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THREAD 3; "Journey To Be Together"

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                                                       Yippee Thread 3TongueTongue

 Aww finally was dying for this moment Thread 3 seriously..!! Day Dreamingthank all my Darling Readers for liking and commenting on my FF which has made me reach this far.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and actually this thread started bcz of obviously my three spamming queens "RITU, SHONA, AND SANTHI.." 

Thanks for giving me lot of support and appreciating my work. Though I still feel its get boring.. N you guys again said a big NO to my this thought special mentions dimple n shonali thank u so mch And this is third thread hopefully we end this ff in this thread.. Still thread 3 proves that how much you likes this "journey to be together" so credit goes to all of you who likes and commented on my posts. Its RakCh Journey but with ur support I couldn't able to continue this one..!! A big thank u too all...!!!!

 I love you all for being with me like this throughout this journey because this thread wouldn't be here if not for you all... Love you all... And a very big and tight hug HeartHug N yes I am Expecting the same support in this one too thanks Embarrassed

Part 43~ 1
Part 44~ 10
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Part 49~ 45
Double Dhamaka.. Part 50~ 60
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Year of Togetherness~ 138

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Shocked are abhi to gae the ye phr as gae.. U guys might bhi thinking lyk this but ur comments, support n moreover mere RakCh memo mera Sunday enjoy hi nae krne dete Ouch so I complete this chappy today only Enjoy.. 

Part 43 Raghav Singhaniya I...

Next Morning 

"Enough kalpana.." Raghav said while grabbing her forearm, turn her to face him... Their eyes met "what d hell happened to you, do u have an idea the way u r behaving since yesterday.." Kalpi lowered her eyes
"ANSWER ME.." he shouts causing her jump at his loud voice.. There was a long silence n then he cupped her face "you know I can't see you lyk this..!! Just tell what's bothering you.." Kalpi closed her eyes "look at me kalpi.." She shook her head slowly "you know ur Rakshas singhaniya will solve ur every problem.. But at least tell me what's bothering you.." She opens her eyes their eyes met "tell me what's bothering you.."
"YOU..." she whispered softly, causing her to frown "Me..?? She nods slowly 
R: I don't understand Y are u behaving lyk this..??
Kalpi gulps "bcz I need to confess something..." He frowned "Confess..??
She pursed her lips, took a deep breath "Raghav Singhaniya I... She stopped he waited for her to complete her sentence he was damn concerned the way she was behaving since yesterday.. "Tell me kalpi.." She closed her eyes b4 noding her head, she opened her eyes, n look directly into his eyes 
"Raghav Singhaniya I Love you..."




N then he laughs, she took a step back looking at him with a frown, "ohh.. Sorry.." He said after breaking his laugh, he shook his head "Kalpana this is funny, I promise this sentence annoyed me a lot till now...!! Tears start forming in her eyes "I'm serious.. I love you Raghav singhaniya..",she almost shouted, he froze, they stare each other for a long time wen he clears his throat b4 shooking his head "I.." He again laughs lightly "see the thought itself is funny that you love me.." She looks at him disbelievingly "I don't love you kalpana.. This marriage is only a promise, a wish of our fathers.. I'm sorry but I don't love you.." Saying so he left from there, leaving behind stunned kalpi, she fells on d floor n cried, cried...

She fluttered her eyes, somebody was patting her cheeks "kalpi.." "Kalpi.." "Kalpi.." "Kalpi get up kalpana, u r scaring me.. What happened..." She finally opened her eyes n find HIM sitting besides her, he helped her to sat down on d bed, she looked around b4 resting her gaze on d wall clock it reads 3 am, she again looks at d man sat besides her, HER HUSBAND.. "Kalpi..?? He whispered softly n tear fell down from her eyes, he clentched his jaws b4 cupping her face "y u were crying in ur sleep.. Y u r crying now..?? What happened kalpi.." She opens her mouth but words weren't coming out she keep her hand on his n saw her nails mark on his wrist, she might dig her nails wen he was trying to wake her up.. But it was nt real.. It was a DREAM.. She closed her eyes "Nightmare.."she whispered b4 some more tears fell down on her cheek.. He hugged her "Shh.. I'm here.." She pulls him away from her, he looks at her confusingly "Kalpi..??
"Pls Don't ever leave me raghav singhaniya.. Pls..." She hugged him tightly n sobs in his arms... He clentched his jaws "If this was a nightmare you r talking about, then its stupid, bcz u know I will never leave you kalpana.." he said resting his hand on back of her head, they stayed lyk this for a long tym.. Wen they broke d hug he wiped her tears n kissed on her forehead "I never break my promise kalpana.. So stop worrying, I won't leave you.. You need to sleep m here..." He adjust her pillow waiting for her to lay back she does the same.. He was still holding her hand, his face were merely inches away from her "you never leave me just bcz of our fathers wish or you promised my baba to protect me.." He looks at her with a frown "I don't follow.." She pursed her lips "Am I only a promise or wish for u raghav singhaniya.. This relationship, this marriage only to fulfill a promise for u for our father.." She asked in a whisper afraid to get d same answer which she got in her nightmare.. After a uncomfortable silence "you're more than a promise or a wish for me kalpana... Yes I agree, this marriage is only a promise, but our relationship is not and u know that.. You always matter for me then also wen I promised u that u'll be always my FIRST PRIORITY n now also that our relation is more than a promise or wish n yes I'll never leave you, until  my death--- she keep her palm on his mouth while a tear fell from her eyes "n you're becoming a chatter box raghav singhaniya.." He closed his eyes she knew she hurt him "I'm sorry.." She whispered while removing her hand from his mouth n cupping his face, he opened his eyes, their eyes met... "I know u will never leave me.. Still m afraid of losing you raghav singhaniya.. I'm sorry.." She whispered he rested his forehead on her's "I hate tears in ur eyes, I was scared wen u didn't woke up wen I called you.. You were crying in ur sleep.. Don't ever do that.." She smiled sadly, rested her palm on his cheek "I'm sorry.." She said while kissing on his forehead, they both looked at each other, she keeps on rubbing her thumb on his cheek while their eyes never leave each other 'I Love You...' 
R: Huh..??? What did u said..??
She smiled as these r the only words he can hear even wen she speak in her heart, she shook her head "nothing.." He frown "sure..?? Y I thought I heard something.." She smiled b4 closing her eyes "get a ear machine then raghav singhaniya.." He smiled b4 removing all d cusions n throwing them on d couch "what r u doing...?? She asked confusingly n in no tym he pull her towards him "Making sure, that u get a peaceful sleep.." He said wrapping his arms on her waist her head rested on his chest.. "Good night chatter box.." He said caresing d back of her head "good night Rakshas Singhaniya.." She said buried her face in his chest. 
And they slept in each other's arms what relation they share its more than love, they didn't confess still they understood, they care, they always be together no matter what.. N after this nightmare, with d proper right he shows on her by allowing her to sleep in his arms comfortably.. What relation it is.. And she said they're not even friends..!!

Kalpi tried to stretch her arms but she stopped as two solid arms holding her waist tightly but still not that tight that she feels suffocated, she fluttered her eyes b4 opening them, she smiles her Rakshas singhaniya holding her protectively in his arms.. She took d briefest tym to read his face.. He was sleeping peacefully, his breath fanning on her forehead, she slowly raise her hand to touch his cheek, she doesn't want to remember that nightmare which cause her so much of pain, still he was there lyk always.. Last night d moment she confessed her fears related to him, he showed his right on her, he was right this marriage may be a promise or a wish but their relation is beyond this promise...!! She sighed 'I love you raghav singhaniya..' She smiled wen he smile in his sleep as if he heard her thought, she shook her head n sighed how she's going to free herself from his grip "bulldozer.." She whispered b4 hugging him tight.. After several minutes, she slowly opens her eyes wen she felt his hands on d back of her head she raise her head up, his eyes met with his.. "Morning chatter box.." She smiled "Morning Rakshas Singhaniya.." "So would u do me a favour to get off me sleepy head.." She made a perfect o shape mouth "you were d one who was holding me lyk a.. Lyk a... Lyk a bulldozer.." He raise his eyebrow she pursed her lips "fyn, I know its not suited with d situation.." He smirk "I'm glad u accepted ur defeat.." she pouted "now get off or I will push u away.." 
K; u r rude raghav singhaniya.. U r d one holding me leave me... He raised his brows again wen she looked down 'bappa' she was literally sleeping on him.. It was minutes b4 wen he was holding her n now.. Urggh how I slept lyk this "mattress singhaniya.." She muttered, he pursed his lips to hide his smile "good one.." She rolls her eyes..  

Raghav can't help but was thinking about his annoying wife, last night she was scared bcz she loose me.. But she won't..!! N today also wen she were helping me with my tie, we stared each other about 7 minutes there was something in those eyes.. Something which he can't express in words, that look was different, that look made him realise that he has a heart.. But still her weired behavior y she's so quite for past some days...!! And wen his phone beeped 

To dominating husband 
Had your lunch..??

He smiles 
To annoying wife 
"what do u think..??
She smiles but didn't reply wen again her phone beep

To annoying wife 
"Halwa was nyc ;-) but don't u think bhindi was quite spicy.."

She chuckled 
To dominating husband 
"You better not eat that, I'll make something else for u just wait for other 15 minutes.."

To Annoying wife..
"You wish.. I already ate it.. N yes FYI I enjoyed my lunch thoroughly.. Thanks.."

She sighed, she can't hide this more, she needs to confess her feeling..  I've to tell him that I love him.. "I love you raghav singhanuiya.." She whispered N at d same tym her phone buzzed she picked up on d first ring but didn't say anything..
R; you know u need to tell me..?? She closed her eyes.. Their relation its different.. Not even love its beyond love.. He understands her perfectly, she pursed her lips "I will.. I promise.." He sighed "you know I cant u see you lyk this.." 
K: just be here on tym raghav singhaniya... I need to confess something I don't think I can hide this from u anymore...!!!
"I'm coming now.." he got up n walk up to d door "stop...!!!! He stop in his tracks "you're scaring me kalpi.." He confessed softly, tears start forming in her eyes "I'm just confused and mentally sick.." He smiles "you know what too say.." She smiles "you finally smiled Rakshas singhaniya.. This is important.."
R: I have to, bcz my annoyed wife with me always..
"Always..",she whispered softly there was silence for a minute or two, she sighed "just be here by 7 b4 I change my mind Rakshas singhaniya"
R: you better not chatter box, will be there at 7 for sure.."

As promised he was in d mansion sharp well not at 7 but at 6.58 kalpi smile at the thought while heating up d dinner for him, maa again wants her to confess her feelings so she again skip her family dinner n lyk past 2 days she had dinner in her room.. She's a perfect mother, then y raghav singhaniya never understands her... STRANGE I've a mother who thinks she has only one child her paakhi baby, she cares for her, loves her, n here gauri maa she still waiting for her son to tell her what she mean in his lyf, still she cares for him, love him, not even him sammy sir also lyk he's also her son... N me from d first day she treated me lyk a daughter, she supported me lyk a mother does.. And it happened bcz of HIM, he gave me this relation, which I craved for my whole lyf... He let me think that I've someone who cares fr me, I matters in someone's lyf.. I matter in his lyf... Baba promised me bcz of aai.. But he he promised me out of care, or love..?? Still it doesn't matters I'll be always his first priority no matter what n he confessed it last night, n now its my turn to confess to tell him that I love him, to tell him how much he matter in my lyf...dominating or not I don't want him to leave me, neither I allow him.. I need to tell him I wanted to confess...!!!
"Kalpi..." He cupped my face n then I realised I was crying standing in d middle of living room, we had our lunch, n now he was standing in front of me with d same look *concerned* I smiled while a tear fell from my eye his body tensed up he was about to say something wen I keep my index finger on his lips, I caresses his face he was standing still I smiled tears still flowing down from my cheeks whether its a yes or no.. I've to tell him how much I love him... I opened my mouth again words not comes out n he decided to ask "kalpi..?? I can see he was ready break my tears did this to him, I don't y he hate my tears so much, but this one is not sad one.. I smiled again as my tears always brings out the true raghav singhaniya... "I'm not sad.."I shook my head confessed it in a whisper his hands slowly grab my waist to hold me to stand still.. I touched his cheek n caresses his beard "its just my mental sickness.." I said with a smile but tears never leaving my eyes.. "Raghav Si..Singhaniya.. I never thought I.. I.. Understood it this early.." He frowns n cuped my face again "what's bothering you kalpi, u understood what..?? 
K: that.. That I... 
R: you...??
She pursed her lips comes close to him so that her body touched him "I was confused all the tymm..
R looks at him more confusingly 
K; I want to confess.. He stayed still staring her allowing her to continue "Raghav Singhaniya I... She stops as she saw something flickered in his eyes, one side of his lips twiched he wiped my tear away "say it.." He whispered 'does he know what I'm going to say..?? She sighed he rested his for head on his b4 taking her hand on his mouth n brushing his lips on her fingers "say it..." He whispered again he knew... She smiled, took a deep breath "Raghav singhaniya I--

Ting Tong  (door bell rang)

She turn her face to d closed Door, about to go wen he hold her hand n pulls her towards him n again immitiating d same position they. Were before at  "whoever it is he can wait.. But I can't.. Say it kalpi..."
She cupped his cheek, stood on her tip toes b4 brushing her lips on his forehead, he closed his eyes.. 'Say it chatter box..' She smiled "Raghav Singhaniya I Lo...

Ting Tong Ting Tong Ting tong  

He clenched his jaws she closed her eyes annoyingly  
"Who d hell disturbing me wen I'm with my wife.. Get out.." He roared causing kalpi to smile n lowered her head "don't smile kalpi.." 
Ting tong Ting Tong... 
"Damn.." With dat he walks up to door, he finally opened d door n froze, while kalpi curled her her fingers in a fist, her jaws clentched, she watched d woman who was hugging her husband.. She froze.. He dumbfounded... Nobody said a word n listening to her rant she was saying until gauri enters in d living area, gauri looked at kalpi n follow her gaze she stood at her place "Paakhi..." She whispered paakhi looked over raghav's shoulder her smile faded d moment her eyes find kalpi standing there besides gauri.. She walks up to her with a small smile n a frown still she hugs kalpi, but her eyes never leaving her husband's back "what r u doing here..?? Paakhi's question pulls her back from her thought she finally looked at pakhi "what r u doing here..?? She asked paakhi smiled strangely "well I missed my fianc.." Kalpi frown at her blunt reply she can see d scar on her forehead n her chin "fianc..?? She asked, paakhi smiled b4 nodding immediately "yeah raghav.. Who else"
Her heartbeat stopped "you know I just took the first flight for India as soon as I done with my wedding shopping..." Kalpi frowns, n look again at him but know he didn't turn around his back still facing her "what r u saying paakhi..?? Gauri finally breaks d ice.. Paakhi looks at gauri "aunty.." She hugs her "I missed u so much gauri aunty.." Gauri broke d hug "what r u saying paakhi u were in hospital.. Then what...??? "Gauri taai.." Everyone looks at d door where kamla stood at d doorway, while vithal keeps his hand on raghav's shoulder b4 he turn to face them but he didn't look at kalpi he knew he doesn't want to see the hurt in those eyes...!!!
"I need to talk to you n kalpi, gauri tai..." Kamla said while clasping her hands in front of gauri, she simply nods 

Gauri's Room 
"What..?? But this doesn't mean she shows her right on him.. He's married kamla.. Kalpana is his wife.. Gauri stated as a matter of fact while kalpi stood still at d corner 
K: I know gauri tai, that's y d moment raghav baba opened d door, n paakhi hugs him he was about to push her wen I clasped my hand to let her be.. 
Kalpi finally looks at her aai in a disbelief, she was right he didn't face her bcz he knew I was feeling that y he didn't push her wen she touched him n the reason behind his silence was this woman her own aai..
Kamla clasp her hand "5 months she was in coma tai, now she lost her memory.. Its partial amneshia she still thinks that raghav baba is her fianc.. Pls taai help my daughter she needs raghav...
"He's my husband..." Finally kalpi broke her silence if she doesn't care about her then y she give her this power to control her husband's lyf, kalpi knows he didn't say anything bcz I feel bad but enough... She come eye to eye "He's my husband u r talking about.. I don't give this right to anyone to take my place in his lyf.." She shook her head, causing gauri to smile "I won't loose him bcz of ur paakhi baby aai.. I love him.."
Ka: you want me to forgive u na kalpi.. I will bus for sometime let her think she's raghav Baba's wif...
"Don't u dare to complete your sentence.." She yelled, kamla took her step back.. "I'm his wife.. Only I.. I won't allow paakhi to even act lyk one which she's not, she never will.." Tears start forming in her eyes, that night n paakhi's statements ringing in her ears.. What if she was right...!!
Kamla clasp her hands in front of her causing kalpi to close her eyes, n then she felt, her eyes snapped open she looked down her aai's hands were on her feet she step back immediately "aai.." She whispered 
Ka: My paakhi will die with this truth kalpi.. She was away from me since 5 months pls help her beta.. She was ur friend she's lyk ur sister.. Pls she sobbed... Kalpi looked down b4 looking at gauri who was shooking her head but she knew her daughter in law made her desicion wen it comes to kamla she never listened to anyone.. Kalpi sighed "Fyn aai.. But not lyj ur way, I won't tell ur daughter about my relation with raghav singhaniya, neither I will tell her about our marriage, I will hide d truth from her.. But in return of that u have to promise me she will stay away from my husband will never touch him NEVER.. bcz d moment she try to touch him I'll kill her with my bare hands.." Kamla  stunned by kalpi's response, while gauri smiles "that's what I called a THE MIGHTY MRS RAGHAV SINGHANIYA.." gauri whispered 

Gauri opened d door with a small smile n looked around vithal n raghav standing at d corner while paakhi sat on d couch, was smiling looking at raghav, kamla look at vithal b4 looking back at paakhi "paakhi baby, we need to go its too late.." Kamla said with a fake smile, gauri rolls her eyes, vithal shook his head "ok kamla maa, let me say good night to raghav.." She walk up to raghav.. Kalpi stood still looking straight at d wall while she felt her husband's eyes on her... "Goodnight ragha... "Pakhi.." Kamla immediately stopped her n pulls her away wen she was about to hug him again "its late beta.. We need to leave..." Kamla said while looking at raghav n giving him a small smile.. They about to leave wen paakhi stop n turn around "kalpi won't u come with us..." Kamla tensed up with her question but nobody bothers to answer her may be everyone wants to know the truth, "u got married...?? Pakhi finally asked after a long silence n looking her from head to toe.. She laughs causing everyone to frown n looks weirdly at paakhi "ohh I was so lost in my own thoughts n raghav I forgot to look at you.. You got married kalpi with whom..??? Kalpi directly looked into her eyes trying to know about her plans wen "ahh sammy..." Raghav clentched his jaws, while kalpi looks at kamla disgustingly "kalpi married to sammy.. Paakhi baby..." 
Pakhi look at her with a wide smile "ohh love marriage n all haan.. So how's sammy, where he's is, where u guys went to ur honeymoon n
"Enough.." Raghav finally roared ignoring kamla's pleading eyes he walks up to his wife, n stood besides kalpi.. "She's not Sammy's wife.." He gritted out wrapping his arms on her waist pulling her closer to him.. She finally sighed "SHE'S NOT SAMMY'S WIFE.." he repeated glaring at kamla giving her a look don't say that again paakhi frowns she looks at raghav n then kalpi, then kamla, then raghav's arm which was holding kalpi's waist.. And before paakhi could ask anything "paakhi I will tell u everything, but for now we need to leave..." Pakhi looks at raghav n kalpi b4 nodding "goodnight raghav.." He rolls his eyes n she left...!!!! Vithal gives kalpi an apologetic look to kalpi n in return she gives him a understandable smile n blink her eyes, he sighed n left..
Gauri looked at raghav b4 looking back at kalpi "I hope u handle everything, n tell him the truth, the promise u made with kamla.. Kalpi..!! And she left.. 
After a long silence, raghav snapped his head towards kalpi "what promise..??
Kalpi was still thinking about paakhi, her words, what she did that night, n if she lost her memory partially how come she think that she engaged with raghav singhaniya, she never was.. N we remember only those things which actually happened.. N their engagement never happened then how come he's her fianc.. She smirk you're lying paakhi kapoor, now what's ur plan..?? I need to find out hmm wen two played the game.. Let's start the game paakhi kapoor... But this tym I won't loose husband lyk my mother.. Then I heard he was asking something "what promise..?? I looked up at him 
"we're not married.." She stated as a matter of fact b4 turning around to leave..
"You know she was lying don't you..?? She stopped n turn to face him with wide eyes 
He smirk "in which memory loss, a patient could assume things which never happened in their lyf.." Her jaws dropped she underestimate her Rakshas singhaniya.. Still she stays silent n left from there...!!!

So u guys get the shock.. Paakhi n kamla is back.. In their lyf... Wink but the gud thing is she wanted to confess n raghav knows what she wanted to say so she's going to confess..!! But yaa no proper confession in this ff... Wink meri story mere style mein.. Hope u enjoyed it if not apologies but 4 hours me bus itna hi or aisa hi likh paayee LOL

Precap: Finally she said the truth...!! What happened that night...!!!

P.S. well I know I said it was one of my fvrts chappy bcz of RakCh relation.. This is d first tym they questioned answered n off course didn't hesitate showing their right on each other.. Still long update this so I need to cut it so part 44 would be on Thursday..!!! With more RakCh scenes..!!

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yay we reach to third thread

this actually long RakCh Journey sugu dear, and u did it

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Originally posted by sugandhii

Will surely unress by tomorrow evening...!!! Tongue

update ka surprise milne wala heDay Dreaming

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Congratulations for Thread 3

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Congo sudhi Party

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Congratulations tum hari mehnath ranglayeTonguethis is a wonderful story which deserve many more threadsWinkParty
yeh dekh Rakshas and Chatter box watching the celebrations of 3rd thread 

 and spending some romantic time 

mean while @me,ritu and sho and all other readers of JTBT r 

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