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1d_kisses Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Awww cabir and my babies how cute...
Cabirs mom giving green signal to cacha and of course our naughty manik tickling nandu it was damn cute ...
Loved it update soonBig smile

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zaroge Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Super sweet loved it
deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 6:09pm | IP Logged
First of all congo on new thread awsuum dear!!!
now comin 2  d update as usual hatts off!!!
lov llov ur writing yr awsuum!!!
n lov d chup chake manan moments!!\n d cavya moments 2 !!!
lov d rigor mortise!!! einstein naandu hatss off gurl!!!
n update soon na n ppls more hot manan scenes na pretty pls!
lov u

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.Metaphor. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 12:49am | IP Logged
Congrats 4 the new thread Smile
N osm update Smile
mkakkar93 Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 8:20pm | IP Logged
waiting restlessly 
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:36pm | IP Logged


Manik and me were laying parallel in my bed. He was laying facing my back where I was hugging my browny and his left hand was on my belle. 
Our legs were entangled resting teasing caressing each other.

"Nandu ... don't you think we should tell Cabir about us? " Manik asked suddenly.

" hmmm I am thinking the same. " replied I. "But I think we should wait.  As I want to say him about us when he will get his partner I mean Navya.  " said I turning back to face him.

"What are you talking about? "  Manik moved the hair trails from my face behind my ear.

"I mean. .. when they will bcm Cavya.  Then we will say about Manan. " I winked.

"Ummm I don't know... I can't think more. " his eyes were became heavy.

"Don't worry... Every thing will be alright. " said I keeping my hand on his heart and kissed his cheek. 

He smiled and then got up from bed and peck my lips  " Good night. " he said.

"Good night.  " bade I  and he went to the guest room.


I woke up and after getting freshen up I went to Manik. 
He was sleeping cuddling the pillow bare back.  His  torso suddenly delivered a shiver in my Spain. 

"Nandini.. Control. " I mentally scolded myself.

"Manik... Maanik get up na. ."

He moved a bit but slept again cuddling the pillow more.

"Aaiyaapaa Yeh larka kab sudhrega? ?? " I sighed.

"Maaanik... " I took the next attempt to wake him up and shook his body hard.  He stirred a little But instead of getting up he pulled me to him in sleep.

"Maanik leave" I yelled. 

"Good morning. " he cutely replied nuzzling his nose on my shoulder.

"Good morning. . Now please get up.  Mom is waiting for breakfast. " said I caressing his forehead with my fingers.

"Nopeee. ..." said he . I glared at him. 

"Until I get my good morning due . " his eyes started glowing .

"Maanik... Please na.. Get up. " I pleaded.

"Nope...I won't. " he said as a stubborn child and pout.

"Okkk baba... " I gave in seeing his cuteness and quickly peck on his lips without giving him chance to think more. " got it? ? Now get up. "

" It's cheating.. You cheated." He complained childishly.

"What cheating ??  You wanted your good morning due  and I paid the due.  Bus. ." I sheepishly said caressing his mole.

"Now you are instigating me haan..." said he and the very next minute I found myself fluttering with my butterflies as he sealed his lips with mine.

After getting a proper good morning kiss he left my lips for inhaling air.  We were gasping.

"It's the real good morning kiss. Learned it???" He winked .

"Maaanik " shyness covered my face and I got up from him. And stood up blushing hard.

Manik was enjoying my shyness and blushing laying on the bed. He then got up and whispered "I like this color of your cheeks as it's just only because of me and will only remain for me. " saying he walked into the washroom.

"Aaiyaaappaa what he has done with me..." I sighed blushed and took his cloths out of the closet and placed them on bed.

" where is Manik? ?? " mom asked me as soon as I came to living room.

"Getting ready. " I replied.

"Wase Niyonika ji called." Mom said pouring coffee on my cup. 

"When? ?? " I asked.

"Some time back. She was worried that Manik didn't return last night.  Then I said that he is here with us.  Toh she said to inform him that they're leaving for London today noon for some work. " mom said.

"Hmm" I took a sip.

"Nandu.. don't you think Manik should spend some time with his family too.  I mean duri duria se barti hai.. ghatti nehi. Distance will increased with keeping distance.  They need to sit and discuss about their distances. He needs a family badly.  He is a lost soul Nandu. He needs love as he deserves it. That innocent heart. I have seen the pain of not getting love by family by mom.  Mera bachcha..." tears fell down from her eyes.

"Mom" I patted her hand to console.

" Don't you love me?" Manik came and knelled down in front of her. He was listening all these standing behind us.

"Yes I love you bachcha" mom sobbed. 

"Toh fir how could you said that I need love. . I need family. .. I need care of mom? ???  Uncle  pampered me a lot. You love me.. U r my mother Rose mom.  You are the world to me.  This is my family ( he said pointing both mom and me ) .do you really think k I need more??? " his voices cracked.

"No baby... Don't cry... " mom wiped out the tears.

"I am your mom.  This is your family..your home..  sorry bachcha. . I made you cry.." 

" It's okk... you can compensate for this. " Manik said wiping her tears.

"How?? " mom looked at him.

" making pasta for me now. " he cutely replied.

"Awwaaa... my baby... " mom pulled his cheeks and said "  just 5 mnts " she walked towards the kitchen.

Manik then stood up and sat beside me without looking at me he poured coffee for himself. 
I was just admiring him.  He had such a vulnerable heart.

"What? ?? Look kuyn de rahi ho??? " he asked me sensing my  gaze on him.

I nod shaking head and kissed on his cheek.  " My cute choco monster. "  saying I ran towards the kitchen. 

After breakfast we got ready for school and left .

In school.

CaVya avoiding each other whilst continuously gazing each other stealthily . 
Class went well. And sir announced study holiday for 10 days before exam. We were as usual chatting seating at our favourite place back yard bush. 
We were discussing about exam preparations.

Mukti and Abhi were asking some doubts about subjects and me and Dhruv were narrating them.  And Navya was listening quietly as she thought it was the best option to avoid Cabir and her unknown happiness wala feeling which started living with her from last evening.
Cabir and Manik were talking about something.  Aliya was gazing at Manik for some ray of hope.

" hey.. Nandini please let us study together for at least one day so that I can clear my doubts. " Mukti asked me.

I thought for a while and looking her pleading eyes I agreed.  "Okk then tomorrow  afternoon my place "

"If you don't mind can I too .." dhruv hesitated.

"Infact Guy's you all come to my place tomorrow afternoon.  " said I as I didn't want dhruv to come alone with Mukti and my monster would wake up . So it was better to invite all.

ManBir were most obviously not happy with this but they were bound to agree with me. It was the silent conquer of mine over them. 

"Let's go then. Chale Navya ?" I asked her so that she won't come alone.

In car

Navya and I were seating back side. Manik adjusted the back view mirror just to embarrass me with  his embracing intense looks.

"So Navya... how was the last night? " Manik smirked.

"Kya???? " her eyes popped up in disbelief as Manik talked to her himself and that too also about last night !!!!

She was totally blank what to reply. 

"Ermm wohhh.  " before she could complete Cabir turned on the radio. 

It was playing " chori chori jab najre mili. ... " 
He was shocked as the song narrated their conditions as they were taking glances of each other stealthily like 'chori chori'.

He changed the station and it was " najre milana. .. najre churana.   Kahin pe nigahe kahi pe nishana. ."  
He chuckled in his fate. And changed the station again.  

" pyar ko ho Jane do. .  Pyar me kho Jane do. "
He was hell frustrated with the stations for playing such of stupid songs. And turned off the radio in frustration.

Me and Manik were enjoying their awkwardness. 

My house. Afternoon

We were studying . We occupied the bean bags around the study table like  Manik  and Cabir one side and me and Navya on the other side.

We're discussing our doubts and studying when my mom came with a tray of four cups. Snacks and sandwiches.

"Beta log... pahle pet puja then kam duja. First eating and studying. In Empty stomach you can't study. " mom said stuffing a cookie on Manik's mouth. 
Navya mesmerized at the scene seeing the love my mom had for Manik.

We were then started having the snacks when suddenly Cabir and Navya's hand touched accidentally while taking the snacks. They shared an eye lock. And on my surprise my cool joker was gazing at her like a typical joker.

Manik looked at them sharing eye lock and made a sound clearing his throat to bring back them to reality.

"Aaj kuch jyada hi aakhon aakhon me baat ho rahi hai... hain na Caaabiiir? " Manik slightly pushed his shoulder.

Cabir was embarrassed. He was finding some place to hide himself even Navya too..

We started teasing them indirectly and enjoying. But we had to stop receiving Cabir's stern glares.  So again we started studying.

After 2 hours non stop studying and teasing, eye lock sharing and obviously my monster's increasing due lists of Dues we finally stopped at around 8.

It was late so I  suggested  Manik to drop Cabir and Navya to their places. I also wanted to join them as I Was feeling tired toh it would help me to get fresh air and the other reason was I wanted to spend some Time with Manik.

I asked mom's permission and she allowed.

We firstly dropped Navya then Cabir. I noticed throughout the way they were continuously taking glimpses of each other.  My inner match maker was too happy to see the 'something' started blooming between them. I was so awaiting for the day when they would confess their love and me and Manik too inform him about us. These  guilt of keeping secret from your BFF was killing both of us.

Me and Manik were then alone in the car. It's was 9.  We were passing the lake when rain started.

"Manik rain. .." I exclaimed. 

"So????" He switched on the wiper blades. I looked at him and pout.   

" Don't tell me you want to go out and drench? "  he said narrowing his gaze.

I just smiled looking at him and raised my eyebrows and my big doe eyes.  "No..." he yelled.

I again requested and finally he gave in.  I happily sneaked out of the car and started enjoying the rain when Manik still was seating in the car intensely looking at me.

(Jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai, tujhko bhulake aab jaau kaha)

Nandini looked at Manik who's  eyes were on her gazing her deeply exploring her soul through his alluring eyes. His captivating eyes were capturing her that she had no place to hide herself from his those dark brown chocolaty irresistible tempting eyes.

 Dekhatee hai jis tarah se teree najare mujhe, mai khud ko chupau kaha...
Jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai, tujhko bhulake aab jaau kaha
 Dekhatee hai jis tarah se teree najare mujhe, mai khud ko chupau kaha...

 Nandini ran towards the park lake. Manik got down of the car and followed her. Manik held her hand and she ran playfully freeing herself to tease him. They started chasing each other.

 Yeh pal hai apna ,toh iss pal ko jee le
 Shwalo kee tarah jarah chal ke jee le,

Suddenly Nandini saw Manik no where and started panicking.  

 pal jhapakte kho na jana

He came from behind and grabbed her waist. she sighed a relaxing smile to feel the very familiar and only desired touch on her.

Chhuke karlo yakin, na jane yeh pal paye kaha
Jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai, tujhko bhulake aab jaau kaha

Manik made  Nandini turn and she hugged her to feel his presence completely. 

 Baaho me teree yu kho gaye hai, arman dabe se jagne lage hai

They broke the hug and a tear of happiness roll down from her puffy eyes to give the rain drops company.

 Jo mile ho aaj hamko dur jana nahee, mita do saree yeh duriya... 

They again hugged more tightly squeezing each other and then Manik sang

 Jadu hai nasha hai madhoshiya hai, tujhko bhulake aab jaau kaha
 Dekhatee hai jis tarah se teree najare mujhe, mai khud ko chupau kaha...

They then broke the hug smoothly and kissed each other with all love passion desire they had. It was kiss of promise to love... cherish...protect...care...and  be together HUMESHA...


 I know its quite short update... but next update will b longer I promise.. 
Ignore typos and errors...  feel free to comment and suggest...Stay tune..Smile

ps- @mananmatic_sana ... I don't know I could fulfill  ur wish or not.. but its a glimpse... I ve another  plan too.. You have to wait for this. But yet hope u will like it... 

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Dhariya_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
yaiee i am first
loved it
manik and his dues uff
i loved manik and nanfu mom bonding
something is blooming btw cavya
so finally the truth is out
u didnt show cabir reaction yaar it was must be worth readingCry
and I loved the last sceneWink
Aur exam kaise ho rahe hai
Ache hi jo rahe hongeLOL
Loved it
Cont soon

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Res...Crymain unres nahin karungi..main khatti ...Cry

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