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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 23)

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Originally posted by sugandhii

Part 46: Her Decision of Leaving naah staying apart..!!!

Kalpi snapped open her eyes wen she didn't raghav singhaniya on his side, she looked at d wall clock n reads 9am she sat on d bed n b4 she got up she find him pacing to n fro in d balcony, he was on d call shouting over the phone, 
"Just find out the damn attacker.." He shouted while throwing his 2nd phone on d side wall.. she shook her head as this is d 3rd tym wen she woke up n find him stressed, she can see concern, fear in his gestures, in his eyes... She sighed b4 getting up from d bed n walking up to him, his back was facing him, his both hands were on d railing with a tight grip.. She keeps her hand on his shoulder, n sense his body soften "I'm fyn.. I'm here with you Raghav Singhaniya.." He stood there not saying anything to her she finally took a step forward clutching his arm, resting her head on his shoulder..

 They both stood lyk this in silence wen she decided to break d ice "by d way.. Is that Shopkeeper give you some discount on this ring..??" No response "No.. I mean this tym you bought  the same ring '8 million' so he must have give you discount right...?? No Response... She sighed "Ra...
"I'm getting late for d office I need to take bath..." He interrupted while releasing her hands from his arms b4 leaving from there...

"Don't Argue kalpana.. They r best at their work.." He said while wearing his coat while she was standing behind him luking at him with a blank expression while her arms crossed in front of her chest "I don't need them.. I already told you Raghav Singhaniya.. Tell them to go away.."
R: I'm not telling anything to them.. You need them..
"I NEED YOU.." She finally yelled causing him to froze they both looked at each other through the mirror "I'm getting late.." He said after a look pause b4 turning to leave "you're Avoiding me..?? She finally asked.. He stopped at his track "Don't start kalpana.." He said luking at his right side but turning to face her "Then end this completely Raghav singhaniya.." She said while turning him to face her "End This.." 
"You're lyk this since yesterday night.. What d hell happened to you..?? You're not talking to me, no arguments, nothing.. N now you just inform me that this mansion's going yo surrounded by so called security n I'm not going anywhere without them.. I don't need them.. You're here with me then y...?? I don't--
"Bcz I FAILED.." He shouted causing her to flinch at his tone "I failed.. I didn't able to protect you.. Its someone's plan.. Its a bloody plan.. First on our wedding day that fire took place n then someone's attacked you do u even realised what if you didn't fell then that ba*ta* would've attacked you with acid.. That was a BLOODY ACID.." He roared


She finally took a step towards him wen door knocked they both luk at d man standing at d doorway "He's Roy.. He'll be...
K: I don't want a bodygaurd raghav singhaniya.. 
"Its security ma'am.." D middle age man said while bowing his head down, she twitched her left eye "Whatever I've my husband as my security, my bodyguard you may leave now.." She spat "kalpana.." She turn her face "I'm not talking to you Ignorant singhaniya.." He sighed "Roy, Excuse us.." He nods n left from there 
Raghav walk up to her turn her towards him "you need...
"I don't need anyone.." She spat
He shook his head "I know u need them, but u also need to understand this is serious.. In fact more than serious kalpi, have u think y someone wants to hurt you..?? She frown n looks at him 
K: What do u mean..??
R: first it was bcz of KS constructions, but now what..?? Its been a month we're married everything was going perfect until...
K: until..??? No response..
K; until.. Raghav singhaniya..??
R: until paakhi come back in our lyf.. That fire was also not an accident, at least I think so, still I'm waiting for u to explain what happened that night..? She lowered her eyes "Fyn.." He said after a moment of pause.. "Roy will be here fr ur safety, I called d doctor already, he'll be here for you're checkup.." 
K: but I'm fyn..
R: I know still you're arm needs some anticeptics n proper consulting regarding medication 
She snorted "fyn.. But I don't lyk that Roy, he answered me back.." She pauted.. He smiles "gud for u Roy is perfect in his job n about answer back well I don't think this will be ur concern chatter box.. No matter who say what nobody beats u in talking.." She makes a perfect o shape mouth "take care.." He said while keeping his palm on her arm b4 leaving frm there...
She was still thinking about Raghav's words, she has to do something.. She took a deep breath, dials a number n in 2nd ring d person picked d phone "haan kalpu..?? She smiles "dada.. I.. I.. Need your help..??
Pakya frown "everything ok na..??
She pursed her lips "its about paakhi kapoor..
"Paakhi..??" Pakya interrupted 
She nods "Kalpu..??" Snapping out from her thoughts she remember that he's on d phone "hmm paakhi.. Dada I need... Her medical reports, doctors n hospital who r taking care of her case here... Can u arrange it for..
"Ho jayega kalpu.."she sighed, pakya sense her tension in her voice "Anything else RajKumari..?? He teased causing her smile "dada.." After talking to her for few minutes they both hung up 'Raghav Singhaniya was right, that fire wasn't an accident.. But I don't think u r involve in all this paakhi.. N if u r then m sure u can't do all this things alone.. Anyhow I don't want my husband involve wen it comes to you"
Hmm now I need to tell that Roy to not tell anything to raghav SINGHNAIYA 

City Hospital
"These reports are authentic Mrs. Singhaniya, Miss paakhi kapoor is actually suffering from partial amnesia.." Doctor stated looking at d reports 
K: r u sure..?? Bcz my husband was never engaged with her, then y she's imaging those things which never happened in her lyf..??
Doctor gulp, took a sip of water "its..its.. True.. She's no..not well.." KAlpi studies his expression for a moment, she sighed "Okay doctor, thank you.." She said while getting up from her seat n making her way towards exit..
She was walking towards the exit with her thoughts regarding paakhi, n what doctor said moreover she reached to home soon b4 her protective singhaniya get to know this bcz by blackmailing Roy, n after arguing with him she's Able to stop him saying anything to raghav singhaniya.. But now she have to get back soon.. wen she stops at her track, she frozen wen her eyes met with her husband who was standing a few steps away from her, his jaws were clenched, his hands were in his pockets n he was staring her with all d anger he has within him.. She gulps b4 looking at Roy for help who was standing behind Raghav with his head down.. She closed her eyes for a second 'Be ready for the Angry bird mode kalpi..' With a thought she took a deep breath n walk up to him as slow as possible their eyes never leaving each other.. 
"Don't.." He gritted out wen finally she open her mouth to say something "Don't you dare.." He repeated causing her to gulp, he hold her wrist they look at each other for a moment wen he literally take her out from there She quietly follow his lead d moment they reached at his car "I..
"Get in.." He said coldly "Ra..
"I said GET IN.." she literally jumped at his loud voice n get in d car.. He walks up to his side, sat in d car.. Their was a silence for a moment wen "I...
"Save it.. We discussed once we reach home.."he said while starting d engine... Throughout the journey he didn't talk to her though neither she tried bcz she knew her angry bird is not in mood to listen...

Once they reached singhaniya mansion she follows him quietly, n b4 she said something "You're fired Roy.. Get out.." He yelled she frown n spun around n found Roy standing behind her with his head down.. He turns to leave "No.. Stop" She shouted, they both spun to face each other "what r u doing raghav singhaniya..?? You can't fire him.!!
R; you've to think b4 stepping out from this house, You forget what happened yesterday.. Someone got damn ATTACKED on you..." He shouted causing her yo flinch at his tone "and he (he shot a look to Roy b4 luking back at her..)  He suppose to inform me whenever you r out..
She looks at him disbelievingly "Stop it Raghav Singhaniya.. Stop being my bodygaurd... I've my own lyf now its suffocating bcz I'm not a child.. my lyf is not your... She stops, they both look at each other, she can see hurt in those eyes 'no no no' she shook her head, he stare at her b4 glancing at Roy and turning back towards his room "I didn't mean that.." Kalpi said with pure regret, he stops but didn't turn to face her, he simply nods n left from there.. She keeps her palm on her face 'Stupid Kalpana Raghav singhaniya.. Sch a big fool u r..' She shook her head "I need to talk to him.."  

Raghav's Room
She entered there, he was sitting on d edge of their bed, his eyes were on d floor, his both hands clutched d bedsheet tightly... She pursed her lips b4 walk up to him she stands in front of him, his eyes were still on d floor "I'm sorry.." She whispered softly, he looks up her, got up from d bed past her, wen she hold his hand "At least listen to me once.. PLEASE RAGHAV SINGHANIYA.. PLEASE.." he stood their quietly wen she turn him to face her, n make him sit on d  bed where he was sitting earlier, she bend on her knees in front of him, he didn't bother to look at her "Don't be an Ignorant & silent singhaniya at d same tym.." No response.. she took a deep breath b4 releasing it "it was not Roy's fault.. I know he suppose to tell you where I'm...
"No.." He interuptted "He's not supposed to tell me where u r, lyk u said its ur lyf nnd I can see that u r not a child kalpana.." He snapped, she look at him b4 smiling smally "Done..?? She asked causing Him frowns at her question "Taunting Singhaniya.." She said with a smile causing him to roll his eyes "Its not a taunt.. I genuinly felt bad." She raises her brows as her emotionally challenged singhaniya finally sharing his emotion what he felt "I know.. I'm really sorry.. Really Am.. I'm sorry.." She whispered b4 holding his hand tightly "Wanna listen my side of story..?? She asked he looks at her pleading eyes "Elaborate.." D only word he said.. After a minute of silence she started
K: you were right.. That..that fire wasn't an accident, (his grip tighten on her hand..she can feel his body tensed up) but I don't think its paakhi..!! She's seriously unwell raghav singhaniya.. But yes all these things somewhere related to her.. That's y I visit her doctor.. N I trust those... Those reports.. Its not fake..
"And u r not smart.." He snapped 
K: Raghav singhaniya.. Listen 
R: you listen to me kalpana vithal jadav... Its her plan.. Its her full proof plan y don't you understand.. How can u be so stupid.. Y don't u understand its her plan"
K: I do.. I do understand, that's y I took a decision.. Decision of... She stops 
R: Decision of..???
She tore her eyes away from him n stood up "I'm leaving..."


He stood up n looked at her confusingly, she closed her eyes b4 thinking about her words she's going to say "I think.. Think its better.. Fo..for us to stay apart at least to find out the truth about these attacks.. I'm.. I'M LEAVING.." She finally said the last words looking straight into his eyes 
He clenched his jaws, "What.. What did u say..?? 
She open her mouth to repeat it wen "Don't u dare to repeat your words kalpana vithal jadav, I heard in d first tym just wanna check that u r going to correct it or not... 
She again open her mouth but
R: Don't.. I'm not gonna... He stops, they look each other for a moment "fyn, I understood its ur lyf, u r not child.. I'm not gonna question anyone I promise.. But u r not going anywhere.." "This is what u want fyn.. Apologies what..
"Stop.." She finally interuptted, b4 shooking her head "its not about you raghav singhaniya.. Its not about you.." He rolls her eyes, wen she took a step closer to him n cupped his face in her small palm

 " Listen to me.." Their eyes met "I feel more than safe, wen you r with me.. I feel more than protective wen u demand an answer, wen you command everyone about my safety.. (His eyes gets soften) I'm sorry what I said earlier.. I'm so sorry.. But its not you.. Its about US.."They share an eyelock for a minute or two, he shook his head "I told u, I won't involve in her issues.. Then..
K: bcz I don't want u to do anything in this... He frowns 
K: I only need 7 days, in these 7 days either I'll prove you that paakhi kapoor is wrong, n if she's not I'll give u the valid reason of these attacks.. But in both cases I want you to stay away from all these.. I'll be fyn.. Baba will be there, Dada will be there.. 
R: but I won't.. You can't leave me lyk this..
She shook her head "I'm not leaving you.. I'll never leave you raghav singhaniya.. What makes you think that m leaving you.. I'm not.. I'm only staying away from this home.. I'm not gonna away from maa, from YOU.. Your chatter box will never leave you Rakshas Singhaniya.. I just need you in this.. Please..
R: y staying apart bcz of this..??
Kalpi smiles smally as slowly but she's convincing him "bcz of us.. I need us to be together..
R: we're TOGETHER 
she nods "but I don't want this fear in your eyes everyday that what if u'll loose me.. I want us to be together happily, I want us to live each n every moment of this journey lyk us.. Lyk a proper Rakshas Singhaniya and chatter box.. And for that paakhi kapoor needs to out of our lyf.." After a long pause 
He finally smiles "you know my annoying wife is so dramatic.." she smile back "She's.. bcz her dominating husband is so argumentative.." He shook his head b4 they both hug each other "fyn.. But only 7 days.."
She smiles b4 buried her face in her chest "I promise" she muttered, they stayed lyk this for few minutes wen he broke they look at each other, he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear "I allow you live in chawl.. But I've my own conditions.."
She frown "ConditionS.. And those are..?? 
R: you'll get to know soon.. But b4 that let me clear one thing.. If paakhi kapoor.. Pause... 
She waited him to complete he sighed R: If she ever hurt you.. I'll kill her
She looked at his serious expression b4 snapping "And If she ever touch you again.. I'll kill her.." 
He smirk "fair Enough.. Wen we both want to kill her, then let's do it TOGETHER.. After all its our Journey.. JOURNEY TO BE TOGETHER..." she makes a perfect o shape mouth at his statement "you're impossible raghav singhaniya.." They both look at each other b4 they both burst out  laughing.. he shook his head b4 breaking his laugh feeling her gaze on him while she was looking at him lovingly this is first tym she's seeing her angry bird laughing n no doubt he looks perfect wen he laughs.. 

'I love you..' He frown n b4 he asked her "I promise I'll say it wen we'll close paakhi's chapter.." He nods understanding d meaning of her statement "I'm going to drop u at chawl.. And Mom.. You r going to give her a proper reason.."
K: y mee.?? You're going to give her reason on my behalf..
R; y so..??
K: y not so..??  If I can answer my husband's call on his behalf then my husband is also give reasons on my behalf na..!!
R: but u said u r not child.. That's ur..
K: deva..!!  I said I'm sorry about that taunting singhaniya..!! 
He smiles "fyn.. I'll tell mom a better reason for y you're leave... He clears his throat "I mean y u r visiting ur family.." He corrected himself, she smiles as how he's avoiding the word leaving... She sighed "your chatter box will leave you.. Do u understand Rakshas Singhaniya..?? He smiles b4 kissing her forehead 'and your Rakshas singhaniya won't allow you to leave.. I... With dat incomplete thought he finally accepted his annoying wife's demand of staying away from him.. No.. Staying away from their home not from him...

P.S. I want a single comment for both updates this is my first demand girls these two updates took a lot of tym so make sure to tell me u lyk their first date, n her desicion of leaving him... Oh ho no leaving Singhaniya mansion now see you on next Sunday with double dhamaka...

P.s.s. yaar ye ff khatm hone ka name hi naee let ri pks pm me the ideas how m going to end this... ConfusedOuch

she's leavingCryCryCry

omg she CONFESSED???????????!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!

waiting for the next parts...
update soon...
bichaara roy he got fired...

but i think that pakhi is faking it... the way her doc stammered while tellin kalpi...that itself tells it...

laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Plzz dear ,now the time has come for that makki to be thrown out of chatterbox's life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And our heart is going more crazy than her rakshas to read abt her unique style of confession and the Mighty Snghania's reaction.
rani214 IF-Dazzler

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Part 45
Fabulous update suggiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Wen read dat rags helping kalpi to jot dwn disadvantages  tabhi pata chala ke ye kalpi ka hallucination hi hogaWink...warna  'I me myself rs'  kalpi ki help kare wo hi uske disadvantages likhne me...impossibleTongue
Loved ragna chotu sa moment...Kalpi lying comfortably on her personal matressWink par kabab me hadi Sammy tapak padaAngry
Der dinner date was beautiful...n well written by u specially d dance part...loved it Embarrassed
Again der nokjhok on guptaji n engagement ring was awesomeLOL

rani214 IF-Dazzler

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Part 46-Lovely update
Loved how rags took care of kalpi Embarrassed
Finally both doubted on pakhi n both incidents were not accident. n she thought of finding d truth... par ye kya kalpi tune inti jaldi doc ke baat pe viswaas kiya...can't u see doc was stammering whl talking 
Sad dat she is leaving rags for seven daysUnhappy
Curious to knw how kalpi will find out truth abt d accidents n guess prem is also involved wit pakhi...dat makkhi can't plan everything alone 
Cont soon n ho sake to sunday se pehle upd denaBig smile

Edited by rani214 - 25 May 2015 at 11:43am
...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Raghav simple date for Kalpi was amazing
It was so romantic
I wonder if a simple date can be so special and nice, what would a actual date be like ;)
Raghav giving Kalpi two rings on their "simple" date was beautiful
Oh gosh! Kalpi is too much lol
She want to go fight the jewelry man and the poor manager at the restaurant didn't get a tip lol
Neel seeing his Angel after one month and genie reunion was awesome
The great Raghav Singhania is jealous of a little boy lol
I like how he get all worked up when Neel say "I love you" to Kalpi
Omg! That attacker was also going to throw acid on Kalpi Shocked
Love RagNa moments with Raghav taking care of Kalpi wound
Kalpi decided to leave for a little while to get the dirt of Pakhi is awesome
I just hope she get all her answers
Both chapters was marvelous
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 4:04am | IP Logged
Sugi weekend kha khattha meetha feast kab mileghaa!!
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 7:57am | IP Logged

Sugii plzz Update
KAPPorwal01 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 May 2015 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
plz update soon plz plz plz

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