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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 26)

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When will u update sugi. Update soon pls

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sugu waiting.. Update plzz
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dear where are u ???
plz update:(
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sugi waiting..plzz update
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Update plzz. ...Waiting
niru04 IF-Rockerz

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When will u update sugi. Waiting eagerly. Update soon pls
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Sugi where are u and ur double dhamaka?ConfusedLOL
R u ok dear?
suggii Goldie

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Part 47 Staying apart...!!! Day One

Singhaniya Mansion
"Sammy its been 20 minutes we're waiting here in the living area.." Gauri said with a deep confusion causing Sammy to look at d closed door of raghav's room "I also don't know aunty, what these husband wife upto.." He answered softly
Gauri sighed n sits on d couch waiting for them to come out 

While on other hand things were still intact behind the doors.. 20 minutes ago wen they both entered in the room after explaining to gauri that y she has to leave 'bcz she's missing her family' this reason came out from THE MIGHTY RAGHAV SINGHANIYA.. Stupid reason ever bcz now everyone knows if I missed my family then the same raghav singhaniya has d courage to take me chawl n let me meet my parents but he make sure I'll be never away from his eyes.. Still she's confused how maa agreed on his this reason.. The moment kalpi Pack her stuff for the 8th tym as wenever she packs her stuff he stop her saying 'don't u think u r taking too many clothes with u only 4 7 days' she signed n finally keep only 2 sarees in her bag n turn to leave wen he grab her forearm turn her towards him n hugged her tightly.. That tight that her bones literally screaming that he's crushing them.. Still understanding completely his turmoil she hugged him back.. Its really, really hard for both of them to stay away from each other especially wen they start understanding each other, start to learn that their presence effect the other, that they both want each other besides them no matter what.. How these 7 days they pass without each other, no teasing, no fighting, no arguments for whole 7 days no way...!!! I'm going to miss my Rakshas Singhaniya.. She sighed n buried her face in his chest causing his grip tighten on her waist while he too buried his face where her neck n shoulder met... 
After several minutes "I don't want to go.." She finally whispered in his chest clutching his shirt "then don't go.." He said softly brushing his lips on her neck.. She closed her eyes "I have to.." She finally said after a long pause... For several minutes they both stayed intact in each other's arms...

"Finally" Sammy muttered wen he Raghav n bhabhi was coming their way "Maa.." Kalpi said b4 bending n touching gauri's feet, with small smile gauri too keep her palm on her head causing kalpi to smile Smalley.. She got up "Don't worry maa its only a week.. Just take care of urself n ramu kaka..
G: han han kalpi.. U already give him a long list of do's n don't's wen u won't be here.. But instead of ordering all the servants.. Kindly suggest ur husband to do not eat food outside.." Gauri said in a complaining tone as she knows in this month from the 2nd day after their marriage kalpi takes care of everything wen it comes to food.. His eating habits are changed he ate a proper home made food 'made by his wife only' though his breakfast still the same bitter coffee with burnt toast 
Kalpi looks at raghav who was still busy ordering everyone over the phone she frowns as he still not disclose his conditions of staying apart.. She sighed, looks back at gauri "He won't maa.. I promise.." With a wide smile gauri hugs her "Come soon.. Will miss you beta.."

The journey was silent from singhaniya mansion to Singhaniya chawl.. He didn't say anything to her, neither she tried to talk to him.. But it was a comfortable silence b/w them.. As if they know their relationship won't be same wen she'll back.. Bcz slowly but they actually start sharing their feeling with each other, starts accepting their relation "We're here.." Raghav voice bring her back from her thoughts she looks at the entrance of the chawl b4 looking back at him n then looking at his lap.. She froze as she didn't even realise that he was holding her hand throughout the journey, their fingers intertwined, she smiles softly n look straight in his eyes "I...
Knock knock 
Her words interrupted by pakya who just knock on the window she looks at him with a smile b4 opening d door " Kalpu.." He literally shouted b4 hugging her she flinched causing raghav to hold her back while pakya took a step back n luk at her confusingly "you hurt her.." Raghav snapped, while she placed her palm on his shoulder "I'm fine.." She said softly n then look back at her Dada who was looking her apologetically, she smiles Smalley.. "Dada m fyn.. You know na over protective Singhaniya.." Raghav glares her which she clearly ignored while give her best smile to her dada...
Kalpi and Raghav both are standing at the entrance while pakya left giving them a moment to say GoodBye.. 
"you sure u will be safe here..??" He finally asked after a long silence while looking around.. Kalpi widen her eyes "Raghav Singhaniya this is my family we're talking about.. They never hurt me.."
Raghav shook his head "I know, I know they never hurt u I'm just scared if..
"I know.." She interrupted "And I'll be fyn here.. I promise.. And with my husband besides me I'll be perfect.."
R: but I'm not going to be with u lyk u said for 7 days... He snapped 
"Ouch.." You break my heart Raghav Singhaniya.." She said in her drama queen tone.. Causing him to roll his eyes.. She smiles place her palm on his cheek, he looks at her "whether you like it or not u will be always with me lyk my SHADOW.. Mr. over protective singhaniya.." They share an eyelock for a whole minute or two wen 


She scrunched her eyebrows b4 turning her face n looked at neel who was waving her while standing on d balcony "come fast Angel, your baba made pooranpoli for u.." He yelled kalpi smiles b4 noding her head slowly n looking back at raghav while raising her brows "Care to explain Raghav Singhaniya.." He smiles, hold her hand "I'll will.. but first meet fatty otherwise d whole chawl needs tons of cotton as he's as loud as u" she makes a perfect o shape mouth "so I don't want drama here.. Drama queen.." She pouted 'monster'
"Rajkumari." Vithal hugs his Rajkumari carefully "how's ur injury..?? His question makes kalpi frown, she broke the hug n looks at vithal b4 looking back at raghav with confusion n b4 she ask anything, 
"They need to know the genuine reason y u r here.. So I told them everything.." 
her dominating husband interrupted, she shook her head "But it suppose to be a secret.." She complaint, he shot his brow "really, n who decide that..??" B4 she open her mouth to answer him neel hugs kalpi by waist "Angel, drop it na.. Isn't a gud thing he did that u stay with us.. Not with heartless monster.." Raghav shot him a pointed look "US..? She repeated n again looks at him "what r u planning raghav Singhaniya..??" 
He smirk "I told u kalpi, u will stay here for 7 days but on my conditions.."
"Urrggh n what r the conditions Rakshas Singhaniya" she said irritatingly causing neel to giggle "Stop laughing kaddu.."
"Stop calling him that.." Kalpi snapped they stare each other for a long minute while others are stay out of this RakCh fight "fyn.. Take care.. I'm leaving.." He gritted out "huh..?? What..?? She asked ignoring her He took a step forward simply joined his palm in front of vithal, n vithal does the same still there was something his body was saying but he doesn't as if he was trying to do something n then what he did was actually "Moment of the Century" Raghav Singhaniya I mean "The MIGHTY RAKSHAS SINGHANIYA.. MR. KNOW IT ALL... MR. I'M THE BEST, MR. I ME N MYSELF bend to touch vithal's feet.. Kalpi widen her eyes while vithal looks at her.. There was a silence for a moment while kalpi keep ogling on her sometimes cute sometime monster type dominating husband as this is the First tym.. first tym in these 11 months 'the day they met till now' he does something for their family without her help... She smiled wen vithal keep his hand on raghav's head n in return raghav Singhaniya clears his throat, she lowered her eyes with a small smile 'My Rakshas Singhaniya starts changing for better..' "Take care..." His cold voice she snapped out from her thoughts.. He looked at her with a blank face b4 looking dangerously towards need... He left... What he left.. That's it.. Take care... That's it... She thought with a confusion 

It's been 15 minutes kalpi was looking at d ceiling in anger while pakya vithal even neel knows she was talking to her bappa but about what.. 'Bappa.. Take care.. Bus.. No bye, no hug, no kiss, nothing only take care... 7 days bappa, 7 days that Rakshas Singhaniya not going to miss me.. N for what he's angry from.. From neel.. He's a kid.. Urrgh I will never understand Rakshas Singhaniya bappa.." She closed her eyes sadly b4 getting up n heading towards the balcony... The moment she stands by the railing she frown as his car was still there.. But he left 15 minutes ago then...??? 'Take Care' she thinks about his words, she smiles as she was right her Rakshas Singhaniya definitely won't say goodbye lyk this.. But where is he..?? In car..?? Naah.. He'll never ever wait for me in that... Her mind stopped wen she looks at her neighbour (who plays only supporting role) who was smiling looking at her while keep hinting her towards... Wait 'Terrace' he's on terrace for last 15 minutes "bappa.. Ajjeeb hai Rakshas Singhaniya" and with that she made her way to d terrace... 

The moment she saw him on d terrace, he tucked his coat on d railing, as it might hot here n he's waiting for her past 15 minutes 'idiot raghav Singhaniya at least he gave me a hint.. But naee I me n myself haina..' She huffed but smile at the same tym as how much she loves his small gestures he may never say in words but his gesture... 'I love you raghav Singhaniya..' N with that he snapped his head towards her their eyes met "Stop staring me lyk that kalpana vithal jadav.. I'm your own husband" she smiles at his silly statement, she took small steps towards him but their eyes never left each other n d moment they were eye to chest she finally spoken "you could've gave me a hint that u were going to grace this terrace with your presence.." She said sarcastically "Ouch, you break my heart kalpana vithal jadav.." He said in mock tone, they share an eyelock, she smiles b4 hugging each other tightly "I thought u left.." She muttered b4 hugging him tightly as she doesn't want him to leave her.. "I thought I made myself clear, that I never leave u.." He said tighten his grip on her waist slowly and steadily he buried his head in her neck "but that fatty...
"Stop comparing him with yourself raghav Singhaniya.." She interrupted causing him to break the hug she disappoint that he step back but stay silent "compare..?? Haa.. Obviously I'm far better than that kaddu... I'm definitely best for u and I..
"Stop.." She cuts in "best for me..?? Where did I come between u n him..?? She asked confusingly 
A long too long silence was there wen "No.. You're impossible raghav Singhaniya." 
R: m not.. He always have ur attention.. Even if I was there he's always more important 
What..?? Kalpi almost shout 
He shook his head "I should go" he past her wen she his hand to stop him.. She turns to face him, cupped his face "you're my husband, u never need to do anything to gain my attention.. He's only a kid he gain my attention bcz u always rude to him" 
"He also rude to me" he said in a complaining tone, she smiles as if she stuck b/w her husband n her... What will happen if they'll have kids, then also he behave lyk this..?? Ohh My Rakshas Singhaniya is too bad with kids, son or daughter how I'm going to handle along with this over Possessive dominating husband.. She smiles n the moment his eyes met hers she blush profusely at her own thoughts 'what d hell she's thinking..' Shooking her head not wanting to look at him she again rested her chin on his chest while his hands wraps around her "you always have my undivided attention raghav singhaniya" she huffed while he kissed on her head.. Her smile faded wen d same neighbour again come to terrace looking at them with a shy smile, kalpi widen her eyes n tried to break the hug "Stay" he whispered hugging her closely "Raghav Singhaniya sunita kaki is here leave me.." Causing him to tighten the grip on her waist she looks up "this is not our bedroom, leave me she's looking at us.."
He smirk "I know this is not our bedroom but u r still my wife, n Most of all I'm raghav Singhaniya" he said as a matter of fact "Tharki" she muttered n again resting her head on his chest knowing he wasn't going to leave her 'Item'  he said inwardly with a smile at the same time giving a look of *do not disturb* to sunita kaki who shamelessly looking at them n she left...
After being in each other embrace for a long time no for a very long time they  stood besides each other hand in hand "so what neel is doing here..??"
Again neel..?? He asked irritatingly n b4 she open her mouth "no.. Let me tell u first otherwise u definitely going to ask thousands of question.. Question bank.." she pouted  "Fatty is part one of my conditions." She frown still waiting for him to continue he turns to railing n keep his both hand on the railing looking out the view while she still looking at him "I can't take risk wen it comes to you kalpi.. I know if I'll be not with you, your baba n pakya will be there still I need someone who will be there with u lyk 24*7 n the only person who enjoyed your company apart from me is kaddu.. Though it annoyed me a lot still inside the house u need a security need, ur baba, pakya will be there n outside... He stops n look at her b4 looking back "they all will be her.." She follow his gaze n widen her eyes the moment she saw 6 black duster n with... Wait let her count 1,2,3,4.5,6,7,8,9,10 what... 10 security guards... she snapped her head towards him "what do u think u r doing raghav Singhaniya..?? I don't need them..." Raghav looked at her n his one look enough for her that he doesn't want an argument on this.. She gulps "but this is too much.." She muttered "Its not.." He said softly turning to face her holding her close to him "its not kalpi, I can't trust any1 wen it comes to you.. I don't want to loose you chatter box.." She smiled softly b4 resting her forehead on his... He closed his eyes "how m going to spend these 7 days without u Annoying wife.." He confessed in a whisper 
'I love u' she confessed inwardly causing him smile "Say it again" he said b4 opening his eyes causing her look at him confusingly "u didn't hear it" she asked "but I felt... so say it again kalpana.." She smiles n stay quite for a moment, he looks at her "cheater u teased u didn't said that..." She smiles that he actually heard what her heart confess she smiles  'I love u so, so, so mch raghav Singhaniya..' He smiles "better" with that he hugged her "n what about neel school" he rolls his eyes "you're sch a moment breaker kalpi.. We already had a convo regarding the same.. He's on leave for 7 days.." 
"What..?? She pulled away "7 days.. N what u wrote in his leave application..??
R: I'm raghav Singhaniya, kalpi.. I don't need any reason to do something...
K shook her "Deva.. ha Manus kharach rakshas ahe...jar Asch rahil na tar aplya mulana bigdayala val lagnar nahi...fakt saat divasa chi sutti ahe..."
What..??? Raghav said with a frown.. 
"Nothing" she shouted back.. But still continue her marathi under her breath 
R: Kalpi, pls don't speak this alien language in front of me.. She looks up at him "its not ALIEN Rakshas Singhaniya n seriously heights..." "You know if he missed school it will effect on his career" she said in a serious tone "god kalpi he's only in 6th standard.." She pouted "but...
"Please angel heartless monster is right.." They both turn their head at neel who was standing resting his small hands on his big waist.. "Fatty.. Leave don't u know m talking to my wife.. So get out.." Kalpi sighed as they never gonna change "Heartless monster its been half an hour n 15 minutes u both r here.. Vithal uncle denied but I've to come to take my angel with me.. U need to go office heartless monster.."
R: ahh thank u so much for ur advise n acting lyk a little fatty wife.." Kalpi smiled n smack on his arm, "neel you go.. I'll follow.." She said calmly.. Neel glare at raghav he return it with his cold gaze "fyn angel don't took to long... Love you.." N before raghav react he ran away causing kalpi to giggle as how her chota packet tease Rakshas singhaniya... "Stop laughing kalpi, u know he did that on purpose.." he turn his back on her she smiles n turn him again to face her "still u always reacted this way..." Why..?? 
"Bcz kalpi I... He stopped they share an eyelock for a long moment, wen he clears his throat "I should go.." He whispered causing her to nod her head he give a long lingering kiss on her forehead causing her to melt in his arms "take care.. N don't go anywhere without them..." He said in a commanding tone she smiles "I promise I won't..." He turns to leave n she stood there watching his retreating back she open her mouth to say something but didn't say it.. N at the Same tym  he stopped n turn to face him "now what kalpi..?? 
She smiles "don't eat outside, I'll prepare something for ur lunch.." He smiles b4 giving her a small nod "I'll wait.." With that he left...

Annoying Wife 
"Had ur lunch..??
Dominating Husband
"I did.. But u know u don't have to do this.." 
She frowns 
Annoying Wife
"Do what..?? 
She kept on tapping her phone on her hand what he meant by this.. Its been 5 minutes he didn't reply.. N then
Dominating Husband 
"This lunch n everything..." 
Reading his reply her heart almost break, tears start forming in her eyes 'He doesn't want me to do anything for him, just bcz m leaving here I don't have any right on him...' With that she replied 
Annoying wife..
"Fyn.. Will take care of that in future.." With that she flung her phone to d setae 'how dare he..? Fyn raghav Singhaniya..fyn.. Do whatever u want.." 

"Hi kalpi..." Kalpi took a deep breath n looks at paakhi bappa this is not the right tym she deal with this I lost my memory case... She look behind her kamla was standing she shook her head "Hii.." Saying so she was about to leave but stopped as may be she gets any proof against paakhi.. So she sat besides her on a couch, kamla tensed up though she wants to ignore her reaction still kalpi blink her eyes to assure her she'll not say anything which hurt paakhi.. "so paakhi how was ur trip to Paris.." The moment she asked kamla looked at her disgustingly while paakhi smile widely "gr8 u know I bought so many thing for my wedding, I just want a wedding in Raghav Singhaniya style, as I and Raghav both are Punjabi's is better to understand each other ways of living, customs, rituals... Bla bla bla... She keeps on saying things but there was nothing a bit of hesitation that kalpi would think she's making stories, though from inside she's all set to kill this memory loss case bcz the way she's talking about Raghav Singhaniya.. With smile, spark in her eyes... She clutch  her jaws he's her husband, memory loss how dare you... Still she calmly nod "kalpi.." Pakya interrupted their convo while paakhi greets him with a smile while pakya hint kalpi to come outside.. She nods b4 turning to paakhi "its NYC see u here paakhi after a long tym, hope you'll enjoy ur tym with ur KAMLA MAA.. excuse me.." She stood up, about to leave "how's sammy kalpi..?? She asked causing kalpi to turn to face her there was something different in paakhi's eyes as if she mockingly asked n she did wen she asked d next question "you're husband might be missing u.. As u r here n he's in office with Raghav.." Its tym for her to revert back if she wants to know the truth "Yeah.. My husband's missing me.. No doubt on that.. M here n he's in office.. But paakhi how would I know how's sammy SIR.. I hope u still not on doubt m not sammy's WIFE.. Last tym RAGHAV clears this doubt right..??" And she got it her face, her eyes screaming how her words pinned her... Kalpi smirk "hv a nyc day paakhi.. Excuse me.."

"Just tell me kalpu.. What happened that day..?? 
K: Paakhi...
"Paakhi.." Kalpi turns to looks at her.. "Kalpi pls.. Don't do this marriage kalpi, Raghav doesn't loves you.. Pls. "
K shook her head "what r talking about paakhi..?? 
P: Raghav kalpi, he's doing all this thing bcz of ks construction he never loves u.. I supposed to marry him.. He's doing this bcz of his father's wish.. 
Enough pakahi.. Kalpi shouted "I think u should leave.. I know u infatuated with him but this is a limit paakhi
P: No.. I'm suppose to be his wife.. He's forcefully marrying you.. He will LEAVE YOU.. leave you after...
Paakhi's head snapped at right side it took a second to understand her kalpi slapped her, she place her palm on her cheek n looks at kalpi " You slapped me.."
K: yes, bcz u r turning into an insane paakhi.. I know him, since the first day.. I know our marriage is just a promise.. But that doesn't mean I'll give u this right to point a finger on my relation especially after I confront Raghav Singhaniya... And he doesn't loves u paakhi... 
She shook her head n slowly took her steps back towards balcony "but I love him, I want to marry him... 
Kalpi looks at her step n balcony she might have fall.. " paakhi stop.." She shook her head "he's mine", he's mine... Raghav is mine.. "paakhi stop" and she stopped "you've to go kalpi.. You can't come between us.. I love Raghav.." Kalpi frown wen she said "I'm sorry kalpi.." And at the same time some throw kerosene bottles with fire on the tip on their room through the window causing kalpi to look around "I love him kalpi.. I love him..." Paakhi said with a smile while kalpi confusingly looked around as her whole room in seconds catch by d fire n the moment she saw one more bottle was coming paakhi's way she shouted her name while pushing her away roughly.. Kalpi lehenga catches the fire from dat bottle causing her to fell down on d floor at d same time paakhi's head hits the railing... Kamla screamed... 

"And this was d scene aai saw.. I pushed her Dada but only to save her I don't know who were the people who threw that bottles in my room..." Kalpi said while a tear fell down from her eyes 
P; y u didn't say anything to Raghav..??
K shook her head "I saw him at pune Dada, this marriage might be a promise for him, but I can't deny this fact I only saw fear in those eyes when it comes to me.. And this is sch a big thing for him.. I won't be able to tell him the truth.. He's already disturb for the acid attack..
Pakya keeps his hand around her shoulder, she rested her head on it 
P: so what u think about pakhi..?? 
K smile smalley "well that memory loss case, I don't think she did it I mean y she harm herself on that day, we know how much she loves her face, n those scars... Kalpi stopped as she remember scars of her body.. She closed her eyes "Kalpu.."  He squueze her shoulder "it was past." She nods "wese nice name (memory loss case)" pakya laughs at her naming session...!!! 

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