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His Farewell...
Part 4- Final

Ananya's POV

Looking around, I gave the final glance at the things and surroundings which I was so used to. Even taking a deep breathe in the air which was now seemed to be a part of my breathing system, I found it difficult to leave but I had too.

Putting away my childhood pic with my parents from the desk I was used to work on, made my heart feel a bit more heavier. 

All my belongings were carefully put aside into a carton as I started to empty the draws. Papers mentioning some numbers written in hurry, some leads on reports I had worked down, some business cards of people I had met were taking the place in there. Each one of those things were bringing back a memory to my mind and making me remember how passionately, how crazily I have worked till my whole journey here.

**All Trashed**

"Old memories should left behind before you decide to make on the new one" I murmured and tear apart few papers which had some specific names and numbers.

"Ananya...please rethink about your decision yaar..." Richa sadly asked me on approaching. I was feeling bad actually. She had joined this field, this office cause of me. And now, here I am, ditching her.

*Hide my face somewhere please**

"Haan do know how good of a gang we have here...We friends...Our chats...our shared meals..." Trisha prompted me more making me remember the yummy taste of pani puri and choolay bhature.

But one look up at the man who was sitting across the divider, ignoring all things was busy in a reading a file and I stood more strongly on my decision.

"No...I have taken this decision...and I am firm on it..." I declared and hurriedly cleared out all my stuff not further on taking any precautions about it.

"Partner...Now who will be in my team...I will get to lonely" Manav Sir approached next putting his bum on my desk. *God, I so hate this act and this man*

*Chor ananya...It's you last day...Be Polite* Telling myself, I gave a sympathizing look to Manav Sir.

"Sir...We always have to look up for chances to progress...this is my chance" I declared, making Richa and Trisha sigh while Sunny and Ronnie kept on sitting at a side,

"Haan...You are also right...Here in KKN...You can't progress till that specific someone has his Nazar-e-Karam on you" Manav Sir mocked looking at Kabir Sir who was now looking back at him with feisty eyes.

"Anyways, I am done here...I just have to complete some documents if you guys please give me some space" I so wanted to run out from that office right away. All my dear fellows were on a spree to somehow convince me to stay but the one, who should care hasn't even came to ask me.

In anger, I opened up the first file of word on my LED screen when

"Ms Kashyap" Remember the Devil and here he comes.

Looking up from the screen, I gave him a look that was an equal reply to the irritating one, he was passing my way.

*Is he Irritated cause I am leaving?** I wondered.

"I know its your last day...But it's a last WORKING day...So please, get up on your feet and come in...We have a new lead that I want you to follow on" He said quickly and turned inside.

*Huh...What? Just this...Nothing Else...??...Now that's a LIMIIT**

Flaring my nose, I looked away as to ignore his words but then he turned and shouted.

"Ms Kashyap...Up on your feet...Now" and that was enough to get me up.

He was the strict Khoofnak teacher that every student is afraid off...and today, I seems like, I hadn't done my homework.

Kabir's POV.

Exactly a month back, I had received a resignation letter from her which was stated just the way, her first resignation letter was. That time, I had hurriedly signed it off and then she came complaining that I was too quick to accept it.

This time, I have accepted it too, hoping that she will come to me and talk.

Surprisingly, I have started to miss her chirpy self around myself.

I wanted her to come, argue, anything but she kept herself away.

Tieing up herself with Manav, She has started to report him for all her actions and news. And it was just making me more furious, even more furious than the proud looks Manav will throw each time my way just to show as if he has got my Girl


Yes, She is my Girl...Just mine.

I have started to accept it but now, when I have realized it...she is keeping herself miles away from me.

But then Ms Kashyap, you are forgetting...I am Kabir Sharma for a reason.

Smirking, I went out and schooled my expressions before calling her in.

So what if it's her last day...It is going to be one hell of a day that she will never forget.

Ananya's POV.

Has he gone crazy?

I mean, why else he will send me to Mental Asylem to make a documentary on how the patients there are treated inside.

"Today...We are surly in for some patience..." Sunny said wiping away her sweat. "God! From where he get such ideas" 

"May be He wants to get admit and send us to check how is the environment" I replied mindlessly and later was laughing at my own joke along with Sunny.

"Chal chor...let's go in and be done with it" I told him and we went ahead with our task.

After making a small film, we get back before he ordered me to fetch a particular video of an old story which he needed right now.

"But Sir...It's not my work" I told him, exasperated only to see him glare.

"Ms Kashyap, you are still an employee of KKN at this moment...and its your responsibility to do as you are asked to"

Another day, I would have gave him a very apt reply but I was feeling too drained now to argue. Anyways, Ronnie has to do the main work.

Looking through some old films, we finally were able to get the tape the Great Mr Sharma needed but one look at the clock and we realized, it took us more than 2 hours.

And before I can go to his cabin to give away the tape, he came out and ordered hurriedly.

"Ms Kashyap...Just complete the paper work of the recent cases you have worked on...We surly don't want to call you again and again to keep our records straight...and yes...please put this tape inside on the table...I have to go out for an hour...But do keep the paper work done till my return."

and he left, just like a breeze.

And I was standing there just like a statue.

*What the he** is he planning to do? It was already 7...And completing those files will take me atleast 3-4 hours of continuous typing.

May be he has already lost his mental stability.

Praying to the above one to give him some 'Buddhi', I went into her cabin to left the CD's before making a way back to my now empty table.

*I will miss you pretty pie* Running my hand on the table, i murmured.

Things you have to do being in love.


Kabir's POV.

My news bulletin was successfully over. I had this special enthusiasm in my voice which I seemed to have lost upon few years back.

Getting out from the make up room hurridly after just taking off my blazer, I turned and gave a glance to my center of attention.

Typing furiously with her delicate finger tips, she was looking determined to just end this whole thing up. As much as it made my heart dip, I somehow feel relaxed too.

She needs to go away from here.

Returning back into my cabin, I sat down on my easy chair but never let my eyes waver from her.

She was a sight for such sore eyes, like mine.

Her curled hairs were caught up in a high pony tail, letting me have a perfect view of her round face. Her eyes were as dark as coal. Her lips were now in their natural color to which she will keep on biting, making it difficult for me to hold back.

As if the above One wasn't like me eyeing His creation too precisely, He had send Ronnie over to her desk who was now perfectly obstructing my view.

My heart blazed with anger.

Dare hate a man as much as I am hating Ronnie right now.

Holding the paper weight in my fist, I controlled the building rage inside myself unless I go out an create a scene, no one will like to see.

Ananya's POV

Bending back, I rubbed my neck which has started to pain with this constant typing. God! I had never even written this much in my exams as in the last 3 hours.

Closing my eyes, I took a breather when I heard Ronnie's voice.

"Oye...Let's go...I will drop you off" He offered just like always and as much tempting his offer seems right now, I want to be just done with these files today no matter what.

"No Ronnie...You go yaar...I still have work...I will take rickshaw" I told him.

"Don't worry...I can wait for you" Such a sweet heart friend he is but I wasn't the one to take advantage of someone's sweetness.

"No...It will take time...You go...I will manage" Telling him with a smile, I turned back to my work in hand.

Smiling feebly, he wished me a good night and left me in the silence of office.

It took me another one and a half hour before I finally typed the last letters and saved it, stretching my arms out.


My eyes rose up just to see the great Kabir Sharma, sitting infront, paying his attention rather to something else than a file right now.

Wonder what it is?

Anyways, I need to get in and inform him about the status of my cases.

Getting up on my heals, I moved towards his cabin just to see him look up and give me a smile, that for a moment, made me stop and burn me till my toes.

What does this means now?

Third Person POV:

The glass door was pushed and entered a visibly tired Ananya after asking for may I come in to which he approved.

"So Ms Kashyap...Are you done?" He questioned with a twinkle in his eyes that made her believe that something was definitely fishy.

"Yes Sir...I have completed all the files and even shared them with you in the folder"

"That's a smart thinking..." He approved before getting up and rounding the corner before sitting on his bum on the desk, looking straight into his eyes.

For Manav, no matter how ridiculous this act seems to be...With him, it was all together another view for her eyes.

"So...How was you last day?" His tone was sarcastic, perfectly knowing how well he had made it for her.

Groaning inside, she put on a fake smile and replied. "As well as it can be expected".

"Good to know...But before we let you go...We have your account to settle...Don't we?" He pulled up a file from the table and started to go through it but she was utterly confuse.

"But Khalid told me clearly that the papers will be send to my house..." She inquired.

"Yeah...We will surly do that but I know their must be some point to which you might will like to I thought, its better to discuss them right away" his grin was so bound to come out on his face.

"You think I am Jhagralu?" She felt accused making him scrunch his nose before he nodded his head ever so innocently.

Whining, she held back her anger before saying. "Ok...Tell me...What is it?"

"Ok...First thing first...The canteen boy claims that you have to pay his 1500 that you have accounted for Cholay Bhature and Coffees."

Woah! Her mouth was wide open having an unbelievable look.

"Seriously?" She wondered.

"Yes...KKN is surly not going to pay you without you are cleared from each side"

Letting her hands raise up in air, she gave him a determined look.

"Ok...Cut that from my salary...anything else?" She inquired.

"yeah...Sunny claims that you had some of his camera films..."

"Incredible..." She sigh. "No...I don't have any of them...Go and check his table"

She was getting frustrated.

"Ok...The last thing...their is someone who claims that you have physically tortured him...He strongly demands for a compensation"

And in reply, she just stood with wide opened eyes.

"Seriously...Do you believe that I can harm someone physically..."

In reply, he just raised his shoulders with a how-can-i-say look.

"Ok...Tell me the name?" She inquired.

"hmm..." closing the file, he carefully put it towards her.

"Why don't you see it yourself?"

Almost pulling away the file, she opened it with weary look before for the second  time in the day, she was stood stunned.

Inside the file, there was a very fine gold ring having a small queen cut diamond which was attached to the paper with the help of tape.

The lower lip that was caught in her teeth, puckered out before she looked up at him. Speechless.

And in reply, he just gave her one of his dazzling smile before getting up.

"What do you think? Will this person be compensated?" He questioned with a sly smile, making her heart thud with each step he took towards her.

"Bu...But...I have never hurt-ed him physically..." Ananya took one step back clutching the file to her chest.

"You have...each kept your distance from him..." A step forward from him and a step backward by her.

"Each time, he had seen you in someone's else arm, you have hurted him...Cause he wanted to be the one to hold you"

Another step back, but before, she could crash herself into the black wall of his room, he held her by the arms.

"Each step that you took away from him...had hurt him tremendously" His eyes were boring into hers with a passion, she never thought she will get to witness.

Her body was singing with his close proximity while her mind was unable to find it real.

"Then, why did he let me go everytime...Why he hasn't stopped me...Why he has never claimed his right till now" She questioned, only to be pushed behind into the wall as his body pressed her front having only the file in between them.

"Cause he was unable to believe that life could be so grateful to him to grant him a second chance at life...second chance at happiness...second chance at dreams..." He murmured against her temples. "He has a past that he was afraid will tarter your future...He is a hard man to love you see"

Her heart went out to the man who was once broken. To the man, who was so strong now that no one can believe that he was ever hurt.

Gathering up courage, she moved up her hands to clasp his shirt. The first touch of his warm skin make her had a delicious moan.

"You should know that I always love working on the tough cases...And past doesn't effect me till you let that be a reason in our future...You have all of it, happiness, love, life...all you need to do is just put your hand ahead and hold me tightly"

His hazy eyes bend down to look at her raising one just to see the love, the compassion, the warmth he was so craving for.

Taking her words literally, he moved his hands down to her waist and pulled her closer why his head bend a bit too.

"Is it enough?" He questioned huskily.

"More tighter" She replied, rejoicing the physical intimacy of him.

"Enough??" He question, moving both of his hands behind her to put her flushed against himself. She had shivered badly. His intoxicating smell was making her feel light headed.

"More..." She replied looking straight into his eyes.

She totally forget his question as the more tighter his hold was getting on her body, the more closer his lips moved towards hers.

"Enough" He whispered literally on her lips...Her eyes turned smoldering and were now fixed on his perfectly shaped dry lips.

Lapping her tongue on her lips, she answered. "Mo..."

But the word was left in between her mouth and instead a MOAN escaped as he put her lips on hers, making him have the apt reply he wanted.

Her hands curled more into his front buttoned shirt, still from the bulletin before they get hold of his tie and pulled his closer.

He was nowhere going to stop right now. For the first time, he wasn't concious of his state, of their location, all he knew was that he was having her in his arms, finally and she had reciprocated his love, selflessly.

Taking his sweet time, he explored each inch of her mouth, dwelling his tongue to the corners which were never explored by anyone.

She sighed in pleasure as her body molded itself in response to his demands.

His sinful fingers found their way to the hem of her shirt before moving in, making her take a deep breath with the tingling feeling, he was leaving.

And that's when, the file fell from between them, creating a sound...Making them get back to reality.

Kabir was the first one to pull back, wondering how incautious he has been to their envoirnment.

Almost the whole staff was gone but still, few people must be working around. But before he could think any further, one look at her standing plush against the black wall with those just ravished lips made all the regrets let his mind.

It was a sight, he will always cherish in his mind.

Bending down, he pulled up the file and untapped the ring before throwing the file away carelessly.

"Ms Ananya Kashyap" His voice made her open the eyes before looking at his intent one. With the heart taking smile, he motioned towards the ring he was holding.

"Will you like to make me the blessed man to have your vivacious company for the rest of my life?" He questioned only to see her in tears before she nodded vigorously.

"I will" She answered as he happily smiled and pushed the ring into her left hand finger, directly attaching himself with her heartbeats.

She gave a look to the diamond shinning in her finger before looking up at him with a vibrant smile.

"Thank you..." She whispered only to pulled again by him in a warm hug.

"Thank you Ananya...for coming into my life...for making me realize my wrongs and standing up with me in my rights...For loving me inspite of how rudely I have behaved earlier...For sure, I was married before...but this is my first chance at love..." He murmured crooning into her neck, making her smile.

"But you are so bad..." She complained just to lighten up the environment.

"You made me resign from my post in anger...couldn't you have just come earlier and expressed it" She questioned only to see him biting his lower lip now. God, she was nibbling on it a moment back.

"It was the fear of your loss that prompted me...beside, wouldn't you rather be free from office to plan a wedding" He bend his face to one side with a teasing look as she stood their in shock.

"I am so not planning to keep this relationship hidden for the time...To me it seems, I have already lost much of it...Besides, I can't see anyone comming to you...hugging you...touching you...I want to claim my rights as soon as possible...You are mine...Just mine"

The possessiveness in his tone made her hum in happiness as she hugged him back while puling up her hand and looking at the ring finger just not believing it.

"Your resignation was not accepted this time Ananya...You are still having your post...but I am surly hoping to sanction you a wedding leave in near future" And in reply, he just heard her happy giggle.

God! He loves her too much. And soon, she is about to be his. Just his to keep.

---the end---

Sorry to keep you guys waiting, was working on another story.

Hope the ends proves worthy of your wait. Do hit like and comment.


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Lovely finale to the story!! Beautiful darling.. When is the next one coming up???

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This story is so damm good that I'm making an altar of you and gonna worship it till doomsday LOLLOL
It suits their character so well, 
*bows down to you* Clap
Keep writing more stories...Big smile

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Loved it..tooo goood!!
Thanks fr such a nice story!

-Amber- Smile

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Wow...nice ending!! Tongue

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I thought you forgot to complete it..
U got me all crazy here...
I m head over heels for it
It was worthy for the wait...

Keep writing more n more

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Excellent one. Finally Kabir expressed his feelings to her. 

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awesome update
uff ananya just bcoz of kabir she was leaving her loving friends D'oh
kabir bhi na too much hai D'oh
he gave ananya so much work Evil Smile
loll ananya comment on kabir was really funny ROFL
kabir confession style was superb Hug
finally kaya confess their feeling for each other Heart
kaya romance was ahem ahem Embarrassed

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