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FF : Joyride-2 Gazab Ka Hai Din ... UPDATED Pg 100 (Page 9)

NeiRaFreak Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
Nachiket ... Ragini last thread wale Sidharth ke saath gayab hogae hai LOL dono kal se gayab hain LOL

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metoyou IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Shubh shubh bolo Jia...mujhe apni Ragini pe poora barosa hai

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surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:29pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by metoyou

Jawani ke din? She is a mother of 4 kids! God knows kahan hogi...mujhe yahan akela chod ke 

Hold beta hold, main toh apni ragini ki baat kar rahi thi Confused
Uske bhi chaar bachchee haiii Shocked

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metoyou IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by surbhimathur

Originally posted by metoyou

Jawani ke din? She is a mother of 4 kids! God knows kahan hogi...mujhe yahan akela chod ke 

Hold beta hold, main toh apni ragini ki baat kar rahi thi Confused
Uske bhi chaar bachchee haiii Shocked


Even I was talking about the same Ragini... you have been there with us shuru se right? What did we do on the first thread? Wink

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NeiRaFreak Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
LOL LOL I am missing Vidya today ... she is excellent at bringing Sid in every comment LOL LOL

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metoyou IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
I haven't seen Sid around...aur Vidya toh pata nahin kahan gayab ho gayi hai. Same case as Ragini I guess LOL

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surbhimathur IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by metoyou

Originally posted by surbhimathur

Originally posted by metoyou

Jawani ke din? She is a mother of 4 kids! God knows kahan hogi...mujhe yahan akela chod ke 

Hold beta hold, main toh apni ragini ki baat kar rahi thi Confused
Uske bhi chaar bachchee haiii Shocked


Even I was talking about the same Ragini... you have been there with us shuru se right? What did we do on the first thread? Wink

Smart girl! LOL

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RaginiJoshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Hello my dear friends and readers, Naraaz ho? Late kar diya na maineLOL Sorry guys! Kaan pakadke? Maaf kiya? Nahi?? Theek hai phir. Scroll down the page. Sssh! It's a surprise! Our NeiRa are already enjoying their teenage romance, so why not us? Today is the 100 th episode as well! So this is a small gift from me to all of you! Naraazgi phurrr ho jayegiLOL Enjoy!

Monday, 11:50 pm at Krishna Kunj.

Dark night. The night sky freckled with stars. The once salmon and purple sky transformed into a vast expanse of jet-black that engulfed the society. He parked his car and got down. His eyes raised towards the apartment. Sighing, he headed slowly towards the building. The night watchman was busy sleeping. He gave a side look at him, feeling relieved, he started climbing the steps. 

302, PATELS. He stopped. Ringing the bell isn't a good idea, he thought. Instead, he took out his phone and called her. One call. Another call. No response.

Lagta hai meri sherni bohot hi gehri neend so rahi hai he thought. Just then, the call was received.

"Kaun hai..??" her sexy sleepy voice.

"Pizza delivery boy, Mam" he said with a giggle.

"Pizza?? Iss waqt?" she managed to speak rubbing her eyes

"Yes Mam.." He said, waited for her wobbly, once she recognize.

"Lekin.." She stopped. This voice is familiar, this husky smoky voice..Soon, realisation struck her.

"Nachiket..!!!" She said in a tremulous voice.

"Open the door Mam. Pizza le lijiye apna!" He said somehow controlling his giggle.

"Tum bahar khade ho?? Oh God Nachiket! Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?" She jolted out of her bed wondering the increased audacity of this man.

"Ragini, tum darwaaza khol rahi ho or should I ring the bell?" he said, his thumb almost on the doorbell.

"Aa rahi hu baba, ruko!" he said in a wobbly voice as she got of her bed. She just couldn't trust him now.
They ended the call.

She got out of her room slowly, making sure she doesn't make much noise. Slowly and steadily, without much squeaking, she opened the door latch. As soon as the door opened, he quickly got inside, locked the door, held her by her waist, and they rushed towards her bedroom. 

"Nachiket..!" She was all shocked and surprised.

"Sssh!" He whispered looking back at her while locking the bedroom door from inside.

She was awestruck at the turn of events and gave a plain blank look to him.

He came towards her and quickly pulled her in his embrace. His hands were wrapped around her waist and Ragini unknowingly locked her hands around his neck. A few seconds passed away..

"Ragini..!" breaking the hug and holding her gently from the shoulders, he made her face him.

"Happy Birthday..!" he whispered in her ears  grazing her waist with the back of his fingers.

A wave of nervous excitement spread across her face as she looked at him surprised. 

"Yaad tha tumhe?" She said looking into his eyes.

"Yaad to usse kiya jaata hai jise kabhi bhoole ho Ragini.." He pulled her even more closer.

A sharp pain rose in his heart as he saw tears cascading down her cheeks. He just couldn't see her being vulnerable like this. Closing the distance between them, he wiped the remains of her tears from her cheeks.

"Nachiket.. Tum nahi jaante, aaj main kitni khush hu" tears were still rolling down her eyes. "15 years Nachiket! 15 long years! 15 birthdays..tumhare bina.." 

"Ragini..!" He cupped her face " Chodo yeh sab! Ab main hu, tum ho..We'll celebrate it now.. 15 saalo ki saari kasar nikalenge..!" He said wiping her tears with the tip of his thumb and giving her the most peaceful smile.

She looked up at him hazy eyes and gave a pleasant smile. After all, he was everything she had ever wished for.

As he lowered himself on her, she leaned into him and felt the heat between them, felt his body, his warm breaths cuddling the skin of her neck erotically.

She rested her head on his shoulder, while he wrapped his arm around her waist. He inter- twined her miniature fingers into his colossal ones.And it felt perfect to be there.As if this was the place she had ever wished to be in the most beautiful of her dreams.

A few minutes passed with the two of them perfectly entangled to each other in this most beautiful dream of their lives.

Slowly, he released her off his arms and made her look at him.

"Meri ek baat manogi?" He asked looking into her eyes.

"Haa..kaho na..!" She replied wiping away her tears.

"Ek minute.." He said and took out a plain red saree from the bag he had carried with him.

"Saree..!" Excitedly, she took the saree in her hands.

"Tumhare liye. Isse pehno aur chalo mere saath. Hum bahar jaa rahe hai.." He said holding her shoulders.

"Bahar? Iss waqt? Nahi Nachiket, paagal ho gaye ho kya?! Iss waqt bahar.." 

"Ragini?! Kamaal karti ho, abhi to tumne kaha ki meri baat maanogi tum. Mujhe kuch nahi sunna, chalo jaldi"

"Mujhe kya pata tha ki tum iss waqt baahar jaane ki baat karoge..Kisiko pata chal.."

"Pata chalta hai to chalne do. Come on Ragini! Itna bhi bharosa nahi hai mujhpe? I promise hum jaldi waapas aa jayenge, sabke uthne se pehle!" He tried to convince her.

"Lekin, jaana kaha hai yeh to batao..!"

"Mmm...woh thodi der baad bataunga tumhe. Come on Ragini. Chalo na!"

She looked up at him, looked at the clock that displayed 00:10 am, again looked at him; and finally decided something.

"10 minute rukoge? Change karke aati hu.." She said with a pleasant smile.

"Yeh hui na baat!" Keeping a finger under her chin he made her look into his eyes

"That's like my Ragini!" he gasped trailing  a butterfly kiss along her neck that made her tingle.

"Jao ab! Bahar wait karo.." She whispered gasping still trying to recover from the sensation of his warm breathe on her neck.

"Theek hai...par sirf dus minute", he grinned pulling back and stepped out of the room.

As a few minutes passed with him waiting impatiently outside her bedroom, Nachiket finally decided to check-upon Ragini. He looked around the room for his beautiful wife. But she couldn't be seen anywhere. As he scanned the room more impatiently now, a sudden sound at his back caught his
attention. It seemed as if someone undid the knob of a door. As he looked towards the washroom, his heartbeats grew wilder. His cheeks evinced a scarlet tint as his eyes fell on his gorgeous wife wrapped in the plain red saree that he just gifted her. He felt dazed and hypnotized.

The scenario knew no difference on the other end as well. Her heart fluttered vehemently  as she saw her awestruck husband striding lovingly towards her. Flushing under his enraptured and intense gaze, she felt like the most beautiful woman of the world. As he still treaded closer to her, closing the negligible distance between their bodies, she felt extremely desired and loved

"Aaye haaye..!" He said in an attempt to wrap her in his arms, an unsuccessful attempt,

"Chalo ab..der ho rahi hai" she said stopping him by her hand on his chest.

"Chodo na Ragini! Bahar kise jaana hai? Main to aaj raat yahi.." He said moving his hand from her bare waist to her back. He felt her shiver slightly..

"Nachiket! Stop!" A deep blush stained her warm cheeks.

"Ok stop! " he said releasing her " Aise to tum mujhe kuch nahi karne dogi Ragini..!" He said as they laughed.

They both came out of their room and made their way towards the door. Ragini gave a glance so as to check that there is no one in the hall except them. 

"Nachiket, tumne promise kiya hai ha, ki hum jaldi waapas aa jayenge.." She said while locking the door from outside. " Itni raat ko ghar me sabko lock karke jaa rahe hum.."

"Promise! Subah hone se pehle pohocha dunga madam!" He said holding her wrist and they climbed down the stairs, making way towards his car.

A clear night was illuminated by the glint of starlight and the radiance of a bright moon. Yellow beams of streetlight would illuminate the invading darkness, casting a myriad of shadows. The windows of the car were open. The cool breeze caressed them. As he drove, she was looking outside, and was having a view of midnight Mumbai.

"Mumbai never sleeps. Hai na Ragini?" He asked looking at her sideways.

"Hmm.." She replied, still looking outside, enjoying the cool breeze that disheveled her hair.

"Nachiket..kaha jaa rahe hum dono?" She asked, now turning towards him.

"Karjat. Farmhouse!" He said, not looking at her, knowing her reaction.

"Karjat??! Itni dur? Nachiket..! Mujhe laga hum yahi kahi jaa rahe.."She asked, her voice tremulous and wobbly.

"Ragini! It's your birthday today. Koi aisi waisi jagah thodi na le jaaunga! Karjat farmhouse is special for us, and you know that." He said whilst concentrating on the roads.

"Woh sab toh theek hai Nachiket, lekin itni raat ko..itna dur.." .

"Ragini, then when do you have time for me? Ab yahi dekho, baccho ne already kuch na kuch plan karke rakha hoga tumhare liye. Kal sab log subah subah tumhare ghar aa jayenge. Romance to hone se raha, Aur hospital main bhi, we hardly get time to even talk. Shaam ko phirse ghar! Toh iss sab main mujhe ek hi time milta hai, that is midnight! Aur waise bhi, kuch ghanto ki to baat  hai. Abhi to saari raat padi hai Ragini.."

She couldn't agree more. She just couldn't deny this man, the love of her life.

"Nachiket, aaram se chalao.." She said as she rested her head back on the seat, closing her eyes, "I want to enjoy now..!"
He took her hand in his, and kissed her fingers, making her smile, the eyes still closed.

Sometime later, they reached the farmhouse. He stopped the car. Ragini was in her deep slumber.

"Ragini.." he whispered shaking her shoulder gently.

She opened her eyes, and looked at him, "Pohoch gaye?"

"Yes mam! Ab chalein?" He smirked and she nodded with a wide smile in reply. They got down and entered the farmhouse.

They made their way towards the garden, with their hands entertwined. The garden was beautiful as ever. It was surrounded by various plants, grasses, bushes and small water fountains. They kept walking forwards, enjoying the beauty.

Just then, Ragini spotted a white gazebo. It looked decorated.

"Tumne..?" She asked looking at him, as they moved forward.

"Nahi nahi..maine nahi. Thanks to RK! Maine to sirf orders diye the, chalo dekhte hai.." He held her waist as they proceeded.

"Nachiket! Tum bhi na! Bechara RK.." She said and they both giggled.

As they reached the gazebo, Ragini saw there was a table full of red petals, a magnificent silvery tablecloth, and a creamy cake with strawberries. She looked around and saw the gazebo decorated with red and white decorations. 

On a big white banderole was written 'Happy birthday Ragini!...' in red with a heart after the writing. She smiled on seeing it.

Nachiket came towards her, smiling. She smiled in admiration... Amidst all the beautiful things, she found one thing perfect... her love, Nachiket. He was wearing a loose white shirt, his hair was half-gelled, his eyes were shining, his luscious lips were curved in the most beautiful smile in the world. The winds were blowing on them and she could see his chest with his shirt half unbuttoned.

He cam towards her, inches away and cupped her face lovingly. He said in a soft voice, "Happy birthday Ragini!..." She smiled with tears in her eyes, still in her trance.

He bent down near her ear and she closed her eyes.

He whispered, "I love you..." Her heart
skipped a beat and it was dancing with happiness.

She held on to his neck and stroked his hair. He held her hand and they walked to the table while looking at each other.

He handed her the knife. She started cutting the cake.

"Happy Birthday to you..!" He was singing and clapping as she cut the cake. This made her giggle.

She took a piece of cake leaned forward to feed him. He ate half of the piece, and fed her the rest, very improperly.

There was much cream on her cheeks and on her lips. Nachiket told her and she wiped the cream on her cheeks and licked her lips. There were still some on the corners of her mouth and she couldn't know where the spots were. Seizing the opportunity, he approached his thumb near hers and removed the cream near her lips, making her cheeks go red.

"Ragini, maine to phir bhi apna haath use kiya hai ..I have better ways you know" he said with a wink.

"Shut up!" She patted on his chest.

"Sssh Ragini! I don't want to hear anything! Its just you and me.." he responded, slowly taking her by the waist and pulling her into a hug.
They stayed like that, her head on his chest and his arms around her waist, feeling the closeness in their relationship, the love that they shared.

Nachiket bent down his head to her ear, as he slowly whispered, "So May I have the honor of a dance with this beautiful lady?"

"Music?" She asked raising her brows in admiration.

"Let it play in our hearts!" He said as held out his hand, which Ragini then graciously accepted, a blush forming on her face because of the intense look in his eyes. The two slowly moved along, gazing into each others eyes as they reminisced about their relationship, and all the memories they shared.

They began swaying gently with the music that their hearts played, 

Suraj Hua Maddham Chaand Jalne Laga
Aasmaan Yeh Haay Kyon Pighalne Laga
Main Thehra Raha Zameen Chalne Lagi
Dhadka Yeh Dil Saas Thamne Lagi
Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai
Sajna Kya Yeh Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai

He twirled her around on his finger and away from him and then again pulled her back ever so swiftly and gently to land in his arms. She was delirious due to his natural fragrance.

Hai Khoobsurat Yeh Pal Sab Kuch Raha Hai Badal,
Sapne Haqeeqat Mein Jo Dhal Rahe Hain,
Kya Sadiyon Se Purana Hai Rishta Yeh Hamara,
Ke Jis Tarah Tum Se Hum Mil Rahe Hai
Yunhi Rahe Har Dam,
Pyaar Ka Mausam
Yunhi Milo Hum Se
Tum Janam Janam

They swayed together in each other's arms, unaware of time or their surroundings. They forgot everything but themselves. All the issues took a backseat and only Nachiket was what Ragini was aware of.

He spun her around in one regal turn and dipped her low, brought her back- up, turned again. She was mesmerized hen she turned into his arms and placed her hand on his shoulder again. A strand of hair fell on her face.He tucked it behind her ear, his fingertips gently brushing her skin. The touch sent a sensation through every nerve in her body.
He buried his head in her silken hair inhaling the floral fragrance as they continued to sway.

They could inhale each other's fragrance whenever they came close and when they drifted apart they would, as though magnetically attracted, come twirling back towards each other. Their eyes were glued to each other with a mesmerizing captivity. She was totally oblivious to the fact that her heartbeat was galloping. She was too dazed by his presence to realise anything.He twirled her around and swirled her away and brought her back to him.

Tere Hi Rang Se Yun Mein To Rangi Hoon Sanam
Paake Tujhe Khud Se Hi Kho Rahin Hoon Sanam
Oh Mahiya Main Tere Ishq Mein
Haan Doob Ke
Paar Mein Ho Rahi Hoon Sanam
Sagar Hua Pyaasa Raat Jagne Lagi
Shole Ke Dil Mein Bhi Aag Jalne Lagi

He gently lifted her by the waist, performed a soft and gentle yet regal turn and brought her back to the floor.
As she slid down his arms, his fingers on her waist sent delicious tremors within her. As she swayed in his arms, their bodies barely a hairsbreadth apart, she realised up close he was extremely overpowering. She looked up into his eyes. The moonlight illuminated his strong features and sinfully sensuous mouth. He dipped his head, and her heart skipped a beat and before she knew it, their lips met and an inexplicably delicious sensation burst through every vein in their bodies. His hands were wrapped around her waist and Ragini unknowingly locked her hands around his neck, moving their ribs with each other. Ragini was moaning in bliss and Nachiket loved her reaction. It was a kiss of sweetness, a kiss of tenderness, yet one which very well conveyed their innermost  feelings and desires.

They slowly broke their kiss for breath. Both still had their eyes closed. They sticked their noses and he murmured, "I love you Ragini..." She smiled at his confession and replied,

"Hmm...I love you too..! She said leaning on his chest inhaling his masculine fragrance.

She was oblivious to the world because she was enveloped in the warmth of her husband's arms. A man who loved her beyond the boundaries of this world.

The comfort of his arms ensured her that come what may, he would always be with her through the ups and downs of life.

For once, he broke the hug and looked at her,

"Kya hua..?" She asked

"Pizza delivery boy ke saath itna romance?" He smirked. 

"Nachiket!" She patted his chest.

He smiled, pulled her once again close to him. He loved seeing her a little flustered... and it was something that he found incredibly attractive. She was always in such control, but he was an expert at bringing this out in her.

Her cheeks were flushed and her hair had started to come even further undone, a few more tendrils escaping in a few different directions. She looked radiant, and he couldn't wait to get her back into his life.

She placed both of her hands gently on his chest.

A whiff of cool breeze forced a floating piece of cloud., to completely envelope the moon in its embrace...and the same breeze slowly kissed the dainty flowers
which were in deep slumber; making them dance with a smile.

Indeed... even the mother nature helped in creating the loving pair a beautiful setting in its own sweet way.

After all,  welcoming the future wasn't so hard...for both Nachiket and Ragini.

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