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Manan-ff You are everything i need Chapter 10 on pg8 (Page 4)

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All enjoyed there shopping and went to their homes.

Nandu went to see her mumma but kaka told her that she left for london as she had an important work. nandu got sad , she went to her room and for a second she thought about manik.
Nandu thinking: That stupid guy! he always comes to annoy me wherever i go I just hate him. Ouch Ohh wait nandu why are you thinking about him ? she murmered to herself. and she slept because she was tired due to shopping.

Malhotra Mansion
it was almost evening when Manik was in his room  thinking about nandu , "That girl Sleepy why she always comes in front of me and Woah her attitude"Ouch 
Wait manik why are you thinking her ? well whatever it is but one has to accept she is beautiful! and he smiled Smile
suddenly his thoughts got disturbed by his phone , it was ringing
it was cabir.
Cabir: Manik
Manik: han bol.
Cabir: We have decided to do clubbing tonight, as we have'nt done a wild party since many days , getting pretty bored in your anniverseries , cabir giggled 
Manik: Shut up cabir. and okay fine i'll pick alia and you pick mukti we will meet there.
Cabir told him XYZ name of a club and manik said ok.

Mourthy Mansion

It was almost 8 pm when nandu woke up , she was very tired and she needed sleep so now she her mind was like free from burdens!
She was getting down from her bed when her phone rang , it was navya

Nandu: Navya
Navya: nandu we are going to club tonight for some our kinda parties you know ?
Nandu: haw , great idea! it will be fun. 
Navya: ok so get ready till sharp 9:30 abhi will pick you up.
Nandu: okay , Bye 

Nandu was now deciding what to wear! and she decided to wear a black backless knee length dress it was a beautiful dress which she bought today!

Nandu got ready , he looked stunning! and her doorbell rang.
she thought it must be abhi. servant opened the door and it was abhi , he went to nandu 's room and was mesmerized to see her he complimented her

Abhi: nandu we are going to club not to kill someone. Embarrassed
Nandu: what ?
Abhi:i mean you are looking Stunning and hot! 
Nandu smiled and said thanks and they both went.

In manik's car
manik and dhruv picked alia 
All three were silent as alia was still upset with manik and dhruv don't like to talk much. manik broke the silence.
Manik: what happened alia? all ok?
Alia didn't answered him
Manik: alia
Alia: haan 
Manik: acha i m sorry for what happened in mall , i was angry .
Alia:it's ok.
and they went

all reached there 
Arjun , navya and rohan were waiting for abhi and nandu and they both also arrived they went inside.
Fab 5 also arrived.

As navya was going to get a drink for her , cabir got drinks for his friends and was going when he did'nt saw navya and all the drinks poured on navya's dress , she was exhausted.
Navya: What the Fu** ? andhe hogye ho kiya ? 
Cabir: saw her face and shouted "Tum"
Navya: she too shouted " tum" tumhen tou na aaj hum chorenge nhn , just wait and wait , 
She went and came with 2 glasses of drink and splash them on cabir
Cabir shouted: Kiya madhubala ? pagal hogyi ho kiya ? yeh kiya kya tumne ?
Navya: jo tumne kiya tha wohi ! now don't you dare to come in front of me; she said  angrily
Cabir: Mjhe koi shoq nhn black and white filmon ki madhubala ko dekhnay ka aur galti se gir gaya tum hi andhi hokay chalti ho! Angry
Navya splashes another glass on him
Navya: ab bolo tum ? Angry
do i look like Madhubala ? Angry
Cabir angrily shouted: han han ho madhubala tum Angry and he went angrily 

Nandu also came to take a drink for herself she saw navya angrily going 
Nandu: what happened navya ? where are you going ?
Navya: A stupid guy ! Angry usne mere dress p drinks gira diye , i am going to washroom to clean my dress !
Nandu: okay 
and navya went. 

Nandu went to drinks corner , and manik also came there , they both see each other and nandu look away angrily
Manik: Oh God not again.
They ordered the same drink at the same time !
The waiter comes with a glass , 
Nandu takes it.
Manik:oh hellow ? i ordered it first and snetches the glass from nandu ?
Nandu: excuse me ? I ordered it first and she takes the glass from manik 
they were continuesly fighting and forgot the drink which was placed on table 
Whereas abhi saw them fighting
Abhi comes took the glass and drinks it.
Abhi: yeh lo kardi solve mene problem LOL now stop fighting ! 
Nandu: abhi Angry
and manan stops their fight.
Manik goes angrily from there. 

Abhi: nandu you go i will bring somes drinks for us.
Nandu: okay ! and she went to arjun and rohan.

Abhi went and saw mukti on the bar counter , she was continuesly drinking.

Abhi went to her 
Abhi: hey pretty! anything troubling you ? Big smile
Mukti: what ? and why should i tell you ?
Abhi: Because i asked you LOL
Mukti:i dont care about the rest but for now you are troubling me so please stop it.
Abhi: hey hey ! hold on! You have a pretty face and a Pretty smile will suit the most on this pretty face!
Mukti: drunk! don't annoy me man and just go Confused
Abhi went and brought some drinks for his friends !

Dhruv saw alia sitting silently and upset and went to her.
Dhruv: hey alia ? why are you sitting here alone?
Alia: nothing dhruv , i was just feeling lonely.
dhruv: feeling lonely with so many people around you ! strange.
Alia: smiled , hmm.
Dhruv: manik said anything ?
Alia: You always know na why i am upset.
Dhruv: I can feel your saddness after all .. I
Alia: you ?
Dhruv: after all i know you very well. Smile

it was a  Fun night , they enjoyed hard and left the club as they have college tomorrow.

Precap: "The Rolling Stones Grand Entry at the Space Academy"

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awsm update
loved it
cont soon
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Loving all the  meetings, looking forward to the next update...

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Loved it
Continue soonnn

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It was Early morning  almost 7:00 when nandini woke up as today was the first day of "the Rolling stones" at the space Academy , she got freshen up , and got ready in a Beautiful  floral Kneelength dress with a Black short jacket , black high heels and a channel handbag , she was looking damn pretty.!
She was about to call Arjun to ask when they are coming and the door bell rang , she went to see and there were 4 of her bestfriends .
navya was looking beautiful in a blue knee lengh  dress and heels while the boys were looking completely hot and handsome.
they all greeted each other while arjun was stunned to see nandini looking so so pretty as always ! 

Nandini: Arjun kiya hua ?
Arjun: You will never stop surprising me na ?
Nandini: Matlb?
Arjun: Matlb you are looking beautiful!Embarrassed
Nandini: Aww! thankyou Embarrassed
Rohan: Ahmm Ahmm ! 
abhi and Navya also joined him to tease arjun and nandu.
Arjun: stop it guys ab agar yeh sb hogaya ho tou chalen? we are getting late.
Rohan: tum donon ne hi Ram leela Shuru kiya tha ! humne kiya kya LOL
Nandini: Shutup Ro! Ouch
Navya: okay okay Arjun is Right guys we are getting late we should go.
They all went Nandu and arjun were Together in Arjun's car while Rohan , abhi and navya were together in Rohan's car. They made their way towards the college.

Malhotra Mansion 
manik was still sleeping peacefully in his king sized bed.
Cabir came and saw him still sleeping.
Cabir shouted: Manik ! tu ab tk sorha hai ! uth time dekh , college nae aana kiya ?
Manik in a sleepy tone: cabir let me sleep na! Sleepy
Cabir: nae ab kuch nae hoskta! uth chal , 
When manik does'nt paid attention to him he slashed a glass of water on manik's face and manik suddenly got up.
Manik angrily: cabir!!! Angry
Cabir: chal yeh larayi hum college main continue karenge now go and get ready fast , you have only 20 mins , i am waiting downstairs come fast!!
Manik went to washroom , he got ready in a Blue Jacket , White simple T-shirt , blue Denim and his favourite shoes and went downstairs as cabir was waiting for him.
Cabir - Dhruv and Manik went.

Cabir: acha sun manik ! alia aur mukti saath main arhe hain so no need to pick them up today!
Manik: Okay.
They made their way towards the college.

All reached college infact "the Rolling Stones" reached Space first.
They parked their car and were about to go when manik's car arrived , Arjun parked his car on The place where manik used to park his Car.
Manik was stunned to see a Brand New White Audi A7 same as his car parked in the place where he usually parks his car
Manik was stunned because  he thought no one even dared to take his place and  has enough courage to mess up with him so who the hell is this who parked his car in Manik's place!
Manik continuesly Rang the Horn of his car,
Suddenly he saw someone getting out of the car
It was arjun
Manik got out
Manik: hey ! that is my parking ! go and park your car somewhere else.
Arjun: Your Parking ? Dude There's no nameplate here which can clearify that this place belongs to your car.
Manik Angrily: Just do as i say or else !!!!
Arjun came Towards manik: Or else what ? Here i am in front of you, do whatever you want !
there was about to start a fight when Nandini also came out of the car , At a moment Manik was stunned to see her! They had a eye lock Embarrassed  
Nandini: Stop it Arjun! Let's go!
Arjun: Wait Nandini , he is warning me ! let me see how courage he has to stand in front of me!
Manik got annoyed by his words and he grabbed Arjun's coller , Arjun too grabbed his coller and then cabir came,
Cabir: hey dude ! take it easy , don't create a mess 
Nandini: Arjun! For God Sake ! Stop creating a mess and let's go.
Arjun looked at her and then at manik angrily and went inside 
Cabir: Lagta hai naye aaye hain is shehr main , warna hamain kon nahin jaanta LOL 
Manik: Cabir , Mazak ko chor , Who the hell he was to talk to me like that ?
Cabir: usko Chor  the Girl with him was Hot and beautiful ! lagta hai GirlFriend hai uski Wink
Manik Smiled: haan woh tou she is! And maybe Smile
Cabir: i think i have seen her before!
Manik: in the mall yesterday!
Cabir: oh ya! mall!
They parked their car and they were about to go when they listened two students talking!
1st student: Yaar you know he is arjun! and the girl is nandini they from the band The rolling stones one of Popular youth Band of NYC. and they have joined space from today
2nd: wow , he is so hot na ! and looks like fab 5 now have a Tough Compitition here!

Cabir: The Rolling Stones interesting! Well itni baten ab tou inke talent ko check karna hi parega! 
Manik: ofcourse 
and they went inside where they met dhruv, alia and mukti.

Abhi navya and Rohan also Arrived and Joined Nandu and Arjun.
As they were heading towards inside a peon came and Told them that "Niyonika Mam" is calling them in her Cabin.
All they went with peon.

Arjun: Mam may we come in.
Niyonika smiled: yes Please.
They all came in
Niyonika: so Here you are the space academy.! I have heard a lot about you guys and i am sure you guys will show the best to the World.
Nandini: yes we will mam. Smile
Niyonika: saw the form of nandini where all her details were given!
niyonika smiled and told them to go and attend their classes.

they went and were roaming here and there as a class was cancelled. Nandini excuses her and went towards the washroom where manik and cabir were coming from the other side.
Cabir: manik woh dekh.
Manik: kiya
Cabir: abbay saamne dekh
manik saw nandini coming and he was lost in her suddenly they both again Crashed for the 3rd time LOL
Nandini was about to fall when manik cought her , They were so Lost in each others eyes , cabir was watching  this view and he played an old song in his phone " Kuch kuch hota hai" LOLLOL
hearing to this they both came into their senses and nandini pushed manik away! and they were not able to face each other so nandini went.

Manik's POV 
What happened to u manik ? why this girl is driving you this way already! well kuch tou hai isme ! like kuch special! I never felt this way for Aliya even after a relationship of 4 years and this girl! Approve
wait what happened manik ? Don't be crazy you met her yesterday and all this !!!!! Oh my God.

Nandini's POV
Nandini!!! what was that ? that guy! why i felt so lost in his touch , his eyes. Like there's something special !! Wait what are you thinking nandu ? have you lost it! all these thoughts were running in her mind when she heard someone calling at her.

A peon called her 
Peon: kiya aap nandini mourthy hain ?
Nandini: han main hi hun 
Peon: niyonika mam ne aapko bulaya hai 
she went to her cabin
Nandini: may i come in mam
Niyonika: yes , come Smile
Nandini: Mam You called me ? Smile
Niyonika: well i checked your details, here i found out something.
Nandini: confused ! 
Niyonika smiled: don't be confused! i have found out that you are the Daughter of my best friend Tanisha!
Nandini: you are mom's best friend ? 
Niyonika: well childhood best friend. Smile
Nandini: Thats great mam!
Niyonika: so nandini as you mum is a best singer and music composer of the country so i am expecting big things from you dear Smile
Nandini: Don't worry mam i will definately stand upto your expectations!
Niyonika smiled and nandini went to her friends.

Precap: Cabir tries to make madhubala his new " bakra" LOL 
alia getting jealous seeing manik and nandu talking! Wink

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awsm update
loved it
cont soon

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Awesome yr 
Cont soon

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Wow its getting intersting
Cnt wait for the nxt prt

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