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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 36)

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2015 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Fairy...

Part 7
Wow mukti is HOH
Superb manik is on block
But also felt sorry for him
After manik and nandini convo
Yes manik is really alone
But he did a great blunder last week
Respect for abhi doubled
He is awsome
Abhi nominated himself and saved his friends
Superb man
Loved the 3 boys bonding
Liked taayam masti
It was fun
Me too excited for double eviction
Missing rey :(
Beautifully written
Superb work
Update soon :)

Hey thank you so muc for commenting on all the parts and that you caught up but im sorry to hear about your health issues...I really hope you get well soon and be in the best of health...thanks once again for also loving the masti between the guys...and im also in two minds about manik...hope he fixes up soon if he stays in the house...I also respect Abhi...he really treasures his friendship...the girls are also bonding very well...hehe Rey was mentioned a few times only for you...Wink ..and yes Akshat's entry was nice after a long time...miss them both also...the double eviction will be exciting to read so stay tuned...and thanks a lot again...get well soon ... xx

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2015 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ...Natasha...

Awesome update

Thank you ...
arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 02 June 2015 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by putti_taarey

Ic would nominate swayam

Thank you...
arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 1:14am | IP Logged

Part 8


After Nomination Ceremony...


Everyone met Abhi and Manik... Mukti watched as the guys huddled around Abhi; she did not want to nominate Abhi but as he had given his name for nominations she had to use it...

The boys hung out in the garden they were talking about the nominations...


"I can't believe Mukti nominated you..." Swayam said pacing.


"I know out of everyone she chose you... you have been so nice to her... I can't believe it..." Arnav replied just as upset that Abhi was nominated...


Abhi was chilled; he sat back on the couch... "Chill guys this is a game and Mukti has to do what is best for her game..." Abhi said calmly.


"I know but why you...?"Arnav asked.


"Yeah I get it she wouldn't have nominated the girls... and I knew one of us would have been on the block... but I did not think it would have been you..." Swayam said.


"Guys you need to chill... okay... it's done now..." Abhi said.


"True but you have to win the veto... Abhi you need to show her who is boss..." Swayam finished.


Abhi closed his eyes... he did not want his friends to know that he nominated himself... he also knew that he could not win the veto... because if he did  Swayam or Arnav will definitely be put up... so he will have to throw it...


The guys continued to argue while Abhi was lost in his own mind...



Manik was hanging out by the pool table playing pool by himself... Nandini came over and grabbed one of the sticks...


"Hey can I join...?" Nandini asked sweetly.


"Sure..."Manik said smiling.


They played pool together... Nandini was really bad at the game... so Manik helped her on how to play the game the two of them having lots of fun...



Abhi was washing up in the kitchen when Mukti walked into the kitchen and propped herself up on the counter next to where he was washing...


"Hey..." She said confidently.


"Hey..." He replied not looking at her but he knew who was sitting there...


"I am sorry..." Mukti said softly... Abhi stopped and looked up at her... he wanted to smile but he held it down...


"Wow am I hearing things... Mukti is apologising...?" Abhi said although he kept his face serious...


"Chill... you should take it... I don't apologise often..." Mukti said matter of factly.


"Right..." Abhi said as he continued to do the dishes.


"Oh come on Abhi... I really am sorry... I put you in the position where you had to choose between you and your friends..." Mukti said.


Abhi did not say anything...


"Abhi... what you did nominating yourself... changed my mind about you... I really like you

Abhi..." Mukti said with a smile.


Abhi stopped and looked at her with a smile... She jumped off of the counter winked at him and walked away... Abhi watched her...


Mukti walked away with a smile on her face... she really had started liking Abhi... she smiled until she passed the chill out room where she saw Nandini hanging out with Manik they were laughing and joking together...


Mukti walked into the room and both of them stopped... Mukti looked at Nandini...


"Hey can I talk to you..." Mukti said she walked out without waiting for an answer...


Nandini followed Mukti out of the room...


"What are you doing Nandini?" Mukti quietly yelled at Nandini.


"I know I am not supposed to but..." Nandini started but Mukti cut across.


"Nothing... but nothing... after everything he did you are still going to talk to him..." Mukti whispered back.


"Mukti I know what he did... but I don't think that he should be isolated because of what he did... all I am doing is being his friend... it does not mean I have forgiven him... you put him up for nominations Mukti that is his punishment...if he is being punished I am not just going to isolate him... he is my friend..." Nandini said confidently back to Mukti.


"Fine Nandini... you do what you have to but if he gets off this time and he does it again then don't come crying to me... because I will say I told you so... and if it even means anything to you Nandini everything I am doing... I did it for you... because I thought Manik treated you wrongfully..." Mukti said before storming off...


Nandini brushed he hands through her hair... she did not want to make Mukti upset but she really wanted to be friends with Manik...



Arnav was hanging out in the first bedroom and Abhi came in with some food and a smile on his face...


"What happened to you? Have you won the lottery?" Arnav asked amused at the look on Abhi's face.


"Nope... better..." Abhi said as he gave a plate to Arnav and sat down to eat his own...


"Okay... are you even going to tell me?" Arnav asked as he eat some food.


"I'll think about it..." Abhi said slyly.


"What dude...come on... I thought we were friends..." Arnav said.


Just then Swayam came in...


"Hey guys I was thinking..." Swayam started.


"What?" Abhi asked.


"I was thinking are any of you the MVP this week..." Swayam asked.


"What?" Abhi asked a little confused.


"Oh I get it... Abhi is MVP..." Arnav said smiling finally figuring out why Abhi was smiling.


"Really...?" Swayam said.


"Wait... no... What?" Abhi said completely confused.


"You are MVP... that was why you were smiling... right..."Arnav asked.


"No I am not the MVP..." Abhi said confidently "...I wonder who the MVP is... they probably would have been told by now... I was and so was Taani..." Swayam said worriedly sitting down.


"That's true do you know who might be MVP...?" Arnav asked.


"I don't know but I hate this feeling of not knowing..." Swayam said sighing.


"Welcome to the game dude... how do you think everyone else was feeling huh...?" Arnav said teasingly.


"Shut up..." Swayam said slapping across the arm.


"I wonder who the MVP is though..." Abhi said again.


"Well you don't have to worry... your already nominated..." Swayam said.


"True..." Abhi said.


"SO Abhi why were you smiling then..." Arnav asked.


Abhi started smiling again...



Upstairs... HOH room


The four girls were hanging out...


"So Mukti why did you nominate Abhi?" Taani asked.


"Oh he nominated himself..." Mukti said carelessly.


"What? Why would he do that?"Roshni asked.


"Oh didn't you guys know the boys are in an alliance..." Mukti said she felt a little guilty that she had ratted the boys out...


"What?" Nandini asked.


"Yeah Sam told me before he left... so I called Abhi up and asked him to choose one of the guys to put up for nominations and he chose himself..." Mukti said she could see that this news was bringing out shocked expressions on all of the girls faces... she did not like how the girls were reacting.


"Chill guys... we have an alliance the boys have every right to make their own alliance..."

Mukti said.


"Which boys are in Abhi's alliance...?" Taani asked slowly.


"Abhi... Arnav and Swayam..." Mukti said confidently.


"I don't believe this..." Taani said she stood up and stormed out of the room.


"Okay what happened to her...?" Mukti asked standing up.


"No wonder they left Manik all on his own..." Nandini said she looked really angry as well.


"Wait... all of you need to calm down..." Mukti said... she did not mean to make trouble for Abhi and the guys...



Taani rushed downstairs...


She looked in the gardens and saw Swayam and the boys at the pool table... she slammed the door open and stormed outside... she walked up to Swayam and pulled him by the hand inside the house...


"Okay what is going on?" Arnav asked Abhi.


"I don't know but she did not look happy..." Abhi said worriedly.



Taani dragged Swayam into the chill out room and slammed the door shut behind them.


"Taani what?" Swayam was shocked at how Taani was acting.


"DONT... HOW DARE YOU... YOU WERE MY FRIEND... AND YOU USED ME!!!..." Taani screamed; she pushed Swayam at every word...


"Taani calm down... I... don't... know... what... you... are... saying...?" Swayam said grabbing

her hands to stop her from pushing him.


"What is going on Taani?" Swayam asked he was honestly shocked.


Taani had tears in her eyes... she calmed down and pulled her hands out of Swayam's...


"Are you in an alliance with Abhi and Arnav?" Taani asked dangerously quiet.


Swayam was shocked he had no idea what to do...


"I asked you Swayam are you in an alliance with Abhi and Arnav?" Taani asked again.


"Yes..." Swayam said softly.


"SO you used me... when I was MVP... I wanted to nominate Abhi and you told me to put up Samrath because you wanted to keep your alliance together..." Taani said tears rolling down her face.


"Yes..." Swayam answered.


"I can't believe you Swayam... well congratulations because you are a great friend to your alliance but you lost a friend that you had for years..." Taani said before walking out of the room.


She was about to go back upstairs and tell the girls... until she remembered that she had not told any of the girls about her being MVP... for the first time she felt all alone... she walked off to the girls room.


Swayam was super upset with himself... he hated what happened... he walked out into the garden ignoring the boys who called him over... he made his way over to the lounge area... he sat down and covered his face with his hands... Arnav and Abhi made their way over to Swayam.


Mukti came downstairs she looked around for Taani who had stormed out of the room... she looked into the garden; she saw the three boys on the lounge chairs... she looked around the living room... chill out room... and then walked off towards the bedrooms... she found Taani on her bed crying.


"Hey Taani... what's wrong..." Mukti ran over and came over to Taani.





"Dude... what happened?" Abhi asked he had never seen Swayam so beaten down.



Girls Room


"Taani why are you crying... come on talk to me..." Mukti said she had grown so close to

these girls; they were like sisters...





"Swayam... you better start talking..." Arnav said.


Swayam moved his hands off of his face; "They know about our alliance..." He said slowly.



Girls Room


Taani got up... "I made a stupid mistake..." Taani said through tears.


"What are you talking about?" Mukti asked... she knew what Nandini had done and she had thought nothing was worse than that...





"What? How?" Arnav asked.


Abhi looked away; he knew why Mukti would have told them... he shook his head... what have you done Mukti...he thought.



Girls Room


"What have you done Taani?" Mukti asked.


"I was the MVP... and I told Swayam..." Taani said through tears.


"This week?" Mukti asked.


"No last week... I wanted to put up Abhi... and Swayam told me not to... he told me to put up Samrath instead..." Taani said wiping away her tears.


"Really" Mukti said; she remembered Samrath blaming Abhi and saying he was the MVP... even if Abhi was not the MVP his alliance definitely controlled the MVP that was not fair...


"I am sorry Mukti because of me Samrath went out..." Taani said generally sorry

Mukti looked at Taani...


"It wasn't your fault..." Mukti said and hugged Taani...





"How could they have found out..?" Arnav asked.


"Forget how they found out... what does that have to do with you and Taani?" Abhi asked.


"She thinks I used her to save you..." Swayam said "...and I did..."


"I am sorry man..." Abhi said generally feeling sorry for how things had happened...



Later on


Mukti came out of the diary room calling all of the houseguests to gather up.


"Hey's time to pick players for the Veto Competition...let's gather in the living room" she called.


Everyone came in to living room and waited for Mukti to read the letter.


"Okay everyone before we choose players for the veto competition let's see who the MVP has put up on the chopping block..." Mukti said; she sat down next to Abhi as the TV screen came on...


Each of the houseguests picture flashed across the screen... they were switching randomly until it stopped at one...




Roshni was shocked...


"Roshni you have been chosen as the MVP's Nominee..." Mukti said slowly.


Roshni stood up and sat between Manik and Abhi .


Everyone was confused... Mukti stood up.

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arsafar Goldie

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 "Okay it's now time to pick players for the veto completion...the winner of the Power Of Veto will be able to keep the nominations the same or upset the balance of the nominations by saving themselves or their chosen contestant...forcing the head of household to choose a replacement nominee..." Mukti informed them and then continued; "...can the nominees please join me...?"


Manik, Roshni and Abhi stood up and joined Mukti at the front.


"As Head of Household I also have to take part in this competition and I will pick one houseguest who will join me and the three nominees..." Mukti stated; she placed her hands in a bag to pull out the name.


"Arnav..." Mukti said reading from the cards she had pulled out of the bag.


"Big Brother will inform us when it is time for the POV Competition..." Mukti said allowing them all to disperse.


Everyone got up to wish the chosen houseguests...Everyone then separated...



HOH Room


The girls gathered upstairs...Roshni was upset but held it together...


"I wonder who the MVP was..." Mukti said.


"I have no idea... I mean who would have picked Roshni...?" Taani said.


"Thanks Taani..." Roshni said smiling.


"I bet it was someone from the boy's alliance..." Nandini said.


"I don't think so... I mean Arnav is my friend..." Roshni replied.


"It doesn't stop them... they will do anything to win..." Nandini said.


"There not that bad..." Taani said she knew that Nandini was talking about Swayam and even though she was angry at him she would always stand up for him.



Boys' room


"This MVP thing is sooo annoying..." Swayam said.


"I agree... it really annoys me not knowing..." Arnav said.


"Maybe it was Manik..." Abhi said.


"Why do you say so?" Swayam asked.


"Think about it... the girls will not nominate Roshni... we didn't so who else is left... Manik obviously..." Abhi said.

"Yeh I agree it was Manik..." Arnav agreed.



Veto Competition


The activity area was set up with five double ramps... in the middle... there were Greek mythology item placed around the activity are area and the POV contestants were dress in Greek clothes...


The houseguest came out into the activity area they looked around and met a very special guest who came to host the competition...


"Hey guys... my name is Sia and I was one of the houseguests from the last season of Big Brother India... I have to say all of you are playing an amazing game and... Mukti you are sooo strong and a great player..."


"Thanks Sia..." Mukti said smiling.


Everyone was super happy to see Sia...


"Okay guys moving on to the Competition...In front of each of you is a two sided ramp... your task is to roll the ball up one task and then run over to the other side and catch it... you will then roll the ball back to the other side and catch it again... every time your ball rolls over the top a number is added to your total... the first houseguest to reach a total of 300 will win the Power of Veto... but beware if your ball fall onto the ground your score will start back from Zero... and you will be force to start over... It's time to start...


The houseguests stood ready and as the buzzer buzzed the competition started...


The houseguests were fast to start and some were doing really good...


Sia kept a running commentary for the other houseguests...


Manik was going really fast and found that he had to run to keep up with the ball...which initially meant the ball fell to the ground.


"Sorry Manik you score is Zero and you will have to start again..." Sia said.


The others were going an average speed trying to keep their balls on the ramp...


Halfway through...


Mukti was in the lead with 200... Followed by Arnav with 195.


Abhi and Roshni was the same at 150.


And Manik last at 130.


Everyone was doing really well...Until there was another beep...


"I am sorry Mukti you will have to start again..." Sia said.


Mukti was super angry with herself and started rolling her ball again...


Just then there was a final beep...


"Congratulations Arnav you have won the Power of Veto..." Sia said enthusiastically.


Everyone ran over to congratulate him on his win... they then met Sia before heading back to the house...



Chill Out room


Abhi had called Arnav into the chill out room...


"Hey Abhi what's up?"Arnav asked.


"Dude I am going to ask you for a favour... okay..." Abhi said.


"Okay what?" Arnav asked.


"I don't want you to use the Veto..." Abhi said.


"Why? That does not make sense Abhi... I have to save you..." Arnav said confused.


"Because if you save me Mukti will put up Swayam..."Abhi said.


Arnav stopped and thought about it...


"Man your right..." Arnav said.


"Exactly so don't use the veto on me okay..." Abhi said.


"Okay..." Arnav said concerned...



Later on


Arnav walked into the boys' room and he saw Swayam... he checked if anyone else was around...


"Hey man..." Arnav called to Swayam.


"Hey what's up?" Swayam asked.


"I need to tell you something..." Arnav said.


"Um ok what's going on?" Swayam asked cautiously.


"Abhi told me not to use the veto on him..." Arnav said.


"What but why wouldn't you...?" Swayam asked .


"Because he said if I save him Mukti will put you up..." Arnav said.


Swayam thought about it... "SO he is sacrificing himself... he is sooo stupid..." Swayam said.


"What are you thinking?" Arnav said.


"Use the Veto on that idiot..." Swayam said.


"But she will nominate you... you are her only other choice..." Arnav said.


"Well I am thinking... I was the MVP right... that means people like me..." Swayam said.


"Yeah so?" Arnav asked confused.


"So hopefully they will save me... so let her put me up..." Swayam said.


"That might be risky... Swayam are you sure...?" Arnav asked.


"Yeah I'm sure... I have a feeling there is more to Abhi being put up by Abhi than he is saying so... save Abhi..." Swayam said.


"Ok..." Arnav said.



Veto Ceremony


Arnav told everyone it's time for the Veto Meeting and expected them all to gather in the living room, with Abhi, Roshni and Manik sitting on the couch between the couches where the rest of the houseguests were.


"This is the Veto Meeting Abhi, Roshni and Manik have been nominated...but I have the Power to Veto one of the nominations...and I have decided to use my Veto to save Abhi..." he said; Abhi was shocked as he specifically told Arnav not to nominate him... but he stood up and Arnav placed the Veto medallion around his neck.


Everyone knew that Arnav would save Abhi... he then sat down with the others...


Arnav continued; "As I have used the Veto on one of your have to name a replacement nominee..." Arnav informed Mukti.


Arnav sat down and Mukti stood up.


"Swayam I nominate you as a replacement nominee..." Mukti said.


Swayam smiled he stood up and sat down next to Roshni everyone was a little confused as to why Swayam was smiling...


"This Veto meeting is adjourned..." Mukti concluded; they all stood up and met the three of which would be going home really soon...


Coming up- Tune in on Friday to see which houseguest will be leaving us... and also for our first ever Double Elimination Episode where each houseguest will battle it out to see who will be saved...and who will leave...

Hey Guys hope you enjoyed the part!!! Please Likee and Comment to Share your thoughts and views...

Thank You

Tune in for Double Elimnations on Friday!!!!


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arsafar Goldie

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Hey Guys time for this weeks Elimnation vote for who you would like to EVICT from the house...
  • Manik
  • Roshni
  • Swayam

Thank You!!Big smile

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Nicky-nish IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 1:50am | IP Logged
Yayy Smile
Me first...
Shockng update...
wel nt fr me bt fr grls gang...:P
M sure non of dem has expctd dat dr z a boys alliance especially taani...
Aww taani z so upset...
Wel she z right at her place swayam actually hurtd her alot...
I jst hope evrythng gt bck to nrml btwn taayam soon...
Aww i really lyk taani nd mukti's bondng...
first abhi nd nw swayam these boys r ready to sacrifice demselves fr each othr...
i wnt to evict roshani...
Wtng fr friday's double dhamaka...;)
Update soon
Thnx fr pm

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Love u Manik..

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