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blushing IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anshurg5

    For remembering , one has to forget first . A never forgets her Shiv who promised to always remain with her .  When she can always feel him around her why she will only remember him ? 
Sau baat Ki ek baat Anshu ...
Shiv promised Anandi he will always with her ... May not be physical..but he will be around her ...
when Twins born Anandi said Shiv aap aa Gaye ... I m sure when Nandini will unite with her ... Anandi will say same ...

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Shinya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by The_Alchemist.

In today's episode Ganga wanted jagya to know about anandi only after he comes home so that ds will be there to make him understand things. Why does Ganga want dadisa's interference? Her soulmate is supposed to listen to her na, now that the forever interfering irritating woman left their home forever?Confused
Edit : oops! Forgot that ganga likes people to interfere in her life when it suits herEmbarrassed
Alchemist, she does not want dadisa's interference... She wants to use her for her own benefits.Dead
She used anandi in the past, now she is hoping to use dadisa.
I hope dadisa disappears somewhere when jagya comes home. Let the soulmates solve their own problems.

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BeautifulSoul_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anshurg5

Originally posted by The_Alchemist.

Originally posted by anshurg5

Originally posted by The_Alchemist.

ROFL Did her patients do that? I thought people usually get scared to be treated by such doctors who directly become a nurse in 6 months right after learning how to write the word mannu in Hindi. And then becomes a doctor after doing a delivery taking guidance from you tubeOuch. I would shudder to get treated by someone like that let alone praise her! And I'm not kiddingGeek

     Perhaps that was why she did not join in Jaipur when J was offering it earlier. Here simple villagers were not aware of these technicalities  . They might have given her a box of sweets after performing surgery when she was a nurse only. 

@bold - I don't remember this scene at all. Mind giving me more details on what and when jagya offered her? And why she rejected?

  I was talking about the scene where after completing her nursing course G got a call from J that he had arranged a job for her in his friend's hospital and she had to just sent her certificates there. But G was so offended by the fact that Dr Saab did not want her to work with him and sending her away from himself that she told him a lie with teary eyes that she has already got a job at her place so could not join in Jaipur in his friend's hospital though in fact she did not have any job in her hands and were packing very happily to join doctor saab in his hospital in Jaitser despite knowing very well that Sumitra and Sanchi his would be wife were against it and also despite knowing that she herself had feelings for Dr Saab which she could hardly control. 

     Now when I read about your fears of treating by not so qualified doctors and nurses I felt on second thought D'oh it might be possible that she was not very sure of herself to work in Jaipur without her Dr Saab due to authenticity of her degree so rejected working there.  Wink
keep twisting serial to blame Ganga What next Ganga planned entire balachandar incident to call Jagya to Mangalore TongueNext blame what else you and your friends can do  created Fake serial to blame Ganga Write your own serial story which even BV cvs will tear their hair apart what we have shown and what Ganga bashers are writing Another blame that you can create Ratan is her victim not she is right? Tongue i won't be surprised the way to make fun of her you are misleading serial Next blame this 
For your information Ganga was happily packing because Jagya himself told her she will do job in Jaitsar hospital  and Singhs had send gifts for her through him in Mangalore she thought their anger has cooled down on her and later she did not took offense of his words actually she was criticizing herself she said how come she forgot She did say i forgot i cannot go back and she was criticizing herself  for that and she never took offense from his words but she understood what why he changed his decision She refused to his job offer because she  released him from her responsibility He still considers them his responsibility and he will keep worrying for them Thats why she told him she has settled herself in Mangalore so she freed him for her responsibility He can comfortably move on from them 
if don' t trust me openly challenge go watch the serial or read update 

Ganga''s degree was authentic and she got job too  its another thing Balachandar tried to trap her and rape her but what about your Anandi ji ? why she did not try to study further and joined any university in Udaipur May be her degree was not authentic Wink

Criticizing Ganga a lot she knew his wife will not like it and was happily packing then what about your darling Anandi ji who at one point was shouting at Jagya Sanchi does not like Ganga so stay away from Ganga and give yourself to Sanchi only at other the great Anandi was giving Sanchi her uttaran Her Kamarbandh O yes Jagya's fiancee has to wear his first wife's uttran great woman  Anandi

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faryal-malik Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
Its ridiculous Just how to bash Ganga people have thrown all logic all serial out of windowROFL
Ganga has used Anandi ROFLand what the great  Anandi did ?Is that not called using someone taking promise from her take care of my family and my ex husband +best friend and keep me updated about them  What was that ?

People are comparing Dadisaa and Anandi  ROFLNow what Dadisaa will have to move to Shiv Niketan now Ganga is asking her interfere in their matters  ROFL Who is Dadisaa  Ganga grand mother in law , who is Dadisaa to Jagya  his grandmother , who is Dadisaa to Abhi and Mannu their great grand mother ... Dadisaa has all rights on them so how Dadisaa became interfering in their matters 
but who is Anandi to Jagya ... his ex wife and his friend  What right she has to lecture him on his personal matters with this thinking he listens to her more than his wife ? why Anandi is cooking these imaginations for him I have a brother who is married but i don't think he listens to me more than his wife because i am not doing competition with his wife but Anandi who is Jagya to him her ex husband and friend and where he has shown to her he listens to her more than his wife Why Anandi is assuming he prefers her over his wife ? 

who is Anandi to Mannu ... nothing so with what she made decision for him 

Ganga has only told Anandi that but it bruised Anandi's ego so much she ran away from home putting false blame on Ganga she hates me and wants me out because she is daughter in law of this house and i am nothing I wonder why Anandi was crying over she is not daughter in law of this house anymore ShockedHas Singhs not made her daughter of them so Why Anandi is upset over Ganga is daughter in law of this house I am not Wacko

 Ganga  has not cooked any secreat recipe but yes Anandi has cooked in front of Dadisaa where she clearly blamed Ganga  and poor  Ganga does not know the secret recipe  Anandi cooked with Dadisaa and created such situation that she become victim and blames come on Ganga

Jagya  ... Dadisaa will lie in front of him and he will catch that at least this much he knows his Dadisaa when she is telling truth and when lying  because the great Anandi left because of  only Ganga,  blaming her Ganga has poison in her heart for her and wants her out of house  and Jagya never wanted to Dadisaa to be hurt with Anandi leaving  the house  Wah Anandi wah Put false blame on Ganga and became fake victim too Dead

Ganga is worried about Jagya's reaction  because she knows if Makhan Kaka leaves laming her Jagya's reaction will be same 

Don't worry Jagya will be shocked even if a servant leaves the house Here a guest left in anger and that too his Dadisaa's chidkali  Dadisaa is Jagya's weakness Its everybody knows He will never want her to be hurt in any way For Dadisaa he was tolerating Anandi and her suffocating him with her lectures and does say anything to her 

err people are saying he should be relieved He will be free of her annoying lectures Well Jagya has been cleared a lot many times He has no business with Anandi she stays in BH with her relationship with Dadisaa only Jagya never involved Anandi in his life , never discussed anything with her , never interfered in her personal matters , even did not keep her in house  he said nothing in that he never said I am more important for Anandi than Shiv This is only Anandi's thinking for him she is more important for him than his wife  but definitely his Dadisaa  is heart broken now with Anandi leaving , shivam leaving and Jagya will be worried because of that not he is some personal interest in Anandi 

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Dreamer_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 2:39pm | IP Logged

Err and for some  Ganga does not mind Dadisaa speaking in their personal matters because she knows Dadisaa has all rights In that breakfast table she did not mind Dadisaa speaking  but she definitely have all rights to mind some tom dick and harry who is  Anandi interfering in their lives so much so Dadisaa cannot compared to Anandi here and Ganga can be mocked comparing bothTongue

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Dreamer_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 2:40pm | IP Logged

Wah Anandi Deadwhat wrong Ganga said to you Only that you are crossing your limits your rights Doing things for which you have no right and you blamed Ganga she hates you and your kid and left the house Dead

Ganga was so caring to shivam  even today and this Anandi blamed her she hates her son too DeadDisgusted 

 Ganga does not know what what Anandi said to Dadisaa in their secret conversation so she thinks Dadisaa will clear to Jagya Anandi did not leave because of that tense situation over Mannu matter  Definitely Jagya will want to know what happened behind his back here that a guest left so suddenly and this guest is so special to his Dadisaa Her chidkali  Jagya definitely cannot see Dadisaa heart broken and Dadisaa is so sad why she is so sad like some hell is broken  Angry

so Dadisaa will lie in front of Jagya  Jagya has this much understanding of Dadisaa when she lies or when not  and Anandi has clearly blamed Ganga and made herself victim Deadwah Anandi DeadDisgusting will be lesser word to be used for you Today i must say i hated you Don't know what kind of inspiring character Anandi is 

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blushing IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 9:33pm | IP Logged
Anandi is disgusting fine 
Why DS listen all her false blame ...why don't DS ask Anandi not lie...stop blaming my bahu...DS didn't correct her why ?  

isn't DS go against Anandi take Ganga's side during promise thing come DS keep mum now... why don't shush Anandi for saying all these things against Ganga  ...

DS quietly listen all false allegations made by Anandi ...whts meaning of this 

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anshurg5 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 10:33pm | IP Logged

   Anandi left home not only for one incidences of G blaming her. It was only a saturation point for her . Before that every now and then there were incidences which made her thinking on her stay in BH like

- G taunting her for improving J's mood though she herself was saying same thing , 
 -or G trying to putting her down like when G said to Abhi that 'koi aur' nahi she herself would buy him a better game,
-or Abhi getting angry that Shivam is getting all the love which actually he deserves. And this happened many times in different situations.
-or Abhi throwing ice cream given by Shivam with G's silent supporting glances.

    All this made her against staying in BH anymore regarding which she had reservations from the start but no one listen those.
 But when saturation point came with G blaming her and connecting Mannu's knowing truth about his parentage with Shivam knowing about Nandini as if it was the reason behind her not telling Mannu about Ratan Singh, she decided that she should not stay in BH anymore otherwise relationship btw different ppl  will become worse only . What is wrong in that? It will eventually turn out for good of all parties.


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