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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 9)

SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 11:05am | IP Logged
sugu Update.. Waiting..

S0nalii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zindgidilse

Originally posted by Sh0Nali

Originally posted by zindgidilse

Originally posted by deepu90

Originally posted by _Santhi_

page 5 filled with emotionsdo checkLOL
santhi u r an emoticon addict not me . Ritu give my title to santhi
no deepu, title will remain urs only...Embarrassed
its my shona baby nd santhi's style of commenting on sudhi's stories.LOL

oh true ritu darling
@deepu ur main emotion addictEmbarrassed
waise shuruat toh maine hi ki thi aur sabki aadat bigad di maine LOL


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rani214 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Wonderful updates dear
Loved how u wrote kalpi's realization part... simply awesomeClap...poor confused soul almost did PhD on 'love' topicWinkTongue 
N part 43 was fabulous...loved how u showed der relation ...der care der love for each other...how der heart is connected n how his heart skipped a beat wen she confessed her love in her heartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...everything was beautifully written
Finally she was abt to confess her love n rags sumwht knew wat she wanted to say n den came humare suggi ka super duper twist Wink...n makkhi's entry in ragna's lifeAngry
Kammo's love for pakhi baby's n emo drama ke baare kuch naa hi Kahe to accha haiLOLLOL
So both ragna figured out pakhi is lying n  nw excited to knw kaise humare Rasch us makkhi ko mazza chakhate hai Wink Big smile
Also eager to knw d truth...pls cont soon

...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 6:58pm | IP Logged
Congrats on thread three
Kalpi nightmare was scary. For a minute I though it was real until Raghav shook her...
I love RagNa relationship. They don't need words to understand what the other is saying
Raghav comforting his chatter box was beautiful
Aww Kalpi plan to confess Tongue
But as always those two damn witches had to ruin it Angry
I love the way Kalpi stand up to kamla.
"Touch my husband and I kill her with my bear hands" Clap to Kalpi
RagNa already figured out that bitch is lying about her memory lost
Fabulous update
SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 7:14pm | IP Logged
Plzz update dear.. Plzz update soon.. Waiting..
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
Are u updating this ff today??????
ammy143 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 11:53pm | IP Logged
waiting for update .
suggii Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 12:39am | IP Logged
Part 44 I don't want to loose you..!!

"Its fake.." 
             "He doesn't want this marriage.." "I love him kalpi.." 
"This is not true, pls understand this all is fake... Raghav only wants me..."

Her words ringing in her ears, she thought she never remember these words in her lyf bcz if she remind herself paakhi's words then it means her trust on her Rakshas Singhaniya was not enough.. But today wen she hugged him, her hands on his back, she was whispering something in his ear... 'Bappa...' She tightly closed her eyes 'I can't do this bappa.. What if he also leave me lyk my aai, what if he feel more comfortable with her lyk my aai.. may be m not good enough for any1..!
Raghav entered in his room, n stop at d doorway as kalpi's back was facing him, he know she still awake but he waited for her to speak to him first, lyk always... So he walk up to bed n sat on his side, waited for her to talk to him... Its been 20 minutes he was waiting for her to turn n face him but No...he finally brushed his fingers on her arm just to get her reaction still NOTHING he finally turns her "stop pretending kalpana.. I know u r not sleeping.." He said while looking at her face, her eyes were closed "you know I hate it wen u didn't answer me back, don't ignore me kalpi.." He said while shifting closer to her, "talk to me kalpi.." He whispered softly, she finally opened her eyes, their eyes met and he stunned Tears "There's nothing to talk..." Saying so she sat up n about to get off from d bed wen he hold her hand "what's wrong with you.." He almost shouted, n that's enough for her to breakdown in tears his heart stopped d moment she cried he pulls her in his arms while she keep struggling, hitting on his chest with her small fist.. While he keep hold her tightly in his arms hugging her close to his chest, she sobs in his arms, his jaws tighten it was only yesterday he console her that he never left her n today.. He was angry on himself listening to her aai n allow paakhi kapoor to touch him, he was angry on himself more than on kamla... They both were in their own thoughts while hugging each other tightly.. "Why u allow her to touch you..?? She complaint in a whisper in his chest after a long silence while she keeps keeping her head on his chest... "I'm sorry.." D only word he said while kissing on top of her head she closed her eyes though she know it wasn't his fault.. Still that woman touched my husband n she still not forgetten that paakhi kapur still infactuated with Raghav singhaniya...!! She broke d hug their eyes met, he slowly tucked d strand of her hair behind her ear, "I'm sorry.." "Don't.."she whispered while resting her forehead on his their breath fanning on each other's face "I just don't want to loose you Raghav singhaniya.." She said softly 
"And I already told you u won't.." He snapped "y r u so afraid about this, y don't u trust me, I never leave you y u r so afraid..." He roared "bcz I  don't trust paakhi kapoor.." She snapped back causing him to look at her with a confusion.. her eyes tear up "I already lost my closest relation to her, I lost my aai.." Tear fell down from her eye.. "My aai address paakhi kapoor as her daughter, I lost my aai.. Bcz she wants a mother, n now that kapoor princess wants u, I don't trust my fate raghav singhaniya.. I don't trust it wen it comes to paakhi.. But I don't want to loose you..." She cried while raghav looks at her sadly, this is first tym his tigress finally breakdown about her aai n paakhi kapoor's relation.. He slowly cupped her face causing her to look up at him "you have me..your husband with you ALWAYS.." they look each other for a long tym wen He kissed her forehead, she closed her eyes his lips moved from her forehead to her closed eyes to wiped the tears from her eyes, she gasp, clutching the bed sheets he kissed his eyes one by one to wipe her tears causing her to move at his touch, wen she didn't felt his touch she opens her eyes, their eyes met, he leans towards her right ear "you won't loose me.." He whispered in her ear n give a long lingering kiss on her right cheek.. "You can trust your raghav singhaniya wen it comes to your fate kalpi.. Bcz nobody will ever doubt on ur fate u have me kalpi.. ME..." With that he kissed her left cheek, she moves at his touch.. He finally rested his forehead on her's her eyes were still closed while he was only looking at her face.. "You've Me.. Kalpi.. Your Rakshas Singhaniya will never leave you.." He whispered above her mouth.. Smile tucked at d corner of her lips.. They just feel each other for a minute or two wen her smile faded he frowns, wen she opened her eyes..
They stared at each other "Is our marriage is questionable..??" The moment words left from her mouth his body tensed up they look at each other for a minute or two.. "What..?? He finally asked "That night wen paakhi came to my room.. On.. On our wedding day, she... Kalpi stops he hold her hand "she what..?? He asked panickally "I trust you Raghav Singhaniya.." She looked straight in his eyes "Completely, blindly.." He smiles but that smiles didn't reach to his eyes... "She said you.. You don't want this wedding, you.. You want her lyk she wants u in her lyf.." His grip tighten on kalpis hand while she too felt disgusted saying all this "She said you only KS constructions, and u won't get it until we get married.. And... She stops again
R: And..??
No response
R; And kalpana... His grip tighten on her hand she knew paakhi kapoor was wrong, his hold telling her that he's happy where he is now, she smile inwardly but afraid about her next words 'words that hurt her to d core causing her to slap paakhi kapoor.'
R: And kalpi..??
She closed her eyes "She said this marriage is... Its... Its fake.. I'm with you until u get KS constructions n then you.. You'll leave me..." The moment words left from her mouth his hold on her hand loosen she snapped her eyes open, his face was unreadable but his tensed body, was scaring her more, her heart was beating faster.. Paakhi kapoor was right.. Her hand slowly move from the grip wen he hold it tighter, I'm still not freed u "Is our marr...
"No.." His instant reply causing her to sighed in relief, he shook his head "Never say that again.. This is the only truth of my lyf I'm living for YOU... My truth is YOU kalpi.." He stated as a matter of fact causing her to hug him "I was scare, her sudden appearance, n..
"Don't.. I don't want to talk about her..." She smiled they stayed lyk this until d wall clock ring n reads 11 pm
 "you've to leave early tomorrow morning sammy sir, told me to remind you about khurana's meeting.." He nods, broke the hug "I remember that thanks.." Saying so he lied down she looks at him b4 rolling her eyes "stop being childish.. Y u r not talking to him raghav singhaniya..?? 
"Lyk u don't know..?? He said while staring at d ceiling, she shook her head b4 lie down besides him they both looking up at ceiling "you know lyk this u never get a peaceful sleep.." His voice were soft she smile yesterday he showed his right, took a first step n now its her turn she looked at him b4 smiling 'attitude singhaniya.' His eyes were still on d ceiling still he rested his left arm above of her pillow she shifted close to him, d moment her head were on his chest, he embrace her tightly n closed his eyes in a relief "can't breath bulldozer.." She said in a whisper "stop calling me that.." He snapped, she sighed "talk to sammy sir, raghav singhaniya.. It was only a joke, I already slapped him for that.." "Still he made you cry, he's the one you got tears in your eyes..",
Urggh tears.. "Y u hate my tears..? He didn't answer.. she shook her head "and yes stay away from her, I know she back with a plan.." He smiled he knew whom she's talking about "I don't have to worry, if my  lady dabang is here for me, after all I and my employees still not forget what u did to Maya n my office.." Humor was sounding in his voice causing her to make a perfect o shape mouth she pushed him away but he grip her tightly "I said I don't mind if you do d same with paakhi kapoor or more I promise I won't be involve until nobody hurts u.. You always have your ways tigress..!! 
"And what if she hurts me in return..??
"I'll kill her.." He said seriously causing her to snap her head up from his chest to saw his face "u r not serious raghav singhaniya.."
"I'm kalpana vithal jadav.. Wen it comes to u I'm more than serious.." He said closing his eyes causing kalpi to smile at his words 'I love you Monster...' "What.." He almost shouted with his eyes wide open she giggle "Stop saying stupid things in your heart kalpana.. I can feel it.."
There was a silence for a moment "you can feel what's my heart says raghav singhaniya..?? She asked in a whisper but something was there in her voice, something was different he sighed "gud nyt chatter box.." She smiles sadly "night Rakshas singhaniya.." She said resting her head on his chest while closing her eyes..

Several hours later sleep was still away from his eyes, his hands still on d back of her head, 'I can't even tell u d truth kalpi.. I'm afraid if I loose you.. I Don't want to loose you kalpi.. I... He stops 'what paakhi said was right on her side this marriage is... He close his eyes 'you just have to trust me kalpi I will never leave you, what I did I'd to do that for you..' He pulls her more towards him "I too don't want to loose you kalpi.." He whispered kissing on her forehead "you won't bulldozer.." She murmured in her sleep shifting more towards him causing him smile 'chatter box'

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring
"Umm..." Kalpi moans while turning her face towards raghav who was sleeping peacefully with his arms wrapped around her waist n chin rested on her shoulder 

Ring Ring Ring Ring 

"Uggh.. Raghav singhaniya..",she called him irritatingly *No response* she shake his hand which were on his waist "Raghav Singhaniya.."
"hmm.." Was all he replied while pulling her more towards him "your phone, bulldozer.."
Ring Ring Ring Ring 
He buried his head in her neck "let it be..." She sighed as his phone finally went quite n again in no tym it was ringing again "Arrgh.. Rakshas singhaniya.. Just pick d damn phone.." She said 
"I'm Raghav Singhaniya kalpi, they can wait... Let it be.. Now let me sleep.."  
She raise nd move her hand from his head to face she taps on his face several time wen he finally said annoyingly "that's my face kalpi.. Phone is on d side table.." 
Urggh bossy singhaniya if he knows then y he didn't just pick it up.. She shifted to his side to take his phone n without seeing d caller ID she picked up d phone.. "Hello.. Good morning baby.. Where r u...
Kalpi snapped open her eyes with d voice, after listening a bit she looked at raghav whose eyes were still closed 'this is it.. I can't handle this raghav singhaniya..' As if he heard her he slowly opens his eyes meeting with her's, he frown n b4 he asked anything "Paakhi Kapoor.." She whispered lowering her eyes, extending her arm towards him to take d phone, he study her expression for a moment or two wen he sighed n rested his forehead on her shoulder b4 brushing his lips on her shoulder "You're my Wife Kalpana.. You've every right to take my calls n answer them on my behalf.." She closed her eyes with his words he pulls her more towards him "Answer it, n tell her your husband is sleeping.." She smiles smally n looked at him, "you sure..??
 "Do it kalpi.. Nobody have any right on me except you.. Nobody have a right to disturb me wen I'm with my wife..she did it yesterday I don't want that the event happen again.. Understood Mrs. Confused Singhaniya.." They share an eye look for a minute or two as this is first tym he address her as... Well she sighed n break d eyelock she's about to answer it wen she remember her promise with her aai.. She can't disclosed her identity in front of paakhi kapoor.. She simply cuts d call without answering put it on silent...
"You OK.." He finally asked.. She simply nods "Kalpi.. Stop stressing urself bcz of her.." He tighten his arms around her "you've ur husband with you.. The Mighty Raghav singhaniya..Remember..??" She finally smiles while snaking her hands on his waist "So, mighty raghav singhaniya.. You've ur meeting get up I'll make d breakfast..",
R: I'm Raghav singhaniya.. They can wait for me.. I can take whatever tym I want... She rolls her eyes "Mr. I me and myself..." She muttered but her mind still thinking about paakhi.. How come this possible that she didn't respond after seeing raghav singhaniya holding me in front of her eyes, n today.. She heard our convo well atleast I think so then y she still believes that she n raghav Singh... No.. My Raghav Singhaniya's name I never connect with her.. Never He's mine... Only Mine... "Who's d bulldozer now..?? He whispered in his sleep wen she find herself hugging him tightly she sighed "you.." 


Raghav was in his own thoughts how's this possible for him to just start this relation lyk this.. Its not going on too fast, He meant what he said to vithal that he's going to give a one fair chance to this relation.. His n kalpi's relation n b4 he planned something lyk this about d same it happened just lyk that... May be this they called JOURNEY... He never thought he will feel lyk this for her, he felt complete wen she wakes up in his arms, n then their morning arguments that I'm a bulldozer, n then d way she help me with my tie.. And those few minutes of eyelock.. Then she always take care of my breakfast n I always wait for her call or text she does only to ask me whether I had my lunch or not, n then we discussed about stupid things over a text... He feels complete with her... She completes him with every sense.. Yeah not forget that she's a bakbak queen n he's not.. Still he just loves her bakbak n her selftalks.. He frowns its been too long I heard her selftalks...?? He look up at d ceiling "you're still there for her..?? Is She still talk with you..?? What sort of questions she asks..?? He pursed his lips 'how could I forgot about her selftalks I've not heard them since d day we get married, that's y I always feel she talks with you in her heart.. Right...?? He sighed n look straight, widen his eyes as sammy too looking up at d ceiling 'damn.. This chatter box effect made me crazy some day.."
He clears his throat so that he grabs Sammy's attention "what do u want sammy..?? Sammy looks at him then at ceiling then at him
R: sammy..??
S: uh..huh..
R: what..??
S; you were talking to ceiling..??
Raghav closed his eyes this is d last thing he want to hear n from sammy off course.. As his chatter box called him 5 times only to know that he finally drop his so called anger n forgive sammy.. N on the 5 call wen he said fyn sammy barge in n start his so called I'm so sorry raghav mantra.. He shook his head kalpi made everyone lyk her... "Walking disaster.."
R: what do u want sammy..??
S: no.nothing just wanna inform you we grab Khuranna's deal.. So thought to throw a party for this huge project... Raghav thinks a bit a smile appears on his lips wen "actually... Pause... No... I was... pause.. And after a very very long pause "I'm taking her out for a dinner today.." The thought made him smile.. This will be first time he's going to take a step towards his wife.. Its will be their first official ummm official no I mean personal. date.. No dinner seems fyn..
Sammy shot his brow up "her..?? 
kalpana... He said while looking at his laptop not wanting sammy to see his sudden change towards all this..
Ohh u mean a "DATE.." He asked while raising his eybrows
He snapped his head up from his lappy to sammy "No a simple.. Pause.. A simple.. Pause Dinner sammy..."
S: Yeah.. Lyk A simple date..
R: Dinner
S: Date Raghav 
R: Dinner sammy..
S: Date Raghav..
R: Dinner.. A simple dinner with my wife.. Sammy
S: Right A first date with your wife it has to be special..
Raghav shook his head "its not a date, a dinner.. N most importantly ...pause... What's might be special for a first date.."
Sammy sighed "Dude, we both know you never had a single gf bcz if your so called revenge plan though still girls will be always ready to throw themselves on you Mighty Raghav singhaniya.." 
"I date a lot of girls b4 Maya.. But this is chatter box Raghav, most importantly your chatter box.. So u better know her than me..."
After a long silence, Raghav clears his throat "Thanks for not so gud advice Sam, you may leave now.."
'Ouch..' Heartless monster.. Sammy mutters gaining one more deadly glare from Raghav.. Oops sorry.. He turns to leave wen "Book 'The Dine' for dinner..
Sammy rose his brows 'did I heard clearly u Haven't said a table for two..?? Sammy asked while turning to face him
R smirk "yes, I said book d restaurant sammy.."
"whole restaurant..??" He confirms 
R; Sammy 
Fyn.. Will do that sir, right away..!! He said with a wink causing raghav to shook his head..
He remember past two days with his chatter box, they come so close its pain.. Its clear pain which always brings them closer.. But I always feel complete with her...

Precap: how Rakshas gonna ask his chatter box for date ohh simple dinner.. N what she,will say..?? RagNa First Date.. What gift he give her on their first date.. N finally a small truth about paakhi which kalpi believes and raghav doesn't...!!!!

P.S. going out of town for few days next update might be on next week..!!

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