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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 44)

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 11:38am | IP Logged

Part 10 - Double Elimination Part 2


The audience cheered as Armaan came onto the stage, his brightening appearance made the stage even more magnificent...


"Welcome back for Part 2 of our Special Double Elimination Episode... Bringing you up to speed here is a recap of what happened before the break..."Armaan started.


"Roshni was the first houseguest to leave the house... following Roshni's exit was the HOH competition which Arnav won... he then put up Mukti and Nandini for evictions following a backdoor plan to evict Manik... at a very breath taking POV competition Manik and Mukti battled it out to see who would win the veto... Mukti has come out on top... she then used the veto to save herself... and Arnav finished their backdoor plan to evict Manik... leaving Manik and Nandini currently sitting on the block... awaiting evictions..." Armaan finished...


The audience cheered...


"Okay let's have a look at what happened during the break..." Armaan said...



After POV Ceremony...


Swayam and Arnav went off to the boy's room...


Nandini had stormed off with Manik behind her...


Taani had walked off to get something to drink leaving Mukti and Abhi in the living room...

Mukti was super upset of the accusations Nandini had thrown at her... she had always stood up for her and now Nandini had thrown it back into her face... although Mukti had been in on the plan to backdoor Manik she never wanted anything to happen to Nandini...


Abhi watched Mukti... he knew she was doing some serious thinking and did not want to disturb her...


Mukti finally looked at him... "I am sooo done with Nandini... she wants to make me her target... fine... she can bring it on... because I will crush her as I did Manik... at least one of them will be leaving..." she finished.


"Forget about them Mukti... just focus on yourself... she will get what is coming to her..." Abhi said.



Boys Room


"Swayam... what are we going to do?" Arnav asked.


"I have no idea... but something will come up I know it..." Swayam said.


"You are right... Abhi is totally wrapped around her finger... if not he would have been here with us right now..." Arnav agreed flopping on the bed.


 "I know..." Swayam said... He had to think of something...



Chill out Room


Nandini was really upset and she was crying; Manik hugged her...


"I can't believe Mukti would do this!!" Nandini said; "...she went this far to separate us..." Nandini continued.


"I don't know Nandini... I think this time it was not Mukti's idea..." Manik said to her; Nandini looked at Manik...


"What are you talking about...? Mukti hated seeing me with you... she is the only one who could have put us up together..." Nandini argued.


"Yeah true... but why would Mukti put herself up... or ask Arnav to put her up... no one could have seen this double eliminations coming up... I think this was someone else's plan..." Manik said thoughtfully.


"Yeah that's true..." Nandini said sitting down.


"Look Nandini if I go today... and I know I will... you need to have people on your side... don't push your friends away... Mukti is strong... you need her on your side..." Manik reasoned with her.


"I don't think I can go back Manik after everything I said..." Nandini told him.


"You have to do something Nandini..." Manik said to her.



Mukti walked into the garden... she saw Taani sitting by herself...


"Hey..." Mukti said sitting next to Taani... she realised that Taani was crying...


"What's wrong Taani...?" Mukti asked.


"I don't know... everything is sooo messed up... first Roshni leaving... then Nandini and your fight... then the girls' alliance being over... I don't know where I am anymore..." Taani said wiping away her tears... Mukti hugged Taani.


"Hey stupid... what do you mean by that huh... who said the girls alliance is over... because I am still here and so are you... we don't need anyone else... just the two of us...we are going to be there for each other...till the end..." Mukti said comforting Taani.


"Really?" Taani asked smiling.


"Why fear when Mukti is here..." Mukti said smiling back.


They hugged again...


"Okay I have something to do so you just chill and no more crying okay... I'll be right back..." Mukti said standing and walking back to the house.


Taani watched her go and smiled...


Mukti walked in the direction of the boys' room... she knew they would be there... and she was right; she saw the group of three boys hanging out together...


"Hey guys..." she said sitting down on the bed...


Arnav and Swayam sat up sharing a brief look with each other...


Abhi got up and sat next to Mukti with that same smile on his face...


"Actually I wanted to thank you guys... Abhi told me the plan about backdooring Manik... and it was amazing... no one saw it coming..." Mukti said appreciating what the guys did for her.


"Well Manik was the target of the house..." Swayam said slowly.


"Yeah but still... I mean thanks for having my back..." Mukti said.


"Come on Mukti... you don't have to thank us..." Abhi said smiling at her.


"And another thing... I want to apologise... for nominating Abhi and putting him in the position where he had to choose between you guys..." Mukti said she knew she had apologised to Abhi but she felt that if they were bringing her in their plan then she should be honest with them.


"Seriously?" Swayam asked.


"Yeah seriously... it was wrong... at the time I did not know you guys... and I was doing what I thought was right but... I felt totally bad afterwards... I had to apologise to Abhi... straight away..." Mukti said.


"It's cool Mukti... we are safe..." Arnav said; he could see that Mukti was really being genuine...


He looked over to Swayam... who was deep in thought... Swayam was looking at Mukti with mixed emotions...



Back On Stage


"Okay coming back... it is now time for the results to be told to the houseguests... let's go into the house to meet them..." Armaan said.


Inside the house everyone was quiet awaiting Armaan...


"Hello Houseguests..." Armaan said... the houseguests replied enthusiastically breaking the silence...


"What a day it's been... but it is now the final moments of this Double Elimination Episode..." Armaan said.


"Yay!" Swayam said and everyone laughed.


"Nandini and Manik are nominated for evictions let's see who the audience has evicted from the house..." Armaan said.


Armaan opened the envelope that was in his hands...


"The name I am about to call... has been evicted from the house..." Armaan said.


The houseguests waited...the tension was so thick it could have been cut with a was pin drop silence until Armaan spoke up once again...


"Manik...!" he said slowly; " have been evicted from the Big Brother House..."


Manik smiled; he got up and hugged Nandini the longest before making his way around to the other houseguests...


"I am sorry if I have hurt any of your feelings... and may the best player win..." Manik said before leaving the house...


Nandini who had tears in her eyes lead the way to the screen where everyone's picture was and they all waited until Manik's picture turned grey...



On Stage...


Manik came onto the stage and he met Armaan... who then gestured to him to have a seat...


"What happened?" Armaan asked as Manik settled down...


"I have no idea... I mean I guess I knew this would have happened... after last week... but like this I never thought..." Manik replied...


"How would you describe your journey...? I mean we saw you alone lots of the time in the house..." Armaan said.


"Yeah... I mean everyone was busy making alliances... and I somehow ended up all alone... and being alone in this house is worst... than if you have a huge alliance... because the paranoia creeps up on you... especially after Abhi nominated me... I felt like I was being targeted... then I became HOH and Samrath asked to be in an alliance... and I thought to myself... where was he last week when I needed an alliance... he was too busy with Mukti... you know... as soon as I got power... then alliances started showing up... I felt like I was going mad..." Manik said.


"What about You and Nandini..?" Armaan asked.


"Nandini was definitely my best and somehow my only friend in the house... she stood up for me... we hung out... even after what I did to her... she is the best..." Manik said with a smile.


"Aww okay well thank you soo much for being on the show... Everyone let's have a huge round of applause for Manik..." Armaan said leading the applause...


Manik met Armaan and then exited the stage...


"Well we have come to the end of our Double Elimination episode... I do hope you guys enjoyed it... and I will see you next time on Big Brother India... Goodnight..." Armaan said before exiting the Stage...


Hey guys I hope you enjoyed the part... It was a short part because I kind of wanted to round it off...Please like and comment to share your views Thanks x

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arsafar Goldie

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Note for Audience... NEXT WEEK


Hey Guys well we are at the end of our Double Elimination Episode... I hope you guys enjoyed it... and I did not give anyone a heart attack lol... I want to give a big Thanks to everyone who liked and commented... all of the comments were amazing and I really appreciated all of them...


Yes this week was the last for the MVP twist... unfortunately... because next week is our Finale week for Big Brother India Season 2... sadly...


Like last Season we will have episodes every day next week;


Here is the Schedule:

Monday- Nominations and POV


Tuesday - Evictions


Wednesday - Nominations and POV


Thursday - Evictions


Friday - Final Nomination and POV


Saturday - Finale Part 1


Sunday - Finale Part 2


During the week we will have nominations for our award ceremony which will take place on the Finale Part 2...


Also if you would like to be in the Finale episode please post questions you would like to ask the houseguests... (Just like last Season)


The deadline for all of nominations and to choose if you would like to be in the Finale is Friday... anything after Friday may not be able to change...


Thank you guys... I am really sorry this Season of Big Brother finished really quickly... but this was actually a test for me to see if I can write while the audience voted... and I have to say for me it's been lots of fun... Thanks Guys 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 11:39am | IP Logged

Award Nominations


Award for the Best Comedian/ Entertainer..

  • Swayam
  • Arnav
  • Abhi
  • Taani
Please place your votes Thanks

(Sorry I have you guys always voting lol)

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taarey_ria Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Res / Unres

Yayy! Me first Big smile
That too without pm!
I am so happy! Big smile LOL

Coming to the update...
You know this season should be named "The unexpected - BBI 2" LOL
I think this was the most unexpected till date
Firstly Mukti winning the POV
And then manik getting nominated
And if that wasn't enough, Mukti has Nandini as her target
Plus, Nandini misunderstood Mukti Ouch
Manik is so right!
It's good that Mukti apologized genuinely Big smile
Taani was crying Ouch
But Mukti is at her side, I am glad Big smile
Just that now Nandini should also realise her mistake
And hope everything between swayam and Taani gets sorted
Manik got nominated Cry
But it's okay, after all its a game
Now no MVP?!
Honestly that was the best part! LOL
Atleast I loved it! LOL
The finale already!
This season was so fast!

But this season was Awesome as well

Clap Smile Big smile

And the entertainer, maybe abhi
Not sure Confused LOL

Update the finale soon! Big smile

P. S. - can you please start the individual stories you were going to write? Please. Now I am more and more,excited to read it Big smile

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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ok i m second..
its ending so soonCry
every good thing has to end!Confused
Ok update was fab as always..
knew somehow that manik was gonna go..Wink
well glad nandini is safe!
mukti n taani scene was really nice.
hope taayam sort out their issues soon..
I liked how mukti apologised!
i fear swayam is gonna be in trouble.Confused
No more MVPOuch
Okay my vote fr comedian will be abhi..
I cribbed on this part alot I guess.LOL
No problem ur updats are really good keep them comingClap

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Fairy... Goldie

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
What its ending so soon
It just started why so soon
Will miss it "
I don't understand why swayam arnav have problem by abhi and mukti getting close
Oh no taani crying
But glad that mukti was there with her
Manik genuinely tried to make nandini understand her mistake
And that this time its someone else behind his nomination and not mukti
Hope nandini understand her mistake
And girls get together soon
Mukti is so sweet
She genuinely apologized to boys
Ok manik evicted
Hope now everything gets back to track between girls soon
Also wish taayam misunderstanding get clear
Can't see them like these
Update soon :)

Edited by Fairy... - 05 June 2015 at 8:31pm

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Peda Senior Member

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 1:55pm | IP Logged
I have not read season one of BB ( sorry ) but one of the things I'm loving about this BB is the reader participation...I think the reader voting is truly awesome. Thank you for including us in this.
My vote is for reason why though.
Thanks so much for taking time out to pm me.
Enjoy your weekend.
Till next time take care

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
Fanstatic update
My vote for best comedian is Abhi

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