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Smileygirl23 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 August 2015 at 2:22am | IP Logged
aaj FRIENDSHIP DAY hai toh you should update a MaNanBir special update of this ff.. please na Ashi, friendship day gift ki taur par de do

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amrutha.shetty Senior Member

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Posted: 02 August 2015 at 2:26am | IP Logged
Ur simply wow ...tht u manage 3 stories together ...waiting for ur update ...their bond is adorable nd today is frndships day yaarr update to banta h Smile...nd not jst this am even missing 'MY WoRLDS KING' ...update if possible ...
                                Lots of loveHeart

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2015 at 2:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Smileygirl23

aaj FRIENDSHIP DAY hai toh you should update a MaNanBir special update of this ff.. please na Ashi, friendship day gift ki taur par de do

sorry dear. but I am not ready with the part. but ur words shook me. Will try to write now.
Smileygirl23 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 August 2015 at 5:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by musicialtie

Originally posted by Smileygirl23

aaj FRIENDSHIP DAY hai toh you should update a MaNanBir special update of this ff.. please na Ashi, friendship day gift ki taur par de do

sorry dear. but I am not ready with the part. but ur words shook me. Will try to write now.

oh!! thank you.. will be waiting Embarrassed

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 02 August 2015 at 12:19pm | IP Logged

PART  51

" Cabir... wohh... " I was gathering my strength to face Cabir who was tightly held my wrist in his fist just for giving me support while I was being dressed by the doctor .  But my wound was not giving me that much pain which I was feeling looking at Cabir.  Though he was hiding his emotions but the anger the pain of dejection were clearly showing in his eyes . 

The doctor was treating me for last half an hour but still neither he spoke nor let us speak a single phonetic. 
And that silence was killing us inside.

" So girl.  You're done .  Dressing is over.  You can go home now.  "  doctor broke the never ending silence between us.  Cabir helped me to stand.

" And  one more thing. " the doctor said again removing his gloves . Both of us turned and he continued " It's a deep wound. so take a good and gentle care of it my child." 

He then wrote something in paper. And spoke while writing " Chot jitni gahri hoti hai usse treat v utnehi pyar se karna chahiye.  Nehi toh woh nasur ban jati hai . So to ignore the septic you have to take antiseptic.  And here it is  " he handed over the prescription to Cabir with a warm smile to me. 

That doctor's words were echoing in my ears.  I didn't figure out whether the words were for my outer wound or for my inner wound.  But his words were applicable for both.  I had to treat  it with gentleness and indeed carefulness.

We came out of the medical boon and Manik silently followed us . I took a quick glance of Manik whose face was dark like night.  My heart again ached seeing him so pale and guilty.  Then I stared at Cabir with the corner of my eyes.  Same darkness was also there. 

Like this heavy heart we reached to Manik's car. Manik unlocked it.  And opened the back seat door for me.

" you sit with her at back.  She is injured.  She wouldn't be able to seat alone as someone needs to hold her head.  So. You seat with her . I will drive.  "  it was for the first time Cabir spoke.

Both me and Manik were startled hearing him. His voice was so cold like ice full expressionless . And it was scared us more.

" what?  Didn't you hear what I just said?  I said hopped in the car.  She is weak.  " he literally pushed Manik and help me to settle in the car.

After that he himself came and took the driving seat and ignited the car. 


Cabir was driving carefully ignoring the speed brakes to give me smooth ride.  My forehead was troubling me a lot.  Manik understood and held my head gently and cuddled my body to support me.  I was feeling sick and abruptly without a knock I dozed off cringing to Manik.


When I opened my eyes I found myself still in Manik's arm.  And cabir at the front seat.  But the only difference was the car was not moving.  It was parked in... In... I tried to figure out the place and my eyes popped up in surprise recognising the place.  It was the place where first time we three were accepted our bonding and became Best friends forever.  First time we named a tag to ourselves calling  " MaNanBir ...The awesome threesome "

" hum yahan ? " escaped from my unconscious mouth. 

" some time it's needed to go to the zero to calculate the next . " Cabir said and stepped out of the car. 

It was like he was  wating me to wake up. But as a bff he knew my weakness and allowed me to take complete rest.

Manik and me shared an awkward look.  I was upset but he was more upset than me.  I blinked my eyes as an assurance and hopped out of the car along with Manik. 


Cabir was standing in the middle of the park.  The park was not so crowded at that afternoon hour.  We silently stood behind him. 

Both of us were trying to take the initiative to talk to Cabir but couldn't due to lack of courage and overflowing guilt.

" what is friendship ? "

When we were fighting with our dilemmas then abruptly cabir's voice grabbed our attention. 

" What is friendship ? "  Cabir asked and we confused.

And again we were short of words.  But being a genuine bff he again saved us answering his own question.

" A friendship is the  mosy purest creation of The universe . It is the feeling where you don't need to say anything to express your words.  It is the most spectacular thing which would never ever judge you . Which would have shown you the best path when you are lost and dragged you out of the little to tiny wrong ways to the right path.  It is the light of your dark nights and Pandora box of happiness to your sadden days.  Friendship is the lock of your all secrets and key of unconditional support. "

He stopped and turned around and said looking straight to us " And  friendship is one of the synonym of faith. Its the most trustful emotions which you both have broken. "  he cold whilst sternly said.

" It's the love that you both have smashed.   "  he pointed out us.

" it's my faith jiska tum dono ne milke majak banaya.  You guys just break my all trust . You just broke the friendship dammit.  "  that time he retorted at us . His outburst made us stunned.  He was disheartened.  And we were the bloody reason. 

His eyes were blood red . That indicated him weeping . It was not he was angry as we had hidden our secret from him but upset as we didn't trust him to share our relationship.

Guilt was overpowering our hearts.  His words were frozen our thinking power.  But we need to clarify the situation before it would turn out a disaster. 

I was in my trances when Manik's trembling voice pulled my attention.

" Caaabbbiiirrr "  he called.

Cabir turned and looked straight into his eyes

" I know I have hurt you.  But trust me we didn't mean to. "  His voice was cracking.

" then what did you guys mean haan ? " Cabir encountered.

" Cabir... yaar ... woh. .. hum. . Hum bus batane hi wale the. "  Manik, 'the ever confident me' was actually strumming in fear that too of his best buddy.

" haan toh kab batata? Bachche ho jane k baad ? " cabir the sarcasm king replied.

" what ? " Manik and me asked  in unison. 

" kya what what laga k rakhkha hai ? " Cabir was again back to his serious tone.    " did I say any wrong? ? "

His straight question left us baffled.   " bolo guys ? Kab batate tum log mujhe ? Kavi batate v kya ?  " 

" Cabir !!! " I took his name like a prayer.  

" Cabir  .. Please don't say like this na.  We have never meant to hide it from you.  It's just that we were waiting for appropriate time.  " I could hardly utter those.

" appropriate time !!! Huh .."   he gave a sarcastic smile. 

" perfect time kavi ati Nehi hai you just have to make a time as a perfect one.  " he replied and we just stood there numb. 

" We are best friends right ? Is it the definition of friends ? To hide from your friends.  " Cabir was really heart broken after his knowledge of our secret relationship.

" Cabir .. yaar tu sunto meri baat... ayesa nehi hai jaisa tu soch raha hai.  Try to listen to us at least "  Manik requested but again Cabir  ignored him with sarcasm.

" Chor Manik.  Tu toh kuch bol hi maat.  Actually please stop both of you two. I don't want any explanation . We are bffs.  And don't spoil the meaning of bff with giving explanations.  " Cabir spoke rude yet sadly. 

We didn't find any word to justify us . Actually we were at fault. And Cabir's outburst was justifiable. 

" Cabir  ishme Manik ki koi galti nehi thi. " I said and Cabir  stared at me quenching his brows.

" Nandu .. no please. " Manik then and there stopped me to take the blamme on me. But I did what seemed right at that time.

" haan Cabir.  Manik wasn't at fault.  I am the one who's at fault.  Sari galti meri hai.  Main ne hi Manik ko mana kia tha to inform you about us.  He toh madly wanted to share but it was me who have stopped him. "

" ohhh... come on Nandu. Stop defending him.  " Cabir  said.

" I am not defending him but saying the truth . Manik ki koi galti nehi hai.  It was me.  " I confessed hanging my head accepting my guilt. 

" Really ?? " Cabir was yet not ready to accept that fact.  " And what was the amazing reason Nandu ? " he again asked witnessing my face. 

" Reason? ?? " I gulped my saliva down in fear. 

' how could I said him about my most idiotic reason of dreaming of CavYa??'
I  thought and looked at Manik who himself was afraid of the next as if Cabir came to know about the reason then he would had  definitely be more disheartened and upset.  

"  say the Reason na guys.  Am waiting.  Ek dusre k chahere kyun dekh rahe Ho ? Say na.  " he stated and waited for us to take the next.

" wohh ... I was thinking of.. " I was literally finding ways to fly away from that most awkward moment. I looked at Manik. And he blinked his eyes.

" tell him.  Bol do.  No more hiding.  " he assured me.

Then I took a deep breath and replied in one go  " I was thinking of telling you about us just after you be like a couple with Navya. "

I said closing my eyes in one breath and then opened my eyes slowly. 

He was  numb.  There was an awkward silence between us like a silence which indicates the warning of heavy storm. 

After taking good  and breathtaking  pause he said       "   Yaar  have I ever been so easy kya ?  "


HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY my dearest friends...Smile

And sorry for the MaNanBir fight as in friendship sometimes its needed to prove the strength of bonding. 

so keep liking..commenting..stay tunedSmile

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awsm update dear...
happy friendship day...
update soon...
epicangel Senior Member

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Posted: 02 August 2015 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Dude..continue soon
U keep us hanging all the time
U didn't pm me
As a
Superb as always
bokul IF-Achieverz

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fabulous update
happy friendship day

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