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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 27)

littleman Groupbie

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 2:16am | IP Logged
My vote for MVP goes to Arnav...
I'll b back to comment

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 9:11am | IP Logged
sheetalarshi Groupbie

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 10:54am | IP Logged

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putti_taarey Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 1:39am | IP Logged
Hey it was awesome..
Bt manik is so hearless
Poor nandini
I vote swayam for mvp

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 5:53am | IP Logged

Part 5


After Nominations...


Everyone stood in shock as Mukti threatened Manik... after that Mukti stormed out...


Nandini looked over at Manik tears in her eyes... He stared back at her... just then Taani grabbed Nandini's hand and they followed Mukti out of the room... Roshni followed the girls...



"That was not" Abhi started.


"It's his choice dude..." Samrath replied.


"Just leave it Abhi... come on..." Arnav said to him... the last thing they needed was for Abhi and Samrath to get into a fight...


"I can't believe you!!! He nominated Mukti as well...are you even his friend...?" Abhi shouted back at Samrath...


"Mukti is a big girl... she can look after herself..." Samrath replied calmly...


Abhi had proven that he liked Mukti... this might come in handy... Sam thought...


"Chill Man... come on..." Swayam said pushing Abhi away...


Abhi left the room...


"Looks like they might be more than one alliance in this house..." Samrath said sneering...realisation hitting him as he just noticed the closeness of the boys...


"Whatever dude..." Arnav said as he followed Abhi out of the room... Swayam following...

Manik was still frozen by everything that had happen...



Mukti went into the garden... she was really angry at what Manik had done... she now promised herself she was making Manik her target as of now...


The other girls followed her outside...


"Mukti I am sorry..." Nandini started...


"Chill...the only person who will be sorry is Manik... mark my words..." Mukti said as she turned to face the girls...


"Exactly... Manik is the target..." Taani replied confidently...


"He made us his target so he will see what we are made of..."Roshni added.


They came together as one...



Later on


Someone walked into the diary room... the person sat down and picked up the envelope that was on the table...


"Taani you have been chosen as this week's MVP..."


"Oh my gosh!!! Thank you guys... I can't believe I am this week's MVP... this is amazing... this is such a relief thank you everyone who voted to make me MVP..." Taani said to the audience...


Taani then left the diary room...



Everyone was chilling... making food and hanging out...


Mukti was hanging out with Roshni and Nandini; they were talking generally when Samrath called her over...


Mukti walked over to him...


"What's up?" She asked.


"Wanna talk..." Samrath said she followed him over to the lounge area.


"Look I know you are upset about what Manik did..." Samrath started.


"That's an understatement... I hate Manik..." Mukti replied although she did not stay it angrily...


"I need to make an alliance with him Mukti..." Samrath said quickly.


"Wait... What? After what he did?" Mukti said suddenly.


"Mukti... I know you have my back but... I need Manik because I think the other three boys are in an alliance together..." Samrath said trying to make Mukti understand how important this is for him...


"Fine Sam do what you want I don't care..."Mukti said standing up...


"We are still friends right?" Samrath asked also standing up.


"I don't know Sam... you are working with Manik the guy who wants to get me out...and who I want to get out... that is putting you in a risky position... so if you need Manik then maybe it's better if we part ways..." Mukti explained.


"Come on Mukti..." Samrath pleaded


"We are friends... we just can't work together...okay..." Mukti said she then walked away...



Swayam was walking down the hallway when Taani walked up to him... she didn't say anything... she took his hand and pulled him into the chill room...


"Taani what's going on?" Swayam asked.


"Shhh..." Taani said looking through the glass in chill out room...


Swayam followed her line of vision... what was wrong with her?


"Swayam... I am this week's MVP!!" She said smiling sneakily...


"No way Congrats!!!" Swayam said hugging her...


Taani was really excited she was jumping up and down...


"Okay what are you going to do?" Swayam asked he was really happy that Taani had become MVP... but he felt a little bad that she had told him and he had not told her...


"I don't know..." Taani said the excitement going down a little...


"Any ideas..." Swayam did not want to force his opinions on her...


"I mean... if there is anyone I can get out of the house right now it's Manik... after what he did to Nandini and Mukti... I really want him to go..." Taani said.


"Yeah me to... he really made himself a target... so who else?" Swayam asked.


"What about Abhi? I mean last week he put up Roshni as replacement nominee... maybe I should put him up..." Taani said in thought.


"Hmm... true but I don't think you should put up Abhi... I mean don't you think that Samrath is more of a threat?" Swayam said swaying Taani away from his alliance and focusing more on their target...


"Oh yeah... but what about Mukti she will be angry... Samrath is her friend..." Taani said worried.


"Yeah but you don't have to tell anyone... you have to nominate him secretly..." Swayam said.


"Yeah... true... I have no one else to nominate... I won't nominate any of the girls... and Arnav is a good person... I am soo confused between Abhi and Samrath..." Taani said sitting down.



Nandini decided to come inside as the sun was really hot; as she came through the doors she bumped into Manik who had just came downstairs...


They stared at each other... Nandini looked away and then she continued down the hall not looking back at Manik... she wanted to get far away from him... Manik continued to stare after her...



Later on


Manik came out of the diary room calling all of the houseguests to gather up.


"Hey's time to pick players for the Veto Competition...let's gather in the living room" he called.


Everyone came in to living room and waited for Manik to read the letter.


"Okay everyone before we choose players for the veto competition let's see who the MVP has put up on the chopping block..." Manik said; he sat down next to Abhi as the TV screen came on...


Each of the houseguests picture flashed across the screen... they were switching randomly until it stopped at one...




Samrath was shocked... he looked around at the houseguests...


"Samrath you have been chosen as the MVP's Nominee..." Manik said slowly.


"Okay..." He said he got up and sat between Mukti and Nandini...


Abhi was confused he looked at Swayam... who smiled back...


"Okay it's now time to pick players for the veto completion...the winner of the Power Of Veto will be able to keep the nominations the same or upset the balance of the nominations by saving themselves or their chosen contestant...forcing the head of household to choose a replacement nominee..." Manik informed them and then continued; "...Can the nominees please join me...?"


Mukti, Samrath and Nandini stood up and joined Manik at the front.


"As Head of Household I also have to take part in this competition and I will pick one houseguest who will join me and the three nominees..." Manik stated; he placed his hand in a bag to pull out the name.


"Swayam..." Manik said reading from the cards he had pulled out of the bag.


"Big Brother will inform us when it is time for the POV Competition..." Manik said allowing them all to disperse.

Everyone got up to wish the chosen houseguests...


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arsafar Goldie

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"Well... everyone knows who the MVP is now right Abhi!!!" Samrath said turning on Abhi.


"Sure dude whatever you say..." Abhi said although he was smiling.


"Yeah I know it's you... last week Riddhima and now me... it's got to be you..." Samrath said becoming angry.


"First thing... I was not the MVP either time... but whoever was has now become my best friend..." Abhi said cheekily.


Taani was a little scared... she walked up next to Swayam... He told her to calm down...


"Chill nothing is going to happen..." Swayam whispered to her.


Mukti noticed Taani and Swayam whispering...


The boys stopped arguing with Samrath storming off and Abhi smiling... He stopped laughing as soon as he saw Mukti looking at him...


"I promise I am not the MVP..." Abhi said innocently.



Boys' room


Swayam, Arnav and Abhi had just entered the room...


"Okay who was MVP... I am going to kiss them..." Abhi said as he was super thrilled...


"Shut up dude...and if you kiss her I know my friend Rey will punch you in the face..." Swayam warned.


"Wait what?" Arnav asked.


"Who was MVP?" Abhi asked.


"Taani was MVP...!!!" Swayam said quietly.


"Really?" Abhi said.


"Looks like she thinks the same as us..." Arnav said sitting down.


"Not exactly... luckily she came to me when she found out... I am the one who told her to put up Sam... she was going to put you up Abhi..." Swayam said.


"Well luckily she came to you..." Arnav said.


"Yeah thanks man..." Abhi said.


"No prob I have you guys back..." Swayam said.


"By the way is her boyfriend Rey from last Season?" Abhi asked.


"Yup..." Swayam said curiously.


"I can take him any day..." Abhi said smiling.


Swayam threw a pillow at Abhi...



Veto Competition...


The activity area was set up with five Chicken nests... a long plank... and on the other side there was a place to put the eggs...


The houseguests came out into the activity area... the houseguests who was participating in the activity had chicken suits on...


Just then someone came out into the activity area they were also dress in a chicken costume...


"Helllo Houseguestss!!" He shouted.


The houseguests cheered as they saw the guest... Akshat.


"Hey Everyone... before I start I want to say all of you guys are doing an awesome job... keep it up... and I am sooo glad I was in the last season... this one would have drove me mad!!!" Akshat shouted...


Everyone laughed


"Okay let's get to the task...Here we go... Okay you cooped up chickens!!!  You have just been separated from your precious eggs... your job is to rescue them... to rescue them you have to use your fingers to lift the egg up the fence and out of the hole at the top... cross the sizzling bacon... and place your egg on the stand... The first person to collect 12 eggs will win the Power of Veto!!!!!" Akshat said as he explained what the houseguests had to do...


Everyone cheered as the buzzer beeped and the houseguest got started trying to get their eggs out...


Meanwhile Akshat was being a funny commentator...


"Well who do we have here... two beautiful lady chickens... you can never mess with lady chicken they are very protective of their eggs..." He said the other houseguests started laughing...


The first one back was Mukti as she ran across the bacon and placed her first egg then she made her easy back...


"See I told you so..." Akshat said.


Just then Manik dropped his egg...


"Oh dear poor humpty dumpty... he has to be put it together again..." Akshat said everyone continued laughing...


Halfway through the game the scores were as follows...


Nandini - 6

Manik -8

Mukti - 10

Samrath - 8

Swayam - 9


"Alrighty guys... there are only a few eggs left... let's see who will win..." Akshat said... his funny commentating throughout the competition had the others in fit of giggles.


Everyone watched as Samrath had caught up to ten but just then...


"Congratulation Mukti you are the winner of the Power of Veto!!! " Akshat shouted hugging her...the best as he could as their chicken suits bumped into each other...


Everyone congratulated Mukti... they met Akshat before heading back into the house...


Veto Competition


Mukti told everyone it's time for the Veto Meeting and expected them all to gather in the living room, with Nandini and Samrath sitting on the couch between the couches where the rest of the houseguests were.


"This is the Veto Meeting Nandini, Samrath and I have been nominated...but I have the Power to Veto one of the nominations...and I have decided to use my Veto to save myself..." placed the Veto medallion around her neck.


Everyone knew that Mukti would save herself.


Mukti continued; "As I have used the Veto on one of your have to name a replacement nominee..." Mukti informed Manik.


Mukti sat down and Manik stood up.


"Taani I nominate you as a replacement nominee... Like I said I want to break up the alliance..." Manik said.


Taani was a little nervous but she stood up and sat next to Samrath


"This Veto meeting is adjourned..." Manik concluded; they all stood up and met the three of which would be going home really soon...



Coming up - Tune in on Wednesday to see which houseguest leaves and who stays behind, also a new head of household will be crowned. 

Hey Guy hope you enjoyed the part and our guest Akshat!!!

Please Like and Comment Thanks...

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 5:54am | IP Logged
Hey guys time fore Eviction... please choose to Evict one of the three houseguests...


Thank you!!

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ramya4barun Groupbie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 6:38am | IP Logged
wow..that was cooll..!!
Am the first one to reply...n the first one to like also..LOLYayyy!! so very Hapiee...!!
Awesome update..!! :)Clap
Taani asking swayam..was good.otherwise..poor abhi would have been voted out..!!
By the by what taani told about My Arnie is soo correct..He is too good..!!TongueLOL
Samrath donno why i dont like him...Aare ha he started noticing about my trio..Hey devi mayya raksna karna!!
Akshat..entry was too good..!! loved his part!! missed him actually!! :)
Mukti can be tough..!! She is not an easy one to leave..!!
MY vote goes to Samrath..for eviction!! I hope he gets evicted..!!

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