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An ABHIGYA Fanfic: Disguises chapter 7 updated 17.4.16... page 14 (Page 6)

shivanimehta Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 3:54am | IP Logged
when is the next update to this awesome story Big smile!!! I love them... they are soo cute! 

ShivaliShaji Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by shivanimehta

when is the next update to this awesome story Big smile!!! I love them... they are soo cute! 
I will update soon as thanks for the support
ShivaliShaji Senior Member

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3. Fashion Emergency And Breaking News


It was three in the evening and the whole Mehra Madhouse was in chaos; All the members were running around doing their assigned work for the wedding reception that night.

"Hye Ram! Yeh kya bana raka hai yaha, Robin? Maine phoolon latakane ko kaha tha, chidiya ka ghonsla nahi! (Oh God! What have you done, Robin? I asked you to hang flowers, not sparrow's nest!)" Daadi exclaimed as she inspected all the work.

"Daadi, yeh toh phool ke liye hi hai! (Daadi, these are for flowers itself!)" Robin defended.

"Phool hai toh sirf hara rang kyun hai? Alag alag rang hona chaahiye na? (If it's flowers then why is there only green colour? There should different colours right?)" she retorted.

"Daadi, aap kyun itna pareshaan ho rahi hui? Hum sab hai na, sab kuch waqt par ho jayega! (Daadi, why are you so restless? We all are here right? Everything will be finished in time!)" Pragya said as she walked over with a basket of flowers. She handed it over to Robin. He kept it on top of the ladder and said to Daadi,

"Yeh ab tak kathab nahi hui thi. Babhi phool lene gaya tha aur main phool keliye paththe laga raha tha. (this is not finished yet. Babhi went to get the flowers while I placed all the leaves for the flowers.)"

"Aisa hai toh pehle kyun nahi bathaaya? (If it's like that, why didn't you say earlier?)" Daadi asked, still restless about the decorations not getting finished.

"Bholne ka mokha kab diya? (when did you let me speak?)" he muttered.

"Kya bhola tune? (what did you say?)" Dadi scowled. Pragya chuckled and defended Robin.

"Kuch nahi Daadi. Ab aap yeh sab chod aur mere saath aa. Andy aaya hai aur aap aapke kapde ab tak choose nahi ki. (Nothing Daadi. Now you leave all this and come with me. Andy has come and you still haven't chose your clothes.)"

"Offo main toh woh bhool hi gayi. Achcha hua ki tum mujhe yaad dilaaya. Vaise bachchi tum bhi kapde nahi liya na? (Offo I completely forgot about that. Good thing you reminded me. By the way sweetheart, you didn't take the dress too right?)" Daadi said slapping her forehead.

"Actually I am going to get it. Aap jaao, main Abhisekh aur Aaliya ko lekhar aathi hui (You go ahead. I will call Abhisekh and Aaliya and come)" She said and walked up the stairs to Abhi's room.

Abhi was sitting on his head, composing a new song.

"Hey buddy, that's a really crappy song!" she said as she shut the door behind her.

"Excuse me? You think my songs are crappy?" he hissed.

"Not all of them. I like Happy Love', it sounds like nursery rhyme and Shaadi and Girlfriend'!" she giggled.

"NURSERY RHYME?" he screeched.

"Dude, you are squealing like your fangirls!" she snorted.

"So tumhe patha hai ki mujhe bahuth saare fans aur fanclubs hai." He stated.

"Yep, meri Daadi bhi teri fan hui. Bulbul aur Purvi 24/7 teri hi ghaane hi sunthi hai!(Yep, even my Daadi is your fan. Bulbul and Purvi listens to your song 24/7)" she exclaimed as she danced around the room, organizing CDs and books.

"woh isliye kyun ki un logon ke anthar brain hai, tum jaise mitti nahi! (that's because they have brain inside their head, not mud like you!)" he taunted.

"I admit I am not smart. If I was, I wouldn't have married you. BTW, I came here to tell you that Andy is here so you go get your suit or sherwaani or whatever!" she said and skipped out of the door leaving a fuming rockstar behind.

Next she walked over to nanandh's room.

She knocked on the door and walked in,

"Hey good looking, what's cooking?" she asked.

Aaliya looked up and thought, Oh great, what is this behenji doing here? Well, I have to play nice!'

"Hi Babhi, what brings you here?"

Pragya told Andy was here and asked her to go get her outfit.

"Okay Babhi, main yeh kaam finish karne ke baad aathi hui! (I will come after finishing this work!)" she said flashing her 10000$$ worth smile.

"Vaise, what're you doing?" Pragya asked and walked over to Aaliya and looked at the laptop she was holding.

"I am trying to get a place near here for my next examination. I don't want to travel all the way to Delhi!" she pouted.

"Itni si baath? I will ask Suresh. He got connection with examination boards. What course are you in?" Pragya asked, typing away on her phone.

Wow, iss behenji se bahuth kaam aayega. Yeh meri Purab ko mujhse nahi cheen liya hotha toh main isse kushi kushi api Babhi maanthi!' Aaliya thought to herself and said out loud,

"Fashion Designing."

Pragya lowered her phone and after thinking for a second, deleted the message.

"Kya hua Babhi? Suresh nahi kar paaunga?" Aaliya asked disappointed.

"Woh nahi kar paaunga, par main kar paaungi!" she exclaimed flashing her sweet smile.

"Really??" Aaliya asked, astonished.

"Of course!" Pragya laughed and made a call.

"Hello, Can I speak to Mr. Aayushmann Joshi?" she asked into the phone. Aaliya's eyes widened. Aayushmann was one of the master fashion designers of the world and was the exam coordinator. She never thought he would be able to contact him. Infact, she was trying his office number but his secretary was not letting her through even though she said she was Abhi the Rockstar's sister.

"If you don't want to lose your job, pass the phone. You can check his Priority List, Pragya Abhisekh Prem Mehra." She said after a few second.

Aaliya bit her nails seeing her Babhi frown, then was suddenly relieved when she saw that Pragya was chuckling.

"I am sorry, my name is Pragya Arora. I just got married!" she smiled and after a few seconds, grinned and spoke,

"Hey Aayush, it's me!"


"Like you invited me to your wedding! Okay listen to me, can you Aaliya Mehra's examination centre from Delhi to Mumbai?"

She waited a few minutes and then said,

"Yea. She's my nanandh!"

After a few seconds, she frowned and said,

"Oh Pleaseee, at least as my wedding present? Pretty please with a cherry on top!"

After a few seconds, she grinned and gave a thumbs-up to Aaliya and Aaliya started jumping up and down excitedly.


"Alright thanks. Yea see you soon! And bring Nisha and the kids too!! LOVE YA!!" she cut the call and did a victory dance.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH BABHI!!" Aaliya hugged her. For one minute, she forgot that this was the girl who snatched her Purab from her'.

"You are gonna write at Maharaja University. Now let's go, Andy's waiting!"

Pragya said as she pulled Aaliya out of the room.


"You look dashing, Abhi darling!" Andy screamed in his girly accent.

"Thanks Andy!" Abhi replied as he observed himself in the large mirror which covered one entire wall.

"Hey Andy!" Pragya said as she walked in with Aaliya.

"Aaliya, gorgeous as usual!" Andy chimed.

"Thanks." She smiled

"Pragya Darling, you look stunning!" he squealed again.

"Always!" she laughed and went to her pati-dev.

"Looking good, Rockstar!" she complimented.

He continued admiring himself, completely ignoring her.

"Whatev khadoos." She stated and walked back to Andy.

"Where's my outfit, Andy?" she asked.

"Don't talk about it, Pragz. It deprives me of my life!" Andy said dramatically.

"Mathlab? (Meaning?)" Aaliya came out of the make-shift dressing room wearing a gorgeous blue evening gown. Pragya and Abhi also stood there confused.

"I will show you!" he pouted and walked over to the boxes of clothes and took a large which looked nothing like the other boxes.

He placed it on a table and the trio surrounded. He opened to see a pink lehenga, with heavy designing.

"Wow!" Aaliya was entranced by the beauty of it and even though he didn't verbally express it, Abhi too was captivated by the stunning piece of art.

"OMG, it's a fashion disaster!" Pragya screeched. "What did you do to my masterpiece?"

"I am sorry sweetheart; it was those idiot assistants of mine. They ruined it!" Andy begged for forgiveness.

"What do you mean, Andy? This is the best design of yours I have ever seen!" Aaliya, even though a fashion designer herself, didn't know what they were talking about.

"And the worst design of mine!!" Pragya was practically crying. She asked Andy for her studio keys and left with the dress to get it fixed.

"What have I done?" Andy cursed himself after she left.

"How do you know her anyway?" Abhi asked.

Andy smiled and said,

"Who doesn't know Pragya Arora, she is known as the Burning Phoenix of Fashion Industry'!"

Aaliya was shocked beyond belief. The great anonymous designer who she admired was her sister-in-law. She for once doubted if she was good enough for Purab than her Babhi.



Pragya came back home at 5 o clock. She had the content expression of an angel on her face. Andy was relieved to see her like that.

Her jaitaani had gotten ready by then and came along with her to help her get ready. They were inside the dressing room, adjusting the lehenga.

"I can't wait to see Abhi's face he sees you. Uske muh ke andar makki chaayega!(Fly will enter his mouth)" Mithali giggled as she pinned a brooch on the dupatta.

"Raj Bhaiyaa ka bhi aise hi haal hoga! Dekhlena aap. Bas aapki jewellery saree se suit nahi karthi! (Raaj Bhaiyya will be in the same state! You just watch. It's just that your jewellery doesn't suit your saree!)" Pragya commented as she went through her cupboard.

"Woh teri Taiji ki wajah se hai. Unko lagta hai ki woh-(That's because of your Taiji. She thinks that she-)" Mithali stopped at mid-sentence when she saw the heavy jewellery set Pragya was holding out for her. It looked really expensive and matched her saree perfectly.

"Kaisa hai? Aap par bahuth khoobsurat lagega! (How is it? It would look really beautiful on you!)" Pragya grinned as she took out a lighter set of gold jewellery with pink gems for herself.

"Par yeh toh bahuth mehenga hai. Main kaise lungi? Teri hai na. (But this is really expensive. How can I take it? It's yours right?)" Mithali was still ogling at the stunning piece.

"Oh Please Babhi. Aapko lagta hai ki main itni heavy piece pehenoongi? Yaha padkar puraani ho jaayegi. Polish karke phir se rakh loongi par nahi pehenoongi main. Isliye please aap kuch math sochiye aur pehenlijiye (Oh Please Babhi, do you really think I will wear such heavy pieces? It will lie around here and will become old. I will polish it and keep it back but I still won't wear it. So, please don't think much and wear it)." Pragya came back to her professor self.

"phir bhi.. (but still)"

"No buts. Aur vaise bhi, devraani hui; jaitaani par makhan lagaane ka mokha nahi chodoongi!" Pragya winked, earning a playful slap on the shoulder.

"Chup kar, Badmaash ladki. Aur bet jaa. Teri baal style karni hai mujhe! (Shut up, mischievous girl. And sit down. I have to style your hair!)" Mithali chuckled and got to doing her devraani's hair. Mithali had become Pragya's mommy figure in just one day. She didn't have to be scared of this choti devraani who respected and loved her like a sister. She was happy to have a sweetheart like Pragya as her Rockstar devarji's wife.


At the main hall of the Mehra Madhouse, the reception was going on in full swing.

Aakash took the mic and announced the entry of the dulhae-raja, Rockstar Abhi.

He came down wearing a silver suit, completed with black t-shirt inside. His colleagues and family swarmed him to congratulate and make small talk.

When it was time to announce the entry of the dulhan, Aakash went:

"The star, the sweetheart, My Babhi.. WHOA!!"      

Everyone turned around and gasped, including Abhi.

The only one who wasn't surprised was Mithali who styled Pragya herself.

Everyone were silent and Pragya had her sweet smile on her face. She was wearing her modified gold and pink lehenga along with a small necklace (Click here for link) and a stunning fishtail styled by mithali (CLICK HERE). She had very light makeup and light rose lipstick.

Andy had his teeth bared smile of wonder on and ran up to Aakash, grabbed the mic and announced,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our gorgeous bride- Pragya Abhisekh Prem Mehra also known as the THE BURNING PHEONIX OF FASHION INDUSTRY'!!!"

Everyone came out of their trance and clapped and hooted as she descended elegantly down the stairs. Abhi still stood there with his eyes and mouth wide open. Aaliya slapped him on his arm to pull him out of his trance, and laughed.

People surrounded her and congratulated and talked about business. After that was over, she walked over to her elders and got their blessing.

"Kitni khoobsurat lag rahi hui, meri bahuraani. Kisi ki nazar na lage! (How beautiful my bahuraani looks. Let me ward of the evil eye!)" Daadi said and applied kajal on the back of her ears. Taiji, Sarla Maa and Balbir Daadi (Pragya's Daadi) did the same.

After a little more talk, Bulbul and Purvi dragged her to a side and asked,

"Mrs. Mehra banne ki baath bahuth khoobsurat ho gayi hui aap, secret kya hai? (You look gorgeous after becoming Mrs. Mehra, what's the secret?)" Purvi taunted.

"Highly Confidential!!" Pragya laughed and walked away. Bulbul and Purvi made a completely different meaning out of it.

Pragya walked over to Abhi and Aaliya. Aaliya, still acting sweet, hugged her and complimented her.

"Sab credit mujhe dho! (give ME all the credit!)" Mithali walked over grinning.

"Absolutely. I don't even know how to do a normal braid, Babhi did a gorgeous fishtail!" Pragya praised.

The three women laughed and chattered away while Abhi talked to his friends.

That's when Tanu made her entrance. She was wearing a short grey glittery dress which hugged her curves. The men looked at her for a few seconds and turned around. No one was in the mood for some average model look after they witnessed such a magnificent entry.

"Hey Abhi, how do I look?" Tanu asked as she clung on to his arm.

"Uh... You look okay.. I mean good, pretty good!!" Abhi said, still not out of his trance.

"Mujhe Aaliya aur tumse bahuth important baath karni hai! (I want to talk about something important to you and Aaliya)" she said, super excited.

"Oh, I will call her and come, you go to the back hall!" he said. He didn't want Tanu to feel inferior to the girl she called behenji'. As much as he hated to admit it, Pragya was a far better match for him than Tanu.

He walked over to Aaliya and said,

"Hi ladies, can you excuse Aaliya for a few minutes?" he asked.

"Kya hua bhaai? Kuch kaam hai kya? (What happened Bhai? Is there any work?)" Aaliya asked.

"Just come with me!" he said and walked away. Aaliya followed suit.

"STOP KIDNAPPING MY NANANDH!" Pragya sang. Aaliya, Mithali and Abhi chuckled. She really was a child.

Aaliya and Abhi met up with Tanu.

"I have some very excited news to give you two!!" Aaliya squealed before Tanu had a chance to speak.

"What is it?"  Abhi asked enthusiastically. It wasn't that easy to bring a smile to his sister's face and he knew it very well.

"My exam centre has been changed from Delhi to Mumbai!!" she exclaimed happily.

"Really? Did you get in contact with Mr. Joshi?" Tanu asked expectantly. Not because she was happy that her best friend got what she wanted but because she thought that Aaliya would have talked to Mr. Joshi about her.

"I didn't but Pragya Babhi did. She's kind of his best friend since childhood. She just said a please' and a thank you so much'. She's first in his priority list along with his wife!"  Aaliya couldn't contain her excitement.

"So she bagged him too? What kind of an enchantress is that Chashmish?" Tanu snorted.

"Shut up Tanu, she's the Burning Phoenix of Fashion Industry'!" Abhi stated, tired.

"What? That's her? Then why is she living in that middle-class house?" Tanu enquired. She was getting more and more interesting in knowing the Chashmish biography.

"Who knows? I will have to ask. By the way, what was your important thing?" Abhi asked.

"Oh right, I was handpicked Rohith Patel to be the brand ambassador of his new collection of summer wears!" she beamed with pride.

"What? Really? That's great news! Where will you be staying?" Aaliya asked.

"In Hawaii, with Rohith Patel. Unka beach house mein!!" Tanu was super excited.

"WHAT???" Aaliya and Abhi shouted together.

"You know what that means, right Tanu? He's using you!" Aaliya said lowering her sound.

"There's nothing like that. Woh sirf ghar mein rehene ko kaha, unka room mein nahi. (he asked to live in the house, not in his room)" She said simply.

"DisGusTing!" Aaliya frowned.

"What about our relationship, Tanu?" Abhi asked angrily.

"What about it Abhi? For now, we will break up for formality. And when I come back after one year, you will divorce that behenji and marry me!" she said in Tanu attitude.

"No he won't and get out of my house!" Aliya said and grabbed Abhi's hand and walked away.

Tanu smiled and thought to herself that no matter what Abhi the Rockstar will come back to her soon.


Purab entered the Mehra Madhouse, angry at his best friend for not informing about his wedding.  He walked in and bumped into Pragya.

"Pragya di?" Purab asked, astonished.

"Purab? Tum yaha kyun aaya (why did you come here?)" she asked.

Coincidentally, Aaliya and Abhi were coming back when they saw the two speaking. The love Aaliya had for Pragya minutes ago vanished.

On the other hand, Pragya was scared of Bulbul's reaction when he sees Purab and so she took him away from there. Abhi and Aaliya followed them.

"What's going on?" Purab was shocked to see his beautiful would have been' sister-in-law in his best friend's house. Aaliya and Abhi thought that their doubt had been true. The innocent girl from minutes ago was really after the money.

"I got married." She stated simply.

" Abhi se? (To Abhi?)" he asked.

"Yep!" she nodded.

Purab took a few seconds to digest it and then lift her up and twirled her around.

"You married him? Seriously?" he asked. He was so happy to know that Abhi got his perfect match. On the other hand, Aaliya and Abhi were dumbfounded by Purab's outburst.

"Are you deaf?" Pragya asked and Purab just grinned.

"I am happy!" he exclaimed and hugged her again.

"I thought you were Purab." She laughed.

"Very funny!" he scowled.

"Sorry. Why do you and your best friend scowl so much?" she whined.

Aaliya chuckled and Abhi scowled. He walked forward and called,

"Purab, you're here!"

"Hey Bro, Iss se shaadi karke tum bahuth bada galthi kar raha hui! (you're making a grave mistake by marrying her!)" Purab chuckled.

"You two know each other?" Aaliya asked, even though she knew.

"Of course. He's my sister's ex-boyfriend!" 

 Aaliya and Abhi were shocked beyond belief.






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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Oh my god this is so awesome!! Love pragya's secret identity as the burning phoenix and her attitude is just so fun. Nice to see her forging bonds with aaliya and mithali. Now I just want to see her resisting the rockstar...though maybe he's not ready to make advances yet? Heehee. Thanks for the update!!

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OOh!! Why didn't I discover this FF before? I was laughing out loud in the library imagining everyone's interactions. Love this new Pragya who won't take any sh*t from Abhi. And I love that she's slowly forging relationships with everyone in the family. I'm curious though - does Pragya know Abhi's reason for the marriage? Under what circumstances did they get married?

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Very interesting 

Nice updates

Pls Update soon
Javeria3991 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update 
I am loving pragya character. She is awesome. 
syazaibrahim IF-Dazzler

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Woww! Have  been reading this ff since the start and its awesome as always! Cant wait to read for more! :)

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