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drnidsur Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
awww...read 3 parts in  one go..
cute they are mannn srsly 
i loved manan and cavya as well 
keep writing more 
and yes ! u write cute and mush really well ...keep it up gal Hug

Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 3:35pm | IP Logged
Aliya.. I am not scared of her now...
Thanks for the teaser :)
Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 12:34am | IP Logged
awesome update plus promo..

Loved bechara cabirs confusion..

But why aliya is in group studies?
All doesnt include her. Porte asche naki irritate korte asche?

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horizontwilight Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 12:55am | IP Logged

I m a newbie and this is my first post and my first post goes to you.The way you write is just incredible. The way you express the emotions of each and every character is awesome too. You have an excellent writing skill and your concept of friendship and love is too cute and sensible. I love your ff. I was not a member of this sweet forum but I was still reading your ff because its just awesome. Waiting for the next update.

 Update soonSmile

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 3:50am | IP Logged


Next day afternoon

Me and mom were discussing about something and that time door bell rang and I opened the door. 

"Heyy Nandini. ." Mukti Abhi and Dhruv  greet me.  

"Heyyy come inside. " I asked them to come inside.

After sharing greeting and general talk with my mom I asked them to come with to the study room.  And they followed. 
Manik and Cabir were still not came. I did not know where they two are.
They were seated in my study.  And after some time Navya also joined us.  As Cabir wasn't around  so she was back in her normal mode.

We four were discussing our doubts when Aliya called Mukti. 
She informed of their arrival at my place. I really didn't want her to come at my place as I could not stand her. She had snatched all friendship with her bull shirt accusations.  Not only me she had accused Manik too.  Manik said me about that. 
I was so angry on her.  But Mukti asked her to join.  

Though I did not want her but the undeniable fact was she was a part of our class group.  And that's why I couldn't ignore her though I desperately wanted to.

We were discussing our doubts when Dhruv picked up a photo frame from the side table and started admiring that.

I questioned him what he was watching. Then he moved the frame to the center table.  It was a frame of us MaNanBir's childhood days where there were throwing me to the pool. 
I remembered dad clicked it as I was too scared of water and they tried to swipe away the hydrophobic nature of mine.

"Awaa you three are looking so adorable Nandini. " Mukti said admiring the photo. 
I smiled.  And that time Aliya entered.

"Hey Aliya. Come " Mukti asked her to sit beside her. 
She seated between Dhruv and Mukti. I was seated between Mukti and Navya. And Abhi was seating beside Dhruv.

Though it was my responsibility to ask her due to courtesy of social nature but yet my anger stopped me.  
"Hi Guyss...hi Nandini" she greeted. As a reply I bade a pale " hii " with fade smile.

Then her eyes fell on the photograph and she became upset seeing me and Manik together.

" Ohh lots of photos of your's " she stated as her eyes roam around the whole room. 
"This pic..." she pointed out a photo near the book rack. 
"it's you and Manik right? ?"

I along with every one shifted their eyes on the direction of her index finger.  It was a photo of me and Manik which we recently clicked at the mall.  Manik was hugging me from behind keeping his hands around my  waist and resting his chin on my shoulder. Cabir clicked it . I remembered that time I was so angry on them as they were irritating me without selecting cloths. And when my anger mercury level paced it's peak that time they started their manofy nautankies and that time Cabir clicked it.

" So close !!!! " Aliya stated.  I was little confused that it was a statement or comment.  "Kuch jyada hi close" 
Then I  clearly  saw her jealous eyes.  She was started fuming in anger.

" Hmmm that we are " I replied " after all he is my BF...F ".

She was fuming for not getting her so called love Manik. 
Then on my shock Mukti asked her " Wase Aliya do you guys really broke up?  I mean you and Manik are not together or just taken a break?  "

Aliya's face fell down. She sighed " I guess you are right Mukti.  We are not together. Manik has broken up with me. " she said looking straight to me as I was the reason for that. 

"But in one source I am responsible too but wait.  I am not  as Manik loves me.  And we needed to  just recognize our love with a push.  That that was the push only.  So am not responsible for her break up. Yes I am definitely not. " I thought.

"Nandini kish soch me Ho?  Dhrub is asking something? " Navya brought me back from my thoughts.

"Ymmm nothing. " I replied and then turned to Dhrub  " yes Dhrub?  You want something? "

"Ohhh nandini PaNi chahiye. Need water. " Dhrub politely answered.

"Ohhh yaahh I will get it.  Guys do you want anything? " I stood and asked.

"We too need PaNi. It's hot yaar. " Mukti  said.

" I am coming with you. " Navya  said.  But I stopped her.

"Its Okkk.. just 2mnts. " saying I left the room.


My Mom went to her evening park kitty party with other aunties. So I had to help myself. I placed the cool water bottles and cool drinks on the kitchen slab.  And took some cookies and snacks on two plates. I was thinking how to get them upstairs all alone.  Firstly I thought to call Navya for help.  But I only stopped her to help me.  As it would gonna be little weird if I call her now.  So I dropped the idea of seeking anyone's help. 

But with these all thinking my mind was playing around another most serious game thought.  That was " where are my BFF and BF as well? "

It was already two hours they didn't show up their bloody faces.  No calls but a  single reply " on the way. Coming "
And for the first time I had a great doubt about the distance from their house to mine.  As suddenly 40 minutes stretched to 2 long hours. 

I sighed. Just because of them I had to carry these things alone to my room.  
"Brainless. . Idiot creatures. " 
I mentally scolded them for not present there with me to help. 

"Cabir Diwan... today I will kick ur coolness away. And Manik Malhotra. . U better not show me your face today.  As if you do so then I will punch on your charming face and luscious lips ... ahhh Nandini stop thinking about his lips and all.  You are angry with him.  So keep focus. " 

I deeply sighed and lifted one plate and one cool drinks and  water bottle holding against my chest.. I climbed the  first step of stairs when I felt the one bottle was gonna slip. I was worried. And when finally I felt my grip was getting loose it surely would fall I saw two strong arms offered me help by stopping the bottle from falling.  I looked up and found Dhruv was standing with his innocent smile.  I smiled back and thanked him.

" I know you love to do everything by yourself but you can not do all by yourself.  Sometimes you should  allow others to get the opportunity to help you. "

"Ohhhkk..." I said raising my eyebrows. " I will keep it in mind. Next time for sure"  I smiled and kept the things on the table to give little rest to my  tiny arms. 

"And this next time starts today. " he cutely said offering help by grabbing one  bottle while talking with me.

"Ohhh Dhruv you're so nice,"    I smiled at his cuteness and thanked him.  And turns  around to the table to pick the stuffs suddenly I slipped and I loose my control and about to meet the floor soon but again two strong arms saved me from falling.  I opened my eyes which I had closed because of fear and found Dhruv holding me waist. I  breadth heavily due to sudden panic .

" Relax. . You're ok. " Dhruv tried to console me.

" What... the.. hell... is.. this???  What the bloody hell Is going on here? ?" 
We heard some one's loud voice behind us. 

We turned our gazes just to find someone I expected much but obviously not in that situation.   It was Manik . 

"Wohhooo ... what a great welcome !! Did we miss something?  " Cabir then came from behind Manik and said. 
Then I reliazed that I was still in Dhruv's arms and his hand on my waist.   Manik's eyes were keenly glued to that position.  
I promptly stood and freed myself from his hold.

"Ohh guys she slipped and I was there toh I luckily saved her. " Dhruv Said in a low tone. 

"Nandu... are you okk? ?" Cabir came forward to check on me.

"Hmmm I am fine Cabir." Replied but my eyes were stuck on Manik whose  face and ears were turned red and eye's were like the pre stage of volcano eruption.

I gulped my saliva in fear as I knew what was waiting for me or should I say for that poor soul Dhruv who would definitely won't dare to offer help to anyone after today.

Manik approached towards me and asked  " you're fine right?"     I shook my head as yes.

"What are all that? " Cabir pointed out the food stuffs " Aaj kaal without us you're partying haan? ??? "

" ohh Mukti log ayee hai so just for them. " I replied.

But my mind was waiting for my monster to come out of his dane.

" Nandini I will take it up  you come. " Dhruv said.

"Let me help me you" Cabir also joined him.

Now only me and Manik were left alone.

Manik then asked me " what's going on? ?"

"Ohhh he was just helping me out." I tried to keep myself calm.

" Achcha????? Then why was he holding your waist?  " Manik said fisting his teeth.

Monster was then just few steps away to step down of his den.

" aree told you na I slipped and he saved me from falling. What's wrong with you? " I said but in little loud. Anger started forming inside me.

" don't raise your voice. " he pinned me to the kitchen wall. he was in full monster mode.

"Toh. .. kia Toh. . What will you do haan? ?? " even I was in fighting mode.

" Toh fir I will. .. " he made his grip tighter over my hands.

" Toh fir kya? ? What will you do haan? ? When I was in needed you where we're you?  Itna time lagta hai to reach?  your bloody 40 minutes over?? Where were you?  So If someone would help in absence of you Toh what should I do? Will wait for your god damm 40 minutes jo ki 120 minutes Ho jata hai. ..what should I do haan? ??  I was waiting for you dammit. . And you. ..."
I was forcefully stopped. I was cut in middle by one pair of hot but luscious lips. 

"Sometimes you just talked too much " saying he  leaned more down and started kissing me senseless.

And firstly I was taken aback as I was not ready for that.  But then I responded back with same passion. It was like lips stopped delivering words and started continuing our fight through our Tongue teeth and lips. 

We were not our sense and abruptly we had to stop our lips fight  as some snacks splashed on Manik accidentally to make his shirt dirty. I laughed seeing his dual reaction at a same time. His eyes were full on desires whereas his facial reaction was hilarious because of that food splash on him.

" So much fun haan??? " He was irritated.
" No... not at all" said I holding my stomach but laughed. 

" Ohhh really... then let me show you actual fun " He smirked. 
I was well known about his that smirk . It indicated his tickling weapon. So I backed off " No.. stop... don't you dare Manik"

" Why laughter session over??? Aur hasna nehi hai??" He said in his ever husky tone leaning deadly close to me. 

" Okkk.. I accepted my defeat. Now lets go up and change. They are waiting by the way. Chale?" said I and we walked towards upstairs just after getting one more sweet revenge from him as a soft peck.


 do commenting... stay tuneSmile

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nimarious Goldie

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 4:00am | IP Logged
yeepiii I'm first...Dancing
flawless update...
loved it...
jealous manik is just a treat to read...
then manan kiss...awww...
just beautifully written n executed. ...
do continue soon...
waiting eagerly for the next part...

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Aayu98 Groupbie

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 4:01am | IP Logged
Awesome update will be waiting for next update
deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 17 May 2015 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Nyc Nyc!!!
lov lov lovX100000
wow lov d Manan moments n jealous manik!!
Aww jealous Manik n MAnan kissin passionately!!!
Pls pls pls update fasst!!
Update d others 2 !!!
Update update!!
dying 2 read!!
ur d best

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