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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 41)

arsafar Goldie

Joined: 27 November 2011
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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

Arnav went off to the chill out room... his heart was racing it was first time as HOH and he could not believe he had to make all of these decisions so quickly...


Just then Abhi and Swayam found Arnav...


"Guys I am totally freaked out... what am I going to do?" Arnav asked.


"Chill dude... any ideas who you want to put up?" Swayam asked.

"I don't know man..." Arnav said brushing his hand through his hair...


"I think we should get Manik out..." Abhi said Swayam looked at Abhi...


"He is a target in the house..." Swayam said slowly...


"Ok... but we have to put someone else up..." Arnav said


"Wait... if we are going to get Manik out... we will have to backdoor him... I mean give him no chance to save himself..." Abhi said


"Ok so that means we have to put up two people as pawn take on off and then put Manik up?" Arnav said


"Yeah... we should put Nandini up..." Arnav said; "...she is the closest to him and I know the pair of you will kill me if I put up Taani and Mukti..." Arnav finished.


"Good thinking..." Swayam said.


"Ok but we still need a pawn..." Abhi said.


"What about Mukti..." Swayam suggested.


"Why Mukti?" Abhi asked.


"She is strong Abhi... she can save herself... then we can put Manik up..." Swayam said like it was obvious.


"He has a point... if anyone can save themselves its Mukti..." Arnav agreed.


"Ok... But I will tell Mukti the plan... ok..." Abhi said before heading out.


"Ok I think we are set..." Arnav said... calming down a little...


"Not so fast... I am changing the plan..." Swayam said.


Arnav turned to face him; "What are you talking about Swayam?" Arnav said.


"If Mukti saves herself then we will go through with the plan... but if Mukti does not save herself then we are getting her out..." Swayam said seriously.


"What Abhi will kill us..."Arnav felt like he was going to have a heart attack...


"I will never forget what she did to Abhi... so this is our payback..." Swayam said.


"You have to throw this POV Arnav... do not try to win... let the competition be between Mukti and Nandini and whoever is the other contestants chosen for the POV ...let destiny take its course..." Swayam said.




The houseguests came into the living room and settled down...


"Ok Arnav it is now time for you to reveal who you have chosen as your two nominees..." Armaan asked.


Everyone was quiet as Arnav made his way to the front...


"My two nominees are Mukti and Nandini..." Arnav revealed.


Mukti and Nandini looked at each other and then went to sit on the couch between the other couches.


"Ok houseguests it is now time to choose two other contestants who will take part in the Veto competition..."  Armaan informed the houseguests.


Arnav picked up the bag and picked out two names of people who will take part in the competition.


"Taani... and... Manik..." Arnav said slowly.


"Ok you have a few moments before the Veto competition..." Armaan said...


Mukti had walked off and Abhi followed her... he had not had time to tell her but now was a

good time...


Arnav motioned to Swayam to follow him to the boy's room...


Manik hugged Nandini... Taani felt sorry that both girls were nominated...


"Hey Mukti wait up..." Abhi called.


Mukti was in the garden...


"Are you ok...?" Abhi asked.


"Yeah I am fine... what's up?" She asked confidently.


"I want you to know this is all a plan..." Abhi said Mukti was surprised.


"What do you mean?" Mukti asked.


"I mean us guys made a plan to get Manik out... we put you and Nandini up... whoever wins the Veto will save you... and you are strong contestant... you can win... then we will put Manik up and he will go..." Abhi explained everything to Mukti who listened to everything he was saying.


"Woah that's crazy..." Mukti said finally.


"It's going to work... Arnav... you and hopefully Taani if any of you win they will get you off I promise..." Abhi said


"What if Manik wins?" Mukti asked...



Boy's room


"This is perfect... if Manik wins... Mukti will definitely go..." Swayam said.


"This is wrong... going behind Abhi like this..." Arnav said.


"Dude we are doing this for Abhi... she has him wrapped around her finger... if she goes... we will have our friend back... right now he can't see anything but Mukti... and she is using him... she needs to go..." Swayam said.


"Yeah I guess your right... what she did was wrong..." Arnav said finally.


"What if the plan does not work?" Arnav asked..." What if Mukti wins the veto?" Arnav asked.



Back on Stage...


Armaan turned to the audience...


"Whoa what turns are happening right now in the house... even  I did not see this coming... but right now it's time for the veto competition... let's see what happens... and who will save themselves from the block..."


The activity area was set up with bright rainbow colours... there was lane with a pot of gold at the other end...


The houseguests came out into the activity... they complemented the decorations and POV contestants took their place one for each contestant...


 "Houseguests it's now time for the power of veto competition...This competition is called "Somewhere over the veto"...and here is how it works... on my go you will run across the yard and search for two clovers in the pot of gold at the end of your lane...after you have found your clovers you bring them back to your podium then return to your pot of gold... retrieve your veto symbol that hangs above it... The first person to return with both of their clovers, the veto symbol and buzz in will win the power of veto... one last thing houseguests you can only return one clover at a time... Does everyone understand...?" Armaan explained.


Everyone said yes; "Ok Ready... Steady... GO..." Armaan said.


On go all of the houseguests ran across their lanes over the obstacles and into their gold pots where they franticly searched for their first clovers...


Abhi and Swayam watched from the sides both nervous...


"Looks like Manik has found his first clover... he is on his way back...oh look Mukti has also found her first clover... and she is also making her way back..." Armaan said.


Both Manik and Mukti placed their clovers on the podium and ran back for their second clover...


"Looks like Arnav have also found his first clover..." Armaan stated.


Arnav also placed his clover onto his podium and ran back for his second Clover...


"Look at that Mukti has found her second clover... and is now running back to place her clover on her podium... but so has Manik... the race is now between the two..." Armaan said.


Mukti was on her way back when Manik placed his clover on the podium... Mukti managed to get her Veto symbol and made her way back... Manik had also reached his Veto symbol and made his way back...


"Congratulations Mukti you are the winner of the Power of Veto..." Armaan said... Mukti was totally out of breath she had to lean against the wall...


Abhi ran to hug her everyone else also congratulated her... they then made their way back inside...



Back on Stage...


"Well now the Veto Competition is also over... and in a few moments we will have the Veto ceremony... where Mukti will decide what she is going to do with veto..." Armaan informed the audience...


"After the Veto ceremony we will be having a break in which the audience will vote for who they would like to Evict... but right let's head back into the house for the Veto Ceremony..." Armaan said.


Armaan called to the houseguests to gather in the living room...


Out of breath the houseguests dragged themselves into the living room and settled down on the couch... with Nandini and Mukti on the middle couch...


"We will now have the Veto Ceremony..." Armaan informed the houseguests...


Mukti stood up and made her way to the front...She looked exhausted...


"This is the Veto Meeting Nandini and I have been nominated...but I have the Power to Veto one of the nominations...and I have decided to use the veto to save myself..." she said.


Everyone was aware that Mukti was going to save herself...


Mukti continued; "As I have used the Veto on one of your have to name a replacement nominee..." Mukti informed Arnav.


Mukti sat down and Arnav stood up.


"Manik I nominate you as replacement nominee..." Arnav said.


Manik was a little surprised and sat down next to Nandini... Nandini was completely shocked...


"Ok Houseguests... we will now be having a break... to give the audience time to vote... so I will be seeing you after the break!!" Armaan informed the audience...


Everyone said Bye to Armaan...



Back On Stage...


"There you have it... it is now your time to vote Evict one Contestant... Please choose to Evict Nandini or Manik!" Armaan said.


"I will see you after the break..." Armaan said... but then he stopped and listened into his ear piece...


"Well it looks like an argument has just broken out in the house..." Armaan said.



Inside the house...


"Well... Congratulations Mukti... it looks like your plan has worked..." Nandini said close to crying...


"Excuse me..." Mukti said.


"You wanted me stop hanging out with Manik... so now your wish came true..." Nandini said back to her.


"Nandini I did not plan this..." Mukti said hurt at Nandini's words...


"Oh really... but you know what... if I stay in this house... I am coming after you Mukti... so you better watch out..." Nandini said full on angry.


"Nandini..." Taani said.


"No... Don't... because I don't need any of you... this so called Girl's alliance is officially over... and it's all Mukti's Fault..." Nandini shouted before storming off.


In the corner Swayam and Arnav was having their own conversation.


"Our plan didn't work..." Arnav whispered.


"Don't worry Party Abhi Bhaki Hai..." Swayam said...


End of First Part

Hey Guys Sorry for the Shocking Episode but i really wanted this episode to be full of drama... Hope you guys Like it and Please Comment to share you views... Thanks

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arsafar Goldie

Joined: 27 November 2011
Posts: 1913

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Hey guys time for Elimination... remember Voting Lines will only open for a little while so please post your votes Thank You!!! We will close it at 3pm London Time on Friday!!

Please vote to EVICT:

  • Manik
  • Nandini

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 April 2015
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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 1:33pm | IP Logged
finally I m first again..
okay Roshni goesCry
I am sad..
No problem its a game so ya its cool!
Abhi finally told the truth to arnav n swayam..Smile
Arnav Hoh congrats to him..
waiting to see whom he will nominate!
Obviously manik has to be one..
Woah wth was part 2 man..
Swayam not playing coolConfused
hiding things from abhi..
mukti saved herself n manik put up..
eviction between manik n nandini?
nandini blames mukti..Ouch
girls alliance shattered like totally!
well u have given me another dilemma now whom do i evict?
Fine Evict Manik!!
I wanna see what all nandini can do to mukti..
fab start of the double elimination btw!!

Edited by Starsfireflies - 04 June 2015 at 1:49pm

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Fairy... Goldie

Joined: 25 November 2014
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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 2:06pm | IP Logged
Yuppie me second
Kitne time bad me first three commentors me hu
Really full of drama update
So roshni evicted
Arnav is hoh nice
Arnav telling he doesn't want to die by nominating taani and mukti was fun
Boys really took the backdoor to nominate manik
Playing smart
Happy that finally abhi told the whole truth to swayam and arnav
Wow mukti won pov and saved her
Sorry swayam ur plan flopped
Swayam really started playing smart
But not liking he telling lie to abhi
Oh no girls allience broke
Bcoz of these stupid boys and manik
Not liking at all
Wth when nandini needed to give dhamki to manik she didn't
And now just bcoz she and manik are nominated she thinks its bcoz of mukti
How could she
Not liking at all that girls allience breaking
Clear the mu soon if possible
Want girls together
Liked abhi sharing plan with mukti and telling truth
Abhi really like mukti
Really a dramabaz update
Update second eliminations soon :)

Edited by Fairy... - 04 June 2015 at 9:25pm

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...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 October 2007
Posts: 16898

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 2:33pm | IP Logged
Lovely update
Manik for eviction

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ramya4barun Groupbie

Joined: 07 May 2013
Posts: 100

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
Is it all for real..!!?
I mean..Its Unbelivable man..!!Shocked
Firstly ...Awesome Update..!!Clap
Hahaa..Drama serial...really that was correct..!! It does look like one..LOLTongue !!
No MVP...Shocked..Then what are planning Di..!??
Its okk..koi baat nai..Am sure u r upto some other idea...Big smile!!
Hehee..the reaction on double eviction...TongueLOL...Lol..!!
Told u..Swayam wiuld be safe...He is such a sweetheart..Embarrassed!!
Finally My Arnie n swayam got to know the truth..!!Confused
 Thier reaction was justified.!!Ermm
I mean they r worried about Abhi...n Abhi should have told him beforehand..!!
Koi Nai..Rehendee..!!
No Secrets btw them..!! Smile
So..Roshini is Evicted..Ouch..!!
I feel Sorry for her..!! But its a game!!
But there was no gud bye messages for her..poor girl left without any..!!Sleepy
I know its a double eviction so..u had to hurry up...!! 
Dun worry Roshini...Everybody loves u..Embarrassed

ClapWinkYayyy...StarThumbs Up..My Arnie is the HOH!!DancingDay Dreaming

Am superrr excited...LOLEmbarrassedHeartHug
I soo love this update...!!ClapWinkEmbarrassedStarDay DreamingPartyDancingBlushing
Hahaa..Arnav Singh Raizada freaking out...Thats a rare sight to see...TongueWink
yaaa..Manik should be oout...I mean He could no long survive either...Alonnee n with Mukti as a rival..I guess no !!
So the backup plan...Must say..Swayam has turned intelligent...!!Smile
Hehe that was true...If He had nominated Taani n Mukti..both of them would kill him for sure.. poor my Arinee..Tongue
So ..The plan is to evict Manik...As putting up Nandini n Mukti as pawn..!!
That was brilliant..Among them Mukti is the only one who could save herself..!!
Getting MUkti out...Shocked
I was shocked...Did I just read that!!??
That too from Swayam..!! Whoa...Boy!!

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ramya4barun Groupbie

Joined: 07 May 2013
Posts: 100

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
I know..swayam is wrong on his part..!!Dead
Going behind ABhi..Confused
But what he did is all for Abhi's own good..!!
TO save his friend n his alliance..Its a game..n u need to play safe..!!
But...Mukti is Abhi's weakness..!!
He can never go against her..Thats for sure...n she even blackmailed him..!!
That was wrong..!!
But its her game..!! That is also fair..!!Embarrassed
Nothing against her...Infact She is my next fav  After..My Arniee n Swayam!!
I completely dont blame Swayam in this..I know..He may be ..Wrong..But I support him...!!
N See..Mukti Won the Veto...That was what We all Want..!!ClapStarWink
Finally she is safe...!! Uff!! was tensed...while reading this..LOL
Hehe..The Lover went n told the plan to his girl...Such a sweetheart He is...LOLEmbarrassed
So manik n Nandini are up...!!
But whhat was that..!!Shocked
How can Nadini blame Mukti..!??Angry
I  am completely angry on Nandini for this..!!Sleepy
But I guess the fear of getting her or Manik eliminated...Made her say such things..!!
n The girls Alliance broke !!!????
Are u for real..I mean How..many twists yaar..!!??ConfusedConfusedClap
OMG!! I cant belive this..!!

In the corner Swayam and Arnav was having their own conversation.


"Our plan didn't work..." Arnav whispered.


"Don't worry Party Abhi Bhaki Hai..." Swayam said...


I smell..TROUBLE..!!

What are they upto!!?/Hey Devimayya!!!

I am surly going to get an Heart attack for sure..!!LOL

Update soonn!!Smile

My Vote for Eviction goes to Manik ...Sorry Manik!!No other option..!!Ouch

Edited by ramya4barun - 05 June 2015 at 12:00am

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taarey_ria Senior Member

Joined: 24 November 2013
Posts: 717

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
What a super crazy update! My god! LOLLOL
Swayam is safe! Big smile
And roshni is evicted, well, not happy, not sad too LOL
Thank god abhi understood 
Finally he told the truth! Smile
Seriously, trying to be a hero LOL
Arnav is the HOH Smile
Nandini and Mukti are the nominees Ouch
And I liked swayam's plan, but I didnt like it.. LOL
I know i am so confused myself!
But now that swayam's plan hasnt worked, I dont know whats going to happen. 
And the end? Nandini got it all wrong I guess! 
And between Nandini and Manik, both are favourites, who do I choose? ConfusedConfused
Do I have an option of not nominating anyone, then I would do that Tongue

But seriously I dont know who to nominate...
Maybe I ll edit this post when I know... 
Sorry about that 

Waiting for the second part! 
Do update soon! 

Edited by taarey_ria - 04 June 2015 at 11:41pm

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