Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir

OS- Jungle mein Mangal...

dv19 IF-Sizzlerz

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OS - Jungle mein Mangal..

I didnt know that I was his
I didnt know why I did this
I didnt know why my mind was under my control
I didnt know why my heart beat was rapid
I didnt know why my soul was dominated by him
I didnt know why I wanted his attention
I didnt know why I wanted to be loved and like by him
I didnt know why I was thinking about him all the time
I didnt know why I was haunted with his memories
I didnt know how I gave myself to him while I was with another for namesake 
I didnt know how I melted in his arms
I didnt know the night spent with him could bring back my memory
I didnt know that I will find my Mr. Right in that night.. 
I did know that I could be only with him IN COMPLETE SENSE



POEM BY ME... Wink

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dv19 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 June 2014
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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 9:56am | IP Logged

OS- Jungle mein Mangal.

pics credit - clarisa.. collages  - by Me.


Shlokie bear and the vanarasena did the planning so accurately, right on the spot; the tyres of the car hit and it gave huge sound and finally the driver declared the car had a flat tyre.

Astha was clueless. One side tension of being stranded, the other side children id card with her. What will happen to the children and their trip and the disappointment running on their face.

She was scolding the driver. The driver found a escape route, which was temporary and gave haath to return with a mechanic after complete search. He absconded from Asthas sight.

Now our heros entry. Dashing in the black SUV he came and tada his SUV too, flat tyre. Prompt planning. His tyre to flattened with a  screech sound.

He got down to check on the tyres, by royally ignoring Asthu baby. Yes, Madam Regal did feel the pinch thinking, "yesterday he was all over hounding me and f**king today he ignores me. He doesn't even think that this kind of Menaka exists in the world". Was she drooling over this Funky creep Mr. Shlok Agnihotri. May be. Who knows. When the whole world was drooling completely, why she would be left and different. She too was one among.

He got down from the car and before even he noticed her, she came to him, closer and starting howling as usual.

"Arey tum.. yaahaan.. "

"Teri hi yeh shaararthi hain na. "

"Mein ab police ko phone karti hoon.. "

"Dekhna ..woh tumhe kya karenge.. "

He came closer and kept his index finger on her mouth indicating, to keep her nonstop bunter for a halt.

She pushed of the fingers and started again..

"Teri himmat kaise huyi, mooje choone ki.. and blah blah.. "

He couldn't take it anymore. One side her bunter and other side, the feel of her thinking about Indu now as she was Barka.

"Oh! Madam.. yeh bakwaas na kab thak bandh karoge.. "

"Itna paka diya tumne .. ab mujhe bore hone lagi hai.. "

"Thoda tho dialogue change karlo Miss yaa Mrs.. Who so ever. "

He gave a nasty backfire for her nonstop bunter.

"Itni himmat tumhari.. kaise aadmi ho tum... aurat se kaise baat karna hai .. ye bhi tumhe nahi maaloom.. "

"Mein kyo meri mathi ko maar rahi hoon.. oh my god.. isse yaahaan se gayab kardo .. she prayed to the one sitting above. "

"I don't want to see even ur face nor hear ur arrogant voice. " She cursed all her venting thru the harsh facial expressions and words and bushed into the jungle.

He was following her. But Astha was PT Usha's sister. Dint know from where her legs were on wheels. With high astronomic power speed she fled into a zone where no one could trace her.

He lost her track and went into another direction in search of her.

She started to run, as the sun was about to set and the stars were about to show its magic in the sky.

Lonely she was wandering like the ghost in the unknown dangerous jungle. Oneside, Shlok was giving all animal sounds. The other side, the winds roaring sound with the birds chirping and monkeys chattering scared her more.

She ran, ran ran and hit a pit. Lucky a Stray dog, from our streets, sensed tangdi kababs smell and found its way by sniffing. He was very fierce and macho. The shape of his, the curvy manly body and the way he woofed and barked at her said, he wanted her long whity legs to chew.

But Astha being PT Usha's sister, ran yelling for help and hit on the pit and taddaaa... fell in the pit with a big bang howling cry..

Shlok on the other side, heard her mewl cry sound and came to her after his generous amount of search in the jungle on the other side.

He saw her stuck in the deepest pit. For a minute he stumbled and the old memories was hitting his brain.

Last year, it was the same she who was stuck inside, tried fleeing from his dominative arrogant pati. This year, he made her fall intentionally to rekindle her memory. What kind of fates love story was this.

"Ha ha.. oh meri .. Judo, karate , black belt queen...kya hua their athletic body ko..  you couldn't climb this small pit even. Kya baat hai.. he gave sarcastic crackle. "

"Ha ha.. mujhe pata hai.. mein galti se gir kayi.. "

"Thoda help kardo na.. "

"Help aur.. tumko.. "

"Tum aur tum..mujhe help maang rahe ho..."

"Sachi mein. "

"Kis disha mein ab hawa ud rahi.. ek minute mein check kar lethi hoon.. "

"Aah.. aaj is disha mein hi.. hawa hai.. dekho.. khoon aa rahi hai.. " he pinched himself to check if it was reality or reality..

"Ha ha.. thoda chup karo aur mujhe help kao ab.. "

"Mujhe ooper utalo ... Shlok.. "

"Mein tumhe bachoongi,,magar.. "

"Kya agar magar.. "

"Kya hai na.. agar magar..."

"Magar.. kya.. kuch to bole.. "

"Ha ha.. pehle wait karo.. pooraa. . ka poora dialogue tho sunlo meri pyaari jugadu.. "

"Ha ha.. sun tho rahi hoon.. batawo tho sahi.. "

"Mein help karroongi.. tumhe..pyar se PLEASE KEHNA PADEGA.. "


"KABHI NAHi.. "she denied and rejected the offer for help directly in front of his..

"Sochlo.. raat hone ko hai.. baat abhi baakhi hai.. sher, baalu, panther sab aane wale hai.. tumhe kaane ke liye..."

She thought for sometime and finally said..


"Mujhe sunaahi nahi diya.. aur zor se..."

"OK BABA Sorry".. it was in bit little more higher decibel.

"Abhi bhi mujhe sunahi nahi diya.. "

"OK .. BABA.. SORRY.. SORRY.. ab khush.. "

"Yeh toh hui naa bhaat.. "

"Ha ha.. mein dekh loongi yeh batameez inssaan ko.. " she uttered and mumbled something in her mind for taking revenge on him, as soon as she was out from the gutter/ pit.

"Hold my hand miss whatsoever. "He gave his hand. She hesitantly grabbed his right hand.

But fate and mother nature did have another task for them.

Wind blew, a dust particle hit his eyes and he stumbled inside the pit along with her, she below him and he on her delicious body.

Their mind may cheat. But their body cannot cheat. Their senses on the hot fire cannot cheat.

His flat chest had compressed her breast very tightly, that she was finding it very difficult to breath.

His lips had settled on her crook of her little neck that his lips slightly brushed on her white skin, which ignited the lost passion in her..

Her eyes were closed but hands were tightly gripped into a firm hug around his back body..

His member, was protruding outside from his skin tight jean, and right hitting on her center point.

His hand had supported himself on the ground, so he wouldn't make her a complete sandwich or crush her as fruit juice.

Half of her senses in the body had completely ignited the romantic mood then only.

What about her mind and her inner devil uttering that she was not Astha but Barkha.

Im not bothered about Barkha in this story.. so we put the little barka devil in the attic and lock it..

" get up.. you are crushing me too much.. "

"Hey ..stop it.. it is as if I wanted to intentionally crush you.. "

"OK ..i don't want to fight anymore. Lets climb up. "

He got up, by watching her now and then from his corner of his eyes.

He took a stick nearby, and was digging small pigeon holes so he could keep his foot there and climb up.

Our battameez lady again started her chitter chatter..

"Hey Shlok.. let me climb first.. I will climb then you can.. wats say u.. "

"Oh madam.. have you seen yourself in the mirror before. You look so tiny. You are not Mohammed Alis daughter. So strong so you pull me.. "

"Ha ha.. " he gave a chuckle at her non sensical but cutish mumble.

"Akal hai hi nahi. Isko.. "he thought and was trying to climb out..

He found a way and got hold of the branch roots of a pupil tree and tried climbing up.

"Hey Miss. Universe..enough of thinking to answer ur final round of Miss universe beauty pageant. Come on, join in. If not you may be soup for the bear near by standing. "

She cursed him with in her tip of her tongue and got hold of his hand and her hand tightly grabbing his shoulders, one leg settled on his macho thighs, she climbed up the pit.

Both were finally out and they had finally settled on she falling over him.

His hand was tightly holding her waist. Crushing her with in his manly and aggressive touch, to make her remember the old crushes.

The heaving breath from his nose and the heart beat so erratic and sometimes erotic, she uttered SHLOK While pulling out him from the pit.

Did she get her lost memory. Don't know. But felt that she was feeling something new, something old which was always part of her body, mind and soul.

Why she was feeling that way. She couldn't express. She felt safe near him. He ignored her, but she was hurt and was feeling bad why he was ignoring him.

If he dint see or give a glance and a gaze whenever she was near him, she felt more than the limitless irritation.

Why he had that much effect on him. All clueless.

She wanted his undivided attention. But on what relation, on what circumstance, what would be the consequence when she was in disguise as Barkha.

Her mind stopped thinking..She was and her heart was fighting for the unknown answers.

They were walking slowly.

"Hey why are you following me?. Now your way is different, my way is different, " she uttered and tried to cut him off.

But he wouldn't budge. " Oh teri.. you wanted help till I rescued u. Now you want to find your way..and FYI,.i was not following u. You are the one, who is jammed like the leaves stuck to the hedgehog. "

"You are naming me hedgehog. "

"You pig.. you bas***d. You dog.. "

She started cursing with all the animals in the world and all the bad/ derogatory words.

Oh.. non sense.. he couldn't take it anymore..

They were near a tree.. He pushed her onto the tree and pinned her on the tree.

His body full caging her tiny teeny Barbie doll body, she couldn't get herself freed.

"So Im  a Dog?, Im a bull dog?, Im a pig ?, Im a Stupid?, Im a  rascal? .. and what else was on the list .. Miss.. karate queen.. "

He said  with a hysterical, sarcastic laugh in his lips..

She couldn't open her mouth, as his gaze was on her lips, her eyes settled on his lips.

The lust or love senses which was running in her body, so vibrant and strong she felt as if she was electrocuted.

She was in his love cage. He was ring master and she was now dancing to his whips.

Her hands tightly pinned above her head with those strong hands, his lips was less than one Millimetre from hers.

His hot breath from those flaring nostrils was hitting her lips now and then.

She was thinking.. Is he gonna kiss me.. oh my god.. Those sexy, dark, cracked, sinful lips.. might if I taste and bite those rosy buds which were having bit of scotch and nicotine taste..

He was feeling her lips, in a different way. Those pinkish rosy beds, the due drops of her sweat from the nose hitting her lips.. he wanted to taste those wet moistened lips. The eyes of hers was desperately wanting him to kiss those of hers..

He wouldn't miss a second now. He jumped in the ocean of the kissing love, desire and passion and took those lips into a joyous ride which had to end after 10 minutes of continuous biting, nibbling and sucking and licking.

His tongue intruded in her inside of the mouth. She wouldn't give access initially. More the time he crushed her body in between himself and the tree and his member hitting her womanhood, she felt shiver running on her body.

He bit her lower lips, then her upper lips. The tongues fighting to gain the dominance, of who will take the ride, who would be in charge. Finally she gave in for his dominance, his strength, his power for making her fall under his spell.

Her hands free now, was curled in his long silky hair, his hands pressed her waist and pinched on to her navel belly button. She squealed in pain.

From somewhere an owl started hooting as it was now beyond sunset time and it was dark outside.

That saying was true. When you are with your loved one, you lose sense and time and become addicted. It is true in their case.

She forgot she was barkha.

She was now Shlok's astha. Why she allowed him to kiss her, still she was clueless.

They came out of their trance and now looking into their eyes.

The eyes which were wanting to know the answers from each other, or rather for the questions she wanted to know from him.

She maintained silence. He broke that and said, " let's go now, before we end up becoming raw meet for the wild. "

She followed her, like a love sick puppy. Chup chaap she followed. She dint want to lose track.. why she was attracted to him like a moth to a flame, she didn't know. She just went behind him like the honey bee, who wants and wanted to be sucked by the predator for the sweet honey nectar.

On the way while searching for a shelter, she met with an accident. Her leg stumbled and her foot got hit on a stone. Her foot was badly hurt.

"Shlok!!!! " she yelled calling his name, as she was about to fall down. He came and held her from waist, reviving those old memories in a flashback.

As how he carried her to the nearby temple when some poisonous tree thorn had pricked and made her living life hell for him as well as for her.

She was wincing in pain. She couldn't walk any further.

Shlok came and held her waist and lifted her in his arms and was heading towards an old hut.

The old hut was home for rats, serpents, rodents, spiders and what not. Many more things.

There hung a old mirror too.

Mother nature wanted to give twist in the tale. It was showing its thunderous giggle in the sky in the form of thunder and lightning and was announcing the whole world plus these love birds that she may cry very louder any time.

Her cry was making these separate needles in the watch to come closer.

More intimate, more bosom, more proximate now they were, clutched and glued together, body to body, skin to skin, feel to feel, one was in mental agony other one in physical pain.

Finally reaching the hut, she drenched completely and her filmsy saree showing all her curves completely delicious for his hands and legs to weave a web of love around her, on her completely body, mind and soul.

He too was wet in the rain. Both were shivering. They lay themselves on the wall sitting with few feet distance between them completely lost in time.

"Shlok..mujhe tand lag rahi hai.. she said was her teeth typed a lot of words chattering.. "

He too was rubbing his hands for getting some warmth so he rub in his cheeks.. haa liar..not for him..but could rub on her cheeks.

"Mein, bagwaan hoo kya.. mein antar yaami hoon kya.. kahi bhi jaaoon.. mein maatchis yaa lighter lekhe jaaoon.. "

"Ha ha.. funny math bano..kuch to karo pls.. im shivering and I can't bear this cold.. "

"Ok..i can give you one idea.. but you will surely not say ok.. "

"Haan. "

"Kya.. "

"Yess madam .. you will surely be against it.. "

For situation, worse ones, nothing is at fault.. we have to be pragmatic , she thought and she gave ears to his suggestion.

Come and sit next to me.. I will not touch..I'm a gentle man ..gentleman's promise he gave a fake commitment in the air.

She too believed..

"Hey shlok.. will you light up a born fire.. "

"How to madam..? "

"Wait.. " he got up and got some hay, wood from near by..

He rocked two stones together and lit up the fire..

Both were now sitting adjacent but opposite. She wanted to know the story of his Astha.

He was in deep dream slumber thoughts. How can she make her believe that she was his Astha.

Down the memory lane, he shared the most intimate moments of happy, sad, lovely, good, bad, ugly moments of theirs together.

She was somehow feeling that, she was all over there in that memories.. in those memories with him..

How she would believe that she was Astha.. she wouldn't know.


Time passed, she had rested her head on his crook of the neck and her hands were tucked on his tummy and her head  lips close to his heart, the ears listening to his heart beat or the inner sound or voice calling as Astha Ashta.. she and he were in deep slumber.

Though in deep slumber, our senses, the sixth or seventh sense is wide awake when any danger comes.

A snake was slithering nearby and without any hiss, was crawling on her thighs.

She was wide awake now. She had taken bit of brandy from the old hut, which was hidden and kept in the bushes which he found out and asked her so she will be relieved from pain a little bit.

Though she was high on booze.. and about to blabber, now she was stiff like a cat who could mate and give birth to N number of children.

She woke up and was wide awake. The snake was about come and seek on his place as a necklace for him.

She got up and dint make any sound. By the feel of the sudden movements and changes of the body warmth, he opened his eyes, to find her holding the snake in her hand.

And her bunter with the snake too dint stop.


"What were you thinking idiot Snake?, you would kill my shlok..? MY SHLOK.. how dare you ?.. you crawl and creep on him, when I'm around. Who gave you that rights. You stupid.. "

She had held her hands tightly on the mouth portion of the snake.

The snake was scared to see venomous Astha as Snake now. She was hissing and slithering and make the snake dance in all directions, by throwing and whipping and playing skipping with it in the air.

Finally she tied the snake on her hip and was dancing for him a SNAKE SLITHERING TEASE for song..






She threw the snake in the woods now.. finally came and hugged him..her partner..her lover.. her parameshwar..

She did recollect her memories with him..but still was not sure.

Shlok who was shocked to see her behave very bold, was surprised and shocked but came to big picture now. He was seeing his old AStha now.

The same notorious, idiotic,clumsy, nautanki no.1.

He pulled her closer now, the rain settled down, but  the chill breeze hitting their faces, her bangs flying in the air, he raised his fingers and pushed aside few strands. He traced a line from there forehead, till her nose then towards her sweetish throat..

The hands now found its way to those pink color sleevless blouse she had worn, ripping the knots in the back, by tearing the pin of the pallu.

His hands were squeezing her breasts and fingers twitching and pinching those stiff buds of those soft spunchy bosoms.

Her breath and his breath so erratic, his lips brushing her neck and kissing in her collar bone.. by kissing with umpty numbers, settled on her lips again for wanting to open those strawberry lips, she opened and he dug inside her lips to create havoc in her gut with her mental feeling to return too.

The saree and his dress thrown away, her petty and blouse ripped off completely, they lay on the hay bed, he upon her, she beneath him, skin to skin, body to body, soul to soul, lips to lips, hands tangled in a knot so he would not allow her to control on his demands.

He held her hands tight above her head and took whatever was his from her. Starting with a kiss, many bites, may nibblings, many sucklings, many lickings, many smooches, many nail diggings, many wounds and many more moans and groans.

His hands and lips traced on the navel, her waist, his tongue did the magic on her c***, softened on the beginning of the lower lip of the V, finally digging deep in the deepest part of her women hood with his tongue, he gave her the first orgasm. He  came up, due to his persistence of pulling him up by her hand for wanton of a kiss.

She tasted hers from his tongue and lips. His settled on hers, thrusting so deeply first with a heavy push, IT finding the final spot of G, he hit again and again taking her into a unknown zone of romantic pleasure which he and she only would know.

The ministrations of his satisfying her and she satisfying him happened for two more times.

Moring arrived. She was cozy in his arms.


They were made for each other... their body, mind and soul are made for each other..


PS : Why didn't she feel anything different now before sharing her completely with him.

He did say before night chat, the most intimate thing which only Astha and Shlok knew.

There is mole below her left breast. This only he knew and she knew.

This was the secret which she allowed him to mark hers as his again.

And how did the snake drama help. There are some memories, though we try to avoid and skip and ignore and move on in life... we may tend to move on..but in real we cannot.. they are the ones which haunt like FOREVER.. FOR NO REASON..

The reasons we try to forget, will keep haunting our minds, in conscious or unconscious state..

Here ends the story of Jungle mein Mangal.

Next day, they were now riding in the car, to get Indrajeet behind the bars.

Sitting very close to each other, his and her hand locked together, iss pyaar ko kya naam doon, in the BG... the sun was bright and sound now.. it was giving a message of new morning..happy days a head..



PS: All the memory not a psychologist or a doctor.. I write as fiction ..imaginary stuff.. so people who find this hypothetical, please refrain from reading.. this is work of fiction and ROFL stuff with no logic like CVS. Read and enjoy that's it I can say.


Pls hit on ur likes and share ur views and comments. PL be generous in ur comments..  







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waitingDay Dreaming
d title makes me more eager to read d story...WinkLOL

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New osBig smileWaitingDay DreamingBig smile

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SahriShrAvi IF-Sizzlerz

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res Big smileSleepy i was just about to go to ShleeepSleepy DV neend uda di LOL

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Awesome Os
Really nice 

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dv19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by SahriShrAvi

resBig smileSleepyi was just about to go to ShleeepSleepyDV neend uda diLOL
kal pakka comments..

Ab chalo nd

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