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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 12:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kiaraMaNanholic

Someone is getting jealous.. I like him that way.. But wat about nats wish about that hot wala update LOL

kamini de nhi rhi h Cry

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 11:10am | IP Logged
mixed emotions..
Konta rekhe konta je boli..
Update ta awesome..
Plus manan scene was superb..
Maniks wrg tm entry..but jealous manik is better..
And abt PaNi ... Jibon er opor nam..

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Manik and nandini are so cute
Aliya and Dhruv should stop becoming kabab mai haddi :P
Do update soon
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 2:25pm | IP Logged

We entered in my study together just to receive different kind of  'wh questions. '

" what took you guys so long? " Cabir asked moving his gaze towards Manik shirt he again asked " what's this ? Kaise hua? "

"Ohhh."  Manik and me looked at each other thinking of the reason of Cabir's  ' Kaise hua'. And I tried my best to hide my laugh and blush as well.
Cabir and all were still looking at us for a suitable reason.

" Nothing much. .I just slipped  galtise and yeh hua. " Manik replied.

"Manik go and change. " I  promptly said him just to avoid more interrogations.

"Hmmm " Manik shook hid head and turned to go but abhi stopped him saying " but tu pahne ga kya?  You toh don't have any extra cloths. "

" Abhi there is a loop.  He has extra change here. " Cabir replied.

" extra change !!! Nandini k ghar ??" Aliya being as usual jealous started her enquiries. " weird".

"Aliya..." Manik said "  hum tino k extra dress ek dusre k ghar rahta hai just if in the case of need. And specially in this house. " Manik sternly said.

"As it's our second home " Cabir completed.

"Wohh isiliye  us din Manik be kaha tha that it's his house. " Navya murmured.

" that's really cool guys.  Some time I really feel jealous of you guys.  So much of love in between you guys. " Mukti said genuinely.

We three smiled and Manik excused himself and walked out of the room to get changed.

" Nandini r u ok?  " Dhrub asked.

"Why? Why are you asking this Dhruv? " Abhi and Mukti and Navya asked in unison.

"Reree guys calm down.  It was just that I slipped and Dhruv saved me. " I replied. 

" chalo forget that and let's start again. " said I and everyone agreed.

"You guys start.  I am going to freshen up. " saying Cabir entered into the washroom. 
Then I saw Navya who sighed a relaxation breadth.

" Is Navya's presence as the reason Cabir hurriedly  went to loo to avoid. Maybe they are still not comfortable with each other and that too after the epic fall. " I thought  and smile appeared in my face. My thoughts were  broke with my ph beep and it  was Manik.

"Aaiyaaappaa aub ishe kya hua ? What he needs now? " I thought and opened the msg

" come here. In need of you.  It's urgent. "

I re read the msg and became little bit tensed. " Aaiyaaappaa  what's wrong with him? Is he ok? Should I go or not. Coz if I go toh they will again start questioning and if I won't toh manik! !! What if he really needs me.. "
After mind heart conflicts I decided to go and check on him as he is my first priority. " I thought.

" guys m just coming.  Dad's call.  Need to attend.  You guys tab tak start. " saying I left the room and walked in the guest room just to find him no where. 
I checked on the washroom but  It was vacant.

" Maaanik " I called and then I felt two arms held me waist from back.  I smiled. " kya chahiye ? What you need? "

" You " he said in his ever  husky tone nuzzling his nose on my hairs.

" what for? ?" I asked in a teased way knowing the reason.

"Achcha... toh you don't know haan? " he pulled me closer to him and I felt his skin. 

"Manik.  Leave me. Koi aajayega.. " I started panicking.

"As if I care?  " He whispered smoothly teasing my earlobe with his lips and kissed on my nape.

"Maaanik" softly escaped from my heart.

He just "Ummm " ed and kissed on my shoulder slightly removing my top strap.

I couldn't resist more and turned around to face him.

" Do you know when that duchback Dhruv touched you na  yaahan I felt like hitting him hard." He said pressing his claps on my waist.

I was happy  seeing his possessiveness towards me.  
"But he toh just  was  helping me na. " I softly said keeping my right hand palm on her cheek.

" I can't. " he murmured and kissed my palm.

"What?" I gave a question look.

" I can't tolerate any one touching you.  You're mine only mine.  Haain naaa? " he kissed me forehead.

It was  not my possessive BFF talking but my over possessive BF. And I just loved his this nature.

" Maanik I am your.  And I will be. Humesha. " said I kissing on his heart

" Humesha" he said with more love. And pulled me in a bone crushing hug.

"By the way let's complete our unfinished work. " he seductively whispered.

I gave a blank look breaking the hug. 

" what?  Look kya De rahi Ho? Unfinished work jo ki kitchen me. ..." Manik winked.

"Ermmm let's go haan.  Every one is must be waiting.  " I tried to change the topic but as if it worked. .

" nope.  First I need due." He started moving his fingers over my bare arms just to give me shivers.

" Manik chal na.  Please. What will they gonna think "  I said trying hard to resist his effects on me.

He chuckled and rubbed my puffy lower lips with his thumb. " do you know your lips are so puffy that I feel to bite them in every possible second. "

"Aiyaapaa his words are doing nothing but helping me to loose my self control.  How can he be so romantic? Is this actually my childhood Best friend my monster. "

"Maaanik. .."  I bit my lower lips unknowingly.

" now I can't resist it more. " saying in no time he smacked on my lips. And my lips responded back.

We broke our lips contact for inhaling some air. 
"I love you" he said and hugged me
" more" I replied hugging him back and  he kissed on my head.

" let's go ." I said breaking the hug.  

"Hmmm.. chal" he replied and about to open the door.  I stopped him.

"Manik.  You wanna go like this? "  I pointed out his bare chest and the towel wrapping up his waist.

"Ohhh teh v nikal du? Okk I don't mind "  he said naughtily.  

"euuu. ... gutter mind monster. "  said I closing my eyes.

" okkk okay relax.  Now give me cloths. " He said.

"Ufff Yeh larka..." I sighed and took a shorts and shirt  and gave him.

He wore the shorts and vest said " done Chale"

" and t shirt? Sab hai " I asked as he was only  wearing a loose vest which complimenting his masculine tempting Greek God looks.

" no don't want to. " he replied casually. The he passed and said again " jealous? "  he smirked.

" whhhyyy should I get jealous? ? ? I'm not. " I replied hiding my worries or jealousy.

"Achcha. ..fine toh chalo. " he said and walked out of the room.

"Aaiyaappaa I only can't resist his charms and dunno how that fevicol Aliya gonna be survive. Aur Yeh Manik. .. such a monster he is just taking advantage of his this exquisite figure."  I sighed and walked towards my room.

As I entered  I saw them already settled in the bean bags.  Mukti and  Abhi were seating in one bean bag.. then aliya then Navya then dhruv
Manik and Cabir on the other side.  And Aliya was seating in front of Manik just to admire him. 
I saw her drinking my own PaNi I meant my monster through her shameless eyes. I just felt to blind fold her eyes. But it was not her alone fault.  Look at my boyfriend. No girl could resist his charm.  And that too in a vest and shorts ...toh definitely not.  

"So its not Aliya's fault to admire him like a thirsty crow. But hold on... why the hell she is looking at him like so  lust way ? Ohh hello Ms  Fevicol stop gazing at him.  He is totally my property.  So keep yourself miles miles away.  "  I mentally had a fight with her.

" why are you standing like a statue? Moorthy bani moorti. ."   Cabir threw his another lame jokes. And every one started laughing.

" Shut up joker " saying I sat between ManBir. " let's start. "

"Guys you carry on.  Will join you later" Manik said and stood up with Cabir.

"Where are you going again?  " I asked them.

"  To escape from your boring studies " Cabir replied.

" why? don't you guys wanna write exam?" I asked angrily. As again they were gonna waist their time in playing video game of course.

" yeah we want. But you will make it up for us.  We know that. " saying Manik gave his that naughty smirk and winked.

" but where are you guys going?  " dhruv asked.

" To play video games and shout like idiots "  I was irritated.

" Ohh cool man. "  Mukti said.  " let me to give you company. " 

"Hum yaahan parne aye Mukti.  Games toh you can play bit later. " Navya politely said.

" aapko koun bol raha hai madhubala ji. . " Cabir casually taunted . And suddenly  realized that what he had done . He talked with Navya. 
I then looked at Navya whose face was flushed whereas my joker's cheeks were became  quite red color like he was  blushing. My matchmaker heart started dancing.

" No one is going any where.  Let's study seriously. " saying I started describing  a sum to Navya  Mukti Abhi  and Dhruv.
I had no interest about  Aliya.  So if she wished to listen toh listen otherwise keep quite... I really don't care. 

So ManBir sat unwillingly and that time Manik sat beside me and accidentally Navya and Cabir in front  of each other.

After studying for two longer hours.  All got bored and exhausted.   In that whole time period I just kept observing Aliya whose  concentration  was only on Manik.

I felt so thirsty and the bottles were already vacant. So I thought to go down to get PaNi for me. 

I was about to get up but suddenly Manik stood up and went down.

"Guys. . I will just come" Aliya then and there got up.

"Where?  " Mukti asked.

" armmm wohhh washroom.  I wanna go to loo. " she replied but I knew she was lieing. As the motivation was To go  next Manik and tried to being cozy with my boyfriend. And I won't let that happen.

" then what's the need to go out?  You can use this washroom. " I showed her the room attached loo. 
Firstly she was disgusted with me to fail her plan but seeing no more way she gave up and walked in the washroom.

Then I suddenly I turned my gaze to Cabir who was smiling like " I know everything sweetheart" type Cabir smirk. 
I became conscious and gestured "what ?"

He replied nothing but started humming " jahan Teri Yeh najar hai meri jaan mujhe khabar hai.  ( I know what's going on with you dear) "

I narrowed my gaze and tried to learn between the lines.

" here you go. " Manik offered me the water bottle.

I was surprised that how could he knew  I wanted water!!!  But actually not so as I knew he knew me to the back bone. After all my best friend my  soul mate.

" thanks" I gestured with love 
" any time " he whispered with same tender and care.

Meanwhile Aliya also joined us. 
"Yaar I m so tired.  Let's do something exciting. " Cabir said. 
" what?  " all asked.

"Ummm what's about never have I ever game?  " Mukti asked.

" naaa. .. let's play Truth and dare.  " Cabir said

All exclaimed yes excluding me and Navya.

" I don't wanna play.  You guys carry on. " saying I stood up.

" hume v nehi khelna.  I have never played it. " Navya said.

" ohhh don't be a spoil sport " Manik said and pulled me and I crushed on his lap. 
We shared a few seconds eye look with that we two felt butterflies due to the proximity of our bodies.

Then I seated composing myself. And Navya was about to leave but on my surprise Cabir said " ohhh madhubala ji kya aub aapko extra invitation dena parega?  "  
And she listened him and agreed. 
Promptly an idea flushed in my mind to utilize the game in my way. 
And because of that self satisfaction my eyes started glowing. 

Manik noticed it and he was face palmed thinking ' ohhh no...not again. '


This update is actually for my whatsapp group " fireflies" and wishing our sweetheart Rasangana a warm happy birth day.

 @ rassu HAPPY 18th BIRTH DAY sweetheart... God bless you... Happy Grey life    Wink Wink Wink

do commenting...  Stay tuneSmile

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Loved it :)
manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
Haha! Awesome update!!
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Nicely done superb update
deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Awsum hehe!!
loved d manan moments dat fevicol ki th main hehe!!
shirtless manik is just wowow!!!
d nxt updt seems more exciting so cont soon
lov yah

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