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jai18 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 10:35am | IP Logged
Yayayay! Cabir is too good! Can't wait to see what he's up to 

Humzy IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 10:37am | IP Logged
awsm promo
cont soon
rithanya Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 10:39am | IP Logged
Interesting promo
Continue soon
Nishan223 Newbie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Wow... very interesting
The dare is somthing related to Nandini right...
Plz continue soon... eagerly waiting...
deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
wow yaar awsuum promo pls updt soo n maine pm naho paya Angry
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
                    ~~~BEST FRIENDS FOREVER~~~


" Ummm my first love? ? " I paused and took a deep breath " my first and last love is ..." I turned towards Manik. His eyes popped up as he thought I was going to disclose our secret that too in front of all. 

" my first and last love is... ' ManBir ' " I said shifting my gaze to Cabir.

" MANBIR ??? " all asked in unison except Manik and Cabir. 
I saw  Manik sighed a relaxing breadth where Cabir just hugged me tight.  I hugged him back.

" But ManBir ?? " Mukti asked.

" Manik and Cabir.  ManBir "  I replied childishly and Manik shook his head in happiness " my love... my life..my two BFFs ManBir " I said then.  And they both squeezed me in a bone crashing hug Manik from my back and Cabir from the front. 

I was became sandwich with the pressure of these two masculine figures but it was not painful but the most comfortable one.  It proved how secure I was when they were around.  That hug was so  protective that  even air could not harm me when passing through.

" awaaa " we heard and broke our hug softly but could not broke the proximity of our bodies.  They made me sit straight and Cabir rested his head on my left shoulder   whereas Manik  sat encircling his long hands around my back touching Cabir.  It was like we were three bodies but one soul... One inseparable soul.

" wow Nandini... so cute. "  Mukti praised.  " but fir v I wanna know if some day you will fall for someone then ? Tab kya your love for them will remain  same ? " she again asked me. 

" If some day I will fall for some one? " I smiled and little blushed  feeling a cute tease on my back as Manik pinched me.

" Why are you smiling ? Mukti is right Nandini. Seriously guys... If  any of you will fall in love then kya tum log usse apni life me allow kar payoge like what you are three... superbly bonded ?? And then  the love you share kya it would be the same like now ??  "  Abhi  was serious.

" yes it will be the same.  As our love... our bonding is so pure and strong that no one can break it.  Our love for each other is unique and unconditional.  So it will remain the same like it was and it is.  No matter what or who would come to our lives we three will be the inseparable one. And jahan tak baat rahi about me falling in love toh... I have already fallen in love...madly... deeply." I stopped and saw some pairs of confused  eyes.

" arreee why you all are giving me these looks? I told you na it's Manbir... I am irrecoverably in love with Manik " I stopped and turned my gaze to him.  He narrowed his gaze. I smiled seeing him confused " and Cabir "  I further added. " my ManBir. And no one can love me better than them.  And my love just increasing more with each passing second. "

Manik just chuckled shaking his head at my cute proposal in front of all without letting them know the reality.  I can see his eyes full of love and affection towards me. I was still gazing at his intense eyes when Cabir called  " Nandu " 
I turned around and saw a lone tears in his eyes.  He was overwhelmed by my words. 

" I promise to protect you as a big brother and will love you as a Bff for ever . " he said and kissed me cheek.   I smiled and side hugged him.

" And I..."  I heard Manik and turned towards him. He was looking at me intently.  His gaze was so attracting that my vision  glued on  him .
" I... I will always love you like yesterday like today like tomorrow like for ever. And ever. .. Humesha "

" Humeshaa " I repeated with him like taking a vow together. 
" Humesha " he smiled and sealed our vows kissing my temple .
" ek dusre se karte hai pyar hum...ek dusre k liye jine marne ko hai taiyar hum..." Cabir sang with full of emotions unlike Cabir.    I became overjoyed and pulled them for a hug.. 
" we will love each other Humeshaa MaNanBir promise. " we three musketeers exclaimed together with love hope and trust to stay together. 

Our friends were awestruck witnessing the unique love between us the MaNanBir's.

" heyy Mata Rani tum logo ko kahin kisiki nazar na lag jayee... " saying Navya rubbed little kajal off her eyes corner and put behind my earlobe as a gesture of goodwill and protecting from evil eyes.

" lo...Ms Patna ki weird totke start... " Cabir made fun of her but I knew very well that her that gesture moved him. 

" okkk guys so much of love... now let's proceed.  " Aliya said as it was became impossible for her to digest the love between us more. 

I straightly looked at her and our eyes met and they got involved in silence war.  I smirked on her jealous fuming  face.  And said " ohh yaahh let's start again.  Let me do the honour ." Saying I spun the bottle and it stopped pointing Mukti. 

"Ohhooo tohh  Mukti... truth or dare. ? " I asked.

" Dare. " she proudly stated.

" Okk then pick a chit up.  " I asked her to pick a chit from the bowl as per the rule and she picked  up one and I asked to read the task written in it.

" confess something strong but in a puzzled manner but with a appropriate song lyrics.   " she read out and frowned.

" puzzle manner? Confession ???  What the hell !! " she was making faces.

" No backing off Mukti. " Dhrub said.

" okk okkk ... " she thought for a while then said 
" Kavi kavi mere dil me khyal aata hai k jaise tujhko banaya gaya hai mere liye...
  Kavi kavi mere dil me khyal aata hai k jaise mujhko banana gaya Abhi k liye. ( some time in my thoughts.. I thought that you are made for me. Sometimes in my thoughts I thought that I am made for Abhi. )" she stopped.  

She sighed and without taking any name confessed her feelings for Abhi.  Even Abhi was dumbstruck getting that confession he was willing to hear for so long.

We clapped for her.  And she shyly hide her face on Abhi's chest. .
" ohhh myy God. .. finally Mukti ne apne aap se ' I am tom boy' image ko mukt kar hi dia. ( omg..at last Mukti has freed that ' I am tom boy' tag from her image. )" Cabir said in his fun tone.

" thank you " Abhi softly said in her ears. 

" chalo let's spin again " saying   Cabir spun the bottle and it stopped pointing none other than Manik Malhotra. 

" woohooo Maaanikk." Cabir exclaimed as it was his time to take revenge. 

" tohh Mmmaaannikk... Daro yahh maro?  " he asked with a smirk.

" obviously DARE.  " Manik said with his attitude.

" aahhaa. . Toh get ready to die  My Buoyyy  " Cabir was too excited to take his revenge for 'fasauing' ( trapped ) him that too with Navya.

He then picked up a chit and his lips twitched in a mischievous smile.

"What? ? give the task " Aliya impatiently asked as she was waiting for the task only.

 " Kiss some one present here.

He finally announced the task and it was me who got the ' jhatka ' (shock ).
I abruptly turned to Manik and on my double shock found him giving an evil smile which was a significant of his ' I am up to something naughty '.

" Aaiyaaapaa...what if he will kiss me in front of all then...??
then It won't be possible to hide our secret more..
Aaiyaaapaa...  " 
I started panicking as I was sure of one thing that my crazy boy friend didn't loose any single chance to tease me. And  his that monstrous smirk was giving me green signal to my fear.

" tohhh Mmmaanik.. ready to kiss. " Cabir was super excited. 

" Yaaahhh.  " He stood up from his place and stared me straight.  I gulped my saliva down in fear as he was bending slightly towards me.

" Aaiyaaapaa no... " I was praying silently.  But he was leaning more closer looking at my eyes so tempting. 
I then moved my gaze the others and saw them staring us popping their eyes up.  And Aliya as usual at her fuming in anger mode. 
I wanted to stop Him desperately but his intense captivating gaze was captivated my strength. I was started loosing feeling his hot breadth  falling on my face. I started moving back to Cabir and stopped colliding on his chest.

" Mmm...aaann...iiikkk " all could I utter and suddenly I felt something very unusual which made me and the all dumbstruck. 

Manik slightly pushed my head from Cabir side and kissed on His cheek. 

" Dare is accomplished. " He kissed HIS cheek and winked.
And moved back to his place giving a quick soft signalling kiss to me just moving his lips .

For a fraction of second Cabir became a statue.  He was totally in shocked mode.  He then came back to reality feeling some wet touch on his cheek. 

" yaaakkk...chiii man " Cabir started rubbing his cheek off. " Are you insane??  kamine do you think am a gay ? " 

All burst out laughing at his condition as he was continuously rubbing his cheeks.

"Are Cabir. You said to kiss na toh I kissed. Kisse kiss karna hai you didn't mentioned only.  So I kissed whom I loved veeerry much.  Right Nandu. " he winked and I chuckled.

" chiii kisiko muh dikhane k kabil nehi raha main !!!  Who will gonna marry me then bhagu. " he dramatically said shading fake tears. 

 " awaaa... my poor baby " I said  " wase there is some one who is dieing to marry you " I stopped and looked at Navya who started blushing hard lowering her gaze " But for now ..." I kissed him exactly that place where Manik had kissed him.  " Yeh thik hai ?? " he shook his head  "  I have taken back his kiss from you to me " I further said and then turned to Manik and whispered " as only I have the copyright of his kiss. " I winked and he was astonished with my words and his face started glowing.

" wohhh poor Cabir... " Abhi pity him.

" by the way guys You did not know that you guys are too good in Bromance.  " Mukti made fun of our ever funny Cabir.

We all shared a heart pouring laugh seeing our embarrassed friend.

Then the game moved on and the bottle stopped pointing  Me.

" Ohhh Nandini again " Mukti hooted.

" but this time you have to choose dare as you have already chosen truth.  Ok. "  dhruv said.

I simply nodded as I did not want to be a spoil sport. And I myself picked a chit up from the bowl praying Aayiaappaa .

I opened the chit and my big doe eyes became bigger seeing the task written on it..


Ignore typos and mistakes . Do commenting guys... Stay tuned.Smile

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Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 12:15am | IP Logged
i m 1st..
Dying to knw whats next!
Cant wait..
It was a super duper update..
Cant control my laughter after what Manik did...with CabirROFL
It was the funniest thing ever..

Get well soon..
Love u..

Edited by adita - 04 June 2015 at 1:28pm
aarohi_angel98 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 12:20am | IP Logged
This game is getting very interesting...
I so knew it ki nandu manbir hi kahegi.. but manik dare was awesome one...
And nandu line "copyright of kiss" was awesome...
Love to read mananbir bond...
and alya fuming in anger...
Waiting for nxt...
Cant wait to know whats the dare of nandu...
Thanx for pm...
Lots of love...

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