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Finally update... its a birthday token to my beloved Harrika aka " mellifluous" .b  HAPPY BIRTH DAY SWEETHEART and Warm congratulations to My baby Sneha aka " nimarous" to score 92% in exam. congratzz babes.


                      ~~~BEST FRIENDS FOREVER~~~  


Every one was properly settled down around the study table obviously keeping the boring books away.
The seating arrangements were like Cabir then Me then Manik then Abhi then Mukti then Aliya then Dhruv and then Navya.  Intentionally or unintentionally CaVya sat next to each other. And Aliya sat perpendicularly to Manik.

" so the rules are when one person will spin the bottle then the person seating straight to him or her will  ask you to choose and if you choose DARE then you would have given a task but there is a twist the task you have to perform is written on the chits right here in that bowl. ( pointing out the bowl). So you have to pick one chit up and have to perform whatever written on it without any argument.  Okk.   "  Abhi instructed us.

"Okk" we all agreed in unison except Navya who was still in dilemma.  

We all sensed her awkwardness.  So just to cheer her I held her hand slightly pushing Cabir to her as he was seating between us toh it gave me little help on my 'mission CaVya'. And as per my sweetly evil plan Cabir's shoulder touched with Navya 's.  And they both shared an awkward but sweet eye lock. 
But I was a genuine friend. So I didn't want to let anyone know our Mananbir's little secret. So I promptly coughed to bring them back from their sweet ' akhon akhon wala love. ' I meant tends to happen love. 

Then I said " Navya chill na.  Trust me you're gonna love it.  And in life you should enjoy your every  day with love and passion like there is no tomorrow.  Ok.  So enjoy. " saying I gave a soft press on her hand and blinked an assurance.  And she also reciprocated.

So the game finally started.  And as usual my ever chipku BF curled his feet thumb finger with my little finger one as he couldn't held me in front of all so our feet fingers were taking the tradition of cuddling each other further.  His that gesture filled my heart with happiness. " So cute he can be" I thought.

Mukti first spin the bottle.  And it stopped facing Dhruv.  Abhi was seating straight to him so he asked to choose truth or dare.  Dhruv being a soft one had chosen  TRUTH. 

" Ohkk then Dhruv as we know you are too shy to open up so tell us something very strongly secret about your life.  " Abhi asked.

Dhruv seemed little lost.  He was not  looking around us all. His head was down facing my mom's heavy fur carpet.

"Bol na. . Kya mantra jaap kar raha hai ? " Cabir sarcastically said.

" ermm... " Dhruv warmed up himself.  " I... I love someone but it won't be happen ever. But still I will keep my hope.  " 
He finally said and I found everyone were giving him a sympathetic look where my monster was shooting daggers. Cabir then softly pushed my shoulder as we all knew about  'that someone. ' and that someone was ' me '.

To soften my monster I held his hand and pressed it to calm him down. He fisted his arm and I felt the strength of his anger.

" Dhruv jasise humne tumko pahele hi samjhaya tha that love is an another synonym of sacrifice.  Toh just try to move on. " Navya pacified him.
I really felt bad for him but I have no choice.

" But Dhrub how could you just let her go like this?  You should try on her ." Aliya said.

The pressure on my hand got increased with these further convo. Manik was fuming. I badly wanted to stop the topic but it was my bad luck. I started giving mental slaps to Abhi to bring these stupid topics. I then heard Dhruv answering

" try?? I ve tried. But she is not written on my fate.  Aliya. " Dhruv slowly said lowering his gaze. 

I  turned to Cabir for some help.  Our eyes met and he understood that I was feeling uncomfortable with these weird convo.  So took an attempt .
" ohh so emotional talks yaar. Dhrub good decision.  Let it go.  It's good for all.  And now let's move on. Play our game ' daro yahh maro. ' "Cabir said.

"Daro yaah maro? But hum toh truth and dare khel rahe hai na?  " Navya confusingly asked not understanding the meaning.  Even we all became  confused with his statement.

" ohh madhubala jii... " Cabir turned her side  " yes sahi suna aapne. Daro yah maro? " 

Then he took a glance of our and chuckled " aree... dunia walo... We are playing truth and dare right?  If you are choosing 'Truth' then as they say ' Sach se sab darte hai. ' everyone is scared of truth. So truth means daar. 
And  if you are choosing 'Dare' tohhh firrr ( he was grinning )  you have to die matlab dare jaanleva v so sakta hai.  So dare is equal to 'maaro'... toh hua na ' daro yah maro' "  He stopped and we all gave him a " what ?" Look.
We all were dumbfounded with his sarcasm.

It was Manik who first broke the silence  .  " Seriously?  Like seriously Cabir ??  "  he gave a irritating look.

" Seeeriouslyyy" Cabir mocked.

" Forget it. " Manik sighed.

" okkk then let's move on our game daro yaah maro. " Mukti said winking at Cabir spinning the bottle. And it was stopped Pointing CABIR.

Manik was again the first who exclaimed. "CABIRRR" .
"So Mr.  Cool Ca...bir " he smirked.   " what was that... ohh yeah. .. daro yaah maro. " he naughtily smiled.  "So choose daro or maro ? " 
Seeing Manik anyone could guess that he was upto something naughty with Cabir. 

" woohho Mr 6 feet.  It's not your turn.  " Cabir genuinely scared knowing his bff's monstrous smirk.  " it's Aliya.  " he further added.

" No if Manik wants then he can.  After all my everything is his " Aliya flirted.
And being a human being anger started igniting inside me.  " how dare she's flirting with my boyfriend? ?" I mentally scolded her.

" Wooo" Mukti hooted at her words where we three MaNanBir kept giving her "disgusting " look.

"Okkk but as per rule bowl pe chit hai.  " Cabir promptly corrected.  But then Manik said in his signature attitude " I am Manik Malhotra and I don't follow any rules. "   
All chuckled on his attitude and accepted our defeats. 

"thik hai then Manik  puch.  " Abhi asked him to give Cabir task. Jerking Aliya's irritating words Manik straightened himself and turned around to him.  He then pulled me closer as I was seating between them and rested his chin on my shoulder.  It was like 'chance pe dance'. I shivered as he started moving his feet fingers across my back as up as he Could with his big  naughty fingers. 
As our friendship was famous among our friends that's why our these proximity would not create and suspicious scenes. But my naughty monster started taking advantage of it and started tickling my back with his fingers.  I was slightly loosing myself but I had to hold a grip on me as we were not alone there.  But my monster just making it difficult for me.

" so my dearest Cabira...truth or dare ?? " Manik winked.

" DARE.  Wasevi ' truth ' bolunga toh v marunga so it's better to choose 'dare' coz daar k aage jit hai.  " Cabir said at his usual tone. " per mujhe asesa kyun lag raha hai that I am gonna die today.  " he scared of his bff's winks.

"Okkk my buoyyy. .. " Manik tilted his chin off me and kept his hands on my both shoulder and started rubbing his thumb finger on his cheek as a gesture of thinking something deep. 
"Okkk got it" suddenly his voiced exclaimed.  " toh You have to do a proposal act with the person seating on your left hand side. "

" what ??? Itna easy ??? " Cabir said " I thought you are gonna give me something tough. " he sighed.

And we all looked at him with disbelief with his so calm casual attitude hearing the task.  Even Manik was also shocked.

" okkk guys.  So experience the most lovable and brand new proposal. " Cabir dramatically said and stood up.

" Madame. ...  " he forwarded his right hand to me. 

I surprisingly gazed at him gesturing " what ??" 

" Areee Nandu my honey bunny... get up and experience love in cabira style.  " he was excited.

Then getting no response from me but weird looks from others he got suspicious. And ask  " Itna sannata kyun hai bhai ??? "

Then  Mukti said " duffer Manik ne kaha to propose the one seating on your left side. "

" haan.. I know.  That's why I am asking Nandu as she is in my left.  " he casually replied.  And looked at me.  But seeing my pity gaze to him.  He got confused and thought for some time and finally...

" Nehiii... " he shouted.       It was Navya on his left.

He gave a death glare to Manik for ' fasauing' (trapped)  him on the most difficult task.

" you can't be a spoil sport Cabir " Dhrub said as Cabir started giving pleading look to me. 

" Yess Yess you can't.  "  Mukti along with all started shouting in unison.

He sighed a defeat and unwillingly turned around Navya who was seating lowering her gaze counting the furs of the carpet. She was looking hell scared.  The colour of her cheeks become pale but blushing.  She was in mix feelings.  She was  happy as Cabir would gonna propose her though playfully but it was more than enough for her whilst scared as all these happened suddenly without knocking on her  serene heart.  

" do it man.  " Manik patted Cabir with his words.

Everyone started hooting for Cabir. Then taking a deep breath he finally   started. 
He sat in front of her kneeling down playfully to complete his task and started making faces

 " madhubala jii ( he mocked and I slapped him shoulder)... I mean Navya.. ermmm... I ... ( he  then  gazed at  her.  Then Navya also raised  her  head up and their eyes met.  Suddenly the world stopped moving for them.  They were looking at each other intensely.  That eye lock was opening the lock of their hearts.  ) ... 
mere dil jigar liver me Ho tum. . Aub toh mere dil me forever Ho tum.. ( Cabir said unlike cabir.  The pupils  of his eyes were glowing.  It was an unusual Cabir.  He then took her hand on him and she shivered on his touch. ) no matter what you are who you're but I love you and I will.  "  
He finally proposed her.  But the surprising part was he was still holding her hand and the eye lock was still on swing.  It was looking so natural.

I was awestruck finding my joker so cute.  Even Manik who was busy making me uncomfortable with his seductive finger movements on my back had stopped doing that seeing his 'Coohul Ca..bir' to 'full romantic Cabir'.

When we were still trying to resist the scenario others starred clapping for Cabir and Navya.  The sound disturbed their  sweet eye lock. And they straightened themselves being totally embarrassed.

" wow Cabir... It was awesome man.  So genuine it was that I have almost consider you Sach me proposing her.  " Mukti was excited.

Yeah Mukti you're absolutely right.  Ayesa lag raha tha that you're seriously proposing Navya.  " Aliya also joined her.

"Hmmm" dhrub shook his head along with Abhi.  they were praising them to make cabir more embarrassed and to turn Navya cheek pale pink to crimson red.  The both were blushing hard. 

" Yesss true.  It was sooo genuine like really I toh thought tu Sach me propose kar raha hai.  Hain na Nandu ?? " Manik smirked.  And as a reply Cabir gave a " you're so dead " look to him. 

" you owe me for this.  " Manik whispered in my ears.    I turned and replied " happily  "

We both then turned to Cabir and starred him laughing. He was frustrated with us and gave a "will not leave you guys" and sat on his place avoiding gaze with Navya. 
I then wrapped my hands around his shoulder and he rested his head on me. 
Like that we 'awesome threesomes' sat cuddling each other.

Then Dhruv spinned the bottle.  And it stopped at Nandini. 
" Nandini... wooohooo " Cabir exclaimed and sat straight.

It was Dhruv turn.  But he passed it to Aliya as she had missed her turn. 
It was like she got a jackpot and she asked in her grinned voice " so Nandini.  Truth or dare ? "

" ermmm  Truth . Coz I love to live in reality not in assumptions like others. " I replied to shut her bloody smirk up.

And as expected she fumed and asked " Truth?? Okk.. then tell us about your first love. ? "

I was expecting something dangerous from her and I got it. 
Listening these Manik became shocked as he stood straight freeing himself from my proximity to know my reaction.   Then I  found all starred at me curiously as I didn't open up my personal things to others and it was a golden chance for them to know something very special and interesting about me. 

" Ummm my first love? ? " I paused and took a deep breath " my first and last love is ..." I turned towards Manik. 

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Awesome as always Smile
Loved the bira's proposal
Manik be the cutest with his antics

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Oh God a cliff hanger D'oh not fair..

Plzz update soon..

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wow amazing update..

..Mellifluous.. IF-Rockerz

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Thank yu so much !! Muah LL will unres soon..Embarrassed
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Awww.. That was such fun to read! Cabir was too good and mananbir together were Day Dreaming can't wait for nandini's reply

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Such a cliff hanger not fair
Amazing update
Continue soon
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Awesome awesome awesome ...

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