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FF : Joyride-2 Gazab Ka Hai Din ... UPDATED Pg 100 (Page 63)

RaginiJoshi IF-Dazzler

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It's late. Very late. Very very very late. I know. But now, it's hereWink 

It's raining here! I love it when it rains. Rains make a heart go romanticEmbarrassed Just couldn't help writing something on NeiRa..! Enjoy people! 

Ragini sighed, rubbing her temples as she entered home. She placed her purse on the rack that also adorned Nachiket's coat; he was home.  A small smile flitted on her face as she understood he was there at her place knowing that there would be no one else today evening except for her.

Work had been long and hard, at the hospital and she was totally oblivious that Nachiket had left for home. 'He must gave got tired' she had thought then, at the time of leaving. It is now she came to know his real intentions. 

She smiled to herself and stepped forward to her bedroom, to change and to search for him.

 A nice hot shower would be nice now, she thought to herself, but she wanted to start dinner. Her stomach grumbled in agreement, as she hadn't eaten lunch today in an attempt to finish a file she was working  on. She knew that he would scold her for doing something so foolish; she knew she hadn't done the smart thing but she had just wanted to finish this particular file.

Nachiket entered the room from behind her, giving her a crooked smile as he walked in. She sighed in relief as his arms wrapped around her; she let her head fall onto his shoulder as she relaxed her shoulders. He was warmer than she was; he must've been home for a while.

"Aaj yaha aa gaye?" She muttered, regretting the fact she had to pull away. She'd remain in his arms for hours. He shrugged his shoulders in reply.

"It's not bad, is it? You always complain about me that I don't give you enough time."

"I do not complain!" Ragini crossed her arms and gave her husband a pointed glare. "I simply state that you should be able to give me more time than you normally do."

"Tabhi to aaya hu jaan.." he said as he rested both his hands on her shoulder.

She looked at him and threw her arms around his waist, almost in an impulse,
allowing herself to fully lean onto him, and take some of the strength his warmth readily offered. She felt him enfolding her in his muscular arms. This was the moment she had been craving for the whole day. It felt hopeless not talking to him. And she just wished to squeeze all the misery of the day into that one embrace of his. Burying her face deeper in his chest she smiled contentedly as he caressed her hair caringly.

"Pakode khaane hai.." he quickly said

"Mujhe bhi..!" Her excited whisper..

"Chalo banate hai..!" She smiled confidently, breaking the hug; looking at him.

In the kitchen :

She was busy frying the pakodas while Nachiket busy eating as soon as she put a fried one on the plate, alternately; one for himself and one to feed her whilst frying.

Taking a sudden step, he closed the distance between them and cuddled her into an embrace from back, surprising her by his gesture. Deepening silence fell over as she gently tilted and rested her head, letting him squeeze her into the cuddle. A sweet pleasure dwelled upon her senses as she inhaled his scent, making her feel drowsy. He tightened the grip, letting the ages of separation dissolve into oneness. She leaned into him further and felt the warmth between them, felt his body, his arm tight around her waist. It felt so right being there, like that. Everything felt perfectly alright.

The world outside the kitchen window was misty as the skies grew greyer by the second and the atmosphere hummed with the rhythm of the heavy drizzle that was showering down.

"Ragini, it's raining!"

Tilting her head she glanced up in the sky through the window ,a few wisps of her hair sailing with the breeze.

"Rain!'' the excitement evident in her smile. For her rain was beauty,ever since she was a child she loved raindrops- falling to the , earth creating ripples ,streaming down windowpanes.Rain was a way in which she connected to God,every single drop meant a blessing for her. Drenching herself was the favourite part.

Nachiket still stared out of the glass pane now misty ,raindrops drumming its surface.He went a bit closer making out magenta shades disappearing between the curtains of raindrops.

"Chalo!" He said with his eyes looking at her in pure excitement.

"Bimaar padna hai?" She quickly asked. No doubt she loved the rains, but nothing was above his health to her.

"Come on Ragini!  Have I ever caught a cold or a fever or whatever else you think would happen to me? Actually sardi toh tumhe ho jaati hai..And still I'm allowing you. It's so beautiful outside. Just look!"


"Bubye sweetheart..! I'm going out!" He stomped his foot and stormed to the garden before she could stop him.

After some time..

"Aaacchhhuuu!" sneezed Nachiket ,while entering the hall. 

"Aur bheego baarish mein.."Ragini said in a sarcastic, angry tone. 

"Sorry!" Nachiket apologized innocently. He held his ears and made the most adorable face that would melt anyone in a second. 

Ragini broke in a smile. "Baitho! Main towel laati hoon.." 


"Okay!" nodded Nachiket obediently with a slight smile, and sat on the couch. 


A moment later, Ragini came there with a towel, while Nachiket sat in front of her, and she started drying his hairs. After few minutes, a mischievous smile curved on his lips. He held Ragini's wrist, pulled her, and made her sit before him. 

"Nachiket, tumhe sardi ho jaayegi,main--" 

"Jaan...Chalo na bahar! Get yourself drenched my love. It's fun! I promise. Chalogi?" Nachiket asked her, staring intensely in her eyes, making her heartbeats fast, and butterflies floating in her stomach. Every time, his closeness affected him beyond imagination. She nodded as her heart was not ready to refuse, even though she knew that the weather would make them ill.

Slowly and steadily, she walked towards the rains in the terrace. The first few drops feel on her cheeks and she felt her entire being elated. She suddenly felt so content. Here was bliss, heaven, paradise. She spread her arms out wide, her body taking in everything around her and she turned her face up to the clouds. She was filled with an energy that nothing could deflate at that moment. It was the energy of a joy that quenched thirst. She spun on her heel round and round and literally ran outside.

He leaned against the walls and smiled at her running form. He glanced her way and was instantly captivated by the sight that caught his eye. Her arms were open wide up to the heavens and her eyes were closed, her face turned up towards the sky. He could feel, even from the distance, that she was taking in happiness and positivity from every pore of her body. He could feel the warmth bubbling inside her. He loved her artless gaiety, he loved her zest for life, he loved the way her face was glowing in that moment, highlighting the drops that fell on her face. He loved how beautiful she looked when she was drenched.

She spread out both her hands , welcoming the raindrops to kiss her. She stood there ,head tilted backwards feeling each drop which clung to her body.Suddenly as if on cue she opened her eyes to find him leaning on to the door frame,his eyes fixed on her.

She felt concious ,as she did whenever he stood before her. Her hands traced the damp curls which fell behind softly trailing down her back. His eyes settled on to her- gazing at the tiny glistening drops on her hair ,one of which fell creating ripples in the deep blue ocean of his heart.

She uneasily placed her hands over her saree which stuck onto her skin,failing to relent. Why was he staring? She tried to meet his gaze only to look away-she knew he would trap her in a trance.

Silence fell between them ,only the pitter-patter heard relentlessly.

That was his undoing. He made his way towards her. The heavy shower fell on his head, cooling down his body somewhat. He did not care as his white shirt drenched wet. He stood next to her and waited for her to meet his eyes.

She slowly opened her eyes to meet his melting  ones. They showed love, pure love. She didn't need words,her heart melted into a puddle of emotions where his face splashed about - each drop leaving her awestruck.

The musical sound of the rainfall, the darkness of the magical night, and them being the only ones in the house. How beautiful and heavenly it could be for both of them. 

Nachiket  approached nearer to her face steadily, making her too vulnerable to stand on her own feet. She closed her eyes to feel the moment, and a faint smile appeared on her face when she felt his face rubbing on her skin, and shivered when she felt his soft and warm kiss on her cheek, which was so gentle and love-filled that she felt her heart dancing contently, as she was feeling the top of the world.

"Dance with me?" Nachiket whispered.

And before she could nod in reply he had already grasped her hand-her fingers fit perfectly, as if the spaces between his fingers had always waited for her's to sneak in. They danced in the curtain of raindrops enveloping them ,reflecting the radiance they showered- like diamonds emblazoned in a crown of love.

She twirled around him, holding onto his finger. Her hair flew with every turn, sometimes brushing against his face leaving droplets on his cheeks.They danced in solace, not for anyone else, not for the world to see, only for themselves.

"Nachiket..?" she silently whispered,she could hear the deep breaths he was taking.

"Ragini..." he broke away his tears engulfing his words.

She pulled away and held onto his arms, looking bewildered. His eyes moist, drowning into an ocean of despair.

He looked towards the sky and she followed his gaze, then again they looked at each other.

"Are you happy? Khush ho tum?" He questioned her.

"Yes Nachiket.. Bohot khush hu main..!"She confidently smiled.

Nachiket gave a small smile but still stood confused.

She gently led her hand to his chin and tilted his head backwards. Raindrops fell on his face. "Look at me..Kaisi lag rahi hu main tumhe? Khush nahi lag rahi?" she whispered bringing her face close to him.

He softly embraced her while she tightened the hug and a smile crept on her face as she slowly wiped his tears.

As they pulled out of the hug, she smiled at him a smile which reached her eyes and made them shine due to the love they reflected. She moved forward and cupped his face in her delicate hands and softly planted a kiss on his forehead as he closed his eyes. She then kissed the tears hanging on his eyelids and later kissed his cheek. They touched their foreheads and enjoyed their moment of love.

A beatific blush stained her cheeks. She never failed to enthrall him with her charms. As a peaceful silence descended upon them, she leaned over and kissed him , this time being less shy. And he too kissed her back, moving his hand from under her chin to her hair, and then back down her back. And then, they were kissing as if suddenly they had discovered a moment in time, they wished to last fotime eternity.

He did not lose a moment to claim her mouth till she squeezed her body into his. He bit her lip and she gasped. His tongue instantly invaded her. She moaned in response.

After what seemed many hours, they broke apart and rested their foreheads against each other.

Water fell from his hair onto Ragini's nose and she chuckled as Nachiket kissed it away, bathing her nose into warmth.

She looked into his  eyes with that brightness that no writer can completely describe - the brightness called love. She kissed him once and whispered, "Love you Jaan..!"

Nachiket smiled broadly. His eyes conveyed to her everything she needed as a response and so much more. He pulled her closer and buried his face in her hair, holding on to his saviour., telling her what he still could not put to words too often, that he was the dry, broken cracked earth and she was the shower that quenched his thrust.

After some time...

"Mere rang me,

Rangne waali pari ho ya,

Pariyon ki rani..

Ya ho meri prem kahani.." He twirled her around on his finger and away from him and then again pulled her back ever so swiftly and gently to land in his arms.

"Mere sawaloon ka..,

Jawaab do..." He buried his head in her silken wet hair inhaling the floral fragrance "Do naaa..!"

"Nachiket bachcho ki tarah uchalna bandh karo. Chup chap baitho aur mujhe tumhare baal sukhaane do." Ragini strictly told him, probably for the sixth time, while drying his hairs with the towel.

He quietly listened to her, but the next moment, he naughtily smiled as some sort of mischief struck his mind. He stood up, facing her, and stared at her. Ragini understood that he was definitely up to something again.

"Kya hua?"Ragini asked confusedly, pretending as if she did not understand anything, though she actually did. 

He shook his head vigorously that resulted the water droplets from his hair to fall on Ragini's face. 

"Nachiket!! Kya kar rahe ho?! Apne baal sukhaane do naa. Thand lag jayegi tumhe.." Ragini laughed while pleading him to stop doing so, but she knew that her dear hubby was not hearing her anytime soon, as he again shook his head; which in turn irritated her a bit.

"Tum nahi manoge naa, thik hai! Khud hi karo phir..I'm going!" She stomped her foot and turned to leave.

He then quickly grabbed her arms tightly,

"Abhi naa jao chod kar..." and pulled her closer, trying to make her weak and lose herself in his arms,

"Ke dil abhi bhara nahi.." His finger pressed against her lips quickly, giving her a silencing look as she grimaced and shrugged

His finger had slipped from her lips,

"Yahi kahoge tum sadaa.." She took the opportunity to reach up on her toes to press those lips against his cheek,

"Ke dill abhi nahi bharaa... " she sang silencing him for the moment. Where the  boldness came from, Ragini wasn't sure, as she broke the contact and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, meeting his gaze. 

Both stared into each other's eyes and started laughing.

Pulling back once again, she took a deep breath and shifted on her feet.

There was no doubt in either of them anymore as to what they were, or there was a doubt about what the future was going to be like.

Ragini gave his hand a squeeze, taking a breath. They were going to get through this together, and nothing was going to change that.

His lips pecked her cheek. They looked at each other for a moment, staring deeply into one another's eyes, neither of them feeling the need to look away. Finally, the realization hit them. They were alone... more alone than they had been in weeks, more alone than they had been since they had so needed to be alone.

"Nachiket, mujhe lagta hai ab tumhe jaana chahiye. Maa, Naani aur Sunny tai aate hi honge mandir se wapas. Agar unhone iss tarah se hume yaha dekh liya na, to bohot gadbad ho jayegi.." as she continued to blabber continuously he put his fingers to her lips, gently, to keep her from speaking, and for a long time they just looked at
one another.

"Tum na bahut bolti ho Ragini" he teased, softly tapping her forehead with his.

"Bole bina tum koi baat maante bhi toh nahi ho. Aapne hi aadat bigadi hai ji " she said poking him naughtily in his belly.

Smirking, he caught hold of her hand and pressed it against his heart. "Aap? Kya baat hai, aaj kuch jyada hi pyaar aa raha hai mujhpe...Kyu Ragini?" he whispered, making her chortle under her breathe. 

He forwarded his face closer enough for their breaths to mingle, and thus, electrifying the air in between them.

Ragini's expression softened instantly, and she closed her eyes, knowing what he was going to do next. Her heartbeats raised abnormally, when he started wiping off the droplets of water on her angelic face delicately yet sensuously with his lips. She gripped her saree for support, and moaned in joy. 

The atmosphere outside hummed with the rhythm of the heavy drizzle. Mother nature smiled down on them in celebration of the union. 

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and me second Big smile


Ragini what is this? How could you do this? Where have you taken me girl? am sure its some other world... 

Let me go back and re read it .. will comment once am out of this beautiful dream Embarrassed

Edited by NeiRaFreak - 14 June 2015 at 11:49am

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poetic IF-Stunnerz

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Finally ...

Wait ! I need a bucketful of ice first Tongue

Edited by poetic - 14 June 2015 at 11:31am
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Khushi ke aason... I haven't read it yet!
RaginiJoshi IF-Dazzler

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Ab ice kaha se du Rachna diEmbarrassed 
RaginiJoshi IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by NeiRaFreak

and me second Big smile


Ragini what is this? How could you do this? Where have you taken me girl? am sure its some other world... 

Let me go back and re read it .. will comment once am out of this beautiful dream Embarrassed

I myself don't know what I've doneLOL I think I'm dreaming too much these daysEmbarrassed

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metoyou IF-Sizzlerz

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Maar dala...

Yeh kya hai?! Yeh romance nahin hai, this is just beyond that. I have actually no words because this only meant to be felt. Ek ehsaas hai... 
Such a mesmerizing continuation of Ragini's birthday celebration, from that romantic surprise to this tantalizing rain sequence Embarrassed  

You took a long time but Ragini dear it was totally worth the wait! I seriously couldn't have asked for more. Matlab dil bahot bahot bahot khush kar di Embarrassed

Let me read it again, because once is not enough for this 


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Main Ragini ko sula doon? That's the icy part. 

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