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PART  53 

-- Manik pov---

" Cabir ... yaar sun na " I ran after him and asked him to stop.  He stopped at the end of the corridor.

" Cabir.. " I came towards him and kept my hand on his shoulder said " listen I know that you are mad at us. But trust me dude we didn't mean to hurt you.  We are best friends buddy. Please maaf karde. I...I  am sorry.  "

When I said sorry Cabir looked at me in disbelief as me the Manik Malhotra was asking for a sorry!!!. So unbelievably pathetic was that !!  But nothing was more precious than friendship not even my so called signature attitude .

" ayese look kya de raha hai?   I really meant it Bro.  I am sorry. Actually we are sorry.  We should tell you before. But... !!!  " I  told him again seeing his weird gaze on me.

He didn't say anything but left from there leaving a baffled me behind.  But that time I just didn't want to spare him so again I followed him.  Suddenly I heard some little noise coming from the second floor . 

Even Cabir heard the same and turned around just as a gesture of grabbing my attention towards the noise.  We both read our silence and decided to follow the noise. 

As soon we reached near the noise my blood started rushing fast . I couldn't believe in my eyes as I had watched my love was being  humiliated and in a blink she was thrown. 

I closed my eyes in fear for a fraction of second then opened to save my life .  But I got my life back when I found her in Cabir's arm.

She was trembling in fear .  I rushed towards them.  Cabir was wrapping her in his protective embrace and she had hidden her face in fear. 

My blood started boiling and I shouted  "  Harshad !!!! "

I walked towards him and hit him hard on his face.

" how dare you touch her?  How the bloody dare you?  I am not gonna spare you.. you moron.  " saying I punched him again and again .

I was in no control seeing my love's such a vulnerable condition. 

He tried to counter  attack  me but the tears of my love gave me that power to hit him black and blue without thinking about the next. 

" Maaanik " Nandini was trying say something.  But her vocals were not giving her that strength as even they were choked due to fear.

Cabir heard her murmuring my name . And called me  " Manik.  Nandu. "

That was enough for me to ran to them leaving  that jerk Harshad.

As I came closer Cabir loosened his grip and slowly let her in my arms. She hugged me then and there and I hugged her back. 

" hey its okay.  I am here.  We are here.  You R fine . Sab thik hai."  I started consoling her continuously rubbing her back. But feeling my warmth she hugged me even more tighter. I let her cry as it would help her to free her heavy afraid heart.

I closed my eyes to control my tears which were desperately wanted to flow out. Cabir was watching us silently.  

" Maaanik "  Harshad took an advantage of that situation and came to hit with a rod.

But when your friends are with you then no need to worry for anything.  

" back off Harshad.  "  I heard Cabir retorted and opened my eyes . I saw Cabir  protecting us by stopping Harshad from hitting us. 

And within no time Harshad was lying on the floor due to  Cabir's punch.

" don't you dare to touch my friends.  Unless I will break your hands.  " he threatened and pushed him hard.

" Cabir..  you !!! " Harshad shouted back aiming Cabir. But before he could hit my friends I was there for them. I moved Nandini little aside and punched Harshad and he fell down in the floor .

Meanwhile the school staffs reached there hearing the chaos. Before Harshad could fill their ears Nandini described whole incident. 
That day on my surprise Niyonika was also present in the school. And witnessing Nandu so shattered and vulnerable she rusticated Harshad then and there. 

I didn't know what kind of soft corner she had for Nandini but I really liked when she took her in a motherly embrace.

After all that fiasco we walked out of school me side hugging Nandini and Cabir beside us silently. 


--- Nandini pov ---

I was so scared because of that Harshad incident.  How could he scoop so low ? When i I was thrown so harshly i was feeling like I was going to die in no time but as ever my life saviors my shining armour my ManBir reached there to save me from that evil. Hiding myself in Cabir' s arms I felt  my life back.

Thanks to Niyonika aunty for punishing that jershad. He was so mean so evil he should be punished.  She was really a nice person to me then why did he always pretend to be a problem mother to Manik? I didn't know but I surely needed to sort out that . 
Yes I had to do that for Manik.  As he needed it. 

After all that we walked out of the school premise me in Manik's embrace as I hardly had that strength to walk after all those  terrible fiasco and Cabir beside us.  Though apparently we MaNanBir were walking together but yet something was missing . Actually the magic of MaNanBir was missing. 

We reached to the parking lot Manik made me sit in his car while Cabir just stood there silently.

" Cabir woh " Manik turned around and tired to share his words but his vocals were ditching him.

" Take her to home first. She needs it. " Cabir said and walked away from there just giving a last  look to me . Manik was once again heartbroken.

" Cabir !!! " I called him softly from behind. He stopped and turned.

"  I need my two bffs.  I need my Cabir back.  " said I looking straight into his eyes peeping out of the car.

He gazed at me blankly.  Then Turned around to move.  But again He had to halt as Manik said  from behind

" We are still MaNanBir.  The three musketeers.  The inseparable ones.  One for all and all for one.  Remember  "

Cabir halted at his place for a good seconds and then hopped into his jeep and drove away.

Once again all our hopes got shattered.


" Manik !! Are you okay ? "  I asked him hesitantly seeing him breathing hard and tapping his fingers on the car steering wheel .
It was a clear indication of his unwellness. 

I kept my hand on his arm lightly getting no response from him. 

He stopped tapping his fingers and turned and looked at me.  It was a gape that radiating the pains.  And abruptly he pulled me in his embrace with force. 

I could feel his condition . Firstly Cabir 's anger Then that Harshad incident had totally blocked his breathing cubicles.  He was suffocating very badly. 

"  I am sorry I am extremely sorry.  Main bohot bura hu.  I am not a good friend neither I am a good boy friend.  I am just good for nothing.  "  Manik was blabbering and while hugging me. 

I hugged him back and started patting his back without saying anything as  I knew  it was the time he should burst out his pains.  He should let his heart out .  So I waited giving him much time to open up. 

" I am a failure Nandini.  I am a looser.  " he sobbed badly. 

He used to take my name as ' Nandini ' just when he was tremendously upset.  His tears were wetting my shirt.   I pulled him more to me to give him that warmth.  And he rested his head on my shoulder hugging me  even more tighter.

" Manik shhh " I tried to calm him when my own tears were in no bound but flow.

" Nehi Nandini.. I know I failed to protect you. I  failed to protect our friendship.  "
He was in verge of that guilts which he had not yet done. 

" shhh... !!! Kuch v nehi hua ayesa.  You are not at fault for anything.  You never failed.  " I said rubbing his back  and then
continued " Kisne kaha k you failed us ? "

He broke the hug and gazed at me.  His eyes were blood red . Tear drops were still kissing the corner of his eyes. 

My heart ached seeing him so broken.  I softly kissed his tears out of his cheeks.  And then said " who told you that you failed?  Who told you that you failed to protect us? Who told you that you are not a good boy friend?  " 

I asked him softly. He looked at me with pleading eyes.  
I couldn't control myself to peck his plead and continued
" you are the best I could have.  You are the best I could imagine.  You are the best I could deserve.  "

I stopped seeing the changing expression of his painful ever talkative eyes which directly detect the words of his heart.  
" yes Manik . You're the best boyfriend one can ever have.  And that lucky one is me.  I am the luckiest girl to claim you as mine. "  I said lovingly.

Then taking his hands on me further asked  " And one more thing . Do I need to say how best you are as a Friend? No I guess.  As you yourself know how special you're to us.  How protective you are to MaNanBir !  Manik though we are now in relationship but I know  in your life only one thing matter to you and it's Our Friendship. It's Cabir and Me. Kyun k we stay here "

I kept my heart on his  heart . Then said " In your heart. And we will always be there.  Humesha . "

" Humesha ? " he asked.

" Hmmm Humesha.  And don't worry Cabir will come around soon as we can't even breath without each other.  So.  Please stop blaming yourself.  "

" but kaise na blame karu khudko?  " he jerked his hands of me and hit the steering wheel.  

" dekha nehi tumne Cabir kaise chala gaya. He is so broken just beause of me.  He just left. And apart from all Woh doosh back Harshad ... I just wanted to kill that bloody moron.  How could he even think to touch you ?  I would have just smashed his hands .  Agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh... "  he couldn't complete as the the consequences again started ignited the fear inside him.

" Manik Manik... calm down.  Jo ho gaya so ho gaya.  Forget it.  I am fine . "  I cupped his face and said " look at me. Thik Hu main.  Tumhare samne Hu.  With you.  Please cool down.  "

" If something would... agar tumhe kuch hojata toh na...then... I will.. I will die... main maar jata..kavi apne aapko maaf nehi kar pata.  I will ... I will just "

I didn't let him complete and mouthed his lips to shut him up as it was the need of that painful hour.

I kissed him devouring all my love to him which was the proof of my wellbeing and most obviously being with him.  
Firstly he was fully taken aback with my sudden attack and not responding . But eventually he gave in when I bite his lower lip.  He opened his mouth and I entered.  When I was busy with his upper lip, he was torturing my lower one.  We were madly kissing each other like it was  the end.  Our tongues were fully engrossed dominating the other where our hands reached their respective places.  Mine on the back of his neck pulling his hairs while his every naught hands were busy pulling my shirt out of my skirt.  Succeeded doing so his left hand clutched my bare waist tightly and his right hand was relishing my skin.

I felt like thousands of volts passing through my spine. My butterflies were flattering like hell inside me.  I felt like loosing my sanity and clutched his collar tightly while my another hand was still finding it's peace in his hairs.  

We moved apart out of breath gasping hard.  He looked at me . It was full of desires whistl the glimpse of pain was still flicked.

We rested  our forehead on each other.  Our chest were moving in sync. 

" I love you  " I murmured.

" Not  more than Me.  " he whispered in my ears biting my earlobe. 

Again that sensation haunted me. And before I could made it calm it started increasing as Manik started trailing his open mouth kisses on my collar bone neck and shoulder. 

" Manik " I prayed while his hand reached my upper part. And he listened and stopped but skipping that place his hand again came down and started caressing my waistline and back.

Our desires were then slowly loosing their patience . So to  calm them down  Manik again smashed his lips with mine pulling me little on his lap.

We again started reviving our love with that passionate kiss.

We were kissing like two lost souls who just met after an age  where  abruptly we heard an irritating knock on the 
Car window of Manik side. 

Unwillingly we had to pull apart hearing another knock Manik making disgusted face slide the car window down. And then we got another shock getting a cold order

" If you guys are done then come out of the car.  "


so here is the update. and I know that I am late. But what to do .. my internal exams are going to strt from monday itself. so engrossed with study now.. Pardon for crap update and next update will b after 29th. So if u wish will continue as 27th is the last of kyy.   

Ignore typos. errors. Stay tuned.Smile

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Wow very nice update mananbir r the vest 

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Awesome update
Is harshad ki to mainAngryAngry
But thank God!! Manik and cabir pahoch gaye
The manan romance in car it's just awwEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Continue soon
Waiting for the next part
Take care dearSmile

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Plz do continue !! .. Itz an awsum stry! .. So wht if kyy is endin! .plz u shud continue!

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Superb update
Waiting for the next part

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It was just awsm , FaB , mind blowing update words r less to express our feelings. U r as usual awsm in updating U r a comendable writer Update soon

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Awesome update dear... Hope cabir comes back nd get that mananbir magic soon

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