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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 6:41am | IP Logged
Loved part 51...but eagerly waiting for next update since many days... Is there something wrong... Please post the next part asap... Please dying to read it. 

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khadupam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 August 2015 at 4:43pm | IP Logged
That was awesome
Continue soon

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Manishadevnani Senior Member

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Posted: 09 August 2015 at 9:54pm | IP Logged
I read all ur chapters in 1 one pls. Cont soon I lyk dis story v much n pls. Pls. Pls. Pm me

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shweta... Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 12:47am | IP Logged
Whm r u going to update yaar
Its been 10 days now 
We r waiting for the next part
Plzzz update soon 
I want to see that the three bff will patch up once again 
Plzzz plzzz plzzz update soon

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2015 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
PART  52

" Yaar kya main itni hi easy tha tum logo k liye that you have taken me for granted ? "

Cabir's sudden outburst made us baffled.  We just froze at our places.  Our Cabir.  Our cool Cabira was actually saying those heartbreaking words. 
I could sense what blunder I had done taking him so casual.  I had never thought to hurt him. But eventually I did the last thing which I wished to do. 

" majak bana k rakha  hai tum dono ne mera " he  started crying. 
His vulnerability left us feel more guilty.  Though I wasn't looking at Manik but I could clearly sense his mental state.  He was surely blaming himself.  
But it wasn't the truth. He shouldn't be blamed for my mistake.  So taking another hope I said " Cabir.  I am extremely sorry Yaar.  I know I have hurt you a lot.  But I didn't mean to.  "

My tears were that time in no bound but to flow like they were helping to washout my guilt as well as showing how hurt I was hurting him.

" trust me buddy,  main ne ayesa kuch socha nehi tha . I just thought k ... "

But he didn't let me complete and said "  you just thought k chalo now we are in relationship toh Cabir bechara kabab me haddi hoga toh it's better k uske life me v kisiko laye who will make him busy.  Right ? "

"  Cabir !!! Yeh kaisi baatein bol raha hai tu ? Dimag toh thik hai tera ? Please maat bol ayesa.  " Manik said stopping him as his words were not only hurting us but him also.

He then moved closer to him and wrapped his hands around his neck and further said " Yaar don't get us wrong.  Jaisa tu soch raha hai wasesa bilkul nehi hai. Though the way we have chosen was wrong. But  Humure intention galat nehi the. Yaakin kar humura. Tu toh hum tino me sabse samjah dar hai.  And tuhi ayese bolega?  Nandini just wanted you to be happy with pure love. "

He stopped and looked at me and continued " pure love.  True love is the most important thing to survive or to live your entire life.  It makes your life livable and beautiful.  "

He said those words with all thr love  he had for me.  Then composing his love emotions he turned around Cabir and spoke "  And that's the thing she wanted in your life too.  Uski tarika might be wrong but her intention was pure.  "

" Really Manik ? Aub tu toh ayesa bolega hi kyun k Teri Bff oh sorry sorry Teri Girrl frrriend ko tujhe support karna jo hai.  " Cabir sarcastically said just to give us another shock.  
Our coolest bff  Cabir was saying that it was totally not to be believed.

" Caabbbiiirr "  Manik took his name in frustration and as expected my eyes were then full of big tear droplets which would be met my cheeks in no time. 

" kya Cabir?  Haan bus wohi kar sakta hai tu. Mujhe chup karane se jyada aur kya kar sakta hai?  " Cabir rudely said.

" yaar kya kia nehi maine?  What I was supposed to do?  Bata?  " Manik also spoke with huge irritation yet saddened heart.

" then why didn't you tell me about you guys?  " Cabir shouted at us. 
" bataya kyun nehi mujhe? " 
he walked few steps towards us and asked  " kya laga tha tum logo ko k Cabir kya sochega?  He won't accept us? He won't understand. He might be angry?  Yehi socha tha yaah yeh socha tha k who the bloody hell is Cabir ? "

" Cabir " I held his uniform jacket and started crying keeping my head on his chest. " trust me I didn't think so cheap. I can't stoop so low.  Please don't think in that manner. "

He closed his moistened eyes to stop his tears to come out.   Manik was looking at us helplessly.

" then what I am supposed to think Nandu?  " Cabir softly placed his hand on my head and made me look into his eyes. 
" yaar tum logo ne ek baar v nehi socha k I will be the happiest to know about you guys.  " he said and we looked at him surprised.

" hmm . You have heard right.  I am happy to know about you guys. Balki I was sure this is coming soon.  But woh toh you guys were taking tortoise like steps to accept the feelings for each other. Nehi toh kabka sab kuch set Ho jata.  "

He said and for the first time I saw a cute whilst blushing smile crept on Manik's face. And even there was very little but that naughty smile also spread into Cabir face which was enough to sooth my saddened volcanic heart.

" Saale tujhe pata tha ??? "  Manik jumped on him for a hug . 
He hugged him and said  "  yaar thanks for understanding.  "

Even my feet were taking their desired steps towards them for the group hug but before I could reach towards them I saw Cabir moved Manik from him slightly pushing him. Manik was confused with his behaviour and stared at him.

" but you guys didn't consider me so important to share your loves.  So its better k I shouldn't peep into the place which isn't mine.  Jab mere bffs ko meri parwa nehi mere emotions ki parwa nehi toh why I am here?  It's been ridiculous to hold what's even not your.  So bye guys.  I am done with my foolishness.  " he said and turned around to leave. But  promptly tubed again and said  " One more thing I don't anyone in my life for true love and all as my true and only love are my best friends forever. And I don't need anyone else rather than them.  They are my life.  And that's it.  Kash tum dono yeh samjahte.  "

And he left.  Left us behind.  Actually he didn't leave his bffs but us ? Me and Manik.  He left us who had hurt and broke his trust for showing lack of knowledge about his heart . That's why his heart hurt. 


That night seemed like never ending night full of darkness without any glimpse of light. 
That night neither we talked in our MaNanBir group nor wished each other 'good night'.

Next morning 
I called Cabir just to get his mom's voice over his phone with a message that he would be at school by himself as he had some important work outside.  
Though I heard his mom saying his lame excuse but that time I had nothing to do without sighing in his excuses to stay away from us. 

That was one of the bad  morning for both of me and Manik.  As usual he came to pick me for exam but there was neither his 'indeed good morning due' nor his nuzzling on my neck but a very cold " Heyy " from his side. 
And I knew the reason behind these as he was upset.  We were upset as we were incomplete without the three of us. 


Two more days had flew away like decade.  Cabir was still not talking with us.  Our all friends even our mom's were having some jitters about our never happened fight.  Aliya had informed the group about Me and Manik.  They wanted to encounter us but couldn't as we didn't give anyone that enough time to bombard with their quires.  As that time Cabir was more important than anyone else of this entire world.  We had tried a lot to ask for sorry but he was so shattered to pardon . He needed time and we needed to wait for him.  And that exactly we had done.  As time can heal any wound.  And apart from that we had faith in MaNanbir.  


It was our last exam of  11th standard.

As usual my day started with another Cabir's excuse to avoid us and Manik's sad ' good morning sunshine ' wish. 


In car . Way to school

" Manik !!! "

Manik -  " hmmm "

" Cabir hume maaf toh kar dega na ? " 

He seemed to be little tensed and then rubbing his lips said shaking his head " Obviously kare ga yaar. Kyun nehi karega.  After all we are MaNanBir.  The inseparable ones. So don't worry . He will come around soon.  "  
He said it was like he was consoling himself rather than me.

I understood and placed my hand on his shoulder saying    " he will for sure.  "

Manik smiled at me and took my hand hand kissed it which was an assurance of hoping for the best.


School parking 

We stepped out of the car and about to enter the school  we saw Cabir coming in his jeep.  We smiled looking at him but he behaved as he had never seen us.  Something hard hit our heart but we decided to behave normal. 

Parked his car and we approached towards him but he walked away from us.  Tears again rolled down from my eyes .
Manik side hugged  and said  " Don't worry.  It's just a phase.  Jaldi chala jayega.  "

I sighed and he wiped my tears and we headed towards the classroom. 

Every one of our class came to know about our drift as we entered they started their gossiping. 

Cabir entered before us and went to his seat.  Then we entered Manik side hugging me.  Navya came to me to talk and Manik freed me and went straight to his seat.

"Cabir aur tum dono me kya sach me jhamela hua hai?  " Navya asked me.  I didn't reply but hung my head.

She got her answer and said again " I don't know what is the reason but it is really very difficult to see you guys fighting.  Sach me trust me maata rani ki kasam you guys are the pride of our batch.  Your friendship is commendable.  And hum mata rani  se pray karenge k woh jaldi yeh sab thik karde.  "

I hugged her seeing her genuine concern about us.

on the other side

" heyy buddy "  Manik greeted Cabir seating beside him on my place.

He ignored him.  Though not fully as he had kept his drum stick on Manik's side which was a clear indication of ' he is still angry on us and fine' . It was his habit of carrying his drum sticks everywhere.

A smile crept on the corner of Manik's lips seeing his cool Cabira's tantrums.  He suppressed his smile pressing his lips. 

And said  " All the best buddy . It's math exam.  I know it's thora difficult.  But you will manage.  Hain naa ? "

Remembering about Math exam which seemed to be no less than a nightmare to him Cabir gulped his saliva down. He was hell scare but he won't show as attitude. He was afraid of math but yet he won't ask for help as his attitude had ordered him not to ask his bffs for help.

Manik smiled on his cute antics and scared frowns.


Same time on the other side

Navya broke the hug and we were about to go to out respective seats when she stopped me and asked hesitantly 
" Nandu... woh Aliya jo kah rahi thi about you and Manik is it true ? I mean don't take me wrong but is it for real.  Are you guys couple ? " 

Before I could reply my Aayyippaaa saved me sending the teacher for conducting the exam.  
I came to my seat and sat between them.  I patted on Cabir's hand and wished him luck.  He looked at me with his scare filled eyes whilst full of attitude. My heart smiled and I said " don't worry . I am here. " 

He seemed to be little relaxed but showed ' I don't care attitude' which was an indeed forced fake attitude.

I then looked around Manik who was observing us with a upset face.  I blinked my eyes and wished him too.  


During exam

The exam was going pretty well.  Though Cabir wasn't asking for help but his cute antics were.  I helped him showing my paper and he was coping like my previous cute idiot dramebaaz Cabir.  
In some difficult problems Manik was helping me and I was passing that to Cabir.  In that manner we were finally done with our final exam.


After exam I excused myself to go to the washroom when Manik went behind Cabir.  

After using the loo I came out of the washroom when a strong pair of arm grabbed me tight from behind.

Being scared I shouted  at once but couldn't further as one strong palm stooped me to shout more.  I was trying hard to get rid of that irritating and painful hold . I somehow turned my face a little and saw him with the corner of my eyes. But I couldn't believe on my eyes. 

But before I could react he pushed me and I stopped hiting on the floor.   I screamed in pain but the gallery was vacant at that end hour of the school.

" Nandini... my dear Nandini " that voice creepily took my name.

I looked up and here he was. I wasn't wrong.  It was him.  It was that bloody creepo  Harshad. 

He leaned closer and said " kya hua shout na.  Jitna chiilana hai chiilao but no one will come to save you today.  As it's my day.  "

 I tried to get up and ran from there but couldn't as he had again pushed me on the floor.

But I again took an attempt and he let me stand with a evil smirk.   I tried to elope but he held me arms and pulled towards him.  I tired to hit him going against his ten times stronger strength than me.  But defected.

" why are you trying?  Why are you troubling your delicate hands? "  he said with his creep smile.

" Manik !!!  Cabir !! " the name of my knights my bffs came out like a prayer. 

But that evil  Harshad chuckled saying " Manik?  Cabir?  " he  smiled so horribly.  Then said clenching his teeth "  you are so idiot Nandini. don't you know last hour me ish side koi nehi aata . " 
He grabbed my hands more tight and spoke rudely " just for you I have to bear the suspension for that long 6 months.  They were not allowing me to write the exams but it happened  on my dad's pleads to the faculty and just for you mujhe ush looser principal ki room me baith k papers likhna para.  And all these because of you and your that bloody looser friends.  "

" don't you dare to talk ill about my friends.  Trust me you will pay for it. Watch out your words.   "  I retorted at him. 
He smirked and said " then toh kya karogi?  You gonna hit me?  Then hit na.  Come on Nandini hit " he pushed me very hard. 

I felt to crush on the floor soon but I landed up colliding a pair of very known arms.  That known arms transferred the warmth of protection to my scared heart. 


sorry sorry guys  for being sooo late. I am  now fully  occupied with my clg studies assignments... so please pardon me. Sorry for no pms.


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yash7717 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 August 2015 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Wellbupdate was awesome...

Bt u wana tell you one thing...when ever someone talk about the end or what nowadays...my heart feel like is shattered ...ky2 ending...and so ua ff...
I mm feeling like crying...

Btt u might have your own choices...so itz you wish...
I don't want u yo end...stay back and write...

But...i will miss uhhh:(:'(
mehjaben_nahin Goldie

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Posted: 13 August 2015 at 12:41pm | IP Logged
its okay aashi
do as ur wish
m alwys wid u
love u..
Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 August 2015 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
awsm update
nicely written
cont soon

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