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BigBoss - After Party pg 64 COMPLETED (Page 19)

arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Starsfireflies

^^ if we got a tie u should chose one of them coz we all will vote for the same person againWink
or maybe those who gave other names can vote for either of themLOL
well u know my vote is for swayam

Hey...sorry if i made you confused...I meant for those who had not voted yet to choose one from the two boys...but thanks for voting!! 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nicky-nish

In dat case...
I feel dat those who voted fr sum othr cntstnt need to choose btwn these two...
Nd abt me u knw its one nd only swayam :)

Hey sorry to make you confuse with that was meant to be for those who had not voted as yet...but thanks for voting! 

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cuppypie121

Awesome update

Thank You! 

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DevAkshi Senior Member

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
Love U Parth Samthaan..

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2015 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by advianya

Love U Parth Samthaan..

Hey thank you...stay tuned for tomorrow's episode to see if Manik can save himself tomorrow...

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arsafar Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2015 at 1:32am | IP Logged

Part 2



After Nomination ceremony


After meeting Samrath and Manik everyone separated and went their own ways...


Samrath went to the chill out room...he was fuming...he slapped his hands against the wall...


Mukti followed him into the room...


"Hey calm down okay..." she comforted him.


"What is his problem?" Samrath shouted.


"Chill...if you make a will make you a target for the other houseguests..." Mukti told him trying to get Samrath to calm down...



Manik had walked away as well...Nandani who was with the girls watched him walking by...she felt sad for Manik...


"Hey I'll be right back..." she said to the others...she followed Manik outside...


"Manik...wait..." she called; Manik turned around...


"What?" Manik asked...Nandani was a little shocked at his tone...


"I just wanted to know if you are okay?" Nandani said quietly.


"Yeah Nandani...I'm Fantastic!!!!" He shot back at her before walking off...


Nandani stood still; a little hurt...



Riddhima, Taani and Roshni were in the first bedroom...


"Oh my gosh...that was amazing..." Riddhima said happily.


"Yeah at least none of us girls were put up..." Roshni said.


"Exactly..." Riddhima agreed.


"I guess it's alright...but now let's see who the MVP will put up..." Taani pitched in.



HOH Room


"Whoa...I thought Samrath might punch you..." Swayam said as he sat down on the couch...


"I just hope it's him walking this week..." Abhi said.


"If he makes a scene the others might turn against him..." Arnav pitched in.


The all agreed...



Later on


Someone walked into the diary room...the person sat down on the chair and picked up the envelope on the table...they began to read it...


"Swayam you have been chosen as this week's MVP..."


"Wow!!! I want to thank everyone who voted for me to become MVP this week...hopefully I won't disappoint you..." Swayam said as he talked to the audience.


Swayam then left the diary room...



Everyone was hanging out eating and chilling...


Mukti came out into the garden with a plate of food...Samrath was hanging out on the lounge chairs...she made her way over to him...


"Hey..." she said as she approached him.


"Hey..." he answered although he looked like he was in deep thought...


"What are you thinking about?" Mukti asked as she started eating...


"I just thought...why did Abhi save you first?" Samrath said.


"What?" she looked up at him suddenly; "...What does that have to do with anything?" Mukti asked.


"I mean think about are the only person I am close to in the house...obviously he has a problem with me...but why did he save you doesn't make sense...unless..." he stopped and looked at her.


"What?" Mukti asked...she was totally shocked and confused at what Samrath was saying...


"It could be two maybe he wants to be in an alliance with you!" Samrath started.


"No way...I haven't even talked to him...let alone make an alliance with him..." Mukti defended herself.


"True...or maybe he likes you..." Samrath said smiling...Mukti was shocked...



On the other side of the garden


Riddhima and Roshni were hanging out.


"Do you think its weird Mukti is always hanging out with Samrath...?" Riddhima asked her.


"I know it's like they're together..." Roshni agreed.


"Maybe they are..." Riddhima said smiling.



HOH Room


Abhi and Arnav were hanging out when Swayam came in; he looked happy...


"Hey guys guess what!" he said excitedly...Abhi and Arnav sat up looking interested.


"What's going on?" Abhi asked.


"I am the MVP this week..." Swayam whispered although no one else was in the room...


"No way!!!' Abhi said hugging him.


"Congrats man...I knew you were popular with the audience..."Arnav said as he also congratulated Swayam.


"Okay so who are we going to put up?" Swayam asked.


"Dude don't you want to put up someone yourself?"Abhi asked.


"Na let's choose together..." Swayam said.


"Okay let's see who we have..." Arnav said taking charge; "...we have to put up a girl..."


"Yeah cause there are no other guys to put up..." Swayam said.


"What about Taani?" Abhi asked.


"No way...Taani is my friend I am not putting her up..." Swayam said seriously.


"Okay dude chill...who else?" Abhi asked.


"What about Nandani?" Swayam said.


"It's a good idea but...that would be a waste of an MVP..." Arnav said.


The other two looked confused...


"Nandani was the first person out of the competition...if we get her out now...we will miss a chance to take out a strong contestant..." Arnav explained.


"What about Mukti...she is the strongest out of the girls..." Swayam said.


"Yeah I agree..." Arnav agreed.


"No not Mukti..." Abhi said.


" makes sense...she is strong...she hangs out with don't like him...come on..." Arnav said.


"Not her okay...who else do we have?" Abhi said avoiding the conversation.


"Do you like her?" Swayam said smiling.


"Shut up Swayam..." Abhi said turning red.


"Ohhh Abhi likes Mukti!!" Swayam teased Arnav and Swayam started laughing.


"Alright that's enough!! Who do we have left?" Abhi said still red, the other two stopped laughing.


"Riddhima and Roshni..." Arnav said.


"Ok so which one?" Abhi asked.





Nandani was in the kitchen and Manik followed her without her noticing him...


"Hey?" Manik said...Nandani jumped as she didn't know he was there.


"Oh you scared me!!" she said holding her heart.


"Sorry I didn't mean to..." he said sweetly.


"That's okay...what's up?" Nandani asked as she went back to cooking.


"I wanted to apologies...for yesterday..." Manik said.


"It's okay...I just wanted to know if you were okay..." Nandani said.


"I know...and I shouldn't have been soo rude..." Manik said; "...being on the block is not a good feeling..."


"I know...but that's the just have to win the POV..." Nandani said.


"Yeah...thanks..." Manik said.


"No prob..." she said with a cute smile.



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arsafar Goldie

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Later on


Abhi came out of the diary room...


"Hey everyone lets head to the living's time to pick players for the veto competition..." he shouted.


Everyone made their way to the living room...there were three sofas...two facing each other and one in the middle at the top...


The houseguests sat down on the two couches while Manik and Samrath sat on the middle couch they all turned to face the front...


"Okay everyone before we pick players for the veto let's see who the MVP has put up on the chopping block..." Abhi said...


Abhi sat down next to Roshni as the TV screen came on; each of the houseguests picture flicked across the screen...the picture came randomly until it stopped on one...




Everyone looked at Riddhima as the screen showed her face...she was not happy.


"Riddhima you have been chosen as the MVP nominee..." Abhi said slowly.


"I think I can read Abhi!!!" she said to him; she got up and sat between Manik and Samrath...she looked really hurt...everyone else was shocked...


"Okay it's time to pick player for the veto competition...the winner of the veto will be able to keep the nominations the same or upset the balance of the house..." Abhi explained.


"Can the nominees please join me!" he said; Manik, Riddhima and Samrath got up and made their way to the front...


"Okay as the HOH I will draw a random name from this bag of who will be taking part in the veto competition..." Abhi said...he put his hand into the bag.


"Mukti..." Abhi said; he watched Samrath smile at Mukti...this was bad he thought.


"Big Brother will inform us when it is time for the veto competition..." Abhi said.


Everyone wished the chosen contestants good luck.


Riddhima stormed away to the bedroom.


She dropped onto her bed and cried...the other three girls followed her.


"Ridz it's going to be okay..." Roshni said as she rubbed her back.


"I wonder who the MVP was..." Taani said; she was upset about Riddhima being put up...


"I didn't even know they chose it already...this is crazy..." Nandani said.


Riddhima got up; "I can't trust anyone..." she wiped her tears away.


"Ridz you can trust us..." Nandani said.


"No any of you could have nominated me..." she cried.


"Oh stop being such a drama queen..." Mukti said; she was leaning against the wall...


"Excuse me!" Riddhima said.


"Grow up Riddhima...this is the game...this is not a play the game..." Mukti said frankly; "...stop making yourself feel weak and fight back..." Mukti said; "...all of you!" she said as she walked away...


Riddhima stared after her...



Veto Competition


The activity area had a huge face in the middle...on the face it had many pimples...around the face had five boards for the houseguests to lock in their answers...


Everyone took their place as Big Brother told them what their task is...


"Let's get Zit popping!!! When I say go you have ten minutes to pop the zits, inside each pimple are letters, you must use the letters to spell the longest word, once you have spelled the word you want to keep you must cover your word and press the button to lock in your answer...once time is up you can reveal your answer...whoever spells the longest word correctly will win the Power of Veto!!!" Big Brother's voice boomed.


As the buzzer beeped signaling the start of the competition each of the houseguests ran to start popping the pimples...the boys were quite fast with the popping but Riddhima was the first back with a letter...followed by Abhi and then Mukti!!


"5 minutes to go" Big Brother's voice boomed.


Riddhima cringed as she had to pop the pimples; Samrath had locked in his word followed by Manik...Riddhima...Abhi and finally Mukti...


"Okay Houseguests it's time to reveal your words..."


Manik - Face


Riddhima - Gross


Samrath - Pimples


Mukti - Curly


"Abhi you have to beat Samrath correctly spelt seven letter word..." Big Brother informed Abhi.


Abhi opened his word; "Purple" he said...


"Congratulations Samrath you have won the Power of Veto..." Big Brother boomed.


Mukti ran over and hugged Samrath...he lifted her up and spun her around...everyone congratulated Samrath but Abhi walked away...


Everyone headed back into the house...


Riddhima was furious; she was up on the block and she had no idea how to save herself...


Taani saw Swayam and decided to scare him...


"Boo!!!!" She cried from behind him and he got scared...


"Taani! What are you doing?" Swayam asked.


"Nothing...even though we are in the same house...I never see you..." Taani said pouting.


"Yeah...true but I never see you either..." Swayam said pulling her cheeks.


"Oww!" She said then she was sad...


"What's up?" he asked.


"Nothing...this MVP thing is driving me crazy!" Taani confessed.


"Yeah its turning everyone mad..." Swayam said; he felt bad for keeping it from Taani but he had to work with his alliance on this...he wasn't sure if he could trust Taani even if she was his best friend!!



Veto Ceremony


Samrath called everyone inside for the veto ceremony...they all came and sat down with Riddhima and Manik sitting on the couch in between the couch.


"This is the veto ceremony...I have the power to veto one of the nominations and I have decided to use the veto on myself..." Samrath said as he put the medallion around his neck.


Everyone knew that was going to happen.


"Because I have voted one of your will have to name a replacement nominee..." Samrath said to Abhi.


Samrath sat down and Abhi stood up; for him this was the worst thing that could happen...


"I am really sorry Roshni...I choose you as replacement nominee..." Abhi said slowly.


Roshni was shocked but took her seat next to Riddhima.


"This veto ceremony is adjourned..."Abhi said.


Everyone stood up and met Manik, Roshni and Riddhima as one of them will be leaving on Friday...



Coming up - Tune in on Friday to see which contestant will be evicted from the house and who will become the new Head of household!!!!

Please lets us know what you think and don't forget to pres the like buttonWink

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You can post it here on the thread or you can PM me Thanks!!!

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