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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 54)

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Originally posted by sugandhii

Hi girls.. its better for me to clarify that m not going to update today or coming week next update will be on either 18th or 19th.. As m out of town for few days.. so there won't be any net connection..
So the next update will be on next weekend... SorryTongue

Its ohk dear Tongue
we will wait for u...n double dhamaka...oh 18th,today is 15 ...3 days mordUnhappy
Safe and happy journeySmile

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16... 2 days left for double dhamaka.. Waiting..

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Thank god.finally only one day is remaining for.eid and.for.double.update too...sugi.plz..update soon...it's almost 12 days I can't wait more..ya allaha...only.one

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Darling tomorrow is the first day of the weekend and yippee for the double dhamaka. So anxious to know how rags will come to know abt that horrible accident and his reactions??

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1 day lft... Oopss!! Less thn one day...

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waiting for tomorrow ...any chance of update??????????

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Part 50(a): I Hate You Kalpi..!!! Part I

Singhaniya Constructions..
Raghav still lost in his thoughts as it's 10 pm n very strange that his annoying wife not even ping him.. Not a single msg, he accepted that he told her he would be busy in this meeting, but... Then he got it, she doesn't want to disturb him in his meeting.. But again he frowns firstly his anxiety that something is wrong then her this move 'not sending a msg since he drop her' not his annoying wife style.. With a deep breath he finally dials her number ignoring the presentation wen sammy hold his hand "Raghav.. This will be the last part of our presentation we going to tell them bid price.. Please.." Raghav looked at his phone b4 looking back at sammy n shooking his head "Is something wrong, raghav..?? Sammy asked confusingly.. Raghav sighed "Nothing.. It just kalpi...
Sammy smiles knowing very well about their msg msg games.. "Just announce a break of half an hour after we quote bid price.. Then you can revert on bhabhi's msg.." Raghav glares at him "oops sorry I mean, your chatter box.." He corrected causing raghav to place his phone on d table still his anxiety, his heart was telling him something.. But he decided to call her after this bid quoting thing...!!!

Singhaniya Chawl 
"I think we should call raghav, vithal.." Gauri said looking at vithal who still has tears in his eyes.. While kamla joint her palms in front of bappa "She always trust you bappa.. Protect my kalpi.. Protect her.." Kamla said with a sob while pakya clenched his jaws as it's been 20 minutes they knew his sister was missing, n nobody doing anything except crying, praying or ordering.. He got up n about to leave wen "pakya.. Where are you going..?? 
"I want her husband to answer, about her whereabouts he was the one who promised to protect her..." With clenched fist he left causing vithal to follow him 

Singhaniya Construction 
"I said let me go in..." Pakya shouted outside the conference room wen guards were stopping them while vithal keep tries raghav's number but he didn't picked up.. On other hand raghav's only concentration on the presentation sammy was giving, he frowns wen he found sammy was distracted by noises coming from outside... He follows his gaze b4 looking at bck at foreign delegates n nodding to his assistant to check what's wrong... She follows his order with a nod... N the moment she  opens the door... Everything seems to stops for him, wen he found pakya n vithal there with guards.. He immediately got up as if his heart was about to burst out from his chest.. The anxiety he was feeling, he saw the same thing in vithal's eyes, wordlessly he stood in front of them waiting for them to say something wen vithal looks straight in his eyes n whispered with shivering lips "Kalpi..." Raghav takes his step back but he was still staring at vithal with a fear in his eyes "you said you will protect him Raghav Singhaniya.. Where is she..?? Where's my sister..??" Pakya asked him while taking a step towards him only to stop by sammy "Calm down pakya, what happened to bhabhi, at least tell us.." While raghav turns took long steps b4 grabbing his phone n dialing her number.. "The number you're dialing not reachable.." He clenched his jaws while his grip tighten on his phone.. He dials one of her guards number n d moment he picked up "where's she...??" He gritted out 
Singhaniya Chawl
All were waiting in d lawn itself for police to arrive, while raghav seated on d stairs, he pissed off with those useless guards who didn't even find her, he closed his eyes remembering her words 'I promise, I keep your wife safe Raghav Singhaniya..' He clenched his fists "you better be safe kalpi.. You better be safe..." He whispered "Mr. Singhaniya.." He opened his eyes n looked up at inspector "Wen was the last tym you saw her Mr singhaniya..?? He asked n at d same tym sammy came "Raghav we traced the last call she received.. You have to come with me.." Sammy said without showing any hint of concern in his voice.. Raghav took a deep breath taking sammy words as a positive sign  "take your questions with you inspector.. You'll need them later.." Saying so he got up n past him making his way to his car, d moment he opened the door of driving seat "Raghav.. I drive.." Sammy insist while he shook his head "No.. You sat at back seat sammy, he looks at vithal as if telling him to come n see that his daughter n Raghav's tigress is absolutely safe still this carelessness she will have to listen a long scolding session from her angry bird.. Vithal sat at passenger seat wen pakya about to come forwards "Angel's dada.. I also want to meet her, n scold her for her carelessness.." At Neel's voice
Everyone snapped their head at him, while pakya nods slowly n looks at raghav, while raghav knows it will be a great thing to watch how kaddu going to scold his sweet angel.. He smiles inwardly b4 nodding his head...
Throughout the journey Raghav keep muttering himself that he needs to keep a stick eye on her by himself... Definitely other than him,nobody handles that drama queen.. But firstly he needs to take her in his arms.. While vithal n neel keeps saying how they gonna scold her wen they meet her, all d while sammy was quite kept his face emotionless "Sammy I forgot to ask.. Why her phone wasn't reachable.. And why we're leading to singhaniya mansion..?? Raghav asked confusingly.. Sammy met his eyes through the rearview b4 shooking his head, causing raghav to stomp his foot on d brakes n too his surprise they already reached there... He just stares at sammy through rearview "y there's lot of police angel's baba..?? Where is my angel..?? Neel voice brings him back to reality vithal n neel immediately step out from d car n d moment they look where everyone calling for ambulance... vithal finally spotted his Rajkumari, he froze.. Tear fell from his eyes n he sat on d ground staring at her without a blink of his eyes while neel looked at him b4 follows his gaze, he widen his eyes "Angel..." He shouted n cried seeing her lyk that.. He immediately runs towards driving seat n tapping his hands on d window.. With a heavy heart n fearful eyes raghav finally opened d door "Heartless monster.. My.. My..an-angel... My angel... He sobs wen sammy sat on his knees hugging neel in order to shushing him while he looks up at raghav who's constantly staring at him "Some bast*d attacked.. From past two hours she's here on.. Sammy knows he can't explain him more while a tear fell from his own eye, he lowered his head.. Raghav was trying hard not showing any emotion he slowly turns to face the reality.. He knows she never leaves him, she promised ignoring every voice, every person he make his way towards d crowd... He stopped few steps away wen he found his annoying wife lying lifelessly on d road while her face n her turquoise saree covered with blood.. 'Trust me.. I seriously want to walk from here..' Remembering her words He took a  long steps b4 kneeling down next to her staring her, fighting his urge to cry out loud seeing his chatter box lyk this unmoving AGAIN.. He never thought after that pune incident he ever find her again lyk that not even in his nightmares but now.. "Kalpi.." He whispered taking her lifeless body in his arms remembering her words 'I love you Raghav Singhaniya.." "I don't want to loose you.." "I won't leave you.." "Urrgh calm down my angry bird..' 'I promise,to keep your wife safe..' 'You're impossible Rakshas Singhaniya..' 'I'm scared raghav.." He embrace her tightly "no.. Kalpi.." He looked at her face, he immediately hold her head from his one hand while with his free hand he start removing d blood from her face with his white shirt sleeve, so that he saw her face clearly.. D moment he saw her face partially he hugs her, he kissed her in her hair soothing her with his whispers "you promised kalpi.. You promised.. Please I need you.. Please... Don't do this chatter box, please" he whispers kissing her again in her hairs, wen "Sir.." He looks up saw two people holding stretcher n waiting for him to leave her, "Sir, let them..  "No.." He said defiantly while shooking his head "There's no need.." He whispers b4 "looking back at him.."I know how to take care of my wife.." He said in a whisper only wanted to her hear.. 'I promise I keep your wife safe Raghav Singhaniya..' "You proved me wrong kalpi.. You're not that trustworthy.." He said controlling his emotions... "SAMMY.." he yelled n within a second sammy was there "I want Dr Mehra.. Nd his entire team at Singhaniya Mansion b4 we reach there.. Just arrange everything from machines to medication.. But b4 I reached at Singhaniya Mansion with my wife.. I don't want any delays further.." He said without any emotion in his business tone causing sammy nods his head n take out his cell phone.. While raghav scooped kalpi in his arms b4 making his way to his car, neel opened d back seat door, "She will ok na heartless monster..? Neel asked wiping his tears n b4 raghav could response "Raghav, Dr Mehra is on his way, Pakya is about to reach here neel n vithal uncle will come with him.." Sammy said knowing raghav that he doesn't even consider anyone if anything happens to his chatter box, n for the tym being he doesn't even want anyone except his chatter box besides him safe n sound...!! 

Singhaniya Mansion 
She was lying on their bed, oxygen mask was on her mouth, drips are under d skin of her arms, and her little head covered with n number bandages, he stood still few steps away from her studying her how weak she looked.. He didn't say a word since they r here in their bedroom Letting doctors to treat her without interruption, he reminds throughout the journey to mansion her head was on his lap, caressing her cheeks, her hair.. she was breathing, he was feeling her breath.. Bt she wasn't move, not even open her eyes to look at him, not even hint him that she's going to be fyn.. He still stood looking at her, wen sammy keep his hand on his shoulder, he looks at him, then gauri n then at vithal kamla, pakya n neel who were calmly standing there, looking at his chatter box with teary eyes, he closed his eyes "I'm fyn sammy.." He gritted out "And she's going to fyn as well, she's doing this purposely only bcz she doesn't want me to scold her, she DOESN'T WANT ANYONE TO SCOLD HER BCZ OF HER CARELESSNESS.." He almost shouted "But you're wrong kalpana.." He said looking at her "I'll never forgive you for this.. Never forgive you foe you this stupidity kalpana.." "Raghav.." Sammy whispered knowing he won't able to show that it doesn't effect him "Ra... Before sammy completes doctor interrupted "Mr. Singhaniya.." Every eye were on doctor now n he continues "She has a deep brain injury, with injections n dips we'll trying to heal her, n for her improvement a nurse will be there for her 24*7 but now it's on your wife how she responds to d medications.." Raghav frowns "What do you mean doctor.." He gulps "I'm sorry Mr. Singhaniya, but your wife is in coma.."


Time stopped, he froze looking straight at doctor 'Its just I don't trust my faith raghav..' 'I want to spend my entire lyf with you kalpi..' 'You've every right on me kalpi' 'you never leave me naa..' 'I WON'T' 'I WON'T' 'I WON'T..' Neel looks up at pakya who just leaned by the wall, n vithal was intact looking at her Rajkumari, he took small steps towards his angel, rubbing his small palm on his angel's arm wen she didn't react he looks up at raghav who was still staring at d doctor, he shook raghav's hand "Heartless Monster, Angel ko kya hua..?? He asked innocently wen gauri keeps her hand on her mouth to stop her sob "Heartle.. "Get Out..." Raghav interjected angrily "Mr. Singh... "Leave Doctor..." He said with d rage of anger he knows it's raghav singhaniya who's ordering him, he nods n left with his team b4 packing his stuff... "Raghav.. "I said I want everyone out from my room sammy.. Get Out.. EVERYONE..." He roared "Raghav.." Gauri cried may be this attack on kalpi, brings out the worst in raghav.. He didn't respond to any word, any question resining they all left but neel stood there looking up at him "you know the way you just reacted, she would never talk to you.." He said innocently Raghav looks at him coldly "She's still not talking to me, so get out neel b4 I throw you out of this room, I need a moment with my wife.." He said coldly causing neel to gulp n took a step back, he gave a last glance at her angel b4 he sat beside her kiss on her cheek "your heartless monster is getting mad without you angel.. Pls wake up" he whispered while raghav clenched his jaws wen neel again reached to her forehead "Aah" neel winced wen raghav hold his arm tightly literally drag him towards d door "ow heartless monster you're hurting me.. Ow.. Angel,.. He cried bcz of raghav's grip on his arm d moment raghav push him out of d door sammy holding cried neel for falling "Raghav..?? Sammy calls out angrily, while raghav looked at him b4 looking back at neel who was crying, raghav closed his eyes "I want everyone out from here.." He said closing d with bang leaving all of them stunned at his reaction..
Raghav turned to face kalpi, who was still intact unmoving 'I promise to keep your wife safe, Raghav Singhaniya..' He clenched his jaws "I hate you kalpi.. I hate you.." He whispered stood still looking at his wife, waiting for her to respond but non.. He closed his eyes to calm himself down but all he can see with closed eyes was her face.. 'His beautiful wife n her different avatars he seen so far' started with Annanya Desai, her long lectures, those eyes behind glasses, his attraction towards her at that tym he thought it's bcz no one ever challenge him, or denied him, n then he finally met the girl he wanted to meet, HIS TIGRESS d fighter, with whom he promised that she'll be always come first for him HIS FIRST PRIORITY, n again their journey started their arguments, their fights, but still one thing was intact that attraction he felt for her, her names her taunt, her childish yet aggressive attitude, then pune incident makes him realise it wasn't attraction he feels towards her.. From d very first attack wen he kissed her on her wound he felt his true feeling for her, then it was just started b/w them, though it was bcz of their parents but something was always there.. N after marriage, her sleeping in his arms, first tym he experience the feel of sharing room moreover with his own wife/ his chatter box.. hehe he smiles b4 opening his eyes as he saw their entire journey in these few minutes 'I love you Raghav Singhaniya..' He sighed b4 making his way to d other side of the bed, he sat besides her there b4 holding her carefully in his arms, he looked at her face, d scar on d right side of her head, he clenched his jaws, he hugged her tightly yet protectively "get up chatter box.. Please...I need you.." He whispered he looked at her face "you can't do this kalpi, we just started our journey, so get up... There's lot about your Rakshas Singhaniya you need to know chatter box, I want to share all my pains, my fears with you, I want to tell you how happy I was wenver you tease me confessing in your heart, I was feeling d happiest man wen you confessed your love, I want you to know y I didn't react at your confession kalpi.. Please wake up.. It's only few hours since You didn't talk to me n it feels lyk ages, Wake up chatter box.. Please.." He said taking her again in his protective embrace...

Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days.. Passed lyk this only.. She was lyk this unmoving, 'She lost lot of blood, d cut was deep we just want her to respond so medicines would work better..' Only words which dr. Mehra told raghav at his visits on each day, while he always there besides her chatter box waiting for her to wake up, he was intact, he was also doesn't respond to anyone not even sammy.. He was just sitting besides his wife taking her hand in his, sitting there in d same clothes... On other hand neel was the only one who tried to cheer up his angel by telling her lot of stories bcz angel's dada told him that she's listening him so he tries his level best to wake her up, even mimic his fvrt character heartless monster as well, still she didn't respond lyk earlier with teary eyes he left from there.. 
Raghav kissed her on her forehead b4 lying besides her, taking her in his embrace "I missed you Chatter box.. I missed you.. He tighten his grip on her wen he remember her promise 'I'll keep your wife safe...' With clenched jaws, he tighten his grip on her without realising she wasn't in a state to call him bulldozer wen he realise her breaths quicken on d back of his neck, still he didn't stop "I hate you kalpi.. I hate you.. He whispered n at d same moment she grip his shirt loosely to make him realise that his grip was tight.. The spark was their in her loose yet single touch he immediately released her, studying her for a long moment "kalpi.." He whispered wen he found her fingers, were moving.. While she still grip his shirt...

"It's good sign Mr Singhaniya after four weeks Mrs. Singhaniya at least reacted, we increased d dose of medication but more than medicines I guess she needs you.." Raghav looked at him b4 looking back at her.. Doctor keep his hand on raghav's shoulder "Just make her realise that  her husband, her family, wants her to recover, to fight with all these lyk she did at the tym of her surgery.." With a nod doctor left.. Raghav looked at gauri n neel who were standing there quietly wen "Angel's maa lets go otherwise heartless monster will throw us out.." With d taunt he left dragging gauri out with him... While raghav looked at nurse, when she gulps b4 leaving him with his wife... He sighed n sat next to kalpi, takes her hand in his b4 brushing his lips on them "Drama queen, you only wanted footage.. Or my attention.. Mrs. Attention seeker singhaniya.." He said with a smile relieved with the thought that his words effecting her as she again moved her fingers, his sadness effecting his wife.. "You making me mentally sick kalpana.." He whispered b4 lying on d bed with her taking her in his arms..!!!     

"R u sure..?? You heard that..?? Doctor asked neel while raghav stood still at d door, he was out for 5 minutes only to talk with Dr. Sharma in US for discussing kalpi's case n now everyone were at there room, n their major focus was on neel instead of kalpi.. Bt b4 he could ask neel's words stopped him "I'm sure doctor uncle.. I heard angel, she said heartless monster name.. She said RAGHAV.." He froze at his place after suffering with this horrible feeling, he finally heard something which heal the pain of his heart "Anyone else heard that..??" Doctor ask causing everyone to shook their heads "what do you mean anyone.. I know my angel better than anyone.. I heard she said Raghav.. I.. He stopped wen he saw kalpi moving her head slowly very slowly from right to left, she grips her blanket "RAGHAV.." she whispered n this tym loud enough everyone heard while he leaned back to d wall, looking at his wife.. Finally.. He was dying for this moment "Raghav.." N at d same tear fell from his eyes B4 anyone saw him weak he left from there... "Where's Mr. Singhaniya..??" Doctor asked wen sammy made up an excuse "Ohk.. I give her an injection which will reduce her pain, n the good thing is she gets back to her sense with 2 hours, still she needs a nurse at least 4 a week, n tell Mr. Singhaniya to be with her wen she opens her eyes.. Call me if I needed.." With a small smile n assuring nod he left... 

'I want to spent my entire lyf with you kalpi..' Remembering his words a small smile played on her lips, slowly she opened her eyes, her vision was blurry, she again closed her eyes, b4 opening them, her smile faded wen she didn't find d man whose words were roaming in her head d entire tym she was unconscious.. She gulps n tilt her head to d right side "Angel.." Neel voice make her smile again wen "how r you feeling Mrs. Singhaniya..?? Nurse question got her attention, kalpi nods while nurse checked her up n help her to sit on d bed.. Kalpi looks each n every one.. Everyone was there looking at her silently but two people who supposed to be here, who declared that she's their first priority, who  can kill anyone for her.. They both weren't there... Her Baba and Her Rakshas Singhaniya..  She looked around wen pakya came n sat besides her "you scared everyone kalpu.." He said hugging her, she smiles b4 hugging him back while her eyes were still on d door, 'you're not here raghav.. What you want me to think that you don't care..' With that thought she looked at all the people who were there for her even her aai was there.. But not baba n Raghav Singhaniya... With a sighed she sat back..
"Are you coming tomorrow kalpu..?? To meet baba..??" Pakya asked b4 leaving with kamla n neel.. She give him a small smile b4 nodding her head, neel govws her a hug 'scolding session is still pending angel..' She smiles while kamla only keep her hand on her head b4 leaving.. "I'll make soup for you.." Gauri said b4 turning to leave.. "Maa..?? She stopped n turn to face her "haan beta..?? She gulps "Raghav singhaniya.." She finally asked causing gauri to lowered her eyes "I'll make soup.." 

"You still didn't answer me maa.. Where's he..??" She asked again while gauri hand stop in mid as she was about to make her drink soup... Gauri keep d spoon back with a sad smile.. "You need this kalpi for your better health.." Gauri said looking straight in her eyes
"I need my husband besides me for my improvement maa.. Where's raghav singhaniya..??" She asked coldly 
G smile sadly "I told you, he doesn't lyk attachments kalpi, if he attached then he wants his control to that either it's a thing or person..." She shook her head confusingly "what do u mean ma..?" Gauri smiles sadly "He needs you kalpi.. He wants this relationship to work, I never saw him lyk this not even wen vikram was no more,, how he passed this month without you only..
"Month.." Kalpi interjected "Month without me..??" She asked confusingly "you were in coma beta for a whole month..." Kalpi felt as someone snapped a big hammer on her chest, she just stared at gauri with widen eyes.. Gauri touched her cheeks "you scared everyone beta.. Moreover you scared you Rakshas Singhaniya by lying here without an argument with him.." Tear fell from gauri's eyes... "The Mighty Raghav Singhaniya.. Your dominating husband d one who never allow anyone, or himself to make you quite for a moment, he spent 30 days without you.. This house was lyk there was nobody lives here, there was no relation, no talking, no arguments.. Nothing... This house was lyk a morgue without your n your husbands loud arguments n tease beta.." Tear fell down from kalpi's eyes "Maa... Where's he..?? She whispered 
"Outhouse..." Gauri said with a small smile.. "I know him, he never wants you to see his weak side.. The side nobody ever seen, neither his own mother.. He will be okay by tomorrow morning.. Then you...
"I want to meet him now.." She interjected
"Nurse.." She almost shouted, n in a moment nurse was there "just take this thing out of my flesh, (she said looking at d drips in her arm..) I want to meet my husband.." 
"But ma'am, doctor n Mr. Singhaniya a...
"I said take this out now.. I need to meet my husband.." She snapped  
She looks at gauri, who just sighed, knowing very well that her daughter in law was not less than her son in stubbornness.. Nurse takes out the drips which caused kalpi to winced in pain.. "Kal..
"I'm ok maa.. I need to see him..." She rose up from d bed b4 leaving from there.. Wen gauri stopped her "you'll need these.." Kalpi looks at gauri confusingly b4 looking back at raghav's clothes.. "Maa..??
"You'll know.. But I just want you to know he may not be d one you met or you know.. His pain always brings out the worst of him.. But i also know this fact that he never hurt you kalpi.." She kissed on her forehead b4 looking at the nurse "lead her the way.." Ordering her gauri left the room...

Out House..
Kalpi gulps b4 turning d knob of the bar.. As she search each bed room he wasn't there.. Her last hope was this bar... She slowly opens d door... She froze at d door step looking at d messy room.. Broken glasses were all over d floor, things shattered.. 'His pain always brings out worst of him..' She remembers her words looking around wen she saw him sitting on d stool, his back was facing her.. 'Month kalpi.. Month.. He passed a whole month without you...' 'I want to spend my entire lyf with you kalpi..' 'I'll kill him if anything happened to you..' She remember his words n what he did with deshmukh.. She too hide things, phone calls, msgs.. She lowered her head 'I can't face him this is my mistake.. Only mine.." 'I should talk to him tomorrow only..' With d thought she took a step back wen she bumped to d corner & vase fell down.. She looked back b4 looking back at him, she widen her eyes wen he turn his head at right "I told you leave me alone sammy.." His voice was heavy, he was drunk.. She lowered her eyes "I'm sorry.." She whispered 
She lowered her eyes n took a step back again wen she stopped as she realised him to got up n turn around her, she feels his gaze on her, but she keeps her eyes on d floor, he stopped two steps away from her.. There was a briefest silence she decided to break the ice.. She pursed her lips "I should go.. I'm sorry I wasn't...
She stopped d moment she looked up n their eyes met... She stood still too stunned to react his eyes were red may be bcz of anger, his face was pale, his stubble grower a lot, Studying his face for god knows how long she finally looked at his clothes.. He was wearing white shirt nd there were... She widen her eyes wen she realises she took a step towards him "Raghav.." She cupped his face b4 looking at his white shirt which have blood spots everywhere mostly on his shoulder... Tears formed in her eyes.. "Raghav.." She again calls him.. He stood still watching her with a blank expression.. "Raghav all this.. She stopped as her hands roamed from his face to his chest, briefly looking at his shirt n dry blood patches all over it.. "What you did with yourself.." She whispered while a tear roll down from her eyes 'he might not be d one whom you know kalpi..' She remember gauri words "This is more than worst.." She whispered looking him from head to toe "what you did raghav.." No response he was staring at her blankly.. She clenched her teeth at his blank reaction she clutched the  front of his shirt "Raghav, talk to me.." She cried No response she again shook him "Raghav... Pls.. Say something.. You're scaring me.." She sobbed.. N wen he didn't react she finally slap him hard across his face "Raghav..." She yelled.. She finally got his reaction, he closed his eyes while she sees his jaws worked.. She cried lowering her head thinking this is not her Dominating Husband.. Not the one she fell for.. "Say something.. Please.." She sobbed wen he finally looked at her.. Their eyes met.. "Kalpi.." After a long tym she heard her name.. She clutched his collar "Where's my Raghav Singhaniya..?? Where's my husband..." A small smile comes on his face as he too touched her cheek, she leaned in to feel him "What you did with yourself raghav Singhaniya.. How dare you treating my husband lyk this.." She gritted out.. N before she say anything he gives her a ribs crushing hug, she protested "this is not you.. This not my dominating husband.. Leave me..
"I missed you Annoying wife.." His words calm her causing her to hug him back.. He buried his face in d crook of her neck giving soft lingering kisses to her only to feel that she was there.. While she kissed on his neck hugging him tightly, pressing her body on his "I love you Raghav Singhaniya.. I promise I wont leave you again.. Ever.." She whispered 'I promise to keep your wife safe raghav singhaniya..' His grip loosen on her she too pulled back, n looked at him confusingly.. Wen "you always waited for my answer.." He said coldly, his tone was changed "you always waited for me to voice out my feeling.." She frowns "So listen, listen carefully kalpana..

After a several seconds..

"I HATE YOU..." 


she just stared at him with a shock as he just practically break her heart with his own hands, his words were clear, voice was cold.. "I hate you.. I HATE YOU KALPI.. I.. HATE.. YOU..." he confessed bitterly  

Scroll Down For Part 50(b).. Tongue

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Part 50(b): I Hate You kalpi (Part II)

"I HATE YOU..." 


she just stared at him with a shock as he just practically break her heart with his words, His Words were clear, voice was cold.. "I hate you.. I HATE YOU KALPI.. I.. HATE.. YOU..." he confessed bitterly  


She lowered her eyes, remembering each nd every moment they spent together, she agreed she never expected him to lover her back, but 'hate'... Tear rolls down from her cheek, she never expected him to use this word for her.. Her head was heavy with d moments they share, her hopes, everything falls badly.. She closed her eyes to calm herself... 'It's ok kalpi.. You knew from the very first day you can't expect him to love you... He never will..' She assure herself nd about to took a step back wen "Careful.." Raghav hold her waist, pulled her to him as she was again about to bumped with d corner.. He stared her face, tears were flowing down, while her eyes were on his chest, but she feels his gaze on her.. She doesn't want to break.. Not in front of him.. He who never loved her, she knew but he hates her..  "I hate your tears..." He gritted out, "leave me.. Raghav Singhaniya.." She said coldly while his grip tighten on her again, she struggles in his arms "leave me.." He just stared at her blankly.. With all her strength she pushed him away "I SAID LEAVE ME..." she yelled causing him to take his step back.. She glared at him angrily 'I hate you kalpi' she clenched her jaws, she know she just need some tym as today her Rakshas Singhaniya again become heartless.. He just broke her heart, but after his care, protection, possessiveness he not only broke her heart again.. He broke her.. She wants to cry out loud, she wants to scream, shout but she just stared at him.. N then turn to leave n b4 she opened the door, he hold her elbow b4 pinning her to d door.. "Le..
"Don't.." Raghav said coldly "Don't even you dare.." He said dangerously "you want to know the truth na kalpi.. Then y r u running away.. Just accept what I feel for you HATRED.." She closed her eyes doesn't want to show how badly his words hurt her.. He close the gap b/w them by pressing his body on hers, she struggles but immediately stopped wen he buried his head in crook of her neck.. Her still closed while her heart was beating faster bcz of his touch, his closeness... "You take 30 years of my lyf in these 30 days Woman.." He whispered b4 kissing her neck, she moves at his touch.. They stayed still for a several minutes "you scared me kalpi.. You scared your Rakshas Singhaniya to death.." He confessed kissing on her ear, causing her to open her eyes, he looked into her eyes b4 brushing away the stray of hair from her face.. "What you did to me kalpana vithal jadav..??, I wasn't lyk this EVER... I was rude, heartless, incapable to love anyone.. I was a hard stone..." N then you came, he cupped her cheeks "Now.. I smile wen you're happy, I feeling killing everyone, wen I saw tears in these eyes..." "Secret.." He whispered "I sometimes feel to kill kamla maa for her behaviour towards you.." He accepted innocently a smile finally broke on kalpi's face causing kalpi to look at him amusingly... "I hate attachments.. My dad was everything for me, I was totally dependent on him, he loved me, played with me.. N then he left me, someone doesn't want me to be happy in lyf.." He laughs mockingly "N now, wen I have you, to love me, to care for me.. Someone again wants to snatch you away from me.." He laughs weakly "you told me you don't trust your faith kalpi.. I don't even trust mine.. We're on a same page.. Fear of Faith Singhaniya's..!!! He smiles sadly "Raghav.." She brushed tip of her finger on his cheek "Shh.. I want to talk.." He whispered "will you listen to mee chatter box.." He asked innocently causing her to nod her head slowly "I was scared I pushed people away... Wen I lost dad, I lost my every relation.. I was a bad son, who thought that his mother had an affair.. Kalpi open her mouth wen she placed a finger on her lips while shooking his head "A bad Son, who never talked to his mother for 15 long years.. And then you came, All misunderstandings, truth came out.. And the funniest part was The girl with whom i promised she'll be my first priority 'My tigress..' Became my wife.. One more relation added in my shattered lyf.. I thought my married lyf with you was a adventurous ride, n very torturous as we both are different... " she lowered her eyes "Ever heard about opposite attracts.." She looks up at him causing him to sigh "was our case.." "Each n every pain made our relation stronger.. Each attack shows me what's your place in my lyf.. But y always you kalpi..?? Y everyone tried to hurt you.. Including your mother.." Tear fell from her eye "This.." He slowly took d drop of tear from her cheek on his index finger "You know y I hate this..?? Bcz I know how much you suffer in your life.. This made me realise I want to do lot in my lyf... FOR YOU... Too keep u happy, give you every happiness you deserve.. To make you feel special.. To make you feel that your presence, your existence made me alive.. To show the world that you're MINE..." he confessed softly while she looked straight into his eyes... "You said you hate me.." She snapped in a whipered
He smiles sadly "I do.. I do hate you.."
"I was scared kalpi.. I was scared.. Wen I saw you lying lifeless on d road, in pool of blood.. Something died inside me.. N wen doctor declared you were in coma.. I was dead at d moment, I don't wanted anyone but you at that tym.. I want you to woke up, to shout, to argue, to fight.. But you didn't... He cupped her face again "I thought I never able to feel your movements again..." He kissed on her bandage forehead, she closed her eyes.. "Never able to look, and lost in those eyes, which talked to me more than anything.." He kissed her eyelids one by one, her heart stopped at his words "Never able to tease you again..." He kissed her nose, at his every kiss, every touch she closed her eyes.. "Never able to feel your touch.." He gives a long lingering kiss on her cheeks one by one, n then d moment she opens her eyes again she saw him looking at her lips, he closed the gap between them, "Never able to hear your confession.. The names you give me related to my actions.. With that he leans in n brush his lips on... Her palm.. Yes d same moment she raise her hand n keep it between their lips (terrace scene of EMA almost kiss typs..) Their eyes were closed for d briefest second wen she opened it n remove her hand while leaning back, he looked at her "you're drunk raghav..." She whispered b4 lowering her eyes, "let me leave.." She murmured he takes a step back allowing her to leave, she moves, turn around, opened the door "I was drunk bcz of you.." He said with a small smile "Bcz I know you never allow yourself to fall for me.. But this bear bottle did.." She turned around to look at him confusingly "fall is a wrong word raghav singhaniya.. I already fallen for you.. In fact I love you.." She snapped "But you don't.. So stop saying n doing things which you definitely never do wen you are in your senses.." She turns 
"I thought I lost you kalpi.." His words were urgent, again stopped her, she turns to face him, his face was lowered eyes were closed "I thought never able to say what I wanted too.." "I thought I lost you lyk I lost dad.." 
She took a step towards him, slowly she cupped his face, she froze wen a lone tear fell from his eye.. "What you're doing to yourself raghav..?? She asked wiping d tear while looking at him strangely "what you're doing to me kalpi..?? He asked "I don't want to loose you.. I want to feel you're here, that this not dream.."
"I'm here.. I'm here.."
"Show me.." Her expression changes "Show me that you're here.. Let me feel you.. Take your touch as eternity.. Take your words as forever.. Let me feel you chatter box.." He said cupping her cheek pressing his body on hers, making her gasp "Let me feel you.." With a nod she closed her eyes, he leans in.. D moment his lips touches hers spark flies.. She moans at d first touch, feels weak, as if about to pass out wen he hold her waist with his arm, while his hand showing him how  where to hold him, without parted his lips on her, he gently placed her hand on his shoulder, she hold his shoulder blade tightly while he pulled her more on him rested other hand on her cheek to deepen d kiss.. With a moan she finally gave in n respond to d kiss.. She kissed him back with more urgency, her hands tangled up in his hairs pulling his face more to kiss him, to feel him... Their tongues fights for dominance, which clearly won by her dominating husband, he tasted each n every corner of her mouth, she moans in his mouth, n pressed herself on him making him groan.. After a long passionate, intense kiss they pulled away breathing heavily, resting his forehead on hers, closing their eyes, they can listen each other heartbeats, feel their breath "I love you.." She whispered after a long silence causing him to smile "I hate you.." She wide open her eyes looking at him shockingly.. Wen he touched her cheek "I hate you for making me feel things which I never felt before.." 
"I hate you for breaking your promise that you'll keep my wife safe, which you didn't.." 
"I Hate you for making me feel mentally sick.." He closes the gap of their faces.. "I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU..." he finally whispered 


It took 25 minutes to make her understand what he actually said.. N wen she did 
"What did you say..?? She asked 
"I hate you.." Was his instant response causing her smile "after that raghav singhaniya..??
R: to make me feel things which I never felt before..
Kalpi looks at him trying hard to control her smile "No, after that.." "I hate you.."
"Urrgh.. I know you hate me, but what you said after that Raghav singhaniya.."
R: After what kalpana.. That you broke your promise to, you make me mentally sick... He said irritatingly 
K signed: and the last one.. "I hate you.." She rolls her eyes trying hard not to fight with this arrogant, & attitude singhaniya..
K: yes.. You hate me bcz.. 
He looked at her, they share a long eye lock wen "For making me fall in LOVE with you..." He whispered taking her into his embrace while a tear happiness roll down from her cheek.. "You're impossible raghav singhaniya.." She said with a wide smile b4 hugging him back 
"Am I.." He asked kissing her on her hair.. "Yes you're this is d way you confess..?? I hate you kalpi.. Bappa.. You n your style I never expected you to love me back, but still there was hope that may be you do n confessed to.. N now you do love me but you said hate me and
"Stop..!!" He said breaking d hug "I don't even understand, y u talk so much chatter box.." She pouted "I'm only confirming..!! He looks at her confusingly, "Confirming what..?? She sighed "See, you hate me, right..?? He nods "right you hate me, but you hate me not that way, you hate me lyk other way, so you love me, but at end you confessed lyk you hate me but you actually don't, still you hate me.." She huffed 


He looks at her, with a raised brow "fyn even I don't know what I'm saying.." She said confusingly causing him to shook his head b4 scooping her  "Confused soul.." She widen her eyes "Raghav Singhaniya what are you doing..?? Put me down..!!" While he make their way to d next bedroom...
He gently placed her on d bed, sitting besides her n taking her in his arms "I missed you chatter box.." He muttered while she buried her head in his chest "i want this tym alone with you.. I don't want to go back.. Stay with me.." He whispered causing her smile "always.."  She said softly while kissing his neck, she frowns "but on one condition.." He pulled away "condition..??" He asked she nods "yes, condition.." 
R: Great.. What's that..?? He snapped 
"I want my Rakshas Singhaniya back.." She whispered softly 

Kalpi sat on the washbasin slab, wearing a long n loose maxi, while her dominating husband stood b/w her legs, they both were looking at each other, wen she finally sighed "R you sure Raghav singhaniya..??" She asked.. He smirk "this is your condition.. N I'm lyk this bcz of you.. So m sure kalpana raghav singhaniya.." He come close, wrap his arms around her waist "Do It.. I'm going to help you..." He whispered b4 pecking her lips..  While kalpi gulps, "you sure..?" "Yes kalpana.." He said irritatingly she pouted, with shaky hands she hold shaving brush, put some shaving cream on it, n look at him with a raised brow, he smirk n keep his face more towards her "bappa.. I'm doing this first tym, y you don't do this..?? She asked while rolling the brush on his beard "bcz you said you want your rakshas singhaniya back.. Your Rakshas Singhaniya is lyk this bcz of you chatter box.." He taunted, she stopped "Don't taunt me.." She pouted he smiles n hugs her "m not taunting you, this is my way to tell you much I missed you Mrs. Singhaniya.." She smiles hugging him back "say it again.." She whispered "Mrs. Singhaniya.." She broke the hug they share an eyelock, wen he keep his index finger on her cheek n then keep it on her nose "Mrs. Kalpana Raghav Singhaniya.." She frowns n keep her finger on her nose, she widen her eyes wen she found shaving cream on her nose, she makes a complete o shape mouth wen she found it on her left cheek bcz of the hug "yikes raghav singhaniya.." She said wiping it, causing him to chuckle while she looked at him "I lyk wen you laugh.." She whispered, he stopped "N I lyk wen you're the reason of my laugh.." She smiles "I know.." With that she start her work with the shaving cream n Razer on his face... 
"Perfect.." She said kissing both on his light stubble cheek "Welcome back the Mighty Raghav Singhaniya.." He smiles looking at him at mirror "Not bad kalpana raghav singhaniya.. You did this fyn..
She makes a o mouth "what fyn.. Its perfect Mr. i me n myself.. You never look so handsome ever in your whole lyf.." She said proudly, he raised his brows  "don't I'm saying correct.. I...
"You called me handsome..?? He asked 
She smiles "well yes, but if you want i can call you more better words than this.." She said wrapping her arms around his neck "Really.. Well m waiting Mrs. Singhaniya.." 
Kalpi pursed her to stop her smiling "well for more words then you are handsome off course.. He nods "apart from that arrogant.. He twitched his right eyes "Aggressive, Akdu, stubborn...
Stop it..!! He interjected "you suppose to say better words for me.." She smiles pecking him sweetly on his lips "for you these are not just better but best words I can give you n I'm glad in this whole world only I've a right to call you everything on your face..." His expression soften at her words, he touched her cheeks "What you're doing to me kalpi.." He asked in a whispered, she sighed b4 resting his cheek on his heart "Loving you raghav singhaniya.. Loving you with everything I have.." She said softly he kissed on her head "You're making me mentally sick.." He whispered causing her smile "good, bcz a few days back.. You were doing d same thing.. They laughed 

"Raghav please.." Kalpi finally whispered with teary eyes, while he clenched his jaws "I can't kalpi.. I can't.. I want to kill that... She keep her finger on his lips "I just want you with me.. Pls let me do this.. This is not going anywhere.. I hate seeing you lyk this.." She said as they are arguing from past 15 minutes him to change this shirt which covered with her blood, while he vowed first to kill that bastad who attacked on his wife, this shirt made him realise, he was careless to accept her wish to drop her there only.. They stood still at shower, he closed his eyes, wen she slowly starts unbuttoning his shirt, with every button she unbutton, his jaws works, she looked at his face, his eyes were close, she can see how much this effect him.. A whole month he wears the same shirt.. Tear roll down from her cheek.. "Done.." She whispered on his ear as her front touched at his bare chest, she shivered still remove his shirt, while taking her steps back she on the shower, d moment water drops fells on his bare chest, she studies his expression, they were intact, he was angry, angry on himself that he doesn't save her that night.. He finally opened his eyes meeting with hers, that unspoken words were they read in their eyes, she lowered her eyes n turn to leave wen with one swift move he pinned her wall next to her, crushing his lips on her, she kissed him back almost immediately "I'm sorry.." They both apologise in each other mouth.. She moans as he pulls her more on him while his lips travelled from her lips to her neck, she tilt her head back, her fingers threading on his hairs 'Drunk..' The only word came in her head.. She immediately pulled away causing him groan.. She keeps her hands on his chest, she was wet too bcz of him, plain stuff of her maxi  was not doing anything "you need to change.." They both said at the same tym    
After a long argument raghav finally wear a lower n T while she stood still in d washroom, "kalpi.. Come.. It's only me.. I ask someone to send your clothes tomorrow morning.." He said for the fifth tym.. With a gulp n sigh she opens d door, with d sound of click, raghav snapped his head towards her, while her eyes were still on d floor, she keep lowering her bathrobe, he smile, pulls the comforter up so she can lay besides her, with a long wait of whole 10 minutes, she finally lied besides him, he cover her up with d separate comforter up to her neck  so she feels comfortable, she took a deep breath b4 a smile crept on her face "better.." She smiles b4 nodding her head on him.. He stretched his arms she immediately hugs him "I missed you.." They both again said at the same time.. "Chatter box.." He hugs her tightly not wanting her to go... While she buried her face n body in him to feel her mattress singhaniya warmth... "I love you Raghav.." She whispered b4 kissing on his chest n closing her eyes     

Kalpi opens her eyes, as there's a slight pain in her head, she looked at d wall clock, it reads 3.00 am she sighed n looked at her left, she widen her eyes wen she saw raghav was watching her, "Raghav..?? Y you're not sleeping..?? She panicked n about to sat up wen he stop her, she looked at him confusingly "I doubted if you again leave me in my sleep.." He said innocently, she winced at his words, b4 cupping his cheeks "I said I won't leave you and I promise you that.."
R pass out a weak laugh mockingly "you're not trust worthy kalpi.. You were almost leave me, wen you were lying there in pool of... He stopped doesn't want to remember that event.. 


"I'm sorry.. I should've told you about.. She stopped wen he moves n moved him partly on top of her, her heart stopped, she wasn't ready for this.. Not now.. They just expressing their feeling.. She just start knowing him, his fears wen "Don't worry chatter box.. I just want to feel you.." He said kissing on her throat, she tilt her head back, "Raghav..." 

She still threading her fingers in his hairs while he was sleeping peacefully on her.. Yes after accusing her that she broke her promise to keep his wife safe, she's not trustworthy, he's not going to trust him again n most important that he hate her.. He finally rested his head on her neck with a last long lingering kiss he felt asleep while she still playing with his hairs.. Today was special, her Rakshas singhaniya open up with her, share his fears with her, d man who thought he was incapable of loving someone finally confessed his love in a most unique way 'By saying I HATE YOU..' she smiles as if he again said these words she will be going to love him more n more, bcz she knows his hate means his love.. Raghav singhaniya n his style.. N moreover ways of confessing love.. Agreed or not she has to deal with this Attitude Singhaniya.. Still she promised herself that she's going to love him with everything she have.. She's not going to ruin this.. This as in their khatta meetha relationship 'SWEET & SOUR'  she smiles n kissed on his head "I love you Rakshas singhaniya..." He hummed at her response hugging her tight while buried his face more in crook of her neck n kissing her softly, she can sense his smile on her neck.. With sigh n a hopeful morning, she closed her eyes...!!!! 

Next Morning..
Raghav fluttered his eyes, move his body causing kalpi to wince he immediately stopped n look beneath him, she was sleeping, he smiled as they both were on d same position they fell asleep last night his hands were on her waist, her fingers threaded on his hairs, tangled legs, he smiled b4 giving a long lingering kiss on her chin, she moved her head to d right "umm I know you know that I love you.. N you know I knw that you hate me.. But let me sleep bulldozer.." He smiled as she talked on sleep n turning her back on him, he immediately wrap his arms around her waist b4 kissing on her temple, n remembering moments they spent last night.. With satisfaction he pulled her on him, wen his grip loosen, n pulled away immediately b4 stood up on his feet n looked at her back in disbelieve.. 

 He was standing by d window, after studying his sleepy annoying wife for a whole hour, he finally stood there lost in his thoughts, as how weak he sounds yesterday, she must be thinking what a weak man I'm, with no love, with nothing.. I'm incapable of loving someone kalpi, n moreover I don't think you ever listen to me, you broke your promise, you let those bas**ds  hurt you.. His body tensed up wen he felt her touch his back, "Morning.. Raghav singhaniya.. Sleep well.." She asked resting her cheek on his back while wrapping her arms around his chest.. He took a deep breath b4 gently removing her hands n turn to face her, their eyes met.. She looked at him confusingly while he looked at her with a blank face, she was about to ask what's wrong wen "I'm sorry...!!!! She shook her head "what do you mean you're sorry..?? She asked 
R: for yesterday...


They just stared each other, he gulps, tried hard not to show any emotion "I was concerned for you, doesn't want to... To.. To...
"To what raghav singhaniya..?? She snapped   
R: to touch you lyk that.. 

She just stared at him, "I'm sorry, whatever happened yesterday, that.. That kiss, will never happen again..!! I'll ask someone to bring your clothes here.. He said passing her.. He stood there for a moment hoping may be she stopped him but even aftr 15 minutes wen she didn't turn he left.. At same tym, she fell on her knees, while tears rolling down from her cheeks "He apologise for confessing his love, for sharing his pain, his fears...!!,  she cried 'it will never happen again..' She sobbed as she was looking forward to this changed singhaniya, who said that he hates her for making him fall for him n now he apologise.. She closed her eyes "I accepted your apology, Raghav Singhaniya.." She muttered while wiping her tears.. 
While he too flung his phone on d bed angrily, he know he hurt her, but he just can't let himself attached with her, he hates attachments, he just hate wen people leave him after he starts  depended on them.. He has to hurt her, bcz he don't want her to leave him.. "I'm sorry kalpi, I'm so sorry.." He muttered wiping d lone tear with his thumb which stayed on d corner of his eye...

Precap: fighting with feeling, Chatter box Ignoring her Rakshas Singhaniya.. His restlessness n finally  prem entry n exit.. 

Read Note on pg 62 Tongue

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