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ShraMan Senior Member

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 11:37am | IP Logged
loved it..
g 4 update...
update soon...

akankshajain05 Groupbie

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Posted: 23 June 2015 at 2:18am | IP Logged
Pls dear update the next chapter this wait is killing me..
rithanya Senior Member

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Posted: 25 June 2015 at 7:21am | IP Logged
Why aren't you updating
Plzz continue soon
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----no one's pov-----

" I just don't like leaving things undone " Manik pinned Nandini 's hand above her head.

" Mmmaanikkk " Nandini was surprised with his sudden appearance. 
" wh...at arrre y...ou do..ing ? She stammered seeing his intense gaze on her. 
And soon his captivating eyes captivated her and they shared an intense blink less eye lock.

" So what have you said that you are my death today. ? " Manik broke the silence and whispered.  " but My dear love " he dropped himself on her and continued " let me correct you that tonight I am at  your end " he nuzzled on her hairs seductively and kissed her right shoulder.

Nandini' s heart hitched.   " Maanik " she softly moaned his name.

Manik then kissed her mole she had on her right neck side. And that started oiling the fire which had already started ignited inside her with his alluring touch. 
Manik then slowly moved down and kissed the big mole she had just below her shoulder. And that was it.  She clutched his vest strap. And moaned his name but bit louder.  

In their five months relationship a boyfriend Manik had discovered his girlfriend 's weak points of her body which turned her on. 
When a best friend forever was always wanting to protect her from her weak points . There the boy friend had used that weak points to turn her on. This was the fun to have your BFF as your BF.  As they said that only your best friend can heal your pain.  And if the pain giver was your own Bf then there was your that Bff who would heal your pain then and there.  So you had no need to go and search for another people to heal you as you had both in your luckiest life in one cute person. 

Manik firstly suck her mole gently.  Then gave a few wet kisses there. Nandini's grip on his vest became harder with every wet kiss of Manik.  And that turning that monster inside him on.  And when he couldn't held his desires more he bite her mole hard and gave  the first  love mark... his imprint on her delicate body.  Soon it turned into deep red without their notice.

Manik was on the verge of urge . His hormones were calling the monster inside him vigorously.  They wanted her more. They were at their own need. Strong need. 
And Nandini... she was also fighting with her awake hormones. The fight between istrogent and progesterone was shaking her desires up.  And as a unmerciful result she wanted to feel him fully with all she had.

Manik then kissed her nape and collar bone.  And slightly sucked the back of her earlobe . Nandini clutched his vest even more tighter with one hand and other was then on his hairs ruffling pulling for more.

" Maanik " Nandini moaned and pulled his face on her and smacked her lips with him.  They were kissing teasing fighting dominating  with the full love and madness  they had for them ... For only them. 
They broke the kiss for inhaling some air. 

 But Nandini didn't had her enough so she flipped their position and climbed top of him.   She then looked at him with all love she had. Manik clutched her waist as a support.  Manik 's eyes were full of love desires. She then pecked his forehead and started kissing his eyes then the burise mark he had above the  left  eyebrow. Then kissed his cheeks and then kissed the most lovable spot of Manik and that was the mole he had on upper left of his lips.  Nandini kissed the mole and softly bite it. As a wild result Manik digged his nails on her waist and groaned her name.

Nandini just loved the effect she had on her monster.  And she was dying to feel the post seductive lap dance effects. 

Manik then parted his lips for a kiss so as Nandini.  But she thought to tease him like he used to do with her.  She again started  giving wet kissing all over his face but the lips.  She then seductively kissed the corner of his lips.  Manik was  at his pick of patience that time and clutched her hairs and wildly pulled her and mouthed her lips.  Firstly Nandini was taken aback for fraction of seconds then returned the equal love and passion.

The kiss became so passionate that Nandini ripped one of the  strap of his vest and Manik's uncontrollable hands hopped inside her top and started caressing her bare back passionately.  And in no time he ripped her top off her delicate body.

They drift little apart from their never ending kiss to catch up some air to make themselves able for another time taking passionate kiss. Nandini was  inhaling some air while Manik was busy kissing her nape.  And continuously rubbing his fingers with her milky buttery skin.

Nandini was arising. Her need of him was pacing it's limit followed by Manik's.  
Manik then swiped their position again and settled himself on top of her and started kissing senseless her collar bone to nape to shoulders most obviously kissing her lips in every interval. Even Nandini was also kissing his shoulders neck  and giving love bites madly letting her all wildness she had preserved for him.  Her that wild turned out made him loose his manly peak desires and getting impossible to hold more he held her arm skin between his teeth and digged his nails on her waist and hand. Nandini hissed with the pain of his wildest love bite. Manik promptly freed her skin and sucked it delicately to sooth her pain. Nandini was in no mood to sooth but get shore.  So she started teasing him to turn the monster full on and won her. She then took his lips on her and kissing him senseless digging her nails on his masculine torso pulling him to her.

Love and  wildness of desires overshadowed their thoughts and soon Manik took off his already ripped vest which was ripped by his own 'wild cat' and was about to rip her left over inner garments something hard stroke him. 

" STOP " he shouted abruptly and jerked himself away from her in a fraction of second.

Nandini was startled.  She was surprised.  But above of all she was feeling dejected as she was in edge of her needs. She sat on the bed .  Both were gasping hard due to their sudden encounter.

But it was Manik who was breathing like really heavy faster than the light taking support of the dressing table.

Nandini was hell confused with the consequences and then asked composing herself " Manik what happened ? Did I hurt you?  "

Manik , till then who was gasping hard slowly came to her and said " I don't want to loose this control over me till we will be completely ready for this. " 

Nandini was stunned yet amazed.  When she herself wanted desperately to give him but he was thinking for future. Her future.  Their future.  She was lovestruck.  Tears of happiness came down from her eyes to kiss her cheeks as wishing her to have world's best boyfriend. 
She just pulled him in a bone crushing hug which Manik reciprocated with equal love.  Manik then felt his shoulder wet and he broke the hug and found his star sobbing.

" heyyy Nandu .." he cupped her face and kissed the tears away. " kya hua ? Did I hurt you ? "

" Manik " Nandini took his name with her honey tone and pecked his forehead and said " thank you for coming in my life  "

"Thank you for living my life  with me and making it livable. " he smiled and pecked her lips.

" I love you so much Manik  " Nandini hugged him. " I love you more my love. " he replied.

After like a while they broke the hug and got into their senses and Nandini found herself only in her inners and Manik bare chested.  She blushed and moved her gaze away from him to avoid embarrassment.  
Manik himself was feeling shy recalling their fatal intimacy.

He picked up her top and made her wear it himself. And after that he picked his ripped vest from the floor and chuckled.

" wase Nandu ... "  he was waving his vest I front of her and said naughtily " you were right you actually were my death tonight.  Look The halat of my poor vest.  Kya halat bana dia tumne ishki . My jangli billi " he kissed her lips softly and winked.  

Nandini was too embarrassed to look at him. She just snatched the vest from him and hide behind her. Manik laughed at her cute antic and blushed face.  He quickly kissed her blush and embraced her into his warmth " my cute love.  I am so in love with your blush my star . I love you"

" I love you more like itna that no can even can think of " she cocooned herself on his loving embrace and murmured. they were staying in that position for some time then Manik watched the time and it was already 10 pm.

" ohhh shit" he broke the hug and jumped out the bed.

" Now what? " Nandini eyed him.

" Nandu it's 10pm.  I should leave now. " he hurriedly said and about to walk out of the room. 

Nandini held his hand to stop. Manik turned around with a questioning look.

" Manik ohhh ..If I would ask for something Will you give me ?" She hesitated.

" off course sweetheart.  Nandu you have no need to ask me for anything.  My everything is your.  Bohot pahele se.  Just order me.  " he said cupping her face swiping the doubts away.

" then please stay here tonight with me.  " she lovingly requested him. Even he also didn't want to leave but he was bounded to.

" but how could I ? What will Rose mom think? " he was worried.

" don't worry of mom.  She will not mind you to stay here. " Nandini casually replied snuggling to his bare chest.

"I know that.  but in your room ? " he said tried to push her away as her closeness was started defeating his hormones again.

She became angry and pout saying " tujhe toh srif teri Rose mom ki pari hai and what's about Rose mom's daughter haan? "

Manik chuckled in her cute pouts and said " Rose mom ki v pari hai aur unki beti ki v.  But I have to take care of her the most kyun ke she has only gifted me my angel.  My BFF .My soul mate.  And I am sold to her for this. "

Manik's words were amazed her. "How could someone  be so lovable !! "she thought.  Seeing Nandini in her own world Manik waved a click and said " toh my Rose mom's daughter now I am taking a leave.  Will see you tomorrow.  " he kissed her lips softly.

" Manik " she abruptly called and said cutely " please ruk jao na.  Don't leave me na  "

It's totally impossible for him to ignore such a cute plead.  So he held her hand and said lovingly " I do want to stay with you Nandu.  But Rose mom... "

He was sushed by her soft touch on his lips.  " mom ko I will handle saying k you had a headache last night and I was helping you out. And if I would let you go na in your sick state toh she would scold me.  As mom really loves her this pampered child. . Now are you convinced ? "  she winked.

Manik shook his head in disbelieve. And turned towards the exit.

" Manik " Nandini was shocked that he was still not convinced and leaving her pleads behind. Anger started fuming inside her.  She was about to give him a push.  But something stopped and blocked her way. 

" what ? " Manik turned and asked seeing her gazing at him popping her eyes up. 
" aree was locking the door.  Nehi toh at morning if  Rose mom will come na  toh she will definitely get a heart attack seeing our state. " he winked mischievously and left a blushed Nandu behind and lay down in the bed.

" now sari raat kya you are planning to stand like this only or sleep?" Manik naughtily smirked.

Nandini smiled and hopped on him quickly and said " sari raat standing ka toh Nehi but she climbed on him and rested her chin on his said " yaahan sone ka irada hai.  "

" achcha ??? " Manik smiled and wrapped his hands around her waist.

Both of them were happy with the proximity of their body to soul. 

Then Nandini pulled the comforter and covered them and Manik switched off the bed side lamp.  
The two inseparable best mates turned into soul mates then fast asleep with the warmth of each other cuddling entwining just  after having another senseless kissing and cozy session under the comforter comfortably. 


SORRY SORRY SORRY For being this Late.. Was too busy with health issues. then net probs then Ramadan then My super laziness.  Sorry guys for keeping you wait so long. But Manik promise will not do this again. 

and sorry again as i am not so good in romance so plz Pardon for this crap update.

Keep commenting . Stay tuned. Smile

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Humzy IF-Rockerz

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wow awsm update
loved it
very nicely written
cont soon

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NAVYA64 IF-Dazzler

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amazing &
awesome  update Thumbs Up
loved it soo mch 
waiting for your next update 

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jai18 Senior Member

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Hey that was awesome! :)

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Awesome update!!
Loved it.. Heart

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