "Well u deserved that n she hates u prolly coz she always wanted to be my MOH "


Maan [in confusion] : "MOH ??"

Geet : "Maid of Honor ! oh here they are" she went n hugged her 3 friends n settled down to dis . pre-wedding shower , bachelorette party n of course the wedding .


"Oh I'll miss u so much" Tony spoke in the kiss for the nth time as he bid bye to Geet to return to Sotland on pretext of asking the church to schedule time n date of their wedding

Finally having enough of sloppy smooches Maan interrupted "Uh Geet u g forgot we've got to go for your post-wedding stuffs purchases"

"Yeah" Geet spoke still in this kiss  and with a peck they headed off to the shopping .


"I dunno man "Maan spoke with Tucker "I mean she was kissing him like there's no tomorrow . How m I supposed to win her back if all she talks n thinks abt is Tony this ... Tony that ... ahhh"


"Relax dude remember u gotta make her fall in love with u . U have to show her ur better than that Tony , Duke of Scotland " Tucker encouraged Maan to hang on in the pursuit


Meanwhile Geet has gone in the lingerie trial room humming a romantic song


"I feel like a loser ... I see the happiness she shares with Tony n I think that smile cud've been 4 me , that kiss cud've been with me , that love in her eyes cud've been 4 me . Why did this feel had to kick in so late man Maan complained like a petulant child

Tucker : "Do u love Geet or not Maan ?"

Maan "She is the one man "
Tucker "Then go n get her ! dun stand there like a loser ... b a man enough n claim that ur the 1 for her not some Tony or Phony ... u get that ! "


"Maaan" Geet seductively peeped from behind the curtains "How do I look ?"


Maan quickly ended the call n got a shock of his lifetime seeing the beauty ahead of him . Geet was wearing a bright red bustier that needless to say accentuated the right places to his eyes fill . For a man of his reputation Maan felt a certain member rock hard . Swallowing that urge to take her there in the trial room Maan strode towards her .


"So how do u think I look Maan"Geet asked Maan huskily "U know ur the best man for this judgement , after all u've had a gr8 experiencing in opening all sorts of lingerie . So I thought to put that experience to some use " giggled Geet


Maan was lost in her beautiful smile only to jerk back at what she'd say "Tell na Maan how do I look"

Maan looked at her and tucked a strand of hair covering her beautiful hazels answering "You look beautiful... bt this lingerie is not good"

To say Geet was shocked wud've been an understatement "Why where its wrong tell me?" Geet looked behind at the mirror trying to understand where'd she went wrong

Maan quickly fished out a decent less revealing one for Geet and after giving some ridiculous explanation on how less revealing means more alluring to know what lays underneath to more revealing meaning "you are desperate"he convinced Geet to buy his choice although he bought what Geet chose too for his own eyes ...


"You were amazing today Maan "Geet said after done with wedding shopping "thanks for being such a sport . M so excited moving on in to Scotland with Tony'


Maan halted in steps "Moving in ? wh... what do u mean ?
Geet : "I've been meaning to tell u Maan ... I m going to Scotland forever after marriage . "

Maan could not believe what he'd just heard . Geet seeing him staring at her just hugged him n asked "It'll b great right ... Tony is wonderful  he'll take care of me"

Maan never thought there can come a time where he has to bid bye to Geet from his life . Slowly he raised his arms n hugged her back tightly "yeah its gonna b great "

Geet hugged him tightly n then parted . She planted a kiss on Maan's cheek n settled in her car to drive away home for packing leaving Maan with yet again shock , dismay and a myriad of unsettled emotions

After Geet went her family  her friends n Maan all went to Scotland to attend Geet n Tony's wedding . On their way to Tony home which was actually a castle Rosy passed snide remarks on how Tony was richer n more handsome than Maan . Maan shrugged off of all her venom as he knew the reason why n moreover he was dying to meet Geet . Upon reaching Geet n Tony's family who were actually a Royalty welcomed him . There was just 1 wk to go for Geet n Tony's wedding


Day 1


There was hustle n bustle at the castle to get Geet ready for the dress rehearsal with the dress n entire make-up n all . Geet's hair was tied up in bun with loads of spraying that kind of can make a person faint with that harsh odour . Maan entered the room n was abt to run out when he saw the reflection of Geet in a helpless state ...Geet's MIL asked Maan abt the look n he was about to say "Bullshit"but Rosy's glare made him swallow that n complimented "Geet u look Beautiful "that seemed to satisfy Geet n she endured the other tortures that came along with fittings n make-up .


Day 2


Tony's family held a dinner party wherein Geet's family n friends were invited . "So how many bengs u planned" Tony's aunt chirped in seeing Geet


Geet : "Bengs"

Tony : "Ah Geet she means babies in Irish bengs is babies"

Geet forced a smile n looked at his aunt saying they haven't planned for babies as of yet


" Oooh u will I know my Tony will bring lots of babies in family soon . I even have planned names of them . First one will b called Athhole" Tony's aunt said proudly

"Excuse me Athhole" a mortified Geet almost choked on her wine

"Yes"Tony's father stated apparently "Athholes are a legacy in Scotland and they are a Royal lineage of Athholes"


Geet looked at Maan who gave her a sympathetic I dunno what to say look , finally Geet mustered the courage to say that of course they cannot name their babies Athhole maybe when he's a teenager they'll keep it as a nickname .


That din quite well settle with aunt who narrowed eyes at Tony . "Well Geet darling , we can keep it as a middle name ... what's say ?"

Geet not wanting to ruin her mood further said maybe we'll think over as the baby arrives .

Dinner was a 7 course affair when to Geet's shock she learnt everything on their menu was hunted down by Tony who has a flair for hunting wild animals like deer , boar so on n so forth ...


Geet detested it for she is an animal lover . The rest of the dinner went quietly . Meanwhile Maan tried to whisk Geet away to tell her abt his feelings bt as luck wud have it something or the other prevented him from doing so ...

Day 3


Geet was sleeping when suddenly a roar of bagpipers woke her up . She was startled to see Tony dedicating a tune to Geet in the middle of the night with his family accompanying him in this pursuit . She plastered a fake smile on her face n pecked him complimenting on his "touching gesture"


Day 4


A dog had entered the castle's premises n Geet looked from the terrace Maan stroking the stray dogs fur n the dog licking him all over his face. The past few days  revelation of Tony's family's idiosyncrasies n Tony himself have gotten her thinking abt weird thoughts . Most of them being if she is hurrying into this whole marriage thingy . She looked again n her eyes met Maan n something connected perhaps that longing or what she used to feel abt him , a lethal attraction that she had buried deep under the layers of friendliness n being best buddy for Maan as she considered herself much domesticated n healthy for Maan's choice . She saw Maan reaching upto her when stopping on her tracks to see Tony take her away for something .


Day 5


"U guys tell me what to do ... this Phony[Tony] always sticks to Geet like a bloody magnet ! how the f m I supposed to speak with her "[since it was a joint ph conference]

All Maan's friends shouted together "YOU ARE A LOSER MAAN SINGH KHURANA ! u bloody eff is shying away from telling your feelings to the woman u love ... Go dude n for once act like a MAN ! Go n make us proud"

Before Maan cud say anything a knock interrupted he disconnected the call n answered to door . 1 of the servants came upto inform him about the "Champions League"to be commencing . On his way down Maan learnt its supposedly a tradition where men show off their strengths with various pursuits n the man with the max strength gets to take the bride n marry her even if she is slated to wed another man .


Thinking it to b a gr8 opportunity Maan participated in all the competitions lil realizing that those involved throwing a tree trunk  tug of war with muscular Irishmen , lifting the hammer to the highest strike  the last one being the only pursuit Maan had an upperhand as the rest were won by Giant Tony hands down !


Day 6 [ 1 day b4 the wedding]


"Can I talk to u for a sec" Maan asked Geet as she was looking through the jewels her MIL sent for her

"Yeah sure"

They walked to the lake n Geet looked at Maan distressed "I am so confused Maan . I am supposed to say something abt Tony n how we fell in love bt m just so helpless here ... I tried funny n then realized how idiot it shall seem  I tried drama it went OTT n now m trying romantic bt nothing is coming out . Plz help me " she looked hopefully at Maan


"You are my best friend n everything abt u brings a smile on my face . I look at u the content I feel thinking abt waking upto ur face every morning fills my heart with joy . You are not a part of my life , you are my life . I love you Geet ! " W/o thinking Maan uttered n looked at Geet to find her staring at him in awe . She lunged herself towards him in tight hug "OMG ! Maan ur perfect ... I love you ...its such a perfect thing to say ... Thanks hon n she kissed him slightly on his lips"


"Heyyy WE ARE HERE" Geet's friends spotted them n ran to them "Come along we have to get u ready for the bachelorette party ... Irish style !"they wiked at each other n took Geet away


Maan disapproved this Irish style already knowing she had to kiss anyone who drops pennies at her pot of luck n the earnings will b the blessings of the bride to be ! well his disapproval din stop it from happening n soon Geet was taken to a pub where the ritual started  . Kisses started n so did the rise in content of pennies to even notes by the rick Scotsmen to kiss Geet . Finally she came around a mistletoe n found Maan standing . She extended the pot n Maan kept his wallet . He slowly bend hs head to kiss her once , followed by some more , finally Maan pinned Geet to a shadow nearby and started giving open mouthed smooches repeatedly n on his own accord Geet's hands dropped the pot n curled around his neck reciprocating the kisses . "Geet where are u?" her friends were near

Breaking from the kiss Geet looked at Maan shocked ! she knew him from childhood , she now realized the look she'd seen earlier from the terrace as she felt that in the kiss . It wasn't friendly nah not even near it was a passionate lover's kiss ! b4 she cud question him her friends found her n took her away to carry on with the ritual .


At night both were pacing n Geet just couldn't sleep thinking abt the kiss . She finally decided to confront Maan and quietly closed the door . She went to the room only to find a half dressed Rosy atop Maan trying to get her clothes off . It appeared Maan was struggling but she got the answer she needed n rushed back to her room .

Here seeing Geet Maan immediately pushed Rosy on the floor n w/o thinking rushed after Geet . He had to explain himself knowing Geet had come to him n esp this Rosy incident where Rosy had gotten drunk n come to have sex with him n was trying to strip herself n him when Geet had come .


He rushed to see the door closed . He whispered near the door "Geet Geet plz open the door ... lemme explain ... its not ...its not what u think ... its a misunderstanding u see Rosy..."


"I dun care Maan I simply dun care ... plz go away leave me alone"


"Please open the door Geet I need to speak with u , just once plz open the door"


"No go away Maan" Geet whispered as a lone tear made its way down her cheek

"Okay I'll go just tell me why u came to my room "

"To ask about that kiss ! why did u kiss me Maan ? why ?"

"Because I ... I love you Geet please don't marry Tony I love u I really do "
"All these yrs Maan ! all these yrs u had a chance bt u never came now that m marrying Tony ur confessing ur love !"

"I know I realized late bt I really love u Geet please dun marry Tony"

"No Maan . You are my best friend but I cannot marry you . I need someone who'll b for me come what may , who will stand by me come what may , who will love me no matter what ... who will love me for me not coz in fear of losing me to someone else "


"But Geet I..."


"Don't Maan ! just don't I am going to marry Tony tomorrow n that's that Good night"

"Geet ... Geet wait..." Maan slumped his shoulders seeing the light going off in Geet's room


Wedding Day [Day 7]


"I'm coming back home dad "Maan spoke on ph as he packed his stuffs "I cannot see her becoming someone else's . She won't have me dad , she won't"he sighed as he disconnected the call .


From terrace Geet saw Maan driving away and Tony came to her n gave her shoulder a squeeze

"I'm sorry ur best friend had to leave "
"He's fine he's just scared of losing me he'll get over it "Geet said as she turned to get ready for the wedding.


Geet looked at her image in the mirror n her mum kissed her forehead blessing her baby girl on the day she  is about to start her new life . Geet  her family n friends traversed to the church across the lake with a fery owned by Tony's family .


Here Maan is returning to the airport when a flock of sheep blocked his way . Whilst the driver was busy shooing them away Maan got out of his car n looked ahead

... a sudden bark drew his attention n he saw the same dog he was petting the other looking at him cutely . Maan bend over n patted him again n like a lightening something flashed in him ... a realization . He hugged the dog saying "I love u "n took him in the car instructing the driver to revert back to the castle .


But as  luck wud've it he learnt that Geet has already left for the Church for the wedding n the only 2 ferries that Tony owned area already sailing . Having no other option Maan saw a horse carrier passing by . He stood in front of the truck , thrusted a bundle of notes in his hands n took one of the horses .


Vows were being exchanged at the peaceful wedding of Tony n Geet when Father recited the usual "If anyone has any problem with these two entering into the holy ties of matrimony speak now or forever hold ur speech... n " CRASH !!!!!!!!!!


All heads turned towards the source of sound n saw Maan sprawled on floor head down as the gates were closed n the horse stopped with a force making him fly the rest of the distance n crash into the wedding
"Omg Maan!" Geet exclaimed she ran to him putting his head on her lap patting his cheek

"Maan ... Maan ... MAAN" She slapped him finally to get response n it worked

"GGeet wait ..." he managed to stand up n take one of Geet's hands in his own , he got down on his knees as he proposed "You are my best friend n everything abt u brings a smile on my face . I look at u the content I feel thinking abt waking upto ur face every morning fills my heart with joy . You are not a part of my life , you are my life . I love you Geet ! I know I realized it far too late for my own liking bt I really really Love You ... Marry me"

Geet knelt down in front of him "that's the lousiest proposal ever Mr . Maan Singh Khurana ..."
Maan was abt to say something when Geet said " But these eyes gave me the most touching proposal whilst u were uttering those lousy words so yes I'll marry u I love you"

"Oh Geet"Maan brought her close n kissed her in front of everyone

What followed was dispersal of both family's guests  and Maan earning a punch from Tony for taking away his bride but that was a small price to pay for the treasure he earned for his lifetime ...Geet .




"I thought u said it means desperation"Geet said as she was drawing patterns on the bare chest of her newly wedded husband Maan Singh Khurana wearing that bright red bustier

"well that was for Phony"n Geet smacked him "Ow dun b so touchy abt that guy.. Its me who ur married "Maan brought her close n only I get to see you like this "Maan flipped Geet over "kiss you like this "he place an open mouthed smooch on the swell of her partially covered breast "n love you undressing this ..." he slowly opened the one string that held the lingerie together marking the beginning of their new lives ...


So this is how Maan Singh Khurana became from Geet's Made of Honor to the Man of Her Life 

P.S. If anyone can I'd like a banner for this OS Embarrassed

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vandy28 IF-Sizzlerz

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hey superb OS...
i liked this movie bt never thght frm geet n maan view...but its gud...
very refreshing n light hearted love stry...

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Hey its so well written
I love it
Great work

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Nice story a bit like the movie

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Loved it!
It's so well written k babaji...

N most importantly I loved maan's characterBig smile
Thanks for the lovely storyHug

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simply fabulous
loved it

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Originally posted by vandy28

hey superb OS...
i liked this movie bt never thght frm geet n maan view...but its gud...
very refreshing n light hearted love stry...

Thank u Vandy Hug n thanks a lot 4 the banner Heart its beautiful Star

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Originally posted by asmani

Hey its so well written
I love it
Great work

Thank u so much Heart glad u loved itEmbarrassed

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