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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 65)

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Originally posted by gargdia

Originally posted by Sh0Nali

@santhi want help, aur ek disadvantages ge bt naam kya du ni samaj aa rhaConfused help me
raghav hamesha phne todata he n sumtym phne fekne ki baat karna in short phne breaker singhaniaLOL, bt dis name is nt perfect name. Kuch soch naOuch

m suggest kru?Embarrassed

han sureBig smile

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hope kalpi remembers everything...

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Thank you Note: (I think this is d best idea to replying to ur comments ek sath.. Glad m finally able to connect with you darling readers..!!) 

Firstly Thank you so much for all the lyks and comments..!!! I know most of you are confused as what d hell just happend with chatter box..?? But it was important you will know in d part m going to update..!! So chilaaxxx you'll get ur answers girls...!!! And yes Thank u for lyking pakya n kalpi's dialogue d most..!! Hug

About comments: 

@falak: girl m definitely not angry with you.. I have a very special place in my heart for raghav singhaniya whether it was a majboor one or arrogant one.. Isilie mere raghav ki burraee mjhse bardasht naee hoti..!! Coming to update glad you lyk it.. N you said u love raghav aww.. I love you thoda sa extra for this.. HugLOL

@shona: Lol my stalker.. You'll be always at first place for me.. Hug Mwaah so chill..!! Hehe glad u got the tie blooper oops i mean answer..!! Ho y that reaction about raghav n his hallucinations..??? N glad u lyk, kalpi n raghav part.. N RaKCh convo.. Pakya ka phone.. Lol haan haan meri bhavishyavani ki dukaan LOL you were right wo prem hi th.. Yeah kamla ki punishment abhi baaki hai.. She's going to suffer same way lyk kalpi.. Aww glad u lyk kalpi's dialogues n their room convo (kalpi ki dialogue writer leave se wapas aa gaee h na..) Embarrassed
I was lyk ROFL wen I read last para of ur comment about paakhi n swweet girl. But don't worry in memory loss kalpi would never give up on her rakshas singhaniya.. Promise.. 
And about ur PS my ps reader.. Just wait for another 15 minutes you get all ur answers  in coming chapter...!!! Thank you so much for this lovely comment shona.. Love the emo.. Love you...!!! Hug

@niru; thanks.. You'll get to know what happened to kalpi

@lolor; lolor you know what koi majboor naee hu tum, so pls don't angry on him..   My  oor rakshas singhaniya... LOLEmbarrassed Lol you hate sorry bcz of RakCh.. Aww glad u remember ema days by raghav's hallucinations.. Aww thanks wese ye meri bhi wish th k kamla ko punishment usi k hisaab se mile.. Abhi to bht kch baaki hai.. About ur questions coming chappy n about neel he only listen kalpi's side of convo that she was screaming what do u want y u want to kill me n ol.. So being a chotu sa kid he presume whatever his mind says... Hehe RakCh bhi ajeeb hai pehle bcz of them u hate sorry n now bcz of them you says it's not a bad word hehe what a change girl..!! Soon you got all answers very soon...!!! Thanks for lyking d update n yes ab pls gayab mat ho jaana... Mwaah Hug

@sunnyy: Lol sunny will definitely add apology n redemption singhaniya in d list of names rakshas already have.. N about kalpi, coming chappy n kamla n paakhi have to face a lot more wait girly.. N about famous boxers.. Well they will disappear on Raghav's special day  Wink*wink*  about ur questions wait darling soon very soon..!! Thank you so much wolfiee.. Mwah Hug

@bricka: hehe well de dia prem ko tumhari tarf se bhi dhishum dhishum.. N about ur questions u'l get the answers soon.. Hehe bacteria naee hai btaya to tha mighty raghav singhaniya h wo..!!! Wink

@nikkiarora: thank you dear..!! N got ur pm n replied u as well.. N about kalpi's behaviour u know in coming update..!! Big smile

@kalbhavs: hey bhavna, firstly love ur comment n by calling me sugs u remind me one of my fvrt reader whom i miss very badly 'kiara' anyways about kalpi.. Yup she forgot about them n ur confusion will clear in coming chappy for sure..!! N about rigid raghav.. Well he will confess on kalpi's special day in his style.. So wait darling.. And about paakhi her part will end soon with journey's end..!! Thanks again for lyking d update girly.hell Hug

@riaka; Lol i was laughing lyk hell reading ROFLd first line of ur comment that memory loss case goes to kalpi hehe good one..!! Yup kind of partial memory loss but y they didn't know u will get to know in coming chapyy thank you so much for lyking the updare deary..!!! Hug

@dimple: dimple firstly confession i was waiting for ur comment on d previous one as u u'l going to handle what rakshas did himself but it never came.. *heartbrk* n now finally u back with ur comment.. *grin* ohh you n rakshas singhaniya sorry.. LOL Huh...??? What..??? Really...??? Pakya...?? Naah yr what she achieved till now in her relation is d best brother n father.. I won't shade their characters in grey ever..!! So don't worry pakya is just showing concern for his sister u will know in coming update..!! Hehe I know u r not only little very bias towards raghav...!! Wink Don't worry rakshas singhaniya won't loose his charm till d end.. Wo end tak aisa hi rahega RAKSHAS hehe Promise...!!!! Thank you darling. !! Hug

@santhi: firstly what I lyk most in ur comment was ur reaction about kalpi forgets about kamla.. ROFLROFL Loved it.. N mere raghav ko stupid mat kaho bcz this is d major effect on him living with a confused soul.. LOL Agreed.. He was maha rude wen gauri or neel interrupted.. Hmm baby you already reach there that what happend to kalpi still wait for coming chappy, well neel ka sara credit tumhe jata hai.. As I actually forgot about him until you ask that where he vanished all of sudden so I give him raghav"s competitor role.. WinkLOL N by d way kalpi will soon knows that how rakshas singhaniya treated his kaddu wen she was unconscious..  Yeah  karma is bitch know... Abhi to bht jhelna hai kamla n paakhi ko wait n watch deary...!!! Aww koi naee baby sirf journey khatam hogi I wish you all remember RakCh as always *fibgers crossed* And epilogue bhaisaab I cant even explain in words what a wonderful readers I have  got lot of PM's n now m afraid how m going to show every reader demands in that maha epi.. Bht mehnat krni pdegi.. Thank you so much for this lovely comment santhi *secret* tum bht wait krati ho aaj kal  comments k lie...*cry..* but ur comments always worth to wait girly love it.. Love you...!!!! Hug

@rani: yes, u guessed it right it was prem.. And FYI you were partly right in this guessing game what raghav was hiding par pls do repeat that line naee to mera suspense aise hi reh jaayega.. LOL Ohh not too worry darling paakhi n kamla will get their punishment for sure..!!  Lol sbko sammy ka hi dukh lg ra h.. Koi naee she will remember him soon.. Aww glad you love ragna moment girl.. N about kalpi you"ll know in comming chappy.. Thank you..?!!!! Hug

@nandinisai, @caur, @veerameenakshi, @eishe, @natasha, @abxtez, @ragnafavour: thank you for commenting n lyking d update girls n about kalpi you'll get to know in coming chappy..!! TongueHug

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Well it was an unexpected update, blame my health for that.. As m not well so m on leave today so y rest wen i ve an another best thing to do writing RakCh story.. LOL Enjoy.. Apologies if u feel unconnected with this one as i just write it in 5 hours so if not upto mark don't blame me blame my health LOL


Part 52: Back on Track: A TYPICAL RakCh After Marriage...!!!

"Are you sure you wanna do this raghav" Sammy asked over the phone with a deep concern
Raghav smiles sadly n looked at his annoying wife, as for past 10 minutes she's trying hard to pick a perfect tie for him, her eyes only on his tie cabinet while he just stares at her b4 sighing "I'm sure sammy, She has to know what I did.. I can't loose her Not Now, Not ever.." 
S: Raghav, these papers might destroy ur relation with her, r u ready for this huge risk..?? Sammy asked frantically 
He smile sadly, looking at kalpi "I'm ready, bcz then I won't regret that I hide my fears of loosing her, I want her to know me, how deep I can go just to make her smile, only to make her mine.." He didn't even know wen those words out from his mouth as he still looking at his chatter box.. "Think again raghav as you're sounding lyk you love her and... Sammy stop smiling at the thought might be correct "you love her??" he asked again wen raghav smiles "I DO.." He merely whispered n at d same tym kalpi raise her eyes up at him, their eyes met, he was smiling lovingly looking at her, she can't help but smiles back to him "you said something..?" She asked, he smirk b4 shooking his head, kalpi scrunched her brows b4 looking back at tie she selects for him, she sighed n nods b4 taking steps towards him "I'll meet you at office directly Sam, I want those papers in my chamber wen I reached there.." With that he hung up and the moment kalpi helps in tieing his tie, he hold her waist after studying her expression as her only concentration on his tie, he pulls her towards him, causing her to gasp, n widen her eyes "Raghav Singhaniya, what are u doing leave me.." She struggles "Rag... She stopped the moment his lips brushes d corner of her mouth, she hold her shoulder tightly, closed her eyes.. "You don't even know what u mean to me kalpi.." He whispered causing her to open her eyes to meet his, they share a long eyelock wen he breaks it first by kissing her forehead "Go, Get ready we're going office.." She widen her eyes "Really.. Bappa.." She looks up at the ceiling b4 resting her palm on raghav's forehead, checking it twice as if he's ok or not "What are you doing.." He asked confusingly "Wo.. actually my dominating yet demanding husband cum bossy singhnaiya, who fired me on d very next day of my wedding.." She pouted gaining a glare from raghav "I'm suppose to join back office after 6 months, then y u change ur plans only after 2 months raghav Singhaniya..?" She asked excitedly, he sighed "unbelievable.." He said shooking his head "You know what, you're right you don't even deserve to be in office with these stupid taunts.. Do one thing just stay here, n write that stupid diary of urs.. I'm going.." He turns to leave "That's very rude Rakshas Singhaniya.." She almost shouted, he turn to face her "So what you want me to say a sugar coated words, Is that really difficult for u that I want to spend most of the tym with my wife,.." He said annoyingly gaining a small smile from her "you want to spend tym with me..?" She asked in a whispered while lowered her eyes with a slight blush but now she purely ruined his romantic yet dominating mood "Now, m taking you office bcz I make sure that you don't run here n there lyk a mad woman as no one can handle u expect me..  She makes a perfect o shape mouth "Ruthless Singhaniya how dare you.." He rolls his eyes turns to leave wen she hold his hand, their eyes met as she took a step towards him "you still don't trust me right..??" She asked sadly, he sighed b4 cupping her face "I don't..." "What d heck raghav singhaniya.. Now you're seriously being rude.." She snapped, she's about to shrug his hand wen "OK.. It's not lyk that, but after what happened, I want you with me, n you also want to join office no, so what's d problem now.." 
She gulps "You really want me there with you..?" She asked resting her hands on his which still cupped her face, "Badly, I badly want you besides me 'All the tym'" she smirk, she slowly took a step back, b4 releasing her from his grasp "well if m joining office again, then I let you know that being your Personal Secretary I still not forgot what you did bossy singhaniya.. So you finally agreed that you want me with you not bcz of my carelessness but bcz you.. She stopped they both look at each other for a moment wen she clears her throat "Well.. Now that's make a score Chatter Box 1 Rakshas Singhaniya 0.." She grins resting her hand on her waist, he shot a glare towards her "kalpana.." With gritted teeth he took a step towards her causing her to run towards the washroom with widen eyes "I'm still the best Raghav Singhaniya, will see you at dinning area within 15 minutes.." She said b4 closing d door with a big smile 'I love you raghav singhaniya..' She whispered to herself on other hand he shook his head "Mad Woman.." He said b4 smiling at d thought how they going to live a peaceful, happy, loving life if they both behaving with each other lyk this always but deep down in his heartless heart he knows this is d thing which makes their relationship more strong, they don't need anyone, they are with each other to care, to understand, to fight, to critic, and moreover To love.. His expression changes as the thought how she's going to react wen he tell her the truth behind their marriage, will she understand, will she forgive me..?? 

Raghav enters in their room, as it's almost half an hour kalpi still didn't show up at dinning area, he stop as she was adjusting her neckpiece while her eyes roaming around, he can tell that she's doing something n her mind is somewhere else, he shook his head 'confused soul' with that he walks up to her, she stood still d moment, he stood behind her, they both look at each other through d mirror n wordlessly she drop her hands allowing him to help her, he help her with neckpiece while their eyes never leaving each other, wen he done with the neckpiece they both can see a strange fear in each other eyes, he understands that he scared that how she gonna react wen she know wht he did but y there's fear in her eyes n b4 he asked she turn to hug him tightly, too tight.. Raghav frowned but immediately hug her back "Kalpi.. He stopped as she shook her head b4 breaking d hug, their eyes met, she cupped his face "I can't leave you.. Ever.. I'm not going to leave you.." She whispered b4 hugging him again.. And this tym he broke the hug, make her sit on d side table b4 kneeling in front of her, her eyes were still on their hands as he hold her hand tightly 'may be never let her go' she smiles sadly with the thought "kalpi..??" She looks up at him, he stayed quite as she open her mouth to say "I.. Pakya dada haven't come yet..?? Do you think he's angry about yesterday..?" Raghav frowned, b4 shooking his head "y he would be here..?" Kalpi look at him confusingly "Arre, what's wrong with you raghav singhaniya, I told u na whatever happened yesterday after that I want to meet him, so he's coming here to pick me up.. I want to clarify things.." 
R pursed his lips "but you're coming with me.. Office.. We just had a word about this.." Now it's her tym to frown, "Office..?? No, I told you that pakya dada is coming and... She stopped as seeing raghav confused she sighed "wait.. Let me call dada.. Where's my phone, was searching that thing from last 20 minutes.." She said to herself, raghav gulps "use my phone.." He said too horrified to remind her again that it got damaged n in office he planned everything for her, still she nods n dials pakya's number n turn on d speaker in second ring he picks up d call n b4 he speaks she started "Dada, I called you an hour ago, where r u..?? Y are you not reached here yet..?? While raghav literally praying that pakya's answer would be anything but not what he was thinking n his hope crushed wen "Kalpu..?? Kya bol rahi hai..?? When did you call me..??  pakya answers confusingly, raghav clenched his jaws, as d moment he saw hurt expression kalpi wears, he immediately cuts d call, she looks up at him "I sure, I called him raghav Singhaniya.. I... B4 she completes raghav hugged her tightly b4 keeping his hand on d back of her head n kissing her on her hairs, this strange fear was killing him still he's satisfied that he divert her mind by commanding her that he's coming to office with him...!!!

The journey was silent until kalpi asked that y dada said she didn't call him..?? Raghav sighed b4 looking at her "he might be busy so may be he forgot, after all nobody wants to wake the lady dabang in you.." He teased, gaining a small smile still it wasn't reaching to her eyes, he hold her hand he remember pakya n kalpi's yesterday convo as may be she's saying d truth, may be pakya was actually angry but wen he remember pakya's statement "Do you know who's pallavi, kalpi..?" He asked softly causing her to frown "Pallavi.." She repeats d name, as if she heard it somewhere but where exactly, after a minute or two, she shook her head "No, why..??" Raghav to shook his head "just asking..?" She raise her brows "you're asking about women directly to ur wife.. Don't expect me to give you a bravery award for this.. I'm not afraid of you singhaniya.." He looks at her amusingly "Are you somewhere near to jea...
No..." Her instant reply came, he smile b4 raising her hand brushing her lips on d back of her hand "fyn.. Bcz There's no need to be jealous I'm very much happy with my annoying wife.." He confessed softly causing her smile "you better be happy, dominating husband.." Saying so she rested her head on his shoulder    

Singhaniya Construction  
"Raghav.." She said in d same warning tone.. While raghav looks at sammy who was smiling looking at both of them "Kalpana listen...
"No.. I want hike, I'm not going to work here as ur personal secretary if you only pay me 5000 bucks pm lyk earlier.." She clarifies "I want hike a proper hike in my salary.. Do you even know whose ur personal secretary "I.." Kalpana vithal jadav.. 
"Singhaniya.." She turns with wide eyes, while sammy just smiled stupidly as The Mighty Raghav Singhaniya corrects her wife for the very first tym  about her identity.. "It's Kalpana Raghav Singhaniya.." He said softly she smiles looking at sammy who lowered his eyes 'Aww how sweet my rakshas Singhaniya." With that thought she clears her throat "yes I.. Kalpana raghav singhaniya.. I used to be a market manager my salary was 12 times more than that.. I'm not going to work here lyk this, in such a low package.."
R: "So u want hike..",
Yes" was her instant response, he sighed "Kalpana.. 
"Bhabhi, atleast listen to him what he wants to say.." She looks at sammy with a deadly glare "ok.. Don't listen" Sammy muttered "What..?" Raghav almost shouted "so Ragh..
"No.." This tym Raghav interjected b4 holding her hand n making his way to a room in his chamber d moment he open d wooden door, kalpi froze it was her cubical, she took two steps b4 reaching to d name plate, she smiles as KALPANA SINGHANIYA.." written on a wooden plate with golden letters, n same moment he wrap his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder "So, Chatter box.. You're not only going to get a fair hike on your compensation but also u get back your position as Marketing Head.." He said kissing d back of her neck causing her to smile.. "I thought May be I always left lyk either your personal secretary or Mrs. Raghav Singhaniya.." She confessed softly his body tensed up he turn her to face him "This is what you thought about me.." She shook her head "This is what I used to thought about myself till now.." He cupped her face "This is what you deserve kalpi.. I agreed I hired you only to teased you, that if you mess with raghav singhaniya, then you've to bear the consequences.. I'm sorry if these things feels lyk you don't... She keep her hand on his mouth "I love you.." He smiles b4 hugging her "you scared me chatter box.." She smiles b4 hugging her back..!!!

Two hours later.. 
Kalpi is still making plans of all the promotional events, for xyz project while raghav took a deep breath b4 entering on her cubical with set of papers, she looks up at him with a smile "you suppose to knock wen you enter in someone's cabin raghav singhaniya.." She teased causing him to smirk "Well I'm d boss here.." She rolls her eyes "Mr. I me and myself.." He took a step towards her resting those papers on d edge of her desk, his expression changes, she looks at d papers b4 looking at him "What's wrong raghav...??" She asked while rose up n coming close to him "I know it feels strange to ask again n again.. But do you trust me kalpi.." "Off course I do.." Was her instant reply causing him to smile b4 he engulfed her in his arms they stayed still.. While she can listen his heartbeat clearly still stay calm.. She broke the hug "Raghav...
"Kalpi.. These papers.. I... Pause.. Paakhi n I... Pause... She frowns "who..??" He looks at her "kalpi, you know wen I was here back in India, I didn't trust anyone.. Not even you.. Things happened, we get close, then... He bite his lower lip b4 shooking his head "I can't.." He whispers.. She slowly raise her hand to keep it in his heart, he closed his eyes "I'm scared kalpi.. I'm scared" He whispered while tears form in her eyes "Raghav..??" She whispered too confused to react but seeing him so helpless for the second tym is a big shock.. He opens his eyes cupped her face "Kalpi I...
Knock Knock 
She close her eyes irritatingly, she looks at raghav make him sit on her chair.. "Just give me a minute.." She said b4 kissing him on his forehead.. She opens d door a guy was there handing her a file, she thank him b4 turning to face raghav.. With a sighed she keeps that file besides those papers, she came n stand in front of him wen he wrap his arms around her waist resting his face on her tummy, she keep her hand on d back of his head "Now you're scaring me raghav singhaniya.." He smile sadly b4 brushing his lips on her bare waist, she gasp n took a step back, he look at her while she lowered her eyes, she gulps, he feels strange but stood up n hold the papers to tell her the truth, wen he stopped as his gaze fell on d file rested next to those papers.. He hold it n looks at her "What's this.." He asked confusingly, kalpi looks at the file b4 looking back at raghav... "Umm pallavi.. I just want to meet this girl for dada, so I hired a private investigator for this.. It's all d details about her..."
Raghav clenched his jaws "but you said you don't know her.." Kalpi looks at him confusingly "what..?? I never told u anything about her, I plan to meet her first, but y u asked me at first place, how do u know her..??" She asked with a deep frown 

"What are we doing raghav singhaniya.."
Kalpi asked holding his hand tightly, raghav was also scared to answer her, "regular check up kalpi..,"
K: then y they did my brain's x-ray.. Y we are waiting for the reports.. 
R: it's head injury, we can't take it lightly..
K: but u said it's a regular check up  
R: it's been only 2 days u r back in ur senses, but neither any of us calls a doctor nor u tried to take help from the nurse, who suppose to take care of you at least a week.." She pouted as her dominating husband literally scolding her "that's not my mistake, First it was you who kept me busy with ur so called apologies n all n then that.. That... She frowns "what's his name.. That sweet girl who called you in d morning her brother's name.."Raghav clenched his jaws "one: you don't need to remember about that bast*d name, n two: She's not a sweet girl.. Stop saying that.. B4 I forget about my sweetness towards you.." Kalpi just smile at his anger.. "Angry bird.." She muttered "Mr. Singhaniya.." Nurse calls raghav, they both stood up n about to enter doctor's room wen nurse stop kalpi "I'm sorry Mrs. Singhaniya.. But doctor needs to talk with your husband only.." She looks at raghav, who was just as scared as raghav, he just give a long lingering kiss on her forehead "I'll be back.. "No.." She said defiantly, raghav sighed "please.." He pleaded for the first tym, she closed her eyes "I'm scared.." He smiles "don't be, your Rakshas singhaniya is here just few steps away.. I'll be right back.." She nods, he looked at d nurse "Take care of her.." Nurse nods with a small smile..

Raghav just stared at the doctor, while holding his wife's report, doctor just shook his head "It's case partial dementia Agnosia amnesia Mr. Singhaniya.." "Kalpana needs a special care, attention most importantly keep her away from any kind of stress or depression..." 
R; Do you think she forgets me with time..
Doctor shook his head "You're not understanding d situation Mr. Singhaniya.. Kalpana is suffering from a partial memory loss as in having an inability to recognise certain things, objects and persons, she remembers half of her life while forgets the other half.. As in this depends on d brain function she only forget those ones with whom she never connects, with whom she never able to interact her heart out.. Raghav shook his head unable to understand anything "How this problem will cure doctor..??" He asked 
Doctor sighed "Depends upon the patient as 
"She's not a patient.." He interjects "she's my wife kalpana raghav singhaniya.." 
D; I'm sorry, but what i meant is it depend on Mrs. Singhaniya only, how she respond to certain things/person, depends what person gives her the trust that they won't hurt her.. Still m writing d prescription it will help but slowly as this disease cause her by stress or depression so i can't prescribed her strong medication... 

Singhaniya Mansion 
Kalpi was still in gauri's room, but she didn't know what went wrong, everything was perfect then all this..?? As in d moment he came out from d doctor's room, he was silent, throughout the drive back to home, n now he just wanted to be alone for sometime, n wordlessly she was out from his room...!!! N gauri do realise the tension b/w them so she takes kalpi to her room
"Kalpi.." Gauri words bring her back to reality "Talk to him beta.." Kalpi looks at gauri "y he's behaving lyk this maa..?? Y he always behave lyk this at one minute he's perfect n in other minute he just want nothing, he's lyk a stone... Gauri sighed "I told you kalpi, he might be damn strong or a monster wen he starts hurting someone but wen it comes to his own family, he behaves lyk a stubborn child who just want an assurance that you never leaves him.. He just want that assurance kalpi...!!! She nods b4 getting up from the bed... Kalpi" she stopped at gauri's voice she turn to face her "Just to let u know beta after a week There are two very imp. Occasions you need to prepare for.." She looks at her confusingly causing gauri to smile "Karvachauth and luckily your dominating husband's birthday fells on d same day.. Be prepared.." Gauri said with a big smile making kalpi heartbeat fasten "his birthday.." She muttered to herself b4 blushes profusely at her thought..  

Kalpi entered in their room, closed d door b4 locking it soundlessly.. She froze d moment she saw him sitting on d couch, his hands covering his face, she slowly walks up to him b4 kneeling in front of him, slowly remove his hands from his face, their eyes met "you've been crying Raghav singhaniya...", she asked as if she dead d moment she seen d lone yet dried tear "Raghav.." She cupped his face "are you going to forget me kalpi..??" He asked coldly causing her to look at him confusingly "Ragh..
"ANSWER ME.." he roared making her flinch at his tone, he hold her arms "Are you to forget me, our childhood memories, our first meeting, our fights, our wedding, are you going to forget that you love me.. Are you..
"No.." She finally interjects b4 coming so close to him that she can feel his breath on her face, that she feels his tensed body against her "No.. No.." She shook her head "I love you till my last breath n if bappa will allow me I love you even after my death raghav.. I love you.." He closer his eyes "Don't you dare, don't u even try to forget your Rakshas Singhaniya.." She shook her head "what happened to me raghav..??? 


He shook his head "Nothing.."
"Raghav Singhaniya.."
He smiles sadly just remember this name kalpi only this name.." He said rubbing his thumb on her lower lip
"Can I ask you something..??" He nods
"Am I actually mentally sick raghav singhaniya..??" He stare at her for a moment b4 hugging her tightly 
"Am I raghav Singhaniya.." He broke d hug wen she asked d same question after a long pause their eyes met "Am I..?
His shoulder trembled with a slight laugh "you're.." "You are mentally sick kalpana.."
Tears form in her eyes "And you know y..?? She waited for him to complete "you're mentally sick bcz you love me.." With that, without waiting for her response he crushed his lips on hers, she gasp, his arms made their way to her waist picking her up slightly to lay her besides him on the couch without breaking the kiss... She moans in his mouth while her hands still threading in his hairs, causing him to deepen the kiss, after a long passionate kiss, his lips travelled downward to her chin, to her neck, she just moans in response.. D moment his hands reached to her tummy to release her saree pleats "Stop.." She said with gasp.. And he stopped neither of them look at each other, both were breathing heavily, raghav finally looks at her, his eyes asking tons of questions y she stopped him "you don't want this relation to complete.." His sudden question surprised her, or his bluntness no matter she give him a name of tharki singhaniya.. She sighed "This is not d right tym raghav.." She whispered while her cheeks were beet red she never thoughts she's going to talk about these things with him.. She closed her eyes, he got up n look at her confusingly.. "Do you want me to turn this room in a garden.." She wide open her eyes "bappa..!!! You're so cheap raghav singhaniya.. Chee.." She got up adjusting her saree "Tharki.." Saying so she walk past him he hold her wrist n pulls her towards him "Item.." Saying so he hugs her tightly 'I love you kalpi..' Her heart stop for a moment she broke the hug n looked at him "you said something..?" He shook his head "Raghav Singhaniya.." He sighed "Nothing chatter box.. Let's sleep now..!!" He gives a quick peck on her lips b4 making his way to d bed...!!!

Firstly Apologies if it's not upto d mark.. N yes thank you so much for all d pms n demands what u want in epilogue.. I was really heart touching to see an amazing response from ur side.. Try to match up with ur expectation surely.. Thank you so much.. Still or bhi koi demands hai so you guls don't hesistate to pm me.. Love you.. HugHeart

Be prepared for RagNa consummate at karvachauth or Raghav's birthday..!!!  Will see you soon dearies...!!!!,

Edited by sugandhii - 30 July 2015 at 9:12am

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S0nalii IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 December 2013
Posts: 9032

Posted: 30 July 2015 at 8:46am | IP Logged
ps: sugu ur health is most important for us,take care deary, take restHugget well soon.

Coming to update
beautiful update,
bt most imp is ur efforts show its true fruitBig smilei love raghav more...nah...nah..most dan kalpi in dis updateSmile. Love the way he understand raghav from start to end.

So, finaly raghav is ready to tell her truth abt their marriage and dis tym more dan his fear to lossing her, his love to hold her is strong. Embarrassed
aww thats so sweet of raghav, he is taking kalpi to office so dat he can spend more tym or can i say 24hr with his wifeWink

oh god, raghav's confusion abt kalpi's behaviour start making him fearfull. She is forgetting every ltl thing withing seconds, and its making raghav worried while kalpi is getting hurt.

lol...kalpi n her bkbk..she shut sammy as well.LOL bt raghav is alws there to silent his chatter box. Wow he give her
back her position, superbBig smile
Their convo was awesome at her own chember regarding her thinking abt herself n rags assurance. And then raghav went to tell truth, he was scared n dis tym kalpi was there to give him assurance. Ragna are realy amazing, they alway stand strong for each other.

And at last, with pallavi thing rags confusion is cleared and he take her to doc for check up. While kalpi was getting tens as what happened to her.
Wow, rags good one, i like his scolding when kalpi called pakhi sweet girl. My 1st reaction was aisa hi chahiye kalpi ko, aur bol sweet girlD'oh

Omg!!! Kalpi is suffering from amnesiaShocked oh no
and after that raghav again shattered thinking kalpi might forget him as well. Bt kalpi i love u upto last death is enough for him to held himself strong for kalpi.

Love their romanceHeart. Raghav is ready to take their marriage to next step bt kalpi didnt want it nw. What? Garden?? Raghav is realy tharki

wow precap is all exciting, karwachauth, rags bday and SR. All in one update. waiting, bt first take cr of health, strictlyAngry

ps. Santhi, dekh sugu ne new name diya muje Bhavishyawaniki DukaanLOL
nowadays u r making me feel special sugu dear, love uHugHeart

Happy friendship day dear

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 July 2015 at 8:53am | IP Logged
wow rag ready t tell kalpi the truth n he loves herEmbarrassed
hmm kalpi checking his temperatureLOLrag angry kia kalpi u ruin his build up romantic mood
kalpi with the scoreLOL
hmm ragna understand each other so wellEmbarrassed
confused soul n kalpi can read rag eyes she told him she not leave him n pakyaShocked
hmm pakya make kalpi doubt n rag take her t office n ask her for pallavi n she say noShockedShockedShocked
hmm kalpi want a hike n make sammy shut upLOL
god rag pull her with him n make her realise her hikeEmbarrassed
oh kalpi thought n rag assurance
wow kalpi u scold the bossLOL
hmm rag want t tell kalpiShocked n disturbance rag ask about the file n kalpi replyShocked
they went t the doctor both scared like hellCry
rag assurance Embarrassedtoo cute
rag get shocked amnesia ohCry poor kalpi rag want t know if kalpi forget himCry
hmm kalpi is explained by gauri rag behaviour n also kavachath n sr hayy
rag crying making kalpi miss a beat n n kalpi answerLOLEmbarrassed
hmm rag want more but not the right time
tharki sighania n itemEmbarrassed
update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 02 August 2015 at 9:58am

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suggii Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2015 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweet1308

Huma... Tera pehla res bhi baaki hai OuchAngry
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posts: 7221

Posted: 30 July 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sugandhii

Originally posted by sweet1308

Huma... Tera pehla res bhi baaki hai OuchAngry
yes am unres dearWink sry for late

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