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Gauri-Kalpana Story: We are Family - Chp. 2- Pg. 7 (May 19) (Page 2)

appyK IF-Rockerz

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Fabulous start dear..!!!Clap
Loved it totally!!! Big smile
It was a perfect intro of your story.. Especially the end of the update..

Will be surely looking forward to updates Big smile

ILoveRagNa Senior Member

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Chapter 1

-- Movie Time --

Today was not a normal day for Ms. Kalpana Jadhav as she angrily entered her house, being little upset over... some issues she encountered at office. As usual Kamla wasn't around and Kalpana went to Gauri, who offered her to massage her head. Kalpana smiled and agreed, as she did have bad head-ache. She told Gauri about Raghav and his anger ... How he got angry on her because she requested him to not punish that sub-inspector who was rude to her by getting his job removed. Though Raghav had agreed, she was feeling uncomfortable and was at home. She wanted some rest. She kept her head on her lap and felt peace.

Raghav on the other hand cursed himself for being so hard on Kalpana. He had decided he would go and apologize to Kalpana right away. Trying to find excuse from here and there, he finally realized Pakhi is going to meet Kalpana and he headed offered her the lift to Singhaniya chawl... Chawl where Kalpana stayed... Pakhi... who left no chance to drool over her boss, quickly accepted the offer, and both of them drove by.

Kamla entered her house and was surprised to see Kalpana sleeping on Gauri's lap, who was again asleep while sitting on sofa. "Kalpana, beta?" she called out! Gauri woke up instead... "Shhh... Kamla... she is not feeling well, hence she is sleeping," Gauri warned Kamla... "Ohh, what happened to her? I never expected her to come so early like this at home, she could have taken medicine and completed her day's work..!!! If she starts to skip days like this... how will she become memsaaab, and plus Raghav baba has done soo much for..." Kamla started her words, but was cut by Gauri, "Oh Keep Quiet Kamla, she can never become memsaab, if she does not take care of her health. ... and I am sure MY Kalpana has that sense to inform her boss and come." Kamla was shocked to hear Gauri, while Gauri caresses the head of sleeping Kalpana, "and I am sure, the  dedication and sincerity with which my daughter works with, wouldn't let any boss stop from granting her leave for genuine reason," she completed. Kamla was little sad hearing those words from Gauri, as she continued, "But Taai, ..." Again to be cut, "Kamla I want to tea... can I get it?" Kamla agreed and headed for making tea.

Kalpana woke up still having headache. Gauri told her to have her tea, "Nai Mausi..." she denied saying, the balm is enough. Kamla got up and got the tea from vessel, saying there was more and Kalpana smiled at her. Three of them were just having tea, when Kalpana suggested, "Let's go for movie?" ... Kamla was shocked, "Kalpana, since when have you started becoming interested in this non-sense things like these..." which didn't go well with Gauri. Kalpana looked down with sadness. Gauri objected saying "Watching movies isn't a crime, and Kalpana too needs a break from her daily routine." Kamla again tried to defend, by adding, "But Taai, it doesn't look right when you skip office and go for movie," she looks at Kalpi and goes to her holding her face, "Beta, I have never taught you this, how did you learn to do things like these..." Kalpana had tears. "You never  tell Pakhi to not go out with her friends or movies mom, why me?" Kalpana asked sadly, making Kamla angry, "Stop comparing yourself to Pakhi... She is already memsaab ki beti, she has everything she needs, but Kalpana you have long way to go... we need to work hard and get our fist of skies... Pakhi is different..." Gauri raised her voice, "Kamla!" making Kamla turn back to her, "First it was you who start comparing Kalpana and Pakhi and now scold her? You introduced me both as your daughters and have so much of differences between two...!" Gauri looks at Kalpana, "Beta, we are going for movie get ready." Kalpana smiled, "Thank You Mausi... I will go and ..." Kamla leaves the room angrily ... again disappointing Kalpana who sits down on sofa. Gauri places her hand on her head and picks up paper, which movie should we go for?"

Meanwhile Pakhi and Raghav reached the chawl and both of them made their way upstairs to meet Kamla and Kalpana respectively. After Pakhi met Kamla on the way, Kamla insisted them to come in... to which Raghav was waiting for. Kamla entered first informing Kalpana and Gauri, that Raghav is here making Kalpana completely conscious of herself and look with balm got up immediately and closed the door right before he was about to enter. Raghav was indeed hurt by this act of hers, Kamla was shocked by her behaviour. "What is this Kalpana? Is this the way to behave... with your boss?" Kamla asked. "Aai Look at me!! How can I go like this in front of my boss?"

Outside, Raghav informs Pakhi he is waiting in car and leaves.

 Kamla smiles, "Arrey beta, he has seen you since you were little baby." Kalpana blushes hearing that, which does not go unnoticed by Gauri, as Kalpana replies, "Yes, but now things are different, I didn't understand anything in my babyhood, and now I am his employee... So..." Kamla laughs and asks "So?" Kalpana is pissed off, "You make him wait outside! I will come in 2 minutes." Kamla agrees and goes outside to find Pakhi alone. Kamla feels bad that Raghav left, but Pakhi assures her she will handle and asks about Kalpana, to which Kamla tells her about her movie plan with Taai. Pakhi is happy to hear this. After Kalpana gets ready and comes out she is disappointed to see Raghav leaving, and decides to call him but Kamla tells her now say sorry face to face and not waste time here. Kalpana agrees and Gauri comes in, "I will go and get ready, hope we will go and watch movie." Kalpi nods with smile in agreement, Gauri leaves to get ready.

In car, Pakhi tells him, not to worry, Kalpana was just not ready, and  I mean facially she had balm. Raghav nods still not understanding her reason for closing door on his face! On FACE OF RAGHAV SINGHANIYA... "And also she is fine, anyways she is going for a movie in a while." Raghav applies the break, "Movie?" he looks at Pakhi and asks, "But she said she was not well, and now?" Pakhi nods and says, "She had medicines and is ok, so she is going out for a while." She explains. Raghav is still confused as he starts the car again, "Who goes for movies alone?" Pakhi rolls her eyes, "She isn't going, seems she has found new best friend now... to not even care for anyone," taunted Pakhi feeling bad they are ignoring Kamla Maa.

Raghav dropped Pakhi at home and bid him bye which as seen by Neetu, as Raghav drove off. Neetu - Pakhi's mother was really happy to see Raghav dropping Pakhi and going confirming, something can go on between duo.

While driving Raghav could just ring two things: 1. Kalpana closed door on his face, 2. She is going for a movie with her best friend..!!

Who is this best friend? Why don't I know? Is it He? or She? Unable to answer anything else or any other question he took the car in side, and removed his phone and dialled a number... "Sammy, we are going for a movie! meet me at xyz theater in 30 minutes...!" he cuts the call without even waiting for his reply, which confused sammy...

As instructed Sammy reached the theatre and was looking for Raghav who was near gate waited for Kalpana to come. Soon Sammy found him as he placed his hand on his shoulder, "What happened? Why a movie and that too here?" Sammy asked curiously. As Raghav was busy talking to Sammy, Kalpana and Gauri came to the place, Kalpana paid the fare and passed Raghav who was facing Sammy. Gauri and Kalpana waited in the queue for ticket. Raghav turned back to wait for them to come. Gauri couldn't stand much hence Kalpana took her and made her comfortable inside the building on the chair as she went back to the queue.

Kalpana asked some collegian in front of her about the movie and the cost just to have fair idea and keep cash ready. Raghav spotted Kalpana in queue and was happy. Next moment he realized there is no other person with her and she was talking to someone in queue, which made him curious enough to know, if "HE" was the "Best Friend" Pakhi talked about, though he hoped not. Raghav walked towards her, and was surprised to see her talking to the man and giving him her phone too and shook him to no extent. After collecting tickets, he gave her the phone back and both of them smiled away inside the mall. Sammy was still lost... Raghav said, come lets go and collect the tickets..., Give them extra bucks and make it quicker in queue.

Inside, Gauri was waiting for Kalpana, and the guy who was along handed her some cash, "Hey, thanks, but see having two sim cards of this network did benefit a lot... right?" Kalpana took the money with smile, and nodded in yes... As his girlfriend joined him and duo left. Gauri too got up and they headed towards the movie theatre... Raghav and Sammy got their tickets and came inside. Raghav tried finding Kalpana but Kalpana and Gauri entered the movie room and after making Gauri settle down in the room, she suggested to go and get the popcorns and eatables. Kalpana headed out and was spotted by Raghav, making him realize the theatre room of Kalpana, he went to security person, offering some extra earnings, Raghav got the tickets changed to the same hall where Kalpana was to watch movie. Raghav and Sammy entered the hall after showing tickets. Raghav suggested Sammy to be seated anywhere leaving two places and that he would be back soon, already confused Sammy was confused even more. But he just followed orders by his friend, co-incidentally seat of Sammy and Raghav was next to Gauri and Kalpana, (We have witnessed enough of stupidity in the show, please bear this much for now.)

Kalpana placed the order for popcorn and eatables and headed towards the hall. Before she can reach the hall, she felt a strong pull on her arms and before she realized she was in some corner being pinned to wall gently as a pair of hands held her from upper arms. She looked up to meet burning gaze of her boss and was shocked to see him there, "Siir...?" She fumbled... "Yes, it's me... So you take a leave, under pretext of sick leave and when your "Sir" comes to meet you, you close the door right on his face..." he said holding her even tighter as he continues, "You closed the door on my face, face of Raghav Singhaniyaa?" he asked jerking her little, "To top it up... being unwell, you come along some Best Friend of yours to watch movie? Right?" he asked angrily, leaving Kalpana scared and confused, "I... I am sor... sorry sir... The thing is..." Her words faded in trials to frame the sentence. "The thing is, you just wanted to leave because you wanted to be out with your best friend, right?" he enquired, "and my coming to your house might have as well spoiled your plan to watch a movie, hence just be rude!" he completed. Kalpana gulped down, "Sir, ... that was mistake of closing the door it was not intentional, and..."

Raghav: "and you will have to face the consequence of that mistake!! He said, as he dragged her inside the hall, showing the tickets!" He made her sit next to his seat. Sammy was shocked to see Kalpana there, and then he understood everything clearly but his impatience to reach the place and movie and this theatre. "Don't worry, this is booked by Sammy and me only," he whispered, "But sir... my mausi will be alone," she said as she started looking around only to realize, that Gauri was sitting right next to them. That is after Raghav and Sammy. [Arrangement: Kalpi, Raghav, Sammy, Gauri.] ... Kalpana gulped, "Sir, my seat is just next to Mausi, please let me sit with her, she is all alone here," Kalpana murmured. Raghav asked her, "which Mausi, Kalpana pointed towards other side, next to Sammy, but Raghav couldn't see her face as lights went off scaring Gauri, as she started looking here and there, "Kalpana? Kalpi... beta where did she go, Gauri got up... and Kalpana too, "Mausi, am here...!" she answered as soon as she can. Gauri was relived, as she told her to come in, Kalpana looked down at Raghav and she went there, Kalpana told her to sit on the other chair, while she will sit in chair next to Sammy. Once Kalpana and Gauri settled down, Sammy and Raghav exchanged their seats, making Raghav and Kalpana again sitting next to each other which made Kalpana breath heavily, and blush harder. [Arrangement now: Sammy, Raghav, Kalpana, Gauri] . Certain scenes in the movie were indeed romantic, while somewhere hilarious. Raghav could imagine himself and Kalpana playing those romantic scenes in their lives too, which made him look at her, while she avoided her gaze during such scenes, but was well aware about his staring eyes, as she just stared back on the screen completely conscious about her actions. Sammy could do nothing more than see the real life romance- naa silent romance in the theatre and enjoy watching the bliss of his friend's love life rather than fake onscreen movie. Only Gauri was the one really enjoying the movie. Popcorn and eatables arrived at seat of Kalpana, which was shared by Gauri and while Kalpana calmly offered some to Sammy and Raghav while watching the movie. During the whole movie this went on... it was almost interval, Gauri requested Kalpana to help her while to ladies room, and that they should go before proper interval. Kalpana agreed as both of them got up from their seats and headed towards exit, Raghav and Sammy were left confused... Raghav held her by the wrist pulling her towards him as she fell on him placing her hand on his chest, while Gauri kept moving ahead, "Where are you going?" he whispered. Kalpana tried pulling her hand out as she spoke, "Mausi needs to use ladies room, Sir... I need to go please leave my hand..." she pleaded, but Raghav didn't as he kept staring at her. Gauri stumbled while reaching the end, and Kalpana pulled her hand to reach Gauri and make her stand. Gauri and Kalpana head towards exit leaving Raghav disappointed there, but relieved, she didn't come with any other "Best Friend" like Pakhi taunted.

Raghav suggested to take care of her "Mausi" and while he is meeting Kalpana, Raghav took out his cell phone and send dialled something.

"Beep Beep" came the sound, while Kalpana was waiting for Gauri outside ladies room. "I am in the same corner where we met this morning, please come, want to speak to you, Sammy will take care of your mausi." Kalpana was nervous reading the message as she started blushing. Gauri came out from the room, and Kalpana guided her to the theatre, and gave one glance at Sammy who smiled at her. "Ohh No! Mausi, I left my watch in washroom I guess, let me go and check," Kalpana exclaimed and Gauri nodded allowing her to go. She met Raghav at the place, "Sir, how will Mausi react? I cannot come this way everytime!" she said while looking here and there, "Kalpana, I wanted to apologize to you for my behaviour this morning!" his words brought Kalpana's attention to him as she looked at him. "I am sorry for this morning, I know I had been too harsh and rude." Kalpana nodded at him, "No, even I am sorry sir, actually it's just that police had come home this morning and begged to me for saving his job and I didn't want to embarrass myself or anyone, thinking that we should be treated fairly because we have your support or power of your money ... We want to be treated fairly by the system as whole!" Raghav rolled his eyes, "I know Kalpana!!" he said... "Hence I am sorry..." Kalpana smiled, "I am sorry too." Both of them smiled looking at each other, as Raghav held her hand, "I am really happy, everything is well between us." Kalpana blushed hearing this... as she nodded in yes... Both of them made their way through dark theatre, first Kalpana came and within few minutes, she was followed by Raghav.

As movie continued and it was about to end, when Raghav received message, he spoke to Kalpana in whisper, "I will have to leave for now! Clients for next project are reaching in 20 minutes, I will see you tomorrow in office." He winks at her and leaves the place, along with Sammy.

As movie comes to an end, Kalpana and Gauri too leave and reach the chawl. Kamla had been pacing up and down in her house, wondering where would these two be and started scolding Kalpana moment she entered the house. While Gauri started to say something, "Baas Taai..!!! I am speaking to my daughter..." Vitthal who was witnessing this, "Kamla!!" he shouted, "Kalpana isn't a small school going kid who needs your constant supervision, and specially, who told you to be worried and wait for them, Gauri taai was with her na?" Kamla was shocked to hear Vitthal shout at her for the first time... ever !!! Vitthal caresses Kalpana's head and welcomes her in, "Taai, even you come in! You both had something outside or need to eat now?" Vitthal asked lovingly. "No Vitthal, we had food out, we had so much of fun." Gauri said... Making Kamla stare at trio. "Baba," Kalpana called, "Next time all of us will go together for such picnics, you know mausi and I had franky as well... It was so tasty, I never knew about it, I always thought like international name it will have international taste, "Ekdum Phika" (completely tasteless)" Kalpana spoke to Vitthal in excitement... "I will bring it someday for you and dada..." Kamla was quiet unhappy with this change in Kalpana, who never disobeyed her mother like she did... Be it to see movie, be it to come home or, be it to spend so much of money outside ... But she hoped all this won't continue for long, and she looked at deva's idol, "Hey Deva, Please don't let my Kalpana lose focus and path of her life and dreams." Seeing Kalpana happy and smiling Gauri looked at idol, "God, please keep my Kalpana happy like this only...!" Gauri prayed.


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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 1:39am | IP Logged
awesome update
really lovely
hmm this dumla n makhi need soime brain
hmm nice gauri counter kamla measuring her with pakhi
hmm rag so angry 
hmm corner kalpiEmbarrassed
kalpi n rag solve everything between them
nice that gauri n kalpi enjoy but dumla disgusting
uppdate soon

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IThinkALot IF-Rockerz

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How I love this updateBig smile dil ko sukun mil gaya. so our majnu is on the way to see his laila.LOL
SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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plzz update nxt chappy.. Waiting..
...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Wonderful prologue
ILoveRagNa Senior Member

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Originally posted by _Santhi_

So Gauri is gonna fill the place and love which kamla royally ignored in taking care of her paki baby
nice concept looking forward to read it Big smileBig smile
raghav feeling bad for him though 

LOL I assure you, even Raghav will be at benefits with his "Smart" Moves in the story...

Originally posted by ban18

I love it! It's like recreation of ema. Looking forward to reading this gauri kalpi bonding!Big smile 

Thank You... Thank You Very Much... 

You know it means alot... when it comes from other writer specially you, who has written so much on posts along with "Raghav-Kalpana" who has focused so much on analyzing and mocking other characters.. cuz this story, though will have plenty of focus on RagNa, not prime one...

Hence I really hope you keep enjoying this one...

Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

superb update dear... Damla nd Makhi Angry GTH.. Ab humari Kalpi ke pass maa hai... Gauri maa... Oops!!! Masi... Raghav hate His mom.. Well soon he'll love her nd will get to know about gauri's illness... Dear update nxt chappy soon.. Waiting..

Yup... they will be having their own sweet little time... alone in the world.. with no one around... and to support them...

Originally posted by Cute_Kate

Awesome Start..!!!
Waiting to read more. . Hope Gauri isn't any majboor lady..

No Ways!!!!! Pakka Promise...!!LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL No Majboor Raghav No Majboor Gauri..!!

Originally posted by appyK

Fabulous start dear..!!!Clap
Loved it totally!!! Big smile
It was a perfect intro of your story.. Especially the end of the update..

Will be surely looking forward to updateBig smile

I am very Happy To Read this.
Thank YouTongueTongue

ragnabw Goldie

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ClapClap superb update we had thought we will get to see jealousy kammo tasting her own medicine But as per cv she was the lead of the show and she can't be wrong plz update soon

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