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ishra ff view of life updated pg-33 (4june) (Page 8)

janani_divan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 November 2014
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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
Intresting,but only little moments of ishra.the complete family drama.e bar bar back off kyu hai.and already the media released ishra news na,even mihik know dat.continue soon.e love you kiskeliye?eha bhe raman already a married man?

divazfankau Goldie

Joined: 14 December 2014
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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 2:11am | IP Logged
nice update
but suspense
who's the raman say I love
not again shagun plz continue soon
softyy Groupbie

Joined: 03 May 2015
Posts: 192

Posted: 19 May 2015 at 4:38am | IP Logged

here i am posting a new part.hope u like it.sorry for mistakes in advance

next day everything was going smoothly.ishra go for walk but didn't met so no verbal war.then time came to go to office.mihika and ishra get ready to leave took breakfast and finally left again no meeting.

in the office raman was busy in work and side by side keeping a check on various office activities whereas mihika was busy trying to initate a conversation with him.and ishita was busy in clearing the appointments for the day.finally at the end of the day mihika got frustrated and shout

Mihika-what do u think of yourself??


Mihika-oh, you should be,here i want to talk with u and u..

Raman-is there anything u need my help?????

Mihika-can't u give your work a halt ???we are allowed to talk,kaam se hatke bhi koi kaam kar lo na yaar

Raman-(ye aur mihir bilkul same sochte hain)-OK

Mihika-bas OK?????

Raman-yes aur kya bolu ???aur mujhe laga tha ki tum bus english aur apni wo bhayankar madrassi language hi bolti ho,tho main...

Mihika-arre mujhe hindi aati hai aab tho baat karo yaar

Raman-OK what u want to talk about

Mihika-arre tum paagal ho kya ?baat karni hai kuch bhi baat karlo

Raman-thik hai kal milenge.time to go.waise tumhe dekhke ye bata sakta hu ki tum do dino mein chup rehkar pareshan ho gayi ho


Raman-as always

Mihika-u r not that bad

Raman-i am not at all bad

Mihika-is it

Raman-so lets go out for coffee

Mihika-don't u think u r very fast

Raman-ok leave coffee plan we will go out for lunch, as you want to talk

Mihika-i am impressed but now i think we should leave.

they left mihika was happy that now she can talk with her new friend and she told all this to ishita then they go for their coffee date whereas raman was thinking that how easily he was talking with mihika as if there was any of his siblings.he reached his society,there he saw a lady coming with a lot of bags in her hand.Raman went to help her,get bags from her and went to her home which was just opposite to his(now u all know who she was)

Mrs Iyer praises raman but in tamil so he was just smiling and when she ask him something he simply told her that he don't know tamil

Mrs Iyer-ok tho hum hindi mei baat kar sakte hai

Raman-u know hindi!!!!!

Mrs Iyer-yes,most of us do

Raman-mujhe tho laga tha yaha sab bas tamil hi bolte hai

Mrs Iyer-so,tum yaha naye aaye ho

Raman-ji ,in the appartment just opposite to yours

Mrs Iyer-tho hum padosi hai,,great,naam kya hai tumhara???

Raman-bande ko raman kehte hai,beautiful lady

Mrs Iyer-OK Mr handsome.tumhe kuch bhi jaroorat ho mujhe kehna,waise coffee piyoge

Raman-jaroor par abhi nahi,abhi tho main chalta hoo girlfriend

Mrs Iyer-OK(with a smile)

AND with a smile raman left but he forgot his phone their.ishita and mihika came back.firstly ishita got the view of the new model of iphone she asked her mother about whose phone is this to which mrs iyer told her about their new neighbour.

mrs iyer and mihika left from their leaving ishita in the hall.just then the doorbell rings and she goes to open the door.there stood raman

Ishita and Raman(at a time)-tum?????? yaha?????kya kar re ho???????mera peecha?????

Ishita-oh hello,yeh mera ghar hai.

Raman-oh hello,wo mera phone hai(pointing towards his phone) aur rahi baat tumhara peecha karne ki tho wo tho bhoot bhi na kare


Raman-matlab tum jaisi chudail se tho bhoot bhi darkar bagte hai,main tho phir bhi insaan hoo tho tumhara peecha tho dooor ki baat hai

Ishita-main chudail hoo..

Raman-arre mujhe pata hai yaar baar baar mat bolo tumse darr lagta hai

Ishita-tumhe tho main chodungi nahi

Raman-uske liye tho mujhe pakadna padega,well in that case i am ready,lets go somewhere just we two ,what say??

and he winks at her but ishita was just looking at him with wide eyes then he slowly started to move near her and she backwards until she hits the wall .raman came close to ler get his phone from her and move away.then enters mrs iyer and mihika.

Mrs Iyer-ishu miku this is our new neighbour raman

Mihika-raman tum yaha

Mrs Iyer-tum janti ho isse

Mihika-haa hum saath kaam karte hai and are friends

Raman-ok my friend and girlfriend bye


Raman-oh madam not u but your beautifull mother and he again winks at her and came out and thinks(what the hell i was doing there??i never behave this way.what she must be thinking about me???i have to do something.)

on the other hand ishita was thinkig( (what the hell i was doing there??i never behave this way.what he must be thinking about me???i have to do something.)   

please tell me how was it

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divazfankau Goldie

Joined: 14 December 2014
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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 5:02am | IP Logged
wow beautiful update
ishra moment just loved
continue soon
Pravalli Senior Member

Joined: 28 January 2015
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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 5:16am | IP Logged
Awesome update 
Cute ishra scenes
Continue soon 
janani_divan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 10 November 2014
Posts: 9034

Posted: 19 May 2015 at 5:18am | IP Logged
Hey beautiful update,i enjoyed alot:-).ishra moments are awesome.mrs.iyer girl friend to raman:-D:-D:-Dcontinue soon.
..sush.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 26 October 2009
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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 6:29am | IP Logged
amazing update 
please update soon
softyy Groupbie

Joined: 03 May 2015
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Posted: 21 May 2015 at 4:53am | IP Logged
hey guys i am back and i am really sorry if i do not reach to your expections and sorry for the mistakes

both ishita and raman were busy in thinking about each other and were contemplating over the fact that how both of them behaved as it was completely opposite to their nature.on one side where raman use to be a sober kind of guy,it was totally opposite how he behaved whereas ishita is the one who believe in fightback stood there captivated under his gaze and husky voice.

raman-for how i behaved,i have to apologise to her

ishita-for how he behaved,i have to punish him

raman-i have to get some info about her.but how??

ishita-i have to get some info about him.but how??

raman-who can help me with it???

ishita-who can help me with it???

both of them at a time-MIHIKAA...par uss sey kaise poochu???...what she will think???...ek sawal poochne par,das sawal poochegi ye ladki...

raman-par uss jhansi ki rani se maafi tho mangni padegi,"jhansi ki rani"nice name LOL kal office me poochunga

ishita- uss raman nahi raavan ko sabak tho sikhana hai,abhi kuch karna padega,"raavan"nice name LOL

ishita to mihika-miku who ladka kitna flirty type hai na


ishita-wo raman

mihika-nahi akka wo bahut hi accha hai,sabki respect karta hai,innocent types hai

ishita-(innocent???amma ke saath bhi flirt kar ra tha aur ye madam usse innocent bolti hai)-accha aur kya janti hai uske baar mein?

mihka-jabtak dosti nahi tab tak tumhe poochega nahi par agar ho gayi tho bada warmly banda hai

ishita-aur ?????

mihika-aur kya??waise bhi hamri dosti aaj hi hui hai,nahi tho bas office aate hi kaam shuru,he is very punctual

ishita-office kaise aata hoga

mihika-uski car se,u know same model and same colour as yours,par aap kyon pooch re ho???

ishita-wo tho bas aise hi aab hamara padosi jo hai aur tera dost bhi,main abhi aati hu

ishita goes to the parking lot and found a guy, ask him to puncture all the tyres of the car and describe him about the car along with it gave him some money for the work and left

ishita-now mr punctual i will see how u reach your office on time

everything was going as per she planned,the guy punctured all the tyres of the described car

next morning they were to go to their workplace they came out at same time raman took blessings of mrs iyer and then they move to the parking.a smile was plastered on ishita's face.

raman-miss iyer you possess a killer smile

ishita(abhi se flirt karna shuru kar diya ...abhi aage dekd kya hota hai)-thanks for the complement

raman-(iska gussa thanda ho gaya,strange)-all my pleasure mam

mihika cleared her throat to let them know that she is also there

raman-yes my friend i remember u

mihika-thank u

they reached to their car and got shocked to see all the tyres of ishita's car punctured

ishita(uss bewakuff ne iski car ki jagah meri car ke tyre flat kar diye)-oh god now we will be late

mihika-ye kaise ho gaya,,aab kya karein

raman-well i am also here,so if u dont mind i can drop u miss iyer and by the way me and mihika are going to same place

mihika-ya sure...come akka..hurry up

ishita-thank u

raman-u r most welcome

all three of them sat in raman's car,ishita with raman and mihika at back seat ,he started the car and they zoomed out of the society

raman-(ajeeb hai iski gadi ke saare tyre flat!!!!!waise tho ye kitni khush thi aur aab dekho iska chehra)-miss iyer dont worry,u wont be late

ishita with a forced smile-sure

and rest journey was filled with mihika's chatter and raman was giving her a deaf year as he was busy in thinking how to appologise to comes ishita's clinic and she move out of the car bidding them good bye

then suddenly it comes to raman's mind that what have happened that her mood changed and he smiles at her childishness to take revenge.from mihika's non stop chatter he get to know that ishita is a very good person but then he thought to play along her.

the three works complete day and when it came the time to leave raman purposefully talked with mihika and then she forget her akka and reached their society then raman let her remember about her sister and then tell her that he will bring her to which mihika agree

raman reached her clinic and ask the receptionist about ishita to which she replied that the doctor is treating a patient and ask him to wait.afer sometime ishita came to leave and was shocked to saw him there

ishita-you here????

raman-yes.can't i come to visit a dentist

ishita-oh u must be having appointment with senior doctor

raman-no i came to meet the doctor who tried something but failed miserably


raman-nothing.i just came to pick u up

ishita-there was no need for that.

raman-OK but for now come with me amd i want to talk to u too

ishita-talk with me????


they sat in the car and ishita started-what u wanted to talk about???

raman-oh the thing is i am sorry for how i behaved yesterday

ishita-and also day before yesterday


ishita-in the park how u talked

raman-that time there was no fault of mine but then also i am sorry

ishita-oh how can u say there was no fault of yours

raman-well the thing is ,u were talking in tamil which was alien language to me and on the top of it when i said sorry u started to scold me again and then me too started.

ishita-as u r apollogising i am leaving u

raman-yes yes,i am very much greatful to you mam . nahi tho aaj meri gaadi ke tyres puncture karneki stratergy ke baad kya kya hota i can't even imagine.he added with a chuckle

ishita smiles sheepishly and add-so u get it

raman-bas galti hui ki hamari cars same dikhti hai aur saath khadi thi

ishita-yaaa..whatever waise mere tho bahut saree plans the tumhe pareshan karne ke

raman-oh really???

ishita-yes Mr.Raman

raman-and now

ishita-now as i get to know u r not bad so i changed my mind but u flirts very much

raman- is it??waise u have said that u changed your mind so now you r considering my offer.right??? Wink

ishita-you started again Angry

raman-ok i am sorry i would try to not do it again.fine.well consider about my offfer...

ishita hit him on his arm

raman-oh jhansi ki rani offer tho suno,its about we as friends

ishita-oh that way ,then its ok Embarrassed

raman-tho tumne kya socha???again... Wink

ishita-i will kill u raavan


ishita-yes and u called me jhansi ki rani????

raman-ok so now jhansi ki rani is friend with raavan


and they reached to their society then parted ways to reach their houses with a smile on their faces.

this is all for now please let me know how is it with your precious comments.

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