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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 51)

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Peda

Best group :
Silent assassins
Best couple:
Abhi and Mukti
I really hope Arnav wins the HOH
I would like to see Mukti going out and Nandini staying even though I don't like her attitude at the moment but she has shown her mettle so it would be nice to see how she moves forward.
Thanks for the pm

Hey thanks for commenting and voting...all the best to Arnav..lets see who will leave...and its cool that you shared your opinion! Big smile ...welcome for the pm!

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by stephie34

Awesome cannot wait for the finale

Thank you so much!! 
arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by taarey_ria

Awesome update! Smile
Nandini has become so strong as well as unpredictable!
Taani was evicted Cry Cry
I wanted her to stay, but it's a game after all LOL
The good bye messages! Ouch
So sad!
Mukti started crying! Ouch
Everyone's planning to put Nandini out...
That's kind of bad I guess

Best alliance will silent assassins
Best couple Mukti and Abhi

Update soon!

Hey thank you so much...yes Nandini has really changed...poor Taani...yes the messages were quite sad...lets see how things work out this week...thanks for voting!

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by littleman

Nice Surprise...
I've always loved Armaan
even though no one ever talks about him
i think he's awesome as a host
WOAH Nandini spoke up...and she made sense
but i still want her out!
Maybe Swayam as HOH or Mukti!

Silent Assassins are the best group
Abhi-Mukti are the best couple... Like Jey and Purvi last season!

Hey thank you...yes Armaan is sooo cool...lets see how this week works out for the top 5...and thanks for voting!! 
arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 12:23pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by advianya

Best Group
- Samrath and Manik

Best Couple
- Manik and Nandini

Thank you so much for voting!! 
arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 09 June 2015 at 3:21pm | IP Logged

Part 13


The task continued the four contestants having fun as they were going around the sun... Nandini watched from the side... smiling at their comments...


"Guys I'm getting tired..." Swayam moaned.


"Fall then... it will make the competition easier..." Mukti teased Swayam.


"No way..." Swayam said adjusting himself for a more comfortable position.


"Well I don't want to be HOH so I am falling..." Arnav said and with that he dropped.


"Arnav you have been eliminated..." Big Brother boomed.


Arnav walked off and joined Nandini on the side...


"Okay two to go..." Swayam said huffing.


Mukti shook her head and smiled...


"Abhi dude... you don't need this come on you have already been HOH... come on give me a turn..." Swayam called out...


"Seriously Swayam you really want to win that bad?" Abhi asked.


"Yeah dude I do..." Swayam called back.


"Fine... but you will have to beat Mukti...Come on Mukti!" Abhi said as he jumped down...


"Oh I see how it is... you are supposed to be my friend Abhi..." Swayam called out.


Mukti laughed... Abhi hi5 Arnav as he went to sit next to him...


"Okay one to go..." Swayam said slowly...


"Mukti... I..." Swayam started.


"Don't Swayam... I am not giving up without a fight..." Mukti said winking as she passed the boys... who were laughing at Swayam...


"You have won all of the competitions please let me have this one..." Swayam said.


"Okay... I will count to three and we will both jump Big Boss can pick the winner..." Mukti called out...


"Okay deal..." Swayam called back...


"One... Two... Three..." None of them jumped...


The others were laughing...


"Haha very funny Mukti I will get you for that..." Swayam said.


"Nope you owe me one..." Mukti called as she jumped down...


"Congratulations Swayam you are the new HOH..." Big Brother boomed.


"WOOO..." Swayam said jumping down...


Everyone ran to congratulate him... they then made their way back to the house...



Later On


Swayam came out of the HOH room...


"Who wants to see my HOH room...?" Swayam shouted.


Everyone cheered as they marched up the stairs to see Swayam HOH room... Nandini also joined them...


The room was decorated the same as everyone else's except it had Swayam's pictures of his family and friends...


The others looked around... Mukti picked up a picture of Swayam, Rey and Taani.


"Wow you look sooo different... and so do Taani and Rey..." Mukti said.


"Yeah that was taken about two years ago..." Swayam said looking over at the picture...


The five houseguests hung out in Swayam's room for a while... until Nandini excused herself and made her way downstairs...


"So Swayam what is your plan?" Mukti asked.


"What plan?" Swayam asked as he munched on his snacks...


"Plan for eviction dude..." Arnav said.


"Oh yeah I forgot..." Swayam said.


Abhi laughed and threw a pillow at him...


"What... I want to be excited that I am HOH..." Swayam said; "...Ok fine... well it's obvious I am putting Nandini up..." Swayam said.


"And who else?" Mukti asked.


"I don't know...which of you want to go up?" Swayam asked.


"Not me!" they all said at once...


"Come on guys one of you will have to go up..." Swayam said; "...And unfortunately it has to be one of you boys because I owe Mukti a favour... she let me win..." Swayam said.


"Dude we all let you win..." Arnav argued.


"True... but only Mukti said I owe her one..." Swayam said cheekily.


Mukti laughed and hugged Swayam.


"Thank You!!!" She said.


"What friendship dude..." Arnav said.


"Chill guys... hopefully the audience will want Nandini out so we will be safe..." Abhi said.


"Hopefully..." Mukti said... they were all in their own thoughts...


Nandini was in the kitchen by herself... she felt all alone... she knew that right now everyone upstairs is planning on getting her out... She was not sure if she could survive this as they were all strong contestants...



Later on


The houseguests were called into the living room... they all sat down and the TV switched on...


A tune came on...


"1 Month... 10 Contestants... 1 Winner... Big Brother India Audience Vote!" flashed across the screen.


The video started with all of the contestants entering the house... Mukti, Manik and Nandini... followed by Roshni and Arnav... then Riddhima, Abhi and Samrath and finally Taani and Swayam... From there started their Big Brother Journey...


The first competition where Abhi became the first HOH the forming of the girls' alliance... and of the Silent Assassins... moving on they showed other friendships of Samrath and Mukti and Nandini and Manik...  Then the veto; and Riddhima leaving the house...

Moving on to the second week... where Manik fought against the house... the girls bonding... Nandini and Mukti standing up for each other... The POV and finally Samrath leaving the house...


The Third week... Mukti's HOH... the friendship forming between Mukti and Abhi... the girls' alliance being together... Roshni being put up as MVP and then finally the veto...


The Double Elimination Episode where Roshni left and the hectic situations of all the tasks and the drama until Manik Left the house... and the girls' alliance was broken...


Finally the last week... Nandini's HOH; the drama that followed including the putting up of her two closest friends... the POV and Swayam being put up as replacement nominee... Finally Taani leaving the house...


Then the screen switched showing each of the five contestants left in the house...




"Wow that was insane..." Mukti said the first person to break the silence.


"Crazy..." Swayam said.


"I guess this definitely calls for a group hug..." Abhi said standing up.


The four of the grouped together...


"Nandini come on..." Arnav called to her.


She smiled and joined them in their group hug.


Then they separated...



Later On


Afterwards it was time for the nominations; Swayam had been given a round case in which had 4 keys; his task was to take out two keys which had the names of people he wanted to nominate. Once he had chosen the two names for nomination he replaced the other keys into the slots then lifted the round case and brought it downstairs and laid it on the dining table and called out to all the houseguests to join him. They all settled down and waited eagerly for the nominations to begin.


"This is the Nomination Ceremony... one of my duties as Head Of Household is to nominate two people for eviction... the two people who are nominated... their keys have already been taken out... I will pull the first key and that person is safe... the person whose name I call will pull the next key to save someone else... and so on and so forth..." Swayam explained.


They all nodded and waited nervously for the nominations to begin.


Swayam pulled the first key and called out "Abhi you are safe..." Abhi thanked him and then pulled the last key.


"Mukti you are safe..." she thanked Swayam.


Mukti sat down and Swayam stood up.


"I have nominated you Nandini because you got my best friend out... and I promised her you would be the next go... and Arnav dude sorry... I really hope the audience do not evict you..." Swayam said.


Arnav smiled at Swayam.


"This nomination ceremony is adjourned..." Swayam said.


Everyone got up to meet the two nominated houseguests...



Later on it was time for the veto competition...


The houseguests made their way outside into the activity area... (Check Photo as I cannot explain lol)


The houseguests looked around and they were a little confused at the surroundings...

They were also happy to see who has come to host the last Veto Competition... Karishma!


"Hey everyone... Congratulations on making it this far into the game... you guys are all amazing... Nandini I was in the same situation as you last season... but keep your head up and fight with all you can... good luck all of you..." Karishma said...


The others clapped slowly... Nandini smiled...


"Time flies in the Big brother house... and this competition will put your internal clock to the test... here is how it works... when the horn sounds you must fly from your puzzle to your timer this will magnetise your puzzle boards for 20 seconds then jet back to your puzzle to start assembling your pieces but be careful the clock is ticking and if you don't fly back and hit your button before the clock hits zero the board will de magnetise and your pieces will fall off forcing you to start over if your board becomes demagnetised you have ten seconds to reset you timer or your game is over the first person to have complete puzzle fly back and hit their button will win the power of veto..." Karishma explained...


Because this was the last veto competition all of the houseguests were required to take part...


The buzzer sounded and the houseguests flew off to set their timer... they then flew back to start assembling their puzzle pieces...


The game continued with the houseguests flying to complete their puzzles and reset their timers...


Everyone was going at a steady pace.


Nandini was just about to put her last puzzle piece on but her time ended and all of her puzzle pieces fell...


This also happened to Mukti as she was just about to finish hers...


Just then the buzzer sounded.


"Congratulations Swayam you are the winner of the Power of Veto..." Karishma said as Swayam had buzzed in his entire puzzle pieces were correct...


Everyone went over to congratulate him...


Everyone then met Karishma before heading back to the house...


Swayam was happy that he had won the Veto...


"See I can win something he said to the others..." Swayam said proudly.


"Sure..." Arnav said laughing at his friend.


"Well done man..." Abhi said to Swayam... slapping him on the back...



Later On


The Veto Ceremony


Swayam told everyone it's time for the Veto Meeting and expected them all to gather in the living room, with Arnav and Nandini sitting on the couch between the couches where the rest of the houseguests were.


"This is the Veto Meeting Arnav and Nandini have been nominated...but I have the Power to Veto one of the nominations...and I have decided not to use the veto..." he said.


Everyone knew this was going to happen as they were Swayam's nominations so he would not have changed his nominations...


"This Veto meeting is adjourned..." Swayam concluded; they all stood up and meet Arnav and of which would be going home really soon...


Coming up - Tune in on Thursday for the final evictions of the season... one houseguest will be leaving us... then on Saturday join us for the Finale Episode...!

Hey Guys I hope you enjoyed the part... please Like and Comment Thank You! 

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arsafar Goldie

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Hey Guys its Eviction Time!
Please Vote to Evict...
  • Nandini
  • Arnav

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Hey Guys time for the next award category

The best Game Player








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