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Omg u r too awsum...
mananbir damn good...
d confession...LOL
he told I luv u n got a punchLOL d punch part was damn awsum... I luv dat part...
I started 2 read 2 days ago n i was awake till mrng 5 Jst to read dis...n nw am addicted to dis ff
Dis ff is damn Awsum...
continue soon...

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musicialtie Goldie

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Next morning

I opened my eyes and experienced the best morning start ever. Manik was sleeping putting his full weight on me by keeping his head on my chest and hands and legs  curled around my waist and legs respectively.

Though it was not the first time we slept cuddling together but that time we were BFF and then we were Bf-Gf.  Though the relationship status had changed but the relation of pure love and friendship remained the same like forever and would be forever.  And I could proudly stated that I was the luckiest girl to have world's best Bffs and the most lovable Bf.

I was in my trains of thought land continuously stroking my man's...no no no... not man actually he was still below 18 then my boy's would be correct.  So I was busy caressing my boy's hairs and visiting my thoughts lalala land when I felt a sweet yet calling touch over my neck.  And as expected my body bade hello to the touch responding with  quick shiver.

" I didn't know that I have that impact on you. " said a half sleepy mischievous voice emphasized the word ' that '.

" Manik " said I blushed . Blushed hard. 

" what ? " he then tilted his head little up to face my blush and cutely said in his enhancing husky voice " good morning my sunshine "  And placed a soft kiss on my lips.

" good morning my monster " I replied in same tone.

" Monster haan ??? " he smirked.  " then let me show you what a monster can do. " 
Saying in no time he kissed my mole on the right neck side. 

" Manik no.. its morning "  though I had whispered that but arched my neck little left to give him full access to claim.

" then allow me to show you how a monster bids good morning to his wild cat "  saying he looked into my eyes with much love and intensity that I couldn't deny but wanted him more.  So giving him no reply yet craziest response I put the end of the mare distance of our lips and suck his lower lips softly. He then took charge and started kissing me exploring each corner of my mouth and I did the same with him.  Soon our soft kiss became passionate and we moved apart gasping hard out of breath.  But desires already arose inside our bodies so Manik placed his exquisite hungry lips on my shivering body and started showing his  love in the sweetest form of wet wild kisses.  

The butterflies inside me started jumping in joy but became more greedy and as a wild output I flipped our positions suddenly and started torturing his face earlobe neck shoulder bare chest seating on his stomach.  My helpless poor boyfriend that time had nothing to do as a protest but digging his nails on my waist and grinning and moaning my name helplessly closing his most beautiful eyes.

" Maaanik " I whispered in his ears and softly kissed it.   He opened his intense eyes slowly and gasping deeply. 

" I love you " I whispered without breaking our eye lock and kissed his mole. 

" I love you the most " he said in same intensity and raised his face little up to kiss me forehead. We rested our foreheads touching each others.

It was the most peaceful place and time for us.  Time that I never wanted to say good bye.  Time that I never wanted to flow but get froze forever over there only to cherish our love. 

" Time " abruptly I realised it was about to hit 6am and mom would gonna woke up.

" Maaanik " I called .

" hmmm " he hummed and I felt his even breadth that meant he had fallen  asleep again.

" Aaayiiiaappaaa... Yeh larka kab sudhrega... "  I face palmed and started shaking his lavish tempting torso to wake him up. But my bad luck the more I had shaken him the more he had curled himself on my lap. 

" get up . Mom will come in no time "

" Rose mom !!!! " he got up with a jerk listening mom's name.

" hmmm mom.  And before she will reach here to sue both of us  go to your reserved room.  " I whispered. He then and there sneaked out of the room and for sure giving a last cozy  morning session  peck on my temple  .

After his departure to the guest room I looked at my messy bed. I quickly set it and then my gaze fall on his poor vest.  I picked up it from the floor and inhaled it's smell as I am nuzzling Manik's chest then kept it in my cupboard as a crazy witness of our craziest deed. 

I smiled with the satisfaction of having him in my life and lay down in bed for gathering little more of our dreamy encounters from last evening till then. I didn't know when slumber captured my eyes. 

" Nandu... " my mom's voice woke me up.

" good morning mom " I greeted her and went to get fresh. I came out downstairs and found her making coffee for us.

" mom one black tea  too " I said entering the  kitchen.

" black tea ?? But that's Manik's favorite.  But he is not here. Is he coming now ? " mom asked.

" He is here only. Ohh last night " I stopped recalling our moments and unknowingly I blushed but hiding it I continued  " last night he had a headache toh I said him to stay here only. " 

" headache ??  My bachcha... how's he ? Let me check.  " she started panicking and about to rush but I stopped her saying " he is fine mom.  Don't panic.  He is sleeping. "

" then go and wake him.  I will make  strong tea for him.  " mom said.

" Two actually. " one voice grabbed our attention and we found Cabir.

" good morning pretty lady " he wished my mom. " And good morning mugambie " he wished me with his famous tone.  I frowned and hit his stomach. 

" woohooo subha subha suru ho gayi jhashi ki rani " saying he shed fake pain .

" as subha subha joker ka jo darshan ho gaya " I said  And we all laughed.

" by the way where is our monster ? " Cabir asked.

" Still sleeping.  " I pointed upstairs.

" Cabir bachcha go and wake him. "  she forwarded two cups to him one for him coffee and another Manik's. 

" Get him fast. I Will prepare the breakfast.  "  she said and Cabir went upstairs and I started helping my mom. 


Guest room.

--- Manik pov ---

I was in my Nandu dreams when I felt a hit on my back.   I woke up in a jerk to find the most irritating smirk standing in front of me.

" Cabirrr " I frustratingly rubbed my eyes. He sat beside me.

" Bed tea for some one who is without tee in bed " he said in his famous sarcastic tone. And offered me the cup.

" Cabir...  Ho kya gaya hai tere jokes ko?  Fever hai kya ? " I said taking the cup .

" kya karun tujhpe gaye hai mere jokes.  " Cabir replied in same tone.

" joker " saying I supped a sip of my delicious black tea.

We didn't utter anything next few minutes and enjoyed the aroma of our respective drinks. Suddenly Cabir broke the silence and asked me

" wase what's cooking between you and Nandu ?  Chal kya raha hai tum dono k bich me ? "

I missed my sip and started coughing. He started rubbing my back and when I was little stable he again asked me.

" Wase it's a sane k you should not think much while drinking nehi toh trouble ho sakta hai.  "  

I did not understand what to say. That time I wished nothing from my stars but a rescue from my star detective Bff.

" So what's cooking? " he again asked.

" whhhaat cooking ? " I stammered. And then chuckling said " Nothing.  "

" Really ?? " Cabir raised his brows indicating his strong doubt.

" kkkya loook kyaaa De raha hhhai ? " I was strumming and praying for my star to protect me from his missiles.

" Achcha if there's nothing then why are you strumming ? "  Cabir said and gave a ' got- you' look.

" ohhh... " I was finding some way . 
Though I wanted badly to inform him about our little secret but couldn't as Nandini had some other plans.  And making her angry breaking promise was the last thing I wished in my life as my girlfriend might be looks like a soft little delicate darling in the outer but inside she was a very strong and dangerous fighter.  So messing up with her was literally a last thing I wanted as I didn't want to get banned from my lovey dovey cuddles.  So I decided to keep my mouth shut.

" Cabir ... " I side hugged him " kaisa hai ? Woke up so early ? Aunty ne ghar se nikal dia kya yaahh fir you dreamt about your black and white Madhubala ? " I smirked. Tried to divert the deadly topic and ' bulls eye ' I was quite succeed in that as hearing Madhubala name his facial expressions got Changed.

" kya hua aree Madhubala.  Your Navya.. whom you have proposed yesterday.  Remember? ? " I started pulling his leg as Cabir our cool Cabira blushed.

" kamine saale you have only forced me to do so.  " he hit me chest. 

" woohhh " I faked pain and laughed with his frustrated face.  " but you have taken that revenge too.  "

" revenge !!! Badla !!! Saale was that a Badla aur  khudkhusi? ? Suicide.  Chiii man " Cabir made faces and started rubbing his cheek remembering 'Manik kissed him' . and I laughed.

"  Izzat ka faluda bana dia mera.  Kahin muh dikhane k kabil nehi raha. dost bana dusman "  he shed fake tears and again said " and all these for you only.  " saying he started hitting me with pillow.  And as a counter I also took my position and then it started our pillow fight.

The poor pillows couldn't  tackle Our masculine torture further and they got tear apart waving the feathers all over the room. 

" Having fun guys "

We turned around and found the love of our lives the soul card of MaNanBir, Nandini was standing crossing her arms against her chest. 


Yaaapppeee... I am  a GOLDIE now...Big smileBig smile and I wanted to post my 1001 post updating my baby ff "Best Friends Forever" . so here it goes.

And more thing guys as I have to carry my three on air ffs. So its really difficult for me to update the three FFs in daily basis  together. Coz I ve college then studies my bad Health and now Ramzan fasting and prayers. So please keep calm and not to worry will update whenever I can for sure. 

Do commenting...suggesting..liking. Stay tunedSmile

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2015 at 5:25am | IP Logged
fab update
loved it
nicely written
cont soon

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Sakshi_maheta Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2015 at 5:28am | IP Logged
Superb update dearSmile
Keep writing like this
take careSmile

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 30 June 2015 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by manan_0711

Omg u r too awsum...
mananbir damn good...
d confession...LOL
he told I luv u n got a punchLOL d punch part was damn awsum... I luv dat part...
I started 2 read 2 days ago n i was awake till mrng 5 Jst to read dis...n nw am addicted to dis ff
Dis ff is damn Awsum...
continue soon...

Thanks dear . I am blessed that you liked and put so much effort to read my ff. but take care of ur heath also. Stay blessed.Smile
NAVYA64 IF-Dazzler

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nice update 
cont soon 
hetalloveparth Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2015 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Fantastic update
Continue soon

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Natashaaaaa IF-Dazzler

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congrats jaan but wen will u fulfill my wish its a long tym

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