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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 40)

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by stephie34

Awesome update as always and I choose Manik to be evicted

Thank you so much...and thanks for voting!! Big smile

arsafar Goldie

Joined: 27 November 2011
Posts: 1913

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...Natasha...

Lovely update
My vote goes to Manik for elimination

Thanks for commenting and for voting!! Big smile
arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Peda

Just started reading this...and I LOVE ASR. Was so glad h finally won something lol.
I vote for offence to her fans

Hey and welcome to happy to know that you're enjoying the story so far...and i hope you take time out to read the first season...thanks a lot for commenting and voting and also taking in consideration Roshni fans...thanks once again! stay tuned for a lot more drama..more entertainment and lots of twist and turns!! Oh...and the double elimination tomorrow!! 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fairy...

Originally posted by arsafar

Originally posted by Fairy...

Part 7
Wow mukti is HOH
Superb manik is on block
But also felt sorry for him
After manik and nandini convo
Yes manik is really alone
But he did a great blunder last week
Respect for abhi doubled
He is awsome
Abhi nominated himself and saved his friends
Superb man
Loved the 3 boys bonding
Liked taayam masti
It was fun
Me too excited for double eviction
Missing rey :(
Beautifully written
Superb work
Update soon :)

<font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif" size="3">Hey thank you so muc for commenting on all the parts and that you caught up but im sorry to hear about your health issues...I really hope you get well soon and be in the best of health...thanks once again for also loving the masti between the guys...and im also in two minds about manik...hope he fixes up soon if he stays in the house...I also respect Abhi...he really treasures his friendship...the girls are also bonding very well...hehe Rey was mentioned a few times only for you...Wink..and yes Akshat's entry was nice after a long time...miss them both also...the double eviction will be exciting to read so stay tuned...and thanks a lot again...get well soon ... xx</font>

Aww thats so sweet of u for remembering me and giving rey name...
And don't worry fizzx am not perfectly fine...

No worries...and yes one thing is true...whenever I think of Rey i will remember you! ...Im happy to hear that you are well now...! 

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arsafar Goldie

Joined: 27 November 2011
Posts: 1913

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by littleman

Hey sorry i couldnt comment yesterday
and i only posted my vote
but the part was AWESOME as usual...
Abhi really is an awesome character
such a sacrifice! hats off to him! ClapClap
Im really loving Mukti and Abhi as a pair
and Arnav and Roshni
Lol the MVP is really messing with their heads
Silent Assassins...Opps...BUSTED!! ShockedOuch
poor guys...I don't think Mukti meant to spill the beans
it just happened but felt sorry for Taani a bit
This really is a mad house...everyone is going mad
Loved the task...and nice to see Sia
The boys group are just awesome
love helping each other
I would really like to see Manik leave!
Cant wait for tomorrow!!!! so excited!! 

Hey thanks sooo much for commenting and no worries about being late...but its nice that you get your vote in on happy to know that you enjoyed the part as always...Abhi is really the most awesome character...and nice to know that you are liking the made up couples; Abhi&Mukti and Arnav& you remember the name of the boys group...hehe yep their busted...I think Mutki felt bad about spilling the beans and Taani really was upset...yes Sia made a brief appearance...thanks for voting...stay tuned for more...
arsafar Goldie

Joined: 27 November 2011
Posts: 1913

Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fairy...

Nice update
But am upset with taayam misunderstanding
Pls clear the misunderstanding and bring taayam together
Can't see them like this
Aww taani is so gud she supported swayam even after fighting
Abhi respect u man
He is a gentleman
I don't want swayam to get evict
Save swayam pls
Again liked the task
Nandini really have soft feeling for manik
But manik is to lost in himself only
It was fun to read confusion regarding MVP
Hahahha no one guessed that we audience were MVP
Liked boys and girls groups bond
They have really became like brothers and sisters
Task again awsome
Sia entry was gud
Update soon tomorrow:)

Hey thanks for commenting...sorry about TaaYam scene...lets see how Swayam makes it up to Taani...Abhi should really be respected...he's playing really well...let's see who will be yep ur right no one guessed it was the audience this week...yes the bonding has become very strong...and Sia's entry! thanks again!! 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Hey to all our dear readers...I just wanted to drop by to say...a very big THANK YOU...for all your comments...we really appreciate it and enjoy reading your views...Thank You all soo much once again!!!
Stay tuned for a double elimination tomorrow...the First Part will be early and you will get the chance to VOTE OUT one more contestant...and the Second Part will be on later in the evening where you will find out who the second eviction is...! 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 1:27pm | IP Logged

PART 9-Double Elimination Special


The audience cheered as Armaan came onto the stage, his brightening appearance made the stage even more magnificent...


"Welcome to the first ever Special Double Elimination Episode of Big Brother India!!!" Armaan announced.


The audience cheered...


"This episode will be pack with a whole week full of competitions... and two houseguests will be leaving us today... The house guests are currently unaware of the change in the game so let's head into the house and let them in on the secret..." Armaan said.


Inside the house everyone was talking generally...The houseguests were seated on the couches while Manik, Roshni and Swayam sat between them on the couch, Armaan appeared on the screen and they all cheered...


"Hello Houseguests... what a week it has been... friendships... alliances and maybe even Love... it's like a drama serial in here..." Armaan teased and the houseguests laughed...


"Well I have some good news and some bad news for you today..." Armaan said... the houseguests looked a little confused...


"Let me start with the good news... This was the last week for the MVP twist... meaning from next week everything will be back to normal..." Armaan said


The houseguests cheered...


"Yayyy!!" Swayam shouted.


"Thank goodness ..." Taani said to Roshni everyone else started talking about how glad they all were that it was over...


"Ok... ok... but I do have some bad news as well..." Armaan said slowly.


The houseguests were a little scared and nervous... they waited for Armaan to carry on...


"Today is a double Elimination Episode..." Armaan said.


Everyone was super shocked...


"No way..." Mukti said.


"Oh no!!!" Abhi groaned covering his eyes.


"Yes Today's Episode is a double elimination episode... that means not one but two of you will be eliminated today from the Big Brother House..." Armaan gave them a minute to take it all in... They were super shocked no one said anything... they just shared looked with each other...


Abhi and Mukti...


Swayam and Arnav...


Taani and Roshni...


Nandini and Manik...


"Well I can see you are shocked... but for now the name that I will call is safe for now..." Armaan said hoping to ease the tension a little...


Manik... Roshni and Swayam all sat up...


"Swayam you are safe..." Armaan said...


Swayam was happy; he hugged Manik and Roshni and sat down with the others...


"I will be back to give out the results for the first eliminations..." Armaan said...


As soon as Armaan left; the room broke out in conversation... everyone talking about the double eliminations...



ON Stage...


"As we give them some time... to digest the twist in the game... let's have a look at what happened after the Veto Ceremony..." Armaan said to the audience...


After the Veto Ceremony everyone went their separate ways... Abhi went off to the boy's room and Arnav and Swayam followed him...


Swayam shut the door behind them...


"Ok what just happened? Arnav you were not supposed to use the Veto..." Abhi said turning on Arnav.


"Seriously... Abhi..." Swayam said.


"What... I was trying to save you Swayam... I knew Mukti would have put you up..." Abhi said to him.


"I know that you didn't want me to save you but then I spoke to Swayam... and his way made more sense Abhi..." Arnav said.


"What way?" Abhi asked.


"I was thinking that if Arnav didn't save you there was a high chance that you will be walking out that door on Friday..." Swayam started.


"Same with you..." Abhi replied.


"I know but Swayam said that because the audience made him MVP... that means there might be a chance they will save him... and to me that makes sense..." Arnav pitched in.


"Oh..." Abhi said sitting down and thinking.


"Exactly... I mean it's not full proof... that I will be safe...but after what Arnav said to me... I wanted to slap you... who do you think you are trying to protect us...stop being a hero Abhi because you will ruin your own game..." Swayam said...warning him.


"I wasn't trying to be hero..." Abhi said sitting back.


"Talking about being a hero... Swayam and I think there is more to you being nominated...we want to know everything..." Arnav said.


"I don't know what you are talking about..." Abhi said standing up.


"Abhi dude... I will really slap you... if you don't start talking..." Swayam said.


Abhi took a deep breath and turned around... "Guys..." Abhi started.


"The truth Abhi..." Arnav said calmly.


"Fine... Mukti found out about our alliance before anyone..." Abhi started.


"How?"  Arnav asked concerned.


"Samrath..." Abhi said Arnav understood.


"Ok... go on..." Arnav said.


"SO when she became HOH she called me upstairs and asked me if it was true... and I said yes" Abhi said.


"Why didn't you lie?" Swayam asked.


"Because I knew she knew the truth... she was only testing me..." Abhi said.


"Ok... then..." Arnav said.


"Then she... she asked... she asked me to choose one of us to be put up for nominations..." Abhi said... he waited for a reaction from the guys.


"What?" Swayam nearly shouted... Arnav was quiet but in deep thought...


"Is she serious... how dare she...?" Swayam was full on angry.


"Chill ok she..." Abhi started.


"She what Abhi? She was basically blackmailing you..." Swayam said.


"So you nominated yourself..." Arnav said finally understanding the whole situation.


"Yeh..." Abhi said he could see the disappointment in his friends' eyes.


"Look guys... I am sorry... I didn't tell you... but I felt like it was between me and Mukti alright... like she was testing me...ok I did not want you guys involved..." Abhi said.


"Right... so you were trying to be the hero again..." Swayam finished.


"Look it's all over now... ok just leave it... let's hope that Swayam is safe on Friday... then we think from there... okay..." Abhi said.


"Well we haven't got a choice have we...?" Swayam said.


"Thanks for protecting us Abhi...but you shouldn't have to ruin your game to protect us... ok" Arnav said calmly.



Back on Stage


"Well with that turn of events let's head back into the house to evict our first houseguest..." Armaan said.


The houseguests were talking but when Armaan appeared on the screen they fell quiet...


"Houseguests... it's now time to evict our first houseguest..." Armaan said Roshni and Manik sat up.


"The name I am about to call is evicted from the house..." Armaan said.


"Roshni... you have been evicted from the house..." Armaan said.


Everyone was a little shocked but Roshni stood up with a smile... she hugged Manik and made her way around to the rest of the houseguests.


She then picked up her bag and exited the house.


Mukti, Taani and Nandini stood together as everyone gathered around the big screen which held everyone's Photos they waited until Roshni's picture turned grey...



Back on Stage


Roshni came on to the stage... she met Armaan who then gestured to her to have a seat...


"Oh wow that was crazy..." Roshni said brushed her hair out of her face...


"Yeah...that is mostly the reaction we get when someone leaves..." Armaan said teasingly; "Getting this far in the game... that is amazing... How was your experience?"


"It was amazing... it definitely had its ups and downs... I mean Ridz leaving... and the girls group coming together... those were definitely key moments... but I really enjoyed every bit of it..." Roshni said.


"You were nominated by the MVP this week... any idea who it was?" Armaan asked cheekily.


"Yes I was... I really don't know... the MVP twist was super crazy..." Roshni said.


"Well... I'll let you in on a little secret... The audience was actually the MVP this week..." Armaan said.


"Aww really..." Roshni said pretending to cry.


"Well we did actually have mixed feeling on who should be nominated but unfortunately... you got the most votes..." Armaan said.


"Well that's ok... I mean I think everyone is going crazy in there... especially now with the double eliminations..." Roshni sighed.


"Aw ok... Well Roshni Thank you for coming on the show...Everyone let's give a big round of applause to Roshni..." Armaan said leading the applause.


Roshni waved to the crowd before exiting the stage...Armaan then turned back to the audience...


"Let's head to the activity area to see who will become the HOH for this double elimination episode..." Armaan said.



The Activity area was wet up with six booths with each contestant in them... in front of them had a box on opposite sides had a Before and After on it...


"Ok Houseguests time for the HOH competition... Mukti as outgoing Head of Household you are not eligible to compete... This competition is called Before or After'... and here is how it works... I will ask a series of questions... you will have to answer if the event happens before... or after the second event I will mention... Does everyone understand?" Armaan said.


Everyone replied positively...


Q1- In the Go fly a Kite' Competition did Taani Fall Before Or After Arnav?

Everyone started turning their boxes.










Swayam- BEFORE


Manik- AFTER


"The answer is BEFORE everyone has got it right except for Manik... please re set..." Armaan said


Manik walked off and joined Mukti...


 Q2- In the' buzz worthy' did Nandini stand on the winner's circle Before or After Samrath?








Nandini- BEFORE




"The answer is BEFORE... Abhi and Swayam you have been eliminated... everyone please reset..." Armaan said.


Abhi and Swayam walked off to join Mukti and Manik...


Q3-In the Chicken Competition did Manik drop his first egg Before or After Mukti had got her first egg?


Taani- AFTER


Arnav- AFTER




"The answer is AFTER... you have all got it right... please reset..." Armaan said


Q4- In the Greek' Competition did Arnav reach 195 Before or After Mukti's ball fell to the floor?


Taani- AFTER





"The answer is BEFORE Congratulations Arnav you are the new Head of Household..." Armaan said.


Everyone ran over to congratulate him...


"Please make your way back into the house... the nomination ceremony will take place in a few moments..." Armaan informed them...


Everyone then made their way back to the house...everyone talking.

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