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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 60)

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Posted: 22 July 2015 at 5:10am | IP Logged
wow sugandhi kya dard bhari kahani likhi hai mardala hum sab ko omg kalpi went to coma n poor heartless monster dominatin husband cudnt c his chatter box annoyin wife being lifeless in front of him 
one month was  hell for him 
only he know wat difficulties he has gone through missed his chatter box alot missed her taunts her funny yet apt for situation names to him 
n wow he wanna feel her so asked to prove her that she was there with 
him really finally they kissed that proved everything the felt for each other the fear of losin one killed them both totally with that kiss it proved how much they need once presence n how much it effects each other 
simply outstanding sugandhi 
hahahaha wat different way of confession her rakshas singhania did  "I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU..."  
superb one sugandhi 
loved the way the she asked him "I want my Rakshas Singhaniya back.."  
hahah her rakshas singhania made her to shave him n aww he's lovin this moments 
eagerly waitin for wat will happen omg prem wapas hope he wont harm kalpi n try to separate ragna n hope kalpi gets to knw wat who was behind all those n pakhi's truth too 
hi sugandhi my earlier acc got blocked so created this one my earlier acc was kalyanbhavs hope u remember 
love n huggg dear 

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Posted: 24 July 2015 at 2:27am | IP Logged
u r awesome..
u describe the scene and emotions soo well...
love u..SmileHug

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Sorry for late comment sugii
Super se bhi uper ka update sugii
Omg raghav became bevda/devdas looking kalpi in coma Tongue
Finaly raghav coness his love n I love the style of his confession
Aww he want to feel that she is with him n demand for kiss n they share their first kiss lovly Wink
Aww lovly kalpi did raghav shaving n change his shirt also
Omg raghav regret kissing her n told her I didn't do this mistake again
He think she also leav him if he getg attacjhed with hed
God give him some brain so stop thinking any stupied things in hias brain
Update soon sugii

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Suggi loved d double dhamaka update
Omg kalpi in coma...Jus want to kill d person who has hurt our kalpi so badly n dat makkhi too Angry
Rags sitting besides her 24/7 n not letting anyone meet ...God his condition was terrible Unhappy
Loved how neel tried to cheer his angel...but dis rakshash singhaniya he treat him so harshly 
Rags n vitthal were not present wen she got conscious ...can und rags  condition but why was vitthal not presentShocked
Kalpi went to see rags n she was sad to see miserable condition of her dominating husbandUnhappy
Felt bad for kalpi wen rags told kalpi he hate her...den he shared all his fear of getting attached n pain of loosing his loved ones ...n finally rakhash singhaniya confessed his love in his own unique style Embarrassed
Wow ragna shared der first kissDay Dreaming
Washroom scene was awesome n both sleeping in each others arm was lovely Embarrassed
Stupid rags saying srry for kissing her n for d moment dey shared ...poor girl was shattered wen her rakshash singhaniya told dat ...hope she makes stupid rags realise dat she won't leave her 
Cont soon 

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Yipee Party
tomarrw is sunday...day to meet our RakCh after a whole week...Unhappy
Can i expct update frm u sugu darling?Embarrassed

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Note: Thank you..!!!!

Ohk.. First thing first thank you so much for lyking "I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.." i just got lot of appreciation for this one.. As i said rakshas singhaniya hai so it has to be his style confession.. Thanks for lyking it..!!

Since Im unable to reply each one of you so decided to put a note either b4 or after the update only to thank you.. N clarifies things abiut updates..!!!
I know lot of readers are angry on rakshas singhnaiya for breaking his chatter box heart but still if u guys knows her rakshas Singhaniya itu sa bhi LOL you didn't judge him on d basis of his words. You all again take kalpi's side.  Humph kya kru m tum logo ka ek chance nahi chodte tum mere raghav se gussa hone ka.. Cry  But thank fully I've few readers who understands raghav conditions clearly n that the very first n surpriaing name is SHONALI yes indeed it was shock for me shona.. Par maine khud smbhaal lia  LOL specially tere wxpkaination k baad.. But thank you for understanding him deary n about dedicating updates n all well readers lyk you hard to find girl, so definetely writers are right if they are doing such things for you.. Mwwah Hug, then its swati n dia who didn't judge him on d basis of his words thank you so much...!!!!

artiodedra2007: Welcome my new reader or new commenter  

Sunny n santhi n raika i just love your comments dispite you are angry on my raghav Angry still i just love your commenst girly 

N lolor firstly missed ur comments badly n now you're back with long comment thanks still you're angry on rags Angry n i don't lyk it.. Angry

Kalbhavs: ohh i do remember you bhavana, ur different id confused me n off course your long comments as well  thank u so much girly Hug

And all those names doesn't mention here doesn't mean I didn't read ur comments, nikki, rani, pyardil n all Thank you so much for commenting love you HeartHug

Special Note: it was suppose to be ignoring kalpi but i changed the track so don't expect she's going to ignore him.. He's Rakshas Singhaniya after all...!!!! TongueWink

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Chapter 51: I DON'T REMEMBER...!!! 

Taking a deep breath kalpi enters in d mansion, she stopped d moment she saw gauri standing a few steps away from raghav's room.. She frowns "Maa..?? Gauri immediately looked at her, b4 making her way towards kalpi "kalpi everything is ok na beta..? Y raghav is so upset..?" Kalpi look at gauri b4 looking at their room's door... 'I'm sorry, I didnt mean to touch you lyk that..' She shook her head "Nothing maa, don't worry.." She past her without saying much "kalpi.." She stopped at gauri's concerned voice "r u ok beta..?" Kalpi fights her urge to hug her maa n tell her how her son behave lyk a typical heartless monster with her d moment she starts dreaming about their future.. Without turning around she just nod n enters in d room, closing d door behind her n leaning against it 'I'm sorry..' She closed her eyes 'stop it kalpi.. You're overreacting.." Saying so she wipe the last tear from d corner of her eyes, she opened her eyes n find an empty room, he wasn't in here, neither in d balcony, she frowns n looked at wall clock it was already 9.10 he must be getting ready for office.. With a sigh she starts looking for her phone, as she didn't remember where she keep her phone last night..?? She frowns keeping her hand on bandage head, she closed her eyes, resting both her palms on d dressing table trying to remember where she lost her phone,..!! She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't even notice d sound of bolt n washroom door snapped open.. Raghav study her frown face for a moment b4 taking long steps towards her "kalpi, r u ok..??" He asked ignoring d tension b/w them, her eyes snapped open she looked at him through d mirror 'I'm sorry' she clenched her jaws b4 looking away from him "yes.." again made her way to side bed table, opening n closing drawers with a frown while he just looked at her confusingly "what r u searching..??" He asked again, ignoring him she made her way to his side of bed again doing d same "kalpana.." He asked softly, she knows she can't find it until he stops his interruptions "Kal... "I'm trying to find my phone raghav singhaniya.. If you please be quite so let me do what I'm doing..." She said coldly making her way to her bag b4 opening it.. She was about to search there wen he hold her hand, she looked at their hands b4 staring up at him blankly "your phone is not here, it damaged bcz of the attack.." He softly said ignoring her glare as her behaviour is strange.. Her expression changes wen she remember wen she lost her phone, she pursed her lips while he looked at her with concern "I-I need to call baba.." She whispered "you're ok kalpi..??" He asked too concern too show her, she gulps n nods "I want to call dada.. I use landline.." She passed him "kalpi..??" She stopped "Whatever I said.. I'm.. "Please don't apologise raghav.." She turns to face him "Don't apologise again, I know you were drunk.. It was mistake and i..
"I never said it was a mistake.." He interjected coldly causing her to smile "I'm sorry kalpana, I didn't mean to touch you lyk that.." She repeats his words, he looked straight in her eyes.. "Kal..
"It was a mistake.. Indeed a mistake raghav.." She whispered b4 leaving d room..!! 
"Everything is ok kalpi..?" Gauri asked wen kalpi poring raghav's black coffee in coffee mug "All ok maa.." She said softly b4 making her way to dining table.. Raghav looked at her wife all d tym she serve his black coffee n burnt toast "I told you, you need to rest it's not imp. Kalpi.." He said for the fifth tym glaring at her while she just sat opposite her slowly drinking her soup, not meeting his eyes, his jaws clenched while gauri shook her head as d moment they came out from their room, she's ignoring his each statement..!! With a deep exhale he starts showing his anger on burnt toast by murdering it with knife n fork.. Gauri sat looking b/w them while kalpi still focused on her soup.. After a long silence gauri decided to break the ice "Did you call pakya beta..?? Is he coming..??" Kalpi looked up at gauri with a small smile "he'll be here within an hour.." Gauri smiles "Just take very good care of urself.." Kalpi nods causing raghav to frown "where are going..?" He asked frantically he waited for her answer but wen she didn't respond "Stop being childish kalpana.. I'm asking you something where are you going..?" "Raghav.. "Mom.. Stay out of this.. M talking with my wife.." He said coldly causing gauri to lowered her head at his tone while kalpi looks up at him disbelievingly "where are you going kalpana.." "Where.. "I want to meet baba.." She finally interjected looking straight into his eyes b4 she looked back at gauri n then raghav "I hate saying this Raghav Singhaniya, but you're not the same.. Clearly you're turning into a heartless creature.." Throwing d spoon in d bowl, with teary eyes she left from there leaving a stunned raghav behind her... 
She still getting ready to leave, she stopped wen he entered "No need, I'm coming with her.." Saying so he ends his call, n looks at her, she was wearing a simple blue salwaar kameez, he clears his throat.. B4 grabbing his tie from d bed n extending towards her, she looked at him b4 looking back at the tie, she takes it from him, he wordlessly took a step closer to her, she looked away, n turn towards d side drawer, she took out the same tie but the difference was it was a ready made one.. She walks up to him, keep that tie in his hand b4 turning wen he hold her hand "I needed these, wen you were not here, you demanded not to come over the chawl just bcz of this.. Now i don't need them.." (Shona doubt clear na tie ka.. Wink ) He exclaimed throwing that so called readymade tie on d floor.. She turns to face him "It's better for you if I don't touch you.. You were using them b4 we get married.. So what change now..?? I don't thing anything changed..??"  He clenched his jaws grabbing his coat "let's go.." He turn n stopped as he sense she didn't move, he turn to face her "I'm not going with you.. Pakya dada is... 
"He's not coming.. You're going there with me.." He said adamantly "why are you doing this..?" She whispered knowing very well what she's talking about "Because I don't trust anyone wen it comes to you.." Building her anger enough to face him "I don't care about what you trust n what you don't Raghav Singhaniya.." Saying so she walk past him, clenching his jaws he hold her wrist pinning her to wall next to her, causing her wince, she closed her eyes feeling him again so close to her.. "I didn't mean to hurt you.." He whispered after a long pause, she opens her eyes slowly meeting with his, they share a long eyelock, his hand slowly raised to touch her 'I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to touch you lyk that..' "Don't touch me.." She whispered closing her eyes with the thought he might regret this moment again... While he stopped his hand in a mid, she leaned back to d wall, trying to create some distance, with deep hurt he too took his step back staring her hurtfully.. They stayed intact for a moment wen she opens her regretful eyes to met his hurtful one, he didn't say anything his eyes were enough.. "I'm sorry.." She whispered he stayed intact.. 'Don't do this to yourself raghav.. Your actions are always speak louder than your words.. Don't stop urself.. I promise I won't leave you..' She said inwardly looking straight into his eyes hoping he listen what her heart was saying wen he didn't respond, she pursed her lips "I think We should stay away from each other... This is best for us.." Saying so she left...!!!

Singhaniya Chawl:
Kalpi's head rested on vithal's lap, while he keep patting on her head slowly, tears still rolls down from d corner of her eyes, while pakya n neel looked at each other, as vithal was lyfless seeing kalpi's state, Only they knew how vithal was in past month.. Looking at kalpu's photograph not wanting to leave his rajkumari's single bed even for a second.. They both were glad kalpi n vithal finally met, they cried, he scold her that too first tym he shouted on his rajkumari n now they are fyn, sharing their pain with each other.. But problem is not vithal scold her, the problem is with kalpu, she forget that vithal wasn't there wen she woke up, she didn't even recognised kamla for a whole 10 minutes... "Angel's dada.." Neel whispered softly causing pakya to hummed "Are you sure angel is fyn..?? She behaves weirdly.." He said wen he looked at kalpi who was still looking at kamla with a frown, tensed up wenever she comes around her... "May be she needs some tym neel.."
"Rajkumari.." Vithal said d moment kalpi got up N looked up at d clock, she immediately write a text 'had lunch.. About to send wen stopped d moment she remember about his words.. She discarded that text, keeping vithal's phone back on d table.. B4 making her way to d terrace...

Singhaniya Constructions 
It's been two hours past lunch, he was still staring at his phone, not even a single msg, he knew she was ok bcz wen he didn't get the text at lunch tym he called pakya n he said she was on d terrace, angrily he hung up on his face, doesn't care what pakya will think.. His jaws work, as he again looked at his phone still nothing 'dammit kalpi, i said I'm sorry..' He angrily spat
"This is d problem you said you're sorry.." he looked up relief cover his face the moment he saw her.. He was about to get up wen "Don't.. Don't even you dare to get up.." "Kalpi... 
"What kalpi, what kalpi.. You know how much angry i am with you.." 
"But I said I'm sorry.."
"This is the problem raghav singhaniya You said sorry..!! She exclaimed raising her hands to her waist "Wait..!! You come here alone.." He said walking upto her "Don't change the topic raghav Singhaniya.." "Answer me kalpana.. How you come here.." She  lowered her eyes "This is a limit.." He said clenching his jaws b4 dialing a number 
"What hello..!! This is how you take care of your sister.. She came here all d way alone.. What the hell do you think you're doing pakya.." He roared angrily "First I'm not angel's dada, n angel is here right in front of me heartless monster.. What is wrong with you.." Neel said angrily causing raghav to turn to face kalpi but she was nowhere to found with a gulp he cuts the call... 
Raghav closed his eyes as what's happening with him.. On other hand kalpi still lost in her thoughts "here.." She looked down at neel "heartless monster going mad without you angel.. Call him.." She smiles at him sadly b4 taking d phone from his hand "Are you ok angel.." Neel again asked softly kalpi sighed, b4 nodding her head.. She turns to face the road again b4 dialing his number in second ring he picked up knowing neel very well that he's going to demonstrate that his angel is fyn... They both were quite, listening to each other silence "y you didn't had your lunch raghav singhaniya.." She asked after a long pause.. "Y you didn't you call me.." He snapped that's not d answer she's looking for.. "Sammy doing a great job spying on me on behalf of my wife.." Kalpi frowns "who.?" "Sammy, kalpi.. You called him..." She frowns deeper "who's sammy" she asked causing raghav to chuckle "not a good thing to forget about your husband's best buddy kalpana.." She lowered her eyes in confusion, There was a long silence wen "I'm sorry.." He whispered, she closed her eyes "I can't tolerate ur indifference, I want my chatter box back, I want my wife back... Kalpi I... He stopped realising what he was about to confess "I'm sorry.." She sighed "Don't stop urself raghav singhaniya.. Please, I'm not asking you to confess your feelings all the tym but please don't apologies to share ur pain, ur fears with me.. I...
"My lyf is hell kalpana.." He interjected "No one wants me to change myself, so stop trying.. I just started open up to you about my feelings n here I am.. Some bast*ds attacked on you for the FIFTH BLOODY TYM.." He almost shouted, she holds the railing tightly "I can't loose you kalpi.. I can't... And I can't even trust you about your safety, bcz you're a careless queen.. You thinks nobody gets effected if anything happens to you.. "Raghav. 
"And you're damn wrong kalpana.." He again interjected her "Ask your baba, what he went through for the whole month wen he saw you lying lifelessly on d road, Ask Your brother, how he was to kill your husband for not taking care of his wife, Ask that fatso how horrible he looked wen he sobs, over your head n most importantly trying his horrible acting skills by mimic on me just to wake you up "Raghav Singhaniya..
"Right.. Ask your raghav singhaniya what he felt wen he found his chatter box lyk that, Ask me how dead I was wen I was begging you to speak, or even react.. Kalpi I... Shutting his eyes tightly, he just cut the call.. While tears roll down from her cheeks.. Within seconds pakya's phone buzzed within a second she picked up d call "I love you raghav.." She said in a haste "Tch Tch Tch.. I hope I'm not disappointing you by saying this that I'm not your raghav.." She frowns at the voice, n looks at the caller ID 'Private Number' she again keep the phone on her ear "Who's this..?" She asked confusingly "well not raghav singhaniya but I wish I would.. Hmm i love you too sweetheart.." She clenched her teeth "what rubbish who d hell are you..??" She asked coldly "Aahan.. You forgot me kalpi, We just met a month ago, wen I protectively hit on d side of your little head with a hockey.." She wince at his words, resting her hand on her hand trying hard to remember what he's talking "Who are you.. Why you wanted to kill me.. What do you want.." She asked helplessly, tears starts rolling down from her face, as she didn't even remember about him.. N b4 she asked more he cut the call.. "What do you want.." She shouted closing her eyes while resting her palm on her temple.. While two pair of eyes watching her, one' satisfied that this call effects her, he loves seeing fear in her eyes n moreover love seeing helplessness of her so called husband.. On other hand the second pair of eyes were small one who was watching his angel with concern he immediately goes downstairs "Neel what happen.." Pakya ask d moment he grab vithal's phone 
"Kalpana I..
"Heartless Monster it's me.." Raghav frown listening urgency in neel's voice 
"Please come here heartless monster.. Please.." He pleaded "Neel..?? B4 raghav asked anything pakya takes d phone from him b4 kneeling to come face to face "What's wrong neel..?" Pakya asked softly causing neel to close his eyes angrily '"Give me the phone angel's dada.. ANGEL NEEDS HEARTLESS MONSTER.." he shouted, pakya n vithal looked at each other, on other hand he didn't care for explanation the moment neel takes his angel's name with so much in haste.. He rose up b4 making his way out of his office while his phone still on his ear trying to understand what exactly happened... The driver got alerted the moment raghav got out of the office, he opened back seat door for raghav, wen raghav stop b4 stepping in he clenched d phone tightly at neel's words "Angel knows who attacked on her... She got a call from them.. She's crying..." Neel said with sobs everything froze the only word raghav remember his wife knows who attacked on her.. He looked at the driver with the rage of anger "Move.." Driver doesn't wait twice b4 moving away from the car in seconds raghav sat in d driving seat n within a blink d car vanished from that stretched...!!!

Singhaniya Chawl (Terrace)
Kalpi again open d inbox of pakya's phone as this is 6 msg she got the moment he ends the call
Private Number 
"Y don't you remember me kalpana.. I'm d same one who used to promise you that you'll going to be dead soon..."

Private Number 
"It's tym for some high task kalpana.. I never expected you to be safe after I attacked on you.. But next tym I'll make sure to kill you.. N won't leave until I check by myself that you're dead..." 

She cried reaching to hold her head "y I don't remember who is he.. Y I don't remember.." She whispered, closing her eyes tightly b4 turning around.. She stopped at d place the moment her eyes met with her Rakshas Singhaniya.. He was staring her blankly, she immediately wipe her tears, n look behind him, everyone was there, baba, dada, neel n d woman also whom she didn't remember.. She gulps as raghav singhaniya walks up to her, his eyes never leaves her  "Phone.." D only word he said on his commanding tone b4 extending his hand forward, she gulps n looks at the phone b4 looking back at him, she shook her head slowly, his jaws work "Phone kalpana.." He said coldly, "No.." She whispered, she knows she was hiding something from him, but 'what' she didn't even remember.. He took a step forward, causing her to take steps back.. "No.." She about to stop Wen he snatched the phone.. She can see his jaws clenched unclenched, no doubt he was going through the messages... He finally looked at her, their eyes met she can sense his hurt, anger in those eyes "Raghav.. She took a step forward, he recoiled, "you said you trust me." He whispered taking one more step back.. She looks at him confusingly "I still do.. I do trust you raghav.. What is wrong with you.." She step forward
"No you don't.." He took a step back "you don't.. If you did then i must be knowing someone was threatening you.." He said defiantly while everyone looks b/w them wordlessly.. "Raghav.." She takes a step towards him n too her surprise he didn't recoiled, she cupped his face "I do trust you.. I trust you.. Please believe me I trust you raghav.." He looked at her coldly "since how long you got these calls.." He asked flatly, she frowns n stayed quiet.. "How long kalpana.." She didn't respond, clenching his jaws he throw d phone from d terrace "SINCE HOW LONG DAMMIT..." He roared she flinched at his tone "I DON'T KNOW.. I DON'T KNOW.." she cried.. "I don't even remember anything about this.." She sobs.. "I don't know raghav, I'm sorry I don't know.." She covers her face in her palm, she sobs causing him clenching his jaws, in a swift moment he engulfed her in his arms.. She sobs in his chest "I don't know.." She whispered while he closed his eyes b4 kissing her on her forehead "It's OK.. It's OK.." They stayed lyk this for a brief moment while all were standing there too confused too ask anything.. Wen his phone buzzed, she broke d hug allow him to take d call, while her eyes were still lowered studying her face, he picked up d call "yeah sammy.." She scrunched her brows at sammy's name b4 looking up at raghav, she can see his jaws works.. "That bast*d.." Raghav gritted out b4 hanging up d call.. He looked at kalpana, wipe a lone tear from d corner of her eyes "It's tym to punish that bast*d chatter box.." He whispered kissing on her forehead b4 turning towards a confused kamla "It's better for you to come with us.." Without saying anything he holds kalpi's hand n make his way to his car...

Raghav stopped his car abruptly too lost in his thoughts, kalpi finally looked outside b4 looking back, her eyes were asking 'where they were..' But b4 she voice out "Y we're at kapoor mansion raghav baba.." Kamla voice cuts her thoughts, causing kalpi to frown "Kapoor..? She whispered as if she don't know anybody related to this surname.. Wordlessly raghav got out from his car, b4 coming towards passenger seat to got her out.. D moment raghav hold her hand, their eyes met.. "You said you trust me.. Just remember one thing kalpana, whatever happens your dominating husband will never leave you.." He whispered, she nods slowly not leaving his eyes "you know I hate you.." She finally smiles softly b4 shooking her head at his words "but you apologise for hating me.." She taunt him, his expression changes as if he did right taking her here but her next words proved he's right "Whatever happens raghav, you annoying wife won't leave you this tym.. I promise.. I trust you with anything, and I love you with everything I have..." She confessed looking straight into his eyes.. Holding his hand tightly they made their way to kapoor house followed by vithla..!!!!

Paakhi was lying on d couch, reading her so called fashion magazine, while taking a sip from her cranberry juice... She flinched, spilled d juice on her top d moment doors swung open, she looked at raghav confusingly, b4 turning to saw kalpi, kamla nd vithal..  She immediately rose up walks up to her "Oh my god what happened to your head kalpi..?" She asked with a concern while kalpi looked at her strangely "who're you..?" Kalpi whispered only so that paakhi could hear, pakhi frown "kalpi I.. "ENOUGH PAAKHI..." Raghav shouted causing paakhi to look at him "I told you n your brother to stay away from my Wife.. I told you if any of you even tried to harm her I'm going to kill both of you.." He said dangerously "Raghav.. "Don't where us he.. Where is prem kapoor,. Paakhi.." 
Paakhi shook her head "Raghav, I'm sorry, he was only angry.. I slapped him i swear slapped him for hurting kalpi.. Raghav...
"WHERE THE HELL YOUR BROTHER IS PAAKHI KAPOOR.." he roared while vithal n kamla looked at each other as paakhi was lost her memory.. Then what's going on here n in no tym prem entered in kapoor mansion "Hey pooki.." He said with a grin causing everyone turns around, the moment he saw kalpi n then raghav he tried to run.. Wen raghav hold d vase from d table, n throw towards prem that hits on his head, causing him to fall on d floor... Gasp filled in d entire room while kalpi taken aback reminding d same way someone throw something on her wen she tried to escape, tear filled in her eyes d moment raghav grab prem's collar to make him stand "Told you.. A single touch on my wife.. And you're dead..." He gritted out "Raghav leave him pls.." Paakhi shouts as blood was flowing from his head "Raghav please.. He's sorry..." Paakhi pleaded causing prem to laugh lightly "How do you i was the one.." Prem asked looking at him "It took only few seconds to find out who wants to harm my wife, I n sammy was quite until you were playing this little private number shit with me.. But now it's over prem kapoor its over.. Bcz you hurt my wife.. You hurt d only person I want to live with..." With that raghav punched on prem's jaws causing him to groan, as he again fell on d floor bt b4 raghav make his move vithal grab prem's collar to face him he remember his rajkumari's state.. She was lyfless.. With clenched his teeth he slapped prem kapooor hard "Why...???" He asked angrily causing raghav clenched his fist "Why you want to harm her.." Slap "What she did to you.." Slap "what my daughter did to you prem kapoor..",Slap... Prem pushed away vithal harshly "she's the bloody reason of my family destruction.." He finally confessed "She's d one who send my dad in that cheap jail, d one who ruined my family reputation, who snatch my sister's love.. She's a bloody... B4 he said anything raghav n vithal both silent him one by giving a kick on his stomach n other by slapping him hard "Don't you ever dare to say anything about her.." Raghav said giving one more hardest kick on his stomach "I'm going to kill you prem kapoor.. For hurting my wife.." Kick, kick, slap, punch... Until vithal hold his shoulder to stop him as prem was lying unconscious on d floor causing paakhi to sob hardly b4 she knelt besides him... "Prem bhai, wake up prem bhai.." She sobs n looks at raghav b4 looking at kamla "Maa.. Kamla maa.." She got up b4 shooking kamla "see what they did.. I promised raghav i never hurt kalpi.. I know he's too protective wen it comes to his wife, i know he may kill us if any...
Kamla slaps paakhi, b4 looking at her disgustingly "you were fyn..?'" She asked angrily "you were playing with my feelings by acting that you lost your memory.." Pakkhi shook her head "I did this bcz
"You don't deserve to explain anything pakhi kapoor, I regret that you're my daughter..." "Kamla maa..
"Don't touch me.. Don't touch me paakhi.. You broke your kamla maa today.." Tears starts rolling down from her face, she looked at kalpi who was stood still watching everything, kamla hugged her tightly "I'm sorry kalpi.." She broke d hug b4 cupping her face "I'm sorry.." She cried causing kalpi to gulp, she remove her hands "It's ok.. I tell my husband not punish your daughter.. Its ok.." Kalpi whispered causing kamla to take her steps back "Kalpi.. I'm AAI beta.. Your aai.." Kamla said causing kalpi to frown b4 shooking her head "you said you regret that she was ur daughter, but I don't know her.. Then how someone's else mother is mine..?? "Kal.. Kalpi recoiled "I've remember I've only gauri maa.. I'm sorry I.. I don't know you.." Kamla stood still tears rolling down from her face, while vithal looked at kalpi confusingly how come she doesn't know about kamla but again may be his rajkumari is angry on her aai.. He clears that thought away.. While raghav still busy talking to d inspector giving every single detail about prem as sammy comes on tym n file a complaint against prem... 
Kalpi still stood d same place she were minutes back, looking at her husband wen "You will never get his love.." Prem voice brings her back.. She took a step back, as two constables are holding him from his arms to make him stand, he covered with blood, she gulps "you never get his love kalpana Singhaniya.. You get his name, status.. But he will soon going to throw you out from his house, soon going to realise you from this burden.. He married you with a reason.. Tch tch tch.. I feel pity on you... I... 
Kalpi flinched looks at raghav who just punched prem hardly "I told you don't even look at her now.. You'll going to meet your father prem kapoor.. N i make sure you guys spent whole ur life there.." With that police takes him away.. Kalpana looks at raghav, wordlessly they hugged each other... "It's ok I'm here.." He whispered kissing her hair..

Singhaniya Mansion 
"I knew it.. I knew it.. It was a plan.. Pallavi was right.. They can do anything to hurt kalpi.." Pakya said pacing to n fro in d living area, while raghav frowns at his words, gauri n vithal sat beside kalpi, while kamla still in shock with kalpi's words n was standing in the corner.. While kalpi still lost in her thoughts, thoughts that y doesn't she remember anything.. Thoughts y dat man was saying that her husband will leave her,thoughts that y raghav singhaniya doesn't confessed it clearly...!!!
"Enough..." Pakya voice breaks her thoughts "Enough now.. This happened bcz of this alliance.." Raghav immediately clenched his fist, as in anger pakya definitely not putting his finger on their marriage.. Well it's good for him if he doesn't... "Baba.." He knelt down in front of vithal "baba.. I know this alliance was your decision, but this marriage is literally causing your daughter to death.. This is d fifth tym, he tried to kill her.. Y..?? N how long..?? What's her mistake in all this..?? Only this that her father n his best friend promised to this alliance.. Our kalpi suffered a lot baba.. Ab bus.. Let raghav singhaniya n kalpana vithal jadav to live in their own conditions.. Let them decide baba.. Let just calls this marriage off for their sake.." D moment words left from pakya's mouth everyone rose in shock while raghav was about to come forward to hit him, sammy stopped him "I know what he said is wrong, but let bhabhi decide raghav, let her voice out her feelings.." Sammy whispered causing raghav to  clenched his jaws "If she doesn't shut him up in 10 seconds i swear I kill her dada.." He gritted out angrily while pakya hold her hand "I think she needs tym to think.." With that he made his way to the door.. She looked back at raghav with d deep frown, wen he shook his head, she shrugs pakya's hand, he turn to face her "kalpu.." "Enough dada.. I'm not going anywhere.." "But kalpu, whatever happned it's bcz of this marriage.. It's bcz of this alliance.."
"What makes you think whatever happened just bcz of that I will leave my husband.. I won't leave him dada.. I won't him till my last breath..." Tears forms in her eyes "this is best for both of you kalpu.." She shook her head "this is worst for me..WORST.." raghav stared her blankly "kalpu.." Pakya takes a step forward, she recoiled  "this is my home dada, my family.. He's my HUSBAND.. I can happily face the hell if he will be with me.. If we'll together.  I agreed he's too dominating, wen it comes to mee he doesn't care about any relation.. But He's also d one with whom I wanted to spent my rest of d life.. He's d one whose irritated me in my head even i was unconscious, he was in my mind.. I remember only one person b4 closing my eyes that day n opening them again for him... Raghav Singhaniya is in my soul dada.. I can't leave him.. Not now not ever... I love him.. I love him.." She cried causing raghav to close his eyes.. She wipe her tears "I make myself clear.. I don't thing any reason which is good enough for me to leave my husband.. Bcz I won't leave him.." With dat she made her way to his room closing d door with d bang...!! 

He entered in his room, locking d door behind him softly n he made his way towards d window... He looked outside "I'm sorry.." He whispered softly causing her to close her eyes "I guess this is d only word left b/w us raghav.." With that she made her way to d bed... 
She gasp resting her hand on her chest.. B4 looking towards raghav who just punched d window "Raghav.." She shouted b4 walking up to him, taking his hand on her "I'm fyn.." He said shrugged his hand from her grasp "whats wrong with you.." She hold her hand again causing him to hold her arms "what is wrong with you.. Y r u not behaving lyk my annoying wife, who disturbs me hundred of time in a day with her useless questions, y r u not behaving lyk my chatter box, whose day doesn't pass without our arguments or giving me a new name every single day, where is that kalpana who trust me blindly..
"I STILL DO.." she finally yelled "I still trust you.. I do.." 
"You're right I just start stopping myself from being ur annoying wife, stop being ur chatter box.. Bcz you damn apologised.. You said sorry for confessing your love, you said sorry bcz ur share ur pain ur fear with me.. You said sorry Raghav singhaniya.." She cried "you said sorry for touching me.." She sobs.. He took a step forward "don't.." She recoiled "I said sorry.." She rolls her eyes "And I accepted.." 
"No.. I mean I said sorry for whatever I said that morning.."

Silence Persists 

"You're not sorry for that, you're sorry for that.." She asked confusingly, foe the first tym understanding her confused words he nods, n took a step wen "Don't.. First thing first apologise.."
"Say sorry bcz you said sorry.." She said defiantly 
"No.. Do you even love me raghav singhaniya..??" She asked in whisper
"Don't be stupid kalpana.. Off course I DO.." he said softly.. They share an eyelock for a moment wen he take a step towards her  
"No.. Say sorry raghav singhaniya.. You hurt me by saying those words.."
"And what about you..?? You didn't even tied my tie in morning, even you said m heartless n moreover you said don't touch me.." He said complaining tone causing her pout "you also have to say sorry kalpi.." He said while resting his hand to his waist he wince n they both looked at his injured hand "shit.." Kalpi said b4 grabbing his hand "you n your ways of showing anger.. Angry bird.." She said making him sit on d bed while she runs to d washroom for first aid.. 
She bandage his hand, while his full concentration was on her.. There was a silence from his side, while she give him n numbers of names starts within these 10 minutes.. Wen she finally done.. She keep that first aid on d side table "kalpi.. It has to be in washroom.." "Arrgh cleanliness singhaniya.." She muttered b4 shooking her head, she got up in order to help him to remove his coat, he lay on d bed looking at her "Wese.. I'm supposed to be a patient here.." She said rolling her eyes b4 lying besides him n closing her eyes, he turn to face her, she can sense his gaze on her.. "I'm sorry.." He whispered softly yet regretfully.. She turn to face him "This sorry means you're sorry for that or you're sorry for that.." He sat on d bed with huff, she too shift on his side b4 sitting up "what.. Did I..
"Stop.. Hold on let me say these words.." He said causing her to pursed her lips 
"Ohk.. I'm sorry bcz whatever I said to you that morning, I didn't mean a single word.. It just I hate attachment kalpana.. I just... He pursed his lips b4 closing his eyes, she cupped his face "Don't stop urself raghav.. I'm here to share your pain, your fear.. I'm here with you.. I promise.. These attachments might give pain, but they always gives a lifetime place in someone's heart.. I'm attached with you.. You do irritates me a lot, hurt me sometimes but still I'm here raghav, bcz of these attachment I promise myself to loving you forever.. Don't stop urself raghav.. Please.." Tear roll down from their eyes, they wordlessly wipe each other tears wen "Kalpi I... 
After waiting for 15 long minutes that he might say main word he didn't he stopped only kalpi I... She sighed b4 shooking her head "Kalpi I... He started again causing her to laugh lightly "Rakshas Singhaniya.. Aapse naee ho paayega.." She said resting her forehead on his b4 they both chuckle softly.. They stayed still for a moment b4 she kissed on his forehead, he engulfed her in his arms "I love you.." She confessed kissing him on his chest...!!!

Tring Tring Tring Tring
Kalpi tried to move but her bulldozer were sleeping so peacefully on her, she sighed resting his head slowly on d pillow from her chest, she stare him for a moment reaching to him "I love you Rakshas Singhaniya.." She whispered b4 giving a quick peck on his lips, with a smile he hold her close to his heart b4 kissing her forehead in his sleep 

Tring Tring Tring Tring (2 hours later..)
"Arrgh.. Pick up damn phone raghav singhaniya.." She said in her sleep b4 turning her back on him, while he was still sleeping.. Not listening to so much of his ringtone she finally shook him "Raghav Singhaniya your phone yaar.." "Don't disturb me.. Pick it up or throw that out of d window.."" She makes a perfect o shape mouth "Ruthless Singhaniya.." With that she reach to his side grabbing his phone, but again her bulldozer hold her waist b4 coming on top of her n buried his head in d crook of her neck "Switch off d damn thing kalpi.. N sleep with me.." He said kissing her neck.. "Tharki Singhaniya.." She muttered "Sleep item.." 
"Hoo bappa.. Mind ur language raghav singhaniya.." He smile b4 kissing her again.. She finally looked at d screen ID she scrunched her brows "Some Paakhi kapoor is calling..?" Kalpi said confusingly "Is it important..?" She asked causing raghav to look at her confusingly, she raise her brows "Is it important raghav singhaniya.." He shook his head "Pick it up.." He said, with a nod she pick it up "Hello.."
"Hi kalpi.. Paakhi this side.."
"Is raghav there..?? She asked 
"Umm no actually he's sleeping you can tell me I'm his wife.." Raghav frown at kalpi's words.. Something was wrong.. 
P: I want to come there.. To talk with you, to apologise..!!
Kalpi frowns n then remember yesterday's events "Ohh d same one.. No not a problem.. My husband is not angry on you.. How's your mother by d way..?? She was really worried for you.." Paakhi frowns "yaa.. I'll call you back.." "Ok bye then.." With that she hung up "sweet girl.." Kalpi whispered causing raghav to brush her strays away "You're ok kalpi..??" She nods b4 keeping his phone on d side table.. 

Precap: finally 'Office Office' n RakCh lots of fights with lots of romance n off course paakhi's apology n her last plan..!!! 

Note: well only 5 chapters are left in this one n m going to start a contest.. Kindly pm me how you want it's epilogue, or if you want you can write the epilogue by ur side.. Will add it in my Maha Epilogue. As being a loyal n darling readers journey wants your support if you help me in deciding what end you want for this one..!!!

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Waiting unres soon

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