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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 69)

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Posted: 31 July 2015 at 10:02am | IP Logged
Awesome update 
Loved ragna cute  nok jhok in morning 
Finally rags deciding to tell kalpi truth...(hmmm so my guess is partially rit ...lol I wont repeat it again n spoil ur suspense... prooomiseee WinkTongue)
Rags asking her to join offc was superb  ... n kalpi demanding for her salary hike lol ...n him giving her deserved position was lovely Big smile
Kalpi having partial memory loss is sad to knw
Rags already feared to loose kalpi n her medical condition making it worst for him...he culd not bear d pain for loosing her...it was painful to see rags crying Cry...kalpi assuring him she will never leave her was awesome Big smile
Loved ragna moment EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Rags kissing her passionately was hot n finally rags confessed his love...he wanted intimate moment but she stopped him...poor rags abhi aur intezaar karna padega hmmm apne b'day takWinkEmbarrassed
Precap is interesting ...Eagerly waiting for nxt partTongue

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Posted: 31 July 2015 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Awesome , read whole story in one go ...
post soon and do PM me

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His First sorry for late comment sugii
Both upate was awesome
Hmm for part 50
Lovely update
Kalpi ignoringy raghav is lovely he need to learn to trust n she teach him in his own way
Aww poor raghav he want that his wify tie his tie but she handed him readymeat tie
Oh god she didn't call n msg him n he became restless to talk to her but she is fuly angry on him
Hmm that prem n pakhi behind in all this n good raghav give them good leason
Omg u know what I love in this update she forget kamla n now she wante his daugher but she said he isnot his mother lovly
Fainaly they r togethe lovly

Part 51

Rahgav wn to tell her about their marriage truth oh god hope he didn't do any nonsess
Om raghav offer he to ca e back office lovly n she is ready to do job but not as his pa love their fightly
Omg lakpi became gajni shot time memory loss
N he is worried for him hope she will fine soon
Omg is precap is too good can't wait for more update next part soon

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Finally I get time to comment...sorry 4 late...

Part 51...

Awesome update ...

   Sugii I loved gauri yaar...she is so nice...n care about kalpi n raghav...not like ema...

Yup..i loved to see kalpi ignore raghva...but raghav conform her that it is not a mistake...

Raghav ia angry on kalpi ..but show his anger on burnt tost...raghav not ready to trust her..n  not even want to leave her alone...raghav want to kalpi tie his tie...n she give him ready made tie..

Both r hurting eachother...vithal is an ideal father...n first time he shout his rajkumari...  


Raghav is vating 4 kalpi call or msg...but she not even cal or msg him...omg raghav singhaniya is imagine kalpi...first time in his life...so lovely sugii...

Aww I loved neel here...he say to kalpi call raghav...i loved all Rakch cov..on phone...raghav tell her his all fear...loved it sugii..


Omg how call kalpi...n she did not remember...neel listen all n call raghav n tell him about that call...raghav come there...n see how call her...Raghav get to know how call kalpi...n goes to kapoor mantion...

Prem is behind this...ba***d...n pakhi want to protect him...shemless people ...hate both of them..raghav beat him...n police tack prem with them...yippee kamala get to know pakhi make a drama...n she slap her...ek hi slap...3 ..4 or marane chahiye...n sugii y not raghav salp her...meri wish complete karo..plzz... 

Omg kapi did not remember pakhi n prem...n kamala aslo...hehehe...I so happy she not remember kamalaDancing...non she get to know what is ignore...vey good sugii...i most loved this part...

Pakya...he want to separate ragnaAngry...but loved kalpi answer...ClapStarEmbarrassed.


Sorry sorry sorry...kitana confution...finally raghav accept...n say soory to saying sorry...

Omg kalpi say pakhi is sweetConfusedOuchShocked...pakhi get to know kalpi did not remember but our rakshas singhaniya..did not realaised...

Thanks dear ...love uHeart




Part 60...

Omg surprise update...thank u sugii...muuhh..

Finaly ...we reach part 60...


Finally raghav want to tell truth to kalpi...but he is scared  by loosing her...n he hold her more tight..

Aww sammly sak hat he love kalpi.. n raghav say "I DO"...n that time kalpi look at raghav was awesome ...perfect timing ...wen kalpi tieing his tie he pull her towered him..n kiss her...so sweet..sugii u very well right that raghav is fear to loosing kalpi...n want to hold her...n tell ter what she mean to him...superb dear...

  Raghav tell kalpi to they r going office n kalpi check raghavs forehead ...that he is all right or not..

Raghav say he want to spend time with him..n kalpi thought raghav sach me romantic ho gaya hai..

N wen he tell that he tacking kalpi office bcz he make shure that she don't run here n there like mad women...this is 2 funny sugii...I m laughing so much...

She ask that he really want to she join office...n he say that all the time...n kalpi tell all her dimand to raghav...i loved Rakch fighting sugii...so cute ..there morning  love care n fight...perfect 4 each other..n raghav always want this ..in his hole life...but deep in his heart he scare ...telling the truth..wiil she understand , will she forgive him...

Both see each other...n kalpi see fear in raghavs eyes ...n tell him that she never leave him...both r understand eachother.Omg kalpi phir se bhul gaye that her mobile damaged ...n  now raghav is realised something is ther..problem in kalpi...

Loved in car cov...kalpi tell that she not afaied  of raghav ..n raghav ask if she is jealous...n raghav say there is no need to be jealous.bcz he is much happy eith is annoying wife...aww so lovely sugii...


O god sugii I loved this office scene...raghav tack kalpi her new cabin...n  give her her old position ...marketing head...I loved this raghav more sugi...n tell kalpi he want that she make her own name n her own identity...her biwi ko yesa husband mile...life perfect ho jayegi...

After later wen ragahv goes to her cabin n give her paper n say read it...n telling her truth...raghav ask again n again that she trust on him or not...n wen he is telling her truth...tbhi koi bich me aya...yaar y always some one come in between ragna...but this time is ok...    

Nwen raghav want to give her that paper wen he see that file ..n kalpi tell that she get all information about pallavi...thak god finally raghav singhaniya get to know that ther is problem... n he took kalpi in hospital...wen kalpi ask y she y did her brain x-ray...he said regular check up...kalpi say pakhi is sweet girl..n raghav say she is not sweet...n kalpi smile at him..seeing his anger...

Dr only want to meet raghav...n he is scare that what might be that dr. want to tolk to raghav alone.

I loved wen dr say kalpi is patient ...raghav say she is not patient ...she is his wife ..mrs raghav singhaniya...aww soo lovly...

Finally raghav get to know that kalpi loos her partial memory...she is an amnesia patient...

Raghav is so scare...he ask dr that she forgot him with time...n dr say ..she only not remember that she is not connect with heart n brain...raghav she never forgot u ...but he not understand...

He lock him self in room ...she see that raghav is crying...n wen kalpi come n ask what happen to her...she get to know she is mentally sick...n he ask her that she forgot him...n she say no...never... 

She is mentally sick bcz she is love him...aww so emotional...n raghav kiss kalpi ...passionate kiss..deelpy...raghav want to took ther marriage next level...n kalpi stop him...n say this is not right time...sugii u plan perfect yaar...kalpi give surprise her Rakashas singhaniya...her bday gift...to naughty ...

Now raghav is really tarki...n kalpi is item ...Silly

Thank you dear...4 this surprised update...u make my day...love u...muhh...

Big hug...Hug

Precap...cant wait sugii...WinkLOL

Update soon...

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Tommorow is SUNDAY nd Sugu will UPDATE...

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Tommorow is SUNDAY nd Sugu will UPDATE...

Tommorow is SUNDAY nd Sugu will UPDATE...


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Thank you Note..!!! Ohk not as long as ur comments still tried.. So hectic schedule so sorry..!! Happy frndship day guls..!!!

@shonali,: I was  Shocked lyk what, kya sach mein she likes my raghav.. Ohh thank you.. I'm fyn baby.. Still thank you for ur wishes.. Hug
Happy friendship day sweetheart..!!  N sorry bcz this update not the precap one.. So sorry.. Thank you for ur comment, n sorry for not replying it properly..!! loved you Mwwah HugHeart

@Falak; lol nae nae ahem ahem yaha naee aane denge. LOL. Don't worry.. Hehe n yup kamla n pakahi suffer more just wait n watch how.. Glad u love ragna fight.. Thank u m fyn girl n sorry no ahem ahem in this one..!!!Wink

@riaka; lol you love the surprise girl.. Then mere taraf se in coming two weeks will be full of surprises as m going to end this on 15th august so don't worry prepare urself for reading back to back updates.. Wink and thank you for commenting glad u lyk the update Hug
@sunny: sorry to burst ur bubble regarding d boxer thingy u will get it in next chapyy.. Ouch you will know soon y..!! But Thank for lyking this one. Love youyou wolfie.. Hug

@nikkiarora; Aww thank you so much dearie.. Glad u lyk the update Hug

@lavanya; finally you came to boost up my low energy.. Hug But thank you glad you lyk this part dear.. N d way explained each n every thing.. Yr need it badly pls gayab mat hua kro.. Thank you for commenting.. N love u thodu sa more for loving known wala raghav..  Hug (Shona santhi sun rahe ho na tum)

@abxterz: Lol unromantic.. Wait deary kalpi ka surprise tum sbko shock krdega.. N u all will agree what a romantic wifey he has.. LOLWink

@bricka: Lol sorry preetu, but ahem ahem iske next chappy mein.. Glad u lyk this update thank u..!! Tongue

@caur; thank u darling.. Tongue

@priti (welcome my new reader Hug), thank u glad u lyk d update Tongue

@draganok; Lol will send this man to you to console him, if still he misses his Mrs. Then don't blame me..!! LOL Thank you for lyking the chappy..!! Wink

@kalbhavs: aww thank u bhavna.. N yes no more paakhi for this n next update promise but after that truth have to reveal.. What pls.. Dont kill my raghav not b4 u know the entire truth pls..  DisapproveThank u for lyking d chappy.. Love you girl Mwaah..!! 

@nandinisai: aww thnk you girly..!! Tongue

@ragnafavour, @estrella, @eishe, @redpetal, thank u for lyking d chappy girls..!! TongueHug

@dimple; lol dimple i understand ur ghajini situation lyk kalpi.. Jaa maaf kia.. Aww ye bhi koi kehne ki baat hai raghav k lie pyaar ko leke agar main kisi pe bhrosa kr skti hu to its u except me..!! Ohh sowiee will send him to u for the hug.. But what if he:ll miss his chatter box.. Naah.. Rehne de..!! N truth soon..aww love you too girly.. Mwaah Hug

@lolor: " swear if he will say He & pakhi wr married or had contract marriage or anything like this I m going inside this ff & will kill Raghav ...if he says so...otherwise I love Rakshash singhania..." I was laughing madly by reading ur this line.. God girl u r great .. Well agian sorry but no ahem ahwm in this one.. You'll know y..!! Thank u.. Glad u lyk the update.. love you...!! Hug

@Natasha: Aww thank u natasha.. Well about Raghav n paakhi marriage.. Umm wait.. WinkLOL Hehe but truly glad u lyk the update girly.. Thank u so so much for such a long comment.. Hug

@rani: hmm good..!! Thank u for not writing again ur guess again...  LOLStill loved ur comments thank u so much for reading it girl Glad u loved it..!! Hug

@pyardil; finally u commented.. Lol u loved ithis chapter bcz kalpi forget about kapoors n kamla.. Good one..!! N about current chapter well no he didn't done any nonsense.. He did stupidity   sorry but you'll know it with tym..!! Thank u for commenting girl.. Glad u lyk the update Hug

@7APK: first thing first welcome my new reader..!! Hug what..?? You read all the parts in a go..?? Really..?? Well i was lyk... But thank u glad u lyk it.. Tongue

@swati: Aww swati finally.. Well what i read again n again in ur comment was perfect n loved it.. Embarrassed So thank u so much for loving the perfect update..!! Hehe glad u lyk gauri n neel swati.. Luv you too.. Hug

P.s. sorry this is not the precap update.. N yes santhi missed ur comment.. Happy friendship day all of you.. HugHeart

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"No, No.. Stop...!!" Kalpi shouts for the eighth tym while raghav clenched his jaws n stare at her angrily "Kalpana.. 
"No let me tell them what to do raghav singhaniya.." She said with pout causing him to roll his eyes, she looks around b4 spotting a perfect place for the dressing table.. "There.. This should be... "No.." B4 she completes raghav interjected causing her to snap her head towards him "What..??" She asked confusingly 
"I said no, kalpana.. I lyk this position.. dressing table will not from here 'No'.. N I'm not letting you to change it's position.." She stare him for a moment b4 she sat on d bed with hump "fyn, dada you can pls go.. Bcz my husband is never going to let me do what I want.." She said looking at 4 labourers whom her dominating husband called.. They look at each other "Kalpana.."
"Don't kalpana me.. Rakshas Singhaniya.. You want me to share your life with you.. N the first thing you need to learn is sharing.."
R: FYI m doing this so called 'sharing' thing from the past two years.. 
Kalpi makes a perfect o shape mouth "How dare you.. Don't taunt me.." 
R: What..??? That's not a taunt..
She smiles.. "Really..??" 
He too smile "off course, that was not a taunt I was genuinely complaining.." 
What..??? She snapped while all 4 were laughing "shut up.." She snapped at them b4 looking back to this arrogant singhaniya.. "So you're complaining, fyn.. You know what raghav singhaniya.." She got up 'just reset YOUR ROOM on ur own.." With that she past him, he sighed, b4 shooking his head, he knows what she's up to "kalpana.." "Enough.." She turn b4 raising her palm to stop him "there's start this drama queen.." He muttered, while she just look at him "what's my fault..?? What's fault that I'm ur wife raghav Singhaniya.."
"What.." He snapped 
"What's my fault you need to share this room with me.. What's my fault that u r emotionally challenge, what's my fault that u don't want me to touch the things in ur room.. What's my fault that you're a touch me not personality.." She mocked her hurt while winking at him "kalpana.." He gritted out "fyn.. But you said that I can change this room according to...
"Wrong.." He interjects "I never said you to change this room, I said now if we want to take a next step in our relation, first thing is u need to be comfortable in this room, so you can change the positions of your bags, n stuff.." He huffed, she again open her mouth but "And I don't know that u misinterpret my words lyk this.." He said with a glare, she just rolls her eyes "this is my room also raghav singhaniya.. N this room is too.. I mean add four times tooo big so that's y I want to reset d furniture.." She snapped, he sighed "I'm not...  "Raghav.." Sammy enters in the room interrupted them.. "Actually I want to discuss a project with you.." Sammy said with a gulp causing raghav to frown "It's 8, sammy.. Kalpi n I were coming from the office only so y u didn't discuss this project in d office.." Sammy tensed up n looks at kalpi, she immediately shook her head, he again gulps "I..I.. "He must be forgot raghav singhaniya.." There she interrupt, he looks at her confusingly "haina..!! Sammy sir, you forgot to discuss this project.." "Yeah yeah... I forgot.." Kalpi smile b4 blinking her eyes.. After a long pause raghav nods his head "We'll discuss it in my study.." He said b4 looking at labourers "And you guys, just set everything in place lyk b4 n leave.." Kalpi open her mouth, but wen raghav glares her she closed it immediately.. Shooking his head "I'll be back less than an hour.." He said b4 caressing her right cheek n left.. Kalpi blush "I'll be back less than an hour.." She mimics "hell no, raghav singhaniya, sammy sir will keep u busy at least for 3 hours.. Have a nice headache with a almost studied project.." She turns around, n widen her eyes as labourer started packing their stuff "Arre, where r u going..?? We just started to rest the things.." They looks at each other "But ma'am, sir said..
"Ohh it's in his nature.. He's a perfect Coconut Singhaniya.." They stare at her confusingly "uh-huh I mean Arrogant personality but soft from hea... She stopped "Anyways let's start the work.." She said with a grin 

After 4 Hours:
"I can't believe sammy, you did all this only bcz she said.." Raghav shook his head causing sammy to stop on his tracks "you knew it.." Sammy asked, causing raghav to smirk "Sammy, I'm Raghav Singhaniya.." He said b4 walking towards his room "but y u did it..?? U know I was wasting ur tym with that project..?" 
Raghav smiles Smalley "Bcz I want her to take this initiative for me.. For us..(he muttered to himself..) Without showing her that I too want her to show her every right on my room.."  Sammy just stare at him for a moment "Are you the same Raghav Singhaniya..?" He asked causing raghav to shook his head "My annoying wife made me mentally sick.." They both laughs "you love her raghav.." He stayed mum, wen sammy keep his hand on her shoulder "I know you do, I just want both of you happy raghav.. I don't even know how happy I'm to see u n ur chatter box lyk this.. I missed this side of Raghav Singhaniya for whole 15 long years may be 31 i guess you never aware of this side of urs too.." "Sam.." Raghav glare at him causing him to raise his hands up "Joking dude, n about those papers..
"I'm not going to tell her the truth.. In any case, these are not important anymore.."
S: you sure..?? But what about paakhi..??
R shook his head "After all this, if she even tried to come close to kalpi.. She'll regret..!!" Sammy sighed "just destroy those papers.." Sammy nods "but one copy is still with Paakhi.." "Sammy.." "Understood.. Right away sir.." He said with a wink b4 leaving..

The moment Raghav entered in his stopped, studied each n every corner to test what his drama queen has did to his room, d only thing was intact in place was his huge round bed.. Rest chest drawers, book shelf, laptop desk, stool, recliner, bean bag.. "Huff.. I never thought I've so many things in my room."
"It's bcz you're ignorant singhaniya.." Her instant replied came, he turn his face to left to watch her, she was sitting on d couch, ohh which still in its correct place, watching him with a smile.. He folded his arms in front of his chest, stare her blankly "Don't act lyk u don't lyk it.." She got up n walk up to him "you told me to feel free.. So
"So, you just freed all the things of my room.."
"Well not all.. Ur bed is intact, ur I me and myself photographs and most important ur COUCH FROM ITALY.. I don't even touch them.." He raise his brow looking at the things she just mention "well, thank you so much for this huge favour kalpi.." She twitched her right eyes n turns her back on him "fyn, will change all this by tomorrow.." He smile b4 wrapping his arms around her waist n resting his chin on her shoulder "That won't be needed.." He whispered, "so you lyk it.." After a long pause he only hummed "Bappa, Rakshas Singhaniya.. You're such a emotionally challenged person.. You don't even know how to compliment your wife.."  He kissed her on her cheek "off course. I know.." She turn to face him "Really..?? Then say in a one statement how you feel wen you saw ur room.." They stared each other for a moment "Come on raghav singhaniya, you can do this.." She muttered, "off course i can.." He hold her hands "Kalpi.. Wen I saw this room.. My thoughts were... He stopped, she nods in order to encourage him "your thoughts were..??
"My thoughts were... How beautifully you ruined my room.." Her mouth were left open, while raghav smirk inwardly "how's it..??" He asked innocently causing her to shook her head "HORRIBLE.." He smiles teasingly "you enjoyed a lot teasing me na.. You're impossible raghav singhaniya.." She turns to walk up to bed n laid down.. "Boring Rakshas Singhaniya.." She muttered d moment she feels him to join her in bed b4 taking her in his arms n kissing on her forehead..!! She sighed b4 kissing on his chest "y r u so boring raghav Singhaniya.." She finally asked "bcz you're so unromantic chatter box.." She snapped her head up 'I'm not unromantic, you'll see very soon..!! With that she hugged him more tightly "I love you.." With that she closed her eyes, causing him to hug her back protectively n they slept in each other arms...!!!

Kalpi fluttered her eyes, n her brows scrunched almost immediately wen she didn't find him next to her, she snapped her eyes open, n sat up but b4 she got up he surprised her by sitting on d chair, besides her side, she looks at him confusingly, he stood up sat in front of her "You know how beautiful you look wen you sleep.." He said b4 brushing d strays away from her face, "Morning.." Saying so he gives a long lingering kiss on her forehead, b4 hugging her tightly while kalpi just shock, she broke d hug "Did you just compliment me..??" She again keep her palm on his forehead "Stop kalpi.. I'm trying.." He said annoyingly causing her to smile.. She cupped his cheek "you don't have to try raghav Singhaniya.. I love you the way u are..!! 
Then y u change my room.?? He snapped "bappa..!! Are u for real raghav..?? 
"Well I guess yes..!!" Was his instant reply she sighed "you want me to do that..?? Don't you.." He studied her face for a long tym "yes.." "Finally.." She said b4 hugging him "you know you're a different creature.." He smiles "I know.. Now get ready I've a surprise.." 
Huh..?? Rak..
"Kalpana.." He warned her b4 she again start her rant r u ok rakshas singhaniya.. She simply gulps b4 making her way to washroom...!!!

Kalpi still in d kitchen preparing his so usual breakfast, while he was still getting ready in their room, wen door bell rang, she snapped her head towards the door, "kaka.." She shouts while Ramu immediately follows her voice n opens d door n next moment two young boys stood asking for Raghav Singhaniya.. Informing raghav about the same, Raghav just ask them to come in his room, while gauri was quietly watching everything with a small smile.. After half an hour "Maa.." Kalpi interrupt her thoughts "You tea, and toast.." "Thanks beta.." She smiled "who... B4 kalpi asked anything as she watched those boys were leaving the mansion n raghav calls her.. She looks at gauri, while gauri just smile "Congratulations kalpana raghav singhaniya.. Your husband finally wants you to be a part of his lyf.." Kalpi looks at her confusingly b4 making her way to their bedroom...!!! 

Kalpi entered in d room, it was dark, she frowns as windows are also closed dark curtains were hiding the sunlight, she stood still as she just closed d doors d moment she enters "Raghav Singhaniya..?? No response.. Her heart literally thumping against her chest, her body tensed up "Rag... Might be he understands her perfectly b4 she completes he stood behind her holding her protectively from her waist "I'm here.." She just leaned back d moment she heard him, feels his touch.. "You scared me.." She confessed softly, causing him to kiss her in d corner of her mouth "Just a surprise chatter box..", "And if I won't lyk ur surprise na rakshas singhaniya for the whole month you'll going to eat vada paav for ur dinner.." He chuckled "Won't happen kalpana raghav singhaniya..." With that he just reach to the switch n turn on d lights.. She blink her eyes for a moment but froze the moment she saw what he did.. She still remember that his rooms walls clearly shouts such a big I me and myself he is.. And he actually changed it.. Just above his bed the photo used to be The big size poster of his replaced by the equal size of their wedding photo.. It's too huge..!! 'Over showing Singhaniya' with that she turns her eyes around n too surprise his every photograph replaced by their.. Engagements, mehndi, haldi, Wedding photographs, n the only photo which catches her attention was their childhood picture, they both were seated in d temple, her maths notebook was in front of her, while his face was annoyed may be they were arguing again..!! she smiles took a step forward, she still remembers vikram uncle clicked this photo while saying them that 'This photo will be special the moment you realise how good frnds you would be if you just try' she smiles with teary eyes touching d PIC with her fingertips.. She turns around to face him, he was just smiling there, he shrugs "Just wanted to congratulate you, that your Rakshas Singhaniya, finally wants his chatter box for forever.. That with your annoying behaviour you finally  able to rule this room...


He come close to her 'OUR ROOM'.." He said looking straight into her eyes.. She again looks around 'It's actually their room, each n every corner was showing it's their room...' "Why this change raghav..??" She finally asked 'I'm not Changing myself kalpi, I'm just giving u d best opportunity to being a part of my life..to being a part of raghav Singhaniya's life " He said with tease but this tease she won't mind as what she was feeling he doesn't even know, she touched his right cheek he looks at her confusingly "Raghav.." Tear rolls down from her eyes, his expression hardens n b4 he reacts she closed his eyes with her left hand, raising on her toes, her lips touched to his it wasn't that need, passion it was her love, slow, sensuous while he matches with her kissing her as if feeling every emotion she was feeling, they didn't touch each other, but their lips were... After a minute or two she pulls away slowly removing her hand from his eyes, resting her forehead on his, their eyes never leaving each other "I Love you.." She confessed in a whisper while a tear fell from her eyes, his jaws clenched he wipe it with his thumb b4 he asked "It's just, I never feels I hold this much of importance in anyone's lyf.." His expression soften, she laughs weakly "Specially in your lyf Rakshas Singhaniya.." With that she hugs him tightly..!! She remembers what raghav said this morning that it's depends on her subconscious to remember as it's on her subconscious to whom she wants to forget n not..!! But what if she forgets him 'No..' But he's doing all this so that things work b/w us what if she forget.. "No.." Raghav broke the hug "kalpi..?" He cupped her face, she shook her head clutching his shirt tightly
"Please, Don't make me to forget you raghav, I want you in my life for forever Raghav... Pls don't...  "I won't.." He interjected b4 hugging her tightly "I promise kalpi.. I won't make u forget me.."

"Now what raghav Singhaniya..",she asked confusingly as after almost for an hour staying in each other arms, promised each n everything now they are in front of his wardrobe.. "I'm ready to share everything with you kalpi.." She looks at him "from room to washroom, n from bed to ... Wardrobe.." She widen her eyes.. You sure..?? He smiles b4 pecking her lips "Damn, you n ur assurance woman.. I'm damn sure, Now please start.." He said b4 stepping back..!!! She looks at him b4 looking back at his wardrobe which she never opened never means never.. "R u sure "kalpana.." He said causing her to gulp, she opens d wardrobe... D moment she slides d door her eyes widen more than ever as from his clothes to shoes, shoes to watches everything in place that too so perfectly.. She turns to face him "you cheater.." His eyebrows scrunched "i don't follow.." 
K: off course you not.. You have such a big i mean huge almirah still u didn't allow me to share it.." He rolls his eyes "I'm allowing you know kalpi.." 
K' that's not d point, point is from past 2 months.. I'm suffering from this wife violence "what..?? He almost shouted causing her to think what she said..?? "Umm whatever I want an apology for this.." "Kalpana.." "You know what raghav singhaniya i feel bad bcz I was using my that so called bag for my clothes while here u enjoying all this all..." "Selfish singhaniya.. Wait not fish you're a big animal what he called 
"Kalpana Stop.. Y you..
"All ok.." Gauri interrupts causing them to look at her "Maa.. Everything is fyn" kalpi said with a teasing smile while gauri understood she was just in her teasing mood with his rakshas singhaniya.." Gauri nods "Raghav, sammy called up in landline number you've a meeting within 25 minutes and.. 
"What..? Again kalpi started "Raghav Singhaniya I know this room is equally mine lyk urs but though I always said don't make me mean it that u actually don't care about ur office so just... 
"Kalpana.." Raghav n gauri both interrupts while she pouted, shooking her head gauri left.. "Now let's leave we..
"No.." She interrupt him "it's ur meeting with them n being a marking head What I need to do his heading all d various source of promotion which I can do from home as well.. So leave raghav singhaniya.." He looks at her "you know I want you there..?? You're behaving lyk Mrs. Singhaniya not lyk a marketing head.." 
"Hell yes.. I AM MRS. RAGHAV SINGHANIYA, so y you expect me to behave differently Whatsoever event are planned I'll plan it for the best.. So don't worry.. I'll give my best in this.. N sides I want to prepare my new wardrobe as well.." She said with a grin, he smiles b4 pecking her on forehead "Tum jaanti ho na tum ajeeb ho kalapna..?"  She smiles Smalley "Hmm but aapse zyada nae raghav singhaniya.." They laughs hugging each other

Singhaniya Construction
Raghav's smiles looking at the phone he bought for kalpi, thinking about finally after almost more than a month he's able to text his annoying wife.. He's able to continue their chats.. Wen his office door opened n kalpi stood their with a blank expression.. "Kalpi.." He whispered getting up from his seat making his way to d door "kalpi..?? Y you didn't tell me you're coming.. Y you... His questions were ignored d moment she looked in his face, studied it for a long tym.. She never thought she ever know about this.. In his wardrobe..?? "Kalpi.." He shook her breaking her thoughts, now she was seating in his chair while he kneeling in front of her, "I never thought I found out lyk this raghav.." She said blankly "I never thought, that you.. She stopped while a tear rolled down from her eyes causing his body tensed up 'As nobody knows about what he did except paakhi, him n sammy then how.. "Kalpi.. I can explain.." He said in an urgency "that's y m here raghav, I want you to explain.." She said as theirs a hint of love in her eyes again..
"Kalpi... paakhi and I..
Who..??? She asked almost immediately his expression changes wen she reached to her purse n takes out a red cloth.. His expression changes and again a small smile starts forming in his lips.. Holding that thing in her hands they stare each other for a long minute "so now you know about this.." She smiles b4 resting her  palm on his cheek "I know about this.. Still i want to know y.. I never thought I found it not specially it comes to you.." He smiles b4 brushing his lips on her palm he slowly remove the red cloth from bappa's small idol.. Yes she found out the same bappa's idol in his wardrobe which she given him wen he was leaving India.. 16 years ago, she asked her bappa to protect her gauri maa n her raghav singhaniya.. N after 16 yrs it's here intact... "I.. You ask him to protect us.. N your bappa did, You were always special kalpi.. Since d day we first met, till now.. Always.. It's with me bcz I never want to forget you.. I never want to forget that girl, who always fights with me, that tigress who used to fight with me till I never accept that fyn you're right. "Which never happens I'm the best singhaniya.." She said with a chuckle 
R: well that's true, bcz I'm always the best you know
She rolls her eyes "still I want this Mad woman besides me, for her stupidity, for her carelessness, for her antiques, for her drama.. I want to you always besides me kalpi.." Her expression changes "you think m stupid raghav singhaniya..??" 
He huffed "out of all you only listen to this.." She pouted "yes.." He got up "great.. Now if you're done Mrs. Singhaniya I've a lot of pending work to do excuse me.." He said bluntly 
She twitched her eyes "Arrogant Singhaniya.." With that she left 
"Sammy sir.." Kalpi called him "ohh so, chatter box.. Finally change ur Rakshas Singhaniya' room.." She grin b4 nodding "Now I want one last help from you.." 
S: And what's that..?? 
K: I.. I want to organise his birthday.. I mean only for us.. I mean..
S: Ohh will do that bhabhi.. 
No I'm gonna do that for him..!! Just make sure he doesn't knw.. N I will need a lot support from u sammy sir..
"Always there" he said with a big smile 

Precap: karwachauth n his birthday n  ahem ahem

P.s. i know this suppose to be the coming precap but the pressure is too high to end this ff still try to cover each n everything  still tried to show they start accepting each other.. Moreover ragav taking the initiative.. hopefully will give you next update by tomorrow..!! See ya..!! Sorry, if u not able to connect with this part..!!!

P.P.S. I'm very bad in office romance, so that's y i skipped office part girls..!!! LOL

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