Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian


Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian
Dosti.. Yariyaan.. Manmarzian

Love is a slow poison - A SamArj THREE SHOT (LAST CHAPTER- PG 6!)) (Page 6)

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Sorry for the delay will update it by tomorrow. Embarrassed

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 9:13am | IP Logged
Meri maa kab milegi update???????
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Hello, em rashmi..
I have come new in this manmarziyan forum
N the first thing I did as search for sabarj ffs
Came across yours,...

First of all the title love is slow poison, literally, ...just like meethi churii
Their chemistry onscreen is so good, it feel like there is electricity in air around them, it will zap any moment and by some Crazy physics law of magnetism, they will collide with each other, n stay like that

Story is cute, ...lovely way of writing
His pain for just seeing her safe is so adorable
So learn this lesson arjun- don't let her go! Just don't

Plzz update fas, n do pm me, msg me the update

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Okiesss, today is the update day, ...chalo jaldi SE update karo
Lifez_Beautiful IF-Rockerz

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Previous chapter:

lady: But if it's an RTA case it is a possibility that her name was entered in the Dead On Arrival register...

Arjun just gave a deathly glare towards her and just moved away from the counter. He didn't want to hear this nonsense!

There was a lone seat available and he sat there dejected with his head bent and covered his face with his hands. His mind spinning and silent tears were flowing freely and wetting his palms...

Cont'd...    CHAPTER-3

AN: For Scarlet. Hope u like it. :)
Warning: Dopey and looong! :D

The silence was deafening... wait unbearable and ironically the loudest noise in the room was the thudding of his own heart beat...

And then suddenly like the first drop of water falling on parched earth, he heard a voice... her voice...

For a moment he didn't lift his head... somehow the fear that it might not her crippling him and making him a coward... But then the panic in her voice stirred him... imaginary or not, he would never hear that panic in her voice and not respond.

And the sight he saw before his eyes couldn't be described in words... There she was in real... in actual flesh and blood and seemingly worried but otherwise hale and healthy... not ... not the way the his brain was conjuring up images all this while... all mangled and bloodied...

He didn't know for how long he was just sitting there with his mouth slightly ajar in relief and not responding because the blurred beautiful vision in front of his eyes was getting more panicky by the minute... So he swifty wiped his eyes clear and got up to do the only instinctive thing he wanted to do at the moment... he engulfed her in a heart crushing, soul melding hug.

A small part of his brain noticed that she hadn't moved. She was seemingly the too stunned to respond participant in their hug. So he slowly loosened his grip and looked at her, not actually letting her go away from the safe castle of his arms.

She was as expected, having a stunned bewildered look on her angelic face marred by a few despicable tear tracks. Despicable because he knew they were caused by tears of worry, the worry he caused her. The only tears he would ever accept falling from her beautiful dark black orbs would be that of boundless joy.

He gently wiped those tears and gave her a winning smile to convey that everything was okay in the world again. With her safe in his arms, the world had righted itself again and was merrily spinning on its axis going round and round the sun, the way it's always supposed to be, just like his heart has begun to revolve around her's.

She smiled in return and his heart was overwhelmed by the sight because just few moments ago he had thought that he would never get to see that wondrous sight again.

He pulled her into a hug again, this time into a more passionately gentle hug and she participated happily in return.

But alas, it seemed some moments were too good to last... The rude sounds of people clearing their vocal cords finally penetrated into their cozy bubble. And that's when they realized they were still in the middle of an over crowded Government hospital.

But somehow releasing her from his arms didn't seem like a viable option now, no matter how awkwardly she was trying to get away from his hug... His heartbeats hadn't returned to their normal pace yet and he sure wasn't going to let her move even an inch away from him. So there they stood in the seemingly status quo when a clear voice called their attention to it.

The elderly receptionist said," Son, looks like you got your life back. Because I know she is much more than just the title 'wife' to you. She surely is lucky to have you. But this is still India and you are in the middle of a hospital hugging a lady, eventhough I know she's your wife, it's not appropriate..." Then after a small pause she added in a lower tone, " To the right, there is a corridor that is seldom used." She said that with a secretly happy gleam shining in her eyes.

He thanked her with a happy smile and a nod and gently ushered the lady in his arms in the said direction.

Once they reached the corridor which like the old lady had said was quite deserted, he hugged her once again. But this time it was her amused laugh which broke the hug.
Sam: Arjun. What's all this about?! (She asked in an amused voice.)
Arjun: Hmm? ( He responded in a pleasantly lazy voice)
Sam: This... (She indicated their hug)
Arjun: Oh... You don't know what this is? I guess I should do this more often then to familiarize you with this novel concept of hug!
He replied in a naughty cheeky voice.

She laughed musically and swat him. The simple reaction felt like a thousand fireworks lighting up his sky... Maybe this is what is called Love... He looked at her wonderously.

She went on," Seriously Arjun, you scared me to death! I was worried sick that you weren't picking up your phone! "

Her words reminded him to check his pocket for it and realized that he must have left it in his car. He gave her a sheepish look before remembering to ask what the whole accident thing was about and why she actually had scared him to death!

Arjun: I got a phone call from your friend saying that you met with an accident ...
His voice choked on the last words.

Sam: Oh... I'm so sorry... Guess there was some miscommunication. Actually when I was coming to meet you, an accident happened infront of my car. A two Wheeler and another car had a crash and since the Two wheeler driver was bleeding seriously I thought to rush him to the hospital as he didn't seem he would make it if we had waited for the ambulance. And I was right, doctor said I had brought him just at the nick of time. He is relatively safe now.

She smiled satisfactorily. And he proudly smiled at her back. His Sam was truly an angel.

She continued, "I wanted to call and inform you but I couldn't reach you, so had called her to inform you. But guess before she could tell the whole story you cut the call and took off. "
She finshed the tale with a smile looking at his embarrassed smile.

And after a moment she added, "Hmm but it looks like someone had created a storm in hospital in the meanwhile, eh?! But I'm must say I agree with that sweet old lady ...I am truly lucky. "

He smiled sheepishly at the ruckus he had created some time ago but hearing her say that she was the lucky one was too much for him... How on earth is she the lucky one when any idiot could tell that he was the luckiest guy on the earth to have this dainty, confident, determined and caring person in his arms... yes he still hadn't let go and wasn't planning to in near future or like ever.

In that moment he realized he truly meant what he was thinking. The reality of the moment dawned on him. Whoever said Epiphany didn't have a proper date and time to drop in for a visit was cent percent true... Here he was in a abandoned corridor with the girl he had trapped hook line and sinker for an age old revenge against her dad, in his arms and instead of celebrating his success he was celebrating his loss...

Because he surely, irrevocably and irredeemably had lost his heart to her. Suddenly the girl in his arms meant more to him than anything in this world... even the 15 years of festering anger and revenge had failed in front of her open hearted smiles... World didn't seem dark and cold as before... She was the warm and bright sunshine of his life!

He said, "Oh I know who will be the luckiest person in few minutes... "
Sam: Hmm (she was lazily swaying in his arms)
Arjun: You forgot?! Weren't you actually going to tell me something today?
Sam: Oh... that... (She blushed crimson)
Arjun smiled at the beautiful sight and abruptly let go of her. She became tensed thinking he was offended.But then he went down on his knees and extended his hand beseechingly.

Arjun: "I realized today that Sam, you're the meaning to my words, beauty to my vision , music to my ears, beat to my heart and breath to my life... So Ms.Samaira Khanna, will you kindly make me the luckiest man on earth by bestowing upon me the honor of being you husband? Will you please marry me?"
He didn't offer her the ring he had with him, the ring of revenge... He could never sully this pious moment... He would make her a new one... one whose glittering shine atleast try to match upto her unmatchable smile and try to convey atleast a little bit of the love he felt for her.

This time the tears that rolled from her eyes were of the right kind...each precious drop telling a saga of immense love and happiness! She nodded and caught his hand and knelt down beside him to give him a hug of his life.

She whispered in a watery voice into his ears," I love you is too small to convey what I feel for you but until they find a word for it I hope this conveys my feelings..." And she kisses him.

Saying that he was surprised, overjoyed and elated would be an understatement. He felt he was floating away somewhere in what people might call heaven and the whole world looked like a beautiful Technicolor dream, vivid hues of brilliant colors just swaying and creating stunning patterns ... Maybe this is what happiness looked like...

He happily wondered at the turn of events... He still remembered those golden days he spent in his childhood at her home playing with her and doing fun science experiments in her kitchen, he was always a little nerdy and she the ever fun loving little girl who would never say no to anything that was fun and messy.

He had read in a science book the reaction between ice cubes and salt and wanted to try it out... And even back then nothing was fun if she wasn't there. So both had pulled up a whole tray of ice cubes on the floor and excitedly added salt to it. And what happened was worth watching ... the ice cubes on which the salt was added melted more swiftly than the other ones. It was really exciting, fun and not to forget messy as hell... and one of the most memorable day of his life!

And now it seems that that experiment was the testimony to his future... She was the self proclaimed salt and him the hardened ice... Only she could have melted him. It was science after all...They were always meant to be...

And after the literally breathtaking passionate kiss they stood there just content to be in each others arms. It felt as though this is what people are always searching for in their lives... Bliss.

~The End~

AN: Was a little too dopey I know but just couldn't resist myself! Wink Hehe But anyway I hope you all liked it. Would really love to read your thoughts on this. :)

I don't frequent the forum anymore as I used to, so I would like to take this opportunity to say that it was Great to meet you all, my fellow SamArjians! The journey here (forum) was as unforgettable as the couple themselves. *Hugs to all*

Until we meet next time, Adios amigos! :D

PS: Scarlet huny, hope u wont send ur hubby Klaus after my blood now! Wink It isn't that tasty anyway! :D

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Nice ending Niki loved it

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Originally posted by rekha.366

Nice ending Niki loved it

Thanku dear! Hug
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Thank u guys for liking it! Embarrassed

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