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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 73)

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Beautiful upadate dear...

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unres 77
sory sugu i didnt updated pics coz i-f didnt allowing me to post pics

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unres on page 78

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Yup finally I read updateTongue..
  Awesome update sugu. ..thank u dear. ...but not ahem ahemCry..Waiting 4 that update sine long timeDay Dreaming

 Yup...I m confused. ...2 year ho gaye ragragna marriage ko...ShockedConfused ye kab huva...Confused abhi till raghav ka bday bhi nahi huva jo 2 day bad tha. ...LOL...sugi. .u confused m...

   Yes but loved raghav n kalpi cute fight. ..raghav is shearing his all with kalpi. ...n started from room...labour r watching there fightLOL...
  Sammy come n tack raghav. ..n this is sammy n kalpi plan n raghav know that. ...awww so lovely. ..Embarrassed... raghav say he fid not want to tell kalpi truth...n destroy that paper. ..sugi u r stretching the truth. ...n want to give us heart attackDisapprove..This suspense kab khatam hoga. ...
Kalpi change room ...n raghav say she beautifully ruined his roomLOLLOL..o god raghav is teasing his chatter box...WinkLOL..n kalpi say she not change his bed , couch LOL...both loved teasing eachother. ..
  Kalpi ask raghav that y he is boring. .n he answer that she is unromantic that y...WinkLOL raghav u did not know what kalpi is planningWinkWinkEmbarrassed...I m waiting sugii. ...
    In morning Raghav behaving like changing husband. .n seat beside kalpi care her...n raghav give her his cupboardShockedClap..He is shearing he life with her. ..n kalpi seeing big cupboard she say y u not give m this before. LOL..she teasing raghav lol...

Hey sugii I loved raghav surprise. ...Wow he put there marriage photos in above bed. ..n change all photos. Usake photo nikalke ..dono ke photos lagaye...All memories in front of kalpi. ..that she never forgot him...she promise him ..n he promised her that he never give forgot her...kalpi most loved there childhood pic...n remember vikram word. ...yaar he know that his son n dil..very well...
  Raghav ne kalpi ke liye new phone liya...finally raghav kalpi to msg text kar payega. ..EmbarrassedBig smile...kalpi come office n ask raghav that y he fid this to her...omy this is almost scared raghav. .OuchCry..n wen she give him red  cloth...He understand...n tell her that bappa always with him...n he remember that...so cute. ..
  Sugii y not raghav give kalpis new phone to her...

Kalpi want sammys help ..4 his bday surprise. ..n tell him that raghav ko pata nahi chalana chahiye. ..WinkWinkEmbarrassed
sugii we r waiting for that surprisedWinkWink
u know I m do shemelessLOLLOL

Thank you 4 update. ...Hug
 Waiting 4 Next update. .don't delay. ..

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Part 54; Happy Family.. And first karwachauth 

"Kalpana.. You're overreacting. " Raghav huffed while sitting back on his couch while kalpi stood still facing him n his so called best phone..!!! Gauri looked b/w them but decide to stay quite as raghav never lyked anyone to interrupt wen he was talking to his wife, but too her surprise raghav looked at gauri "Mom.. Y r u not explaining this adamant queen that it's fyn.." He said in complaining tone, while kalpi smiles as this change is coming for better in her Rakshas Singhaniya, gauri stunned for a moment as her son, finally approach her for his problem.. Well offcourse his chatter box is not a problem but her antiques are, smiling inwardly "wh_what happened.." Gauri asked in a whisper n b4 he explains his bak bak queen starts "I'll explain you maa..
"No I'll explain to mom.."
"No Raghav Singhaniya.."
"Yes Kalpana Singhaniya.."
"Urggh fyn.. U won Rakshas Singhaniya.. This is what u want then fyn explain her, I guarantee maa will take my side.."
"No ways she's my mom she'll take my side.."
"Try it raghav.."
"I'm trying kalpana.." With that he started narrated his story, while after every second his chatter box interrupted him, he just glare to silence her.. 
After almost an hour kalpi n raghav staring gauri to tell her verdict on this fight "Well, I think raghav is right kalpi, you should take this phone.." He smirk while kalpi makes a perfect o shape mouth "Maa.. Aap bhi..?? He just bought a phone worth 75k.. I mean 75k phone..
"I_phone.." He interjected "there's a difference kalpana.." She pouted "whatever I only need a PHONE for calls n text raghav.. N these things are available in 10k phones also.."
R: Really..?? That's not branded..??
K: urrgh n I don't want brands, Mr. Brand conscious singhaniya... Bcz you're that angry bird who is too irresponsible wen it comes to phones..  Wen u r angry u don't even see right or left just break the small thing without giving a second thought 'phone breaker singhaniya.. Maa.. Tell him na.. Gauri smiles b4 touching her cheek "your husband giving a gift kalpi, you should accept it.." 
She smiles "gladly maa... But his gifts are always out of my imaginations, now he wants to give me apple that too half bitten.." Raghav almost stop his urge to laugh as really half bitten apple.. He shook his head but still calm himself "but maa y he's lyk this, a antique creature, maa.." She asked in a complaining tone, causing gauri to rose her brows "well, he's an antique creature that's y u love him, don't u...??" Kalpi widen her eyes at gauri's words looking at raghav while raghav lowered his head 'Is he blushing..' She was about to ask wen raghav took a step forward looking at gauri 'Thanks for the help mom.." Saying so he hugged gauri, while kalpi smile n gauri again stunned with his changed behaviour, he broke the hug "goodnight mom" with a smile he turns to leave, n stop just to give a blink with his eyes to his annoying wife 'I love you..' Kalpi mouthed, 'I know' he mouthed back n walk past her in their room, "Arrogant Singhaniya.," 
"Good nyt maa.." She said with a grin turning to leave wen "Kalpi..??" Gauri voice stopped her, she turns to face her, gauri fold her arms in front of her test "this.." She said through her eyes looking at ragna room "this was ur plan. " kalpi tensed up while shooking her head "No ways mom.. Not mine, you know he never listen.. Hmm but from Past two hours you were annoying him only so that he talk to me about his problems.." Kalpi bite her lower lip "Maa.. Gauri comes towards her cupping her cheek "Thank you for giving me a hope, kalpi.. I'm looking forwards to this change in your Rakshas singhaniya.." Kalpi smiles gauri kissed her on her forehead "Thank u beta, thank you.." With that gauri left, while kalpi just smile looking at their closed room door...!!!
Kalpi entered in their room, n look at raghav, who was standing in front a wall looking at their childhood photo, she smiles walk up to him, they looked at each other, smile never leaving their faces n without a word he engulfed her in his arms, she too rested her cheek on his chest, "So how does it feel..??" She finally asked.. There was a long pause wen she accepted that may be he's not comfortable to share "I felt relieved kalpi.." His words surprised her, she broke d hug, look up at him waiting foe him to continue "you were right.. I felt relieved wen I saw mom's expression wen I was talking to her...
K: uh-huh normally talking to her raghav singhaniya.. He smiles b4 kissing her forehead "It happened bcz of you.." He whispered causing her to shook her head "it happened bcz you tried.. Tried to make things work b/w you n ur family.. Bcz..
"Bcz you told me to try kalpi.. Have I ever told you  that I hate you alot bcz I experienced wired things the moment you entered in my lyf.." His so called confession made her smile "yes, you told me.. That how much you hate me raghav singhaniya.." He smiles "yet you love me.." He said b4 pressing her lips on her for a deep passionate kiss...!!!!

Next Morning...!!!
Kalpi was still sleeping peacefully while raghav looked at the clock on d side table, b4 sighing and wrapping his arms protectively.. After almost an hour, kalpi stretched her body, b4 opening her eyes, she smiles as her eyes fell on the smiling sight of her dominating husband.. "Morning.." Raghav said hugging her tightly she smiles b4 reaching on d corner of his lips b4 brushing her lips on his 'love you..' She whispered making him smile n holding her tighter... They both stayed in each other arms.. "Sleepy head mind getting up from ur mattress.." Kalpi frowns n looks up at him confusingly while he gestures through his eyes, she follows n widen her eyes more than ever, as she was lying on him.. Nt half, she was completely on him, she looks up at him again, he smiles "so, who's a bulldozer now.. Mrs. Singhaniya.." He said brushing d strands away from her face.. "Raghav.." She said b4 getting up from him, but he hold her waist again, "by d way, i don't mind this position.." She widen her eyes "Tharki.. Leave me" She snapped "you don't want us..?" He questioned her, she lowered her eyes "Leave me raghav.. Please.." She said ignoring his question, with a sigh he realise her, d moment she got up n turns to leave "you know I can wait.." She stopped at his words, is she dreaming her rakshas singhaniya is saying all this.. She turns to face him, the moment their eyes met "I just want u, to not leave me kalpi ever.. N this...
"Bappa.." She interjected "heights hai.. Raghav singhaniya.. You just want us to take this relation to next step so that I won't leave you.. You're so cheap raghav.." She said turning to leave wen he hold her hand n pinned her to d next wall "I actually want this to work kalpi, I didn't mean to sound lyk that.. I'm sorry.." N b4 she respond he took a step back "I promise I won't touch you until you want me too..." With that he made his way to d washroom leaving behind a stunned kalpi...!! 'Idiot kalpi.. You know you don't mean that, u know how difficult it's for him to express his feelings.. But it's your mistake also, you know he's trying, you confessed ur love, he confessed his then what is stopping you..' "I just want it to be special.. I just to let him know what he means to me.." She said to herself b4 leaving d room...!!!

Kalpi stood still while he was getting ready, no words exchanged b/w them n now she's afraid, what if he resigned her saying that he use his readymade tie, only way she feels, that she means something to him.. What if he "Kalpi tie.." His voice broke her thoughts, she slowly take a step close to him, while he stood still blankly "expressionless singhaniya.." She muttered while tieing his tie, she was happy that he allowed her for d  tie thing, but y he's not saying anything, not touching her, not even looking at her.. Resigning her thoughts 'done..' She muttered b4 taking a step away "kalpi.." She stopped "If you think what happened in d morning, made me behave differently then you're wrong.. I said What was correct for the situation but that doesn't mean you stopped behaving lyk what u r wen u r with me.. So smile chatter box.." With that he gives a smile "Now, May I expect my black coffee with my burnt toast annoying wife.." She gives him a small smile while they made their way to dinning area...!!!
Raghav n kalpi stood still d moment they exit from their room, as whole mansion was decorated with red n white flowers, with different lights, they both look back at each other "Garden.." Was the only word left from their mouths b4 they make their way to d dinning area "Mom." "Maa." Again stopped as they saw gauri was arranging d things n d table was filled with sarees and jewellery "maa.." Kalpi started only to interrupted by gauri "Kalpi beta, come n tell me what u are going to wear tomorrow.." Kalpi n raghav looks at each other b4 looking back at gauri "Arre, u forget kalpi, tomorrow is karwachauth beta we discussed about this.." 'Ohh bappa... I was only concentrating on my husband's birthday..' With the thought she shook her head "so kalpi, tell me what color you gonna wear tomorrow.." Gauri asked with a grin causing kalpi to smile n looks at the sarees almost all dark colours were there she pursed her lips, knows what color she wants too wear tomorrow for the whole day still she looks at raghav, he smiles 'Red..' Whispered softly causing her smile "Red maa.. I'm going to wear red saree n rest u can send it back.." She said with a blush.. Gauri frowns "Saree, kalpi these are lehngas.. N these all are the gift from my side as being a Mother in law I've to give you sargi along with gift.." Kalpi opens her mouth to say but again "don't u dare to say no, this is ur first karwachauth kalpi, u r a punjabi now, so accept these, there are lot more occasion you'll wear all these.." Kalpi simply nods at gauri's words n lean back to raghav "you know what rakshas singhaniya.. I always think  maa doesn't have d attitude of I me n myself n vikram uncle never show off his wealth where ur attitude comes from but now after seeing all this.. Accepted I me n myself are in Singhaniya's blood.." Raghav smiles "ohh It's bad to saying such things about ur mother in law Mrs. Singhaniya.." He said softly wen gauri clears her throat "Any problem." Kalpi immediately shook her head "but maa..?? How did u do all this without any help.."
Gauri smiles widely "my other son helped me alot.." Kalpi looks at her confusingly b4 looking back at raghav, wen he gesture through his eyes towards d door kalpi follows, while sammy enters with lot of other gifts in his hands.. "Good morning raghav, morning bhabhi..'" "Morning sammy sir.." Kalpi said with a smile while raghav just nod his head "kalpi, Beta I suggest you to stay at home for today n tomorrow.. I don't want u to go to office.." Gauri demands which kalpi accepted with a smile while raghav lowered his eyes 'everyone needs a reason for not letting u come with me at office, including u..." He whispered "well I guess in office we don't have much work to do, except chatting..." She tease gaining a glare from him "I'm going.. Sammy you're coming or want to do all this ladies stuff" sammy immediately keep gifts on table b4 nodding "I'm coming with you.." "Lets go then..
No.." Kalpi interjected holding raghav's hand he looked at their hands b4 looking back at her "you said you won't touch me until I say so, but I can touch u raghav singhaniya.. So don't stare me weirdly.." She whispered staring at him "kalpi.." Gauri interrupted "umm maa.. Actually he haven't even did his breakfast yet.." 
Gauri n sammy look at each other with a smile as in years nobody stop him for this reason, not even gauri.. "Ok bhabhi.. Don't worry I'll wait.." Sammy said with a smile while raghav shook his head "No I..
"Raghav.." She again interjected "Breakfast.." Only one word n he sighed loosing in front of her as he know wen it comes to meal she turn her angry bird mode on...!!!

Office Office: 
Raghav was curious about y on earth she didn't response to his text, she was irritated him throughout his journey to office, then meetings, then lunch n now he text her what she's doing this woman didn't even replied, in urgency he dialed her number, call picked up in d first ring only "what's wrong with you chatter box, was waiting for ur reply for past 5 minutes and u 
"Heartless monster its mee.." Raghav frowned "kaddu..??" What r u doing there where's my wife.." He snapped neel looks at kalpi angrily "even I don't want to talk to u after what u did with me heartless monster, angel is applying mehndi on her hands so all women are roaming around her, she's new in this naa.." Raghav smiles at neel's words "still wait I don't want to talk to u.. Let me help angel.." Neel keep d phone on kalpi's ear "what yr raghav singhaniya, y r u disturbing me..??" She asked annoyingly, "well you literally gonna be a bride again.." She smiled at his question but remain quiet "ohk.. Just one think tell them to right the initial of my name in ur palm.." She rolls her eyes "not again raghav singhaniya.. I already wear our engagement ring.." 
"Yaa I knw still tell them.."
"No.." "Yes" "no" "yes" "no" "kalpana.." 
She huffed "fyn rakshas singhaniya anything else..??" "Naa now hang up i want to work.." "Khaddos.." With that she hangs up...!!! 
"Neel, can u please call sammy sir..??" Neel looks at her confusingly 'y angel..' She blinks her eyes 'it's a surprise for rakshas singhaniya.." He nods without a comment he dials sammy's number "Hello sammy sir, where r u.. Have u arranged everything, I've to come back home b4 he reach here.." 
"I'm about to reach bhabhi, but what u will say to gauri aunty.." 
"That won't be needed as maa is busy as my family is here bcz its my first karwachauth so they bring lot of gifts.. N all d neighbours are here.. So I don't think it will make a difference, but this will not take more than half an hour na sammy sir.."
"Don't worry bhabhi.. It won't take much tym.. But yes if ur dominating husband knows i helped u for hurting urself for his unique gift he's gonna kill me.."
K; I'll take care of that sammy sir, don't worry..!!!

"I hope you all understood..??" Kalpi asked looking at everyone 'Are u sure this will work kalpi.. As raghav never celebrates his birthday, he just counts it as a usual day so obviously if we didn't wish him, it doesn't makes a difference.." Gauri said sadly "I know maa that's y  m saying just act d way exactly lyk u behave on his birthday.."
S: but we thought it must be a grand part on his birthday n all..
K shook her head "firstly its imp to show him what his family feels for him.. Then we celebrates it with friends sammy sir.." 
Sammy nods with a smile..
Kalpi was sleeping on his side, wen he entered in their room, he entered in their room soundlessly, n cursed all d damn meeting he attended n got late bcz of that, he just remove his jacket, b4 grabbing his lower n shirt from d closet..
After changing, he just walk up to his wife n kneel besides her, studied her face for god knows how long, for a reason her face was glowing, actually glowing, he got up to lay besides her, wen he felt a tug, he looks towards her she was holding his hand, she slowly opened her eyes "you're late raghav Singhaniya.." She said in a sleepy tone 'I'm sorry' he apologise softly, she just move away so he could lay down to his side, n he did the same, words didn't exchange b/w them as she's still speaking in her sleep, wen she rolls on top of him, resting her cheek on his chest, causing him smile.. As this is d way she sleeps, she still not used to a double bed, with a sigh he holds her protectively, wen he remember his promise his body tensed up his grip loosen, wen holds him tightly "Don't even think about ur stupid promise rakshas singhaniya.. Tomorrow is my fast, so hold me tightly so I can sleep as I need to wake up at 4.." With that she again buried her face in his chest, while he just held her close to him...!!!
After few hours, moment Kalpi phone buzzed at 00:00 kalpi immediately, reach to d corner to off the alarm, n look at her rakshas singhaniya who was sleeping peacefully holding her protectively, she caresses his cheek b4 reaching to his ear "Happy Birthday Rakshas Singhaniya.." She whispered b4 giving him a long lingering kiss causing him to held closely to him, she smiles as in his sleep also he can feel her...!!

Raghav fluttered his eyes, d moment he didn't feel kalpi besides him, he opens his eyes n looked at d wall clock it reads 4.35 am n d same moment washroom door snapped opened, he just lost in d beauty of his wife.. She was standing their in pure red suit, wearing wedding chooda, anklet.. He just resist the urge to hold her in his arms through eternity..!! He saw her getting ready, as she did normal makeup, wear almost everything wen it comes to jewellery along with her mangalsutra, he smiles as these two things she never forgets to wear, n d moment he realise d second thing, he got up from his bed walks up to her, she was still busy in finding something from d dressing table wen he clears his throat, she looks up at mirror, their eyes met she smiles b4 turning to face him, "Morning.." He greets her with a smile like always n she rose on her tiptoes b4 brushing her lips on his "love you.." And she greets her with the same way like always.. Wen they pulls away 'I'm getting late raghav singhaniya, n I don't know where I kept my sindoo... B4 she completes he turn her again to face her "Rag.. "Quite kalpana.." She pouted, he smiles b4 reaching to a small box which rested just behind his perfume, d moment kalpi seen that box in his hand "Haa.. Ye.. "Kalpi.." He huffed, she again went silent n lowered her eyes as she's getting late n her monster taking his tym to tease her... Moment stopped, wen she feels his finger filling d partition of her head, she looks up at him, a loving smile was there in his face 'Done..' Whispering this he turn to face mirror, while her eyes was only on his face "you need to look at urself, instead of me, chatter box.." He said while kissing her shoulder, she sighed "u r weird raghav singhaniya.." He smile as his annoying wife can't stand in his so called romantic, loving side.. He just shrugged wen she blushed n left their room "unromantic Singhaniya.." He muttered b4 he followed her...!!

Gauri just smiles looking at kalpi wen her smile faded, causing kalpi to frown n follow her gaze, she turns her face, widen her eyes more than ever "Raghav..?? Kalpi said shockingly "Raghav, kalpi would be fyn beta, it's lot of time for ur office you..
"Mom.. I want to see my doing all this.. After all it's my first karwachauth also.." Gauri n kalpi stared at him with a wide mouth open, wen he rolls his eyes, gauri shook her head "kalpi, there's nothing much beta, you only need to eat all this.." Gauri said removing the cloth on d food plates, "All..?? Kalpi n raghav asked as there was a big milk glass, different sweets, vegetables, fruits, chapaties.. "Maa.. "Mom.. I thought u lyk kalpi.." Raghav interjected making them frown what do u mean raghav singhaniya.."
Raghav shrugs "it just I hardly stopped u by hurting non living things kalpi, n after eating all these, you don't need to move your hands n legs, ur one fat glimpse is enough.. Mom is trying to make you kaddu part 2.." He said with a laugh "Rakshas Singhaniya" she almost shouts while gauri just stare at them, as what kalpi did in these 2 months his son the arrogant, ruthless raghav singhaniya not only talking to her but laughing, gauri smiles still clears her throat catching their attention "Stop it both of you..!! Raghav she's going to eat all this bcz for almost 15 hours she's not going to eat, so quite.. N kalpi.. Finish all these n I meant it.." "And now.." Gauri gestures them with her eyes kalpi smiles n immediately hold raghav's hand n bend to touch gauri's feet..!! "Can't you just gesture with ur eyes lyk b4.." He said as unknowingly she dug her nail in his flesh.. She smiles tightly "I can, but you said u never understand my eye language that's y I drop that idea.." "God bless you both.." With a grin gauri left..!!!

"Raghav.. I'm done.." Kalpi said taking a last small sip of d milk "what kalpi u kniw na mom said that you need to eat as this moon will show up by 7 or 7.30 pm n its 4am eat.." He commands "No.." "Kalpana.." 
"What..?? I'm going burst if I eat more.." He just shook his head "kalpi..
"Wait.. Let's make a deal raghav let's eat together.." "What..??
"Com on yr raghav singhaniya don't be spoil sport.. Look this whole food is not for a single person.."
"But this food is not  for two also.. It need lot of people to finish it.." They both chuckled giving a high five to each other wen "I'm listening both of you.." Gauri shouts from her room.. Causing botj of them to keep their finger on their lips After a while gauri just saw from her room's window, they both were feeding food to each other while the glass of milk first raghav drank it n then give it to kalpi to finish it.. She smiles looking at them wen she looks at Vikram's photo "you chose the best for ur son vikram, she's breaking d walls which ur son built in his heart, his fears... Now I understood, y you were so keen to make kalpi his wife.. To make those people husband n wife, who were not even friends.. But now I realise, u saw that which nobody seen till today that these two are soulmates, real soulmates...!!" With the last look on them who were smiling with each other n laughing that other made mustached bcz of d milk.. She turns to sleep.. 

Kalpi sat with a hump on her bed, as after eating that king's breakfast she n her rakshas singhaniya went for a walk, hand in hand, talking nothing but teasing each other, how much they eat n behaving lyk a child in front of maa.. She smiles as her rakshas singhaniya changing that much that she doesn't even expected him too but she's happy, very happy seeing this change in him, she was loss in her thoughts wen she felt something on.. On her lap she lowered her eyes, he sighed, taking her hand in his n resting their hand on his heart, she rested his head on her lap.. While they just stare each other.. "Are you sleepy.." He finally asked, she shook her head slowly, as if wanted to talk he smiles "good, bcz m going to sleep here.. Good nyt chatter box.." With that he just close his eyes buried her face in her tummy, "what d hell.. Rakshas singhaniya.. I thought we're going to talk.." "Haa.. Offcourse not I need a sleep after this Kings breakfast.. N yes made sure wen i woke up u don't became a kaddu part 2 by morning. " "neel.." She shouts but he ignored n slept...!!! 

Kalpi is still busy in all the arrangements.. As she's going to change two clothes, first she needs to wear a deep red heavy saree for her karwachauth with lots of Jewellery so maa won't mind y she didn't wear lehnga.. N she's going to wear red lehnga to surprise him.. As today.. She wants them to finally take a next step of this relation, she blush wen her phone buzzed..

Dominating Husband
I know I said no to breakfast bcz we ate a lot that doesn't mean my wife didn't even text me...-( Ouch
Kalpi smiles 
Annoying wife
I'm not upset raghav singhaniya, but made sure u don't skip ur lunch.. I already send it so eat well.. :-)  Smile
He smiles

Dominating Husband 
Will do..!! So how's your day so far..??

Annoying wife..
Awesome.. I love all these prep n all dofferent experience Embarrassed.. Aap punjabi log itne bure bhi naee ho..!! Embarrassed

Dominating Husband
"Really..??" Confused

Annoying wife
Yup, wese maa was asking me what gift raghav will give for karwachauth..?? So what you going to give me raghav singhaniya..?? Approve

Dominating Husband 
Gift..??? Decided annoying wife..!!! Now see yaa ur so called my husband meals bodyguard just arrived, off too lunch.. Wink

Annoying wife..
Ohk.. Eat well.. N come early.. Love you..!! Tongue
She sent it with a smile hope to get a response, if not with words, he may tell her through text she will be happy n d same moment kalpi phone buzzed.. With a grin she opened her inbox showing raghav' s name 
Dominating Husband 
"I know.." Lol LOLWink

Kalpi clenched her jaws "Hopeless Singhaniya.." She said with anger on other hand raghav smiled as his annoying wife must be annoyed by now with his response.. Wen his phone buzzed hoping to see her name his smile faded as he clenched his jaws reading the ID without any emotion he opens d msg 
"I know you're angry with me but just want to wish you.. Happy birthday baby.." Love, Paakhi.. 
He clenched his jaws, "you have guts paakhi kapoor.. I need to stop you.." He muttered 

Raghav finally reached home at 5 only while kalpi was still doing last minute  preps for her clothes n jewellery, he just entered in d room n sat there after throwing his briefcase n lunch box on couch wait on italy wala couch, she rose her brows "Are you ok raghav singhaniya..??" She asked, he just shrugged "leave me alone kalpana..." She clenched her jaws "you n your mood swing raghav singhaniya.." Saying so she grab his lunch box n stopped n looks at him she shakes d box "you hadn't eaten ur lunch..??" There she starts but b4 she opens her mouth "N b4 u start ur rant, I've a lunch meeting kalpi, I already eaten now can u pls leave me alone.." "Fyn even i don't want to disturb you Mr. Busy schedule singhaniya.." She grab her clothes n jewellery n left from d room causing him sighed "kya khaati hai ye.. Bak bak queen.." He muttered to himself 

"Aaj ke din bhi he's in his same arrogant mode.. Rakshas singhaniya.." Kalpi said throwing jewellery boxes on gauri's bed while she just stare her.. "Kalp.. B4 she said anything kalpi's ph buzzed "haan sammy sir..??" 
S; kalpana, everything is arranged  here now anything else you need or i should go back to my wife..
"Wife..?? you're married sammy sir..?? Kalpi frowns while sammy widen his eyes 'shit' but b4 she asked gauri  snatched ph from her, "haan sammy, ur frnd got sargi know..?? Kalpi frowns 
Sammy smiles sadly "jii aunty, maya was missing for not being there in this karwachauth, so u explain her each n everything lyk earlier.. But glad that u still send her sargi.." Gauri smiles sadly "so kalpi.. You want him do anything else there.." Kalpi shook her head "but maa i want to talk to him.." Hesitantly gauri pass her phone "Sammy sir, I'm so sorry bcz of me you missed d lunch conference with..
"Lunch conference, kalpi today everyone was busy in this occasion so we decided to call any conference off as most of d employees were on leave, or left early but yaa raghav needs to do something imp. So that's y he was in office but most of our staff was on leave today.." Kalpi hang up confusingly while lots of question still she accept to avoid it...!!! 

(Kalpi's karwachauth saree..) Sorry saree ki pic post naee hue u can see via link b4 reading ahead 


Raghav was waiting on terrace, as since lunch tym his annoying wife was saying come early, come early, n now wen he was at home, she didn't even came to their room, n now ramu just told him, that badi memsahab, ask him to come on terrace while here, neither his mother, nor his wife.. he shook his head.. N turn to d railing wen he felt her presence b4 he see her, he turn around, n looks at gauri, "sorry raghav, but I've to be here to tell ur wife, how she's going to perform this ritual.." Gauri tease but raghav's eyes were behind her, she wasn't there but still he felt her, n the moment ramu kept the water kalash on d side table he just move his eyes n d same moment his wife entered, he look back to d entrance b4 he just froze on his spot, as his annoying wife was Looking... Beautiful is just understatement as she was wearing a deep red saree with golden work on it, wearing same chooda which she wore since morning, but now there was lot of  jewellery, starts from her maang tika to her small nose ring, he was upset d moment he came as that paakhi wished him, but his own wife, doesn't even knew it's his birthday.. All know he doesn't lyk it so nobody wishes him, but kalpi he didn't expect this from her, but now his anger just blown up.. Neel was right, she's an angle, which her bappa sent only for him, for her Rakshas Singhaniya.. He didn't even know wen she stood in front of him.. "Raghav.." Gauri calls, no response, gauri smiles while kalpi lowered her eyes 'Rakshas Singhaniya 10 n Chatter box 100' she said inwardly looking at the situation "Raghav.." Gauri shook her, breaking his trance while kalpi only smile at him teasingly "what it just seems lyk marathi flute wearing punjabi dhol.." She makes a perfect o shape mouth while gauri chuckled "maa.." She winced n looks at raghav angry.. "Raghav.." Gauri smack him on his arm while kalpi did all this prepare everything for this comment, she simply lowered her eyes, raghav bite his lower lip as may be he went too far with this "Mom.. Don't you think my simple, beautiful wife is hide by this heavy saree n jewellery.." Kalpi finally looks up at him, their eyes met, still she didn't say anything "sorry.." He mouthed causing her sigh 'Revenge plan.. For this one kalpi..' With that thought she gives him a perfect smile while gauri narrates kalpi what do nd what not... While their eyes never leaving each other, either it's aarti, or seen his face n then moon through a sieve, it was different experience, smile never leave their faces, until kalpi bend to touch his feet, n d same moment he stop her their eyes met, he shook his head, "Custom raghav Singhaniya.. Don't worry I'm not going to act a typical wife. " she again extend her hand wen "I said no kalpana.." Gauri sighed "it's ok kalpi.." Kalpi twitch her left eye "emotionally challenged.." She muttered gaining a glare from him, 'now raghav, break her fast.." Gauri said with a grin.. With a loving smile, raghav held the kalash n about to make her drink d water in it.. Wen kalpi's hand stopped it.. Raghav n gauri shocked while kalpi expression changes "Maa.. I need to talk to him.." She said bluntly while their eyes never leaving each other, resigning she just left, leaving both of them alone.. Kalpi takes the kalash from his hand


"Drink this water raghav.." She said blankly, he looked at her confusingly b4 shooking his head "I don't follow.." 
"Really..?? You ate sargi with me, you didn't had your lunch, n wen you reach here nor a glass of water neither  black coffee.. Do u think m stupid raghav.." 
He looked away "what r u..
"Don't... You keep fast for me..?? Are you... 
"Kalpi.. Drink this.. 
"No.. First u drink this.. 
She clenched her teeth, while he just smile b4 holding her close to him, "you hadn't taken ur meals on tym raghav.." She complaints sadly, he brushed his lips on her forehead, I just want to experience how this whole thing feels.. She looked up "Really..?? How does it felt raghav singhaniya.." He pursed his lips "well... I'm starving yaar..." He innocently confessed causing her to chuckle b4 they hugged each other...!!! And very sweetly they broke each other fast n after arguing whole 10 minutes he finally won n broke her fast first, n then she did the same.. 'Cute Dominating husband..' She muttered, he shot her a look "no I mean arrogant dominating husband.." He sighed "Annoying Wife.." 

"What the.. I said I'm full.." Raghav said wen kalpi keep two more chapaties in his plate while gauri just stare them "kalpi..?? What's wrong beta, you know raghav's diet no, he ate only two chapaties, for dinner, n you already made him eat 3 n now two more..?? Gauri asked confusingly while kalpi shrugged "Ma.. He's hungry I know.." She snapped
"But I said I'm...
"If you don't eat these two chappaties, I will tell maa that you also kept fast for me.. Think about ur image mighty singhaniya.." She interjected him coldly causing him to gulp n finally he loose again in terms of meal with his annoying wife.. While kalpi just looks at him lovingly 'how can someone lyk him thinks that he's incapable of love wen he gives me a whole world in return of my love..' She sighed tears form in her eyes still she controls as his Rakshas Singhaniya doesn't deserve her tears today..!!!

RagNa Room
Raghav was still pacing to n fro bcz of over eating while kalpi just looked at him lovingly 'How this perfect man ever think that he's incapable of love, strange.. In my whole lyf I never felt lyk I hold this much importance in someone's lyf.. D moment he confessed 'hate thing' she decided giving him everything.. Loving him with everything she has, pampering him too much that he knows how special he made her feel.. She looked at the clock it reads 8 'shit' she widen her eyes "Raghav.." 
"What.." He snapped..  "Do you have an idea, how much I've eaten.. Do you have any idea..??
"No actually you bought apple for me.. So I've vodafone.." 
He stare her for a moment wen a smile on his face "very bad joke kalpi.."
"Still you smile Raghav.." They stare each other "let's sleep..
"No.." She interjected he looks at her confusingly "no..?? She shook her head 
"Let's go for a long drive pls.." He looked at her with a raised brow "don't tell me after driving 15 minutes, u going to say i want vada paav n we come back with..
"No.. " she interjected again "This is different.." She whispered "I want to go somewhere else.."
"Somewhere else..?? Where..??


He looks at her confusingly.. After studied her blank face for a whole minute, he sighed in resign "ok then, Mrs. Singhaniya.. Khandala it is.. A too long drive of half an hour.." He said teasingly while she just give him a small loving smile...!!!! 

P.S. Again sorry par RakCh hai na bht ziddi hai.. Next res going to be ahem ahem.. Really sorry guls..!!! Ouch

P.P.S. this happens wen u decided back to back update pta hi naee chalta konsa part kb aayega..!!! "Apologies.." 

P.P.P.S. will update birthday part on Thursday for sure..!!! So sorry again guls.. Tum sab gaaliyaan de rahe hoge na..!!!LOL for not posting ahem ahem but karwachauth secquence mera fvrt th n imp bhi..!! (N yes ye long chapter tha n pls read note on pg83 for the one who had queries in last chappy..)

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Part 55 Happy Birthday Dominating Husband...!!!  

Journey was silent till now, it's been half an hour he was driving, n d strange part was his chatter box didn't said a word to him, but still he was enjoying her silence as well as she continuously making circles with her thumb on d back of his free hand, while her head rested on back of headrest, her eyes were closed.. First tym he felt something was different in her silence, as they both know she loves to annoy him, wen they're alone n now.. This comfortable silence makes him nervous, he was feeling something on d left side of his chest.. To surpass this feeling he finally broke the silence.. 
'You n your karwachauth wish chatter box.. What exactly you're up to..??" She smiles, as much as she was dying to talk with him, he was too cannot take her silence for too long... "It's nothing Rakshas Singhaniya.." She said holding his hand tighter close to her heart, his heart skip a beat, "kalpi.. "Raghav I'm still waiting for my karwachauth gift.."
R: Do you mind if I say that pls leave my hand so I can drive carefully.. She huffed n leave his hand "unromantic singhaniya.." Raghav rose his brows on her words 'I already given u this tightly chatter box.. Don't try to be a cheater.."
K open her eyes; What..?? But m not unromantic rakshas Singhaniya.. We're out for a long drive bcz of me.. Otherwise what did you said 'let's sleep' she mocked with an fake anger.. Causing him to shook his head "so what u expect, after made me eat dat heavy food lyk a an animal, you want me to tell you that 'kalpi, I'm done.. You're successful of making me kaddu part 2 now come on lets go for a long drive to celebrate ur win..' He mocked back causing her to giggle "what..??" Raghav asked annoyingly.. She looked at him with a loving smile "you're cute.." He shot her a glare causing her to purse her lips 'I'm mean dominating cute..' She corrected, "I'm not cute, Don't u dare to ever say that.." He said defiantly, she took a long breath b4 reaching to her phone n start playing angry bird.. "I can't believe this.. You're playing angry bird kalpi.." 
K; what do u expect me to do Raghav Singhaniya..?? 
R: Don't play that game 
K: jealous..
R: I'm not..
K: haa I can see that..!! You're jealous of real angry birds..!!!
His jaws clenched 'kalpi, don't instigate me to throw that damn thing out of the window..' He said dangerously serious tone causing her to keep d phone back in d dash board 'Phone breaker Singhaniya..'
I heard that..!!
K; Good for you.. This is d reason y I don't lyk to buy expensive phone.. Bcz you're a great threat on cell phone..!!
R; Kalpana.
"What kalpana... I'm angry now Raghav Singhaniya, don't talk to me.." She said crossing her arms in front of her "Now, who's being an angry bird.."
K: you..!!! 
R; kal..
No.. I'm not in mood to talk.. Drive Rakshas Singhaniya..!!! She said with a pout.. He stared at her for a moment, d moment she felt his eyes on her, she smiled 'you're making me feel the things which i never felt before..' She turn her face to look at him "Don't think your confession make this easy Raghav Singhaniya.."
He smirk "Your not easy AT ALL I knew this d day we met chatter box.." She smiles before sighing, 'you know what raghav singhaniya... 
He waited her to complete with a raised brow "I love you.." She finally confessed making him blush 'And I love wen u blush.." His expression changes "I'm not blushed.." "I love you more wen u lied.." 
She said with tease, he smiles "unbelievable.."

"What r u up to kalpi.." He asked the moment they reached khandala.. She smiles "let's go raghav.." 
"Are you serious kalpi.. Farmhouse.. What d hell u r thinking.. Just u want me to show this farmhouse you ordered me to drive for almost 2 hours..",he asked disbelievingly
"I purchased this farmhouse..." She confessed.. "You.. He stopped looking at her "you did what..??" He asked causing her smile "I said I brought this farmhouse raghav singhaniya.."


He clears his thought, "you did what.." He asked again.. She just looked at him with a loving smile.. Wordlessly she just hold his hand gently, took a deep breath b4 entering in the farmhouse, raghav too let himself follow his 'annoying yet confused wife' totally dumb with the thought that what's going on.. The moment they entered raghav looked around, everything was so calm, peaceful, there's a garden on d right side, car parking on left "Rubbish,.." The only word left from his mouth "Kalpi.. This is really not d perfect one.. Everything is really out of place.." He shook his head, while kalpi just smile.. "There's more Raghav singhaniya.. In backyard, there's a lawn.." She said softly, her heart humming fast.. With a hesitate nod raghav make his way to d backyard, while she was still holding his hand throughout d walk he just pick up d words 'how much he dislike this place, she made a wrong decision.. Bla bla bla.." While kalpi was nervous what if he doesnt lyk the surprise, what if this complaining singhaniya finds n number of complaints what she organised so far...!!! "What on earth you... 
N finally he stopped, Music started 'soft one..' stunned was indeed an understatement what he felt the moment he entered, soft music was playing at d end there was musicians, everything was decorated by colourful lights, and red roses... He just watched around almost everything was covered with white sheets.. He turned to look at his wife with a blank expression but his eyes was enough to ask what she's up to.. With a small smile she took a step close to him, while their eyes never leaving each other, she raise on her tip toes, holding his right coat arm with her left hand for support, their face was inches away, they can hear each other heartbeats, while looking straight into each other eyes, wen she break the eye contact move her face to his ear, the moment their cheeks touched he closed his eyes, this is the first tym he was feeling something.. Something... Weird ... But weird in gud terms.. Her lips were so close to his ears, something he was feeling in left side of his chest "kalpi... "Scared.." She interjected with a smile "that I'm making you feel weird things.." He gulps, his eyes were still closed, his heart beats were abnormal as her lips softly brushing his ears n b4 he reacts, "Happy Birthday Raghav.." She whispered, he opened his eyes turn his face to look at her, their eyes met.. There was still a blank but confused expression on his face causing her smile, she caressed his beard "Expressionless singhaniya.. Wishing you a very happy birthday..." He finally smile Smalley n closed his eyes d moment her lips brushes on d corner of his mouth for a long lingering kiss to feel her love.. She didn't make a single move to touch his lips, but wen he realise she was about to pull away, he gently wrapped his arms on her waist, moving his head slightly b4 taking her lips in long deep passionate kiss, d kiss was too deep, that he raise her up off the floor, causing her to hold his shoulders tightly.. D moment they broke d kiss, voice of sky shots interrupted them they both looks up

"I'm Happy to have you in my life as my better half, because you complete me Rakshas Singhaniya in every sense.. I Love you My angry bird inclusive all the names I've given so far... 
     Happy birthday dominating husband.."

She smiles widely, lowered her eyes to look at her dominating husband, while he was looking at her with pure affection n love.. "Kalpi I... He sighed after a few seconds of pause.. "I hate you.." He said in a loving tone.. She keep her hands on both sides of his face "I know.." She said with a wink causing him to smile b4 they engulfed in each other arms..   

"No ways kalpi... I'm not going to do that.." 
"You're sch a spoil sport raghav singhaniya.. Don't be an oldie.. Come on."
"How dare you I'm not oldie.. But I'm not going to cut it.." He snapped 
While kalpi looks at him b4 she looks back at the cake she specially ordered it was their wedding pic on the cake, which showed their bond, a symbol of togetherness.. But this effortless singhaniya.. Without making a single effort to make up his mind, he just denied that he's not going to cut our picture.. She sighed "Ra...
"Don't, how stupid u can be kalpi.. I'm not going to cut our marriage photo.."
"Urggh raghav singhaniya don't be so judgemental, it's fashion.." 
"Hell with ur fashion, Chatter box.."
"Ruthless Singhaniya.."
"Please..." She blink her eyes rapidly with a pout.. He shook his head "such a drama queen you are.." He said grabbing d knife from her, n bend to cut "Stop..!!" She shouted, he sighed "now what kalpi.." 
"Raghav Singhaniya.. Make a wish b4 blowing d candles n then
"No.. I'm not going to do that.. 
"Fyn.." She whispered lowering her head, he looks at her for a moment, closed his eyes, bend a little but didn't blow d candles, with eyes closed he hold her hand, she looks at him 'I want her besides me.. Always..' He whispered n finally blow d candles n again there was sky shot 

"I'm going to be there.. Always BESIDES YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAGHAV.."

Their eyes met, 'you always answered my unspoken question.. How..??" He finally asked as what he wished a moment ago she answered through sky shot.. She smiles "bcz I love you raghav singhaniya.." He smiles "now cut d cake.." She said, he looked at the cake n again his expression changes "Are u sure kalpi..?? This is our photograph.." While kalpi rolls her eyes "Raghav.." Reluctantly he finally cuts the cake "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday dear Rakshas Si... She stopped as her song gain a glare from him 'I mean raghav..' She corrected with a gulp, while shooking his head he raise his hand to feed her cake with a grin she took a bite, while she was about to do the same "uh-huh I had eaten a lot.." He denied, kalpi lowered her eyes "Still let me taste... With that he pressed his lips on her gaining a gasp from her, but still she kissed him back.. The moment they pulled away he draws an outline of her lower lip with his thumb, "Good choice of flavours Mrs. Singhaniya.." He whispered b4 brushing his lips on her forehead she widen her eyes "Tharki..!!" She said causing him to wink at her "Item.." With a smile he hugged her, while kalpi filled her hands with cake "Raghav"
"You're boring.."
He scrunched his brows "excuse me.." He said breaking d hug, she smiles "Happy Birthday Rakshas Singhaniya.." With that 'damn' she rubbed the cake all over his face, "dammit kalpi.." She giggled while with clenched his jaws, n took a step, she tensed up "I was just joking raghav singhaniya.." with that she ran towards opposite direction, but not too fast he finally grab her hand while she was still giggling lyk a child, "look what u did kalpi.. Its... Its... Ho..
"Sweet.." She interjected with a smile, their eyes met "Really let me see.." "no.
Chee..." She exclaimed wen raghav rubbed his cheek against hers "yikes raghav singhaniya.." With a smile he pressed his forehead with hers "Now, it's sweet.." She smiles "you lyk it..?" She finally asked "I did.. As no one ever make me feel this special.. You're different kalpi.. N I'm glad that u r in my lyf.." They stare each other for a moment, he leaned in "Ma'am.." A musician interrupted with head down, raghav clenched his jaws n about to say something wen kalpi hold his hand "Thank you, Now I'll take care of everything.. You guys may leave now.." They nod n left... "Raghav.. "How dare he interrupt I was talking with my wife.." She smiles "Don't worry nobody is going to interrupt us now.." He looks at her confusingly, while she just remove the cake from his face, with the corner of saree's shawl, "Now.. "My gift..?? He interjected causing her smile "I've a perfect gift for you raghav, these sheets covered ur gifts with lot of messages from ur friends, family..
"I want to know what my wife is going to give me.." Kalpi smiles "for that you need to see everything.. I'll be there d moment you opened ur last gift.." She turns to leave, he hold her hand immediately, his body tensed up.. "Don't go.." She turns to face him "I'm not going anywhere My voice, and I am going to guide you.." He frowns "start from d smallest one raghav.. Come on.." He nods "I hate treasure hunt.." She smiles at his words "you'll love it at the end I know.." With that she kissed him on his forehead "I love you.." With that she left, without glancing back at him still she felt his gaze on her back.. 

Raghav smiles seeing d very first gift he received from his annoying wife was 'Watch' with a note "Forever is long tym.. Still I'm ready to spent it with you Rakshas Singhaniya..." He smiles as these words and watch go hand in hand how skilfully his wife promised him that she never leaves him along with the direction of next gift n then next.. starts from watch, cologne, branded shirts, he smiled there's nothing which he can't buy still he felt great as everything was selected by his wife.. As her taste in clothes, watch, perfumes is screaming that she's the one who brought it.. And the best two gifts was d book she given him "How to say I love you to your wife.." He chuckled but felt special wen he read her note with that "Just read it.. And let me love you if not for the rest of your life, then for the rest of mine.." He bite his lower lip as how much he thought he has an unromantic wife.. N the last gift amused him d most pack of 'blackberry and I phones' "Let me confess, I love wen you being an angry bird n break these expensive phones... So, I love you always my angry bird.. No matter what..!!" He sighed n looked around the table n finds a remote which she marks an arrow towards it.. "Press play Rakshas singhaniya.." With a smile he pressed d button n slowly d white sheet uncovers the wide screen, it played a small video of their moments with a background music of tu hi ye mujhko bta de chahu main yaa na..!! Every pic shows their journey since childhood till now.. N the name his annoying wife has given to that vt is OUR JOURNEY OF TOGETHERNESS.. JUST STARTED.. He smiled n within the next moment she appeared on that screen.. "Lyk what you saw raghav singhaniya.." She asked but he knew she recorded it as this not d saree she wears today "Ohk.. First thing first.. Wish you a very very very happy birthday my angry bird.. Now you must be thinking what this drama queen up to.. So let me tell you.. You're special raghav.. For me, for everyone who knows the real you.. Very special.. N to prove this m going to show what you mean to people who loves you, what u mean to us.. N the best thing is to start with Maa.." N the next second gauri was there on d screen with a grin 
"Raghav, today m not going to speak about the past but now what I feel for you beta, what I want our relation to be in future.. I know d day wen u told me don't need to care for me, I accepted, I closed my eyes for a moment, and wen I opened it I suddenly found a man where a boy used to be.. I may not carried you in my arms beta, but I always carry you in my heart.. You've given ur mom so many reason to proud the man you've become, and the proudest wen you introduce me as your mother.. If god let me give a choice to choose whom I want as a son in my next lyf I will choose you again beta.. No matter what I'm still d proudest mother to have a son lyk you raghav singhaniya.. Wish you a very birthday... Chintu.." Raghav lowered his eyes the sort of emotions he was feeling from this VT but again his chatter box came n handle him "It's only one person who said what you mean to her chintoo.. Oops sorry.." She giggled "Next one still on d queue.." And then it comes sammy, her baba, pakya, even neel said "happy birthday heartless monster.." And d shocking thing was wen maya wished him n kalpi twitched her eye on her as if warning him behind maya to don't even say thank you... N last but definitely most important his wife message to him, as he can see she came all d way to their bedroom to wish him.. "So, I know you loved it still u not gonna confess, but that's ok.. But lyk everyone, I too want to confess my feelings for you Raghav.. I.. She lowered her eyes with a small smile, "I don't know whether u going to lyk what I plan for your this special day.. But yes if you are watching this vt then hell yes u enjoyed my surprise.. I.. Urgh I can't even think I'm saying this to you tharki singhaniya.." He smiles but never leave her shy face "Okay.. I want us to work raghav, I denied not because of I don't want us, I denied bcz I want us in a special way.. D day I understood my feeling for you All I want is you raghav, We fight, we argue, we quarrel, but in spite of that I love you, you make my life worth living Raghav singhaniya.. I don't care you confessed ur feelings or not bcz I know you do love.. I mean you do hate me.. N trust me I'm very happy with that.. I want to love you raghav, to show you how much you mean to me.. Happy birthday dominating husband.. Now your wife wants you there where we always share our pain in the presence of moon, in the presence of our understandings.. Terrace..your special gift is waiting for you rakshas singhaniya.. Happy birthday and I love you.." With that screen went blank.. 

Raghav froze the moment he opened d door of the terrace, not the farmhouse but terrace was indeed the most beautiful place in this entire farmhouse, moreover he glanced around at the beautifully lit candles, with a soft aroma of roses, his eyes finally landed on d bed, covered with white roses petals as red satin sheets already placed beneath them, he slowly make his way towards d bed.. A piece of paper rested on d bed along with a red flower 

"It's been two months since we married, but today I want us to be married again in a true sense.. I want you to complete me by making me yours Raghav.."

His heart again missed a beat, no doubt his chatter box surprised him with her unique ways of confessions.. Sound of her anklet made him to turn around, n the moment he saw her he froze, she was right indeed she wants this married to complete today, wearing deep red heavy lehnga, with all d heavy jewellery, dressed exactly the day which she suppose to become his bride in their punjabi wedding.. He smiles while she shyly lowered her eyes.. They stood intact for few minutes "I lyk this garden kalpi, but y u r becoming a complete bouquet.." She makes a perfect o shape mouth n finally looks at him "what d hell Rakshas singhaniya.." She come close to him "Am I a bouquet..?? Do I look lyk a bouquet..??" He smirk.. She clenched her jaws "You're impossible, emotionless singhaniya.." She turns to leave only to be caught by him, he pulls her towards him her back hits his chest.. D moment he brushed his lips on her ear she closed her eyes.. "I think we owe a gift to each other..." She smiles 'selfish singhaniya..' She turns slowly so that his arms will be around her waist, her hands on his chest.. "So where's my most expensive karwachauth gift Rakshas Singhaniya.." He smiled b4 looking straight into her eyes, "Your Rakshas Singhaniya, mark himself as yours chatter box.." She looks at him confusingly, he slowly took a step back extending his right hand towards her, she looks between his hand n his face and before she asked anything "I want to remove our engagement ring kalpi.." "Rag... She stopped d moment she realise what he meant immediately she hold his hand remove the ring from his ring finger, n he tattooed initial of her name on his ring finger, tear form in her eyes.. As she looked at his hand when he felt a water drop on his hand "Damn kalpi.. What d.. He immediately cupped her face, wiping her tears with his thumbs, n within a second smile played on her lips, he looks at her confusingly "you know what our fathers were right.. We both are imperfectly perfect for each other.." She smiles raise her left palm in front of him, her engagement ring was their, understanding her statement he immediately turn her hand to look what she did, n Initials of his name imprinted on d flesh of her ring finger... His jaws work "Damn kalpi, it hurts.." He softly rub his finger tip on his imprinted initial while she just smiled.. "A perfect day to start out lyf raghav.. We actually accepted each other whole heartily.." He engulfed her in his arms protectively "Happy birthday Raghav.." She whispered gaining a long lingering kiss on her forehead.. 

They stood at the railing holding hands, as he asked her how she managed doing all this, n lyk a perfect wife, she explained.. He sighed as he stood back at the railing looking at her innocent face, adoring her beauty, his gaze was soft and caring he finally touched her cheek, their eyes met "I never thought, I feel lyk this ever in my lyf.." She smiles "it's not wrong to feel this na kalpi..?? It's not wrong if I want this relation to work..?? It's not wrong to love you..?? It's not wrong na kalpi..?? It's not wrong for giving my wife what she deserves..??" He asked as fear visible in his eyes.. She softly touched his cheek "It's not wrong raghav.. We both want this, we both want this relation to work, we both accept each other whole heartily.. Love is never wrong raghav, it never will.. And I love you forever, with everything I have Raghav.. It's not wrong.." He nods slowly
She observed him silently, until finally he met her eyes, her smile shining through her eyes as he met her gaze.. Raghav touched her hand on his face as he slowly lowered it and hold it against his chest... "What if I break ur trust..?" She smiles "I trust you enough to decide you never breaks it raghav singhaniya.." He smiles as his every wrong question answered by her true answer...!!! "And what I said, yesterday that I want this so that u never leave me I..
"Don't meant it.." He looks at her she smiles softly "I know.. Slowly but I started understanding d meaning of ur weird statements raghav singhaniya.." He was speechless the trust, she showed on his was pure... N he knew that his love for her was pure as well but he can't confess it not today.. He's going to show his unspoken words, his love through his touch.. He want them to complete this marriage in every sense..
While kalpi wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest, the soft smile lingering on her face.. "I love you raghav..." Her confession finally comforted him only she can help him to break those thick walls around his heart, n today she finally breaks that wall..he smiles softly, still proud enough at how much faith she had in him... Almost Immediately his arms wrapped around her waist, she looked up at him, he glanced down at her, their eyes meeting with a pure love and affection visible in them.. He lowered his head and brushed his lips softly on her forehead, she clutched the front of his shirt as this kiss was very much different from the earlier ones.. She knows this leads to their union... He rested his forehead against hers, desire and passion of finally being one burning between them... Wordlessly he took her lips in a deep kiss.. while his rough yet protective hands travelling down her arms to rest on her waist, pulling her close to him, her hands holding his shoulder while she kissed him back pouring all her love in that kiss, her body tensed up wen his lips gracing d skin of her neck, his touch increase her desire of being with him, his each touch, every kiss, melting her to be his.. To make her his.. When he lips graced the flesh below her collarbone she took a step away.. She gulps, his desired eyes met with her fearful ones... He looks at her confusingly, she lowered her eyes b4 shooking her head, in all these things how she forget that.. How she forget her 
. ... ... Scars..!! 'Scars..' She whispered while a tear slip from her eyes, she turns to leave only to caught by him, he pulled her back to him, her back hitting his chest gently, they both were quite, let their heartbeat talks to each other, he slowly wrapped his arms around her waist buried his head in d nape of her neck, she leaned back to him.. While his lips travelled, each n every spot of her neck.. Slowly he remove her earring b4 placing a long kiss on it, causing her to lean against his touch.. His fingers finally unclipped her dupatta from her hair bun, it slips down in a swift, she gasp as the air met with her deep bare back, his finger tracing d skin of her back.. B4 he reached to remove her neckpiece, n giving a long lingering kiss on d back of her neck.. While kalpi breath was abnormal, he removed every piece of jewellery from her body b4 gracing her skin with his soft lips, while her back still facing him, His fingers teasing her bare back until he reached to d hook of her blouse, her heart stopped d moment, he finally unclipped her, but she still hold d front of her blouse, with her hands, her eyes closed tightly while his lips slowly moves up from her back to her shoulder, he lowered one arm of her blouse while his lips still tracing her flesh her chest rose and fell in deep breaths, she felt her heart racing against her chest.. Wen He lowered d next arm of her blouse, she turns and hugged him tightly, he can hear her loud breath, her chest rose up n down against his chest, he can listen her heartbeat, d only thing clutching her blouse between was their bodies.. He smiles b4 kissing her temple, scooping her in a swift, while she was still holding her blouse tightly.. He gently put her down on d bed, while their eyes never leaving each other.. Slowly he moved closer to her and she closed her eyes, as 
He leaned forward and kissed her forehead softly, d moment she opens her eyes she can see his love for her in his eyes, eyes which was soft n caring.. As if telling her that she can trust him, but the surprising thing was she trust him completely.. She hugged him again, his arms moving on her bare back, she finally let her love to win over her fear, she softly brushed her lips on d side of his neck, while he slowly moves his hand up, she was leaning more n more to his touch.. She finally looked up meeting his eyes, his eyes roamed rectangularly on her face, his fingers tracing her jaws  before his lips brushed hers in a small soft kiss... His fingers finally released her hair loose, as he studied his wife beautiful face for a long moment, wen she shyly lowered her eyes with a small smile.. He lays her on d bed, while his hands travelled from her face to her neck, she closed her eyes as she felt his hands removing her blouse gently, she clutched the bed sheet, as the cool air, and his hand touched her exposed bare upper body.. His hands finally caught the string of her lehnga, her eyes snapped open, he come on top of her,their eyes never leaving each other remembering every memory of their love, care, fight, understanding, she raise her hand to his cheek caressing his beard softly.. He smiles brushing his lips on her hand "Say it..." He whispered she smiled "I Love you..' With a soft whisper her hands slowly rested on his chest, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, while he loosen the string of her lehnga.. In slower seconds, feeling every touch they discarded their clothes, wrapping red sheets around them, He placed soft, yet long lingering kisses on her body, she just whispered his name as he was worshipping her body, with all care, and love.. Wen he finally came up meeting her eyes, as if asking her permission to claim her she gives him a loving smile before their lips met in a passionate kiss, she threaded her fingers through his hair before her hands travelled down the strong muscles of his back... The moment he claimed her as his, she threw her head back feeling complete, while tears rolled down from the corner of her eyes, within second his lips brushing her tears away, their eyes met, she can see his guilt, of giving her this pain even for few seconds... But she realised his tension wen she smiled at him which reached in her eyes, n giving him a perfect name to this situation "Monster.." She whispered with a smile brushing his lips on her, removing all the barriers between them, they finally became one, they finally completed their marriage with pure love, trust and care.. Making love till hours, worshipping each other bodies.. Confessing love to each other differently Raghav singhaniya finally claimed one person as his.. His wife.. Kalpana singhaniya, he finally able to win, to love to trust a relation which eventually gives him back every relation, every feeling, every emotion n that's his wife.. His chatter box.. His love.. In all senses, in true sense, now they became one..
Mr. & Mrs. Raghav Singhaniya...!!!

Note..: well santhi n dia.. Girls love you for ur comments still it's already one will reply tomorrow for sure...!! Along with instant replies 

P.s. hope u lyk their ahem ahem.. As this is d best n different i could do for rakch saaf n suthra hehe sorry.. N yes no more updates till next 7 to 8 days as m going to be busy in some family functions.. 

Confession: 15th august suppose to be the epilogue update, but due to hectic schedule it ruined beautifully i would say.. N yes One more thing do celebrate one year anniversary of journey on 15 august as last year on 15 august I'd given u guys the description of this ff...!! I made a very first post of journey.. Hopefully I')) be free by 15... 

Love you all.. See you soon..!!! EmbarrassedTongue

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Sugu u r confusing me nw?

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