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helloo friends... I m super happy to start my new thread... It became possible because of you the beautiful readers my friends,... Thanks for your unconditional supports. love u guys.. BOW DOWN to your loves.Smile  please keep loving...Embarrassed

Part 54



"What was that" Manik asked Cabir when he walked out of the loo after taking long girlish time shower.

"Whhhat. ? " he said avoiding any eye contact with us. " Nooo...Nothing..."

"Nothing .? ? " Manik asked again mischievously folding his hands against his chest.

"Ermm .. mom must be waiting . M going. " He was about to walk out but Manik stopped him.

" Rose maa and aunty were making dinner.  So chill. " Manik said " tu bata what was that. ? "

"Whattt.? What was that. ? Told you na nothing. " Cabir tried hard to avoid the topic. 
But as if we would miss the golden chance to pull his legs.

" Achcha. ?.?.?.? " Manik said raising his left eyebrow curving his lips.

" By the way...What a fall man!!! Hain na nandu...Just like ... kya kahta tha tu Cabir...  ermm... yesss bijli giri...kiss... kiss pe giri. . " Manik was on his full mischievous mood..

"Yaaah ..that's toh bilkul true. . Bijli toh definitely giri. But kaha kaha and on whom it we have to figure out ... right Cabir ? " I said encircling my hands around his neck looking straight into his eyes which were then full of embarrassments.

"Shut up guys. .. " Cabir finally spoke.  "Shut up. . Aur kitna samuyik balatkar karoge. ? Pahele se hi I am so embarrassed and upar se you two are making me more uncomfortable. Pata neh what she is thinking about me. God !!!!  " Cabir said resting his head on my shoulder.

"Awaaa " ed we and I patted his back and looked at manik who was smirking and said " Tujhe kabse uski itni fikar hone lagi?? "  "Wase she won't think any bad as kiss... kiss... was "

Cabir raised his head and turned around him and gave a 'what? ' look. 

Then Manik said " I mean kiss...chick...on cheeks... smart and fast  move haan..."

"Maaanik you are so dead today. " saying he started chasing Manik who were running all over the room.  I was really enjoying the live tom and Jerry movie seating in the bed.  And suddenly Manik lost  control and slipped and fell on me. And Cabir  too fell on him.  I was became squashed because of these two masculine heavy pressure on me.

"Guys.. move.." I couldn't say anything due to the piston pressures on my chest.  

Manik then understood and pushed Cabir on the other side of the bed and then moved his masculine body from me by giving a quick peck on my lips.

And then we three bff started laughing out loud laying in series manner on the bed like Cabir then Manik and Me.

"Nandini " Navya was standing at the door.

"Yes Navya..." said I straighten up from the bed.

"I think I should go. It's late.  " she said but avoiding eye contact with Cabir.

"Areee  have dinner first.  Let's go down.  " said I holding her hand dragging towards downstairs. " guys you too. "

dinner table.

We were sitting around the table like Manik then Me then Navya and Cabir and our  moms on the opposite side. 
Accidentally Cavya sat in front of each other. They were hardly taking part in the discussion running on the dine table.  But yes stealthily experiencing their glances. 

When at the one side the ' unknown eye locks like chori chori chupke chupke ' were going where on the other side full love mood teasing swings were on mode.

Manik was continuously tickling my bare legs because of my one fourth cargo trouser with his feet. And the stupid table was fully supported him teasing as he was doing ths underneath the table and giving me shivers of 440 volts.  
I gave a look and stomped his leg two three times to stop him but being Manik.. it was just tends to impossible to stop him from his  loving teases.

After dinner Navya said that she should return . I then and there agreed and was about to call my driver kaka when Cabir's mom stopped me saying "aaree... no need to call driver.  We will drop her.  "

Listening this Cabir exclaimed " what?  No ." .   I saw Manik was trying hard to hold his gigles.

"Aree but why ? We are going in the same direction toh we will drop. " Cabir's mom said narrowing her gaze. 

" but mom " Cabir was cut in middle by his mom saying " No ifs no buts... its decided.  Now stop arguing and pick the shopping bags "

The matchmaker inside me then was doing  party as CaVya were gonna spend some more time. . I meant there "chori chori chupke chupke " was going to extend for 30 minutes more. 
My inner partying Nandini just took her another short flip in the air as a contemporary style dance moves, some statement were disturbed her and she was about to  fall but again some other statements saved us.

"Aunty I will go by myself. Hum chale jayenge" Navya  said on my surprise.

"Now.. its you?  Ohh come one..If you are saying that for my idiot son then don't.  I mean don't think too much. And get in the car.  Ok.  "  Cabir's mom said.

"Yes dear.   She is right.  Go with them. " mom said further.

So after this idiotic discussion finally they bade us good night and left.

Manik being Manik msged cabir in group
" Buddy...keep eyes on road not on the back view mirror.. remember na your mantra about image blurred.
   ps- Aunty is with you so don't fall and kiss "

Cabir then and there replied "not gonna spare you.   Meri haal pe hason tum dono.. yaahan meri dimag ki dahi bani hai. "

I replied a " ouch Ouchwith winkWink emoticon  drive Safe.  "
In car way to home.

Navya was awastuck seeing the night aroma of Mumbai city.  It was her first time she was so late. 
She was enjoying the city lights when cabin's mom  asked her about herself.  She said everything about her like she came from Patna to her alone staying in hostel .

"So do you like Cabir ?" She suddenly asked. 

"Jiii. ... ????" she was super shocked.  But not only she but the one  who was driving stopped the car with a jerk.

"Mom... Kya puch rahi ho ? Are you out of your mind ?"  Cabir shouted.

"Aree calm down... It is a general talk. I mean  look she is so naive so lovely then if she likes you toh fir definitely other also like you. That's why I asked.  Why you worked up ?"

"Ohhhkk... I won't ask anything.  Now start the car. "  saying she looked at Navya through the back view mirror.  And a smile crept on her face.

We were settled down in couch after they left . And mom went to bring coffee for Manik as per his request. And Manik was just taking the advantage and started his all time favourite job 'tickling and teasing ' me. He was leaning closer to me as I was leaning backward.  And then my back touched the end of the couch arm rester and Manik winked saying in husky tone " and now..." 
I had already started loosing my own control sensing his closeness and he just made more difficult for me to stay away. 

" now. ... "  unknowingly escaped from my side. 
"Now. ... " he whispered in my ears and his hot exquisite breadth covered my face.  Then he slowly moved.. moved towards my lips. He was looking them so intensely like he was just longing for them for so many years.. He was gazing like his eyes only wanted me nothing else in this world. like a thirsty one.  His eyes were so glued in my lips that I had no place left to hide myself.
Our heartbeats started pacing it's normal rate. We could feel the desire in each others eyes. Our lips were just hardly away from each other and they were about to claim eachother ...We heard mom saying " wase did you noticed something ? " 
And we then and there got back from our trances and composing ourselves from the awkwardness sat straight. 

"Kya hua?" Mom asked coming with a tray of three cups.

"Nnn...ooothing" we both stammered. 

My mom raised her eyebrows on us then said ignoring the fact that " did you guys notice something about Cabir today at dinner table. He was behaving so shant and shusil.. unlike Cabir. No fun no teases. "

I was surprised on my mom's Detective  nature.  She toh did not show up but she was sensing everything.  Impressive !!!! 
But not so impressive as then the day when she would get to know about Manik and Me is not so far then.. 
And it's definitely not impressive or good for us.  At least not now.

"What? " mom asked me seeing me lost  asked "Whats wrong with you guys?".

"But aapko kyase laga that there is something happened with Cabir?  " Manik asked sitting on the floor giving mom his place to sit. 

"Because I am mom. And the way he was behaving tonight toh it was for sure that kuch chal raha uske sath.  Samjhe " saying she started caressing his hair as he placed his head on her lap.

"Hmmm" ed he in relaxation.

"That mean I am right something happened with Cabir. " mom exclaimed.

"Mom mom chill. Itna v kuch nehi hua it is just he was then suffering from reverse rigor mortise. " said I seating beside her and took a sip of my coffee.

Both of them were gave me an alien look.

" what ? " I asked.

"Ufff... " I understood their reason of raised eyebrows. 

" Reee rigor mortise matlab is one of the recognizable signs of death, caused by chemical changes in the muscles after death, causing the limbs of the corpse to stiffen after death. I mean after death na your body might be respond for some few minutes as because of the chemical reactions inside your body. Toh Cabir was that time was suffering from reverse rigor mortise Matlab he was live but yet his body brain stopped working like dead body. So  its a reverse case. Like he was in trauma that time. So like that he went in that situation for few moments due to sudden shock.  And then he came back. "

I saw Both of them took glances of each other and looked at me in disbelief.

"Baap re baap... eto kichu !!!! "  She said in bengali.  And then said " itna sab kuch kahne ka Kya jarurat thi.  We could understand with that last para too."

"Really... like really. ? Reverse rigor mortes ???  Stop flaunting your smartness. " Manik said popping his eyes.

" don't you know am born smart.  " I winked at them and ran upwards to my room.

"Seriously. Unbelievable !!!" They sighed.

"Mom it's already 10.  I should move. " Manik said realizing the time.

" not needed sleep here. Your eyes are looking sleepy. " saying she went to kitchen collecting the empty cups and Manik helped her to set the living area and then they both bade good night to each other. Manik entered my room. 


guys its a MOTHER's DAY token to moms.. so the part is full of moms...
hope you like it.. Ignore typos and mistakes...  Do commenting ...
 suggesting...  Stay tune.Smile

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unres..yayay am first on the new thread...
First of congratulations...Party hard..
awesome update..
mother update..I loved it..
I just loved how they teased Cabir..
his embarrassment was awesome..
cabir's mom is quite direct eh...
woah..manan were so close..I thought her mom had caught themm...
so sleeping in same room..
this is going to be fun...
heheh table scene was quite awesome...
am loving it...u penne dit very well..
awesome update..
thanks for the pm..
Harika. ;) :P...keep smiling..it looks good on you..

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Congrats on new thread :)

And that reverse Rigor Mortise hahah
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Awsumm update
Cabir mom seems to be cavya shipper... haha
Manik n Cabir...great as awlys
Liked it
Congratulations for new thread... keep writing
Thnk uh for pm
Update soon

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Haha so cute!! Please update the next part soon! Want to read Some hot MaNan scenes!! Weekend is killing me!! No KY2 :/
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Hey... 2nd thread congrats dear..haha cavya..nice update
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Congo on the new thread..
Loved the update..
I want manan to tell abut them to cabir..plz make them do it..
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my nandu the einstein
hehe loved how this cabor was in toruble and manan was leg pulling
please do continue
bye sumi

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