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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 78)

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Unres on pg 84Big smile

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Unres on page 82 sugi...see it and read my long comment...

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lolor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Ab to ssb ne unres kar diya...update kabhi milega????

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InderAnoop Newbie

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 10:28am | IP Logged
and another marvellous update..
I was just wondering how would it be like if Raghav actually got hurt in some accident, ofcourse just a minor one and kalpi taking care of him and pampering him like he used to be protective of her.Big smile

Dear can you add a little of this, if it fits anywhere?Smile

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gargdia Senior Member

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 12:19pm | IP Logged


Chapter 51:

Raghav*angry*...he hurt kalpi so much ...Cry.poor soul trying to control over her heart n emotions...

Great...she is ignoring him...I knw he was nt at all fault bt fir b I cnt see kalpi lyk thisCry...OMG!! What is happening to kalpi y she isn't remebring anythingConfused

She is damm angry frm raghav that she didn't tie his tie n even told him to not touch her...ANRY BIRDS...


Kalpi even forget that vitthal didn't cm to meet her...bt 1 thing made me hpy that she forget kamlaLOL..

Wah...kalpi changed raghav too much that he starts hallucinating...LOL Hallucinating SinghaniaLOL

He cares for her that much dn't think abt any1...without asking he burst on pakya's phn...jerk..

Neel is so cuteEmbarrassed...he knws his angel has to talk with heartless monster...


Phone conversation of ragna was so emotional...finally he told n poured his heart what he felt whn she was in coma...Cry...n Again private number.*shocked*...neel is so smart he knws that nly Rakshas Singhania can hndle her all problms...n raghav too get alert listening neel's panic voice[:O]

  Finally that private number secret come out ..he was none othr than PREm...JERk..

What raghav did that he wsa ensuing evrytym that she trust him or notConfused

RAghav n vitthal beat prem black n blue...GUD. N first tym kamla slapped pakhi[J]

Kamla is getting rit punishment nw her own daughter forget her...


I didn't got angry on pakya bcz he was d closest persn to kalpi who helped him ever in anything what she want...bt by this raghav took raghav side infrnt of evry1 n Confessed again...Embarrassed

THEIR apologies session..LOL..loved it..complaining each othrLOL

WHAT!!! She called pakhi sweet girl...Confused..what she will do herslf whn she will get bck her memry n remember SWEET GIRL[LO}LOL...

Chapter 52:

So raghav want to unveil his secret to kalpi bcz he knw she won't leave him ever...Embarrassed

ROMANTIC SINGHANIA...kalpi is shocked to see his this side...n he ask her to come officeEmbarrassed...N she made him say that he wanna her beside him all d tymLOLEmbarrassed...she is so cute{:$]...


Ooo!! Kalpi again forget that she was going office..raghav is scared nw n get more scared whn pakya confirmed that he didn't call her bt raghav distract her..Confused

LOLkalp make Sammy shut...she talked too much didn't gave chance raghav tos say him smthing...she get her position back[J]


IT was almost going secret out bt seeing her condition raghav again get scaredCry

What she is suffering from amnesia...n she will forget who r nt close with her that y she didn't remember kamla...Confused


OMG!!! Raghav is crying..kalpi shocked seeing him like that..raghav  is somuch scared that she'll forget him bt kalpi made him assure that she love him...Embarrassed

And kiss..truly saying that was unexpected surprise..loved it[Embarrassed...so raghav wanna take their relation to the next levelEmbarrassed...GARDEN...I remember this is same wrd na he said whn he saw his room decorated on their wedding nit...LOLEmbarrassed...thank u sugu for giving this marvellous update.


Chapter 53:

Again they startLOL...but this was the best thing in their relatnshpEmbarrassed...raghav finally agreed I make his room to their room...GUD,nt in this they fight like a kid...she is indeed a drama queen...LOLShe takes help from Sammy to keep him bzy so that she can makeover room...

RAghav know abt her plan...LOL he want to destroy those papers bt what is in that?Confused

AND he entered in his room...he was counting things lyk  he didn't see them in his bedroom everLOL...raghav n ragav singania's style of complementingLOL,...sugu from where u bring himLOL


Oh my god!!!LOL she poured water on raghav singhania's try for being raomanticLOL Again they start..they r impossibleConfused...WOW!!


RAghav changed his room to their room by decorting all walls with their pictures...kalpi was all amused bt she was so insecured abt her memory tshe dnt wanna forget him...Cry they r fighing over wardrob Sanki peopleLOL...


RAghav was thinking abt kalpi in office too n thn he saw her...I too thought that she get smthing frm his wardrob abt that secret bt what a emotional scene..*clap* their cute moment was so lovely..Embarrassed

So she is planning his birthday...waiting to see hw she is going to do?Embarrassed


Chapter 54:

Half bitten appleROFL OMG!! First thing that cm in my mind reading this update...hats off to kalpiLOL

Wah!! Raghav gave her I-phone that too of 75 thousandDay Dreaming bt she...

They did this so that raghav ask gauri to help them...gauri was shocked seeing her son talking with him normally...Embarrassed n here ragahv he too feels good to see her mother happiness...[J]

RAGNA KISS!! What I say abt that..*blushing*Embarrassed

Oh kalpi was latterly sleeping over him...LOL...n again he questioned abt their ahmm ahmm...bt she ignored n he again misunderstood her...[L] he is too innocent when comes to relation...[J]


Kalpi was fidgeting frm her thoughts tht he want her help for tie thing or nt...bt again this Unpredictable Singhania asked help n clarify too...

GARDEN...LOL he get irritate whn he knew that kalpi Isn't cmming wid himEmbarrassed she hold his hand to make him breakfast ws so lovely...


Raghav wants his name over her hand too..n this tym he won...I too doubt..is she talking abt tattoo bcz that will be the unique gift for I,me n myself ,n it will hurt her too...Confused

Raghav cm late n stared herEmbarrassed..he remind his morning promise while holding her bt his chatter box warn him..LOL she wished him at 00:00 without his knowledge...Embarrassed


Raghav was mesmerized seeing her n he put sindoor on her partition was so lovely..Embarrassed

Their breakfast scene was funny n lovely..gauri was too hpy seeing her raghav laughing.

Their chit chat is alwys fun to readLOL...he was feeling bad that his wife didn't wish him his bday whn unwanted persn wish him too[L]


Ragna performing all rituals n gauri helping them...bt their eyes never leaving each othrEmbarrassed

Kalpi knws that raghav too fast for her,,,they broke their fast cutely with teasing n arguing againLOL


Now all finish..kalpi want to go khandala for his special surprise...he found smthng fishy bt ignored her bt get ready to go with her for their so called long driveLOL...



Awsm updates sugu...I was waiting for nxt update since 2 days ...bt nw  I'll nt be able to read that 2marw bcz I'm going out of townCry for 2 days..




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-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 1:04pm | IP Logged
Chapter 52:
Know what is the suspence Raghav is hidding from kalpi jaldi batau na sugandhii aur kinthna ithzar kar hum sab OuchOuch uff finally he decided that he will say to her D'ohbut he came to know about kalpi's amnesia CryCry

Raghav want to spend most of his time with kalpi Embarrassed n OMG what is he really romancing with kalpi what a drastic change in him he want her to join office so he can keep her safe as his chatter box don't listen to anyone but him LOL he said he dont trust her 

haha finally Raghav is correcting kalpi that its Kalpana singhania LOL eh kalpi bhina she never have the habit of listening at all Bichara Raghav how is he going to handle her for life  ehee hoga Raghav The Great Singhania ka halath LOLLOL

OMG Raghav is crying means usne kuch bohath bade gadbad kiya hai did he apply for their marriage in register office or something i dont think he married her if it is so then  I will punch him hard AngryAngry

this is for Raghav when he scold kalpi for calling paki a sweet girl 

This Raghav ask him first to propose her properly then he can "COMPLETE" his relationship with KalpiEvil Smile n oh my god i didn't understand at 1st y he said "do u want me to turn this room in to a garden" Blushing he is really a tharki Tongue

wonderful wonderful Update sugandhi n finally i commented on it LOL n sorry for delay and making u wait for so long I was a bit occupied with exams and then my system was naraz on me that i didn't give attention to it so it decided to take revenge on me WinkWink

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-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 August 2015 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
Chapter 53 Big smile
Awww this was the sweetest Chapter i have read in whole of "Journey To Be Together" kalpi is finally Changing his room to their's 

Don't kalpana me she is super cute LOL very innocent when Raghav is around her she just don't need to bother and can be what she is as she know he will take care of the rest Big smileBig smile

God she is such a Drama Queen and Raghav know her perfectly she is doing it infront of worker so that he can give her permission 

 N this room is too.. I mean add four times tooo big @red 

kalpi asked sammy to distract Raghav wow these 2 are being friends lately n then

Coconut Singhania  this was the best part of the update i wanted to comment about it then itself but though emotion ke sath kartha tho acha hotha LOL how do you get these names ya Sugandhii  for u for giving these unique names to RagNa Big smile

wow Raghav want her to take initiative but still annoy her god these 2 r just made for each other 

Raghav is seriously emmotionally challenged he cant really express in words it just kalpi that she understand his unsaid words warna he is a gone case LOL

Ragha Filled thie room with all of their sweet memories  and that childhood pic he is annoyed of her in pic too hehe that was so sweet of his father. Finally Mr.I Me Myself is sharing his room with his wife oh no annoying wife LOL

"Selfish singhaniya.. Wait not fish you're a big animal" this dialogue of kalpi are so innocent i think Kalpi's dialogue writer is back to work with a bang Big smile

Raghav I think I'm loving this Raghav now how safely he peserved her bappa even though he didn't belive in him for her and said that he didnot want forget her his tigrees that so lovely Big smile

Sammy and kalpi secret plan for Raghavs birthady I'm excited LOL

Wish u a very happy Friendship day Sugandhii Tongue n shoo that tie wala is u as u r very interested in it LOL

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-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

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Chapter 54 
will comment tomorrow its already 1:30 Embarrassed

Raghav bought Kalpi an iphone and our question bank is not happy with it i think she must be thinking she should have gone to shop and bargain so she might have got some discount LOL

"No I'll explain to mom.."
"No Raghav Singhaniya.."
"Yes Kalpana Singhaniya.."
"Urggh fyn.. U won Rakshas Singhaniya..

Aww their cute little fight see angry bird bhi hasraha hai LOL

Raghav is changing for good but bichari Gauri phas gayee in dono ke bech Tongue

Kalpi is such a cutie pie half bitten apple LOL God she is such mai item 

These to understand each other so much Kalpi is thing what if he avoid her coz she rejected him and he even didn't lets her thought complete and answered it to her how these little thing like tie can show their strong bond they are definitely a unique pair 

karwachauth preparations are on now we have one more bossy singhania LOL Gauri Tongue

Neel and sweet talks Oh neel se yadh aya u said kalpi will get to know how Raghav treated neel when she is in coma and will take revenge on him TongueTongue

oh i think i guess wha tkalpi is gonna do especially when u mentioned pain and she asked Raghav to not let her forget him I Think she is gonna Tatoo his Name Big smile Am I right Sugandhii Wink

 Tongue will continue rest of the comment after coming back form gym LOL

So kalpi did not want anyone to wish Raghav and he didnt mind it at all if anyone wishes him or not This would probably be the most saddest part when noone wishes u on ur birthday Cry but Raghav expected kalpi to wish him This proves that he had give her the most important place in his life and heart Big smile

I love those Moments of these to sleeping in eachothers arms Kalpi by now got used to sleep on her mattress Singhania LOL Uff Raghav ko kya ajeeb promise kiya he can't stay away from her, he said he wont change his behavior in morning n now D'ohbut kalpi asked him to hold her so that she can sleep Embarrassed awww tat was so sweet they need eachother for such a basic thing like sleeping I love this kinda gesture between couples Embarrassed n She wished him 1st without him knowing it n he can feel her in sleep to what is kalpi thinking he can read words which were said in her heart this tho kuch bhi nahi thats is y he is her Raskshas LOL

He was memorized of his wife beauty is he noticing it for 1st time as far as i remember he never praised or complemented for her beauty except during their engagement Tongue him putting sindhoor was such a lovely gesture saying indirectly that its his right and she is his for ever when he said Unromantic singhania i was is he giving name for himself then i remember he strted calling kalpi as singhania Im used Singhania names only for Raghav but now they can be kalpi's too LOL

OMG did gauri arranged lot of food for kalpi LOL bichari  I can understand how she might be feelin wow wow Raghav want to see whats happening coz it was his 1st karwachaut too he has to learn giving bahanas LOL such a lame excuseTongueTongue Kaddu part 2 really  Oh ho our hero wants eye talking but poor him he never understood what she said or he pretended i bet he can understand it now Big smile

Am I reading it corectly the Raghav Singhania is making fun and craking jokes  1st kaddu part2 and know this that they need more than 2 to complete it and hi fi chalo koi bath tho hai jo these 2 agree LOL and the best part is when gauri said I'm listeningROFL these 2 r behaving like school kids LOL I don't know if it happens there in north but here in south india they send bride with milk glass to their 1st night room so that they can start their life by sharing milk for 1st time Big smile sugandhii did u use ur south india film knowledge here kya LOL

How i like walking hand in hand, i mentioned it in my idea date wala thing too and i loved it more when racha do it Big smile teasing kya tease kiya raghav ne I want to know Embarrassed He laid on her to sleep when she thought they will talk now tell who is unromantic singhania LOL God when will he say I love you to kalpi bichari try kar kar ke thak gayee hoge can't he say even in text "I KNOW" as if he is google Angry he know everything Ouch
n onemore excuse he got caught this time coz of sammy he should have planned it with sammy but then sammy would have teased him for life LOLLOL

ok y are they still not telling kalpi about maya sugandhii these story is about to end but there's still somuch to be know jaldi reveal karona Cry

that link it not opening i can't see kalpi's saree but can imagine it might have been beautiful as it made raghav dumb stuck LOL ah i missed this couting game so much we 2 used to discuss about it LOL so she is leading now LOL OMG look who has completely transformed he is teasing her so much but she might be loving it all so much Big smile
kalpi is turning in to Raghav day by day how bluntly she said to gauri that she want them alone Shocked Raghav he is so cute how he confessed that he is starving can i pull his cheeks LOL Kalpi is blackmailing him about his image ROFL OH MY GOD i'm loving them so much like this Sugandhi do u really have to end it now its so good to see them like this LOL

god Vodafone seriously kalpi my this chappy is full of teasing and jokes sugandhii have u increased salary for kalpi's dailogue writer kya she is doing good job Wink

Khandala Big smile I waiting what is going to happen in khandala oh so this is along drive i was going to ask u to add some like this in epi so u are already doing it so i will let it be Big smile

Sugandhii Clap wonderful update o loved it so very much 

Ok teachers(shoo n sugandhii) my homework is done now i want my marks LOL ok as i said my next comment might be late, that is the reason im not res-ing these days coz u might wait TongueTongue

Sugandhii forgot to ask how is ur health now u said u were not well hope everything is fine now Smile

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