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An ABHIGYA Fanfic: Disguises chapter 7 updated 17.4.16... page 14 (Page 10)

_Saavi_ Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 1:06pm | IP Logged
Amazing!!!! want wait to see abhi confess... thank you for the pm.. continue soonSmile 

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ShivaliShaji Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2015 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by desigirl96

Amazing!!!! want wait to see abhi confess... thank you for the pm.. continue soonSmile 

Thanks for the support. Will update as soon as possible
anushka12345 Groupbie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 9:22am | IP Logged
That was awesome dear...Clap
Read it all in one go...
It was just fabulously written.
Wow Abhi gonna confess...
Super excited.Tongue
Plz continue soon.
Thanks for the PM.

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ShivaliShaji Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anushka12345

That was awesome dear...Clap
Read it all in one go...
It was just fabulously written.
Wow Abhi gonna confess...
Super excited.Tongue
Plz continue soon.
Thanks for the PM.

thanks for the support. Will update soon
NasreenAyesha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2015 at 5:30am | IP Logged
promising himself that he will confess the truth to her first thing yes abhi bhai it better to be genuine, pls make her always keep smiling. And shiva cont soon waiting for ur upd and pm

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ShivaliShaji Senior Member

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Posted: 23 August 2015 at 10:37am | IP Logged

A/N: If you want PMs on Chapter updates, please do add me to your Buddy List


"Pragya Babhi Udo!!! (Pragya Babhi Wake UP!!)" Aaliya screeched for the hundredth time. She had been trying to wake Pragya for the past 30 minutes but the nayi-haveli dulhan was not the least ready to let go of her peaceful slumber.

"Sone dho usei Aaliya. Vaise bhi dho gante aur hai. (Let her sleep Aaliya. There's 2 hours left anyway)" Abhi stated applying his new face cream.

"Aap se maine kuch poocha? (Did I ask you anything?) Bhai, she's a girl. She needs time to get ready and look flawless!" Aaliya argued.

"Oh please, Aaliya! Mummiji ki ghar jaa rahi hui. Aur vaise bhi, shaadi ho chuki hai uske. Koyi ladka nahi aane vala usei dekhne! (We are going to Mom's home. Anyway, she's already married and no guy is coming to see her!)"Abhi retorted.

"Is it me or is it that you are green with envy- or better jealousy?" Aaliya chuckled.

"SHUT UP!!" Abhi yelled.

"HUH?? KYA HUA?? (WHAT HAPPENED?)" Pragya screeched hoping off the bed.

"Good morning, Mrs. Mehra." Abhi laughed.

"Good morning, Rockstar!" Pragya croaked.

Yep, the cold had caught up with her.' Abhi thought.

"Oh I am so sorry Babhi. Yeh sab Bhai ki wajah se hua! Usne chillaaya. (All of this happened due to Bhai. He's the one who shouted)" Aaliya apologized.

"Haan haan, mein hi chaahtha tha ki tum itni jaldi udo. (Yea yea, I am the one who wanted you to wake up so early)" Abhi knew that sarcasm was the only escape from his crazy family.

"Whatev." Pragya shrugged and went to the bathroom.

"Aaap yaha kya kar raha hoon? (What are you doing here?) GET OUT!!" Aaliya ordered after a while.

"Oh hello, yeh mujhe tumse kehna chaahiye. Tum mere kamre mein ho, mere bheevi ki intezaar kar rahi ho, aur tum mujhse keh rahi ho ki mujhe yaha se nikalna chaahiye? (I should ask this to you. You're in MY room, waiting for MY wife and you're telling me that I should leave?)" Abhi retorted.

"Bhai, Main Babhi ko tyaar hone mein madhadh karne aay hui.(Bhai, I am here to help Babhi get ready) Mujhe patha hai ki aap Bhabhi ki body ko dekh chuki hui par (I know you have seen her body but) I'll feel extremely uncomfortable if you stay here while I help her with her sari [sadi, srry guys in my state, we call it sari]" Aaliya muttered, looking everywhere but on his face.

"Body?? You mean, NAKED???" Abhi stuttered, he could feel his perverted mind trying to form images of his wife without her usual clothes on. He mentally slapped himself and looked at her sister, wide eyed.

Aaliya's eyes imitated her Bhai's and widened. One look at his tomato red cheeks and flustered expression, she could tell that he hasn't even thought of it.  

"Bhai, aap dhonom woh ab tak kiya nahi? (You two haven't done it yet?)" Aaliya screeched.

"Kya nahi kiya? (Haven't done what?)" Pragya asked, coming out.

Aaliya turned around and dodging the question,

"Babhi, aap shampoo nahi lagaaya? (You didn't put shampoo?)"

"Woh actually, main face wash laga rahi thi aur yaadh kiya ki aaj mujhe scrub lagaana chaahiye aur woh meri bag ke andhar hai, so lene aaya hui. (Actually, I was using face wash and then realized I should be using scrub today. But the scrub was in my bag so I came out to retrieve it.) I haven't taken a bath yet!" Pragya said, as she rummaged through her bag which was under the bed and took a expensive Scottish product from it and went back in.

Aaliya turned around to face her big brother and narrowed her eyes,

"Get over that Bitch (Tanu) Bhai. Iraadha galath tha Bhai par aapko aisi ek Bheevi mili hai jo hamaare family ko kushi ke alaava kuch nahi dhengi! Please Bhai, you need to become her husband, for real, IN EVERY SENSE!!!"  Aaliya said meaningfully.

"OH SHUT UP AALIYA. Main hamesha tyaar rehtha hui. Teri Babhi hai jo meri washroom se vaapas aane se pehle so jaathe hai!" Abhi exclaimed, irritated.

Aaliya's eyes widened again and she started rolled on the bed layughing.

"Desperate husband? Seriously? I think mujhe yeh news media mein leak karna chaahiye!" she said betweens chuckles.

"Go To Hell!!!" Abhi escaped from there.

Abhi went to the terrace after asking robin to send his coffee there and sat on an armchair.

He hadn't realized but in their two nights of marriage, first night he hadn't known who she really was but on the second night, he had used deodorant and mouth wash and was kinda looking forward to it. Even though he smiled seeing his childish wife sleeping, there was a pang of disappointment inside. He had never felt the same for anyone, not even for Tanu. With her, it was just physical need with condoms and birth controls but he was emotionally attracted to her, he wanted her.. raw.

"Abhi YOU PERVERT!!!" he screamed at himself.


Abhi turned around to see Robin staring at him dumbfounded.

"Robin, tum jaakar dekh ki teri Babhi tyaar ho chuki hai! Tyaar ho chuki hai toh usse kaho ki mujhe aakar mil yaha!" he said, taking the mug of coffee and dismissing him.



"Mujhe sari pehne ki zaroorat kya hai? Meri ghar jaa rahi ho, koyi party pe nahi. (Why is it important for me to wear Sari? I am going to MY house, not some party) Jeans is enough." Pragya whined as Aaliya pleated her sari.

"Chup kar. Pag phere ek mahathypoorn rasam hai, sari hi pehna padega tumhei. Kal se jeans pehenlena. (Quiet. Pag Phere is an important ritual, you must wear sari itself. Wear jeans from tomorrow.)" Mithali scolded.

"Fine!!" Pragya scowled.

"Ho gaya!! (Done!!)" Aaliya and Mithali exclaimed after a while, dusting invisible dirt from their hands.

"Well done ladies.!"

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Pragya chirped.

Robin came in,

"Babhi, aap tyaar ho chuki hai toh Abhi Sir aapko terrace pe unse milne ko kaha hai! (if you are ready, Abhi Sir asked you to meet him at the terrace!)"

"Okie Dokie." Pragya said as she walked out, stumbling on the sari ends.



"Woh ab tak aaya kyun nahi? (Why haven't she ome yet?)" Abhi asked to himself.

"Why so desperate Rockstar?" Pragya asked as she made her way to him.

Abhi turned around and unconsciously smiled seeing her in her dark blue sari.

"Stop grinning like an idiot." She laughed.

Abhi snapped out of his trance and rolled his eyes. He advanced towards her held her by arms, guiding her to an armchair. After making her sit, he knelt down before her and said,

"I need to confess something. Yeh sunne ki baadh, tum mujhe maar sakthi hui, gaaliyah dhe sakthi hui. Tu jo chaahe woh kar sakthi hui, Main tumhei isliye shaadi ki kyunki mujhe laga ki tum Purab ki girlfriend hui. Badla lena chaahtha tha. Jab tum mujhse shaadi karne keliye maan gayi, mujhe laga ki tum mere paise ke peeche hui. Kal mujhe pata chala ki tere paas toh mujhse kahi zyaada paise aur daulat hai. Apni fame aur paise mein main andha ho gaya. Mujhe laga ki-" Pragya kept a finger on his lips and smiled.

"You're not angry?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"Kyun? (why?) You confessed way earlier than I hoped!" she laughed.

"What do you mean?" He asked, holding both her hands.

"What I mean is that I already knew! Mujhe shaadi se pehle hi pata tha ki aap mujhse kyun shaadi kar rahi hui! Jab aap, aapki girlfriend aur Aaliya plan ke baare mein bhol rahe toh main sab suna tha. (I knew why you were marrying me way before the wedding. When you, your girlfriend and Aaliya were discussing the plan, I heard everything.) I was here to take  Dadi's blessing par aap logon ko ullu banaane  keliye shaadi se inkaar kar thi aur jab aap mere ghar aaye, toh meine woh expensive haar pehen liya aur shaadi ko haan kar thi. (But to fool you guys, I declined the proposal and when you came to my house, I put on that costly necklace and said yes to the marriage.) You thought you were gonna mess with me, but I was the manipulator all this time and you didn't even know it. So I should be the one saying sorry." Pragya confessed with a sheepish smile.

"So this was what Purab was talking about!!" Abhi smirked.

"Mathlab? (meaning?)" Pragya asked, her innocence coming back.

"Tumhari ego aur revenge lene ka style mast hai. (your ego and style of taking revenge is really cool.)" he chuckled standing up.

Pragya stood up too and gazing sharply at her husband's gorgeous face, she said,

"Pragya Arora, I mean Pragya Abhisekh Prem Mehra get what she wants. And let me tell you one thing, Rockstar Abhi, Tanushree Mehta will not snatch my Abhisekh Prem Mehra from me! I am not used to defeats and especially not by some s**tty casting couch pro!" she shrieked.

Abhi had his doubts about Tanu but Pragya's blabbering completely solidified it. Two days ago, Abhi would've killed Tanu for cheating him so extremely but now it didn't matter, she didn't matter. The one who mattered was mumbling more stuff about how nobody gets away with hurting her ego. She was talking to herself now, whining to herself like the child she was. Abhi knew he couldn't make her look up so he bent down to level with her face and pecked on her lips, soft and quick. Pragya's eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly as she looked at him unbelievingly. Abhi couldn't control anymore; he threw his arms around her. Drawing her close, he clashed his firm lips onto to her much smaller one. Pragya was too shocked to respond. Her body went numb. Abhi bit and pulled on her lower lip, coaxing her to open her mouth and finally she gave in. She closed her eyes and knotting her fingers into his hair as they kissed passionately. Yup, she's not going to let her Abhisekh go and neither was the Rockstar gonna let his Phoenix.    


Next Chapter

 Sorry for the long wait. hope you enjoyed it. Please like and comment, The story is starting to get interesting so please stay tuned. SmileSmileSmile

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-mina- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 August 2015 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Haaye Shiva!! Rocking update! She already knew! And love that kiss too! Yayyy more pls!

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--simmi-- IF-Rockerz

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Shiva!!! I loved this! Pragya knew all along! Nice! Aliya bonding is great to read! Lovely part! And the kiss too! Wink

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