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An ABHIGYA Fanfic: Disguises chapter 7 updated 17.4.16... page 14 (Page 12)

-haleemzz- Senior Member

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Posted: 25 August 2015 at 9:28am | IP Logged
amazing update
abhi and pragya kissed wow do continue soon

BombayPonnu IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 April 2012
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Posted: 26 August 2015 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Hey! I'd read this one earlier.. A couple of updates back when i was a silent reader of sorts.. And i remember loving it..
As for the story, whoa mahn.. I love the new update.. Totally unexpected.. Prags is just too cool here... Love it.. And the kisss.. Awww

Update soon.. 
NasreenAyesha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 December 2014
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Posted: 31 August 2015 at 6:46am | IP Logged
hey it is awsm, the whole story heating with this twist loved this thanks for pm
ShivaliShaji Senior Member

Joined: 09 May 2015
Posts: 286

Posted: 23 October 2015 at 10:36pm | IP Logged
Thanks for all the comments guys. I know i am late but i am going to update today or tomorrow. 

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my_angel... Goldie

Joined: 26 September 2013
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Posted: 24 October 2015 at 6:24am | IP Logged
loved it
read it in a go
keep up the good workClap
Nora9497 Goldie

Joined: 19 January 2013
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Posted: 24 October 2015 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shiva4201

Thanks for all the comments guys. I know i am late but i am going to update today or tomorrow. 
Thanks for the amazing story...please update soon it had been very long
ShivaliShaji Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2015 at 2:28am | IP Logged

Chapter 6: Wedding Drama

A/N: Pragya will be wearing the fashionable saris she wear these days from now on in my fanfics. She will also wear jeans, tops, chathris, nighties and all kinds but most of the time, only saris!!



"Kishmish, coffee!!"

The thick, hot voice of the rockstar boomed through the mansion, announcing he had woken up.

Pragya, the most demanded fashion designer in India and France; also the sanskaari bahu of the Mehra khaandhaan, looked up from the bhajan book she was reading and rolled her eyes.

"Mein abhi aayi Dadi, unhei coffee nahi mili toh humari khoon peelungi! [I will be back now Dadi, if he doesn't get his coffee, he will drink our blood]" She giggled as she stood up from the mandir and put on her flats.

"Babhi, flower shop se phone aaya tha. Pooch rahi thi ki aaj ki function keliye ki skis tharah ke phool laana hai. [Babhi, there was a call from the flower shop. They were asking what all flowers should be brought for today's function]" Aakash approached, when she was about to enter the rasoyi.

Pragya thought for a few seconds then replied with a smile,

"Aakash, tum un logon se pink aur white roses laane keliye kaho. [you ask them to bring pink and white roses]"

"Par puja keliye bhi phool chaahiye na? [But flowers are needed for rituals too right??]" A part of Aakash told that his Babhi didn't need to be reminded of things but now a days she was always sick or restless so maybe it mind have slipped out of her mind.

But guess he was wrong, because Pragya shook her head and told him that pooja keliye jo phool chaahiye, woh toh mandir se khareedha. Jab pandit ji aaongi tab woh puja ki phool aur saamigri ke saath aaoongi. Tab tak phool aur samigri mandhir main hogi, eeswar ke paas. [they were buying flowers that are needed for the rituals from the temple itself. When pandit ji comes, it will bring the puja stuff and flowers with him. Till then all the thinks will be at the temple, with god.]

Pragya took her leave and went inside the kitchen where Robin was ready to help her with anything and everything.

Aakash called himself a fool for thinking that his Pragya Babhi will forget something, especially when her behen, chota bhai (Purab) and nanadh (she finally found her significant other in a college friend, Vikram Thapar) were getting married.

She wouldn't leave any stone unturned to make their wedding the best the world has seen!!

He was alerted by the high pitched shrieking of his baby girl, Ashna. Oh that's right, he got married to Rachna and had their baby just last month, and well, he was assuming that the kid would grow up to be a complaint box like his Mamu.

"Rachu, Ashu ro raha hai!! [Ashu is crying]" He exclaimed as he went in search of his wife.





"Subah subah aise kyun chillaathi hui aap? [Why do you shout like this in the early morning?]" Pragya came in with one hand over her ear and the other holding the tray of coffee.

"Woh isliye kyunki meri beevi ko mere saath time spend karne ki furzat hi nahi hai! [Well that's because my wife never spend any time with me!]" he retorted immaturely, " We' have been married for almost six months now and we haven't even went on our honeymoon yet!!"

"We went to France just two weeks ago!!" Pragya countered, slamming the tray on the table, and sitting on the couch.

"For a photo shoot and promotion of that stupid baby brand. Aise chalthe rahe toh hum baby brands promote karne ke alaavah humhei kudh koyi baby nahi hogi! [If it goes like this, other than us promoting baby brands we won't have any baby of our own]" Abhi grumbled as he scrambled over to the edge of bed, leaning to take the mug from the table.

Pragya rolled her eyes and pointed her gorgeously manicured (curtsey of Aaliya Mehra, soon to be Aaliya Thapar) index finger at her husband's naked abs.

Abhi couldn't argue - all the baby making rituals were fulfilled everyday without fail.

"But seriously, we can't tell our kid we made him in this ordinary room!"

Pragya scrunched her nose up in disgust, her cheeks turning scarlet at her husband's besharam notion.

"Come on baby, hum na woh theenon ke shaadi ke baadh dubai chalthe hai, it's gonna be fun. Please yes bholo!! [we'll go to Dubai after those three get married, it's gonna be fun. Please say yes!]"

"Okay fine!" Pragya gave in. But there was something worrying her. She kept aside her mug and sat beside her husband.

"Abhisekh, mujhe Vikram ko lekhar kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai. [I feel something weird about Vikram]"

"Don't tell me you're in love with him!" Abhi frowned but then started laughing hysterically.

"Abhisekh, I am serious. He's not right for Aaliya. Aisa lagta hai ki uski family humse kuch chupaa rahi hai. I think humhei na un logon ke baare main patha lagaana chaahiye. [It feels like his family is hiding something from us. I think we should investigate about them]" Pragya said seriously. Abhi wanted to object but he himself had been feeling awkward about the way they talked and motioned each other. But Aaliya ki kushi aaj kal Vikram main basthi thi... [but Aaliya's happiness lay with Vikram]

"Baby, you are just overimagining-"

"Di teek keh rahi hai, Abhi. Mujhe bhi Vikram ka vyavahaar kuch teek nahi lag raha hai. [Di's right, Abhi. I don't feel right about Vikram's behaviour too.]" The couple turned around to see Purab standing there, with the design book on his arms.

"Purab? Tum yaha? Tumhei toh- [you here? You were supposed to be-]"

"'Supposed to be' chod Abhisekh. Hum keh rahe hai na, we don't feel good about that guy. Aaliya ke kushi hum sab ko mahne rakthe hai, par aaj ki kushi keliye hum uski future barbbaadh nahi kar sakthi. Mein yeh nahi keh rahi hui ki humhei jald se jald engagement chaahiye! [Leave the supposed to be, Abhisekh. We are telling you right, we don't feel good about that guy. Aaliya's happiness is important to all of us but for today's joy, we can't ruin her future. I am not telling you to break the engagement right now or anything!]"

"Exactly Abhi, hum sirf nazar rakhenge aur Puneet se kehkar un logon ki baare main patha lagenge! [We will just keep an eye on him and ask Puneet to ask around about them]"

Abhi had a real bad feeling about it but he also knew that no matter what he said, his baby and Bhai will get on with their decisions, so he just nodded his head and let them do what they wanted. But deep inside, he just wished that his wife be wrong, for once.



"Pragya beta, pandit ji aa chuki hai! [Pragya beta, pandit ji is here!]" Tauji called from the hall.

"Coming coming!!" Pragya called back, draping the pallu on her shoulder.

"Looking hot Mrs. Mehra.." Abhi winked, as he styled his hair.

"Aap jaldi neeche aa jaana. Puja katam hone tak ooper rehne ki soch apni chaalu dimaang se nikhaal bhi lena! [Come downstairs quickly. And get the idea of staying upstairs till end of rituals out of your cunning mind]"   

Abhi laughed sheepishly having been caught.

Pragya chuckled and went downstairs.

"Arey yaar, meri bheevi mind reading kyun karthi ho?"



"Babhi, mein kuch help karu? [Babhi, can I help you with something?]"

Pragya turned around and was startled to see Vikram smiling crookedly at her.

"Nahi nahi, tum mehmaan hui- [No no, you are guest-]"

"Guest? Really Babhi? Don't forget I am gonna be your damadh soon!" he laughed.

Pragya smiled but inside she felt as if bile was coming up her throat.

"That  too! Punjabi sanskaar main damadh se khoyi kaam nahi karaana chaahiye! [In Punjaabi Sanskaar, damadh shouldnt be made to do any work!]"

Vikram chuckled. Taking leave, he side-hugged her, his hand lingering a second too much on her bare back.

Pragya was fuming inside by the time he disappeared.

"Babhi, woh Vikram teek nahi hai. Aapne dekha kaise woh aapko chuua? [Babhi, Vikram's not good. Did you see how he touched you?] It was... vulgur.." Robin was literally burning with anger.

"I know. Why didn't we notice this before?" Pragya mused

"It's not too late yet Babhi."    

Pragya turned around and smiled at her chota bhai. Patting his shoulder, she walked away.

"Pragya Babhi, I came to tell you that Dadi ne woh 7 sone ki diya ko puja room se laane ko kaha. Un honei kaha ki aapko hi lena hoga, kisi aur usko choona nahi chaahiye! [to bring the 7 golden lamp from the pooja room. She said that you yourself hould bring it and don't let anyone else touch it!]"

Pragya sighed and made her way up the stairs, oblivious of the lustful eyes that had been watching her...


Abhi was asking Robin about the preparations. Robin was restless about Vikram's vulgarity towards Pragya but he kept quiet as he knew how short-tempered abhi was. 

"Jiju, bahuth bada problem ho gaya hai! [Jiju, there's a big problem!]" Abhi was approached by his only saale saab.

"Puneet, kya hua? Tum pareshaan lag rahi hui! [Puneet, what happened? You look troubled!]" Abhi said, holding his saale by the shoulders.

"Woh Vikram... Di teek keh rahi thi Jiju [That Vikram... Di was right, jiju], that man.. no that animal raped a girl and murdered her!! His parents bribed the police into realeasing him and closing the case as a suicide! He is a bloody rapist! A PSYCHOPATH!!!"

Abhi and Robin was shocked beyond belief.

"Isliye woh kameena Pragya Babhi ko aisa dekh raha tha? [this is why that scoundrel was looking at Pragya babhi like that?] That bas***d!!" Robin swore.

Abhi felt his heart race and his hands curling to fists.

Along with playing with his sister's feeling, that kuttha had the guts to hit on his wife,,, his love,,, his life!

Shattering of thaali pulled him out of his trance. The trio turned around to see a shocked and broken Aaliya.

"Aalu?" Abhi moved towards her, "Baby, everthing's okay-"

"Nothing's okay, Bhai. Meine Vikram ko dekha tha, woh keh rahi thi ki woh Babhi ko madhadh karne puja room jaa rahi hai! [I saw Vikram, he told me he was gonna help Babhi at the puja room!]" she broke down crying.

Abhi didn't wait to hear anymore. He ran upstairs and was turning the corridor when he heard her cries from across the hallway.


"PRAGYA!!!!!" he felt adrenaline rush through his veins as he sprinted towards the room. He kicked it open and paused seeing the scene in front of him.

Vikram was lying there, writhing in pain: blood gushing out from his head and his arm. His hand had been bitten for sure. He looked around to find her sitting against the wall, a small cut on her forehead and a bruise over her cheek.

"Pragya baby!!" he lifted her up and hugged her. "Tumne kya kiya yeh? Woh insaan hai, tumhaari punchbag nahi! [What have you done? He is human, not your punchbag!]"

"What the hell Abhisekh? He tried to rape me for god's sake!!!"




"I am alright!!"


"How dare you, you bas***d?"

"Maar daalongi tumhei!! [We will kill you!!]"




"Babhi, aap sachmuch teek hui na? [Babhi, you are really okay, right?]   

"Stop over-reacting Bachcha. I am healthy as a horse. But I don't think Vikram Thapar will be, after that kick you gave him!"

"Go to sleep Kishmish!!"

"SHUT UP!!!"

"Good night, Aalu. Go to sleep!"

"Good night you two.~"

"Jealous much?"

"Shut up and sleep!!!"

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-haleemzz- Senior Member

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Posted: 25 October 2015 at 2:54am | IP Logged
the end part was funny
loved what pragya did to vicram
it was very nice
do continue soon

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