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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together" (Page 22)

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1st-ly Hugfor including that chotu packet neel for me LOL
Kalpi sab jagah Raghav ko dekh raheti Embarrassed I thought he is really helping her in Disadvantages list i was like eh kab hua Confused Tongue

Kalpi bal bal bach gaye agar gauri and sammy nahi athe tho D'ohBohath Romantic mood tha Rakshas singhania aur sammy kabab mai haddi Angry he is always breaking RagNa moments 2 times in this chapter only 

y sammy ji is so curious to know if Raghav asked kalpi for dinner or not bichara Raghav ka sara plan he flap hogaya Ouchkalpi bhi na she thought Rammy r going on Date Raghav ko heart attack agaya hoga ROFL

Raghav Singhania ji wants his chatter box to call him Raghav but he will still call her kalpana vittal jadav Confused really 

I...I... ka fever ab Raghav ko lagaya ROFLhalloween party really what a reason Raghav ClapROFL

Kalpi is still feeling bad for those scars its good that Raghav handles her perfectly GOD these 2 are just made for eachother no-other can bear them TongueTongueTongue

Aww Raghav arranged her favorite dishes and that vada pav wala to how cute he is just as she said cutest husband Embarrassedn the Dance it was so Romantic Blushing kalpi tho gaye kamse LOL

C my guess was correct he bought ring from guptha jewelers Cool Haww woh phir 8 million wala ring bhi laya 1 crore 20 lakhs Dead for engagement ring (eh sab dekh he hamari expectations bad jathe hai LOL)ek tho Raghav is in Romantic mood aur esse na bargaining ke padi hai she is comparing rate with that of  when she was 6 yearsSilly

Kaha tha na Kalpi will bargain there also she didn't give them tip LOLthen neel babu ke entry Raghav is so jelous he don't want to share kalpi with anyone Approve neel remember her that its been a month of their marriage Big smileshe wanted to wish but attack

who did this ya definitely paki is not that smart may b prem might  be behind her or sahil too oh new character kya Tongue

Roy eh name suke muje us disaustor ke yaad agaye Pinch kalpi ji is on a mission to find who is behind it god but y she has to leave Rakshas  he is feeling bad and kalpi ke tongue slipped but Raghav is really hurt Dead

wonderful update now this is my favorite of JTBT till now Big smile

hehe i know Rakshas very well Hug for u for this wonderful updateBig smile

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amazing update..Big smile
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Ufff yaar what a lamba update n amazing also. But this suspense  is killing yaar. Who is behind all dis? Jaldi suspense khol na... n d date was superb. Finally raghav also started feeling something for his chatter box. I just only want one thing in dis story.  I just want pakhi to be guilty.  She shld be behind all dis attacks n kamla to throw pakhi out of her house after giving slaps on her face. N I also want a proper confession of ragna. Update soon n love you.
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such a long update don't know how much time u have been spend just to make us happy u have really done a hard work
awesome, fabulous, mind blowing, super loved the ragna date ops I mean simple dinner loved jagruth nagrik in kalpi
and also loved the neel and raghav part u r really a awesome fabulous writer love ur stories. But where is kuhu I mean neel sister I don't remember her name
dying to read next part love u and it good the story is not ending may be we readers don't want to end this ff its an fabulous ff love it
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Such a lovely update ...it's such  long but fir bhi dil nahi manta want more yar anyway waiting for next update. ...or raghav ko kab kalpiii se pyaar hoga mince I love her vaaliii filling Embarrassed
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Interesting update sughu Star kalpi is mentally sick that's why she see raghav singhania every were LOL LOL poor lady LOL jab real raghav samnai Maya tho confuse hogayi LOL LOL Ragna cute fight for note book Embarrassed and then there sweet romantic position ye gammy ko bi tabi ana dha LOL LOL or ye stupid chatterbox ko laga rammy dinner date keliye jarahaihai rags is right confused soul LOL LOL and there beautiful dinner then rags romantic gift styanash itni romantic movement dhi or hamari chatterbox nai Ouch Shocked rags sai ring ki discount ki details pooch rehaithe how romantic LOL LOL neel or rags ladayi was superb.par then vo attack vo bi acid lekhar Shocked   Angry kapoors or khon ho sakhtha hai Angry poor rags is right jab tak poo hospital mai dhi tab koyi problem nahi dhi Sleepy par she is dangerous and evil more than they think Angry kalps ki body mai vo marks hope ki poo ki mooh par koyi acid daldhai Angry rakch seperation 7 days hope ki rags koyi aisai condition banayega taki vo log hamesha saath ho Wink thanks for this interesting dhamakha update Tongue
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beautiful update sugu.. Both chappies r superb.. Omg some1 attck kalpi.. Nd Raghav is blaming himself that he faild nd some1 to save her.. kalpi chawl ja rehi hai.. dear plz update nxt chappy plzz.. Waiting...
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Originally posted by sugandhii


Part 45 RakCh First Dramatic And Argumentative Date...!!!

"What.. please go na raghav singhaniya.. Let me concentrate on these disadvantages.." She said with huff while sitting on d bed and start thinking about the list...
"Come on kalpana.. You know u need my help.. Give it to me I'll write it for u.." He said after a long pause 
K look up at him "you know u r d only one in my mind, just bcz m mentally sick don't play around, leave or sit quietly.. You don't know anything about disadvan.. 
"Off course I know Everything.. after all m raghav Singhaniya.." He interjected 

"Wait..." She almost shouted yes u know everything.. Yes I got it 

13: "Mr Know it all singhaniya.." No matter what.. he'll never listen to anyone wen it comes to 'I know this more than u' 

She smiles widely "Hold on kalpana vithal jadav, if I start writing disadvantages of marrying a chatter box then ur list hardly matters for u bcz I've lot of points how m bearing u.. She makes a perfect o shape mouth " how dare u.." He shook his head at her words "fyn write the next point m waiting.." 
She frowned "but what would be the next disadvantage." "I.. He started but
K: No, m not going to listen from u about ur disadvantages, u already did a lot stupid things wen I was making ur lunch maa was there n u just came out of nowhere to disturb me n now maa is thinking that m talking to a ghost.."
He smirk "well off course, if I'm actually here do u really think instead of shouting at u I helped u in making the list of disadvantages about me.." They both look at each other for a moment "fyn.. But its not my fault m seeing u everywhere m mentally sick OK.. N all thanks to you so quite.."
He smiles "Well hallucinations are the only place u orders me.. N in reality its quite opposite don't u think.."
"Raghav Singhaniya" she spat.. He keeps his hands up "fyn I'll be quite.." 
K: gud now let me think...
After a long silence "ur face says u still thinking about the points, c'mon kalpana accapted every disadvantage turning into advantages.. Ur face telling me everything about this.. 
She snapped her head up, n then smile softly " you know what raghav Singhaniya u r actually helping me with these disadvantages now I don't mind if people will say m talking to a ghost.." She giggles "what do u mean..??" He asked 
"I mean thanks for point 14/."

14. "Face Reader Singhaniya" his face reading never give me chance to say anything... I'm an open book for him.. 

"So how this is a disadvantage confused soul..?? 
K: Don't call me that.. Bcz of ur face reading I didn't able to tell u that day that I... She stops they both share an eyelock for a moment " You can tell me, ur Rakshas Singhaniya is still in office, u can confess kalpi..." He said with a smirk, she lowered her eyes he comes close to her so that their knee touches he cupped her face "I knew it.. Say it kalpi.. At least confess this to me, m his heart I knew it the moment u confessed first Tym in ur heart.. Say it.." She finally look up at him and after a long eyelock session "I... She started " you..?? She smiles "stop interjecting raghav Singhaniya.." He smiles "fyn say it then.. Drama queen.." 
K: I... She blushes n lowered her eyes b4 shooking her, he sighed "your selftalks are damn best than these incomplete sentence.." She look up at him "Liar.." She whispered softly causing him "true, I'm waiting for the moment wen u finally confess..." With that he leans in their lips were inches apart, he closed his eyes she smiles wen his arms snakes around her waist pulling her more closer to him.. Their lips were about to meet wen she open her eyes wide pushes him away "Tharki Singhaniya.." She shouted "what.." He almost yelled, grabbing her notebook she started 

15: "Tharki Singhaniya.." (This name doesn't need explanation those who knows me n Raghav Singhaniya knows y I written this..) 
P.S. That Maya kamini is d biggest example..!! N yes he called me 'item' as well...!!!  

She looks up n he was not there, she sighed shook her head "ye Rakshas Singhaniya ka bhoot mjhe pagal krdega.." Huffed "bappa. Er help me.." 


"What r u doing kalpana..?? She snapped her head up at his voice... She pouted " didn't I told u to go raghav Singhaniya or stay quiet while I end this list today.."
He frown keep his hands in his pocket "Excuse me..?? You can't order me.." He retorted  
"What... She looks up he was standing at d doorway, she widen her eyes more than ever n look around b4 staring back at her husband " U r real..?? "What. " he frown... She blinks her eyes several times b4 confirming that he's actually there yes he's is.. She looks at d table clock n frown "what r u doing..?? She asked 
R: I asked d same question first 
"so u can give me d answer first as well I won't mind Raghav Singhaniya.." She finally snapped composing herself..
R: Kalpana 
K: Raghav Singhaniya.. (He shot her a look) causing her gulp "I mean its only 5 pm u suppose to come back from office at 7.. So..??
He shot his left brow "this is my house n that's my office.."
"Where I guess no work to do.." She muttered 
"Excuse me.." She shook her head "aa nothing..'" N "what r u doing..?? "I mean (he looks at THE NOTEBOOK) what r u writing..??" She widen her eyes look at her notepad then him then notepad then him 'aaj to tu gae kalpi' he frown wen she didn't answer n took a step towards her, she got up from d bed "no.. Its personal.." She said while going toward her bag to keep it there..
"Personal..??" He follows her "Breaking News Kalpana vithal jadav m ur husband.." He said resting his hands on his waist, she spun around copying him as she too rested her hands on her waist "Exactly Breaking News Raghav Singhaniya m ur wife.. Kalpana RAGHAV SINGHANIYA.." He pursed his lips to hide his smile while his eyes rested on d notebook which was still in her hand, she follows his gaze b4 meeting him again "No.." She whispered slowly as if knowing what he's thinking 
He smirk "Yes.." With that he grab her hand, her body tensed up "you're misbehaving raghav Singhaniya, leave my hand.."
R: leave the notebook then.. 
K: no.. 
R; fyn let's stay lyk this then.. 
After almost 10 minutes they stayed still.. Both r stubborn head "idiots.." Finally kalpi loosen her body so that he thinks she gave up n the moment he release her hand with d smirk on his face.. N with d blink of his eye she runs towards d door but too late she collided with d corner of bed n about to fell wen he hold her by her waist n b4 she turns to hold him he lost his balance and


They both fell on d bed his back was on d mattress while she was on her mattress Singhaniya.. They share an eyelock for a whole minute actually two (m enjoying their positions..Wink) Wen she lowered her eyes, he clears his throat "what do u think m that stupid kalpana vithal jadav..?? 
"its Kalpana Raghav Singhaniya.." She whispered softly too shy to look at him Bcz of their proximity, he smiles before grabbing d notepad from her hand while his other hand still holding her waist protectively she panicked "No.. Raghav Singhaniya.." And the moment her open the first page..
Ahem ahem 
They both look at each other b4 looking at d door.. They both widen their eyes as Sammy was standing there with his eyes n mouth open wide, while gauri simply standing there with her eyes lowered.. RakCh again look at each other b4 she got up from him with his help.. Pause..
A long Pause...
"You need anything mom..?? 
Finally he asked while kalpi was dying in embarrassment with her eyes lowered while heat creep on her cheeks " A... Actually Sammy was saying... U gonna ask her about something so needs to check its truth or not..??
Raghav n kalpi frown n look at each other b4 looking at Sammy..
R: close ur mouth Sammy.. He ordered while kalpi close her eyes as y they didn't lock d door.. But wait y lock they both were just fell on d bed while arguing with each other..
"Sammy.." Raghav authoritative tone pulls her back from her thoughts "was telling gauri aunty about your DATE.." Sammy finally spoke.. All eyes widen included Sammy n raghav as what he said "Date..?? Kalpi repeated not understanding exactly the meaning of his statement n b4 Sammy could say anything " We're going out.." Raghav interjecting panicking, kalpi look at raghav then at Sammy she repeated this thrice "ohh.." Was all she said 
"That's it..?? Raghav asked 'I'm asking her out n this is d way she reacted boring chatter box..' He thought, she  pursed her lips b4 taking d notepad from his hand wen he was in his thoughts n keep it in her bag b4 locking it.. They share a challenging look... "So you won't be eating dinner right..?? She finally asked causing all three of them to frown "what..?? She asked confusingly "you don't want to know where r we going..?? Sammy finally smile 'hmm Rakshas Singhaniya finally annoyed with his annoying wife..'
She frown " y would I ask where u and Sammy sir r going.. Its might be a simple  dinner which he's calling a date.." Sammy n gauri slapped their forehead 'ye dono ek jese hi h duffer' while raghav looks at her with a disbelief "you're unbelievable kalpana.. You think m going out with sammy at this tym  n that too... Pause that too... Pause pause pause on a pause pause date.." He finally ended.. She widen her eyes "ho.. So u r going out with someone else raghav Singhaniya how dare you.." Gauri shook her head "Sammy I give up.. They never understand.." 
S: they..?? Well I guess bhabhi never understands her Rakshas Singhaniya aunty... She sighed n left from their while their both r looking at each other 
R: r u for real kalpana..
She frown "I told u m not a dream.."
R: n I told u nobody wants u in his dream.. 
K: so y u r asking raghav Singhaniya.. 
R: Bcz u..
OK OK. Fyn Sammy interjected "Bha..(got a look from RakCh).. I mean you two r going out.." He finally say to kalpi she frown "we..?? A different excitement knocks in her heart still she's confused soul so her expression didn't show anything.. He was way beyond irritated with her stupid questions " but where r we going raghav Singhaniya..??
Sammy went silent as this is d part where raghav has to speak up, other hand he knows if he even says a simple dinner again this question bank start with bombarding her questions "y we're not eating here only, with maa, y, how, wen.. No.."
"Party..." He finally said 
Party..?? Sammy asked confusingly 
What party..?? Kalpi asked with a frown 
After a long pause he finally said "Halloween Party..." irritated Singhaniya 
WHAT...?????? the biggest what comes from gauri who just come to see what progress her daughter in law n son have.. He looked at gauri b4 looking back at kalpi who was staring him with disbelief "What..?? She finally said.. Controlling her smile that this much she can expect her Rakshas Singhaniya but what's his plan n b4 he respond Sammy clears his throat n 
"wait.. I complete ur sentence Sammy sir.." Kalpi interjected "What Raghav Singhaniya you...
R: Sammy never calls me Raghav Singhaniya." Pause "so act as Sammy n call me RAGHAV..."
She clears her throat "whatever m not coming with u.. Apka waha jana samajh mein aata hai RAKSHAS SINGHANIYA ho aap.. but Mjhe Bhootoon ki party m naee jaana...!!" 
Sammy bites his tongue to stop himself from laughing while gauri frown on other hand raghav pursed his lips "Actually I'm only escorting you over there.." She looked at him confusingly "what do u mean.." 
R: 'gr8 a perfect moment tit 4 tat..' And he started "Actually they were running out of ghost uhh BHOOT so I thought u r going to be the perfect replacement for them...!!! She makes a perfect o shape mouth "Or wese bhi unke hazaar BHOOT or tum ek... Solid competition hoga naee..??..." And finally Sammy burst out laughing kalpi pick d pillow from  d bed n throw that on Raghav he dodge n that pillow lands on Sammy's face "you r impossible Rakshas Singhaniya.. Monster...!!!! With that she storm out of the room.. He shook his head n look at Sammy " y u ruined our convo at d first place Sammy.."
S; what me..?? Raghav don't blame me this is not a way u ask ur annoying wife for a date..
R: its a simple dinner gotdamn..
S: whatever this is not d way u ask about ur so called simple dinner.. And...
R: get out sammy..!!
I said GET OUT...!!! he yelled causing Sammy to retreat

Raghav was holding her hand tightly, make sure she doesn't feel what she was feeling several minutes b4 wen he went to apologise her for his behaviour n asking her out for a dinner... On other hand kalpi was lost in her thoughts the dress her husband gifted her today was best in terms of his status but what about these horrible marks... She remembered their encounter several minutes ago wen he ask her that they both r going out for a SIMPLE DINNER n these two words he said after a pause of 15 minutes she smiles at him 'emotionally challenged Singhaniya' n then comes the next part he actual bought a dress for her 'Deep Red one piece with shimmery back n off shoulder with a net arm, n with that she lost in flashback 

FLASHBACK... Several Minutes Ago...!!
"Kalpana open d door.." He finally bang d wooden door wen she didn't came out after 20 minutes.. She shook her head "kalpana.. Open it b4 I break it.." She widen her eyes "No.." She finally responded with teary eyes "I'm not going with u lyk this, m not raghav Singhaniya.." He sighed "Open d damn door.. Kalpana" He commands, n after a second "Do u trust me kalpi..?? He finally asked causing her to look at the door with a frown "what kind of stupid question u r asking raghav singhaniya??" He smiles "then tell me what happen, open d door kalpana.." N in seconds she opened it raghav froze looking at his wife who was looking beautiful in d dress he chose for her Red is actually her color, but he scrunched his brows wen he saw she wraps a white towel around her shoulder, he looks at her confusingly n b4 he asked "I still have scars.. I can't wear this.." She said while a tear roll down from her eyes, while her eyes were still closed, he set his jaws remembering doctors word, he took a step towards her, and after a long moment of pause n studying her expressions he raise his hand to touch d towel, her body tensed up wen she realises he was removing the towel, she shut her eyes tightly the moment air hit her bare shoulder she understood he seen those scars, those horrible scars... After fighting with her confidence she decided to face him, n with that she opens her eyes n froze.. His jaws clenched, his lips formed in a thin line, she lowered her eyes 
And b4 she open her mouth to say anything "Do u know how beautiful you are..??" He finally spoke causing her to look at him, he cupped her face "These stupid scars will never effect on you.." "Kalpi.. Its..
"I know what I'm raghav singhaniya.." She snapped, he frown "I know these scars will go sooner or later, but I was worried about you, (he frowns) you deserve a wife who's perfect just lyk u and...
"you're Perfect Kalpana.." He interjected "the kind of wife I want is standing in front of me, you're perfect for me kalpi..(he said tucking a strand of her hair behind her hair) 'PERFECT'...!! Kalpi didn't realise wen his face come so close her, they both share an eyelock for a long moment "but u said something else b4" she whispered as his breath fanning on her face "what..?? He frowns " u called me BHOOT...!! She pouted he rolls his eyes "I said I was sorry Taunting Queen.." She smiles n "Raghav.." They both heard  Sammy's voice causing raghav to take a step back n kalpi looks around with lowered eyes while raghav make his way to the room "Raghav I was going so... He stop wen he saw kalpi coming out from the same washroom as well he widen his eyes, he looks b/w both while raghav n kalpi frown n look at each other "Sammy I thought u were saying something.." 
Huh..?? Sammy again looks at kalpi then raghav "No I think I should've knock d door..bye raghav bye bhabhi" Saying so he turns to leave b4 raghav n kalpi interrupt him, he left.. Raghav sighed "I think you're having a gr8 impact on everyone here confused soul.." She pouted 

Raghav squeezed kalpi's hand she came out of her thoughts n looks at him "you OK..?? He asked she smiles b4 nodding head, he smiles back " let's go.."

"Kalpana" he finally huffed "stop being so dramatic.." 
She pouted "you booked this whole restaurant..?? N I thought u've changed we're here in some cheap restaurant 
R: yeah right that's not my style 
K: yeah right n this ur style 
R: don't taunt me 
K: I'm not taunting u BT m gonna eat this feeka khana.. He sighed "I know this will come u did Same at my engagement party.."
K: Our... Our Engagement party..
"Waiter" raghav finally called 
She widen her eyes wen within a Minute their table filled with all Indian n Maharashtrain food, she looks up at him
R: Don't.. I didn't do this for u I did Bcz I don't want to go outside leaving my this Italian n Thai cuisine   
She rolls her eyes "Such a I me n myself he is.." She muttered 
R; I heard that 
She smirks "gud for u.." And to her surprise he even called d same hawker from once they ate vada paav.. N too her surprise Rakshas Singhaniya eat a full vada paav without a single complaint 'aww sometimes this Rakshas Singhaniya act lyk the cutest husband in the word.." She smiles at her own thoughts and the dinner went well they talk, they smile, they laugh, they fight, they argue.. But it was for gud they both talked to each other almost lyk everything her Rakshas Singhaniya knows everything about her but she well she was so engrossed in his talks that she missed to notice that her Rakshas Singhaniya actually sharing his experience, his lyf wen he was in US though he taunted her in every next statement still as much as she loves her husband her Rakshas Singhaniya she was loving d way he was elaborating his lyf bck in US.. she was silent in his each taunt, she just want to listen to him as u never got a chance to know this raghav Singhaniya... He's different Bcz he's taking a step towards her disclosing d moments of his lyf ohh wen she's going to confess that she love this man, truly, completely she fell head over heals for her Rakshas Singhaniya... 

She comes back to reality wen he asked her for dance she smiled n looks at him with a hope, he rolls his eyes "C'mon chatter box, m fed up of ur dreaming n ur silent behaviour.. I think my US experience bored you.. (She's about to say no wen) though I know I never bore u after all I'm raghav singhaniya and...
"Dance.." She interjected they share an eyelock "you don't need to give reasons, I'm your wife Raghav Singhaniya lyk u said if I've every right on you, then u also have every right on me.. Don't give me explanations y u wanted to dance with me and...
"Chatter box.." He huffed taking her hand in his n making their way to dance floor, his hands slowly snaked around her petite waist, she lowered her eyes "You just give lecture kalpana, about 'rights..' So can I expect my wife to just follow my steps n look at me while dancing.." He teased, she smiles looking up at him.. She keep her hand around his neck n they danced (Well off course on TUM HI HO) they swayed on d beat, their eyes never leaving each other, they remember their first dance wen they both were in pune, n then dance at their engagement party... But this is different that dance was demanding, people were there.. But right now these two r only here, in each other arms.. The best moments in this dance wen their breath fanned on each other faces, wen he turns her n her back hits his chest d same moment his lips brushed her bare shoulder.. This dance was different.. This moment has something, something changed in her raghav Singhaniya the way he was looking at her, the way he was touching her, n kiss.. Well her Tharki Singhaniya was kissing her on her shoulder, n the moment stopped wen he kissed her on d back of her neck, she gasped n hold his hands which was still holding her waist gently, song having their effect on them he keep nuzzle her neck while she was breathing heavenly Bcz of their proximity, she was ready to confess in this moment wen she feels Bcz of his touch that he feels the same for her, she slowly turns around to face him make sure to not break their proximity she likes his touch, they both were looking at each other "I... They both stared n MUSIC STOPPED...


She pursed her lips n frown as he wanted to say..?? Wen his hands dropped from her waist n he hold her hand tightly, she looked up at him confusingly "Rag.. She stops as he shook his head "its... Pause pause pause pause pause pause 
She lowered her eyes with a small smile  "Don't smile kalpana.." He said irritatingly while she bite her lower lip to stop herself from laughing at his pause pause games... He sighed took his left hand gently while took out d box, she move her gaze from d box to his face, her smiles shows that she finally got what she want, he smiles "you finally got me a ring from Gupta jewellers raghav singhaniya.. Huh yes finally I got my engagement ring." He looks at her unbelievably "you're such a surprise breaker kalpana.." She smiles "well I've to if my husband took so much of pause while saying a simple sentence.. So I've to be an intelligent u see.." "Kalpana.." He huffed "Now stop arguing m waiting raghav singhaniya.." She said excitedly he smiles "fyn close ur eyes.."
"Close you're eyes kalpana.."
"What raghav singhaniya.. I was d one who said I want my engagement ring from gupta jewellers n now u want whole credit for u.." She pouted 
"Kalpana.." He shot a glare "urrgh fyn.." She closed her eyes n d same moment he slide d ring in her ring finger, he smiles seeing her wide smile with her closed eyes... 'Now I'm finally felt that I was engaged with Rakshas Singhaniya he was waiting for his SIMPLE DINNER to give me MY Engagement ring..' With the thought she opens her eyes, looks at him while looking at her hand, she widen her eyes n looks at him n the ring, then him, then the ring.."Cheater SINGHANIYA.." She almost shouted wen she saw the same ring THAT 8 MILLION RING WITH A 'R' IN HER RING FINGER 
"You're overreacting kalpana.." He finally said after a long silence 
Kalpi pursed her lips "fyn, but tell me one thing truthfully..?? He nods waiting for her to continued "Did he give any discount on this...?? She pointed her index finger on her hand while raghav smacked his forehead inwardly "kalpana.."
K: No, I mean u were buying the same ring again so if I was a shopkeeper I'll definitely give u a discount of umm of.. Yes 90%.." He pursed his lips to stop his smile "Liar, if u were a shopkeeper u give me this ring for FREE I so know this.." He teased 
"Don't taunt me.." She snapped "I guess we should leave now.." She turns to leave wen he hold her left hand again she didn't turn to face him they stood lyk this for a moment wen she felt something in her hand again, she turn to face him, he smirked n look at her hand, she follows his gaze a small smile tucked on d corner of her lips as A simpler silver diamond band he slides on her promise finger... She looks at him n b4 she asked anything he held a paper on his hand "A bill stated that this ring I bought from Gupta jewellers.." She smiles Smalley "but u already gave me my engagement ring.. Then this..?? She asked with frown he smiles n took a step closer to her " A promise ring"
"Promise Ring..??" She repeated "what promise raghav singhaniya..??
He rolls his eyes "will tell u on one condition.."
"What..?? He come more close to her so that their face were merely inches apart  "Call me RAGHAV.." 

Silence Persisted 

Her heart skip a beat, she lowered her eyes, but she knows she can't "I-I can't."
R: Just once, if u wanna know about the promise ring.. 
Her heart was ready to burst out of chest how could he 'blackmailer singhaniya' 
"Kalpana.." He cupped her face, she widen her eyes as her eyes fell on d paper which was still in his hand, she looked at him, then paper, then him, then paper he frowns n follow her angry gaze 'Damn' he said inwardly, she shrugs away his hands n took a step back "kal...
K: "Don't.. Don't u dare to say a single word raghav Singhaniya", how dare he..?? She almost shouted " And how dare you.." 
R: Kalpi now u r overreacting 
K: I'm, hell yes.. How dare he sell this ring at sch a high price..
"Kalpi I..
"No.. She shouted "2 millions.. Really..?? You know baba bought me a chain on 6th birthday worth Rs. 10000 Only n you.. And he.. I make sure he close his so called jewellery shop by tomorrow morning how dare..
"stop it yaar kalpana.. You're being so dramatic n it's pure silver diamond ring, u wanted a ring from Gupta jewellers I bought it n now.. Now.. What..
K: now HOME..
K: What huh..?? We're going home, I want a bill of this 2 million ring TOMORROW I'm going to show that Gupta jewellers that he's messing with a gr8 Jagruk Nagrik of this city.. And you.. Bappa how could u spent lacs for ur so called 'simple dinner' you're impossible raghav singhnaiya
Stop calling me raghav SINGHNAIYA.. He yelled she pouted " I'm going.." She said turning to leave.. He rolls his eyes "NYC place raghav singhaniya thank god u eaten the food b4this so called ring ceremony otherwise this dat.. I mean dinner will surely ruined by this dhamka express..!! He huffed..

They both walked towards the exit, "kalpana.." 
"Hope you a gr8 evening sir, ma'am.." Manager pops out nowhere causing kalpi to stop and just behind her raghav stood... Raghav nods back at d manager  while pulling out his credit card, handing over to d manager, n d Same moment kalpi snatch the card from his hands "kalpana..
"My husband booked this entire restaurant for this dinner right..?? She asked with a fake smile manager looked at raghav who was looking at his wife with a frown " ye-yes ma'am.. " 
K: gr8 now adjust your tip n bill in that money.. We're not going to pay more.." Raghav widen his eyes while manager looks at her with a open mouth while she past him she was going towards the car..
"You're so cheap kalpana vithal jadav.."it was just a tip.." He shouted behind her while following her at the parking 
K: Its kalpana Raghav Singhaniya, Raghav Singhaniya... She shouted back.. She spun around to face him "And m not cheap ur r being so expensive and show off Singhaniya.. Do u realise wen people know I wear rings worth lacs how embarrassed I would be u spent 8 million+8million+2 million= 
She stops knowing she won't able to count this much amount on her fingers so she waited for him to calculate for her but instead he stands still with a smirk she pouted " fyn the lump sum of this u spent only on my rings.., show off Singhaniya.. I just wanted my engagement ring n what u did.." 
He smiles "its 1 crore 80 lacs..
K: I was... She gasp keeping her hand on her chest " how much..??? He rolls his eyes "you're being dramatic.." He taunted 
"Bcz you're being argumentative.." She snapped causing him to smile "Don't smile.. Let's go..." 

"Stop...!!!" Kalpi yelled n he stomped his foot on d brake "what d... 
"Neel..." She interjected while looking at his side, he follow her gaze it was orphanage he sighed n looks at her 
"Kalpana... Its 11..."
 "So what pls... its been weeks raghav Singhaniya I miss him.."
" here I'm with u n still u miss that fatty.."
What huh..??? He snapped 
She open her mouth "don't... After our beautiful dat... He stopped wen she snapped her head towards him " beautiful what..?? She asked 
He shook his head "nothing let's go n kaddu..
"Neel raghav Singhaniya" she interjected 
R: "Kaddu, fatty kalpana vithal jadav" she snorted at him 

"Thanks wardon, I promise I only take a minute" she stepped in his room while wardon smiles "take ur Tym, he misses u too.." She smiles, causing raghav to roll his eyes "Fatty.." He muttered while kalpi sat on d edge of neel's bed, he was sleeping peacefully holding his Aeroplane she smiled looking around "you're late Angel.." Neel said resting his head on her lap she take him as surprise "I thought u were sleeping neel.." She said while running her fingers in his hairs while raghav set his jaws "I missed u angel..." N b4 she respond "but she never missed u kaddu.." And he started causing neel to got up "what r u doing here heartless monster..??" Go away.." 
K: Neel.. Behave urself 
Raghav smirks at neel as if he's winning some sort of game while neel twitched his left eye "Angel, tell heartless monster to go.."
R: well if I go.. Then definitely I take my wife with me.. He said grabbing kalpi's hand she stood n look at him "what's wrong with u...?? U r behaving lyk a child raghav Singhaniya..?? Now its neel turn to smirk though being a kid he tried a lot to smirk but failed miserably.. But unable to see raghav n neel having their own fight to win kalpi well may be to drag her on their side...!!!
N; I love you Angel... Neel teased causing raghav to clenched his fist, she frown at him n " Shut up fatty.. MIND YOUR TONGUE.." Raghav yelled neel taken aback at his tone while kalpi hold his arm "Raghav Singhaniya..??? And stared at him disbelieving
" don't stare me how dare he tell u that he... He stops causing kalpi to roll her eyes "he's neel.. Raghav Singhaniya calm down.." 
"I don't care who he..
" Everything OK..?? Wardon finally interjected kalpi pursed her lips "yeah.." She looks at raghav "you wait in d car I'll be back in a moment..
No.. He snapped "Please.. you know you're overreacting..." She said placing her hand on his heart the thing she used to do in pune wen he panicked "pls.." He sighed n nod "only a minute.." He commands, she smiles "sure, Major Singhaniya.." He glare at neel b4 leaving the moment he left kalpi n neel sighed, she looks at neel with a raised eyebrow "stop teasing him neel u know how he's..."
But I seriously love you Angel.. He said with a mock causing her to shook her head, he got up at d bed so he can come with d same height as kalpi, he hugs her "I missed u angel.." She smiles "so how's school..??
N: very gud... You know I also participate in international Poetry competition..
She smiled looking outside the window as raghav Singhaniya was tapping his finger on d roof of his car n waiting for her impatiently " you r not listening to me angel.." She looks at neel "Huh..?? He rolls his eyes " you r looking at heartless monster.." 
K: stop calling him that.. He's not heartless..!!!
N lowered his head, sighed "sorry angel, but Bcz of him u didn't meet me a whole month.."
She look at him with frown "A month..??
He nods while pouted, she smiles 'month.. Its been a month..' With a wide smile on her face " I need to go I promise will come to meet u on every Sunday.."
"Promise..?? His face lighten up
She nods while glancing at raghav Singhaniya..  
She was walking towards him while her eyes were still on him who was watching her smile wen enough now she's going to confess here tonight after the beautiful moments they spent she's gonna confess, what he's going to say on other hand he smiles as he's going to start his lyf with her.. He's ready to give a fair chance to their relation both were in their own thoughts but their eyes never leaving each other wen a biker crossed in between them AND 

"Aaahhh" Kalpi screamed 
Yes he attacked on kalpi with a sharp knife, on her shoulder causing her to fell down on d road "Kalpi.." Raghav yells as soon as he saw that biker was about to throw something on her but he missed out n that bottle fell down too close from kalpi.. while he runs towards her she looked at him b4 looking back at her arm she flinch it was a huge cut start from her shoulder to just above her elbow... Wen Raghav reached there, biker was gone, he looks at her side the cracked bottle n it was ACID damn that bast*d was going to... He closed his eyes growled angrily while she still in afraid to say anything.. He bend n scoop her in his arms "aah.." She flinched again he set his jaws, his face was unreadable while she was still in thoughts y somebody attacks on her...!!! Gently he placed her on passenger seat they both look at each other wen he lowered his eyes "u r going to be fyn.." She frown that's it he shut the door n come to his side b4 taking his place in driving seat... "You can't act lyk u don't care.." She finally spoke wen he was done tieing his handkerchief on her arm n seated back He tighten his grip on starring wheel "we need to go hospital.." 
K: No we don't... I'm fyn.. I want to go home..
R: Kalpana y don't u...
"Please.." Her pleading eyes n broken voice interject him 
"After having such a beautiful moments with u I don't want to think anything stupid Raghav Singhaniya.." She confessed in a whisper "Fyn.." He gritted out.. She smiles inwardly as she know he didn't heard her he was too busy in cursing that biker n texting away almost everyone who's in his list of guarding her... 

17. "Protective Singhaniya.." Wen it comes to my safety he never listen to anyone not even his own chatter box.. 

My confession needs to wait...!!!

Singhaniya Mansion 
K: Raghav Singhaniya..
He was gathering all the stuff for her since his chatter box denied him that she's not going hospital for sch a small thing... While he curse himself y he's listening to her 'Bcz She's d only one he have..' A voice come out..
K: Raghav Singhaniya..
He keeps pacing here n there keeping ice bowl, ice cube tray, medications, bandages n everything on table 
k; Raghav Singhaniya.. No response 
K: Raghav Singhaniya..
He's about to unfold the handkerchief wen 
"Stop...!!!" They both look at each other she saw something in those eyes wen he picked her in his arms n now his eyes were... Is he... No he's raghav Singhaniya kalpi..
She sighed "I'm fyn.. I'm fyn Raghav Singhaniya.." After a moment of long pause he shook his head "I should've protect you.. Its my fault.. I failed I... 
"Shh..." She keep her hand on his lips "Its not your fault... May be he want my two expensive rings.." She said with a mischievous smile he close his eyes
K: "I want to confess something.." And  their eyes met, "I'm d most safest person wen you're besides me.. Its not ur fault.. Do u trust me..?? He silently looking at her  " Answer me Raghav Singhaniya.. Do u trust me..?? He nods slowly she smiles "then listen to me.. And clearly.. Its not ur fault.. May be bappa wants to end our beautiful moment lyk this Bcz he wants u to remind something.. 
He frowns, she smiles "Neel.."
He shook his head "What..??"
"Neel told something so I think to share with you.."
R; What..?? 
She pursed her lips "I thought its been weeks since we're together" he frown she touched his cheek n kissed on his jaws his tensed body finally soften at her touch.. Their eyes finally met "Happy one month anniversary Dominating husband.." He smiles Smalley releasing his annoying wife is damn gud distracting his mind... He sighed 
"Its been a month since we're... He stops n clears his throat "a month since I'm Bearing you..." She pouted " Raghav Singhaniya.. " she smacked on his arm  "Oww." She hit him with her bruised arm "kalpi.." He panicked "m fyn.. N don't touch me.. You're bearing me..?? That's y u put so much effort on this day for ur so called simple dinner.." He smiles n lowered his eyes "by d way how's dat fatty knows this.. He's actually counting days that his Angel stuck with heartless monster.." She shook her head "Aww poor kaddu n his sweetest angel.."
"Monster.." She muttered while giving him her arm for bandaging...!!! 

"Kya hua bht long hai na but m making up for not giving u updates for 2 weeks u must missed RakCh..Wink n yes santhi I added neel part only for you... But yes I'm too thinking giving him again a supporting role.. Thanks for reminding about neel TongueHug And I'm angry Angry for disclosing raghav's gift... Tum mere Rakshas Singhaniya ko kch zyada hi jaanne lag game ho D'ohanyways just change his gift in his way.. SHOW OFF you see Wink



omg loved their date...
dear i am truthfully FULLY confused about the rings... pls tell me when did he giv her which ring and not to forget from where did he buy the ring and for how much...????????Confused
im confused now...
lovely update...Big smileEmbarrassed

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