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mairaallauddin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 July 2015 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
Nice promo
Update the next soon

Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:13am | IP Logged
Haha... I am really looking forward to this
horizontwilight Goldie

Joined: 16 May 2015
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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by musicialtie

Originally posted by ananya0908n

Awesome girl!!
oh god!! you left me shocked and speechless!!
your previous update was so hot!! I like the understanding manik!!
you gave us two big doses that too so hot ones first the sizzling lap dance and then that one!!
so much thank you for that!!
you captured my heart yaaar!!
its freak damn wonderful!!
bechara cabir!! uski to waat lag rahi hai acche se...aww on him!!
cabir parts are very good and funny!!
thanks for the pm!!
I wish I could say more but I have no more words left!!
I will just say you writing is incredible and you again amazed me by your writing skills!!
I am happy over one thing the most!!
guess that...that is this that ALYA had a no show since two update!!
wow...that's the reason I am so happy and the credit goes to you!! obviously it goes to the writer na!!
so thank you thank you and tons of thank you for that!!
sorry I am a bit late actually my weekly tests are going but anyways I am here as usual.
I hope you won't mind
congratulations!! you are a goldie now!!
you are doing superb and awesome!!
always be like this!! i love you and ff so much dear!!
you have magical hands and a beautiful mind of creativity, passion, excitement, dreams and skills 
loved your update!!
once again thanks for the pm!!
thanks for the alya thing!!
and thanks for giving us two hot updates!!
waiting eagerly for your next update
continue soon
keep it up!!
love u dear!!

heyy Ananya... thanks babes ... thanks fr such a  lovely comment... i wish i could match up ur expectations like this...
ufff ur comment is really awesome... and trust me m not good at romance but i tried to think manan and wrote what i just visualized.. i wish u wont feel bored with my ffs.. keep loving. and again   thanks a lot.   
              love aashu.Smile
welcome dear!! you are always welcome!! what!! match up my expectations???
are you mad?? you have already did that some months ago...and now you are beyond imagination yr!! just lovely and incredible!!
thanks a lovely comment for a lovely ff
but you wrote the romantic part so beautifully then how can you say like that!!
I so so loved that part
ok if you are not good at writing romantic parts then I must say you have an incredible visualizing power
are you again mad??? you think I am getting bored of your ff
not at all!!!! and pls stop speaking like that!!
you should know that your writing makes our boring moment delightful not ourselves getting bored
so please don't say like this again...I am so much enjoying your ff...each and every part of it!! like hell!!
I would always keep loving!!
you are the most welcome again!!
nice name aashu!!
horizontwilight Goldie

Joined: 16 May 2015
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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 11:02am | IP Logged
cute promo!!
so cute!!
I guess nandini will say something like "how dare you have fun without me???"
hehe...just a guess!!
very nice going!!
update soon dear
musicialtie Goldie

Joined: 25 February 2015
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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:01pm | IP Logged


" Having fun guys " 

I looked around the room which became a mess and the feathers were waving all around the room like suddenly the room had shifted to the hill station and snow was falling.  Though I was too angry seeing the room like that terrible state but witnessing my two lovable Bffs scared eyes my heart melted like butter.  But to have some fun I plastered a fake anger approached towards them. 

" ohh Nan...Nandu " Manik tried to give justification but couldn't. Cabir was just busy in finding out some place to hide himself and be saved from my wrath.

" So had fun guys ? "  I asked them sternly and as expected they looked at me like I was going to eat them up.

" ohh... No actually mugambie.. " I frowned as  Cabir tried to spoke  " I mean Nandu ... ermm Manik " he pointed towards him " Manik  has done that all mess " he smartly put the blame on him.

" Me ??? " he was shocked  and scared too of my anger " kamine... main ne kya yeh ?? Saale liar.  You only started this " he retorted at Cabir and held him collar to hit. And Cabir also took charge to protest back.  They were about to start their fights when i shouted " Stop it "

They turned around me still grabbing each other collar.    " I said just stop it ? " I retorted again.

They being too afraid of my anger left each other and looked at me with pleading eyes to pardon them.  But I was in no mood to pardon. 

" Bohot maja aaya hain na guys ?? " I asked again and started playing with a pillow giving my stern glare.  I Could clearly see their dilemmas regarding that. 

" what ? Did you guys  have lost your listening power ? 
I asked did you have fun or not ? " I again shouted at them.

" yes " " no " they  shook their heads in ' yes' first then changing promptly they said  ' no '.

" What yes or no ? " I retorted at them .

Being too innocent souls they quickly shook their heads as a ' yes '

" How dare you ? " my sudden encounter made them startled.  And they just pondered and started looking at each other.  I could see their scare filled eyes.  
They were about to give me their suitable justification but I stopped them showing my hand.

" Don't . " I showed them my index finger. " Don't try to give me your shity explanations . "  said I and saw their guilty filled eyes and they lowered their head down.

" I just can't believe that you guys can do this to me ? " said I and saw their guilty filled eyes mixed with confusion over the situation as how that messy room type silly reason could harm me .

They gave me a questioning look when I  again said  " How dare you guys having fun that too without ME ? "

My abrupt words made them hell confused firstly. They were glancing each other then me. 

" What?  Look kyun de raheho dono ? Without me fun karoge toh now get ready for the punishment. " saying in no time I hit them with the pillow. 
They were shocked at first then happily took the other pillows to continue with the pillow fight. 

We were hitting each other with pillows and fully engrossed with our pillow fight until the left over pillows get torn and cottons scattered around the room as well as us .   We started laughing pouring our hearts out and fell on bed being exhausted.   Firstly Cabir had thrown himself in the bed on his stomach then on top of his  back me and on my top Manik.  As usual I became the sandwich between them but I really loved to be with them like that and would be till my end.  I again took the silent vow to be together forever as MaNanBir.

Manik and I shared a quick romantic eye lock and he was about to show his love when cabir's breaking voice interrupted us. 

" Kamino utho mere upar se . Maar daloge kya? Can't breathe.  " he painfully uttered and  we moved from him and laid down on the bed beside him and obviously didn't breaking our tradition like me beside them.

We all were fully equipped with tiredness and Cabir closed his eyes to take a nap . Manik being Manik took the opportunity to work on his romance mantras.  And slowly started removing the cotton feathers from my face and hairs making sure placing kisses on every respective places. I literally started falling for his that adorable acts all over again.  He just never stopped surprising me with the ways of showering loves.  
That time even I took the lead to clear his face and after removing some of the possible feathers I softly planted a kiss on the corner of his lips.  Manik being too happy captured my eyes with his his ever captivating eyes.  And slowly brushed his lips with mine.  And on my surprise my lips were just responded promptly as they were desperately waiting to meet his lips. Our lips were started sharing their feelings while our hands were just busy improvising the  marks on our bodies because of us.  We broke the kiss gasping hard. Then I shifted my head on his bare chest and he wrapped his hands around my waist. 

" I love you my love very very much " he whispered in my ears.  As a response I kissed his heart and said " me even more " 

" Humesha " we said in unison and he held more tight in his embrace  and we fast asleep with contentment peaceful smiles.   

On the other side my mom was getting restless as none of us were coming for the brunch. And it had already 45 minutes passed she had sent me to check on them. She even called us but we were too in sound sleep that we didn't respond.  So being restless and irritated she finally made her way to the upstairs and got a shock watching her perfectly clean and well settled room in a great mess. 

And being a tidiness freak my mom just shook her heads in disbelief.  Then she moved her gaze to other sides and became awestruck.  The thing which amazed her most was  we MaNanBir were sleeping cuddling each other like our childhood.  Manik sleeping on his stomach keeping his right hand on my waist where Cabir was sleeping cuddling my back keeping his hand on the top of Manik's hand on my waist and me sleeping facing Manik keeping my one hand encircling Manik's neck and other entwined with ManBir's hands over my waist. 

My mom was very much fond of our friendship.  She toh even prayed for our unbreakable solid bond to last forever. And I was literally blessed to have a mom like her who not only loved me but my two bffs more than her life.  And eventually her love for her pampered child Manik was in-commendable. 

Experiencing the most adorable view of her day she just thought not to disturb our cute cuddling slumbers and walked out with a blessing smile. 


It was late morning when I finally managed to push my sleep away and tried to move. I hardly moved a centimeter with lots of difficulties in half sleep eyes.  I opened my eyes and found the reasons were cuddling me like their favorite teddy bears putting full masculine weights on my petite body.  I found Manik's hands wrapping over my chest and Cabir's on my tummy.  And their legs were over my legs tangling each other. And Manik's face was just hidden in my hairs.

 I just  felt alive with the that sight that even in their sleep also they just wanted to protect me with their over protective hands.  I softly placed a peck on Cabir's head then turned to other side to see my boyfriend's cute angelic face which were fanning my hairs.  I couldn't stop myself kissing him cheek.  He stirred in sleep a bit with a cute smile.  I knew that he could feel me even in his sleep like I do.  Then I softly pecked his mole. His smile became widened and he whispered " good morning " in his sleep keeping his eyes closed nuzzling more on my hairs. 

" good morning.  Now get up.  " I slightly placed my palm on his cheek.

" ummm no first I need my morning due " he was blabbering in sleep and moved his face closer to me. 

" Manik " I pushed him to wake him up but being too stubborn he said opening his eyes 
" first my due. "  saying he leaned dangerously closer to my lips. 

Our lips were just hardly an inch away when we heard Cabir  blabbering in sleep 
" kya due fue kar raha hai subha subha ? Need mountain dew kya ? " 

I then and there pushed Manik but as Manik was Manik who never accepted his defeat abruptly pecked me lips and laid down like an innocent soul.  
His sudden attack left me blushed like a fool.  And I knew if Cabir wouldn't be there then Manik for sure would had teased me with his favorite words saying ' my potato turned  into a tomato'.  
I blushed much with the thought and looked at Manik who naughtily winked at me.  
I sighed and controlled myself from more blush.

" good morning amigos.  And if aap logo ki kind sleep over ho gayi ho toh kripa karke aapna aapna haat hatale.  " I mockingly said. But getting no response I said in little louder  " move your hands off me you fools.  I can't breath only.  " 

" kyaa tuh subha subha start ho jati hai... give your tiny mind  little rest mugambie. You just tortured it too much  " Cabir got up yawning. 

" Really ?? " said I pushing Manik's hand away off me.

" hmm seriously.  Cabir is right . Yaar kitna chillati ho tum.  You just talked rubbish and too much sometime . " Manik said stretching his hands. 

" what ? I talked rubbish ?" I angrily pout .

" Obviously like avi avi he asked for mountain dew and you just didn't give only " Cabir casually stated.

" what ? " We both were asked in unison.

" aree what what ? Aree uth tehi you asked for due na . That's only am saying  . Short term memory loss.  " he sarcastically said.

Both me and Manik startled with his words and started laughing with indeed little blushes. 

" Arre why are you smiling ? Did I crack any joke jo ki mujhe hi Nehi pata ? " Cabir asked in confusion.

We replied nothing.  And   suddenly Cabir screamed 
" Oh my god what is this ? "


Keep commenting and liking. stay tunedSmile

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..paarsaa.. Goldie

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
update next part soon
bidisha10 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
it ws simply awesum..
luvd it..
thnz 4 d pm..
waitn 4 d nxt update..
plz continue soon...
Ashmita18 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 July 2015 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Hahaha..!!! They all three are sooo damn cute yrr...I just love such kind of a bond, so pure and innocent...and the update was really great...I could imagine their faces when nandini was faking anger...and nandu's mom blessing her all three children to be together forever was just a bliss...just love the post...please update really soon...and thank uh soo much for the pm...really grateful...keep writing sich wonderful posts...eagerly waiting for the update...best wishes... :) :D

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