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A Tempestuous Romance

KhatamKahani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
That is what this track is, it seems.

From "Jannat's" promise to her fake father-in-law a week ago, the show gave the first strong hint that there would be an EMA (Extramarital Affair) track between Sanam/Jannat and Aahil. The past week SaHil meetings and interactions and the promo have only greater strengthened the scope of an EMA track between SaHil.

Note, the key point here is that it's an EMA track between SaHil, and NOT a triangle.  It's a track wherein the love story of the leads are within the frameworks of EMA.

We have already seen the beginning developments for Sanam/Jannat. She is drawn to this stranger, this man who is not her husband and can't take her eyes off him. She feels drawn to this man and feels a pull to him, one which she doesn't feel for her "husband." And as time goes on, she will realize more and more how unfulfilled and unhappy she is with her "husband," and how she feels everything and more with this stranger--a man with a wife while she has a husband.

On Aahil's end, we see the sparks hit him but for him it is muted. He feels something, but he is not really aware of it when it comes to the veiled woman. He's felt Sanam's presence at times and other times he's had some feeling, but he has not connected these feelings to the veiled stranger. Things such as drinking her HP traditional drink and smelling her scent on the scarf--he has not connected those to Sanam. They are devices to show that he has some kind of slight awareness, as well as a pull and draw to this woman--but in a much more muted manner. However, the full force will come when he sees this woman's face. It is the face of the woman he loves but is missing. Now this can go a few ways, but if I have to guess I would guess that he cannot shake off the feeling that she's Sanam even though everything logical (Jannat, Shaad's continued lies) is telling him she's another woman. So he too cannot help being drawn and pulled to this woman, despite her marital status and logic (Shaad) telling him she's not his Sanam.

I believe there's a chance that he may try to keep away and try to believe she's not Sanam; but the more he tries to stay away and believe otherwise the more he feels the pull and draw, and the more he feels the pull and draw the more he feels convinced she's his Sanam. 

But Jannat is aware of this. Either right away, or she becomes aware of the fact that this man believes her to be his beloved wife. Logic conflicts with her desires, feelings and emotions--and her conflicting and maddening feelings are compounded further by fact that she's drawn to an insane situation where the man has ramblings delusions of her being his missing love. Since she has no reason to distrust Shaad, facts will tell her that indeed this man is delusional and mistaking her to be his beloved wife. But EVEN SO, despite that, she cannot help her feelings of attraction and continued emotional connect, which will only get stronger and stronger rather than diminish. And this is why she was privy to the shoe-shop conversation between Aahil and Sanam2. Not only to be aware of their dynamics, but also to be aware that this is a man who cannot get over his beloved even when others have been telling him it's time to move on.

So this is dynamic we have: that of a man and woman drawn to other married people--the woman feeling guilty towards her "husband" and the man's wife; the man feeling guilty towards the woman's "husband" while feeling strongly in his guts and heart that this woman is his missing, beloved wife; the woman who logically should know the man is wrong in his belief of her identity, but can't help but feel and want him to be right; and both wondering if they not delusional and playing with fire. This is what Sanam's line implies in the promo with the words "vehem" and "gustaakhi."

Now comes the matter of Shaad. Again, this is not a triangle. This is a love story between the two leads. And Shaad is necessary to keep this the EMA set up to this track. He *will* be a negative to SaHil. Because there is no way this lie can continue without his continued and deliberate decisions and actions to hide the truth about Jannat's false identity and their non-marriage. However, this doesn't mean a psycho villain like Faiz. Instead, it would best that it is shown clearly that this man has bought into his lies and delusion. He will try and justify his actions just as any mentally unstable person would. But the key is that when he justifies his actions, it should come through that it's due to his own delusions and wrong thinking. He has no right to make these decisions. Just because he will try to justify them as for the best of "Jannat" or himself, it doesn't make him right. He is clearly in the wrong. And in a way, these actions *will* have to be shown as wrong, because soon his continuous and deliberate lies will be acting as a negative to SaHil--who are the main story, the lead story, the lead couple. And with him being a negative in their story, it goes that his wrong actions would indeed have to be portrayed as wrong. And when things are revealed, Shaad should be taken to task for his continuous deception and lies. Aahil and Sanam should be shown reacting to him and blasting him for his actons.

This has always been my gripe with Shaad. I said from early on he was delusional and has bought into his own lies. Their "love-story" was shown from his perspective, not hers. When the snake bite happened, I then took it further and said he is somewhat mentally imbalanced. And I stick to both of these. My biggest issue is that his lies and deception be shown as what they are, and should not be brushed over and forgiven so easily.

I would also hope that Jannat takes a leap of faith and goes to Aahil before knowing for sure that she's indeed the Sanam he believes she is. By this time everything within him is telling Aahil she is his Sanam, but he still has no way to be sure. That chance that he's wrong is there, but his heart, soul, mind and body tells him she's his Sanam. Jannat finally one day cannot take it and goes to him in a leap of faith. She throws caution to the wind. But despite his earlier declaration that he knows how to make her remember him, being with him doesn't bring back her memory. Except what it does is make him sure without any doubt that it's indeed his Sanam. And Jannat in her heart, body and soul believes and knows that this is the man she belongs with, and believes him because she feels and knows it's true.

Go all in, Gul. Go for it! Audience is craving for such a story and will eat it up.

Back when I thought it was a triangle, I lamented at the fact that the woman was not given #HerChoice, due to the fear of making the woman less than perfect. I blasted the fact Sanam was not allowed a choice in her situation. I wanted it that she was an aware participant of a pretend-marriage, and for her have developed some feelings for her pretend-husband Shaad, while being fully aware of her amnesiac situation and pretend-marriage situation. But now I see this is not a triangle. Was never meant to be. So my hope is that we see Sanam be allowed be allowed to make #HerChoice rather than be tied down in the same way serial heroines and leads are--self-sacrificing, stuck to a promise and never allowed to pursue and decide otherwise.. 

However scandalous the route show wants to take, is up to them. But I do hope that at least one thing that will happen is that we see Jannat making #HerChoice and I want it to be the choice she makes from her own heart and feelings. We know the end choice and result is Aahil and SaHil. But I want her to make that choice and choose Aahil due to her heart, feelings, and what she innately senses.  I want her to choose Aahil even before her memories come back, and even before her having definite, logical proof that her identity as Jannat is a lie. She should break free from the promise taken by her fake father-in-law (one who would've never taken such a promise from her had he known the truth), and follow her heart and feelings. I want to see for once a woman taking a decision that is about herself and not be held to others's standards, promises and heavy nooses around the neck.

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KhatamKahani IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 8:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Femme_Jahil

Beautiful post. Yes, a tempestuous romance indeed. Wink

More key points I want to add:

I want to see Jannat attempting to make Sahil (Aahil) insecure with her proximity to Shaad. Key word here is 'attempt'. Because I am not interested in seeing jealousy again, from neither Sanam not Aahil. Aahil should not be jealous at all. He will definitely be attracted to her because she is his soulmate. But he won't be giving in to that attraction and openly pursuing her because he will think that she is simply Sanam's lookalike. Ergo, he will start ignoring her. And that's the reason why Sanam will try to make him a little insecure. Purely due to psychology. But all her plans will fail. And that is what will make her gravitate towards him EVEN more. I hope I'm making sense here.

Want to reinforce one more thing you already have in your post. This track will give Sanam a CHOICE. The premise of it will be this vacant woman who is in a seemingly perfect 'marriage', who seeks fulfilment. I am guessing that Gul and co have been planning for this track for a while and that is why they have portrayed Jannat as this vacant and needy (and annoying) woman. Perfect premise to start this kind of track.

This will be Gul's best track in the show yet, as per me. IF she goes all out with it. Please have no inhibitions Gul! Go all out. Show Shaad walking in on them in their intimate moment if you have to. I know this is your dream track so please don't hold back! I sincerely hope that you get rewarded with decent TRPs. :)

Btw people with such an apparently 'high morale' as us would not be waiting for this track to carry out with so much fanfare eh. Tongue

Clap Clap Clap

Don't hold back, Gul. Go for it! This is and will be Gold! But as you said, she has to go all out with it. Carry it out with full gutso and guts and let it achieve its full potential and glory. It will be her greatest and best work yet, as per me as well.

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livelytanu IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
Awesome post KK! Clap This is what even I want!
This is one of the best way the track can proceed. The track itself is so nice.
Doesn't the CVs stalk the forum? CVs are you listening? WE WANT THIS TRACK. LOL

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 9:45pm | IP Logged
KK a Golden post! Just love it. More than a month back, Simran and I were talking about this very thing and we were laughing that maybe their "intent" in not letting Sanam know that "Jannat" and her marriage to Shaad is all a lie, was so that they can show an EMA style track between SAHIL! Finally they are getting their fantasy to come true! They are currently showing Chudail's EMA. (That is of course sick and twisted! LOL) Now it will be Sanam and Aahil's turn! Your right this is not a love triangle! Because in the case of Shaad, Sanam has no love. The love is all for Aahil! 

Aahil and Sanam will initially start an "emotional" EMA. But for how long it will remain just emotional is to be seen! Their physical attraction was very strong, almost from their first meeting. Just like Arnav and Khushi. (I think ARSHI had the most heated chemistry in a 4 Lions pairing). Zoya and Asad did, but not as heated as ARSHI, and SAHIL is the next cab off the rink for me after ARSHI on the attraction front.(I never saw Geet). It's clear even without knowing who the other person is, the attraction between them is palpable even now. She sees this man, apparently a total stranger, and almost starts to walk towards him involuntarily, until she stops seeing another women walk up to him! But your right. She heard that "conversation" where Chudail tells Aahil to "forget Sanam!". She is the past, she is history.

This week Jannat will realize that this "Sanam" is the women Sahil is in love with. The tissue was full of her name. She was drawn to it even without realizing it's her name. She felt the "thadap" in that writing. The intensity of the love. Even that voice that sang the song was the same. She is just drawn like a moth to a flame to this man! She wont be able to resist it for long. The "Gustaki", is going outside her marriage and feeling something for a man who she believes is a stranger. That tissue evoked more emotions in her than Shaad ever did! It's like she wanted that love for herself! 
I always SAW that she had NO feelings for Shaad. Everything she ever showed was her love for Aahil in her heart, which she "projected" to this person who fraudulently misrepresented himself to her as THAT person! It's time for her to start connecting the dots! 

SJ said in one of the McLeod Ganj interviews that the track will be about the journey of Jannat becoming Sanam again! So it's clear she will become Sanam. It will take time, but she will! Yes even I want to see her "exercise her choice!" Being in a loveless marriage where she feels no real connection with her so called "husband", or choosing this man that she could not resist from the moment she saw him? Do you chose "duty?" or do you chose "happiness?". It will be her promise to her fake Father in law that will stop her initially. Just like Zoya always said she will marry for "Tha Umar". But then she broke her own promise and said that she realized, even though she was "married" to Ayaan at that stage, she "loved" only Asad, and she realized that a marriage without love is not a marriage and she chooses love! That track was meant to go with Ayaan falling for her, but they didnt go there! But even while still legally married to Ayaan, Zoya walks out of SM with her Mr Khan and lives with him till she officially gets divorced from Ayaan! "Mohobaat Ki Jeet!" Slight EMA element there, but not really. Here they have a chance to go "All in", but still the love story is between a REAL married couple! Somewhat ironic! But I like Ironic! Embarrassed. So Sanam do what your 
"Momma" did and choose "Love!" Embarrassed

Unlike Ayaan, here they have made Shaad fall for "Jannat" the stranger. He wants to keep her trapped somehow! He has justified it all in his mind. He has bought into the lie and is now acting like it's true! So his mental stability is in question, like you said. But he does not have to act like "Faiz" did. There is no need to go to those lengths at all! But yes even if he is not an "overall villain" he is most certainly a "villain" in the love story of the OTP! So lets see how they take him forward. I am least concerned about what they plan to do with him! I just want to see how they take the love story of Jannat and Sahil forward! Or Sanam and Aahil! 

Please Gul go ALL in! Make this "affair" as HOT as you can! We are good with it! See we are watching two soul mates "find" each other again! This is your chance to live your ultimate fantasy! So...please just "Do it!" Wink 

P.S: Even I want to see how Aahil "reminds" Sanam of who he is! That promise at the doorstep where he kissed her and told her that if she ever "forgot" him, he KNOWS how to remind her! EmbarrassedThat scene was so sexy! Little did they know that was a kiss goodbye! Temporary, but still a goodbye to their old life! Don't worry, this time it will be even better! This time I want Sanam to break all ties and come to Aahil, because she cant be without him!

"Le mein saiyaan aa gayi saari duniya chod ke...Tera bandhan baandh liya, saare bandhan thod ke...Ek duje se jud jaayen, aa hum dono udd jaayen...Jaise sang patang aur dor..."

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Jiyaaa..... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
"A Tempestuous Romance" 
I thought about this track the day they showed new promo :-)

Ahil- Nazrein Janti hai ki tum yeha nahi ho...par betab dil keh rahi hai tum yehi kahi ho!
Sanam - Kisika hone ka ehsaas kiu hai...ye dil ka vehem hai ye uski gustakhi!

It was clearly indicated in Sanam's words - "Dil ke Gustaki" that it is going to be EMA track for SaHil.

We have already seen this from Sanam. Sanam knows that she is married to Shaad. But she is drawn to Aahil  when he is nearby. She is listening to her heart and her heart  is making a connection with the stranger.

On Aahil's end, we have already seen that he is also sensing that his love one is nearby. 

When Aahil sees Jannat, may be he will believe that Janat and Shaad are married. But his heart will follow his Sanam? 

In the F32 article, it is clearly mentioned that - "Sanam and Aahil will share the screenspace, but now, it is ever so close that they will get back together".

This main theme of this story will be how Aahil and Sanam try to control their junoon/love/attraction. Jannat is bound by the promise she gave to Shad's dad( I am sure, Shaad will not leave her so easily) and Aahil will try not to think about Jannat since she is not his Sanam. 

According to F32 article, story will shift to Bhopal, meaning Aahil and jannat will meet more often. Ahil and Sanam not able to control their feelings and attraction when they meet each other. I am empathizing on their word - ever so close - This is where EMA track will take place. 

In the end, love will be overpowering their brain since they are connected by soul. This is different kind of EMA..They are legally married to each other. Still it is all about their Dil ke gustakiyaan. 

Do you remember the scene where  Aahil almost confesses his love to Sanam. 

"Tum mere kaun ho". It is one of my favorite scene from QH2. 


I am thinking, we will get to see similar kind of  scenes if the story goes this way. 

Aahil saying to Sanam - "Tum Mere kaun ho...I know you're married to someone, why am I keep thinking about you"...

Nice post, KK

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flora212 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 10:54pm | IP Logged

This sounds hell as sexy and hot! Day Dreaming I want it now!! Nuke You explained it just brilliantly!  This can be the best track ever by Gul. Cause I am sure she will be best in it Big smile Aahil Sanam being married even but unknown to it is under EMA framework will surely rock. Cause here its not EMA about Aahil falling for Jannat,  it will be her falling for him. Of course Aahil will feel some attraction towards her cause she is the love of his life. But will ignore it cause he will be told she is not his Sanam.  And you are right they have been indicated about EMA in the promo and all SaHil Junoon Moments till now. And now F32 has given a lot of indirect spoilers.  I am all for it...This one won't be disgusting and disappointing like CVS other tracks!  It will be awsome.  And in this track Sanam will have a choice which she hadn't before.  I want to see the journey of Jannat to Sanam as SJ said. This will be interesting!  And as for Shaad,  he can't be called the gentleman golden heart anymore cause he is none of it. CVs know what they did so either he will remain grey or pure ugly TongueLOL and it also justifies his actions! 
I hope Gul goes for it completely and show us new brilliant awsome version of SaHil. I know she can do it! Go for it GulStarClap between glad you made this most , it was much neededBig smile

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darkice7_12 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 11:01pm | IP Logged
Great post! I've been trying to figure it out, but couldn't . . . what does EMA stand for? The only thing I can guess is Ek Mutthi Aasman? Someone please help!

I am looking forward to this track. If the writers go all in, then we can see the forbidden passion/junoon/Sanam falling in love with Aahil! And there should be no issues of propriety and morals being hurt since these two are married. Only their own conscience wrongly telling them to be a part.That would be something really fun to watch.  Day Dreaming Can't wait to see their hearts telling them to break free from what they think is right to doing what they feel is right.

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flora212 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by darkice7_12

Great post! I've been trying to figure it out, but couldn't . . . what does EMA stand for? The only thing I can guess is Ek Mutthi Aasman? Someone please help!

I am looking forward to this track. If the writers go all in, then we can see the forbidden passion/junoon/Sanam falling in love with Aahil! And there should be no issues of propriety and morals being hurt since these two are married. Only their own conscience wrongly telling them to be a part.That would be something really fun to watch.  Day Dreaming Can't wait to see their hearts telling them to break free from what they think is right to doing what they feel is right.
EMA means Extra Martial AffairsLOLEmbarrassed

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