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mehjaben_nahin Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 11:15am | IP Logged
aashi m so gussa
sob stories e tumi manan ke complicate banaccho
eita ki hoilo
ufff m too much gussa
jodi tmi oder separate koro taile daikho ami ki kri...
thnx for the pm
update soon

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Naj91 Goldie

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 11:24am | IP Logged
Scary promo. I m very much scared. Please don't separate MaNan. Thanks for pm
Please update soon

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mairaallauddin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 July 2015 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Scary promo
What happened to manik
Plz update the next part
And plz don't separate Manan

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musicialtie Goldie

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Suddenly Cabir screamed " oh my god what is this ?

" What ? Kahan ? Kya ?" Both me and Manik became worried and started searching the reason here and there.

" Guys wahan nehi.  Yaahan " Cabir  grabbed my arm and pulled my top sleeve little up     " What is this?  "

Both me and Manik froze over our places . We both looked at each other then that place Cabir grabbed our attention on it.  It was the love bite mark which turned into deepen blue red . And because of my color of skin tone  it was just seeking good attention.

" What is this Nandu ? Kaise hua ? When did it happen and how ? " Cabir gently caressed the wound mark. 

I didn't understand what to reply as even I didn't paid much attention to it.  And suddenly that moment flushed infront of my eyes and an unknown blush spreaded over my face. When I was relishing my that best moment that time someone was struggling with himself. My eyes fell on Manik and saw his dark face. I was wondering for suitable excuse , Manik was just couldn't took his eyes of the mark. And I became surprised when I saw guilt and pain in his ever smiling eyes.

I was measuring him and tried to figure out his state when I found his shivering hands touched my wound mark lovingly rubbed it. 
" I am sorry " he murmured.

But Cabir heard it and said " abbe tu kyun sorry bol raha hai ? Tune thori hi kia hai ? "

Both Manik and  I turned towards him in disbelief like he had caught us. 

" aree tum dono ayese kyun looks de rahe ho?  Did I said any wrong? did you do it ? No na . " he then wrapped his hands around  Manik shoulder  and continued " but the fact is you would have just kill that person who would try to harm Nandu. Aaree try ki chor ... agar usne Nandu ko harm karne ko sapne me v socha na toh yeh hulk toh usse sulk karne k liye v jinda nehi chorega . Am I right or I am right? " 
He patted Manik 's back and I was just counting time as I knew what was coming.

As per my predication Manik jerked Cabir's hand off and walked out of the room.

" Isse kya hua ?  " he confusingly asked.

I just silently gazed towards his disperse. 
" by the way on a serious note... Yeh hua Kaise?  " Cabir asked concerned.

" ohhh cabirr.. " I was finding excuses.  Then said " bathroom door.  I banged with the bathroom door last night and this happened.  " 
I felt a relax coming with a good lie in such a short time.

" tu v na... " he aging caressed my mark and then hugged me saying " please take care of yourself Nandu.  You are very precious for us.  We just can't afford to loose you.  Please aapna khayal rakhkha kar.  "

I was feeling so happy with his concerns and replied hugging him back " I don't need to take care of myself jab tak I have my ManBir at my side.  " 
He smiled and kissed my hairs as an assurance of being there for me forever.


On the other side.  My room

---Manik pov----

" How could I... like really how Could I did this?  I have never thought of hurting her and look what I had done now? I myself had hurt her so badly.  How could I?  Cabir was right I would had just smacked that person who would thought to harm her but today I myself have hurt her . I just feel Killing myself. "  
I broke the flower vase in anger.


" Cabir thanks for be the best bff.  " I said breaking the hug.  
He smiled and said  "  I think you should go and check on him.  Only you can calm him down "

Even I was thinking the same.  So without wasting more time I took out one tee shirt of Manik from the cupboard and asked Cabir to freshen up. 

As I entered my room the first thing grabbed my attention was my bff seating on corner of the bed head down near his knees . And then broken pieces of vase. 
I knew why it was broken. I felt pity for my vase which had to sacrifice it's life for his anger. But it had made him calm then I could let go thousands of vases.

I slowly walked towards him locking up the room door.  And kneeled down in front of him .

" Manik " I kept my hand slightly on his thigh. 

He looked up.  I saw his blood shot eyes.

" Manik "  I softly kept a concerned palm on his cheek " what happened ? "

" don't " he jerked my hands off his face to surprise me.

" don't.  Please don't. " he got up and walked to the window side " Don't try to come close to me .Please " he stood there with the help of the window railing.  

I understood something very deep had shaken him . And I could tolerate everything but not his pain.  And I knew only I could heal him.  So I slowly came close to him and placed my hand on his shoulder from back .

" no.. I told you na please don't come close to me. " he turned around. That time I saw his anger yet guilt mixed eyes.

" but why ? Baat kya hai ? " I started panicking as I had never seen him like that.

" why ? Are you really asking me why Nandini ? " though he retorted but his eyes were full of vulnerabilities.

I noded and looked at him with pleading eyes.

" Nandini... " he grabbed my hands and said in frustration " I am a monster.  I can only give you pain.  " 

I was about to defend him but he stopped me and continued  "  no no no ... I am a toxic for you.  You can't believe na ?  Look "  he tilted my sleeves up and exposed the mark.  A sweet blushed smile crept on my face as I touched the mark.
" dekho .. kya kar dia main ne. "  tears rolled down from his eyes. 

"Manik... its not like that. " I could hardly managed to speak but again sushed by him.  " not only this.. even  I am sure  aur v honge . "  saying in no time he pulled my top off and on my surprise there were few more marks on my neck collarbone cleavage.  But comparisonly less deeper.

" ohhh freak. ... dekha. .. what I have done to you.  I am nothing but a monster . Jisko maine sab se bachake rakhkha aaj usse maine chot dia.  I just hate myself.  How could I do this to you?  You are suppose to be mad at me.  You are angry with me hain na ishke liye?  Aur hogi v kyun nehi look how much pain I have given to you.  Ohhh god... I just hate myself. I feel like killing me right over here.  I am sorry Nandu. I am extremely sorry.  I didn't want to hurt you. But dekho eventually i did. "

" Manik ... Manik. .. Manik " I tried my best to stop him but he were at guilt and that guilt overpowered his sense of thinking.

He was too hurt to heal.  And continued his blabbering
" I am not worthy for your love.  I am a monster who can only give you pain.  I am a very bad boyfriend.  I ... I should not have done this. I have to keep myself away from you.  I... " 

"  Maaanik " I shouted a loud and slapped him. 

He was fully shocked by my sudden act and placed his palm on his cheek where I had slapped him disbelieving. But it was the only way to stop him. So I did it. 

I relaxed myself and kept my hand on his cheek and said 
" please stop . Please don't hurt yourself more.  It hurts to se you hurt.  "

" but Nandini main ne. ... "

" shhh " I kept my finger on his lips to stop him and continued " I know you are hurt seeing these marks.  And main yeh toh nehi kahungi k I was not hurt that time.  Haan thora dard hua tha tab. But you have healed those with your touch  with your love Manik.  And trust me  I loved them.  I love that moment of our. I really like these marks on me as they are not a mark of wound  but love...The love you have for me...The love I have for you... The love we live together. "

" Manik " I pecked on his cheek where I slapped and further said " you're not at fault Manik.  It's the expression of love.  And do you know the best part is now I have something on me which is yours.  Yes. ..that marks which would keep me reminding of your madness over me. And trust me I am loving it.  " I winked at him.

" Anddd. .. do you think only you have done this then let me show you something. "
Saying I turned him towards the mirror and showed him the scratches of my nails all over his nape to back.  

" Aub iske bare me kya khayal hai " I naughtily asked and saw him smiling whilst blushing caressing the marks.

" wow " he said with a content smile on his face.  " It's superb Nandu " he said and I blushed remembering my wildness.

" So now are you okay ? " I asked lovingly. 
" better than never " he replied and kissed my forehead.

" I love you " I said and hugged him.  

" I love you the most " he said hugging me more tighter. I hide my face on his chest and planted a kiss on his most beautiful heart.

Finally I was relaxed. My love was relaxed. We were at peace healing each other and cherishing our true love all over again.  

We broke the hug after a while then  I said " please don't so this childish foolish acts again.  And don't feel guilty for anything regarding me.  As I am all yours Manik . Bachpan se.  "

Manik shook his head then childishly said  "  but  being your bff I don't like your bf.  See he has hurt my cute bff.  " Manik shook his head then childishly said  " 

 " Achcha ? Awwwaaa " his cuteness made me go all awestruck. 

" ummm then my boyfriend deserve a punishment for this. Right ? I smirked and he cutely pout. 

" toh your punishment is " I stood in my tip toe and pulled him closer and brushed my lips with his.  It started with a small touch and ended with a passionate one.  

" now let's go down.  Mom and Cabir are waiting and  wear this. " I gave him his tee shirt and he wore and we came down stairs.


" baba re... how much you guys are sleeping?  " mom said as soon as we came . Cabir was already there stuffing his mouth with cheese salads.

" hey Rose mom " Manik went near her and kissed her hairs hugging her from back " good morning. .. no no good noon.  " 

" good noon bachcha.  Fresh hua ? " she asked which he nod.

" chalo let's have the lunch.  Hungry right ? " she said and he replied  " very much "

" just give me little time. I am coming having bath. "  mom replied and he kissed her cheek.

On the other side

" what happened with him ? " Cabir asked me as I sat beside him.

" ohhh... " I was finding answers.

" I can understand.  You know na how much he loves you.  He is very protective about you Nandu.   " Cabir said.

" hmmm " I smiled and said " Cabir do you know something sometime I really feel like I am the luckiest girl to have both of you.  " he slid his arms around my shoulder  and I kept my head on his shoulder and continued "  thanks to Aayyiiaapppaa for blessing me with you guys.  But do you know  one thing  Love is also a very important part of our lives.  Pyar bina lifea adhuri hai.  "

" yaah that's I don't know.  Hoga dusro k liye important.  But for us we three are enough to Rock our lives.  MaNanBir rocks.  I don't need anyone else.  " he said and side hugged me.

" yeah that's toh for sure.  We are inseparable ones.  But " I sat straight facing him " but  if for  someone you are the love toh ? I mean  agar uske liye Pyar tu hua toh ?   "  I said and waited for his reply while he was busy reading the things between the lines. 
I just watching his facial expressions and then his eyes became popped up.  

" Wpoohooo. .. don't tell me that you are talking about madhubala ? " 
I shook my head as yes.

" wooohooo no... not that Navya again.  " he got up and started pacing the living area like maniac. 

" whatss up ? " Manik came from kitchen when my mom went her room to have bath before the lunch.

Seeing Cabir he asked  " tujhe kya hua ?  "

" don't ask me bro.  Ask her.  She is fully gone insane . Pagal ho gayi hai " Cabir pointed out me.  and I pout.

" tujhe aaj pata chala ? " Manik naughtily smirked and I gave him a death glare .

" wooo am scared " he winked at me then Cabir.

" but dude on a serious note... me and that Navya.. won't be possible.  "  Cabir said .

" but why ? " I asked and stood beside them.

"  kya why why karti hai. . Why pe kyun tu marti hai? Aree me and  that  black and white Madhubala... no man.  It's impossible.  " Cabir stated and went to the lawn leaving a baffled us. 

I gave a pale look to Manik.   He smiled and said forwarded his hand  " It's time for some MaNanBir magic."
My pale eyes immediately shone up and I placed mine on him. We then walked to the garden lawn area tangling our fingers.

 We saw Cabir was trying basket the ball disturbed.  Both we and Manik looked at each other. Our eyes talked and I started humming receiving his signal...

Har Kisi Ka Yahaan Dilkash Chehara Hai Kahaan
Phir Bhi Yeh Dil Dil Se Mil Sakata Hai
It' S Possible Hey It' S Possible

We came near to Cabir and I slid my arms around his shoulder while Manik sportingly stole the ball from his grip.

Dil Ke Hi Bas Dam Pe Milega Koi Hamase
Pyaar Nahi Toh Na Mil Saka Hai
It' S Possible Hey It' S Possible
Ho Sakata Hai It' S Possible, Hone Ko It' S Possible

Cabir freeing himself  frowned and sang...

May Be But Pyaar Pyaar Impossible

I sang ...

It' S Possible Hai Yaar 

O Pyaar Impossible         (Cabir )
It' S Possible Hai Yaar    ( Me)
No No Pyaar Impossible    (Cabir )
It' S Possible Hai Yaar    ( Me)
O Pyaar Impossible          (Cabir )
It' S Possible Hai Yaar     ( Me)

We started playing basket ball passing saving ball.while singing..

Dil Ko Behala Sakati Ho Kisso Ke Sahat
Tujhako Hasa Sakati Hoon Hasa Sakati Hoon Saari Raat
Tujhako Jo Chaahiye Woh Ada Meri Gehraayiyon Par Ho Fida

Cabir  drilled the ball and sang pointing me...

Tere Jo Bhi Kareeb Hai, Woh Bara Khushnaseeb Hai  ( Manik smiled a proud smile)

Ho Sakata Hai It' S Possible, Hone Ko Ho Sakata Hai It' S Possible

May Be But Pyaar Pyaar Impossible    (Cabir )
It' S Possible Hai Yaar    ( Me)
No No Pyaar Impossible    (Cabir )
It' S Possible Hai Yaar    ( Me)
O Pyaar Impossible          (Cabir )
It' S Possible Hai Yaar     ( Me)
I Said It' S Possible Hai Yaar 

Manik sang and basket a ball smartly . Cabir frowned ...

Uuu... Possible...  

Manik then held my hand and twilled me twice singing...

Idhar Udhar Ki Baatein Chaai Ke Saath

He stopped and back hugging me Gestured of fireflies with his fingers... 

Raaton Ko Karenge Juganu Ki Baat

Halki Phulki Haseen Ghum Ke Saath

He turned  me to him and sang adjusting my bangs behind  my ear...

Dil Bhi Hum De Denge Lage Haath...

Cabir came and knocked our shoulders  seeing us lost in each other. Realizing we were not alone pulled apart..
Then I Side hugged Cabir and sang

If They Could Only See
Not Judge Me, Let Me Be Me

Manik sang... but Cabir shrugged off my words and ignoring started playing . Manik saw my upset eyes and tried to console me singing...

Ho Sakata Hai Its Possible, Hone Ko Ho Sakata Hai It' S Possible

But I became with my all tried just going in vain..

May Be But Pyaar Pyaar Possible

Manik tried to to calm me...

It' S Possible Hai Yaar 
Pyaar Impossible
It' S Possible Hai Yaar

Manik started consoling me and my upset heart started denying.

O... Pyaar Impossible
It' S Possible Hai Yaar O Ho O O 
Pyaar Impossible
It' S Possible Hai Yaar 
No No Impossible
It' S Possible, 
Pyaar Impossible
It' S Possible Hai Yaar 
No No No Pyaar Impossible

Manik held me shoulders and sang..

It' S Really Possible, 

I became too upset thinking of my promise to myself about CaVya. Then only I could share our little secret with Cabir. but he was jus behaving too immature.
I accepted my defeat...

Just Not Possible

Manik then tilted my face to look into  his eyes and sang 

Trust Me It' S Possible...

 His eyes met mine. They shared their pains and promised themselves to make that Impossible a Possible.


guys thanks for your valuable times and comments.  Though I could not make answering replies to each and every one but I do read them each.  Please don't consider me as a rude one for not replying.
keep loving. commenting.. Stay Tuned Smile

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Lovely update,
thank god aur meri jaan nikli jaa
rahithi ki kya hogaya .
But my baby, he was actually tensed about those marks on her and feeling guilty cause they were
because of him .
Haaye mai mar jaawaan ,
he is just so adorable and cutte .   

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lissy16 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2015 at 8:06am | IP Logged
cute update...
continue soon...

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suv-kriyaansh Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2015 at 8:10am | IP Logged
awesome update
mananbir rockzz Big smile

cntinue sooon 

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manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Best update after a longgg time :')

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