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Give the page A-lot time to load...its Heavy Smile

Sun is a little brighter today...

Morning is a little nicer today...

Day is a little prettier today...

Off course because it's a special day...


We can imagine your cheeky grin...

Most beautiful sight we have ever seen...

Those almond eyes, full of brightness...

Makes the day even more glorious...


We celebrate the day you were born...

The day when even angels were singing songs...

We want you to know how much you are loved...

Don't ever think these are mere words...


You warm up a million hearts...Just by your smile...

The sight is as precious as a bride walking down the aisle..

you engrave our souls...with that enchanting voice of yours...

Why are you so special...a question that never bores...


On your birthday...we wanna wish you lots of luck...

May your popularity reach every part of world like the scent of musk...

May happiness be your companion... May your feet get success' kisses...

We wish excellence to be yours forever, a wish to grant all your wishes..


May you shine like the first ray of sun scattering through a dew droplet ring...

We will be there to cheer you as you call us the wind beneath your wings...

Dear Harshad you have won our hearts not just with your stellar talent,but
also with your humility, decency and integrity as an artist and
 human being.

A good actor and a good human being  it is no surprise that your fans become fans
 for life...wowed not just by your talent and finely developed craft of acting
or your looks, but also by the kind of man you are.

May your years be filled
With good health
May you be blessed
With happiness and wealth

May the people whom you love
Be always with you
May you always smile
From your heart

May success rain down on you
Like a thunderstorm
May through each hardship
You stay calm

May every small dream of yours 
Come true
And may every small sorrow
Bid adieu

May you dream bigger
Fly higher
Grow wiser 

These are wishes
We wish you each day

But on this birthday
Its strength we wish you
To be what you are 
And to do what you love

For though there
May be a million others
There is just one 
You ! 

Happy Birthday Harshad

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"some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about." 

Charles BukowskiWar All The Time

Sometimes moments are a beautiful planned galore. Sometimes it's just a serendipity... Sometimes it is a little something that is too insignificant to be remember but it yet leaves us with a warm feelings in our heart... Whatever every moment has its own story...

Some moments are so precious that we just can't help but try to catch it and put it in a jar and treasure it forever...And in the place we call Harshuland, that's an everyday thing (subtext: only when his royal highness is merciful enough to stay out of hibernation)

Not trying to sound flattering or anything but there isn't a day when our own sunshine fails to dazzle us (touch-wood)...Even when he is hibernating like he is now we all can sit together and think about all those blissful moments and go aww at him and drool at him and ultimately get mad at him for being so exhaustively addictive.

Sometimes we even try to choose the best moment so far which leads us to the discussion that what makes those moment worth treasuring...It's his innocent smile or his naughty chocolaty eyes...his husky voice ... or the his toweliya avatar (yes, toweliya will be included basss) .. And then we make moony eyes and end up remembering every fraction of second when we fall in the bottomless ocean of love with him again and again and all over again...

Be it "hum Ali hy Kanpur se" or those mischievous pure "Akki" moments ... The wafa mohabbat rishta rants in dhai akshar prem ke...or the rosugulla flavored onu dates...take the sexy one liners of bratty  Mohan...the heart wrenching looks of longing of Raghav for his lady love or may be it was the madness the obsession the intensity of Sahir for one true purpose even when he went down and dirty ...
one thing was common...
The heart "someone" put it in all these...and dear Lord did it work? 
Well off course it did...

Ali's innocence once again proved that when a nerd falls in love he can give all the cool dudes a run for their money  and every moment of his silly stupid crazy love is like a poetry in motion...And there is more to nerds than the world sees...Their thirst   to achieve and their determination to succeed. If anything they are made up of its sheer willpower...  Anything this motivating deserves to have an album full of simple yet meaningful moments...

 Akshat taught us no matter how different you are if you have a friend who smiles at you the way he did at the ladies of the show you can get moments as pretty as fireflies...

Prem ...the synonym of love... What a girl can ask for if she has Prem Juneja ... What a family can ask for if they have one Prem of their own... Prem was a giver... A selfless, resourceful... dependable giver... All he did was to give ... his whole life for an old promise his father made...his will to give  assurance of  every happiness to the  love he could have... To give away his life his happiness everything he worked for to make his' siblings life happy... every gesture every move everything he did from the "Rule book of Prem" gave us countless moments to cherish him...

Anurag.. other synonym of love... but a more poetic one.. a musical one... Anurag like his name celebrated every moment of being in love in his own style... He showed us that it's great to fall in love... but its even better to live every single moment of being in love like crazy ... no matter what the emotion is... one should be thankful to be able to feel it... Even if it is jealousy that makes you downright silly...even if it is the pain of separation..doesn't matter if it is a bloody fight for the love of your life or if it is the stupidest argument between you and that person which is going to end with one intense look in the eyes or childish little gestures... it's beautiful because at point of time you will look back at those precious days and realise that being with that certain someone is the ultimate prize of your life..It always was and you are truly blessed...

Mohan my mohan ... Sweetness is awesome but  there is limit of a sweets you can have...sometimes too much sweetness can ruin your taste and drive you nuts (my apologies sweet lovers including our bday boy) and then all you need is some refreshing moments  with our spicy sexy Mohan... The best thing about him was that he wanted to achieve a lot but poor guy was clueless about almost every single thing... Aren't we all are.. or we were at some point...   The way Mohan looked at life.. The people around him..The way he had a different opinion  and the way his bubble burst everytime the stereotypical thoughts of society was smacked at his face... making him realise that  dude no matter how convincing you are you just can't reason with a certain section of people... communication gap among different generations is not a myth...It really does  ... And every time this spoilt brat acknowledged this statement he made an epic face and each one of them is worth capturing and saving for eternity... I wish I had a set of emotions of "Mohan's face".. I will hang them around my neck and walk proudly


After nerd party, friendship, love and reality check comes "cause" . Something worth fighting for... Something worth believing in... Raghav represents that cause for me... Ordinary people are not that simple minded ..Things bug them...wrong things... some learn to live with it... some rebel... some fail and learn their lesson after that... and some keep on rebelling till the end no matter how hard it becomes... Raghav was second type of rebel... He was a true hero.. a people's man.. a leader without the harness of sacrifice... a fierce protector of those he loved and beneath everything a very lovable and genuine person... We all had our fair share in the moments of adoration for him.. ... yes sometimes his methods were impulsive and reckless to be precise but that makes him what he was... A pillar of strength and vulnerability at it's best.. together... Every moment we felt proud of him we admired him saluted him and every moment we wanted to protect him from this cruel world... everytime we cried for him...Those moments cannot be explained in words .. It is something that can only be felt...


A human mind is the home of thoughts and shades ...shades of human... When it's the mind of an artist it's like a infinite canvas where everyday a new colour, a new shade is discovered. If anything we learnt from his hotness Mr. Sahir Azim Chaudhary (yes, it will never stop being satisfying ...the freaking name oozes power*dreamy emo* *DDD* Hmmm where was I...yess Sahir "declared" to the world that you don't mess with an artist's heart... If he can bring him imagination to life with brushes and colours on a blank sheet he can make scenario too dark for you to handle... He can cause the destruction like none other... When it comes to madness nobody can beat him and man he can stand tall even after being wounded to soul ... He will thrive on his terms and conditions because when he is in the game he is the rule maker... So if someone like sahir loves you never let him go because nobody can be so mad in love... Sahir was as enchanting as his name... His tussle to dark side and him being the pure creation of the grace of an angel... Gosh it was so compelling...   A relationship with SAC which we all have ;) ;) can be described as intoxicating, Consuming, Exhausting, Frustrating and yet the thirst never ends ...a string tugged to your heart so tightly that you just can't let go... Something so addictive dressed as master seducer ... It's not possible to turn your back on this guy... And the moments... the moments when we felt every ounce of pain he did, moments when when he gave us severe adreline rush and left our heart thumping crazily... These moments do not stay in mind they run in the veins just like adreline and demand our sanity...


And now it's the turn of our  bday boy... What can I say about him... his smile gives us a million reason to smile... Every little thing he does becomes a treasurable moment for us... No matter how mad we are at him he always make his through it to our hearts or should I say he cut his way to our heart with that gaze of his and his cute little talks. He is a charmer and a dangerous one at that...A magician... See how badly we are under his spell... On your birth day.. All your pankhis, bawris, deewanis etc  wants to say that we love you harshad... Yes we get angry , we get cranky but we will never stop loving you and rooting for you... Wish you a very very very happy bday... have a great year...

Te Amo Mi Amor, joyeux anniversaire...Que todos os seus desejos se tornem realidade... Gud velsigne dig... stai attento...Saranghae... Je t'aime...


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Moments We Treasure

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Moments We Cherish

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Dearest Harshad, Wish you a Very Happy Birthday !!! May this Birthday brings lots of happiness and success for you along with more awards, 
appreciation and good work, Amen.
We love you Harshad, for who you are. So dont change your fans adores you, respect you and love you for the person which is behind 
the camera...The Real Harshad Chopda. In the end I would just want to say, like you made my birthday so special for me by wishing me,
so here I am praying that hope all your wishes come true, especially the one for which you have been waiting for a while now!! Miss watching you on my screen.
Once again a Very Happy Birthday !! Enjoy your day !!

Love, Alina

I wish you luck, happiness and riches today, tomorrow and beyond.
As you look back on yesterday, may your memories be warm ones. 
As you celebrate today, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. A very very happy birthday to Harshad !

Altaf A Khan

One day sky was crying, I ask him "why are you crying today ?" 
He told me "I have lost my beautiful star" It was a day when you were born For your birthday 
i want to wish you a very very happy birthday! & A wonderful year ahead! May God fill your life with happiness. 
God bless you


sending birthday blessings filled with love & peace & joy. wishing sweetest things hpn b4 ur eyes... happy birthday my dear sweetheart 
bar bar yeh din aye, bar bar yeh din gaye. tu jiye hazaro saal yehi hai meri arzoo.. happy birthday my chocolate boy... 
wishing u a day soft as silk, white as milk...sweet as honey & full of money. may all ur dreams come true...
A prayer :2 bless ur way, A wish :2 lighten ur moments, A cheer :2 perfect ur day, A text :2 say happy birthday yaar..
(Arwa Nahin)

I dont know u might be reading this or not but beleive me I am the biggest fan of yours till date...
I always wish u climb great heights of success...
A small line for u..
"Log khete hai chaand ka tukra ho tum lekun hum khete hai chaand tukra hai tumhara"
To be true not written by me but I really mean it...
At last GOOD LUCK!!!
hope to see u back on television screens soon..

Amatun Noor Juvairia

Happyyy birthdayyy harshad chopra..Manyy manyyy happyy returns of the dayyy..;-):-)
i m ur fan from pakistan since 2008 when i frst saw kis desh main hai mera dill..
from that tym u became my favourite actor and prem heer are my fav couple ever..
i just admire your luv in that drama..i saw anurag mohan raghav and sahir..each tym u were awsum..;-)
On your birthdayyy my all best wishes for u and ur success..:-)This is 4 u...HUM HAIN IS PAL YAHAN..
And one of my fav lines...Heer prem ka prateeg hai or prem sb se zyada heer main samaya haiii..heer main samaya haiii..Happyyy birthdayyy most handsome charming romantic superb Actor:-);-)

Happy B'day Harshad ggg pls jaldi waaps aao pls

Annu Ablu

Harshad happy birthday. Mujhe tum bahut aache lgte ho. Best wishes from my side. May god fulfill all ur 
I like u ver much. I want to do one serial with u. Really u r a very nice person. Your smile can increase one's life. 
Always stay as u r.

Ayushi Chauhan

Many many happy returns of the day.
            May God bless u nd have a wonderful one           

Arshdeep sandhar

This message is on behalf of my 11 year old sister, Akanksha Basu, 
who is a crazy fan of Harshad. It is she who wants to wish Harshad a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY
and she hope that he comes back soon on screen. She wishes him all the luck and hopes that all Harshad's 
dreams and wishes come true!
May Harshad keep smiling forever.
Love and best wishes
Madhurima, Akanksha's elder sister.

Dear Harshad, you are a bit like the classical invisble man. We know you exist cause we have seen you on TV... 
acing in the portrayal of character after character. Harshad the man disappears in the character. And then the serial gets over
and you disappear!... whoosh... gayaab and I wonder... was the rest of it a mirage! In this world where everyone is "present" 
everywhere all the time... thanks to social media, you choose silence. And I am beginning to understand that is part of your 
charm. So to a very good actor who is mostly invisible behind a curtain of his character and his silence on social media..
I hope this message reaches you - Many happy returns of the day. May God and the universe fulfill all your wishes. Best of luck. 
Love n regards

Sending a wish on your birthday
May you live a long life full of gladness and health,
With a pocket full of gold As the least of your wealth,
May the kindness you spread keep returning to you,
Whatever you seek may you find
Whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on this special day and always..
God bless You dear.. shine like a star always.. loads of love to you..
"Happy Birthday" again and please come back sooon...

Barsha Goswami

Happy Birthday to the most amazing actor, and the most amazing human being. I wish you all the health, wealth and happiness in life.

Lots of love

Chandni x

happy birthday harshad..
A very Happy birthday from the bottom of my heart..i hope u will see my best wishes for u...

Dipali Chopda


Happy Birthday Harshad! May God bless you with many many more Smile
I hope the year ahead is filled with tons of HAPPINESS & SUCCESS and May God accept all of your sincere prayers Smile and May U always Shine as bright as a Star

Lots of Love 
Farzaanah Smile

Happy Birthday Harshad in advance may God bless u and keep smiling and God help u in every thing which u want to do in ur life

Farhana Mukhtiar Mukhtiar

" Hi Harshad, Happy Birthday to u. many many happy returns of the day. God bless u. be happy 
miss u so much. come back with a bang. I Love u so much."

Farjana heera

Respect isn't something that's given.Its earned. I know everything happens for a reason, but sometimes I wish I knew what the reason was. 
Harshad Sir Pls tweet and reply to fb friends request. Happy Birthday Harshad. May all your dreams and wishes come True. I pray you always get and achieve what you want. 
Please Come back soon!! Hope to meet you some day!!!

 A Fan from Toronto, Canada, 
Thanks Farial

Wish u a very happy birthday

Goldy Dwivedi

Happy, happy birthday Harshad! Wish you everything of the best, today and always.
Keep smiling, and hope to see you very soon!
- Hemlata


Hiba Ali

Happy Birthday Harshad Chopda! Party
may you be blessed with all the success you need. May all your personal, professional, financial, emotional wishes be fulfilled. 
You are an amazing actor and an equally amazing person. I adore you and i really wish i never meet you or i will fall in love. But let me tell you that you make me smile every moment. Everything me is so you and that's y i oh so love you!
Happy Birthday Harshad Hug

-lots of love 

Luck is Yours
Wish is Mine
May Ur Future
Always Shine
Happiee Birthday 2 U
(Harsha Thakur)

Many Many Happy Returns of the day Harshad ..may all ur dreams n wishes come true
and May God Bless you with lots of love n success ... keep smiling n keep Rocking you ..

Heena HK

Happy Birthday to the WORLD'S most HANDSOME HUNK ever ^_^ :*
-May this day of yours brings HAPPINESS, SUCCESS, GLORY and all those ENCHANTING moments you are worthy of :)
-May you get loads and loads of chocolates/cakes that never finishes :D ;)
-May all your desires/wishes be fulfilled ^_^
-Lots of prayers, good lucks, love and hugss :* <3     
                       HAVE A BLAST!!!!
Jannat Khan.



Jannat Nausheen

Dear Harshad,
Happy Birthday!!
Once a year I get a chance to wish you happy wala birthday! It pleases me to no end to say, I wish you another great year!!
Kick off your shoes, take a break, crank the tunes, dance & shake, light the candles, cut the cake...Make it a day, that's simply great!!
For your birthday, I want to wish you a very very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart and also want you to know that you are very much loved by all of us.
May God fill your birthday with smiles & happiness and may you always know you are one of his special child!!
These lines are dedicated to you...
Gul ko Gulshan mubarak
Sahir ko Shahiry mubarak
Chand ko Chandni mubarak aur
Humari taraf se aapko naya Janamdin Mubarak!!

Happy Birthday Harshad...May God Bless you...My best wishes are always with you...
You have always been special and this day makes you the most special in one in this world
May this day bring new feelings of happiness and give an awesome touch to your lifeI wish 
you celebrate countless such beautiful days in lifeAnd no matter what...for me you are and will be the best.
..and i love you alot!!!Happy Birthday Once again my Harshuuu... 

Happy bday bby
May dis bday god gives loads of blessings...wd his two hands...
U r d evergreen star for u love u

Wish you a many many happy return of the day ..May this year uhmmm I would rather say this life brings you happiness ,success, health and 
..stay happy stay bless ...keeping smiling smile 

A very very happy birthday harshad ... you will always be the star of our lives no matter what. 
We will always love you in whatever role you are whether as prem or as sahir ... right from mamta to 
humsafars the journey has been wonderful for you as well as for us ... and I am sure we will be together 
in this journey forever ... Thank you so much for all the lovely characters and thank you very much for 
being a hearthrob well... "Thank you bas thank you aur kya kahun bas thank you " hope you remember 
this it was from an interview and gift segment while humsafars was airing... may you enjoy and have a great
great time ahead and I hope we get to meet you at least once in our life and as we the team sent you 25 shades
of sahir while humsafars ... 
We do hope you complete your 50 shades as you wished ...
#We team Harshad


May each year of life,
Bring you new wisdom to know,
Many gestures to show,
Many things to care,
May everyone be there,
For you Always,
Stay Happy
Happy Birthday

I hope that today is the beginning of another wonderful year for you. Happy Birthday.

hello harshad... wish a many many happy returns of the day.. may allah bless u..

good wishes
and Happy birthday

Here's wishing a happy birthday to the most cute , attractive , decent , hot , funny , charming , irresistible, handsome, gorgeous,    and my favourite actor ( my hard crush ) Harshad chopda .
I don't have any words to express my love for him .
I wish I could ever ever in my life see him and blink at him ;)
I wish he gets a lot of happiness and success in his life.


Wish you a very happy birthday Harshad

May you get all you heart's desires and a happy, prosperous, successful life ahead

Have a wonderful day and year ahead




U  r a versatile and promising actor ...hope to see u soon in tv again...miss u .

u rocked as sahir...may ur birthday bring all the happiness and cherish the moment   


A very warm birthday wishes to my favourite actor on tv please please come back soon if possible with shivya


 On this special day of yours may you have all the Joy your heart can hold...

All the Smiles a day can bring...

And all the Blessings a life can hold...

May God bestow u with his bounties & Blessings...

A very HAPPY B'DAY to u

Wish u all the Success & Happiness &

may God grant u all ur wishes.

Stay happy , Keep smiling &  Keep Shining

God Bless...

With lots of luv

from Nidhi Tom Jerry

( Nidhi Agrawal )



hey Harshu sweetheart

a very very very happy bday to the most down to earth n most handsome man on tv ever,,,

hope u enjoy ur bday a lottt n u get the best bday cake ever today,, ,,, n hope u remember us fans n gve us the bday seggie plxx,,,

may this bday brings all the happiness n all the succes in the world for u,, n may u get the bestest role of ur life on this bday itself

so that u come on tv asap n be our aankhon ki thandak once again(*sigh* my never ending wishlist),,

love Nusrat 



Every time I try and write something about u I always seem to fall short of words. How can you describe Harshad Chopda

without repeating down to earth, humble, sweet over and over again *sigh*

What can I say you are a blessing to the world..You are a beautiful person both inside and out side..

A very very happy birthday to u and I pray that may God shower his blessings on you always and forever..




Hey Harshad!!! wish u a very Happy Birthday. Party

May this birthday brings all the happiness in your life and fills your life with joy and prosperity.

Have a blast and a have a rocking day. Embarrassed

Come back soon because we are dying to see you back on our screen. Lots of love.


 Pushpa (blossom_loving)


Happy Birthday harshad..may god bless you with all the happiness, love , success and prosperity of this world.

One more year huh? so its officially 7 years since you started to rule my heart. when i saw you first time as prem ,

i never thought that you will change my entire life..yes..its true you and additi changed my entire life with one show.

it is really difficult to express how much i adore and admire you as a person you are..the sweet, shy and simple human being

with immense passion towards his profession.Always stay like this harshad.. and come back soon with a show which can do justice to your talent and hard work..a long running show with high quality story and character..

Once again happy birthday harshad..stay blessed

with lots of love




Happy Birthday to u my Rockstar ..

keep rocking n shining like the stars .. heart

keep smiling u always do..




Happy birthday Harshad Chopra Clap

hope this year brings you lots of happiness, success Big smile and please come back with bang we fans are eagerly waiting for you,

We haven't seen you or your ek "Zalak" since last 2 months Cry feels like ages now..Cry

you're awesome actor please dont waste your time and talent in hibernation.DisapproveWhenever you hibernate, life is boring and tough, but still there is a hope that one day the sun will rise with your return.Smile Make your comeback as soon as possible.

Live long Happy, healthy and wealthy Life Clap Partyhappy birthday once again Party

May God bless you with everything...Clap

Purva (Zaya4ever)


Happy Birthday Harshad best wishes


happy birth day my prince #Harshad_chopda  ...
i wanted to say that stay allwayz happy in your life..
God allwayz gives u lotzz of happy ness...
stay happy ...

Harshad Deewaani Priyanka Angel

Wish you a very very happy birthday Harshad Chopra...!

Hope the year ahead is filled with success and you come back real soon to grace our TV screens Smile.

Many many happy returns of the day.May God bless you.


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sugii Goldie

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I absolutely adore your acting, and I thank you immensely for Sahir. You are honestly a fantastic actor, and

you're just amazing at what you do. You literally have such amazing expressions, and are a flawless actor. Please come

back on the small screen soon, muaaah. ?? Also, it would literally put a smile on my face, if you said I love you. -Rekha ?? (U.S)


Many many happy returns of the day to one of the finest actors on Indian TV

and among the very few on screen for whom I genuinely wish the best of everything for.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Harshad, may you continue to shine, may you continue to rise,

may you continue to be the best in everything you set your mind to. Looking forward to your comeback

in yet another power-packed role. God bless you!

With lots of love and luck,





Happy Birthday, Harshad! Many many happy returns of the day!

Enjoy this day to the fullest. And be happy always. Keep smiling.

May you get success at every path of life. Wish you all the happiness in the world.

May the next year be even more exciting. Just be what you are: sweet, cute, charming, handsome and chexy.

We are always with you and love you always.

May you get loads of success, happiness, blessings, sweets and infinite chocolates in life.

Lots of love and kisses,




May your birthday be epic,

May you never settle for less,

May your special day be special,

May you be blessed with the best.


I wish you health and happiness

As the day comes into view

May your dreams never die,

May your wishes always come true.


Wish u a very Happy Birthday Harshad Chopra !!! Big smile

Happy Birthday are an amazing soul..hope u have a happiest Birthday and god bless u always and as u always wish u get happiness from all corners of ur life..

b it ur work or personal life...keep dazzling all ur fans' lives with ur million dollar smile..may u get more and more success, fame and awards and all ur wishes desires come true Smile

A very Happy Birthday to u Superstar  Star




"Wish you a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harshad!! May you be blessed with lots of good health,

peace, happiness and prosperity. Amen" Loadz of Luv coming yr way!!





You're like a light that will forever shine and may you keep shining brighter and brighter!

A very Happy Birthday!





Hi Harshad a very happy birthday to you.

You mean a lot to us so we want to see you happy always.

You are one of the most talented and hard working guy of this industry.

You are an inspiration to a me and a lot of people. So please stay the same.

On this birthday of yours I pray to god to give you all the happiness and success in life.

Keep rocking and keep shining. Love u a lot.

- Sneha



Wish u a very happy birthday HC

may u have a gr8 day,year n many more such years ahead..

may you reach the heights of success...n may all your dreams come true

wishing u also get all sorts of happiness,love n success u deserve in this world...


just stay the way you are your usual cheerful self...


Dear Harshad, wish you a very very happy Birthday!

May you have a long life filled with happiness, success and love of your near and dear ones.

Hope this birthday brings you all the luck and more work and achieve the success you are destined to!

People like you are very rare and I am happy and proud to be your fan. Hoping to hear great things from you soon.

Love you always,



Have loved you for what you are, loved you for how you are. Hope you always remain as humble and as graceful as you are ,  love you for your simplicity.

Make sure you come back in a bigger and a better way, and make me crazy again.

Happy Birthday Harshad, and for the nth time in my life, i am saying that i love you.


many many happy returns of the day harshad...May god bless you with everything you want..

keep smiling



happy bday harshad..may God bless you loads of success and happiness... and please come out of hibernation


Dear Harshad, Wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you with all the happiness and success. May you always have a reason to smile.

Wish you many more birthdays in life.

PS: waiting eagerly for your come back!!!!!


happyyy b'day our king of heart we r missing u so muchhh...




happy birthday 

shuvo jonmodin(happy birth day) dear harshad


Wishing Harshad a vry Happieee b'day frm me(Shehanaz) and my dr frnd Rafiya a big fan of Harshad...

Allah se ye hi dua hai ki aapke har kaam mein aapko hamesha kaamyabi mile...

Happiee b'day to u Harshad...


happy birthday to the best actor...kindest person on the earth...may u live 100...god bless u...

whether u entertain us or not u will always b my fav actor...nd we all will b always on your side... may this birthday

bring happiness in your life...happy birthday...



happy birthday Harshad...



Happy Birthday to you n i wish all your dreams come true...stay blessed, stay happy

...LOVE YOU SO MUCH HARSHAD  ...Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and forever. Happy B'day

Love you sooo much harshad



happy birthday to u .may god bless u and may all ur dreams n wishes come true.keep smiling u harshad.n once again happy birthday to harshad.



Baar Baar Dil Ye Gaaye Tu Jiye Hazaaron Saal, Ye Meri Hai Harshad Happy Birthday To You Happy Birthday To You,

Happy Birthday To You Harshad Chopda PartyMany Many Happy Returns of The Day, May God Bless You. Have Great Life Ahead, Enjoy Your Day Rockstar

Hug You see linked video my love gifted for you! Big smile Heart you will *dropbox vidoe's* download it WinkLOL

Live today like it is a special cake gift, because it is the best birthday gift May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles,

the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer  Big smile I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love,

many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today,

tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face Harshad Chopda May your heart naturally

beat with the happiness and laughter that you give others HeartHug

Harshad Chopda soon to be back on our TV screen We really want to see our hero back soon TV shows Insha'Allah Keep smiling and keep rocking Big smileSmile Keep up your great work good job Ameen Thumbs UpHugHeart

Once again a Very Happy Birthday Harshad Chopda Big hugs For you Hug

Enjoy your day !!Big smile Thank you for the given love your  All shows and interview thank you for everything smile , laughing blessed of love always happy HC  Big smile Smile 

Lots of love or loads of love Happiness

Urooj Khan Heart



Hi harshad tmhe meri b zindgi lg jye hamesha khush rho forever ever happy birthday tmhe milne ki bht hsrat hai dil ma bht ziyda

You stand out in the crowd...and always will

For the simple reason that the radiant light you bring to our little world

And the world around us can be seen for miles and miles.


Now its time for you to spread your wings...

And soar higher and higher up in the skies...

To achieve those dreams...

That we have woven for you...

No matter what...

We will always be the wind beneath you wings. 

Happy Birthday Harshad

Thank You...For  being what you are 

love always



I sealed my birthday wishes for you in an envelope full of love and respect so that it reaches you and goes straight to your heart.
 Have a wonderful year ahead! Happy Birthday Mr. Heartthrob
Birthdays come and go, everyone grows up a year every year, and gifts are open and thrown. 
But i want that my birthday wishes stay forever with you! Happy Birthday n plsss come back soon
Now its time for my good wishes for u, I just wanted to wish u dat may this life of yours be filled with Happiness, Cheer And Lots of Love. 
May faithful Friends always stays by your side. May your family always be your strong support. May you have an amazing life with each passing year... Happy Birthday Sweetheart Heart


Happy birthday dear harshad.. ..

May god bless u with goid health, , happiness and success all your life through.. .


This card for harshad chopda on his birthday on may so pls pass it on to the boy who
filled our lives with a smile when ever we hear his name a big smile comes out that HC for us .


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