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The HE and SHE story

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 7:58pm | IP Logged
Hey guys its weekend m bac..

Please read and feel free to comment.

It had been 22 straight nights of shoot as tiring as it could be. Night shoots are exhausting indeed as they leave you completely dead. But thankfully today they had wrapped up a little fast i.e. 1am, believe it or not it is early or else they kiss goodbye to the shoot with sunlight peeping in . She was standing at the gate of the villa where they had been shooting a little while ago ; with Smurfy Taylor cozily snuggling into her arms when a familiar black SUV pulled in front of her

You need a drop, He asked

The sudden voice startled her as she was busy wid her phone. She looked at him to realize it was HE but said apologetically

"Ammm.. No thanx Dishank is dropping me" and before she could say anything further their conversation was interrupted by a conking horn. She looked sideways to find Dishank who had already arrived with his car. She was about to move when Dishank interrupted her saying

Hey She I am really sorry ..I hav to rush, one of my friends has met wid an accident and I hav to be at d hospital asap.. m very very sorry pls. Oh gud He is here. He can drop you right (looking at him for his approval)

No its ok, She jumped in between usse ulta parega..I will manage

He leaned on to the other side to open the door..Please hop in.. its late... its difficult to find something else at this hour and with these(rolling his eyes around sum 4 bags around her) it is evn more difficult.

She realized dat He was right so gave in

Dishank drove past in a hurry, he could calculate her frowns later

She walked past to open the back seat door and started putting the bags inside one by one. They had had a gift segment today especially for their upcoming 200 episodes celebration and she got lots of dem from chocolates to pictures to letters to soft toys and loads others which she could not open then. She is soo fond of gifts I mean who isn't but for her it meant more as they reflected the fans love and appreciation for her and the hard work dat she puts in

 For a moment she did want him to cum out and help as she had Smurfy in one hand and so she had just left one more to her help.

Do you need sum help? He asked from the front seat as she was keeping the last bag

No thanks I am done, she replied rolling her eyes in exasperation. She closed the door and moved to her seat.

It was an approx 30 mins drive to her place which would have taken her more than double the time if she had to wait for a rickshaw or cab. Hence it dint seem to be dat bad an idea. But then He was driving her home, She thought for a moment to herself. Anybody coming to know abt it would again start making stories which certainly both of them din want. Enough was said about their off-screen equation and enough had they tried both explaining and avoiding these questions. Yes for sure they both were playing one of the most sought after television couple but dats dat. They were two individuals' infact two very different individuals, who varied in interest's outlook and personality but would dat mean they had to hate each other. Certainly No.

Even she found him a bit weird in the beginning. He would talk less or just not if not wanted. She was most of the time surrounded by ppl as bubbly, chirpy and expressive as her. It did take her sum time to read thru him but then with all these months of working she understood one thing that he was just a quiet person who just doesn't get over excited abt every little thing, very particular and passionate abt his work which she definitely appreciated. Besides it was not just her, He was more or less like that with everyone else on sets but with her it was definitely sumthing special.

Was He scared of her she thought and a sleek smile crept on her face. She suddenly revived her from the over stretched trail of thoughts and broke the silence saying

Can I open the window?

He - (looking to her and crooked smile) Why am I scaring you?

She - Okay so Mr. He can crack jokes also..Amm actually I prefer the natural breeze instead of.. (pointing to the AC)

He switched off the Ac and rolled the window sheets down.. a warm breeze touched her face and she inhaled a deep breath as if she was falling short of oxygen.

Hmmm..Dat is so much relief she said in relaxed voice. He smiled back

And now it was his turn to do the talking..Wow so Smurfy Taylor is comfortably sleeping on his Mommy's lap

She looked at Smurfy who was tucked on her lap...Yeah he is awfully tired..dese bizarre shifts have taken a toll on al of us..poor thing(caressing the cute little thing). I can't leave him with anyone also na.. so he also has to undergo the torture.

He- and we are not done yet still 2-3 days ..i mean nights more to go

She nodded in agreement and disappointment

He - Waise hw was ur trip to Delhi?

She - Oh Home is bliss...amazing two days ..being treated like a princess..your wsh is like their command...met Di and Jiju after a long long time..aww hw I miss them  so much. Arey You also had to go home na to Pune

He - Yeah I had to but with des shifts it's not a very good idea..I will go may be next week or so after we r done with dis schedule.

Rest of the way they talked mostly He about various other things from d city to work to experiences etc. It was actually surprising for her to see him talk so much, which was definitely one reason for her to be quite except for  yeah's and hmm's and I know's here and there. He pulled in front of a plush apartment and halted.

He - Here you go..

She realized they have reached her building..U remembered??(He had cum only once with d rest of the bunch..But dat was months ago during their 100 episodes celebration when they had a party till late night and everyone was dropped home one by one like school kids)

He - Yeah good memory u see..

She chuckled at his self boost and got down the car carefully not to disturb Smurfy. His phone buzzed as she began unloading her treasure from his car. She could hear his conversation. He was talking to someone named Sumit and getting irritated. She figured out it was his flat mate who had to be home before him as He had left his keys but now he seems to be stuck sumwhr  and would not be able to be back for quite some time.

He got done with the cal and slapped the steering wheel in irritation. He was tired needed to catch sum sleep. He got down of the car, pocketing his phone and came forward to help her with her stuff..but again she was quick enough  and had already done d job.

So u can't go home now? She asked

He - Yeah dat flat mate of mine. I had already informed him to reach before me but then he has got caught up with work. It will take him more than an hour or so

Work ..at this hour?? She inquired

He - Yes (with a smirk) he is also part of a crazy team like ours. Besides this strike thing has gotten everything haywire..

She - So wat do u plan to do now..

He - Wat else.. I will just have to wait for him. anyways u carry on its quite late.

She - Ammm .. you can wait at my place if you wish..You look drained.. relax a bit at my place and when ur frnd comes u can go.

He - No its really okay..Its late n I shouldn't just..

She - Oh cum on.. u came al d way to drop me..it's absolutely fine besides I need help to carry des(eying those 4 bulky bags) she giggled

He- (with his hands on his waist) Wow so now to get shelter I have to become a coolie also (completing her joke) Ok let's do this also..hang on I need to get my cap. He ran back to the front seat and took out a red cap from his dash board and put it on. Adjusting his cap he added..you hav to do your bit before taking chances .. If anyone sees us together u wouldn't need to guess the headlines of the telly tabloids tomorrow.

His sense of humor was certainly on a roll.

They both laughed out loud at the thought and then She handed the bags one by one to him.

He - Gosh des r heavy (pretending as if he would drop them) waise hw do you carry dem otherwise

She - (raising y her eyebrows to indicate the watchman sitting at the entrance who was in sound sleep) he is always at my rescue.

He - poor thing and of course poor me

They carefully walked into the building. Both of dem din want to disturb the watchman not becoz they wanted him to sleep but to avoid any further hassles for themselves. The lift took them to the 5th floor where She resided. The door displayed her name with cutest calligraphies possible; she had a wind chime right on top of the door. Smurfy was up by now and was making it difficult for her to locate the keys in her enormous hand bag. So without even asking she handed over him to He and continued looking for the keys but even that din help so She put the bag also on him to get a better hold of it. He was actually enjoying the whole thing. The most sorted girl on the show was sweating it out for the keys. He had to agree she was cute. Finally she gave the victorious smile as if she has located Aladin's lamp.

She - You see that door written Ahuja's on it

He nodded

She continued ..they hav a cute little 7 year old daughter Nia (she opens the door and they get in) she has like a major crush on you. She would hav been so happy to see you.

He - (a sheepish smile flickering on his face)Oh really her parents allow her to watch our show

Rolling her eyes She nods to leave the topic at that

He - Waise I also have a neighbor who is a crazy fan of yours

She - You just made that up right now

He - (the naughty smile back on his face) - Yeah sumwat

She took Smurfy from his hand and suggested him to put the stuff on the couch in the living room. She had a modest home , an open  kitchen adjacent to the living room and two rooms on either side. The other end of the living room had a balcony which was partitioned by golden brown curtains and had like three wind chimes hanging on it. The tinkling sound of the chimes made the ambiance even more serene

He took off his cap and tossed it on to the couch and he walked around the place. A king size showcase on the right corner of the living room caught his attention It had her family pics, edits from fan and innumerous number of stuffed toys and other gifts all neatly placed on separate racks.

He - You resemble your sister so much same big round eyes and they must be your parents.

She - (putting Smurfy in his basket cum bed) Yeah..ok so u sit back n relax..i jus change n cum and den wil make sum noodles..I know u mst be hungry but amazingly u havnt cribbed abt it so far.

After She mentioned it He realized that she was right. He had not complained nor even given enough thought abt being hungry which is completely different by his standards and so to divert the topic he blurted out

He - You go and change... I will make sum sandwiches for us..You hav bread right?

She - (getting amazed by his sudden idea) Yeah I do..But its ok it will just take me 5 mins ..You relax ok

He cut her midway..You think I can only eat..If not a major but I am a pretty decent cook and you shall know that tonight

Amidst yes n no's n ok's she walked to her room to change while he braced himself to prove his mettle.  He ransacked the fridge for whatever he needed and started.  She din take much time for one she had sum one waiting outside  and two she din want her kitchen to be in a mess. To her surprise her kitchen was completely clean also becoz he had hardly started. He had just managed to get the stuff out of the fridge and place them neatly on the kitchen counter. She let out a sigh of relief and said teasingly

"Wow lovely it is smelling awesome" as she crossed him to reach the fridge. She took out the milk packet and poured sum in a bowl for Smurfy and after she was done with him She went ahead to attend the kitchen. She began slicing cucumber, lettuce and other veggies and he helped her here and there.

He - How do you manage to be so prone to cuts (pointing at a band aid on her finger and also on her elbow)

She - Oh you noticed.. and before she could add further explanation

He - How do you expect me not to notice, we shoot for 12-14 hours together out of which 4-5 hours we are clinging to each other.

And just at the mention of it both of them got embarrassed at the mention of it and in the need to divert the topic she said

Oh dis one my nail got chipped and the elbow I dashed against the bathroom door d other day.

The rest of their cooking culminated in silence thankfully. The outcome was more than decent besides they both were far too hungry to discuss the shortcomings.

She - (with an innocent smile) I never knew you could talk so much.

He - Yeah dat is becoz you were so busy talking to others dat you never paid enough attention.

She - (rolling her eyes) - Like really..

Amidst other light conversations they had just finished gobbling those sandwiches when his phone buzzed again. He took the call. His frnd was on his way and he was ready to leave.

He - Ok so I hav kept u awake for long but atleast we hav an off tmrw. God bless the soul who proposed for an off for the 200th episode celebration.

She - huh not me.. I hav to go the edit studio..have been called for dubbing ..some issue with sound on my parts

He - Dats sad newys sleep tight for tonite, of which not much is left.

He thanked her for the so called dinner, kissed Smurfy Taylor good bye and left in a rush. As she closed the door behind him She realize that he forgot his cap. He might just need. She thought of calling him but on second thoughts it was just a cap she could give it back tmrw.

It was almost 3 and she had to sleep. There was a smile on her face ever since he left, in fact it was there al d while. She has known this person for almost a year now but had never spent such a stress free time with him. It was almost like getting to know a completely new person and just when she thought she had read through him new chapters began to unfold. She din want to think about it much. She just knew she had a good time and on her way to bed her insta account flashed with a goodnight selfie saying

"Sometimes lyf does take you by surpriseSmile"





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Wow Clap Clap Clap
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AwesomeTongue. Post this every sunday
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Awesome dear Clap. Keep it up.
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oh wow this is really an amazing piece 
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Beautiful..its damm nice ... loved it .. 
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It was a good read..
I liked this He She story. 

This is the real scenario between the two for sure.  

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